Andere Lösungen

Tass Times in Tonetown (e)



On Getting There and Getting Tass. 

Quote the bard: "You're so square (baby I don't care)." 

Gramps is missing. His bed hasn't been slept in for several days. This man may 
have the brains of Dr. Who, but he is, nonetheless, in trouble. 

Start your rescue mission by going south into the kitchen, then check out the 
cookie jar. Take the key and go back north then west. From that hallway, you 
could go south into the bedroom but you'll gain nothing. Instead, unlock the 
hallway door, enter the lab and drop the key. Examine the fish bowl and take 
the guitar picks. Pick up gramps's book then go east. Turn on the generator 
power by throwing the switch, then enter the hoop. Welcome to Tonetown! 

You're at a construction site with a trench leading north. Follow alongside 
the trench north then enter the trench. You'll find an oddly silvered jar, 
which you should keep, then leave the construction area by going east. 

You may have noticed someone following you and muttering (well, snarling 
actually) about what a stupid tourist you are. That's the villain, Franklin J. 
Snarl, and right now you're as conspicuous to him as Ronald Reagan at a Star 
Trek convention. It's important for you to blend in with the local population 
fast, and that means getting tass. "Tass" is what the ancients used to call 

Go south then east into Chaz's Boutique. Look in the dyeorama, and realize (if 
you've done some exploring) that "feather foils" are all the rage; shell out 
10 picks (the local form of barter) for your pink mohawk. Go east to the 
clothing section and purchase the Troppowear jumpsuit along with a hooplet (if 
you check out the tabloid which accompanies the game, you'll discover that 
Slippy Shirts are stockpiling faster than Adam computers; ignore them). Don't 
forget to WEAR your items before leaving. No dressing rooms; if you want to be 
tass you just have to show your "***". 

Quote the bard: "Ennio Way You Want Me (that's how I will be)." With your tass 
new look, there's a job waiting for you at the newspaper office. Go south from 
the boutique until you've reached the Tonetown Times. The newspaper for sale 
in front of the building is the same newspaper which accompanies the game. 
Enter the building and address the editor by name, Nuyu. (Nuyu's name can be 
found in the opening titles for the game as well as the enclosed Tonetown 
Times). Based on your good looks, you'll be given a camera and an assignment. 
Go east to Ennio's office and turn on the printer and terminal. Follow the 
instructions to obtain a press pass. Go west then north to leave the building. 

Leave the jar here then go north four times until you reach the rock concert. 
At the concert, talk to the woman whose name turns out to be Stelgad. Show her 
your press pass, and you'll be escorted back stage to meet the Daglets. First, 
be sure to take a group picture, then you'll have a few minutes for an 
interview. They're excited about their new instruments called Zagtones. Go 
ahead -- try to take one, and they'll find an extra for you to keep. Make 
careful note of what they say about their recent cancellation at the Tower. 
When intermission is over, go south again four times back to Nuyu. Give him 
the photo and he'll send you on your main mission: find Gramps. Remember what 
he says about Ennio and Snarl. 


Pick up the jar, and, from the newspaper building, go north 2 times and turn 
east. This is Fast Freddie's Restaurant and local house of Saturday Night 
Fever. Take the mitts and wear them. If you wish you may drink a Fizzie and 
order a glo-burger. Leave by going west. Go north once then turn east. Here at 
Flo's Party Supplies you can listen to her sad tale about what happened to her 
skating rink, but it's more important for you to buy one of her masks. Take 
the black mask and wear it, then go west. 

Go north to the concert in the park then turn east. Here begins the mysterious 
wetlands where many have disappeared; so you may wish to save your game. Go 
north six times, being careful not to stop along the way in the heavily 
covered mushroom grounds -- the stuff is almost like quicksand. When you reach 
the cliff, get a red devil, which will automatically go into your special jar. 

Go south six times then turn west to the concert, then west once again. Now 
read the description carefully. If Ennio says "I SMELL SNARL MEAT" then DON'T 
go down the well! Snarl is there and he'll end the game for your having 
invaded his private sanctum! Instead, walk around a little; listen to the 
music of the Daglets. Come back in a few moves. 

If Ennio does not smell Snarl, then save the game and go down the well. At the 
bottom turn west. There is one of those amazingly stupid, but toothsome, 
monsters down here. His name is Philbert and he could finish you in one bite, 
except that with the mask you seem to resemble his master Franklin. Go west 
again then north three times and up the ladder. 

The watchdawg (sic) is easily placated by Ennio. Go north. From here, if you 
wish, go west and explore Snarl's mansion. When you're done, return to this 
spot and go east. Unlock the gate but don't open it. There are two strange 
creatures guarding that gate on the other side, who will sound an alarm if it 
opens. You'll deal with them later. 

Go west then south and reenter the tree. Go south three times then east. Once 
again, if Ennio "smells Snarl meat" DON'T continue east. WAIT until Ennio no 
longer senses the villain. If it's safe, go east again then back up the well. 

Drop the mask, then go east, south, and west. Here is Snarl's Pet Shop where 
he's been pushing some questionable creatures on the public. If Snarl isn't 
here, read the clock on the door to see when he'll return. Examine the alarm 
equipment or simply type "wait" a number of times until Snarl returns. Buy one 
of his pets, a lovable one named Blobo, and leave the shop by going east. 

Go north, west, north and west, where your new pet will desert you but dig up 
one of Snarl's valuable possessions: his debossed metal card (check out the 
lost-and-found section of the Tonetown Times). Sweet lovable Blobo is gone, 
but take the card and go south. 

Quote the bard: "Well that's alright, Grampa." 

Go east three times then north twice and then east again three times. There 
are hazards all along this route, and any sightseeing may end the game. But if 
you're curious about a tribute to an old friend from another company which is 
now a part of THIS company, try entering the cave (whew!). 

Go east again then go north three times to the boat. Enter the boat and steer 
west. Go south once then west and finally north. Here is the infamous tower. 
Go north into the tower and west into the elevator. Insert Snarl's card in the 
slot and push Button 5. Go east to...GRAMPS! Hit cuffs with zagtone and go 
back west into the elevator with Gramps at your side. Push Button 1, go east 
then south and finally enter the boat. Leave the island by going south, then 
continuing west. 


Quote the bard: "My eye is shaking and my nose is weak." 

Go west from the dock into the forest. Go north to the devil-tree, and this 
time get a mushroom. Go back south and then west. Here are the strange guards 
who are preventing you from opening the gate into Snarl's estate. Throw 
mushroom at eye (or nose) and you've put them out of business. Open gate then 
go west. Continue west twice into the house and north into the laboratory. 

Quote the bard: "Shake, Rattle, and Snarl." 

While Gramps and Snarl are struggling, it's time to remember Nuyu's wise 
words: Sick (or sic) Ennio on Snarl. Quick! Give Gramps his lab book. Talk to 
Snarl now if you care to hear the story of how the monster came to be. 

Finally, open the jar and the lightning will put Snarl out cold. Push Snarl 
through the hoop. 

Welcome home, and pity the three poor creatures who once were your enemy. 
Visit Tonetown again? Any time!