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Tass Times in Tonetown (e)


This file was written by Travis Cornwell
Any questions or comments please e-mail
Make sure you save about every 6 steps
Explore the game.  If you know your way around it saves a lot of time.
Now that that's settled let's start.
Special Thanks to for helping me with this game

1.)  You start of in gramps living room.  Go south into the kitchen and get
the key out of the jar and read the note in the living room.

2.)  Explore the house.  Unlock the locked door and get the guitar picks out
of the fish bowl and the book.

3.)  Turn on the generator and go in the hoop.  Time to roll in Tonetown.

4.)  Go east twice into the salon and buy whatever color dyeorama you prefer.

5.)  Go east again into the 'Tique and buy a jumpsuit and hooplet.  
Wear both of them.

6.)  Head into the forest and get a mushroom.  Go to the gate with the eye
and nose creature.  Throw the mushroom at either one.

7.)  Go to Flo's.  Buy and wear the black mask.  Head over to Fast Freddy's. 
Get and wear the mitts.  Order and take the burger.

8.)  Head into the well.  If you die.  Try the gold mask  Go west twice.  
Then go north 3 times.  Climb the ladder and guess what?  You are 
at Snarl's house.  But there is still a lot to do

9.)  Head east and north.  Unlock the gate and then open it.

10.)  Choose a spot in town to drop items you don't need.  Right now drop
the mask, key, book, and picks.

11.)  Head over to the Tonetown press.  Talk to Nuyu and get the camera.  Go
east and turn on printer.  Turn on the computer and to type your name in say 
"Type _______" where ______  is your name.  You of course need a press pass
so say yes and get it.

12.)  Go to the concert and show the pass to Stelgad.  Take a picture of the
Daglets and get a zagtone.  Give the picture to Nuyu.  Drop the camera and
pass now.

13.)  Buy a blobo from snarl and head east from the concert to the sandy area
and get the card.

14.)  Go to the northern construction site and look at the trench.  Get the
jar.  There are 2 places with red devils.  Go to the southern one and get a 
red devil.  

15.)  From there go east until you hit a waterfall.  Go east from there.  Go 
in the boat.

16.)  In the boat go West, South, West, North.  You should be at a tower.

17.)  Go in the elevator.  Put the card in the slot. You need to type "Push
button 5".  Look it's Gramps!  Hit the Zagtone on the cuffs to free him.

18.)  Go in the boat and move South and then West.  Head for the gate and
open it.  Go West, West, North from there.  Oh no the Snarl's got Gramp's!

19.)  Type "Sic Snarl"  Ennio will take care of Snarl.  Gramps will ask for 
his book so give it to him.  After that, open the jar and push Snarl through
the hoop.  Congratulations!  You've beaten the game.