Andere Lösungen

Flucht von Monkey Island (e)

        Escape From Monkey Island In 117 Steps (Complete Reference)
			By Koumen Productions
			     Ver. 2.1.0

Note: "Examine the object" means "Give the proper command to the hero, in order
to examine the object" and it doesn't intend you to examine what is happening
on screen.
Note: "Leave and go to…" means "Exit to the map and go to…".

Enter:Default action
PageUP/Down:Cycle objects up/down
Shift:Walk fast
E/NUM5/L:Examine object
U (While playing):use object, start conversation
U (Inventory):combine objects
P/NUM+:Pick up object, place object in inventory
Ins/I:Open inventory
O:Quick room exit/quick map exit
Delete/.:While talking: skip dialogue line

Note: Within the choices presented, while talking, the last one is referred
almost always to subject change or to conversation closure.

1. Use the brazier full of hot coals. Pick up one hot coal from the pile and
kick it towards the loaded canon.

				Act I (52 Steps)
2. Leave and go to Melee Town. Enter the SCUMM Bar and examine the balloon, at
the far end of the room. Say to the dart players:
	*Yeah, busy making holes in the walls.
	*Why are there so many holes in the wall around the dartboard?
	*I bet you can't hit that balloon over there.
3. Pick up from the table, where the balloon was, the bowl of jerky pretzels.
4. Ask the crusty sailor:
	*How would you like to join my crew of mighty pirates, Mister Cheese?
	*You'd be traveling to Lucre Island with a crew of cretinous buccaneers to
meet my wife's lawyers
	*Why not?
	*That's funny. I always thought the SCUMM Bar was owned by a guy named 'Ron'.
	*Insult Arm Wrestling?
	*Is there something I could do to convince you to navigate me ship to Lucre
	*If I beat you at Insult Arm Wrestling, will you be my navigator?

Note: Aim of the Insult Arm Wrestling is to give the proper answer to the
opponent's insult every time.

Insult: Today, by myself, twelve people I've beaten.
Answer: From the size of your gut, I'd guess they were eaten.

	I: I'm going to put your arm in a sling.
	A: Why, are you studying to be a nurse?

	I: Give up now, or I'll crush you like a grape.
	A: I would, if it would stop your WINE-ing.

	I: I've out-wrestled an Octopi with these arms.
	A: I'm sure that spineless creatures everywhere are humbled by your might.

	I: My ninety-eight-year-old grandmother has bigger arms than you.
	A: Yeah, but we've both got better bladder control that you.

	I: My stupefying strength will shatter your ulna into million pieces.
	A: I'm surprised you can count that high.

	I: Hey, look over there!
	A: Yeah, yeah, I know: It's a three-headed monkey.

	I: Your knuckles I'll grid to a splintery paste.
	A: I thought the bean dip had a strange taste.

	I: Your arms are no bigger that fleas that I've met.
	A: So that's why you're scratching. I'd go to see a vet.

	I: Only once I have met such a coward.
	A: He must have taught you everything you know.

	I: You're the ugliest creature I've seen in my life.
	A: I'm shocked that you never have gazed at your wife.

	I: My forearms have been mistaken for tree trunks.
	A: An over-the-counter defoliant could help with that problem.

	I: Do I see quivers of agony dance on your lip?
	A: It's laugher that's caused by your feathery grip.

	I: I've got muscles in places you've never heard of.
	A: It's too bad none of them are in your arms.

	I: People consider my fists lethal weapons.
	A: Sadly, your breath should be equally reckoned.

5. Leave and go to the harbor. Pick up the popped inner tube, near the grog
machine and say to the lady of leisure:
	*I'm just gonna take one of these boats.
	*I'm commandeering a vessel!
	*I'm married to the Governor.
	*Come on, just give me a boat.
6. Leave and go to Melee Town. Go to the square, follow the right road and say
to the familiar looking pirates:
	*You two look awfully familiar.
	*Didn't we share a cruise to Monkey Island once?
	*Won't you join me crew, for old time's sake?
	*…cushy government jobs!
7. Leave and go to the Governor's Mansion. Come close to the residence and use
the popped inner tube with the funny - looking cactus.
8. Offer the bowl of jerky pretzels to the catapult operator and, while he is
eating, tinker with the catapult controls.
9. Enter the Mansion, pick up from the table the government job contract form
and the government paper from the piece of furniture with the china on it. Say
to Elaine:
	*I'm having a little trouble getting a ship.
	*I don't have the authority to requisition one.
10. Then, use the government paper and the government job contract form with
11. Leave and go to Melee Town. Use the signed cushy government job contract
with Carla and Otis.
12. Leave and go to the harbor. Use the Melee Island Gubernatorial Symbol with
the Harbor Mistress.
13. Go up the stairs and turn to the left. Turn left again, at the square with
the fountain and enter the law offices.
14. Examine the letter, leave the office, enter Lucre Bank (left) and say to
the bank teller, "I'd like to retrieve some items from my safe deposit box".
15. Pick up the handkerchief from the floor, the old sword and the small -
medium - large sea sponge. Examine the open safe deposit box and pick up the
music box) and the bottle of fine grog.
16. Use the old sword with the door's bottom hinge.
17. Use the broken sword with the crack. Use the sponges and the bottle of fine
grog with the crack.
18. Pick up the tin of chicken grease, near the iron maiden and ask Otis, "When
are you due to be released?"
19. Next to Lucre Bank there is a manhole. Use the broken sword with it, take
its cover and examine it from the inventory. Write down on a piece of paper who
loves whom.
20. At the Palace O' Prostheses (to the left), say to the guy with the eye
	*I'm Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate!
	*I'm looking for some gifts for my differently - abled pirate friends.
	*What have you got that's free?
21. Fill in the story with the names, written on the manhole cover and you will
receive a prosthetic skin.
22. Put out the music box from the inventory and choose "Play music box for
Deadeye Dave". Manage to pick up a prosthetic hand from the basket, near the
exit, before the music is off.
23. Go to the manhole, use the prosthetic skin with it and jump on it.
24. Climb down the ladder and pull the pull - chain.
25. Pick up the ScupperWare from the table, climb up the ladder, walk up to the
edge, examine the funny shadow at the wall and pick up the nose.
26. Go to the square, to the man, who sells perfumes. Pick up one spritzer from
the pile, dropped on the ground, as well as the Cologne from the stall.
27. Enter the House O' Sticks (near the square) and pick up the wood shavings
of the Ozzie Mandrill's cane.
28. Go to the square's fountain and use the empty bottle with it. Then, open
the inventory and combine the bottle with the wood shavings.
29. Enter the Bait Shop (to the right) and pick up one of the free baits, near
the door. Open the inventory and combine the free bait with the ScupperWare.
30. Use the wooden prosthetic hand with the termite circus.
31. Use the home - made perfume with the free baits.
32. Exit the store and pick up the duck.
33. Leave and go to the foreboding mansion. Pick up the flower, near the
fountain. Then, open the inventory and combine the home - made perfume with it.
34. Leave and go to the misty swamp. Use the home - made perfume with the
35. Return to the town and enter the Palace O' Prostheses. Use the home - made
perfume with the Deadeye Dave and write down on a piece of paper the three
initials of the name, that he will tell you.
36. Twiddle with the file retrieval system controls, choose the proper images,
in proportion with the initials and press the button.
|Bunny	   A ~ D |
|Palm tree E ~ H |
|Pumpkin   I ~ M |
|Ape	   N ~ S |
|Bananas   T ~ Z |
37. Go to the harbor and walk to the left, until you meet two men playing
chess. Say to the portly pirate chess player:
	*Your friend seems awfully focused on the game.
38. Try to destruct the player, who is trying to make his move, until he puts
his chess piece on the chessboard by mistake. Do the same with the other player
too, in order to start the chess players arguing.
39. Pick up the clock.
40. Leave and go to Mystes o' Tyme. Use the clock with the raft, step on it and
row towards the right direction every time, according to the time and the
directions from the inventory inventory (The directions do not differ from game
to game. However, there is no walkthrough at this point, given that you may do
it by yourself, too).
41. At some moment, you will be in front of a gate and on the other side of it
will be… yourself. Memorize the talk and notice in which order he gives you the
objects. Be assured that he is really yourself, by asking him something. Then,
use the skeleton key with the gate.
42. After a while, you will be at the other side of the gate. Repeat the
dialogue and give the objects with the same order.
43. Continue your wandering. When you reach a house, come close to the window.
44. Use the tin of chicken grease with the welcome mat and throw the duck
through the window.
45. Leave and go to the foreboding mansion. Enter the residence and use the
Cologne with the dingo, near Mandrill.
46. Return to the town and enter the House O' Sticks. Use the termite -
infested prosthetic hand with the Mister Mandrill's cane.
47. Leave and go to Ozzie's house and say to him:
	*Hey, you're the jerk who hired Pegnose to frame me for the bank robbery!
	*It's very nice. Lots of booty.
48. When Mandrill is gone, follow him. In the new area, go, after Mandrill is
gone, to the other side of the knoll, until you find the hidden passage.
49. Pass through it and press the red button.
50. Leave the room, reach the right shore and dive into the deep water.
51. Put out the ScupperWare with bait in it from the inventory and use it with
one of the bioluminescent fishes.
52. Enter the secret door, left, at a rock and pick up the booty and the itty -
bitty brass screw.
53. Leave and go to the town, to the Hall o' justice and use the itty - bitty
brass screw with inspector Canard.

				Act II (39 Steps)
54. Talk about whatever you want with Elaine.
55. Leave and go to the Meathook's. Tell him:
	*What's with all the candles?
56. Pick up the paintbrush from the bucket, which he will transpose.
57. Leave and go to the harbor. Examine the grog machine's change return slot,
pick up the coin and use it with the grog machine. Then, choose: "Kick grog
machine", "Punch grog machine", "Shake grog machine", "Yell at grog machine"
and pick up one of the cans of grog.
58. Leave and go to Melee Town, to the, formerly known, SCUMM Bar (at the
square, follow the right road and walk up to its edge). Sit on the second bar
59. Ask the waitress:
	*Can I order some food?
	*Do you have anything that's cooked?
60. Jam the paintbrush into the sushi boat propulsion mechanism, when the
burning dish passes behind the right post, in order to stop the dish below the
61. Get in the kitchen and use the can of grog with the sushi boat steam
62. Exit the LUA Bar and enter the International House of Mojo, (the building
with the torches on it, at the square). Come close to the hand - shaped table,
use the finger and ask the voodoo lady:
*What to you know about this Ultimate Insult doohickey that everyone's talking
	*(change subject) x4
	*What do these Marley Heirlooms have to do with the Ultimate Insult?
63. Leave and go to the harbor. Guide yourself to your ship and use (in the
order referred) the earrings, the necklace, the pen on the chain and the
painting with the figure - head. Say to Elain whatever you want.
64. Go up the stairs and come close to the StarBuccaneer's (right). Examine
the empty groggoccino cup at the window. Enter the store and pick up the cup.
65. Examine the strange lady's shopping bag and then pick up from it the
StarBuccaneer's logo mug.
66. Use the empty groggoccino cup with the counter clerk.
67. Pick up one of the mini - bagels from the counter, eat it and put the juice
wad of chewed up bagel chunks and Schmear Whiz in the inventory.
68. Exit the store, come close to the tourist, near the statue and say to him:
	*That's a great ensemble!
	*What are you doing?
	*What made Tiny so famous?
	*What happened to the top of the statue?
	*(change subject)
	*Do you know where I can find the pieces of the Ultimate Insult?
	*One of the pieces looks like a bronze pirate hat.
69. Leave and go to the gaudy house. Pick up a pamphlet from the stall and the
jar of glue below the window.
70. Use the groggoccino cup and ask Stan:
	*You're hawking real estate now?
	*Gimme the pitch!
71. Return to the StarBuccaneer's and refill the empty groggoccino cup.
72. Enter the Micro - Groggery and ask a drink from the bartender.
73. Exit the store, enter the Planet Threepwood, examine the today's menu and
say to the waitress:
	*I think I'm ready to order.
	*Check out this Mega Monkey Meal Ticket.
74. Say to the jolly pirate, "Sure, why not?" and give any answer you want to
his questions.
75. Open the inventory, combine the jar of glue with the monkey mug caricature,
combine the result with the StarBuccaneer's logo mug and use the result with
the monkey mug, on the table.
76. Get up from the stool, go to the harbor, use the rowboat and go to the
neighbouring island. In your way, you will meet Captain Casaba, to whom you may
say whatever you want.
77. When you reach the island, go to the Pirate Transmogrification Academy (at
the far end) and say to the nice teacher - lady:
	*This is kind of a strange place for a school.
	*I'm tired of being a slimy pirate. Sign me up.
78. Give the worst answers (the best ones show good manners), in order to
receive the dunce cap.
79. Use the fire alarm, near the entrance. Enter the classroom and pick up the
whistle from the chest.
80. Go to the puppet show and say to little Guybrush:
	*Hellbeard? I think I've heard of you.
	*If you're Heelbeard, where have you been for the past 80 years…
	*Can I talk to your puppeteer?
	*C'mon, let me talk to the puppeteer.
81. End the dialogue, use the painting - map with the puppeteer and pick up
Li'l Guybrush & Li'l LeChuck.
82. Return to Jambalaya Island and go to the tall rock.
83. Say to Marco DePollo:
	*Are you really the greatest diver in the world?
	*What're you doing on Jambalaya Island?
	*Has your arrangement with Ozzie Mandrill proven challenging?
	*So, is this diving competition open to anyone?
	*I'd like to dive against you.
84. Come close to the table (behind DePollo) and use the juice wad of chewed up
bagel chunks and Schmear Whiz with the baby seal oil.
85. Step on the platform, move left and say to the diving judges, "I'd like to
take a crack winning that diving trophy".
86. Say to DePollo, "I'm ready to dive against you now".
87. Walk along the plank.
88. Ask the grouchy judge, "Why are you giving me such low scores?". Then,
examine the pamphlet at the inventory and give it to him.
89. Say to DePollo, "I'd like to dive against you again".
90. Memorize the movements' order that he performs. When it is your turn, wear
the dunce cap, advance and, while jerking at the plank, hit the proper keys.
|Keelhaul		up arrow    |
|Rum Barrel		down arrow  |
|Spinning Swordsman	right arrow |
|Alpha Monkey		left arrow  |
Note: If, after that, you are requested to perform, you first, a dive, choose
any movements you want.

91. Leave and go to the neighbouring island. Walk to the right and say to the
metabolically - challenged pirate:
	*Are you aware that you've got a pair of parrots on your shoulders?
	*Which parrot's Huggyn and which one's Kyssin?
	*I'm looking for the pieces of the Ultimate Insult.
	*Jambeaux LaFeet… Any relation to Tiny LaFeet?
	*I'd like to talk some more about your father.
	*Was he really called 'Tiny, the Friendly Pirate'?
	*If Tiny was such a great pirate, then what's with the 'Tiny, the Friendly
Pirate' statue?
	*What happened to Tiny's statue?
	*One pirate to another, where DID you bury your father's bronze hat?
	*If I find your father's hat, can I borrow it?
92. Walk to the right and use the whistle. Use the groggoccino cup to any of
the two parrots and ask him a question, in order to see if he is the truth -
telling parrot or not.
93. Ask the truth - telling parrot, where is buried the Tiny's hat, go to the
right direction and ask him again. Repeat the above until the parrot says
"Nowhere". Then place Li'l Guybrush & Li'l LeChuck on the boulder that is above
the buried hat and say whatever you want.

				Act III (20 Steps)
94. Leave the beach and hike to the Canyon. Pick up the banana picker, below a
95. Leave and go to the volcano castle, above the lava field. Enter the
96. When you are in, turn to the door and use the banana picker with the
97. Walk and say to Rasputin:
	*Don't look now but there's a river of lava flowing through the middle of your
	*How does this stream of lava fit into the church's wedding ceremonies?
	*I'd like to try your lava plunge.
	*Aw, c'mon, let me ride a boat down a river of molten lava.
98. Have in your hand the banana picker. Guide the boat, so that it comes close
to the milk bottle, in order to pick it up.

Note: There is no walkthrough at this point, because the position of the trunks
differs from game to game. Generally, you should make one of the trunks to hit
and move the trunk, which is next to the rock with the milk bottle, then enter
canal, where the trunk was, and pick up the bottle.

99. Leave and go to the vista point, pick up a rock from the pile and use it
with the right side of the cliff. Pick up a second rock and use it with the
middle side of the cliff, exactly when the first one shakes one of the roots.
Pick up and a third rock and use it with the left side of the cliff, exactly
when the second shakes one of the roots. Finally, pick up a fourth rock and use
it with the left side of the cliff, exactly when the third shakes one of the
roots. The result would be the drop of a rock at the lava field, through the
exit of the middle side of the cliff.
100. Leave and go to father Allegro Rasputin, at the cathedral and say to him,
"I'd like to take another test ride on your matrimonial lava plunge".
101. Pass to the pool of lava, walk for a while and use the lone palm tree,
which you can use as a bridge.
102. Leave and go to the monkey village (In order to enter the village, you
need to avoid the monkeys of the clearing). Say to the monkey, who is sitting
on the barrel:
	*Hey, neat hat!
	*What do you mean 'hat of honor'?
	*What exactly is the Monkey Combat?
	*Well, how does it work?
103. Go in front of the musically inclined monkey, who plays the accordion,
take in your hands the shields and play them. Pick up the accordion from the
104. Leave and go to the cluttered clearing (above the beach). Pick up the
coconut from the shanty.
105. Walk a bit further and introduce yourself to Herman. Then, use (in the
order referred) the coconut, the milk bottle and the accordion with him, so
that he recovers his memory. Then, say to him whatever you want.

Note: If you hit Herman with the above objects, but in different order or if
you hit him more than once with one of the above objects or if you hit him with
another object, then he will not recover his memory. What you should do, in
order to fix the situation is to hit him only with the coconut, as many times
as it takes, so that he loses completely his memory again or so that he says "I
don't still remember you". Then, continue with the other two objects regularly.

106. Leave and go to the clearing, before Monkey Town. In order to challenge
Jojo Jr, in Monkey Combat, you need practicing with the monkeys, located there.
Some movements are superior to some others. When you have three victories in
the row, Guybrush will say that he is ready to challenge Jojo Jr. and then you
go to the Monkey Town and say to him, "I challenge you to Monkey Combat!".

Note: There is no walkthrough at this point, even if it is one of the most
difficult parts of the game, because the superior movements, as well as the
commands for movement - to - movement change are not the same from game to
game. You should notice the opponent's words and their effect, as well as which
movement is superior to another. There are two tables with blank fields cited
bellow. Fill them in.
 ____________________   	  ___________________________
|Anxious Ape	AA   |  	 |AA	  |....	  |....	     |
|Bobbing Baboon	BB   |  	 |BB	  |....	  |....	     |
|Charging Chimp	CC   |  	 |GG	  |....	  |....	     |
|Drunken Monkey	DM   |  	 |DM	  |....	  |....	     |
|Gimpy Gibbon	GG   |  	 |CC	  |....	  |....	     |
 --------------------   	  ---------------------------
Table 1: Movements      Table 2: Superior movements (It can be filled in)

|Ack	a	up arrow    |
|Chee	c	down arrow  |
|Eeck	e	right arrow |
|Oop	o	left arrow  |
Table 3: Words and corresponding keys

|From-To*|  AA	|  BB	|  CC	|  DM	|  GG  |
|AA	 |****	|....	|....	|....	|....  |
|BB	 |****	|****	|....	|....	|....  |
|CC	 |****	|****	|****	|....	|....  |
|DM	 |****	|****	|****	|****	|....  |
|GG	 |****	|****	|****	|****	|****  |
Table 4: Words for movement - to - movement change (It can be filled in)

* Note 1: In the case of the movement - to - movement change, the command is
valid for the opposite too. E.g.: If, is valid: For BB to AA the command is o -
a - c, then is also valid: For AA to BB the command is o - a - c. That is why
the half table is not intended to be filled in.
Note 2: If someone does not wish to change the movement, he had already done,
he should select three times the same word. In this case, a draw is recorded
and he gets extra bananas, while it is the opponent's turn to attack.

107. When you beat Jojo Jr., Leave and go to the beach. Use three times the
banana picker with the bunch of bananas.
108. Offer Timmy a banana, in order to follow you, leave and hike to the
Canyon. In every screen change, you should offer him a banana.
109. Enter the mine shaft. At the far end of the mine, there is a metal door.
Stop offering bananas to Timmy. Open the vent and use a banana with it. When
Timmy gets in, close the vent and use another banana with the portal.
110. Walk and use the banana picker with the weed whipper.
111. Leave and go to the lava field. Use the weed whipper with the patch of
weeds, around the pool of lava.
112. Leave and go to the world - famous giant monkey head. Use the bronze hat
with the monkey head and the banana picker with the monkey nose.
113. Enter the monkey mouth. Use the Melee Island Gubernatorial Symbol with the
prominent slot, to the left of the ship's wheel.

				Act III + (4 Steps)
114. Pick up the really big plank, to the right of the screen and use it with
the left side of the smallest tower.
115. Climb up to the smallest tower and jump on the really big plank.
116. When you are at the tallest tower, use the excessively large switch.
117. Make three draws in the order. Then, say to Elaine whatever you want.

			  Koumen Productions 2004