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Kuri Kuri Mix (e)

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  |  |__|  |     | |                       _| |_ 
  |   __   |     | |                      |_   _|
  |  |  |  |   __| | __    __  ___   _ ___  | |  _   _   _ __   ___   ___
  |  |  |  |  /    | \ \  / / / o_\ | '_  \ | | | | | | | '__\ / o_\ / __\
  |  |  |  | (  0  |  \ \/ / (  (__ | | | | | | | |_| | | |   (  (__ \__ \ 
  |__|  |__|  \____|   \__/   \___/ |_| |_| |_| \___,_| |_|    \___/ \___/

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                       _______               _______                            
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                     |    ___  \           |    ___  \
                     |   /   \_/           |   /   \_/
                     |  |           AND    |  |
                     |  |     _            |  |     _
                     |   \___/ \           |   \___/ \
                     |         /           |         /       
                      \_______/OOKIE        \_______/REAM
July 3, 2001 - - By watto7bukit -

I first heard about this game in the February issue of Game Informer. At 
first I wasn't really interested in The Adventures of C&C. The next month, 
Game Informer reviewed the game. It received scores of 8.75 and 9. I was 
quite impressed. I carefully perused their reviews of C&C, and I was soon 
very interested in the game. They said that it was the most original game for 
PlayStation 2, and the most addicting. This was enough to get me hooked. I 
went out and bought the game as soon as possible. After a couple of hours of 
play, I fell in love with C&C. This passion for the game led me to write this 
very FAQ. I had to share my knowledge of C&C with the world.

Legal Shtick: This document Copyright 2001 watto7bukit. This FAQ is not to be 
copied without written consent of its author. It is not to be used in 
unauthorized publications or for personal profit. If anyone would like to use 
this FAQ for any purpose, e-mail to get permission. 
Permission may be granted to persons wanting to use this FAQ on a 
noncommercial website or any other approved publication, but only through e-
mail from its author.

~Table of contents~

   1. Thanks
   2. The Basics
   3. The story and the characters
   4. Walkthrough
a.	Jungle World
      b. Desert World
      c. Music World
      d. Water World
      e. Trick World
      f. Arctic World
      g. Magical World
      h. Tumble World
      i. Bonus World
   5. Gifts
   6. Codes
   7. Shameless plug of
   8. Fin.

First, I want to thank a few people:

Gamefaqs: For having a great site and publishing this FAQ. 

Cheat Code Central: For posting my work, and for the codes. ( For being a great site! Go check it out.

Game Informer Magazine: For giving The Adventures of Cookie and Cream a 
chance and the recognition it deserves.

From Software: For developing such a unique and original game that's just so 
fun to play.

Agetec: For bringing the game to the states.

My dog Brutus: For sitting there and looking dumb while I played the game.

The Basics:

The Adventures of Cookie and Cream is an original gaming experience in which 
two rabbits have to work together to get through each level filled with a 
series of obstacles. That's right, they have to work together. Cookie can't 
just go bouncing through a level and leave Cream to fend for herself, and 
vice versa. In each and every level of the game, they have to COOPERATE and 
work together just to survive. 

In C&C, if you get killed or hit by something that injures you, it's not game 
over right there. You get 100 seconds at the beginning of each stage. 20 
seconds are taken off of the clock for every time an enemy hits you, you fall 
in a bottomless pit, you take a swim, etc. Once your timer reaches zero, then 
it's game over. Grabbing clocks along the way can also replenish time. These 
clocks prove to be an essential element to success in C&C. Clocks come in two 
varieties: silver (add 20 seconds to the timer) and gold (add 50 seconds to 
the timer). Even if a clock is not on the main path in a level, you'll want 
to go out of your way and do anything necessary to get to it.

Throughout your adventure, you'll encounter two helpers: a white rooster 
(Cookie's side) and a black rooster (Cream's side). These roosters are very 
helpful. Always talk to them when you see them. They provide you with 
information about worlds and stages, tips for completing obstacles, 
strategies to defeat bosses, and sometimes they'll even give you a clock.

Out of all of the things that I have pointed out, this may be the most 
important; always keep moving no matter what. If you stand idle for too long, 
then a time-stealing creature flies out of the sky and latches on to the head 
of whichever rabbit wasn't moving. When these creatures are attached to 
either Cookie or Cream, your timer runs twice as fast. The only way to free 
yourself from these fiends is to run around in circles frantically. They 
don't cause too much of a problem in the early worlds, but as the game 
progresses, they get more and more persistent and vicious. In the last few 
worlds, if one them gets a hold of you, it'll take a good 20 seconds to shake 

The story and stuff:

Before I get into the actual walkthrough I want to introduce you to the story 
and the characters.

Here's the story (right out of the instruction booklet):
  It was the eve of the Moon Festival. But the moon, which should be 
illuminating the night sky, was nowhere to be found. The Moon Festival, a 
Rabbit Clan tradition that had been held on this night since time immemorial, 
had been cancelled.
  As Cookie and Cream trudged along the path toward home, a messenger 
suddenly appeared and spoke to them: "It seems as though the moon has run 
away. If the moon doesn't return, there will never again be another 
  Upon hearing this, the two heroes decide to take matters into their own 
hands and seek out the moon.
  "You two must overcome many challenges... here, take these crowns as proof of 
your undeniable courage!"
  And as the rooster's cry came to an end... they were no longer on the path 
home and found themselves on a mysterious island.
(*Note - the crowns they receive are actually a flowerpot and an umbrella.)

Okay, so maybe it's not the most intriguing storyline ever, but it's 
definitely not lacking in creativity. 

Now let's meet our two heroes:

COOKIE: He's the yellowish looking rabbit that resides on the left side of 
all of the levels. He wears a flowerpot on his head and is slightly stronger 
than Cream. Cookie also likes to play the banjo. He possesses both an 
adventurous spirit and an easygoing personality. He's been brought to the 
mysterious island by his helper and is thoroughly enjoying the adventure.

CREAM: She is the pink rabbit that's always on the right side of the screen. 
She enjoys jamming with her maracas and wears a small umbrella atop her head. 
Though she's not as strong as Cookie, she is faster when it comes to pace. 
Her personality is marked by impatience. She wants to get this adventure over 
with as quickly as possible so that she can return home.


I'm going to assume that you're not dumb, and that you have at least a little 
bit of platforming experience. If there is a little hole in your way, you're 
probably going to just jump over it without even thinking about it. Thus, 
every little detail of every level is not included in the walkthrough. I am 
also not including the gifts in the walkthrough, (they're included in a later 
section) though I will help you find all of the puzzle pieces. 
(*Note - There is a puzzle piece in every level of the game. Each world has 
four, and if you collect all four pieces in a particular world, a new player 
will be unlocked in VS mode.)
I also want to put to rest the myth that the game can't be completed with 
just one player. It is entirely possible to complete the game by yourself. 
Trust me, I did it. 
One last thing, I'm also going to give each of the bosses in the game a 
difficulty rating. One star (*) being the easiest, and five (*****) stars 
being the hardest. That's about all. 
Okay, now on with the walkthrough!

                                ~Jungle World~

Jungle world is by far the easiest world in the game, as it should be 
considering that it is the first. There really isn't anything special to 
watch out for, except for the time-stealers. (Just keep moving!)

Jungle World - Stage 1

-Have Cookie hit the white button across from the bridge on Cream's side to 
lower it.
-Cookie now has to pull on the leash coming out of the ground to keep the 
alligator at bay so that Cream can get through.
-Cream needs to push the lever wheel one-quarter turn (one time), to lower 
the drawbridge for Cookie.
-Cookie has to step on the sun platform and wait for Cream to cross.
-Cookie can now cross the bridge and stand on the triangle platform.
-Have Cream cross the triangle platforms to get to the puzzle piece, and then 
she can come back to the island. 
-Now Cookie must stand on the teardrop platform (next to the triangle 
platform), and again wait for Cream to get to land.
-Now the two rabbits can run through the goal together.

Jungle World - Stage 2

-Run forward and hit the white buttons on Cookie's side to raise the 
platforms on Cream's side.
-Cream really only has to push the center log (but you can push them all to 
be safe), and then Cookie can double jump across to save time.
-Have Cookie jump onto the stone platform, and Cream can then rotate the 
lever wheel to get him across.
-Cream has to push a white button to raise a bridge for Cookie.
-Cookie now needs to get onto another stone platform.
-Rotate the lever wheel on Cream's side clockwise to get Cookie to the puzzle 
-Get Cookie back onto the platform, and have Cream rotate the wheel 
counterclockwise to get Cookie back on land.
-Run to and through the goal together. 

Jungle World - Stage 3

-Cookie has to restrain another alligator to keep Cream safe.
-Have Cookie run through the first wall, and then Cream can push her side 
open, and vice versa with the second wall.
-After Cookie runs through the third wall, he has to push his side shut to 
get Cream through.
-Push the log resting against the bridge on Cookie's side to help Cream 
across the river. (Or Cream could just double jump across the river.)
-Cream can pull the levers that are attached to the logs and then push the 
red buttons that appear to reveal a couple of clocks on Cookie's side. (Or 
Cookie could also just jump over the logs without worrying about the levers.)
-Cookie and Cream both have to rotate the lever wheels so that the platform 
ahead goes all the way to the right.
-This is the first true test of your double jumping skills. Once the wooden 
platform is right next to the stone totem in the water, Cream can double jump 
up to the puzzle piece on top of the gray totem. If you miss once, try it 
again until you get it.
-With the puzzle piece in hand, hop for the goal.

Jungle World - Stage 4

-Be careful through the winding platforms.
-Cookie has to push the wooden lever forward and then pull it back to get 
Cream through.
-Cream doesn't even have to touch the levers for Cookie to get across the 
next set of platforms. (Just double jump, and don't miss the puzzle piece on 
the way)
-Cookie has to jump on the platform twice to bridge the gap for Cream.
-Have Cream step on the white buttons to complete a bridge for Cookie.
-Cookie and Cream have to jump on the platforms at the end together to reach 
the goal.

Jungle World - Stage 5

Boss - GOLEM the rock beast

To beat Golem, you have to use Cream as bait and lure it towards the sides of 
the area near one of protruding logs. Cookie can then hit the appropriate 
white button to shoot the closest log at the Golem. After you hit him three 
times, Golem is defeated. This boss encounter is definitely the easiest in 
the game.
Boss Difficulty - *

After you have killed Golem and completed all of the stages in Jungle World, 
two new worlds will open up: Desert World and Music World.
We'll start with Desert World.

                               ~Desert World~

Desert World is considerably harder than Jungle World. The cactuses that 
litter the landscape are just like enemies, and you have to be careful of the 
sandpits. The scorpions can be dangerous, and you still have to watch out for 

Desert World - Stage 1

-Cream has to pull the plug to align the pillars for Cookie.
-After Cookie gets across the pillars, look on top of the totem pole by three 
clocks to get a puzzle piece.
-Cookie has to jump on the seesaw board to catapult the boulder into the huge 
sandpit for Cream.
-Cream now has to pull on the rings to stun the birds for Cookie. (Try to 
stun them so that Cookie can use two birds as platforms) 
-You're finished; run for the goal.

Desert World - Stage 2

-Cream has to push the log to the left to jam the dinosaur skull. (This takes 
some precise timing)
-Cookie and Cream must now alternate jumping on the platforms to change the 
water level. Don't miss the puzzle piece on Cream's side.
-Have Cream wait on the red platform while Cookie uses the building to the 
left to get onto the blue platform.
-Cookie and Cream have to jump to the next platform at the same time.
-Cream can now double jump from the top of the platform to get over the huge 
-Have Cream wait on the next red platform while Cookie uses a tent to give 
him a boost to the blue platform.
-Cream can now double jump over another set of cacti.
-Stomp some scorpions and head for the goal.

Desert World - Stage 3

-Cookie and Cream must simultaneously jump on the platforms to get Cream 
-Before Cream catapults the rock, use the rock (while it's still on the 
board) to get to the puzzle piece.
-Now have Cream jump on the seesaw to launch the rock and scare the chicken.
-Cream has to pull down on the rope to raise the mallet on Cookie's side.
-With Cookie, push the egg under the mallet, and then have Cream release the 
-Cookie has to lead the newly hatched chick to the wall and use it as a step 
to get over the wall.
-Cookie has to hold onto the rope and wait for Cream to pull the lever to 
help Cookie across the water.
-Press the white buttons to briefly open the spikes for Cream. (Cream must 
get through the spikes VERY quickly.)
-The two rabbits must jump on the white buttons together to reveal the goal.

Desert World - Stage 4

-Have Cookie push the metal gate to the right.
-Cream has to grab onto the gate and pull it until Cookie gets through.
-This is a little tricky. With Cream, push the revolving door forward and 
then quickly run back out of it. (If you do this correctly, Cream can now 
push the white button.)
-Push the white button with Cream and wait for Cookie to get through, and 
then push the white button again so that Cream can get through.
-Get Cream into the mine cart.
-Have Cookie push the second and third buttons before he pulls the lever, and 
then go pull the lever.
-After the cart with Cream in it gets past the first rotating junction, push 
the first button with Cookie.
-After Cream gets past the fifth rotating junction, have Cookie step on the 
third button. (If done correctly, Cream will end up at the end of the track 
with the puzzle piece in hand.)
-Cream has to pull the fuse towards the fire creatures to get them to light 
it and open a path on Cookie's side.
-Have Cream hold onto the rope while Cookie pulls the lever.
-Cookie has to quickly let go of the lever and jump onto the blue platform so 
that is safe for Cream to let go of the rope.
-Cookie has to jump onto the blinking platform and land on the blue key to 
open the door on Cream's side.
-Cream has to pull the rope on the first log so that she can get onto the log 
and across the water.
-Cream now must pull the rope attached to Cookie's log to get him across.
-Now you're home free; head for the goal.

Desert World - Stage 5

Boss - JEAN PAUL the ancient statue

While fighting Jean Paul, have one of the rabbits use the hammer to attack 
it, and the other to collect the clocks that appear. Jean Paul will use an 
underground attack and then a jumping attack at first. Just keep whacking at 
him with the hammer to knock out pole sections. (You have to be pretty close 
to hit him, so be careful.) At the end of the fight, Jean Paul will use a 
deadly laser attack. Hit the statue five times, which isn't an easy task, and 
it's dead.
Boss Difficulty - ***

After you're done with Desert World, Water World will open up. Before we get 
into Water World, Let's go back and conquer Music World.

                                ~Music World~

Music World offers quite a challenge. It is filled with enemies and musical 
puzzles. Be weary of the assorted instrument foes. Once again, the time-
stealers are back. A good ear will be helpful too.

Music World - Stage 1  

-The puzzle piece is sitting right in front of Cream as the level starts.
-Have Cream kill the first flying creature so the she can safely help out 
Cookie by pulling the levers attached to the cymbals. (There are actually two 
-Have Cookie stand next to the bongo at the base of the xylophone.
-Cream must now hit the bongo to get Cookie up the xylophone.
-Cookie has to hit the giant bongo three times to clear Cream's path.
-Cream can now stand on one of the four platforms in a circle.
-Cookie has to hit the gong two times to get Cream across.
-Once Cream slides across the red xylophone, the drums will come down for 
Cookie so that he can pass.
-Cream must turn the record player crank to turn the platforms for Cookie.
-Near the end of the rotating platform chasm, have Cookie jump onto the last 
castanet on the left to get across.
-That's about it; hop your way to the goal.

Music World - Stage 2

-Cream has to blow into the reed to give Cookie a lift.
-Have Cream blow into the trombone while Cookie adjusts the tone until the 
platform ahead by the trumpet is at the right height to blow into it.
-Cookie must first push down all of the buttons on the trumpet, and then he 
can blow into it to align the platforms for Cream.
-Make sure that Cream doesn't miss puzzle piece on the way across the trumpet 
-Cookie has to blow into the party favor to help Cream across the chasm.
-C&C have to blow into the whistles together to reveal the goal.

Music World - Stage 3

-Cookie has to use the seesaw to knock the spindles into the water for Cream. 
(Three spindles will be enough.)
-Cream must blow into the horn to put the huge castanet to sleep so that 
Cookie can get by.
-Don't let Cookie miss the puzzle piece in the boat by the huge castanet.
-Cream has to pull the metal gate open for Cookie.
-Take C&C up the ramps and avoid some enemies.
-Cream needs to open a fan near the goal by blowing into the recorder.
-When the fan opens, have Cookie use it to get up to the ledge and through 
the goal.

Music World - Stage 4

-Don't miss the puzzle piece on the tambourines on Cream's side.
-Cream has to turn the wheel to put the castanet on Cookie's side asleep.
-Then have Cream pull open the metal gate for Cookie. (Watch out for the 
parade on Cream's side.)
-Have Cookie hold onto the violin bow while Cream jumps and grabs onto the 
bow to fling Cookie to the piano.
-This piano can be very tricky. When Cookie presses the blue button on his 
side, the piano will play three notes. C&C must then play those three notes 
to advance. Only a really good ear or a lot of luck will work here. Every 
time I've played it though, the first tune that the piano plays is as 
follows: Cookie's middle key, then Cream's far left key, and then Cream's 
second from the right key. This should work every time.
-C&C now have to jump on the maraca handles to clear a path for each other.
-After that, just head to the goal.

Music World - Stage 5

Boss - CYMBOURINE the magical instrument

The strategy to defeat this boss is very simple. C&C just have to hit two of 
the chimes that its legs are on at nearly the same time. It may become 
disorienting if you're playing one player, because Cookie and Cream will 
switch sides a couple of times.
Boss Difficulty - **

After Music World has been conquered, Trick World will open up. But before we 
venture into the world of tricks, we're going to go back and explore Water 

                               ~Water World~

Water World is... well it's covered with water. There aren't nearly as many 
enemies as there were in Music World, but there still are a few. The time-
stealers are becoming feistier, and they can really be a pain.

Water World - Stage 1

-With Cream, step on the end of the catapult to launch the lettuce to 
Cookie's side.
-When the hippo comes to eat the lettuce, have Cookie jump on it and ride to 
where you see a silver clock.
-Cream has to push the white button to open the gate.
-After Cream has opened the gate, have Cookie get back on the hippo and ride 
it to the gold clock.
-Cookie needs to turn the wheel lever across from the waterfall to open a 
cave under the waterfall.
-When the cave is opened, have Cream go all the way through it. At the end of 
the tunnel, Cream has to jump to the bottom right side of the screen. There 
is a hippo here that will lead to the puzzle piece. After getting the puzzle 
piece, take Cream back through the tunnel. (You might want to skip the last 
two steps, and forget about the puzzle piece your first time through the 
-Cream has to pull the rope (not the anchor) attached to the large barrel so 
that Cookie can get onto it.
-Cookie then has to run the opposite way while on the barrel to make it go 
forward. (Be careful not to fall off.)
-Have Cookie pull the rope attached to the raft to help Cream across.
-Run to the goal from there.

Water World - Stage 2

-Cream has to step on the three platforms on her side to raise the ones on 
Cookie's. (Be careful and/or fast because the platforms on Cream's side 
-Have Cream pull on the rope attached to the bucket to help Cookie get to the 
-Cookie now has to cross the river using the floating rafts. The puzzle piece 
is above the fourth raft's path, to the left.
-Cookie must jump into the purple pot to make a ramp for Cream to get to the 
-Cream can now jump onto the trampoline to catapult Cookie.
-Cookie needs to stand on the two stone circles to help Cream get to the 

Water World - Stage 3

-Have Cookie get on the paddle wheel and paddle away.
-Cream's going to have to turn the two lever wheels to get Cookie through.
-Get Cream into the turtle, and then Cookie can turn the lever wheel to get 
Cream across.
-Don't miss the puzzle piece to Cookie's left.
-Cookie has to turn the lever to lower the platform so that Cream can cross.
-Cookie has to get onto the wooden platform.
-Cream can now push the wooden lever forward to get Cookie across.
-That's all for this level; head for the goal.

Water World - Stage 4

-Have Cream rotate the lever wheel a half turn clockwise to move the wooden 
plunger for Cookie.
-Cookie can now jump on the plunger platform to knock barrels into the water 
for Cream.
-Cream needs to keep moving the lever wheel one-quarter at a time while 
Cookie jumps on the plunger to knock down the barrels.
-Cream has to jump on the wheel screw to move Cookie across on the chalet.
-Have Cookie pull the ropes (not the anchors) attached to the boats on 
Cream's side to get her through.
-Cream must now step on the three white buttons to open the wooden doors for 
-Cream can now step on the white button by the spinner to raise some 
platforms on Cookie's side. (Yellow and red work the best, but it is possible 
other ways.)
-Make sure Cookie grabs the puzzle piece above the platforms.
-Now get Cookie into the boat and Cream into the life preserver.
-Have Cookie pull Cream into one of the heads of lettuce.
-Cookie now must pull Cream over to the hippo blocking the way, and use the 
lettuce to lure the hippo away. (It's easiest to push Cream into the hippo 
instead of trying to drag her to the hippo.)
-After the hippo is gone, float through the goal.

Water World - Stage 5

Boss - TORPEDO the battle fish

Torpedo puts up quite a fight. Cookie is in charge of hauling Cream and 
pushing objects. Cookie has to pull Cream into the bombs. The easiest way to 
hit Torpedo with the bombs is to drag Cream in front of him and let him bite 
her while she is carrying a bomb. Torpedo will swallow the bomb instead of 
biting Cream. Cream can also throw the bombs at Torpedo, but it is fairly 
difficult to actually hit the huge fish this way. Also, bombs can only hit 
Torpedo when he has surfaced. The most important thing in this fight are the 
two clocks that appear after you hit Torpedo each time. (One gold, one 
silver) Cookie has to drag Cream into them, and you must obtain as many as 
possible. These are essential to victory.
Boss Difficulty - ****

After Water World is done for, and Torpedo's carcass has sunk to the bottom 
of the sea, a new world will be open. Arctic World. But before we embark on 
an arctic expedition, we're going to cross the island and go back to Trick 

                                ~Trick World~

Trick World is quite tricky indeed. There are many perilous and confusing 
obstacles for Cookie and Cream to overcome. There are a few enemies here and 
there to look out for. The time-stealers, like in Water World, are getting to 
be more of a problem.

Trick World - Stage 1

-The maze at the beginning of this level can be confusing the first time 
through. The red buttons on Cookie's side open up the doors on Cream's side 
and vice versa. You'll have to step on some of the buttons twice to get 
through. After a couple times through, it'll be old hat. Just don't miss the 
puzzle piece on Cookie's side.
-Get Cookie onto the platform that's on the geared logs. 
-Now have Cream turn the crank to get Cookie across.
-Cream can now cross on the large rotating gears on her side. (Be careful of 
the holes in the gears.)
-Cookie must double jump on the big brass screw to get Cream through.
-Make your way through the two tricky obstacles. (It may take a few times on 
Cream's side.)
-Have Cookie jump onto the scale.
-Now have Cream jump onto the scale and then double jump to the goal.
-Cookie can now push off the weight and double jump to the goal too. (The 
jump from the scale to the goal is fairly long. It may take more than one try 
to get both of the rabbits across.)

Trick World - Stage 2

-Once you get through the first few obstacles, get Cookie and Cream into the 
robot cockpit.
-In the robot, push both sticks forward to move ahead, and push both sticks 
back to move backwards. Push one stick forward and push the other back to 
make sharp turns. Pushing both R1 and L1 together will smash debris in the 
way. It's actually not that perplexing once you get the hang of it. Keep an 
eye out for the puzzle piece floating above some junk on the right side.

Trick World - Stage 3

-Get Cream into the wooden chute.
-Have Cookie pull back the plunger on the chute. Cookie has to release the 
plunger when a train is passing by on Cream's side to shoot Cream onto the 
-Cookie has to use the train as a platform too, so quickly get him past the 
-Cookie must step on the red buttons to shut of the electricity on Cream's 
side momentarily. 
-Now have Cookie push the switch below the stairs to change the train's 
-When the train passes under the wooden bridge on Cookie's side, have Cookie 
push off the key onto the train.
-The key will drop off on Cream's side. Have Cream push the key backwards 
(you'll have to push it past one of the blue cars) to the red chest to reveal 
the puzzle piece.
-After you garb the puzzle piece, continue forward to the trampolines on 
Cream's side. Cream has to use these trampolines to get onto the trains to 
get past. (Cream must get on a train two times.)
-Cream must now press the red button to open the gates.
-Watch out for the cars on Cream's side and head for the goal.

Trick World - Stage 4

-Make sure that Cream hits the switch in the pit to turn off the electricity.
-Get Cookie into the elevator.
-Cream can now press the red button to raise the elevator.
-Now get Cream into the bucket.
-Have Cookie pull the rope to raise the bucket.
-There are two very tricky obstacles that you have to navigate.
-Hit the switch on Cookie's side to turn on the electricity.
-Cream can now walk through the automatic doors.
-Have Cookie turn the electricity back off.
-Cream has to jump on the key behind the robot. This will open up Cookie's 
-Be careful going over the balancing platforms, and don't miss the puzzle 
piece on Cookie's side.
-Get C&C into the cart and drive through the goal.

Trick World - Stage 5

Boss - TRICK ROBOT 99 the reckless toy breeder

Cookie steers the car left and right. Cream moves the car forward and back, 
and also works the vacuum. The trick robot will spew out three different 
kinds of toys: clockwork chicks, flying creatures, and red bombs. The 
clockwork chicks can be sucked into the vacuum and shot back at the robot. 
The flying creatures are pretty dangerous, but they can also be sucked in 
with a little skill. Watch out because they'll try to land on your car. Just 
avoid the red bombs. You can't suck them into the vacuum, and if they touch 
you they'll explode. After you shoot five toys back at Trick Robot 99, he'll 
be done for.
Boss Difficulty - ****

Magical World is available now that Trick World has been conquered. You 
remember Arctic World, don't you? Yep, let's get going

                               ~Arctic World~

Arctic World is quite unique. Most of the world is covered in ice. Cookie and 
Cream will have a hard time getting good footing on the ice, so be careful. 
The time-stealers here are some of the most annoying in the game, so keep 

Arctic World - Stage 1

-With Cream loaded in his spinner, have Cookie push in the plunger and let go 
to launch both of the rabbits.
-Cookie must turn a wheel lever twice to raise a bridge for Cream.
-Have Cream pull back the storks blocking Cookie's way.
-Cookie must now pull on the rope attached to the bridge to raise it.
-While Cookie has the rope pulled all the way back, have Cream step on the 
blue block to his right until it goes all the way down. This will raise the 
blue block on Cookie's side and stabilize the bridge so that Cream can cross.
-Have Cookie jump onto the ice in the water.
-When Cookie is on the second section of the ice, Cream has to jump onto the 
metal platform so that the ice shoots up. (If this is done correctly, Cookie 
will end up on the other side of the water. It may take a few tries.)
-Cream must pull out the two wedges holding back the ice wall on Cookie's 
-The shifting wall will scare the penguin away. Cream can now go back and 
grab the puzzle piece that the penguin was sitting on.
-After grabbing the puzzle piece, get Cream through the goal along with 

Arctic World - Stage 2

-Cream has to pull up the cage to distract the penguins on Cookie's side with 
some tasty fish.
-Have Cookie use the pinball plunger to raise a walrus for Cream.
-Cream just needs to keep on jumping on the yellow pumps to steam up ice 
platforms for Cookie.
-Past where Cookie avoids a polar bear, have Cream jump up the ice platforms 
to get a puzzle piece.
-At the end of the stage, there will be three buttons with different shapes 
on them on Cookie's side. Whichever one he jumps on will be the kind of 
bridge that is raised on Cream's side. Don't worry; any of the three buttons 
will work.
-After you're done with all that, bounce through the goal.

Arctic World - Stage 3

-Have C&C jump onto the moving platforms when they're coming AT you.
-Get both of the rabbits into the canoe by the giant snowman.
-To get the boat to go anywhere, each player has to row. (This is actually 
easier with one player.) Rotating the analog stick clockwise rows forward, 
rotating counterclockwise rows backwards. To turn, turn one stick faster than 
the other or in the opposite direction of the other. Avoid the sea life, 
don't get dragged off screen by strong currents, and keep an eye out for the 
puzzle piece on the right side.

Arctic World - Stage 4

-Use the same rowing strategy that you did in stage 3 until C&C split up 
-In the maze with the moving ice block, make sure that you push the block off 
on the left side so that Cookie can get the puzzle piece. (The puzzle is 
pretty simple.)
-Have Cream use the lever wheel to move the drill on Cookie's side all the 
way to the right.
-Cookie can now jump on the paddle to drill through the ice.
-Get both rabbits across all of the ice platforms and through the goal.

Arctic World - Stage 5

Boss - POLAR TEDDY the sub-zero beast

This boss is actually one of the easier ones in the game. Step on the pink 
buttons to surround yourself with a nut, and then use your protective shell 
to bounce the rocks at Polar Teddy. If you bounce the rocks at the penguins, 
you can collect time. If one of the penguins hits you and you lose your nut, 
just step on the button to get a new one. It'll take four hits to put Polar 
Teddy down.
Boss Difficulty - **

Now that Arctic World is toast, we can move on to one of the most challenging 
worlds, Magical World.

                              ~Magical World~

Magical World's one of the toughest worlds in the game. Each level presents a 
stiff challenge. The time-stealers in Magical World are the most ferocious in 
the whole game. Definitely keep moving at all times.

Magical World - Stage 1

-Be careful of the gates at the very beginning.
-Cream has to use the lever wheel to turn the teapots two positions, and then 
she has to stand on the white button to open the teapot's lid.
-Have Cookie jump to the lid and into the teapot.
-Cream has to use the lever wheel to turn the teapots two positions, and then 
she has to stand on the white button to open the teapot's lid.
-Cookie can now use the teapot lid as a platform to get to the other side.
-Have Cookie pull the house over, lining up the window with the cannon on 
Cream's side.
-Cream can now step on the white button to shoot out the window.
-Have Cream step on the yellow button to stop the merry-go-round.
-Get Cookie onto the very top of one of the pink carts on the merry-go-round.
-Now have Cream step on the blue button to speed up the merry-go-round.
-The merry-go-round will rise as it speeds up. Wait until it raises Cookie to 
the puzzle piece, and then double jump over metal bars. (This is very hard to 
do. It will probably take a few tries, so just be patient.)
-The two white buttons on Cookie's side work the crane on Cream's side. Have 
Cookie stand on the first button to move it forward and the second button to 
move it right. Move the crane's shadow over the handle on the metal bridge to 
grab it and put it in Cream's path. (This may also take a few tries.)
-After you get C&C through the hidden maze under the tent, turn the lever 
wheel on Cookie's side until the two platforms you turn on Cream's side are 
both protruding form the water.
-After Cream jumps across the platforms, get her through the goal along with 

Magical World - Stage 2

-Avoid the gigantic maces and then have Cookie and Cream jump on the ghosts' 
heads to get across the chasm.
-Cookie has to hold onto the huge axe.
-Now have Cream push the white button in the graveyard to pull back the pole.
-When the axe swings to the other side, push towards the ledge and have 
Cookie let go.
-Have Cookie open the doors to get punched and get the puzzle piece.
-Now Cream can turn the lever wheel one-quarter turn clockwise, and then 
Cookie can open the door to get by.
-Look out for ladders, guys in old rusty armor with axes, guillotines, etc.
-Cookie has to pull on the wooden plug by the two big doors.
-Now C&C can turn the lever wheels counterclockwise to get through the doors.
-In the graveyard, avoid the moving shadows. There are two large shadow 
creatures stationary by the doors; avoid these too. Look for a tile that is 
darker than the rest of the floor between the two big shadow creatures and 
the last trees. Have Cookie and Cream stand on these dark tiles together to 
open the doors and reveal the goal. (Don not try to stand on the shadow 
creatures by the door. You'll just be killed and the doors won't open.)

Magical World - Stage 3

-After you get past the clowns on the balls, C&C have to alternate jumping on 
the red pump until the elephant wakes up.
-Continually jumping will help you get Cookie and Cream across the wobbly 
bridges. Don't miss the puzzle piece floating above the bridge on Cookie's 
-When both Cookie and Cream are standing at the top of the spiral stairs, a 
pole will come up to them. Have them jump and then press the action button 
while in the air to grab the pole. When the two rabbits are near enough to 
the platforms at the end, have them jump off the pole and land on the 
platforms. (This is very difficult to do. Your timing must be exact to get it 
right. All I can say is good luck with this one.)
-After the bear cages, Cookie can use the roosters to get across the chasm.
-C&C have to turn the lever wheels at the same time to raise the bridge on 
Cream's side. Once the bridge is up, Cookie has to hold the lever wheel on 
his side to keep it there. If he lets go, it'll fall down.
-Get Cream across the bridge and the two rabbits through the goal.

Magical World - Stage 4

-Cookie and Cream both have to get into the cannons to be shot over the wall.
-While on the balls, C&C will go in the opposite direction that you tell them 
to go in. This is A LOT easier if you turn the controller upside down.
-Cream has to hit the white button to rotate Cookie's bridge, and then Cookie 
has to do the same for Cream.
-Now Cream must hit another white button to lower a bridge for Cookie.
-Have Cookie and Cream run into the spikes to rid themselves of the pesky 
balls and get over the fence.
-Cream has to move the lever back to get the platform to Cookie, and then 
move it forward again with Cookie on it.
-Now Cream has to pull the lever back again, but as she does, have Cookie 
double jump towards the other platform. With the right timing, Cookie will 
end up on the second platform.
-Now that Cookie is on the second platform, have Cream push the lever forward 
-Our two rabbit adventurers will soon come to a pond with blue and red 
platforms. Landing on a blue will raise a red on the other side as the blue 
sinks. Cookie and Cream have time their jumps nearly simultaneously to get 
across the pond. The puzzle piece is floating above a platform on Cookie's 
side. (This is another difficult task, and it may take a few times to get it 
-Ignore the cannons at the end and head for the goal.

Magical World - Stage 5

Boss - DOUBLE WEASEL the clone performer

This boss isn't that tough. Just wait for one of the weasels to attack after 
they pop up. Once one attacks, hit the weasel on the other side in the same 
position. For example, if the blue weasel on the top end of Cream's side 
attacks, have Cookie whack the top weasel on his side. Be sure to grab ALL of 
the clocks that appear. After six hits, this weasel sideshow will be out of 
Boss Difficulty - ***

Okay, so you've obliterated Magical World and the rest of the island. The 
skies will part and Tumble World will appear. There's only one way to go now, 

                               ~Tumble World~

You made it; it's the last world of the game. This is the big time now, so 
the levels are definitely the hardest of them all. One thing you don't have 
to worry are the time-stealers. They must not like altitude, because they 
didn't follow C&C into the clouds.

Tumble World - Stage 1

-Use the wind from the fans to get C&C across the first part.
-The ropes on Cookie's side are very tricky. Get onto the second rope first. 
To get to the third, you have to double jump off of the second rope and then 
grab onto the third rope while in the air. (This'll probably take awhile to 
figure out.)
-Get Cream onto the cloud across from the fan, and then have Cookie push the 
number three button on the fan. This will take Cream out to the puzzle piece.
-Cream now has to grab the stick to pop the balloon on Cookie's side.
-Be careful on the green and yellow wheels (they can be quite tricky) and 
then get through the goal.

Tumble World - Stage 2

-Have Cookie get into the center cannon to knock the puzzle piece out of a 
-C&C both have to get into the plane.
-In the plane, Cookie controls turning, Cream controls elevation. While 
flying, fly over the bombs and press R2 to grab them. Take the bombs to the 
gate and throw them at it. After three bombings, the gate will crumble. (Be 
careful of the cannonballs while in the plane. They can be a real pain if you 
don't watch out for them.)
-After you're out of the plane, Cookie and Cream have to jump on the platform 
together to open the goal.

Tumble World - Stage 3

-Get through the first obstacles, and stay towards the center where you see 
the first knights.
-Have Cookie keep jumping on the checkerboard to knock out the lion for 
-Now have Cookie jump onto the lily pad in the water to get the puzzle piece.
-Now Cream has to turn the lever wheel to raise the water level. To save some 
time, have Cream turn the lever wheel only twice, and then Cookie can double 
jump to land.
-If you're playing one player, the best strategy to kill all of the knights 
in the chandelier room that I have found works like this: Have one of the 
rabbits go into the room first and kill all the knights on their side while 
the other rabbit waits in the doorway. Then the other rabbit can dispose of 
their knights. If you're playing two player though, this won't really be much 
of a problem. It's just kind of impossible to do both sides at once with one 
-Step on the blue buttons together.
-You'll now have a boss battle similar to the battle you had in Jungle World. 
Except that this one is going to be about ten times harder. If there aren't 
at least 150 seconds on the clock, you're not going to be able to win this 
fight unless you're perfect. The platforms that shoot out are very short, and 
it is almost impossible to hit the rock creature with the platforms at the 
top of the screen. This time, Cookie has to lure the beast around while Cream 
hits the buttons to shoot the platforms. The creature will stomp Cookie, jump 
up and down to shoot energy waves at him, and even grab him and throw him 
into the air. You have to hit the creature with all six planks to kill him 
and open the goal. All I can say with this one is good luck. (IMO, this is 
the hardest level in the game.)

Tumble World - Stage 4

(*Note - This stage is very difficult with one player.)
-A puzzle piece is waiting for Cookie on one of the disintegrating platforms 
to the left.
-If you make it through the first platforms, the second platforms are even 
tougher. C&C have to time their jumps exactly right to get across the 
exclamation point platforms. As soon as one of the rabbits jumps on their 
platform, the platform on the other side will flip over and move forward. 
Once you get to the end, take your time and double jump to the edge. (You'll 
feel really stupid if you fall off after all that hard work!)
-By walking the ledge by the wall after the gates, Cookie and Cream will 
avoid the boulders.
-Be careful around the pink knights after the boulders. Kill them if you have 
to, but get to the walkway as quickly as possible. (You can even lure the 
first knights into the path of the boulders if you're really skilled. Then 
you don't have to worry about them.)
-Get past the blue knights and watch out for the red carpet.
-All that stands between you and the moon are a couple of green rabbits. Just 
stomp them a few times to lower the cage. (They'll raise hell if you let them 
jump a couple of times, so stomp them quickly.) 
-Your toughest challenge is still ahead, so go through the goal and meet the 

Tumble World - Stage 5
Final Boss - The Moon

There are two parts to this battle, so I'm going to split my strategy into 
two sections.
Part 1:
In the first part of this battle with the moon, Cookie and Cream have to 
shoot it with cannons. At the very beginning of the battle, the moon will 
land right in the middle of the arena. Have Cream light it up for an easy 
shot with the bottom cannon. After that, your guess is as good as mine. The 
moon will attack in one of three ways: when it's yellow, it'll land in a 
random spot around the edge of the arena and roll at one of the rabbits or 
around in circles; when it's blue, it'll try to land on either Cookie or 
Cream, bounce up and down, and then shoot lasers; and when it's black, the 
arena will get dark and the moon will repeatedly try to land on one of the 
rabbits. When the moon is yellow, this is usually a pretty easy shot. It will 
land on the side and roll at Cookie or Cream, and you'll probably have enough 
time to shoot it. If it starts to roll around the outside of the arena, just 
have one of the rabbits shoot a cannon, and the moon will probably roll into 
the bullet. If the moon is blue, it will be fairly large, and it'll try to 
land right on one of the rabbits. Watch for the shadow. (That's very 
important!) Quickly get out of the way when you see the shadow, and get one 
of the rabbits to a cannon. If you shoot it fast enough, it won't actually 
get off any attacks. When the moon is black it causes the most trouble. The 
whole screen will get very dark. The moon will land in a random spot at 
first. Stand on the statues to avoid it. (It won't land on them at first.) 
After it lands once, it will pick out one of the rabbits and try to land on 
them until it gets shot. (Again, you'll see a shadow before it actually 
attacks, so be alert!) The moon doesn't land for long, so you need to time 
your shots. Have one rabbit lure it into the open (the one it's chasing), and 
the other needs to get a good shot at it. After five shots, the moon will be 
done for the first half of the fight. If you want to have any shot at beating 
the moon in the next part of the fight, you MUST collect clocks in the first 
part. When the moon lands on one of the statues, it will smash the statue and 
a gold clock will pop out. It's a good idea to stand on the statues all the 
time in between the moon's attacks so that you collect all of the clocks. 
There are four of them, and you need as much time as possible when the moon 
goes down once.

Part 2:
The moon will split into five little parts and roll around the arena. As soon 
as it splits, there will be a silver clock on each side of the arena. Make 
sure that you get them both. It's easier to avoid the rolling moons if you 
continuously double jump because you won't be able to see them coming some of 
the time. To kill the little moons, you have to jump on them, and then kick 
them over the edge by hitting the action button. When your trying to jump on 
them, jump away from them, not into them, because they are pretty fast. Once 
all five little moons are gone, the battle is yours. A little bit of skill 
comes into play in this battle, but it has more to do with luck. So, good 
Boss Difficulty - *****

Yahoo! The moon is back and the festival is going off without a hitch. Cookie 
and Cream have saved the day. They don't get to go home yet though. There's 
still one more world, and it's the most fun of them all: Bonus World.

                                ~Bonus World~

Bonus World is just fun place that you get to play around in when you finish 
the game. It seems like the developers just threw all of their extra ideas 
together and came out with this. It's definitely the most entertaining out of 
all of the worlds. Oh yeah, the time-stealers aren't here. There are no 
puzzle pieces or gifts to pick up either.

Bonus World - Stage 1

-Cookie and Cream have to use the slingshots to shoot down rainbows for each 
-Cream has to stand on the baseball.
-Have Cookie push the bat all the way forward to hit the baseball and get 
Cream across.
-Repeat the last two steps, except that Cookie's on the baseball, and Cream 
has the bat.
-Cream has to push the orange button to raise a ring for Cookie.
-Get Cookie onto the ring then have him ride it across and jump off when it 
circles the pole.
-Cookie has to push the orange button to raise a ring for Cream.
-Get Cream onto the ring then have her ride it across and jump off when it 
circles the pole.
-Have Cream jump onto one of the Lego blocks.
-A lever wheel will now appear on Cookie's side before the yo-yo. Have Cookie 
turn the lever wheel to position the Legos in better positions for Cream to 
jump up them.
-After that, kill the little creature things and hop to the goal.

Bonus World - Stage 2

-Have Cookie jump on the spoon handle to reveal a pit on Cream's side.
-Cream has to push a blue button to open the gate for Cookie. Have Cookie 
rain on the baddies' parade.
-Now Cookie has to hit a blue button to turn around the popsicle for Cream.
-Cream has to turn the lever wheel to position the candles for Cookie while 
Cookie pulls the lighter handle to light the candles.
-Have Cream stand on the metal platform to raise the cutter. 
-Now have Cookie rotate the lever wheel to push the cake over the pit.
-Cream can now push the button to cut the cake.
-Have Cream stand on the metal platform to raise the cutter. 
-Again, have Cookie rotate the lever wheel to push the cake over the pit.
-Cream can now push the button to cut the cake. The cake will be stacked now, 
so Cream can cross the pit safely.
-Have Cookie push the next blue button to raise the spikes.
-Cream has to go into the gingerbread house to impale candy platforms on the 
-Jump across the candy and through the goal.

Bonus World - Stage 3

-Cream has to jump onto the top chopstick to grab a ball.
-Now have Cookie pull out the shish kabob, and then Cream can get off of the 
chopstick to clear her path.
-Cream has to stand on the kid's mitten.
-Cookie now must pull the kid's other mitten to get Cream to the next cloud.
-Have Cream push the bookmarks into the cookbooks to help out Cookie.
-C&C now have to ride the tortoises and the hares to get to the goal. (Keep 
jumping to keep the tortoises aloft.)

Bonus World - Stage 4

-The buttons on Cookie's side raise and lower the platforms on Cream's side. 
When Cookie pushes a button, some of the platforms will rotate. The ones that 
do will switch position. If they were up they'll go down, if they were down 
they'll go up. All five of the platforms must be up for Cream to cross.
Here's the buttons and which platforms they control:
First button - Controls first two platforms.
Second button - Controls first three platforms.
Third button - Controls middle three platforms.
Fourth button - Controls last three platforms.
Fifth button - Controls last two platforms.
-Now Cookie has to complete the slide puzzle to get Cream through. The yellow 
pieces have to form a tunnel from one end to the other. The pieces always 
start in a random position, so you either have to be really smart or just 
plain lucky to get through this one. 
-Cream now has to stand on the four different platforms to raise them on 
Cookie's side. Only one type of platform can be raised at a time, and they 
sink very quickly when Cream gets off of them. Just be quick and cautious 
with Cookie.
-I hope you have some time left on the clock, because you're going to need 
it. Here's another fun puzzle for you to complete. C&C have to push the 
buttons to put the puzzle together. A lot of it is trial and error. Use the 
other picture as a guide. Good luck with this one.
-Once you do get the puzzle done, the doors will open and Cookie and Cream 
can go through their last goal.

Bonus World - Stage 5

Boss - Some cardboard cutout guy in a Japanese sideshow

This encounter has little to do with skill, and a lot to do with luck. Cookie 
moves the cannon, and Cream fires it. You have to hit the boss in bull's eye 
on its belly to damage it. The boss doesn't move in a regular pattern, so 
shooting it is next to impossible. Just sit in the middle and keep firing. 
Try to shoot when the boss is on one of the sides, because there is a good 
chance that he'll come back across the center. Watch out for the two henchmen 
in front of the big guy. After a while, their heads will start to spin, and 
they'll jump at you. Make sure that you're not in front of them after their 
heads start to spin. After five good shots, the boss will go down. Again, 
good luck with this one.
Boss Difficulty - ****

Well, that's all folks. There are no more worlds to go through. If you missed 
any puzzle pieces, this is the time to go get them. There is one more thing 
that I haven't talked about yet. The gifts.


In every world (except Bonus World), there are two pieces of scenery that can 
be picked up (16 in all). These are called gifts. They will be displayed in 
the background of your title screen after you get them. They have no other 
purpose, so just for fun, I wanted to include them here. To pick up a gift, 
just press the action button when it says gift at the top of the screen.

Jungle World:
Palm Tree - Stage 3, On Cookie's side, it's the second tree on the level.
Gopher - Stage 4, Also on Cookie's side, look for it near the beginning of 
the level. (It's not moving)

Desert World:
Totem - Stage 1, On Cream's side, it's across from the totem that the puzzle 
piece was on on Cookie's side.
Dino skull - Stage 3, Cream's side, you'll find it before the big rope/lever 

Music World:
Bell - Stage 1, Cream's side, after she slides down the red xylophone, look 
to the left of the xylophone. It's the farthest bell to the left.
Saxophone - Stage 2, It's on Cream side at the very beginning of the level, 
it's the center saxophone to the right.

Water World:
Hippo - Stage 2, On Cookie's side, look right next to Cookie (his left) after 
he gets launched out of the pot. It's the baby next to the big hippo.
Sail - Stage 4, After the spinner on Cream's side, look for it on a log raft.

Trick World:
Red robot - Stage 2, On Cream's side, it's right next to the big robot the 
C&C ride in. (You have to grab it before you get in the robot.)
Blue bird - Stage 4, On Cookie's side, look for the cuckoo clock between the 
second set of electric wires. A blue bird will pop out every once in a while. 
Have Cookie double jump and press the action button to get it. (This may take 
a few tries.)

Arctic World:
Sled - Stage 2, On Cream's side by the fishermen.
Elephant - Stage 3, Before the rotating platforms on Cookie's side.

Magical World:
Clown head - Stage 1, On Cookie's side, before the merry-go-round there are 
two clowns. Jump up and grab the second one's head.
Tent - Stage 3, On Cookie's side right before the swinging bridges. Look for 
the green tent on the left.

Tumble World:
Cannon - Stage 2, Cream's side, at the beginning of the level grab the cannon 
on the left.
Moon statue - You get this one automatically after you defeat the moon.


I'm not really into cheating, but for those of you who are, here are a few 
Game Shark codes:
Master Code (Must be on)---EC8D4088 14403FC4 
Infinite Time--------------1CB69674 145677A5
Low Total Time-------------1CB69670 1456E7A5

Okay, so you have all of the puzzle pieces and the gifts. You beat all the 
levels and killed all the bosses. What's left to do? Not much really. You 
could always go back and try to perfect your scores on all of the levels. 
There's always VS mode too. 

If anyone finds something that's incorrect, has comments, wants to use this 
FAQ, or thinks that I should add something, e-mail me at: 

! Also visit me at !