Power Quest (e)

                             Power Quest
                    An Unofficial Walkthrough Guide
                            Version: 1.2

 System  : Gameboy Color
 Author  : Killua (killua_a31@yahoo.com)


Welcome Notes:
Hello, welcome to the version 1.3 of “Power Quest: An Unofficial Walkthrough
Guide” which covers the English and Story Mode of the game.
Have you ever watched an anime called “Medabots”? Well, you will find the
game similar to that anime. I found the game very cool for its fighting-rpg
like genre. Hmmm… maybe that’s why I had this idea sharing you my knowledge
about this game, anyway please enjoy reading this as I update it time to

If you feel like contributing information to my work, please feel free
mailing me. It doesn’t matter how much you can contribute, little information
can make difference.

 Revision History

Version 1.0  [08\19\02]  - Started the first page
                         - Finished the “Shop” Section
                         - Finished filling Model Information
Version 1.1  [08\20\02]  - Finished the map and Let’s Battle section
                         - Finished the Bad Hyena Gang Section
Version 1.2  [08\21\02]  - Finished the Spring Tournament section
                         - Added some notes about the Battle Continue section
                         - Corrected some errors and words
                         - Finished Japanese Castle Section
Version 1.3 [08\22\02]   - Finished all Battle Continues section
                         - Corrected some lining and mistakes
                         - Finished National Tournament and added Goodbye Louise

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be used for profitable purposes. All copyrights that are not specifically
mentioned in this FAQ are acknowledged. No part of this FAQ may be altered in
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“Power Quest” © 1998 Sunsoft
“Gameboy” is a registered trademark of Nintendo Entertainment Inc.
“Power Quest: An Unofficial walkthrough” ©  Killua 2002


I. Basic Controls
II. Walkthrough (part 1)
- Let’s Visit the Shop
- Model Select
- Your Room
- Let’s Battle
- The Bad Hyena Gang
- Battle Continues
- The Spring Tournament Begins
- Battle Continues II
- The Japanese Castle Challenge
- Battle Continues III
- Goodbye, Louise
- Battle Continues IV

I. Power Quest Basic Controls

D-Pad    : To navigate/movement
A button : Confirms/Talk
B button : Cancels
Start    : Pause
Select   : N/A

/On the Map/
D-Pad    : To navigate/movement
A button : Toggles status screen
B button : Toggles status screen
Start    : Pause
Select   : N/A

 The Walkthrough

II. Story Mode

-> Let’s Visit the Shop

Ok, after you received your credits and the gift coupon from your mom let’s
head to the Shop. The first time you enter the shop, you will be given a
chance to choose your fighter model. But before we decide on which one to
choose, let’s review the menu commands of the shop first, for it will appear
every time you enter the shop.

    Allows you to buy any upgrade parts and accessories for your model.

   Allows you to sell your own parts for extra credits.

 Allows you to switch your previous model for different ones for

-> Here, I listed the parts available for each models.

|    MAX     |    GONG     |   SPEED   |    AXE     |    LON      |
|            |             |           |            |             |
| Wave Punch | Gong Throw  | Elec.Kick | Deathball  | Aura Wave   |
| Pist.Punch | Gong Smash  | Upp. Kick | Blitz Roll | Nunchakus   |
| Uppercut P | Should. Atk | Bird Kick | Drill Head | Lightn.Kick |

-> Well, each model has their own parts, you CAN’T buy a part that’s made for
a different model. It’s impossible, yes, but there are some accessories that
are suitable for all model. You’ll find these parts in the shop as well.

|                                                              |
| Counter Attack -   Increases guard and counter attack power. |
| Heal Pack      -   Regenerates your model in battle.         |
| Power Pack     -   Increases your power gauge.               |
|                                                              |

|Side Events|

- When your shopping, you’ll notice that every upgrade part has its level
  mark. Be aware that you can’t buy the same parts, even it’s level are
  different to each other.

-> Model Select

There are 5 models available in the shop. Each has unique moves, appearance,
and style. So I’ll describe each one and it’s up to you who to choose.

Specialty   : Punching

Moves       : Wave Punch     - Unleashes shock wave into the ground.
              Piston Punch   - Repeated Punch that knocks the enemy down.
              Uppercut Punch – Jump and do uppercut punch.

Description : I like this one. He’s pretty good at offensive, pretty fast

Specialty   : Wrestle

Moves       : Gong Throw      - Grab and throws the enemy in air.
              Gong Smash      - Strike a powerful blow to its enemy.
              Shoulder Attack – Dashes and slams toward the enemy.

Description : Yeah! This what I can call smash power. This guy really packs a

Specialty   : Kicking

Moves       : Bird Kick     - Aerial Kick diagonally down.
              Upper Kick    - An upward flying kick.
              Electric Star – Unleashes powerful shockwave to her fists.

Description : I love this one too! Not only she’s fast but pretty strong too.

Specialty   : All Around Type

Moves       : Death Ball – Throws black energy ball towards enemy.
              Blitz Roll – A rolling attack to the enemy.
              Drill Head – Jumps and swirls toward the enemy.

Description : A strong one, if you know how to use it. Pretty hard to beat.

Specialty   : Kung Fu Attacks

Moves       : Aura Wave      - Unleashes shockwave along the ground.
              Nunchakus      - Wields his Nuchaku around.
              Lightning Kick – Jumps to air and perform a powerful kick.

Description : Has the looks of “The Dragon”. Really kicks some butt.

-> Your Room

Let me clear things first before you hit the road. In your room there are
several options available. Here let me tell you…

  Allows you to check out your existing parts.
 Show you the current model your using, credits, and the password.