Metal Fighter (e)

=============================Metal Fighter=============================

created by Sogetsu ( 2002 AD

version 1.1

       MM MM MM 
      MM  MM  MM   EE    E T  TT  T AA    AA  LL
      MM  MM  MM   EEEE       TT    AAAAAAAA  LL
      MM  MM  MM   EEEE       TT    AAAAAAAA  LL
      MM  MM  MM   EE    E    TT    AA    AA  LL    L
      MM  MM  MM   EEEEEEE    TT    AA    AA  LLLLLLL

      FF     II  GG    GG  HH  HH  T  TT  T  EE    E  RR   RR
      FF     II  GG    GG  HHHHHH     TT     EEEE     RRRRRRR
      FF     II  GG    GG  HHHHHH     TT     EEEE     RRRRRR
      FF     II  GG    GG  HH  HH     TT     EE    E  RR   RR
      FF     II  GGGGGGGG  HH  HH     TT     EEEEEEE  RR   RR


Version history:

 1.1 - Made some grammar corrections
 1.0 - First version



 I.    Introduction
 II.   Story
 III.  Controls
 IV.   Game mechanics
 V.    Weapon capsules
        1. Weapon selection option squares
 VI.   Bosses (Alien Tyrants)
 VII.  Secrets
 VIII. Closing notes

I. Introduction

This FAQ covers Metal Fighter, a shooter game for NES. The game was
released in 1989. I bought Metal Fighter in 1995 or 96 and really
enjoyed it. Some time later my friend borrowed the cartridge from me
and he damaged it:( About 7 years later I found my only remainder of
Metal Fighter, the game manual. I decided to write a FAQ to the game so
I wrote the story, game controls, game mechanics, weapon capsules
sections and listed the bosses and enemies, then... I discontinued
writing for about four months -_-" Since my copy of Metal Fighter is
out of order, I had to download a ROM to this game in order to finish
what I started. After a few months of break I finished writing this
FAQ. However, you will not find the list of enemies here. I tried to
describe all of them, but some enemies has such bizarre shapes that I
have no idea how to describe them, besides there are few enemies in the
game that aren't mentioned in the manual so there will be no enemy
list. Unless somebody make such a list in my stead (what a convenient
character I am :)

This is the thrilling story of making this FAQ.

I think that's all, enjoy the FAQ.


I. Story (taken directly from the manual)

Returning from three centuries of intergalactic missions, MCS-920
(nicknamed Metal Fighter) is surprised by an alien infested planet.
Whatever few life forms survived were driven underground or transformed
into battling bionic mutants. You must escape the tentacles of these
mutants... seek out and destroy alien ships, then overpower grotesque
alien guards to steal their fiendish and bizarre weapons.

From barren landscapes and colourful coral reefs to abandoned and
frozen cities, you will yet come face to face with the alien tyrant in
each world.


II. Controls

D-pad: Moves Metal Fighter (when you haven't got flight ability, you
       can only move left/right)

Button A: Press Button A to jump (only without flight ability).Hold
          down Button A longer to make Metal Fighter jump higher.

Button B: Press Button B to fire plasma balls. to release a more
          powerful plasma ball - hold down Button B for a few seconds
          longer, watch the power indicator increase on the bottom of
          your screen, and then release Button B to fire.

Start Button: Starts/pauses the game.

Select Button: (see Secrets section)


III. Game Mechanics (based on the manual)

Metal Fighter starts with 3 lives. Each carries a shield pack capable
of neutralizing 3 direct shots or enemy contacts (NOT boss contacts,
each boss will smash you within one hit). The only way to replenish the
shield's diminishing power and even extend it to neutralize 5 shots or
enemy contacts is to capture the weapon capsules and successfully
complete the challenge stage without being hit. The weapon capsules
give the Metal Fighter special abilities, and allow weapon selections.


IV. Weapon capsules

To get an ability, shoot down a capsule. An option square will appear
where you hit the weapon capsule. The first option is for flight.
Collect the "F" square before it disappears. later weapon capsules will
give you other option squares. Collecting these squares switches you
into challenge mode inside the enemy weapon capsule. The weapon capsule
has a sinister auto-cloning defence system. Once you enter that weapon
capsule it creates a mirror image of you. It means that the Clone uses 
your current weapon. Defeat the Metal Fighter Clone to complete the
challenge stage. Best way to win is to use charged plasma balls. But a
new weapon replaces the existing weapon. In further stages Clones are
faster and more resistant.
1. Weapon selection option squares

"S" square - Speeds up the Metal Fighter.

"U" square - Upgraded firing capability allows you to fire an extra
             plasma ball from an extended gun. You may obtain other
             firing power without loosing this capability. Having
             Upgraded firing during a boss battle, touch the top edge
             of screen and the extended gun will get in the Metal
             Fighter (it might be a glitch). This will give you
             concentrated fire power. Upgraded firing absorbs regular
             enemy shots and destroys regular enemy within one hit.

"D" square - Double laser capability gives you two extra lines of fire.
             The strongest weapon in my opinion.

"L" square - Laser capability gives you simultaneous multi - angled
             firing capability.

"M" square - Mega shield gives you a rapid short range circular firing
             capability. This is the perfect weapon for the beginners.
             Mega shield not only destroys enemies but enemies' shots
             as well! However it's not very effective against bosses.


VI. Bosses (Alien Tyrants)

    In quotation I put bosses' descriptions from the manual.
 1. Star Kraken - "A grotesque alien life form that pumps out energy 
                  leeches and poisonous pellets."

    Difficulty ***--  

  This is the boss from the game box art. It looks like giant octopus, 
  my sister said that it reminded her of a monkey. Well, octopus or 
  monkey, what's the difference:)) Star Kraken uses simultaneously
  three different attacks:
   -spread shots - small and slow energy balls
   -energy leeches - green leeches which look like tips of Star
                     Kraken's tentacles
   -poisonous pellets - oblong energy shots that come out of between
                        Star Kraken's tentacles
  However it's attacks are slow and easy to dodge. When Star Kraken is
  on the right side of screen, dodge it's attacks and shoot it with
  your weapon (I recommend Laser and Upgraded firing combo). When it is
  on the left side, move to the right and shoot Star Kraken's back.
  Repeat until it's dead.
 2. Crabnabula - "Watch out for the extending tongue and the acidic
                 sliva this ancient carnivore spits out."

    Difficulty *----

  This bulbly shaped boss normally is insensitive on shots. Stay in the
  upper left corner charging plasma blast. Wait for the moment when it
  puts out it's tongue, then shoot at it's mouth. Move down to dodge
  the tongue then go back to the upper left, charge and... you know the
  rest. You can have any weapon when fighting Crabnabula. It doesn't
  matter which one because you will use charged blasts a lot, but it's
  good to have Upgraded firing and Double laser.
 3. Spidercraft - "The master controller of the alien infested city."

    Difficulty **---

  Spidercraft... it doesn't look like a spider,... whatever. Similarly
  like the Star Kraken, this boss uses three attacks simultaneously
  which are even similar to Star Kraken's attacks:
   -spread shots
   -yellow arrow-like shots
   -purple shots which look like I don't have any idea what
  Spidercraft is smaller and faster than Star Kraken. Also it shoots
  one energy ball directly at Metal Fighter so you aren't absolutely
  safe behind this boss. All you need to do during this battle is to
  fly around Spidercraft dodging it's shots and attack it.
 4. Pinchercraft - "A mechanical clone of an once fearsome alien

    Difficulty *----
  This one is very easy if you know what to do. You are completely safe
  in the top right corner. Wait there charging plasma ball. When
  Pinchercraft moves up then left, move down little, release plasma
  ball and shoot as much as you can at the red square which is the weak
  point of Pinchercraft, then get back to your previous position and
  repeat action until Pinchercraft is dead. This boss looks like a...
  pincers. Pinchercraft shoots spread stone-like shots.
 5. Aquadragon - "King of the undersea world."

    Difficulty ***--

  Aquadragon's moves are similar to Spidercraft's, but this one is
  faster as well as it's shots, besides Aquadragon keeps more to the
  right side of the screen. Tactic is the same as for Spidercraft.
  Aquadragon looks like a seahorse. It spits out red plasma balls and
  uses spread shots. Also it shoots one energy ball directly at you.
 6. Pistoncraft - "The giant destroyer that dominates the skies."

    Difficulty *****

  The only challenging boss. It's moves are similar to Spidercraft's
  and Aquadragon's. However Pistoncraft is faster and it shoots two
  energy balls directly at Metal Fighter. Pistoncraft doesn't look like
  a piston ;) but it has three pistons in it's front. Tactic for this
  boss is the same as for Spidercraft and Aquadragon - fly around,
  dodge it's attacks and shoot it whenever you can. Especially watch
  out for the two direct energy balls which Pinchercraft shoots at you.
  They're really fast. Good luck.
 7. Heartanium - "A high-tech weapon station which supports all vital
                 alien functions on planet H17."

    Difficulty ***--

  Heartanium might have look like it's difficult, but it's not. It's
  good if you have Double laser and Upgraded firing. In the beginning
  of this battle charge plasma ball and move to the top edge of the
  screen (see Upgraded firing description). Dodging Heartanium's
    -purple spread shots
    -green spiked balls
    -green bubble bunches
  wait on the top left until the boss is below you then quickly move to
  the bottom right and shoot at the weak point - pulsating red spot. Go
  back to the top left before Heartanium smashes you and repeat action
  until the boss is dead.
  Well, congratulations! You beat Metal Fighter. Now enjoy the crappy
  half-minute ending -_-' Unfortunately Metal Fighter is another good
  game with disappointing ending.


VII. Secrets

There's only one secret I know about. On title screen press Select
Button to skip stages. Example: press Select one time to start from
2'nd stage, two times to start from 3'rd stage, etc...


VIII. Closing notes

This is my first ever FAQ. I hope it came in handy to you, reader.

If you want to distribute this FAQ, ask me first. You may not modify
this FAQ in any way. If you think of something to add, tell me and I'll
take pleasure in adding to the credits your name along with your email.

                        Thank you for reading.

This document Copyright Sogetsu 2002