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Toy Story 2 (e)

¦********************** TOY STORY 2 WALKTHROUGH **********************¦
¦                                                                     ¦
¦                                                                     ¦
¦                            Version : 1.4                            ¦
¦                      (Version info at the end)                      ¦ 
¦                            Author : Samy                            ¦
¦                     E-mail :                    ¦
¦                                                                     ¦
¦                        Publisher : Activision                       ¦
¦                         System : Playstation                        ¦
¦                           Country : Greece                          ¦
¦                                                                     ¦

     • This walkthrough is made upon the U.S version of the game •
       This walkthrough can be found at the following locations:
       You may also find it in other locations. I'm not able to make a complete 
list of ALL the location where you could find it. One thing I would like from 
you is to tell me if you find this walkthrough on some other site ALTERED so I 
can take some mesure against them.

         Well first of all I want to thank all of you out there who read this 
walkthrough... Now if you have ANY question just drop an E-mail. I would 
apreciate if you could be sure that the answer to it is not in this walkthrough. 
So please read it completely first.Thanks again...
         I made this walkthrough having in mind that gamers out there needed 
help so I tried to be the more complete and detailed I could. I also tried to 
find a faq out there on the net for this game who could help me but I found  
nothing  but gameshark codes (not that useful if you want to beat the game 
NORMALLY but I included them in my walkthrough though). So after beating that 
final boss I thought I could help... You'll be the judge of that...                     

¦ • Overlook                                                                 ¦

• Introduction
• About The Autor
• The (Toy) Story
• The Characters 
• General Advice                                               
• In to the game                                              
 • Most important : The controls                              
 • Levels :1 to 15
• FAQs                                                                 
• Semi trick                                                  
• Gameshark codes anyone...?
• Toy Story 2 Trivia
• Quotes
• Revision History                                  
• Thanks to                                                   
• Disclaimer                      
¦ • Introduction                                                             ¦

        This game is great not only for the (awesome) cinematics (FMV's taken 
directly from the film itself) between each level but because it is well 
designed and thinked particularly the toy barn level (personal favourite)... So 
this walkthrough'll (I hope) help you find the Pizzas planet tokens I've already 
found and by this mean finish the game (you won't have to get the tokens exactly 
like me but that's the order in witch I got them), I'll also try to update this 
walkthrough as I find more tokens... Also feel free to contribute anything, your 
help will be welcome so if you have any suggestions, E-mail me... 
        I would like to know if, when you collect all fifty tokens, you win a 
bonus movie...??? If you have ANY information E-mail me... Thanks...          
        I completed the game (at 100%) and found out that you don't award 
nothing... No movie, no level nor cheats... Too bad, I would had appreciate 
something after completing the game (and spending something like a month on 
it) but the developers (Disney interactive...) didn't think that... Too bad...
        Well lets stop whipping and lets continue this walkthrough...

¦ • About the author                                                         ¦

   Do you remember I told you I was working on a Gran Turismo 2 walkthrough 
with a friend ? Well it has been canceled as we weren't ready for a racing 
walkthrough... Instead, we went for a Platform walkthrough, easy to do and 
fun... After Toy Story 2 what is the best platform game for the PSX ( Crash 3 
take apart ) ??? Well yes, Spyro 2 : Gateway to glimmer... And it's already 
online... If you want, you can go see our work at and say 
what you think about it by mail...
   I've also finished another walkthrough of an unknown, to most of you, but 
superb game : The Amerzone... If you count on buying a game, it MUST be this 
one... Although my walkthrough was based on the PSX version, it managed to go 
for the PC... I tried to correct this mistake but CJayC hasn't seen this 
yet... Well if you want to find it to tell me what you think, do a search 
with, as subject, Amerzone... I'm also counting to do a recognition page but 
I'll manage to do 1 or 2 more walkthroughs before...
   I just started another walkthrough on a 2 disc game named OverBlood 2. It's 
a great game with superb cinematics. Go rent it now and tell me what you think 
about my walkthrough.

¦ • The (Toy) Story                                                          ¦

   This section was taken on the Toy Story 2 walkthrough for the Nintendo 64 
by "The Ruzz" < >...
   Just found that this section is in fact taken on the explanation book given 
with the game... Same for the character description. Well thanks "The Ruzz" 
   Here it goes :

   All the toys are together in Andy's room, Buzz and Rex are playing the Buzz 
Lightyear video game.  Woody excitedly prepares for his annual 
trip to Cowboy Camp with Andy, but when Woody's arm is accidentally 
torn, he has to stay home.  While Andy is away, Woody is accidentally 
placed outside at a garage sale.  Even though Andy's mother insists 
that Woody is not for sale, a greedy toy collector steals Woody when 
she's not looking.  Buzz desperately tries to save Woody from this 
stranger, but he's too late.  Luckily, a personalized license plate on 
the toy collector's cat gives Buzz a clue how to get Woody back safely 
by the time Andy gets home from camp.  Buzz has enlisted the help of 
all the toys in the family to bring Woody back and save him from this 
unpleasant man.  They ate all in store for an amazing adventure as Buzz 
must get out of Andy's house, through the neighborhood, and into the 
thieving collector's toy store.  When Buzz reaches the toy store, he 
realizes that Woody is still nowhere to be found!  Buzz must hitch a 
ride to the toy collector's house to find Woody and rescue him.  While 
Buzz is trying to reach his pal to bring him home, Woody is falling 
under a spell of a wise old toy.  The Prospector doesn't want Woody to 
go back to Andy because Woody is the final missing piece to create toy 
fame for the old Prospector.  The Prospector convinces Woody that he is 
old and is going to grow tired of him.  When Buzz finally makes it to 
the toy collector's house to rescue Woody, he doesn't want to go!  Buzz 
must remind Woody about their toy family and their best friend, Andy.

¦ • The characters                                                           ¦

   This section was also taken from "The Ruzz"'s < > 

Buzz Lightyear :  This is your main character and the person you play as.  His 
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ job in this game is to save Woody from Al the toy collector.
Rex :             Rex is, to me, the most helpful toy in the game.  He gives 
¯¯¯¯¯            you hints about the level you're in and tells you where you
                 can find the mini-boss.
Hamm :            He's a piggy bank that only gives you Pizza Planet Tokens if 
¯¯¯¯¯¯           you return to him with fifty coins.  He is in every level.
Mr. Potato Head : Every time you meet him he always has a lost part.  Is he 
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯clumsy or something?  Anyway, each time you return to him
                 with his lost part he will unlock very useful items.                 

¦ • General Advice                                                           ¦

 I'm sorry ,really sorry 'cause I made this walkthrough as if everyone knowed 
the game but I was wrong... So here are some advice's that you may skip if 
you've already passed the first level...

        I received several E-mails asking how to exit the levels... Well you 
have two choices...
  • Either you exit the level via the menu you're given when you've    
collected a token or,
  • You can also exit via the pause menu...

        Ok well if you count buying the game and want to know what's the 
gameplay well...:
        In T.S 2 you have to collect Pizzas Planet Tokens... There are five of 
these in each level (except the boss ones)... You can obtain the tokens by 
various ways but you will always have five categories of tokens...:
  • The challenge token... This one can be won by accomplishing a 
...challenge... This is generally a race you have to win... Also, in the 
challenge token you'll always have a timer so you have to hurry... In the last 
levels this token is hard (nearly impossible)to get...
  • The coin token... This is(by far)the most easy token to get... Just 
collect 50 coins and go see Hamm (the piggy bank) and bingo...
  • The hidden/ puzzle token... This is a tricky token to obtain as you have 
to use your _brain_ and not your skills... Although, this token is relatively 
easy to obtain (if your brain is in form...).
  • The collect token... This token is given if you find five missing things 
dispersed on a level... This token is hard at the later levels as some -
things- stuck in some very weird/ tricky places...
  • The under-boss token... In each level there is one under-boss... You have 
to kill him in order to get this token...  Weirdly the under-bosses are 
sometimes more difficult to defeat than the real bosses(really weird...)...

         Also In some levels you'll encounter some coins with a Buzz icon on 
them... These are the bonus lives...
         In the game you'll encounter some other items like turbo boots or 
grappling hooks but I won't spoil on it right now... You'll have to read the 
walkthrough for that...^_^ 

¦ • In to the game                                                           ¦
¦ • Most important, the Controls                                             ¦

• Press X to jump. Press X again while in the air in order to jump higher 
(referred in this walkthrough as "Double-jump")...

• Press  to fire. Maintain the button pressed to fill a super charge depress 
the button to unleash it (Note: The super shot is MORE powerful than the 
normal shot...referred in the walkthrough as "Super-fire")...

• Press O for a spin attack. Maintain the button pressed to fill a super 
attack depress the button to unleash it (Of course this attack is MORE 
powerful than the normal one. Also you can push the switches by pressing O 
while jumping...)...

• Press L1 to bring out the first person view mode... You can now lock a 
target by pressing R1...

• At anytime you can press R1 to bring your status info on the screen...

¦ • Level One : Andy's House                                                 ¦

 Your first level acts like a "training level" so here you'll learn some of 
the basic moves...

     1... The first pizza planet token can be won from your first under-boss 
:Tin Robot...
         This boss is located just above t-Rex(the dinosaur).You can get there 
by climbing the plant to the right of Andy's room then jump on the table and 
then on the rope .Climb some boxes to reach him.
         This first under-boss is very easy, just run around him until he 
stops to wind up, and use this opportunity to fire him(super-fire if you 
want). After five or six hits he'll explode you'll then be given the choice to 
either continue or to go to the next level... You choose.

     2... Now go back to t-Rex. Get down the stairs... To your left there's a 
door, enter. Behind the car you'll encounter the buggy. Challenge him to a 
           The race shouldn't be too difficult: Just run, try to stay close to 
the car and avoid the bad toys... After three laps Bingo a Pizza planet token.

     3...In order to obtain the third pizza you'll have to help Mr. Potato 
find his ear. Finding Mr. potato ear is easy... Go to the living-room and on 
the sofa, there, press X and immediately after press O this way you'll jump 
across the room to a shelf. The ear is just underneath you...But be carefull: 
Don't fall...
           After giving the ear to Mr. Potato he'll let you use the protect 
shield. This protect shield allows you to cross the greeny thing. After 
crossing this thing you'll have to climb some boxes to gain some altitude... 
When you're high enough try jumping across the greeny thing on the shelf near 
Mr. potato... From there you should try to jump CAREFULLY on the two shelves 
above you... When you're on the final shelf you'll see some lamps .Jump from 
wire to wire (it shouldn't be too difficult if you use the double jump)in 
order to cross the room and arrive to a shelf with 3 boxes on it. Push those 
boxes in order to be able to jump from the small one to the big one and on the 
final shelf where awaits you a token...

      4... To obtain this token you'll have to find the five missing sheep's 
of Bo-Peep the shepherdess.
 The first one is in the cellar where you fought the Tin Robot, use the wood 
board to go up(you'll first have  to push a box).
 The second one is in the garage were you won the buggy just jump onto the 
shelves from the steps in order to reach the front of the car then to the neon 
lamp and again jump from the cord of the lamp to another shelf. You'll now 
have to follow the shelf and jump some bars in order to find this sheep(don't 
ask me how he got there...).
 To find the third sheep you'll have to go back to where Mr. Potato ear was 
then jump to a little table next to the wall and finally, after firing the bad 
toy, jump on the shelf to get it.
 The fourth sheep is located in the cave. You can get it by jumping from a 
high step or alternatively use the rope you encounter searching the fourth 
 The final sheep can be found in the kitchen. You'll have to push a box in 
order to get on the baby chair (difficult) then cross the kitchen range, go on 
the fridge and jump on a shelf there. Push the scale. Go down and jump on it 
to reach the final sheep.
           Now go see the Bo-Peep on the kitchen table and she'll give you the 

       5... By now you should have obtained fifty or more coins so go talk to 
Hamm(the piggy bank) in the living room, he'll give you your "final" token.                                                          

¦ Buzz Coins (3 extra lives):                                     ¦
¦1. Andy's room inside the baby's crib                            ¦
¦2. Shelf just below the lost sheep in the living room            ¦
¦3. sits on top of the florescent light next to the car in the    ¦
¦ garage                                                          ¦

¦ • Level Two : Andy's neighborhood                                          ¦

This level is fun(but sometimes ecnevristic...Enjoy it (or not) ...
 Well I replayed the level 'cause a cheat site said you can go to the roof... 
In fact their description was very vague... "Find all the army men, then climb 
the house to reach the top"... Really vague not ?... Well anyway I tried ALL 
the ways but didn't manage to get to the roof...
 Anyway trying to do that I passed in front of some clothes... Did you notice 
that there are 2 buzz T-shirts and a -cute- pink underwear... Well I just 
noticed that...^_^

        1...The first token in this level is relatively difficult to obtain so 
maybe you'll want to try another token and come back here later (anyway you'll 
have to come back here LATER 'cause you can't beat the buggy right now).
              So you really want to have it...? Ok..., first go where the 
buggy is... You'll notice a big tree. Near this tree there's a swing double 
jump on it then climb the wire. Here there's the piggy bank (if you have the 
fifty coins) but continue and climb the tree (careful though 'cause if you 
fall down now you'll have to do this all over again ...) until you find a wood 
board... Make this board swing so that you can run and jump to the branch 
easily... There kill the bad toy... VERY IMPORTANT : Jump on the little wire 
NOT on the branch... This is a shortcut that you'll surely need... You can now 
double jump on the little branch to arrive at a VERY DIFICULT point... Here, 
you'll need to jump or double jump on the tiny little wire in order to get to 
the other branch but a bad timing and you're back down(hopefully you've opened 
the shortcut to gain some time... At this point of the game I wanted to throw 
my controller to the TV... It's so difficult... And even if you managed to get 
across, the robot there will push you back down if you don't kill him quickly 
(It pushed me back down twice...) So, I really wish you good luck...
              So lets admit that you managed by any chance to cross the gap 
(lucky you ^_^), now continue to go up (carefully 'cause I don't think you 
want to do this again) you'll then have to fight your second under-boss the 
bad kite...
              The kite isn't that difficult BUT be careful he can throw you 
down (it happened to me )so just stay at the center of the wood board and fire 
at the kite using the L1 and R1 buttons...

         2... After obtaining this difficult token I went to the pool (go 
there by a hole at the left side of the buggy )where I find by chance a hidden 
token. So you want to know where eh... You surely have noticed a plastic duck 
by the pool... Pump it with the... Pump (press X then O) until the duck goes 
in the pool... Jump on the duck and press again X and O the duck will go in 
the pool and then jump out, at this moment double jump to get this relatively 
easy token...

         3... The third token I tried to get was the buggy token so I 
challenged him... And he won. I then talked to t-Rex and he said that I 
couldn't beat him right now and that I had to wait till I have the turbo 
boots. After obtaining them (level 7) defeating him was very easy just make 
sure that the bad red cars don't touch you and that you jump across the 
             Phoinix  told me there was a 
neat little trick to beat the buggy and the way he beat him the first go 
around is to just get ahead of him... He usually stays in the middle of the 
track and he'll stop if he runs into you... Just get the jump on him at the 
first and stick to the middle of the track... Watch out for that curve around 
the tree... He usually cuts to the inside there... Just don't let him miss and 
go around you... Its really easy that way! (I'm not convinced this way is easy 
but you can give it a try...)...

         4... This token can be obtained by finding all the little green 
 The first one is at the start of the level, see the holes in the ground...? 
The soldier will throw red things. Just jump on that hole and press O. With 
the last hole closed he'll surrender.
 The second one is on the swing.
 The third one is in the pool area. Jump on the chair near the hole by witch 
you entered then jump on the plant and go up. Jump on the fountain (kill the 
toy) then to another plant from where you have to jump to a small table (kill 
another toy again) then push the board in order to get to another plant (this 
acts like a shortcut in case you fall...). Then, jump to a fountain and on 
some bars. Finally jump to another plant where the soldier awaits at the top.
 The fourth soldier is more difficult to catch... Go through a hole in the 
tree area (behind the buggy to the left). You'll see a broken red car. Jump 
and press the two red buttons in order to lower the car then get on it from 
the front then to the roof and to the back of the car. You'll then have to 
jump then press O to cross the area and arrive on a washing machine where you 
got to push the board (shortcut)to get across... There you'll have to jump 
from cord to cord in order to land in the basket where the soldier awaits.
 The last one is on a branch of the tree after passing the piggy bank.
             Now that you've collected all of the soldiers go see the general 
at the start of the level on the stairs of Andy's friend.

           5... You should, after doing all that, have at least fifty coins so 
go see the piggy bank on the tree...

¦ Buzz coins (1 extra live)                                       ¦
¦                                                                 ¦
¦ 1.Located on top of the swing set near the large tree           ¦

¦ • Level Three : Bombs away                                                 ¦

 Hey, isn't Buzz hilarious when he say ... Be careful with that, it's 
dangerous... ^_^
 Aha your first boss. The programmers were kind with you on this boss 'cause 
this one is easy. Just change view with L1 and lock the plane with R1 then 
just wait until he comes close enough (you can charge the super fire 
meanwhile) and shoot at him. If you're lucky (like me) he will try to fire 
but, if you don't move, will miss you. You're free then to go up to the third 
 You can, if the plane hits you, go at the corners... There are 4 batteries 
there for you...

¦ • Level Four : Construction Yard                                           ¦

Wow boy this level is big and you can go very high...
     1... The first token is relatively easy to collect... Go from the start 
to the right ,you should find a green house... Go in... There you'll find the 
greeny thing like in the first level so DON'T touch it instead try jumping 
from gap to gap but be careful. So you need to go to the table so simply use 
the chair. You'll then have to climb a wire in order to get on the shelf... 
There, be careful, 'cause  you'll have to jump on the drawers that open and 
close randomly... Your target is the big desk so take it easy, try to take a 
good timing and it shouldn't take too much time... There a puzzle to solve 
awaits. "Easy" puzzle cause you just have to mix different colors so they mach 
with those on the wall...Good luck...

     2... Your second goal should be the slinky dog's challenge... He is 
waiting at the center of the construction yard, he'll ask you to find five 
wrenches. All five are on the gray thing so don't go down. Also the gray thing 
will slow you down if you walk normally so instead try to do some little 
jumps... This token shouldn't take too much time but remember that you'll have 
to go see the dog after finding the five wrenches in order for him to give you 
the token.

     3... After that I went for the under-boss... Not a big deal though but 
just trying to reach him will give you some major headaches... So lets go for 
him. First of all, you should try to find two switches that unlock a shortcut 
I'll tell you when there's one so that you don't waste time. Try to find the 
bulldozer (it should be near the house just in front of you at the start of 
the level). Just use the stairs at the back of it to climb on. There, enter 
the cockpit where you should find a switch... Press it... Then quickly jump on 
the other side, to the front and on the big swang (shouldn't be too 
difficult...). You should then be able to reach the construction but be 
careful no wrong movement here or you're down and ready to do this all over 
again... Ok so just follow the "line" you should do a "circle" and find the 
first switch shortcut, you should also have found Mr. Potato eye (how dumb can 
I get...??? Mr. potato's eye is on the third level of the construction just 
after three chains (thanks to SUNSHINE MCGINTY )) really 
sorry so just climb up to the third level and bring it back to Mr. P.(next to 
the house ) in order to get your disk launcher that will (really)help you (a 
lot) for this boss... Of course before that you should ACTIVATE the switch , 
that'll save you a lot of time just remember that there's something like a 
lift at this side of the yard. From here you should take a moving yellow block 
of cement...? (don't know really what it's called...)it should take you to the 
upper level where you should jump on another yellow thing and on the 
construction. There you should find another switch to create your second 
shortcut. Jump some others yellow things and you shouldn't 
be too far from the "under-boss".
         This one shouldn't be too difficult if you gave Mr.Potato his 
ear...Just run around (you should find batteries and a disk launcher at the 
corners), target(L1), lock(R1) and FIRE, really, he should be a piece of cake 
(if he don't throw you down).

      4... The fourth token I took was the worker token. You have to find five 
missing little tikes around this level. If you followed my way you should 
already have fond four:
  • In the house, just don't jump on the desk from the final drawer but jump 
more high (ehhh) and up the case he should be there...
  • In the bulldozer (really easy)
  • On the construction yard near Mr potato eye...(piece of cake)
  • On the top of the construction where you have to fight the under-boss, he 
is on one of the corners... (little bit more difficult).
  So only one should be missing... At the start of the level if you turn to 
your left you should see a brick you can push, so just push it, climb it and 
the tike should be there ...
  The boss worker awaits you near the house he'll give you your well deserved 

       5... The final token will be given to you if you have collected fifty 
or more coins. So go see the piggy bank near the final tike(see above).

           Hum you collected all the tokens right? And opened all three 
shortcuts right? Ok here is a "cool" bonus live for you thanks to "XXXX"(sorry 
lost your mail...E-mail me again and I'll credit you...-really sorry-)...
           Right go at the top of the big construction (where you fight the 
under-boss) and walk to where the tike was... Underneath you should be the 
bulldozer right? So juuuuuuuummmmmmppppp to the roof (don't miss it ...) and 
here is a bonus life for you...

¦ • Level Five : Alleys and Gullies                                          ¦

Be careful on this level... Here's where I got my first game over screen, so 
move slowly and kill anything that moves from some distance (see the end if 
you want a semi-trick on lives...).

   1... If you followed my walkthrough until, now the first token should be 
easy 'cause you got the D.L... Just walk right ahead until you arrive at a big 
trash can and that you can't go no further. Take a look around. You should 
find a box you can climb... A rope should be here somewhere from where you can 
go to the trash can. There is a hole on the wall there and you'll arrive in 
the market place with the piggy bank under an umbrella... Another box should 
be pushable there... You should now have access to the table so climb on it 
(very difficult I managed to do it only twice... Try jumping on the leg of the 
table weirdly it works better there) If you managed to get on the table you 
should be able to take the disk launcher (I suggest you stay a little bit on 
this table so you collect 30 of them(-max.-)and that you don't have to get up 
here again).
       Now go to the other box (near the airplanes) and jump on the table with 
the vegetables. You should then jump on the shelf and make it incline so that 
you can jump to the other shelf more easily .Now try to kill the 
monkeything.?.?.? With your new disk launcher then jump where he was. There, 
you should find a button to activate a fan so just do it. Now jump carefully 
on the table bellow...Carefully because if you fall down you'll have to push 
the box to the other side and try to jump on the table again (remember the 
disk launcher...?) ... Jmort  told me its easier to jump 
from the box to the balloon string (give it a try)... Once on the table you 
have to catch a balloon that will bring you to the token...
       Well you provided a lot of info on this level and here is another 
strategy from Jess Hildebrand  for getting this token...
 I have figured out another way to get the "hidden" token in the Allies and 
Gullies level. On the red and white striped things you DOUBLE jump on the one 
closest to the trash can where the token is "hidden", grab on and advance to 
the trash can where you can obtain that token. I happened to realize this 
shortcut before activating the fan and figuring out the balloon trick so I got 
a little confused as to what exactly the balloons were for so I would suggest 
using this shortcut for when you fall off of the umbrellas multiple times. I 
am hoping my shortcut will help out confused people on this level because 
personally I know how it feels.(Well Jess I hope so...-Samy-...)

    2... My second token, I got it when I got the grappling hook (level 10) 
Once you got the G.H you can go up and defeat the clown... It took me ages to 
go to the roof and I won't do it again so I can't spoil on how to get up there 
but can help you on how to defeat him...
        This under-boss wasn't that difficult when I found a way to kill him 
fast... First when you're on the ground you should fin a greeny thing that 
gives you the super fire without having to fill the super charge... THIS ITEM 
IS VITAL... When I found the clown I just kept pressing the  and he was dead 
in no time...

    3... After getting the G.H and defeated the clown I had exactly fifty 
coins so I went to the piggy bank and he gave me my token(easy one...)

    4... My fourth token took me the most of my time... First I recommend that 
you get the turbo boots (level seven) 'cause they really help a lot when you 
fall in the water...
        To get to the Slinky-dog you'll have to turn around and push some 
boxes in order to pass a hole on the wood wall. The dog awaits you at the 
center of the "pool" with the most difficult challenge in my opinion. You'll 
have to collect all five bones all around you without falling in the 
water(waste of time). My way was getting on a wood board that were coming and 
then take the two or three bones from one side by double-jumping and then do 
it to the other side but you'll fall in the water and run out of time so many 
times that you'll surely want to throw the controller at the T.V and then 
throw the T.V by the window... (don't try this at home).
         Eduardo Mercado  told me another way of 
getting this token...He found that you can jump and get the bone, then right 
after you've gotten the bone, try the double jump, and push the controller 
backwards, that way you will land on the platform. If done correctly and with 
the right timing it should be quite easy.(humm)

    5... Yes I found the fifth token (the ducks one) thanks to the readers 
(thanks a lot) and boy was it difficult... Here we go...
 • First duck : This one can be found in the market. At the end just jump in 
the water to collect it. There's is also a life in a gap in there...
 • Second duck : This one is more tricky... In the market jump on the 
vegetable shelf and on the other two shelfs. Now jump on the 
umbrella(underneath should be the piggy bank) and on the blind... It should be
The third and fourth ducks can be collected while trying to reach the under-
boss clown...
 • One should be behind some bars.
 • The other is on the gutter.
 • This last duck was the problem as I had no clues to where he was. He was 
very well hidden but I found him. See the challenge token...? Ok now jump IN 
the water with the turbo boots obtained (level 7) and reach them. Now use them 
to go to the upper right area, you can't miss it there are some coins there... 
collect the duck there and go see the mother in the alley...
         A lot of gamers E-mailed me to say they can't find the ducks on this 
level so I decided to add crys's  strategy on the ducks 
(thanks for the other strategies ...)...
1: duck is in the water past the saw horses... In the bottom of this pondis a 
free life
2: duck is on the far side of the water from slinky dog, get onto his platform 
and hop across or wait until you get the jet boots... The ducks behind the 
step on the far side.
3: duck is in the part of the alley that contains the umbrellas. You need to 
get onto the table by the balloons and jump to the umbrella across from it, 
then you get onto the immediate right awning, followed by jumping across to 
the second awning where you will find your third duck.
4: duck is in the alley where you use the grappling hook to get up to the 
clown boss. You will find him on the right side of the alley in a window with 
bars in it.
5: duck is in a rain gutter to the right of where you are headed up the 
building to get to the clown boss. Instead of going toward the left rain 
gutter, go toward the right one and get your lost duck first.
Good luck,

   Here is another method submitted by Adam in order to get these 
ducklings :

"I've found out how two get the ducks in Toy Story two in the level Alleys and
Gullies !
 The first is where slinkey is. You go past slinkey and you will find your
first one .
 The second one is at the pond where the markets is. He is floating
in the pond.
 The third one is where you use the hooks you get far up and there is
a cage looking thing as your sliding down a pole.
 In the market there is another one as you go in, walk to the pond. The first 
tree you see next to the pond with the umbrella where the coins are lined up in 
circle. Jump to the second tree and when you are there, you should see the 
watermelon stand with the sun type screen over it. Jump on the screen and 
there's another one, the last one is when you're climbing the lateres and 
swinging down the pool go to the highest point where there are two wires to 
slide down, the first wire go down right after the electricity, go down and you 
will see a pole. Climb up it and where you fight the clown the point right 
before you get to it by the slide across from it, is another slide. Get on it 
and walk. Don't jump!! Just walk and it's right there"

¦ Buzz Coins (3 extra lives)                                      ¦
¦                                                                 ¦
¦ 1.Sitting on top of a lily pad in the sewer section             ¦
¦ 2.Underwater in the pool of water at the end of alley oppposite ¦
¦ the watermelon cart (look for small opening in the wall)        ¦
¦ 3.On the way to the rooftop sitting on a window ledge           ¦

¦ • Level Six : Slime Time                                                   ¦

    Aha another boss for you... But this one is no peace of cake like the last 
one 'cause nothing and I mean NOTHING can hurt him... But after many game over 
screens I finally found his weak point... The developers where really naughty 
with this boss 'cause nothing seem to have effect on him, but it wouldn't be a 
game if a boss couldn't be beaten ehhh...? So the strategy here is simple just 
keep hamming square repeatedly (fire him with the standard laser) and you'll 
see him grow... Keep pressing the button until he's dead... (I hope you have 
plenty of lives, if not look at the end of the walkthrough...)Good luck...

  Grant  mailed me another way of getting pass the slime 
boss... Give it a try if you find it too tough :
   "There is an easy way to beat the boss : Standing one place and keep 
shooting your laser, but, when he fires his slimeball use your spin attack to 
deflect it while shooting your laser. Once the slime dude gets REALLY big, a 
green laser power-up will appear. Just hold down square to use the rapid 

¦ • Level Seven : Al's Toy Barn                                              ¦

 This level is also very fun and incredibly well designed (and the trampoline 
will really make you _jump_...)...

    1... Here, your priority is to find the five missing chicks. At the start 
of the level go straight ahead (past the trampoline...) and go talk to the egg 
at the end of the corridor... He has your two challenges... The way you solve 
these challenges is the same but your price will differ... In the first 
challenge you'll collect a chick (yippee) but in the second one you'll be 
given a token (hmmm...That's better).
        In order to get those prices you'll have to reach them under the given 
time... Piece of cake...? Not.
        So speak to the egg then jump backyard on the skate who will drive you 
up to the trampoline. You should be aligned with the case so just double jump 
on it. Now you think you have to jump on the trolley... Not... You can jump 
immediately on the shelf (it will save you a lot of time). Now jump on the 
other shelf and on the rope... You should have plenty of time remaining in the 
first challenge but should be there just on time in the second one so don't 
forget to jump from the rope on the token immediately...

     2... At the start of the level turn left in a corridor where basketballs 
fall. At the end of this corridor you'll find a box, climb on it and pass the 
bicycle wheels (carefully 'cause there're some balls that fall down here) to 
reach the rope and then pass again some wheels. Jump on the shelf to get your 
second chick. Now get on the skate and he'll bring you to the mother chick... 
There, you have to push a box and then jump on a shelf. Push the box down and 
on the other side of the corridor (kill the planes and the bad box first). 
Jump on another shelf to get the third one. Get in the ventilation 
shaft(carefully...)and back to the start.
          Now you have to find Mr. Potato's arm (thanks to jgann) its over at 
the counter in the slime (or whatever that stuff is). You have to jump from 
counter to counter to get it (or alternatively-thanks to 
Evan you can jump on the trampoline reach the zip 
line and jump on the counter when you're above ).  Mr. P. will unlock the 
turbo boots and you can now access the trolley at the end of the room. So now 
push the switch of the riding-horse and get on the counter QUICKLY. Use the 
boots to get to the trolley (jump from counter to counter). Then on the candy 
machines. Reach the moving horse in time and you'll be thrown to the chick 
          For the last chick you'll need the levitation boots (later on level 
13) to get on some boxes in the room near the challenge egg. You'll then need 
to jump on some moving boxes. Then on a pile of boxes. At the top of this pile 
is your missing chick...

       3... The boss (under)token. In the same room as before jump to where 
Hamm is. A ventilation shaft should be there somewhere it'll bring you to 
another room with the DINOSAUR. If you have collected the super fire at the 
start of the level this boss should be easy if not... Go get the super fire 
NOW... Just be careful 'cause this boss can throw fire...

       4... The fourth one was the coin token so go see the piggy bank on the 
table in the other room (near the egg challenge)if you got the fifty coins.

       5...In the same room is the hidden token so jump on the little table to 
collect the Disc Launcher and shoot all three locks. Jump then on the drawers 
and get the easy hidden token...

¦ • Level eight : Al's space land                                            ¦

This level is the most challenging... Enjoy... And the way the E.Ts say 
ooooooohhhhhhhhh is very funny...

    1... The first token will be quickly obtained. Just jump on the boxes near 
you then on the ropes so that you reach an area near the start(on one of the 
ropes you'll find the first of the five missing E.T s so collect him and go 
for the boss).
        This boss shouldn't be too tough either if you've got enough lives. My 
strategy was to fire and run so that I don't get hurt. It doesn't work too 
well though... So another strategy is to fire (don't worry if you lose lives 
if you have enough) until he explodes. After this boss I exited by mistake so 
I can't really tell you how to exit the area(there's surely a way though).

        "ayew"  told me the way out : "Easy.... To get out of 
there, you just look at those boxes you came from and there will be box stairs 

     2... My next token was the hidden one. So go in the room to your left 
where there's a lot of slot machines. Go at the end and you should find Hamm 
and a candy machine but instead of having candies, this machine has  a token. 
So jump on the chair(use the plastic goblet)to the top...
         The controls here are very simple just turn a little (face the glass 
thing) so you can see the crane from the side. Now if you push the button the 
crane will move horizontally and another push will move it vertically... So 
try to line up the crane with the token and bingo...
         Once you're here collect also the E.T in the glass thing by jumping 
on the coin-op (arcade) next to you and then back to the candy-machine. You 
should now be able to get inside the thing by a hole at the top... 

     3... My third token was the challenge one... To find the spaceship (you 
have to beat)just go straight ahead from the start and climb some boxes. 
Hopefully you'll reach him.
         The challenge wasn't really a challenge 'cause the (kind) programmers 
made marks on the ropes so that you jump the right time (really kind). So 
double jump each time you reach a different color at the rope.
         After getting this token double jump on a shelf to get your third ET.

     4... The fourth token was the E.T one. You should have three by now so 
only two are missing. At the start of the level go straight ahead (middle 
corridor) and jump on some boxes then jump on the wires to get to a shelf 
(some tennis balls will be thrown on you at this point but remember that 
patience is a virtue...). From here reach a shelf a bit higher. Now jump to 
the other side and then again on the other side. This is the tricky part 
'cause you'll have to jump down immediately after getting the cosmic shield. 
Then quickly cross all those laser beams until you reach some boxes. Climb to 
the top and use the rope to access a shelf. Use the other rope and jump on a 
pile of boxes to reach the fourth E.T. Jump from box to box to reach the final 
E.T. But, don't jump down 'cause the...

     5... Piggy bank wants some coins so use this opportunity to get the 
         And then go see the mother-spaceship (right corridor from the 
start)to collect your final token. 

¦ • Level nine : Toy barn encounter                                          ¦

 Another trophy for your "boss collection" : This toy seems to be the only 
boss against whom a strategy may work. So here was mine: All around the giant 
toy you'll see six little things. In order to kill this boss you'll have to 
kill each part separately and then kill him. In each little things there's one 
or two enemies you have to defeat either by firing or spinning .
 Nah this boss neither should be a problem to you if you're prepared...

¦ • Level ten : Elevator Hop                                                 ¦

This level should be passed fairly quickly as it does not provide any 
challenge (to me...).

  At the start of the level you can't obtain any token, you'll first have to 
find Mr. potato's ear... So go in the electrical room and jump from wire to 
wire to reach the other end of the room... There remember the piggy bank for 
the coin token... Turn the other side (face the room) and jump at the top of 
the right cases (careful, the electricity) until you reach the rope there you 
should find next to you on the other case the ear and the first of the five 
mice's... So now go see Mr. potato and he'll give you the useful grappling 

   1... After having the G.H you can climb, so... Climb... Until you reach a 
room with the mother mouse (pass t-Rex the dinosaur where there is the second 
mouse) there's a shortcut here so activate it. You have now to solve the wire 
puzzle(there's also a mouse on the roof -jump to get it-). This puzzle is 
easy, just have in mind that one button lower a wire and higher another wire 
(the color of which wire is represented on the switch by a colored arrow...) 
once the wire is reconnected you'll have access to the first token...

   2... After obtaining this token the elevator should be working, and your 
next goal should be to reach the top (jump from one elevator to the other). At 
the top you have three choices(three holes). The first choice I made was to go 
at the center hole(there's a mouse )and activate the shortcut. After that I 
went for the father mouse. He had a challenge for me: follow the token down 
the ventilation shaft. It's easy, just remember to jump when there's a gap...

   3... Then use your new shortcut to go back up and jump to the other side. 
The under boss is waiting... You don't have anything to do here but to 
continuously press  if you're lucky enough he wont even touch you(easy 

   4... My fourth token was the mouse one. If you followed my way through this 
level only one should be missing. And this mouse was really well hidden but we 
haven't visited one area... The area behind t-Rex the dinosaur so go there and 
on the second elevator. Wait there until the elevator goes up you should find 
the last mouse there.

   5... Now you should have fifty or more coins in your pocket so go see the 
piggy bank (electrical room).

¦ • Level Eleven : Al's Penthouse                                            ¦

Who's this "AL"? The fat man...? And why do we have to go to his penthouse (I 
can't see any naughty magazine in there...^_^) eh...?
This is by far the most ecnevristic level... Really... I recommend you stock 
plenty of lives before going through this one 'cause either way you'll be 
friendly with the game over screen... Also, stock plenty of controllers (to 
replace the ones you'll throw at the T.V or at the dog...).

    1... So lets go for the first token... The hidden one... Turn right at the 
corner then push the box to the right through the door. A big gun will throw 
you bombs regularly in this area so move constantly not to be an easy target. 
If you follow the line you should be able to push the box near a big train. 
Now jump on this train and on then on the railroads... Now basically push all 
the red buttons so that the little train stops at the dead end... Shouldn't be 
too difficult just experiment some combos and see the result.
        Now push the box that's at the end of the track so that you get at the 
top of the big train where, by pushing the red button, you'll destroy that 
ECNEVRISTIC canon and then collect the token...

    2... My second token was the "under-boss" one. I would recommend you to 
stock lives here also cause there's 2 other guns here for your nerves... 
Remember the box just before...? Now push it all the way back and into the 
other room. You'll have to climb and jump here to have access to a mini-area 
(far-west style) where you'll encounter your boss.
        This under-boss shouldn't even be called "under" by pressing  he 
should be down quite quickly if you stay close to him but I would recommend 
you to push the red button first to destroy the gun .

    3... The third one was the challenge token. Really challenging this one so 
I'll try to explain the way you have to obtain them. Speak to the horse at the 
start of the level and then immediately go to the left to get the first of 
five horseshoes. Then go in the living room and to the left near the fire. The 
next one is at the end of the room. Then, get on the sofa to get the fourth 
one; The last one is on the table near the sofa. Now quickly get to the horse 
and he'll give you the token (you should arrive there right on time with less  
that one second remaining).

    4... To obtain this token you have to find five critters in the house. You 
should have two by now. One from the train and the second from a shelf before 
fighting the under boss. So three more to go...
        Let's go for the most ecnevristic one. Go in the living room then on 
the sofa and on the table. Now follow the gate and hopefully, if the gun 
haven't thrown you down 'till now, you'll lend on the fire. Now jump on the 
table and climb on the wire. You'll be on a shelf (kill the bird). And now the 
ecnevristic part : You have to jump on some wires to reach the red button-and 
destroy the gun-(now here's where I destroyed my Dual-Shock left stick as it 
don't survived the throw on the wall...From now on I played with the standard 
D-pad until I buy a new one...). If you managed to do it jump across the (big) 
gap and hopefully you'll grip the ledge of the shelf and collect the third 
        This one is quite difficult to reach too. Hopefully you've collected 
the super fire(don't know where I got it...) so fire the lock in the living 
room (and the lock on the fridge in the kitchen for latter...) and get in the 
bathroom. In this area you'll have to fill the room with water to reach the 
critter. First push the switch ON the bath. Jump on the sponges to reach the 
faucet. Push the second switch and go back to the sponges. Now's the tricky 
part. You have to DOUBLE JUMP on the side of the shower door and GRIP(Crys 
 E-mailed me and said that you have to press X+O and not 
X+X for the double jump. As I can't quite remember how I got it, try it...). 
If you're talented(or just lucky)you'll manage to do it. Now push the switch 
to explode the gun and the other one so that the level of the water increase. 
Now jump CAREFULLY on the sponges, on the cupboard and finally to the final 
cupboard where the critter awaits.
       One more to go. Go back to the kitchen (and open the fridge with the 
super fire if you haven't done it before). Now jump in the fridge and (tricky) 
jump on the kitchen set. Now see the point just before reaching the scale...? 
Jump from there on the table (don't know what's this scale doing here...). Now 
jump on the fridge door and on the shelf (be careful the snake...) Now jump on 
the chain rope but be careful you have to jump immediately to the shelf 'cause 
this rope has no grip and you'll slide down to the ground lamentably...
       Now you've got those five critters jump on the table (from the shelf) 
and talk to the cow-bow girl.

    5... Now that you surely have collected your fifty coins so go see the 
piggy bank in the bathroom for your final token.

¦ • Level twelve : The evil emperor Zurg                                     ¦

 Zurg... Ok... Emperor... Maybe... But not Evil. He is SOOO easy to win that 
he should be an under-boss... In one of the first levels... I won't write much 
on him, the only advice I will give you here is that when he is near the 
ground to spin attack him... Really a piece of cake...

¦ • Level thirteen : Airport Infiltration                                    ¦

 Ok, now you're at three levels to the end of the game so don't bother taking 
all the tokens just collect the coin one and get up to the other level(...well 
it's just an advice)...

    1... The under-boss token. You must first find Mr. potato's mouth. The 
mouth is on the plane after jumping on the second wing just jump on the 
shelves... Mr. potato will give you the levitation boots. You can now have 
access to the boss at the top of this room (use the boots on the cases).
        Like all the other under bosses this one is fairly easy so just kill 
him quickly. Don't forget to take the passenger there ...

    2...The second one was the challenge token : Easy one...
Some of you gamers e-mailed me to ask how to obtain this token... Well I found 
it relatively easy but I'll spoil it to you though...
        First you have to reach the main room... There you should see a strong 
guy with a challenge for you... You have to find his five missing weighs...
                            *GENERAL TIP* 

        Here is a tip : When you talk to the man you think you can't control 
Buzz APARENTLY but the R2 and L2 buttons still work...
        So what you need to do here is to talk to the man and DON'T PRESS X 
until the camera fixes. Then, use the R2 or L2 buttons to align Buzz with the 
        1st weight : Just underneath the _moving-carpet_ where the snakes 
        2nd weight : Continue in the room and you should find this one near 
the pile of cases...
        3rd weight : Now go back to the central room and go ON the _moving-
carpet_(use the box)it should be there...
        4th weight : Now try to go to the other room (not on the _moving-
carpet_)and you should find it next to the door before you enter...
        5th weight : The last one is in the room you want to enter just in 
front of you...
        Even doing this very slowly you should have about 15-20 sec left to go 
see the man...
        (it was really an easy one)

    3... The third one was the coin token so collect the fifty coins and go 
see Hamm (At the start of the level on a machine : double jump to reach him). 
By jumping on the machines you should also find your second passenger.

    4... The hidden token. He is at the top of the plane in the room next to 
the challenge one...
        How to reach it...? Easy... You've collected the ear of Mr. potato 
right...? So go back there and jump on two _shelves_ and on the bar. Kill the 
snake (he don't react ...? Weird...?) and now, when the reactors don't turn 
on, jump on the wires. You should be at the top. Now use those levitation 
boots to reach it. Use also these boots to go down two levels... 
You should find a passenger...

     5... If you followed my way you should have three passengers... The other 
one I found was at the top of the challenge room.
First jump on a blue case and you should jump on another _moving-carpet_ . 
Jump again on a case to reach another _moving-carpet_ . Now climb a wire and 
then another wire. Oh now comes the ecnevristic part...
Climb on a wire then on a bar and on a rope (wow...) Alternatively there's the 
easy way... You've jump climbed a wire right...? Turn over and climb the top 
of the wire then on the lamp and on the _moving-carpet_ ... It should be 
         Check the top of the lower fan in the area with the big "rocket" 
thing to find the last tike(thanks to Fido ...)...

¦ • Level fourteen : Tarmac Trouble                                          ¦

   Now again take the coin token and go for the boss...

    1... My first token was the coin token so just run around the...Tarmac and 
kill/ collect coins... The piggy bank should be at one corner he's not that 
difficult to find...
    After obtaining the token I exited the level(wanted to finish the game)and 
find out that I had to collect 40 tokens to access the final level. So I came 
back here to collect my missing token...

     2... I can't really explain how I got this one. I went to where t-Rex was 
(truck) and then used the rope to go for the puzzle token. I first thought 
that the goal was to turn on all the lights. I pressed two buttons (can't 
remind witch ones) and all the lights turned off and got the token... duh... 
Good luck for this one...

     3... Steve Cavendishtold me where was the under-
boss in this section... You can get a token by defeating the boss at Section 
8. Climb up the pole in the center and jump out onto the plane. Jump across 
the middle to the other wing and wait it out until you can jump onto the 
section. Then it's just a matter of defeating him. Paul Heitman 
 said this boss was easy if you spin attack him so 
give it a try...
         Yeap spin attack is the key and I used only one life to defeat this 

     4... Steve Cavendish also told me there was the slinky challenge at the 
center of the tarmac, and that it was pratically impossible...
         Steve was right, the last challenge of the game is sure rude... It 
took me at least 10 tries to make it so don't give up...
You surely want a strategy for this token... Well DON'T GIVE UP is one advice 
as for the strategy... Well the R2,L2 hint sure helps to get a good start... 
Then just run at the start ('cause you will not loose time if you touch the 
greeny thing to restart) without stopping to take the turns smoothly and when 
you think you've done about 1/2 the path then walk and take good turns... Ok, 
I may have tried it 10 times but when I made it I had 16 seconds remaining... 
This proves I had a good strategy ^_^

     5...Paul Heitman < > Provided the last token 
info(thanks a lot)... The luggage token...
• First go into the middle (where slinky dog is) and climb the flagpole. Jump 
on to the wing of the plane and walk across the wing and then jump up onto the 
roof of the plane. There is a little green hopping luggage here.                                                              
• Jump of the roof of the plane to the other wing (the outside wing) and wait 
until the plane rotates to zone 6. There should be a green escalator thing. 
Jump onto it and hopping around on the escalator is a luggage.                                                            
• Jump off the plane and go to zone 1. Here there is a truck with Rex in it 
and if you jump on to the passenger area of the truck there is a luggage on 
the seat.                                                
• In zone 4 in the right hand corner is a luggage.                         
• Now climb the flagpole again, get on the plane and go to the outside wing. 
Once you reach zone 8 jump onto the roof to find the last luggage.

 Have you noticed that the tire mark of the airplane is "bad year" ?^_^

¦ Buzz Coins (1 extra live)                                         ¦
¦ 1. near missing luggage that is located on top of the green       ¦
¦ lugage vehicle near zone 6. Jump off the end of the green baggage ¦
¦ vehicle to earn it.                                               ¦

¦ • Level fifteen : Final showdown                          40 tokens needed ¦

 Here I would recommend you to continuously attack either with square or O and 
you should also try to collect lots of lives before... These three won't be 
too difficult so after beating them enjoy the almost thirty minutes of 
cinematics (or was it final fantasy 8...).
 Anyway, now you've finished the game so go to the movie viewer and enjoy the 
deserved movies you've collected...
 I collected all 50 tokens but nothing happened... No bonus movie, extra level 
or cheats unlocked... After that I thought I had to finish the game one more 
time... I went to the final level and it appears that the final level name has 
changed into "prospector showdown" (or not?).
 Anyway even with all the tokens nothing changed... Its a pity as the 
programmers should have added something... Well all this to tell you: Don't 
bother collecting all 50 tokens just take 40 and finish the game...^_^

¦ • End of walkthrough                                                       ¦

 Well here are all the tokens you can collect in the game so enjoy this 
walkthrough and E-mail if you need help anywhere...
 For a first walkthrough I think I've done a good job... Or not..?
E-mail me for any comment, suggestion and of course HELP...

¦ • FAQs                                                                     ¦

 Well here are some questions that you ask frequently or who can't enter in a 
level or generally in the game... Come see this section frequently as, I 
think, I'll update it frequently...

 • Is there any bonus stuff after beating the game ?

 Well I finished the game with 40 tokens and nothing happened (except the 
ending movie witch, I think, is well too short) and also beat the game with 
all 50 tokens (witch took me a LOT of time) and found that you earn... 
Nothing... Well maybe I'm too stupid to find what you earn OR you really earn 
nothing witch is a bad point for Disney and Activision who should normally 
have add something... Anyway if you have some info concerning this question 
drop an E-mail...

 • Are there any cheats for Toy Story 2 ?

 Well I tried to find some codes for T.S 2 I really tried hard but I can tell 
you that there are no cheats for this game... You've probably seen the ones at 
gamesages  but I can tell you that not even one work as I 
tried them myself... The only codes you can find for T.S 2 are the gameshark 
ones listed below...

 • How do I jump from wire to wire in level 10 ?

 Oh I see... This is a timing problem and once you got the right timing you'll 
find it easy... Well the key here is to do the double jump late, when you're 
just in front, below or close to the wire... And don't forget to double jump 
from the last wire to grab the ledge...

 • How do I defeat Zurg ?

 Man this a very easy boss... Try to get away from him and when he's on the 
ground spin-attack him...

 • How do I jump on the elevator cables in level 10 ?

 This is easy when you got the trick... Normally when one elevator goes up, 
the other one goes down -normally 'cause they can go up or down together 
sometimes- Well the key is to jump on the one that goes up and then when you 
feel it will stop jump to the other one that will now stop going down and 
start going up... Don't miss your timing though 'cause you'll got to do it all 
over again... Oh and once you're at the top unlock the shortcut... It'll save 
you a lot of time...

 • What are the green lasers and where can I find one ?

 Well green lasers allow enemies to be killed in one shot. You can find one at 
the following locations...:
  Andy's house : When you go to the garage go at the top of the car (see 
walkthrough)you'll see one there...
  Andy's neighborhood : Go to where the broken car is... It's at your right 
when you enter the area...
  Alleys and gullies : At your left when you start the level...
  Al's penthouse : Somewhere at the start of the level... Or near the under-
boss... Er, well there's one in this level... Can't manage to figure out 
where... HELP...
  Well I won't replay the game just to find these lasers so any info on these 
will be welcome... 

 • What are those blue boxes lying around the levels ?

 Well those are the bonus items (or special items... Call them whatever you 
want)... You'll ALWAYS find one next to Mr. Potato and that is because HE is 
the one that can unlock them... Read the walkthrough if you want to know 
how... Oh and Mr. P. is on the levels : 1, 4 ,7, 10 and 13...

 • How many levels are there in the game ?

 As far as I know, there are 15 levels in the game and maybe one more... I 
don't really know if it's right but a rumor says that after beating the game 
at 100% you award a 2 player game... For this 2 player they need a level at 
least right? Well don't know... If you have any info on this please E-mail 

 • Where is the cave in Andy's house ?

 The cave is relatively easy to get hold on. First you have to go down some 
stairs right from Andy's room... Go right and past the living room... You 
should notice an opened door to your right... This is, in fact, just below the 
stairs you just got down...

 • How many tokens are there in the game ?

 In each level there are five of them... As there is a total of 15 levels but 
5 bosses, 10 x 5 = 50 ... These should keep you pasted on your PlayStation for 
a loooooong time... If not, aim for Spyro 2... Oh, BTW, I made a walkthrough 
for this wonderful game ( advert! ^_^)...

 • You're very handsome you know...? ... Er ... That's not a question I 

 Well that's all for now and keep on sending...

¦ • Semi Trick                                                               ¦

 You can't call this a trick but it might be of some help (it helped me). So 
let's imagine that (like me) you run out of lives in the middle of the game... 
What do you do...? The lives are way too difficult to obtain now so I thought 
that if I went back to the first level and picked up the two (easy lives) and 
then pressed exit I would have two extra lives, so I tried it and ... It 
worked fairly well thanks ...
 So where are the two lives you ask me...? Well the first one is in the baby 
bed (in the same room you start in), you have to get on the chair then on the 
table from where you should jump on the bookcase under the window then push 
the board and double jump on the bed then double jump on the small table then 
on the drawer then on the top, then on the wire, then (if you want there's a 
battery )on the rope and down the baby bed (it wasn't difficult was it...?). 
To exit the bed just shoot the two things on either side of it.
 Where's the second life I hear...? Well get down the stairs and on the sofa 
jump to where Mr. potato's ear was and then jump on the bookcase and on the 
 Steve cavendish told me there was one more life in the garage, too. When you 
jump from the car to the hanging light, there's one if you climb up the pole. 
 After getting those lives just press start then exit and save ...

           2nd semi-trick :
        Now here is a second semi trick found at
What you need is the cosmic shield (level one ) and to reach the level 11(Al's 
penthouse). Ok now enter the level and take the shield at the start of the 
level... Run to the fireplace and take the bonus live... Now exit and re-enter 
the level as many times as you want...

¦ • CHEATS ! ! !                                                             ¦

   At least, some kind gamers submitted cheats that actually WORK... At least 
they say... So just try them out untill I get some time to try them too...

   First,"RAAMY SAYED"  submitted this cheat : " To 
unlock all levels press on the option screen ;Right, Left, Circle and Triangle(2 
times). Note that this code don't open all levels"

   This is another cheat submitted by : When you go to the 
first level you can go to the basement and stand in the slime until you die but 
before you start to fall(when you die you fall on your back) you can exit the 
level and reenter it and you will be invinceble .It will stay with you until you 
get a battery , so don't get a battery .

¦ • Gameshark Codes Anyone ?                                                 ¦

 All this codes where obtained by the official GAMESHARK CODES CREATOR CLUB... 
Go see them at : (maybe there're some new ones).
 NOTE: You will need a gameshark or a Pro Action Replay compatible device 
connected to the back of your Playstation .
 WARNING: Use these codes at your own risk. I am not liable for anything that 
happens to your console or game.

1 Infinite Health                                800B221E 000E
2 Have 99 Coins                                  800B2226 0063
3 Super Blaster                                  800A11F0 0040
4 Rapid Blaster                                  800A15E0 04C0
5 Infinite Cosmic Shield                         800B2220 0287
6 Infinite Lives                                 800B2222 0009
                                                 800B21C8 0009
7 Invincible                                     800B221C 002A

I haven't tried these codes myself so I can't tell you if they work...

I also found these codes at :

1 Have all Pizzas                                800C161A 1F1F
2 Planet Tokens                                  800C161A 1F1F
                                                 800C161C 1F1F
                                                 800C161E 1F1F
                                                 800C1620 1F1F
                                                 800C1622 1F1F
                                                 800C1624 1F1F

   Below are some Datel codes found at :

Have 99 Coins                                    800B22B4 0063
Moon Jump(Keep pressing X)                       800B22B4 0002
Infinite Lives                                   800B22C2 0005
Infinite Health                                  800B22BE 000E
Always have Super Charge Laser                   800A1290 0064
Always have Super Spin Attack                    800A143C 0060

   That's all... Again, I haven't tried them myself but trust Datel for 
testing every single code they publish...

¦ • Toy Story Trivia                                                         ¦

 Well ok it's not on Toy Story TWO but eh its an interesting part 
nonetheless(if you have any T.S 2 info E-mail me...)...

  • Characters........................................................76
  • Objects (including characters)...................................366
  • Lines of code describing the objects.....................4.5 million
  • Hairs on Andy's head..........................................12,384
  • Hairs on Sid's head...........................................15,977
  • Animation controls on Sids backpack..............................128
  • Storyboard drawings...........................................25,000
  • Numbers of people at Pixar working on the film...................110
  • Number of animators...............................................28
  • Number of technical directors.....................................30
  • Leaves on a typical tree in Andy's neighborhood...............10,000
  • Trees on Andy's block...........................................100+
  • Leaves on Andy's block...................................1.2 million
  • Number of basic arithmetic operations per pixel..............500,000
  • Painted texture maps...........................................2000+
  • RenderMan Shaders...............................................1300
  • Most complex shaders................................human skin  with as 
many as 10 separate texture maps applied to each patch of skin to control such 
detail as freckles, blushing, facial hair, oil, and wrinkles.
  • Amount of RenderMan data files to be sent through the renderer....34 
  • Total storage for final frames...........................over 500 Gb
  • Resolution per frame...............................1526 x 922 pixels
  • Number of minutes...........................................about 75 
  • Number of Sparc 20's in Render Farm..............................117 
  • Amount of time to render Toy Story 2 using a single Sun processor...43 
years of continuous use.

¦ • Quotes                                                                   ¦

   NO relation with Toy Story 2, but I just had to put these statements 
somewhere... Be indulgent...

            "Normal's what everyone else is that you're not."
 --Soran, Star Trek Generations
J.M. Steadman              (Teyunde Sakurambo)     
 "The Future will not remember. 
  The Past won't forget."

Taken from Lene MARLIN V.C "Unforgivable Sinner"
 "Hate is the week's angry"

A.Daudet (1873)

¦ • Revision History                                                         ¦

  Version 0.1 27/12/1999: Initial release of the walkthrough...

  Version 0.2 6/01/2000: 
-Found all the ducks in level five thanks to the readers...
-Found the hidden token in level thirteen and four of the five missing 
passengers(I would need some help for the final one...)...                            
-Fixed the Hamm/ t-Rex name mistake (oops) thanks to and
-Added the hidden token on level 13 and some passengers on the same level...
-Added a more wanted code section found at: GameSages ...

  Version 0.3 8/01/2000: 
-Found out what you had to find for Mr. P. in level five...
-Added the under boss token in level 14 thanks to some kind gamers(see "Thanks 
-I removed the codes section found at as I tried them myself 
and found at that they didn't work (if you know some E-mail me...) ...

  Version 0.4 10/01/2000:
-Found the Slinky challenge in level 14 and the last tike in level 13 thanks 
to Steve Cavendish ...
-Steve also told me where to find an extra live in level one(semi-trick)...
-Added some gameshark codes found at ...
-Added some little info here and there thanks to the gamers...

  Version 0.5 12/01/2000:
-How dumb can I get? The eye in the 4th level was on the third level and NOT 
on the first one... I'm really sorry for this dumb mistake...
-Some minor corrections...
-Added an ACSII art at the top (don't know if it'll show up...)...

  Version 0.6 14/01/2000:
-The ASCII art didn't show so I made a standard Title at the top...
-Played a lot today so here are the updates :
-Found an extra live at the top of the bulldozer in the "construction yard" 
-Added some details on how to obtain the challenge token in level 13...
-The last token of the game is on this version... Expect 1 or 2 more updates 
(when I'll collect my 3 last tokens)... I'm actually working on a Gran Turismo 
2 FAQ with a friend so any info on this game will be welcome too...^_^

  Version 0.7 17/01/2000:
 I bought a new pad(see level 10:why)and I think this is one of the final 
updates for T.S.2 as I completed the game at 100% and all 50 tokens are listed 
here. The only updates I may do is in the gameshark codes or the tricks 
section... Of course if you have any question, comment, criticism or if I'm 
not clear on a particular level E-mail me and I'll fix it... Bye...
-Added a 2nd semi trick found at ...
-Added my strategy for the slinky challenge in level 14...
-Added a "general advice" section at the top as some gamers didn't know some 
"basic knowledge" on this game (as how to exit levels...)...
-Added another strategy as how to obtain Mr. P. arm in level 7...
-Added the locations of buzz coins in some levels thanks to
-Fixed some minor errors thanks to Derrick  ...

  Version 0.8 19/01/2000:
 Well I'm working on a T.S 2 page so I searched for some info on T.S 2 on the 
net and found a T.S trivia got at the unofficial T.S site also if you have 
photos or some stuffs related to T.S 2 E-mail them to me and I'll credit 
-Added Jess's strategy to obtain the hidden token in level 5...
-Added a FAQ section so if you have trouble somewhere just look at this 
section and you'll probably find your response... Oh and of course if you 
don't find it just drop an E-mail...

  Version 0.9 02/02/2000:
 Well I think that my walkthrough is now complete...
-Fixed some minor errors...
-Added some questions in the FAQ section...

  Version 1.0 08/02/2000:
 I've just finished another walkthrough (on the Amerzone, a marvelous game) 
and I've decided to add some more info on my first walkthrough...
-Added a "Story" section thanks to "The Ruzz" (see "thanks to")...
-Added a "Cast" section thanks to "The Ruzz" too...
-Fixed some minor errors (again)...

  Version 1.1 19/02/2000:
-Faq section updated...
-Added a "About the author" section...

  Version 1.2 25/02/2000:
-Added another strategy for beating the slime boss ( level six ) thanks to 
Grant < >...
-Added a Datel codes section (European gameshark codes) found at
-Added some FAQs under the FAQ section...

 Version 1.3 14/03/2000 :
-MAJOR UPDATE. Fixed ALL Grammar errors.
-Changed format |        |'s . Mail me your comments on it.
-Added a quotes section. Just wanted to put one. No critiscism allowed (lol)...

 Version 1.4 17/06/2000 :
There was no urgent need of update, that's why this one comes up 3 months after 
the last one... As I was on vacation, I've done this update with all the help 
YOU, gamers, provided me.
-Added a new duckling strategy…
-Added a CHEAT section... Haven't been able to test them though...
-Added the way out of the under-boss in level 8...
And finally fixed some minor errors... I now know that there is an html italian 
version of my FAQ somewhere online but not exactly where... An english html is 
on the run for my personal web site but is not online. I'll just put in 
someday... As I'm holiday, I'll take some time to go to the seaside... Hope I'll 
be back soon with some other walkthroughs...

------------------------------- Thanks to--------------------------

I would really like to thank all my contributors for their Toy Story 2 info... 
Thanks again! And keep sending...

Thanks for allowing me to publish my walkthrough...
Thanks idragon  for the disclaimer section and this 
Thanks jeffrey Gann(~*Erica*~)
      ,arthe Toy Story 2 fan(like me...) and for the ducks in level five...
Thanks also jeffrey Gann (~*Erica*~) for the help in level 7...             
Thanks Steve Cavendish  for all his help...
Thanks to Alan Wang for the level 13 help...
Thanks Gianfranco Galagar  for the tikes and 
the hidden token in level 13...
Thanks Thunder2 for submitting the gameshark codes... 
Thanks to Dim < > for the idea (of writing a   
Thanks for the gameshark codes...
Thanks for the codes and hints section...
Thanks "The Ruzz" < > for "The Story" and "The Cast" sections
And of course thanks to everyone for reading my walkthrough...

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Hey Dim my first walkthrough(without a 500MHz ^_^)...

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