Murder on the Mississippi (e)


Solved by Oistein Ihle, sent by Mr 2703, typed by Martin Brunner 

The first task involves identification of the body at Nr 4. To do this, go 
into cabin 4, then up to the captain and ask him to follow you. Take him into 
cabin 4, and after he has told you what he knows, go out of the cabin, still 
with the captain following you. Try to open a cabin you know is closed (nr1 
for example). This action gets the captain to say "I'll ask Henry to open the 
door for you" or something like that. After the captain has said this, Henry 
will when he is following you. All closed cabins can be opened in this 
fashion. This rigmarole is necessary to open the doors (and getting the 
clues) to cabins 1 and 16. To use the list, just go into the room listed and 
inspect, but before you inspect always ask the passenger about the victim. 
This makes them aware of the situation (you wouldn't be able to inspect the 
cabin if you didn't). 

For example, go to cabin 20, ask Twylla about the victim, then inspect her 
cabin. You will find a rosewood box. Right, here's a list of where clues are 
to be found: Rosewood Box: Cabin 20 Colt Pistol: Cabin 15 Cleaning Cotton: 
Cabin 27 Key to Box: Cabin 1 (left near the pillow of the bed) Bullet: Cabin 
16 To get cabin 1 and 16 open ask Henry to follow you, then try to open the 
cabin. Henry will open it for you. In room 16 a knife comes against you when 
you open the door. To avoid it, pull the joystick backwards as you enter. 
This should help, but save the game before entering rooms 1 or 16, just in 
case. In these rooms the roof may fall down, although it becomes apparent if 
this is going to happen when you open the door. If you see something dropping 
from the top edge of the door, when entering it pull joystick backward to go 
out of door, then try again. If you do not, you die and are forced to start 
it all over again! The floor is occasionally weak in cabin 1, so to avoid 
falling through the floor. Go near the wall until you are in front of the 
bed. Now inspect the picture, where the key is hidden. Drop as many clues as 
you can in the steamer trunk, Regis' pockets only take between six and eight 

Go to cabin 3, inspect and put key and box on table. It opens, so examine 
box, and examine it again (it has a false bottom). In the box there's a 
Derringer and a newspaper clipping. Stand outside on the deck between cabins 
4 and 6, inspect and you see something that you can't reach dangling in the 
railing. After you have done this, you must go down to the engine room where 
Regis sees a gaff. Getting the gaff is a little tricky, and involves 
inspecting twice in the engine room. First Henry allows you to search his 
cabin. Inspect for the second time, and Regis sees the gaff, and is able to 
take it. After getting the gaff, inspect between cabins 4 and 6 again. This 
time you're able to reach the dangling thing, which turns out to be a weapon 
stock with chain. Now the going begins to get tricky. Get all the new and old 
clues and go to cabin 3. Inspect, then examine the table: the colt and 
bullet, the Derringer and bullet and finally the Derringer and weapon stock. 
Now the obvious clues have been solved, but more are needed. Go to Godwin 
(cabin 12) and ask about Henry. No notes needed are needed here. Go to Mdm 
Des Plaines (cabin 23) and ask about Captain Overbight. Note this down "I 
gave him my jewels to keep in save". After you've done that, ask about Henry, 
(take no notes) and go up to Captain Overbight and share the "jewels" note 
with him. He opens the safe. Inspect the safe and take the ticket. 

Go to Mr Humphrey (cabin 15) and ask him about Mdm Les Plains and Henry. No 
notes are needed, so don't take 'em. Go to the Judge (cabin 9) and ask about 
Henry. Note this down "He wouldn't tell me where next stop was". Go to Ms 
Smallworth and ask her about Henry. No notes are needed. Share this note with 
Henry, (Engine Room). He will answer (and please note this down) "He kept on 
asking me about the stops". Ask Henry about Ms Smallworth. No notes are 
needed. Share this note with the Captain (at the Wheelhouse). He answers (and 
note this down) "Pree said she wanted to mail a letter". Share this note with 
Daisy Du Pree (cabin 8). She tells you that the letter is in the dresser. 
Inspect the dresser, get the letter and go to cabin 3 to inspect and examine 
it, and out comes a mining certificate. Go to Mr Humphrey (cabin 15) and ask 
him about Mdm Les Plains. Note this down: "I'm fond of her unusual perfume". 
Share this note with Mdm Les Plains (cabin 23) and she answers (and not this 
down) "He liked that cologne Twylla loaned me". Share this not with Ms 
Smallworth (cabin 20). She answers, "I returned cologne to Daisy Du Pree". 
Note this down and ask Ms Smallworth about Henry. No notes are needed. Share 
this note with Daisy Du Pree (cabin 8) and she tells you that she has put the 
cologne in her dresser. Inspect her dresser, and get the bottle of cologne. 
Now go to cabin 3, inspect and then examine the cologne and cotton. Go down 
to Henry and ask him about Ms Smallworth. The go to Ms Smallworth again and 
ask her about Henry. If you now go to Henry and ask him about Ms Smallworth 
again, he calls her Ms Gold... So a connection between Mr Golden (see 
Newspaper Clipping) who committed suicide and Ms Smallworth, who perhaps is 
his daughter becomes apparent? No notes are needed here. Accuse Ms Smallworth 
(cabin 20) and take her to the saloon (cabin 24) and the complete explanation 
is displayed, for your delectation.