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Baldur's Gate - Die Legenden der Schwertküste (e)

                                     <>                __ ,
_-_ _,,         ,,  |\                )              ,-| ~           ,
   -/  )    _   ||   \\                             ('||/__,   _    ||
  ~||_<    < \, ||  / \\ \\ \\ ,._-_    _-_,       (( |||  |  < \, =||=  _-_
   || \\   /-|| || || || || ||  ||     ||_.        (( |||==|  /-||  ||  || \\
   ,/--|| (( || || || || || ||  ||      ~ ||        ( / |  , (( ||  ||  ||/
  _--_-'   \/\\ \\  \\/  \\/\\  \\,    ,-_-          -____/   \/\\  \\, \\,/
                                    _     _/
   ___                     ---===  (/ /) (/  ===---
  -   ---___-       ,,                           /\         ,  ,,
     (' ||      _   ||                          ||         ||  ||
    ((  ||     < \, ||  _-_   _-_,        /'\\ =||=       =||= ||/\\  _-_
   ((   ||     /-|| || || \\ ||_.        || ||  ||         ||  || || || \\
    (( //     (( || || ||/    ~ ||       || ||  ||         ||  || || ||/
      -____-   \/\\ \\ \\,/  ,-_-        \\,/   \\,        \\, \\ |/ \\,/
      -_-/                      |\          ,- _~.                     ,
     (_ /   ;                    \\        (' /|           _          ||
    (_ --_  \\/\/\  /'\\ ,._-_  / \\      ((  ||    /'\\  < \,  _-_, =||=
      --_ ) || | | || ||  ||   || ||      ((  ||   || ||  /-|| ||_.   ||
     _/  )) || | | || ||  ||   || ||       ( / |   || || (( ||  ~ ||  ||
    (_-_-   \\/\\/ \\,/   \\,   \\/         -____- \\,/   \/\\ ,-_-   \\,

Baldur's Gate & The Tales of the Sword Coast
The Complete Guide
ver 0.2 (8-18-99)

by Dan Simpson (, ICQ: 185116)

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The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at:

This is a preliminary release, which means that I am not finished yet.  Why
release this FAQ early then?  Because if I don't, I might not ever finish it!
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  i.   Introduction
  ii.  The Sword Coast
  iii. Items
  iv.  Spells
  v.   NPC's
  vi.  General Strategies


  1.   Candlekeep
       a.  The Crossroads
  2.   Friendly Arm Inn
       a.  Area North of Friendly Arm Inn
  3.   Beregost
  4.   Nashkel
  5.   Nashkel Mines

  Tales of the Sword Coast

  X.   Durlag's Tower


  A.   Monsters & Monster Strategies
  B.   The Gods of the Realm
  C.   Utilities & Editors
  D.   Cheats
  E.   Online Resources

i. Introduction

Strange things are happening in the Sword Coast.  The iron has gone bad, every
weapon forged with it is completely worthless.  Bandits plague the Coast 
stealing everything else that already isn't ruined.  And people are muttering
that it is all the work of an outside interest bent on domination.

Baldur's Gate is the latest in a long string of games set in the Forgotten
Realms.  The game uses (for the most part) the AD&D rules to set the gameplay.
It also endeavors to create the sense that you are on an AD&D quest yourself,
and not just playing the game, but rather are in the game.

ii. The Sword Coast

-- to be filled in later --

iii. Items

Note: Prices are all based on an average reputation, where they neither give you
      the "Hero's Discount" or the "Villain's Markup".

  Shops (a * indicates that this item is only found in the Expansion Pack)
  - Candlekeep Inn -- Buys/sells, Drinks, Rest
      Battle Axe            5gp         Quarter Staff           1gp
      Throwing Axe (5)      5           Bastard Sword          28
      Club                  1           Long Sword             16
      Flail                16           Short Sword            11
      Mace                  8           2-Hnd Sword            56
      Morningstar          11           Scimitar*              61
      Composite Long Bow  112           Bullet (20)             1
      Long Bow             84           Heavy Crossbow         56
      Short Bow            33           Light Crossbow         39
      Dagger                2           Bolt (20)               1
      Throwing Dagger (5)   5           Arrows (20)             1
      Darts (10)            1           Chain Mail             84
      Halberd              11           Splint Mail            89
      War Hammer            2           Leather Armor           5
      Sling                 1           Studded Leather        22
      Spear                 1           Small Shield            3
      Buckler               1           Medium Shield           7
      Large Shield         11           Helmet                  1
  - Temple of Oghma -- Cures, Donations, Buys/Sells, Identifies
      Cure Light Wounds    50gp         Cure Serious Wounds   100gp
      Dispel Magic        200           Slow Poison           150
      Remove Curse        500           Raise Dead          10000
      Potion of Healing    84gp         Antidote              112gp
      Elixer of Health    560           Stone to Flesh Scroll 168

  Friendly Arm Inn:
  - Innkeeper -- Buys/sells, Drinks, Rest
      Battle Axe            6gp         Long Sword             19gp
      Throwing Axe (5)      6           Short Sword            12
      Club                  1           2-Hnd Sword            63
      Flail                19           Heavy Crossbow         63
      Mace                 10           Light Crossbow         44
      Morningstar          12           Arrows (20)             1
      Composite Long Bow  127           Bolts (20)              1
      Long Bow             95           Bullet (20)             1
      Short Bow            38           Chain Mail             95
      Dagger                2           Splint Mail           101
      Dart (10)             1           Leather Armor           6
      Halberd              12           Plate Mail            762
      War Hammer            2           Small Shield            6
      Sling                 1           Medium Shield           8
      Spear                 1           Large Shield + 1     2540
      Quarter Staff         1           History/Fateful Coin    2
      Bastard Sword        31           History/Unicorn Run     2
  - Temple of Wisdom -- Cures, Donations, Buys/Sells, Identifies
      Cure Light Wounds    50gp         Cure Serious Wounds   100gp
      Dispel Magic        200           Slow Poison           150
      Remove Curse        500           Raise Dead           2000
      Potion of Healing    84gp         Antidote              112gp
      .. of Genius        336           Elixer of Health      280
      .. of Mind Focusing 560           Stone to Flesh Scroll 168
      .. of Insight       336

  Wands last for 20 uses, and then fizzle away.  Although no way exists to
  directly check how many charges are left in a wand, you can try to sell it at
  a shop.  The more the shopkeeper will pay, the more charges you have left.

  Jewels, Gems, and Other Valuables
  Gems:          selling price
  Andar            15gp
  Bloodstone       25
  Diamond         500
  Fire Agate        5
  Garnet          175
  Iol              20
  Jaspar           17
  Lynx Eye          7
  Moonbar         187
  Moonstone        25
  Shandon          45
  Skydrop          20
  Sphene          112
  Star Diopside    47
  Sunstone         12
  Tchazar          17
  Water Opal      175
  Waterstar        40
  Ziose            30
  Zircon           45

  Agni Mani        20gp
  Bluestone        15
  Gold             30
  Laeral's Tear  3000
  Pearl           500
  Rainbow Obsidian 25
  Silver            5
  Studded w/Zios   75
  Tiger Cowrie     27

  Angel Skin       50gp
  Bloodstone       30
  Fire Opal       250
  Gold             20
  Greenstone        5
  Jade             40
  Silver            2

  Misc Items

  Wyvern Heads -- give the first to XXXX (priest at temple) for 2000 gp, then
    sell any others to XXXX (mage at high hedge, or elsewhere) for 500 gp each.
  Winter Wolf Pelts -- sell these in the shop in Nashkal for 500gp each, no
    limit to how many you can sell.

iv. Spells

v. NPC's
Unless it is otherwise mentioned, any NPC you say "no" to (or remove later) will
stay put wherever you put them.  To see the X,Y coordinate of where you are,
press "L".  The top left of any map is x 0 y 0.
Note: If you turn both Khalid and Jaheira down in the FAI, you can't get them.

Pairs: (can't have one without the other)
  Khalid - Jaheira
  Xzar - Montanon
  Minsc - ?
  Note: To get one of these in the pair without the other, simply send the other
        person into a building (the person you want to get rid of), and then
        reform the party to kick them out.  This way they can't come up to you
        and talk to you.

Good:        S  D  C  I  W  Ch       Race        Class           Alignment
  Ajantis    17 13 16 12 13 17      Human       Paladin         Lawful Good
    Ajantis is a simple person, all he wants to do is vanquish evil.
    Where he is:  Farm N of Friendly Arm Inn-- x 1572 y 3139
  Yeslick    15 12 17 7  16 10      Dwarf      Fighter/Cleric   Lawful Good
    You find Yeslick in the Cloakwood Mines, and all he wants to do is help.
    How noble.
    Where he is:  Cloakwood Mines, Level 2--x 851 y 1727
  Imoen      9  18 16 17 11 16      Human        Thief         Neutral Good
    Imoen automatically will join you immediately after Gorion's death.  Unless
    you run away, that is.  Sometimes she comes with a Wand of Magic Missiles,
    now who did she steal that from?
  Khalid     15 16 17 12 10 9      Half-Elf      Fighter       Neutral Good
    See Jaheira below for a description.
    Where he is:  Friendly Arm Inn, Ground Floor--x 329 y 685
  Coran      14 20 12 14 9  16     Half-Elf    Fighter/Thief   Chaotic Good
    Coran wants to go sack some Wyverns in the 4th Cloakwood forest, so do that
    immediately or he will leave.  After you beat the wyverns, he will stay
    Where he is:  Cloakwood 1--x 1515 y 691 (on a bridge)

Neutral:     S  D  C  I  W  Ch       Race        Class           Alignment
  Faldorn    12 15 11 10 16 15      Human        Druid         True Neutral
    Faldorn wants to free the forest from the evils of the Iron Throne, which
    has taken up residence in the Cloakwood Mine.
    Where she is:  Cloakwood 3--x 639 y 2885 (in the druid shrine)
  Jaheira    15 14 17 10 14 15    Half-Elf   Fighter/Druid     True Neutral
    Jaheira and Khalid were good friends of Gorion, and will go with you every-
    where.  However, if you say "No" to them the first time they want to join,
    you won't be able to get them.  Ever.
    Where she is:  Friendly Arm Inn, Ground Floor--x 329 y 685
  Garrick    14 16 9  13 14 15      Human         Bard        Chaotic Neutral
    Garrick will join you only after you finish the Silke subquest in Beregost.
    Where he is:  Beregost (by the Burning Wizard Inn)--x 2564 y 2284
  Quayle     8  15 11 17 10 6       Gnome  Cleric/Illusionist Chaotic Neutral
    Quayle is an insulting little person, who will join up for no apparant
    reason.  No matter which direction you say that you are going, he is going
    that way too.  Can't get him until the Cloakwood mines are clear.
    Where he is:  Baldur's Gate Bridge--x 486 y 797
  Safana     13 17 12 16 9  17      Human        Thief        Chaotic Neutral
    Safana wants to find some treasure in the Flesh Golem cave, and afterwords
    she will stay with you forever.
    Where she is:  Lighthouse--???

Evil:        S  D  C  I  W  Ch       Race        Class           Alignment
  Kagain     16 12 20 15 11 8       Dwarf       Fighter         Lawful Evil
    Kagain runs a Mercenary business, and one of his caravans has disappeared.
    Help him recover it, and you get to keep what you find.  Goodie.
    Where he is:  Beregost (Shop North of Feldepost Inn)--x 1549 y 2031
  Eldoth     16 12 15 13 10 16      Human         Bard         Neutral Evil
    Eldoth wants to join you so that he can "rescue" his lover Skie from her
    father in Baldur's Gate.
    Where he is:  Cloakwood 3--x 3181 y 3492 (in the forest)
  Montaron   16 17 15 12 13 9      Halfling  Fighter/Thief     Neutral Evil
    Montaron is the dumb half of Montaron and Xzar, and goes where Xzar goes.
    Where he is:  Crossroads (W of Candlekeep)--x 4515 y 2707
    If you turn Viconia down when she asks to join, she vanishes forever.
  Xzar       14 16 10 17 16 10      Human     Necromancer      Chaotic Evil
    Xzar and Montaron will join you on the crossroads right out of Candlekeep,
    and they want to go investigate the Nashkel mines (who doesn't).
    Where he is:  Crossroads (W of Candlekeep)--x 4577 y 2693

vi. General Strategies

Charisma is your friend:
  So what does Charisma really get you?  Well if you have a low charisma you may
  not be able to get NPC's to join you, if you pass a quest, the treasure may
  not be as good as it normally would be, (or there may be no treasure at all!)
  and shops may charge you more.  So don't skimp out on the charisma.

Low Dexterity Not So Bad:
  If your stats just aren't turning out so good, consider skimping on Dexterity.
  Why?  There are Gaunlets of Dexterity out there that bring you up to a full
  18!  Don't skimp out too much since you still have to fight to get those
  gauntlets.  (the gauntlets are in the gnollish fortress)

Fighting Battles:
  Let them come to you.  When you first see an enemy, your first instinct may be
  to run over to it and slaughter it.  Well don't.  Let it come to you, and
  attack it there.  This way if there are 50 more of these creatures, they won't
  see you and won't attack.  You can then pick off each creature one at a time.
  This is especially useful in dungeons where the enemies may be more difficult.

Save a Lot:
  There are 3 times when you should definately save the game.  When you win a
  battle, before you go to sleep, and everywhere else.  You never know when you
  will go to a new area, have your best warrior charmed, and have half your
  party killed.  So save often.  Also don't just save over the same slot over
  and over, use at least 10 slots.  This is especially necessary in Durlag's
  tower.  This also means you should probably avoid the Quick Save.

  No matter where you rest, you won't get very many HP from resting.  So before
  you rest make sure to (after you save it, if you are not in an inn) heal
  everyone with spells.  You get all magic memorized during the night, you do
  not, however, get all your HP's.

The Guard:
  When you rob someone, they might summon the guard.  Keep that in mind (you
  will want to save the game before you rob someone).  Also bear in mind that
  the guard is strangely NOT summoned if you kill someone, like in an inn.


1. Candlekeep
Companions (NPC's): none (although Imoen joins later)

  - Buy Equipment in the Inn (you start right by it)
  - Talk to Gorion to leave Candlekeep (x 2683 y 1756)
    Note: Once you leave Candlekeep, you can't come back.

  - Phlydia's Book
    A little NE of the Inn, you will find Phlydia.  She has lost her book, The
    History of Halruaa  Go east, you will find a shed with hay and a cow.  Check
    one of the bales of hay for the book.  Return to Phlydia for your reward,
    a Lynx Eye Gem and 50 exp.
    Phlydia: Candlekeep (x 1601 y 311)
    Book: Candlekeep (x 3245 y 289)

  - Firebead's Scroll
    Inside the Inn is Firebead Elvenhair.  He has lent a scroll to a scholar,
    Tethtoril, near the Candlekeep central area and wants you to retrieve it.
    Do so for a small reward, a Healing Potion, 50 exp and he casts Protection
    from Evil on you.
    Firebead: Candlekeep, Candlekeep Inn (x 198 y 404)
    Tethtoril: Candlekeep (x 3154 y 1304)

  - Fuller's Bolts
    If you're still in the Inn, buy some bolts, and take them to the barracks.
    There you will give your bolts to Fuller who apparantly can't walk up the
    street to get some himself.  When you talk to Fuller, ask him if he has
    any errands for you to run.  Talk to him again and give him the bolts for
    your reward, a dagger +1 and 50 exp.
    Barracks: Candlekeep (x 1570 y 2447)

  - Hull's Sword & Medicine
    While you are still in the barracks, in the NW corner is a chest.  Open the
    chest and take the contents (a sword, and a bottle).  Now take the sword
    to Hull, who is by the main gate.  Talk to him, and he'll tell you that he
    forgot his sword.  Talk to him again to give it to him.  You get 20gp and
    50 exp for your trouble.
    Barracks: Candlekeep (x 1570 y 2447)
    Hull: Candlekeep (x 3662 y 2431)

  - Nessie's Green Elixer
    Now we're going to finish up these subquests by going up to Nessie (the cow,
    she's by where you got the book for Phlydia).  Talk to Dreppin (if you
    didn't talk to him before, you'll have to talk to him 3 times) and he'll
    take the potion from you, and you get 50 exp.
    Dreppin: Candlekeep (x 3264 y 430)

  - Killing Rats
    Talk to Reevor by the Storehouse, and he'll pester you to kill the rats in
    the storeroom.  Go inside and do just that.  Come back out and talk to
    Reevor again to get your reward, 5gp and 50 exp.
    Reevor: Candlekeep (x 4335 y 1454)

Assasination Attempts (it gets its own category...hehe): 2
  - Priest's Quarters (x 2961 y 437)
    Assasins: Shank -- Dagger, 20 exp
  - Bunkhouse (x 2055 y 2668)
    Assasins: Carbos -- Dagger, 20 exp
    Note: If you kill these assasins before they turn red and attack you, you
          get 2 exp.  But at least your reputation doesn't decrease!

  - Learn to Fight
    If you want to learn the battle system of Baldur's Gate in a controlled
    atmosphere, simply talk to the Gatewarden at (x 3065 y 3899) to set up a
    simulated combat experience.  You get no items from it, however, nor do you
    get any experience.

  - Learn to Fight part 2
    Another place to learn to fight is to talk to Jondalar (x 4094 y 1331).  He
    will attack you, you attack back.  Erik will sneak up behind you and shoot
    you with arrows.  Don't worry, they don't damage you.  You get nothing from
    this either.

  - Free Healing Potion
    Go to the healer's (x 3566 y 2932) and talk to the Priest of Oghma there,
    and tell him that you could use a little healing, and he will give you a 
    potion of healing.

1a. The Crossroads (2 areas: Area E of Candlekeep, Area S of Friendly Arm Inn)

Companions: Imoen; Xzar and Montanon (x 4546 y 2701)
  I wouldn't bother with Xzar and Montanon here unless you are forming an all
  evil party.

Enemies: Gibberlings, Xvarts, Bandits, Wolves, 1 Ogre (see subquests below)

  - You are now in the area where Gorion was killed, you need to go east, then
    north to get to the Friendly Arm Inn.
    Note: When you first enter the crossroads area, Elminster will talk to you.

  - Chase and the Cliff
    Chase apparantly has nothing to live for, and is going to hurl himself off
    of a cliff.  You can talk him out of it, but it's not readily apparant what
    effect this has on the game.  (btw, no matter what you say to him, he
    doesn't jump.)
    Chase: Area E of Candlekeep (x 1458 y 2412)
  - An Ogre and His Belts
    There is an ogre here who has a belt fetish.  Kill him and take the two
    belts.  The larger looking belt is the Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity
    (changes your gender) and the smaller one is the Girdle of Piercing + 3 vs.
    piercing.  You may want to wait to do this until you have more than 2
    people.  If you want, you can return the Girdle of Piercing to its owner,
    Unshey, in the Friendly Arm Inn (see that section below).
    Ogre: Area S of Friendly Arm Inn (x 4787 y 1665)

  - Search Gorion's Body (area E of Candlekeep)
    You will find some treasure's around where Gorion was killed, including a
    letter that has some clue's about your origin. (x 3149 y 1373)

  - A downed Caravan (area S of Friendly Arm Inn)
    You can check out a destroyed caravan, but there's only 7 gp there to be
    had.  (x 2348 y 3343)

2. Friendly Arm Inn

Companions: Khalid, Jaheira (both First Floor FAI, x 329 y 685)

Enemies: Hobgoblins

  - Beat the assasin, Tarnesh, to gain entrance to the Inn
  - Talk to Khalid and Jaheria and get them to join.  They tell you to go to
    Nashkel to the south to find out about this tainted ore thing.

  - Unshey's Belt
    If you want to part with the Girdle of Piercing (which I wouldn't), talk to
    Unshey in the Friendly Arm Inn to get a reward: History of Tethyr, 95gp, and
    800 exp.
    Unshey: Friendly Arm Inn, Second Floor (x 1190 y 753)

  - The Noble's Golden Pantaloons
    On the third floor of the Friendly Arm Inn you will find a nobleman who
    mistakes you for the laundry service of the inn, and he gives you his
    Golden Pantaloons for washing.  You can't do anything with the pantaloons
    so give them back to the Noble for 100 exp.  Not bad for not doing a thing.
    Noble: Friendly Arm Inn, Third Floor (x 336 y 673)

  - Landrin's Spiders
    Landrin's house in Beregost has been overrun by spiders, and that is why she
    is hiding in the Friendly Arm Inn.  She gives you a bunch of antidotes and
    promises a reward if you bring back the body of the spider, her husbands
    boots, and some wine.  Go to Beregost, and into the house by the Jovial
    Juggler.  Kill the spiders, and take the 3 items and return to Landrin for
    your reward: ??????????????????????????????
    Landrin: Friendly Arm Inn, Third Floor (x 796 y 735)
    Spiders: Beregost (x y )

  - Joia's Flamedance Ring
    Hobgoblins north of the Inn have swiped Joia's flamedance ring.  Kill them
    to get it back.  Joia is in the house just to the west of the outer gate in
    the inner grounds.  She won't give you anything, but you get 400 exp and
    Rep + 1.
    Hobgoblins: Friendly Arm Inn (x 2554 y 292)
    Joia: Friendly Arm Inn (x 1536 y 2484)

Assasination Attempts: 1
  - Steps to the Entrance (x 3364 y 2252)
    Tarnesh -- 120 exp, 58gp and 3 spells

2a. North of the Friendly Arm Inn (2 areas: Farm N of FAI, and the BG Bridge)

Companions: Ajantis (x 1572 y 3146)

Enemies: Bandits, Ankhegs (Ankheg shells can either be sold or made into an 
         armor, see the Beregost section for more information)

  - We're here to pick up the NPC Ajantis (if you want a Paladin, that is), and
    to do the subquests here. (they have good experience!)

  - The Fishermen and the Sea Priestess
    Seems that whenever these fishermen get out on their boat, a horrible storm
    appears and disrupts their fishing activity.  They blame the Priestess of
    Umberlee, Tenya, for cursing them unjustly--or so they claim.  Agree to help
    them, and go north again to the Baldur's Gate Bridge. (unless you want to
    fight a lot of Ankhegs, when you go north, stay as far to the west as you
    can manage!)  Don't actually cross the bridge, but head as far north as you
    can manage.  Once you have found the Priestess' cottage, save it, and move
    the members of your party around her.  Talk to her, and say that you have
    come to end her "villainous deeds".  After a short battle, she should talk
    to you (if you killed her, reload!) and tells you that the fishermen are the
    real menace here (they are, btw).  Go back, talk to the fishermen and demand
    the bowl, then kill the fishermen, and take their Flail +1.  Give the Bowl
    to the Priestess to get your reward: 2500 exp.
    Fishermen: Farm N of Friendly Arm Inn (x 700 y 2643)
    Priestess: Baldur's Gate Bridge (x 3989 y 720)

  - Farmer Brun's Son (or the Cave of the Ankheg's)
    Warning!  This subquest is a little more difficult since you have to fight
    the mighty Ankheg's!  So if you don't feel up to it, don't try it!
    Just to the East of the Fishermen you will find Farmer Brun.  It seems that
    his son has gone missing.  Agree to help him.  Go a little to the west to
    what appears to be a giant pit in the ground, and go into it.  Go down the
    tunnels to the east, when you get the option, you usually want to take the
    north path.  Eventually you will find a treasure horde, in which you will
    find Wand of Fire, Chain Mail +1, Dagger +1, Dart of Stunning, Dart of 
    Wounding, 2 spells (Dire Charm and Ghost Armor), 3 potions (Cloud Giant
    Strength, Antidote, and Magic Protection), 560 gp, and Nathan's corpse.  (In
    case you are wondering, there is nothing else down here except for more
    Ankheg's) Return with the corpse to Farmer Brun's to get your reward: 
    500 experience points.
    Farmer Brun: Farm N of Friendly Arm Inn (x 3492 y 2328)
    Ankheg Pit: Farm N of Friendly Arm Inn (x 2137 y 2404)
    Nathan's Body: Ankheg Pit (x 2458 y 137)

  - Gerde and the Ankheg Fighting
    You may find Gerde around.  She explains a few things about Ankheg's and
    will let you hunt up to 9 of them.  Kill every Ankheg that you can find on
    the screen and she will give you 75 gp.

Note: The Baldur's Gate Bridge is important later, and we will come back this
      way again.

3. Beregost

Mirianne's Letter (subquest)
Just south of Beregost you will find two Ogrillons, and on one of their bodies
is a letter for a Mirianne, who lives in Beregost.  Take her the letter and she
will give you a Ring of Protection + 1 and 300 exp.
Mirianne: Beregost (x 4804 y 2086)
Ogrillons: S of Beregost (x 3850 y 1460)

Firebead Elvenhair's Book (subquest)
You'll find Firebead in Beregost (he was also in Candlekeep while you were
there) and he wants you to pick a book up for him, the History of the Fateful
Coin.  You can find it across the street in the Feldepost's Inn (for 2gp).
Give him the book and you get 300 exp, the History of the Dead Three, and
a Reputation + 1.
Firebead: Beregost (x 2044 y 2905)

Marl the Drunk (subquest)
Marl is in the Feldepost Inn, and he has had his fill of adventurers.  He
accosts you in the bar, and you can fight him (????? exp), but you can also talk
him out of fighting.  Choose options 1, 1, 3, 3, 1.  For your trouble you get
900 exp.
Marl: Beregost, Feledepost's Inn (x 1406 y 2640)

4. Nashkel

5. The Nashkel Mines

                           Tales of the Sword Coast

X. Durlag's Tower

Nymph's Hair (subquest)
In the tower on level 3 you will come across a jerk named Riggilo.  Don't kill
him.  On level 4 you find a Nymph (Kirinhale), agree to help her out, and she
gives you a lock of Nymph Hair.  Go back to Riggilo and give him the hair.
Finally go back to the Nymph and get your reward:  4000 exp.  Also Riggilo is
now trapped in the tower for eternity.  It's win-win!  If you want, go back and
talk to Riggilo again, and he will get upset and attack you.  Kill him for 1400
more exp, and some minor treasures.


A. Monsters & Monster Strategies

In the treasure category, the amount of gp can also be replaced by a jewel or a
potion (or pretty much anything of some value).

Normal Monsters:

Name:             EXP:             Treasure:

Ankheg             975             Ankheg Shell
Baby Wyvern        450               --
Bandit              65             Scalp, Long Sword, L. Armor, S. Bow, 1-20gp
Battle Horror     4000             20gp
Black Bear         175               --
Black Talon Elite  240             Scale Armor, Long Sword, Magic Arrows, 20gp
Brown Bear         420               --
Cave Bear          650               --
Digger               7             Spear
Dire Wolf          125               --
Diseased Gibberling 35               --
Doom Guard        2000               --
Doomsayer         4000               --
Doppleganger       420             varies
Dread Wolf         650               --
Druid              120             Quarter Staff
Ettercap           650             5gp
Flaming Fist       250             Plate Mail, Helmet, S. Shield, L. Sword
F. Fist Enforcer   300             same as FF, w/ Magic Arrows
FF Enforcer/Wizard 650               --
F. Fist Scout      300             varies
Flind              120             2-Hnd Sword, 18-30gp
Ghast              650             15gp
Giant Spider       450               --
Gibberling          35             1-11gp
Gnoll               35             Halberd, 2-10gp
Gnoll Slasher       65             same as gnoll
Gnoll Veteran       65             same as gnoll
Greater Basilisk  4000             varies
Gr. Doppleganger  4000             varies
Guard              120             Scale Armor, M. Shield, L. Sword
Hamadryad          650             Dagger
Hobgoblin           35             Leather Armor, Helmet, L. Sword, 5-20gp
Hobgoblin Elite     95             same as Hobgoblin
Invisible Stalker 3000             45gp
Kobold               7             Short Sword, Short Bow, 2-15gp
Kobold Commando     35             Arrows*, 20gp
Lesser Basilisk   1400               --
Mountain Bear      900               --
Mustard Jelly     2000               --
Ochre Jelly        270               --
Ogre Berserker     650             varies
Ogre Mage          650             varies
Ogrillon           175             varies
Phase Spider      1400               --
Polar Bear         900               --
Sirine            2000             Pearl, etc.
Skeleton Warrior  4000             Spell, 2 Hnd Sword + 1, Helmet
Sword Spider      2000               --
Tasloi              35             Spear, 1-5gp
War Dog             65               --
Wild Dog            35               --
Winter Wolf        975             Pelt
Wolf                65               --
Wraith Spider     1400               --
Wyvern            1400             Wyvern Head
Xvart               15             Short Sword, 2-15gp
Zombie              65               --

Monsters with Names:

Tarnesh            120             3 spells, 58 gp
Teven (bandit)     975             Scale Mail, Long Sword, M. Shield, 45gp
Osmadi            1000             Leather Armor, Staff, 12gp
Tranzig            975             Wand, Ring, Staff, Letter, 91gp
Raiken             650             Chain Mail, M. Shield, War Hammer+1, 31gp
Ardenor Crush      900             Studded Leather Armor, Helm, L. Sword, 104gp
Taugosz Khosann   2000             Full Plate, M. Shield+1, War Hammer+1, 105gp
Hakt               750             Bow of Marksmanship, Leather Armor, 62gp
Venkt              900             3 spells, Robe, 2 potions, 92gp
Britik             900             Gold Ring, Jade Ring, Garnet Gem, Halberd
Raemon            1200             Scalp, Composite Long Bow, Magic Arrows, 1gp
Seniyad           4000             Leather Armor, Staff, Ring*
Centeol           1000              --
Drasus            1400             Boots of Speed, Chain, Morning Star+1, 56gp
Kysus             1400             Robe, Dagger, 66gp
Rezdan            1200             Robe, Staff, 32gp
Genthore          1600             Plate Mail+1, L. Shield, Throwing Ax, 56gp
Hareishan         1200             Adv. Robe, 2 spells, Potion, Staff, 310gp
Natasha           1200             Robe, 4 spells, Dagger
Davaeorn          6000             Bracers AC6, 2 Robes, 2 Spells, 106gp
Tenya              650             Bracers*, Flail
Droth              975             Helm of Defense, 150gp
Shoal              500             Pearl
Drizzt           12000             2 Scimitars, Chaim Mail + 4,
Brage             1400             Cursed 2 Hnd Sword, Body, Potion, 80gp
Icharyd            950             Helm, L. Shield, 80gp, Flail + 1
Lendarn           1400             Robe*, 4 spells, 2 potions, 180 gp
Thalantyr         3000             Adventurer's Robe, 2 potions
Kelmath Ormlyr    5000             Mace, 2 potions, 102gp
Gellana Mirrorshade 2000           Studded Leather, 2 Potions, club
Unshey             420             History Book, Staff, 82gp
Gerde              420             Chain Mail, Spear, 45gp

Tales of the Sword Coast Named Monsters:

Marcellus         2000             Robe*, 1 Spell, 81gp
Beyn              1800             Wand*, 66gp
Andris            6000             Robe*, 2 Spells, Scroll, 109gp
Tellan            3000             Darts*, 78gp
Dezkiel           1800             Shandalar's Cloak, Scroll, 66gp
Garan             2000             4 Spells, 66gp
Cuchol            1800             1 Spell, 66gp
Ghost             3750              --
Riggilo           1400             Leather Armor*, Short Sword*, 170gp
Love              3000             Rune, Bastard Sword, Wine
Fear              2200              --
Pride             2500             Plate Mail, Large Shield
Avarice           2500             Short Sword + 1, Leather Armor

  "Dryad" Fighting:
    A dryad (or any other female monster type, such as the Siren) has some nasty
    magical attacks, namely Charm Person, which if used on the right person in
    your party, screws you over.  Nothing worse than having to fight your own
    best fighter.  So if you lose too many people to her, then go back to your
    last save, then send only your best fighter to where the dryad is.  If your
    fighter is charmed, no big deal (enemies won't attack charmed party members, 
    so you won't get killed).  Once she is out of the worst magical attacks, 
    send in the cavalry.

B. The Gods of the Realm

Cyric -- evil god worshipped by Bassilus to raise the dead, also Mulahey has a
  Cyric Holy Symbol on him.
Helm -- a good god, worshipped by Ajantix.  There's a Helm temple in Nashkal.
Jergal -- former god of the dead, lost his power to Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul
  (History of the Dead Three)
Kozah -- ancient god of various chaotic happenings (like earthquakes), there is
  an ancient temple being unearthed of his far to the SW of Beregost, but beware
  the curse!
Mystra -- goddess of magic
Oghma -- there is a temple to Oghma is Candlekeep
Sune -- good god, the Holy Ring is a Sune artifact
Umberlee -- goddess of the Sea, you run into her priestess at the Baldur's Gate

C. Utilities & Editors

  Exp Cap Removers:
    Godlike (144kb download, version 1.1)
      This really cool utility removes the experience cap from any version of
      Baldur's Gate, including the Tales of the Sword Coast.  If you don't know,
      there is a limit to how much experience you can get in the regular game, 
      and this removes that limit.  Really cool.

      Author: Team BG
      Web Site:

  Character Editors:
    BG Character Editor (2.49Mb download, version 1.4.5)
      This utility allows you to edit any character at any time.  You can change
      all the attributes, plus you can edit your inventory.  With this and god-
      like you could make a character who is nigh unto invinceable.  It is most
      useful when playing a multi-player game as well since you can then edit
      your character at any moment.

      Author: Team BG
      Web Site:

  Rules Editors:
    Team BG Rules Editor (52kb download, version 1.0.0)
      This editor allows you to edit the Exp Cap (rather than remove it in its
      entirety), the Spell Progression, and more.

      Author: Team BG
      Web Site:

  Script Writers:
    Team BG AI Scriptor (27.5kb download, version 0.9.1)
      This utility allows you to write your own scripts for use by your party
      members.  (a script is something that tells NPC's what to attack, and

      Author: Team BG
      Web Site:

D. Cheats

-- to be filled in later --

E. Online Resources

  Really Good All Around Sites:


F. Strange Things

Inconsistencies and/or Mistakes:

After clearing the Cloakwood Mines, talk to Officer Vai and she will say:
"You efforts have not..."  A clear grammatical mistake.

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