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BattleTanx - Global Assault (Multiplayer) (e)

   BATTLETANX - Multi Player Strategy Guide


  Version .01 - Made basic outline for multiplayer strategy guide. 
  I'll add more when I get a better feel for the game. Keep checking for 
  updates often.
  Last Updated January 20, 1999


  This game is certainly one of the best multiplayer games around.  Almost
  as fun killing each other as the Goldeneye multiplayer.
  Z- Fire
  A- Fire/Use Special Weapon
  B- Change Special Item
  L- Change tank view to close up or back to normal
  START- Pause
  C-Up- Change tank or move top of tank around


  The Items:
  Special Weapons or Items appear in square boxes you can find in the open 
  or under destroy buildings.  These get a rating on how useful they are.
  From # - it's almost useless, to ##### - awesome
  SWARMERS: Fire three missels at once at an opponent. Very effective. ####

  GUIDED MISSELS: This is awesome, it allows you to guide the missel after you shoot it! ###

  GUN BUDDIES: These are guns you can plant anywhere and they'll shoot 
  at the opposing player/team. You can always use these ;) ##### 

  HEALTH: Pretty self explainatory. Adds an ammount of health to your 
  tank. You can save these and use them if you have full health. ###

  NUKE: Use the nukes very carefully. Set one off and it will hurt 
  everyone including yourself. Don't use if low on health. ##

  AMMO: Adds 30 bullets to your main gun. #

  CLOAKING: allows you to be invisible to opposing players for a short period of time. ####
  MINES: set them around but be careful to avoid them or boom. ###

  LASER: Powerful yet they take a while to reload. ##

  GRENADES: Very boring. Only use these to set off mines. #

  STAR: Recieve after killing an opposing player. Either gives you more health or ammo. #

  SHIELD: Makes a force field around you against enemy attack. Wears off after a while. ####

  Many different types of battle play:

  1) Deathmatch - This is the normal blow em up game.  Fun for beginners especially.
                  First blow up the other man 7 times wins. 
  2) Battlelord - This is my favorite.  Especially fun with 4 players. You have two queens at 
                  different bases you must protect, while also attemping to raid the other
                  team's base and steal their queen and bring it back to your own. 
  3) Family Mode - In this mode you fire the last thing you've picked up. 
                   Easy for a quick round.
  4) Annihilation - You have several tanks on your side, and the last 
                    player thats still alive is the winner.


  You can choose from 9 gangs with different tanks. Each gang has it's
  own special (start game with this weapon/item) and order of tanks. 
  When you die you may become a different tank.

  GRIFFENS ARMY: This is one my favorite gang because of it's simplicity.
                 Good for almost anything. 
  Special: None
  Order of Tanks: You are always the medium sized standard tank.

  URBEN DECAY: Very similar to Griffen's army. 
  Special: Swarmers
  Order of Tanks: Again always the standard tank.

  CHARLIE COMPANY: Wide variety of tanks good to get the hang of different tanks.
  Special: Lasers
  Order of Tanks: Standard Tank, Standard Tank, Small Tank, Large Tank

  AFTER SHOCKS: Mostly small tanks. I don't really like this gang much.
  Special: Grenades & Mines
  Order of Tanks: Standard, Small, Small, Small, Standard

  DARK ANGELS: Fairly good gang. Not much to say about it.
  Special: Cloaking
  Order of Tanks: Standard, Small

  NUCLEAR KNIGHTS: Slow yet powerful. Good on deathmatch or annihilation,
                   but horrible on battlelord.
  Special: Nukes
  Order of Tanks: Always large tanks.

  MECH MANIACS: These are the best for Battlelord probably. Very good special.
  Special: Gun Buddies
  Order of Tanks: Standard, standard, Small, Small            

  SKULL RIDERZ: Good for hit and run missions. Fair on Battlelord but not good for much else.
  Special: Guided Missels
  Order of Tanks: Always Small Tank

  PYSCHO BRIGADE: Real close to Mech Maniacs. 
  Special: Shields
  Order of Tanks: Standard, Standard, Small, Small

  Large tank: good in deathmatch
  Pro's: Powerful, good protection
  Con's: Extremly Slow
  Standard Tank: good in everything
  Pro's: none
  Con's: none
  Small Tank: Good for hit and run missions (or Battlelord)
  Pro's: Speed
  Con's: No Protection, bad main gun


  If you're playing on a team, have one player choose a big tank gang, and the other a small.
  Have the big tank gang guard your queen, while the small tank gang go
  for the other teams queens. Go in with Cloaking and Shields and they won't know what
  hit them!  If you want to change your tank or get back to your base quickly commit 
  suicide. That's right. Smash all all the C buttons at once. Since it 
  doesn't matter how many times you die feel free to do it as often as
  you like.  Also get Guided Missels and stand away from the other team's
  base. Make sure you can see the hole, and rocket it around to nail their
  Gun Buddies!


  * If you're about to die in battle against someone smash the C buttons to
  commit suicide and keep the other player from getter a kill.

  [more to come]

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