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Cyberia (e)

                          Cyberia FAQ for the Sony Playstation
                            Version 1.0  March 12, 1996
                          Written by CJayC (

I.   Introduction
II.  General Information
III. Walkthrough (with Passwords)
IV.  Codes and Cheats
V.   Credits

I.   Introduction

"What is Cyberia?"

Cyberia, released by Interplay, is a PC game that has been ported to the 
Playstation.  It is a combination of genres:  it's half standard adventure 
with amazing graphics and play, and half same-old FMV shooter.  The FMV 
shooting scenes aren't that bad, it's just that it's been done before, and 
again, and again.

It's not entirely linear- there are two "decision" points where you can take
two entirely different paths through the game.  That's not something you 
usually see in games of this type, but there's not enough of it to give it a
lot of replay value.

Good storyline, great graphics, good interface, but it is kind of short in the
long run without a lot of replayability.  It's a renter in my book (this FAQ
has been written from a rental weekend, in fact).  

"What's the plot?"

Well, there's a lot of plot for this game.  The manual does a good job of 
introducing it, and the game does kind of suck you in over time.  In summary, 
you're ZAK, a 21st century hacker on a mission to infiltrate a secret base in
Siberia, in search of some very ominous goings-on there.

"Hey!  Is this game censored?"

Yup.  Actually, I'm only aware of one scene that is cut out (death by
Slice-O-Matic).  However, there is a cheat code (see below) that allows you
to see the censored scene(s).

II.  General Information

"What's with the difficulty levels?"
Arcade difficulty changes how large the targets are for you to shoot at (the
harder you select, the smaller the targets), and it seems to drain your energy 
and shields faster at the harder levels, although this may just be my

Puzzle difficulty changes the puzzle difficulty.  Only two puzzles actually
change dramatically, so it's not that big of a deal.

If you are playing with a digital control (standard Sony pad, digital 
joystick), I suggest Arcade level 1 just because it's so difficult to get
that cursor where you want it with just eight directions.  Puzzle level, well,
it's up to you, but levels 2 or 3 don't make that big of a difference.

"Nice game, but why is everything so dark?"

It's mood lighting.  I don't think it's in the manual, but the SELECT button
changes the game's brightness (gamma adjust).  It's very helpful in some of 
the dark rooms and arcade sequences.

"Any other hints?"

Well, it's easy to miss in the manual, but for the arcade sequences, don't 
forget about these buttons:
        L1:  Changes to arcade cursor mode (up=up, down=down)
        L2:  Changes to flightsim cursor mode (up=down, down=up)
        R1:  Increases cursor speed
        R2:  Decreases cursor speed
R1 and R2 are great for fine-tuning your cursor speed in the action 
sequences if you're using a standard game pad.

III. Walkthrough (with Passwords)

>>The Rig<<

Once you have arrived at The Rig, walk forward.  Santos will tell you to go 
through the door on your right (R, F, F, F).  Walk down the hall to your right

The lovely Gia will tell you to turn around nice and slowly (L) and you will
disarm your weapon.  The Rig will then come under attack, so follow Gia (F, F)
to the guns.

From the turret, you will be attacked from the air by helicopters, hovercraft, 
and fighters (black dots on your radar), and from the sea by magnetic mines
(green dots).  Your gun ammo is the horizontal red bar, shields are shown
by the green vertical bar, and hull by the blue diagonal lines.  If the gun
is damaged, it will start to shake and be very hard to control.

Okay, a real decision here.  If you want to kiss Gia, move forward.  Otherwise,
press fire or another direction.  

Walk back out to the hallway (F,F,F,F,F), back to the dock (R,F), and to the
left-hand door (R,R,F,R,F)

To activate the elevator, go to the panel (R,R,F), and press the "Hanger" 
button. (Yes, the button says "Hanger", not "Hangar".  Beautiful looking game, 
but you think they would have invested a few dollars in a dictionary.) Enter
the elevator (R,F,F), and approach the plane (F,F,F,F,F).  

Before taking off, check out the plane (L,F).  Funny looking device, isn't it?
Prehaps you'd better check it out (L,F).

(See Bomb Puzzle)

Well, maybe kissing Gia wasn't such a good idea after all.  Once you wake up,
you'll wish you hadn't.  Don't struggle (don't move!), and Gia will come to
your rescue.  Well, sort of.  

Walk over to Santos's body, re-arm your weapon, and walk into the warehouse
(F,L,F).  Decision time, although it's kind of minor.  

Going left at the junction (L,F) takes you further into the warehouse.  
Wandering around the maze of boxes (F,L,F), you find a particularly interesting
box.  Scanning it with the MRI and Bio-Scan shows something interesting, but
using the IR scan triggers an explosive.  If you use the IR twice, the 
detonators will explode in six seconds.  If you walk away (B,F), it won't hurt 
you.  This doesn't seem to accomplish much of anything that I can tell, so it's
probably best just to skip it.  Walk back to the junction (from the box: 

Going right at the junction (R,F,F) gets you to a ladder and a locked door.  
Climb the ladder (F,F) to get on the Catwalk.

Santos's guards will be after you now, so walk to the door, go through it (F,F),
turn around and lock it behind you (L,L,L,F, press "Lock").  A guard is around
that crate, so get up close to it to look around (L,F).  The guard will then
come walking towards you.  Wait until he's practically standing in front of
you, then fire (X).  Run to the plane (F,F,F).

The guard you locked behind the door has come looking for you, but he can't
see you through the crate.  Wait until he is on the other side, then move 
around it (F).  He isn't a great shot, so wait until he fires a stray shot and
blast him (R to move out, L to move back, X to shoot).  Once you've toasted the
guard, walk over to the plane (F).

...and it gets rougher.  Don't forget to check it for any stray explosive 
devices that might have been planted on the plane (F,L,F).

Scan the bomb with your MRI, and you will see the inside of it.  Toggle the
vibration sensor (second from the right), and then move to the switches on the 
left.  By flipping the switches, you want to cut the connection to the 
detonator (far right, the lower one) without triggering it (the upper one).  

PUZZLE LEVEL 1: There's only one active switch, so hit it!
PUZZLE LEVEL 2: Okay, three active switches, not too hard.  Hit the first and 
                third switches.
PUZZLE LEVEL 3: Wow.  Seven active switches.  Okay, hit the second, fourth,
                fifth, and sixth switches.

Okay, the bomb's disarmed, time to go.  Board the plane (F,R,F,F,F), and head
to Cyberia.

>>Transfighter Missions<<
Time for some action missions.  Seven of them, so be ready.  Simple actions:
point the crosshairs at the targeted box and fire.  If you take shots at a 
enemy that hasn't been targeted yet, there will be no damage.  Conserve your
shots, as once you've drained them, you're a sitting duck until they recharge

"OPEN OCEAN" - Open Ocean
You will make five passes at the hovercarrier, all the while being attacked 
by hoverfighters, helicopters, boats, and turrets.  On the fifth pass, you
will see a blue target on the carrier, which is the fuel truck.  You must
destroy it to complete the mission.

"ISLAND RUN" - Military Islands
Blow up the munitions dumps, boats, and aircraft that happen to be in your 
vicinity.  The large carriers are never targets, so don't waste time on them.
At the end of the stage, a series of cruise missiles will be fired at you from
the middle of the screen.  After taking these out, hit the submarine with
everything you've got left.  Like the boat, if you fail to destroy it, you'll
instantly die and have to restart.

"VALLEY RUN" - Norway
Ahh... the lovely green valleys of Norway.  Lots of air and ground targets,
no boss. 

"PORT FLYBY" - Archangel Military Port
Tons of air and ground targets, and a shield generator to destroy.  Your 
flight computer will let you know when it's coming (look for the green glow),
so be sure and take it out to continue.

"UNDERGROUND" - Freight Tunnel
This one is rough.  Tons of targets, and tons of fuel trucks.  Watch the color
of the target- fuel trucks have blue targets, and hitting one sends the entire
tunnel up in flames.  The only goal here is to survive.  Watch out for the 
hoverfighters waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

"PIT STOP" - Zubrovska
Blue targets are friendly, so try not to hit too many of them.  Towards the
end of the mission, several fighters will be coming at you that can destroy
you in a heartbeat, so be sure and save some ammo for them.  As you're setting
down, don't shoot the helicopter overhead- it's friendly.

"ICE SCREAM" - Ice Canyons
The last mission on the way to the Cyberia Complex.  Watch your shields, 
conserve your shots, and be prepared for the final boss.  It's easy to take out,
but only if you've got a lot of remaining ammo to hit it with.

So, you've battled through the action sequences, and you're ready to get back
to the "adventure" part of the game.  Or, you hated the action seqences, and
you're using passwords.  Either way, welcome to the...

>>Cyberia Complex Level 1<<

Once you're out of the plane, begin walking (F).  You'll reach a junction, and
it's decision time again.  

To go in through the back door, take the right path (R,F,F).  You'll come to a 
back door, so go on in (F,F).

It slices, it  To get through the whirling blades, you'll need 
to move (F) at just the right time.  I found that if you go when the blade
in front of you is directly horizontal, you can almost always make it through.
Once you're through the blades, walk into the next room (F).  

It's kind of loud in here, and the noise will kill you if you take too much
time.  Get through this section as quickly as possible (F,F,F,F,R,F,L,F) for
a little piece and quiet.  If you make a mistake, you'll die, so be very
fast and precise.

In the dark room, head towards the door (B,B,F,F,L,F,F).  You'll be standing
in front of a security door (R,F).  There is another way out of the dark room, 
but you can't get past it yet.

(See Security Door Puzzle)

To go in through the front door, take the left path (F,F,F).  

Keep walking towards the complex (F), and meet the security guard.  Not a very 
friendly guard, is he?  Hit him in-between shots (R to move out, L to move 
back, X to shoot), and enter the complex (F,F,F).

Walk through the doorway, and approach the perimiter lock (F,F,F).

Use your MRI to scan the lock, and examine the diagram.  It's a basic logic
diagram, using AND, OR, and NOT gates.  Orange is on, yellow is off.  The
goal here is to turn on the top right circuit without setting off the trap.
In case you've never had to deal with this kind of logic:
AND: In1  In2 | Out  OR:  In1  In2 | Out  NOT:  In  | Out
     ----------------     --------------        ---------       
     Off  Off | Off       Off  Off | Off        Off | On
     Off  On  | Off       Off  On  | On         On  | Off
     On   Off | Off       On   Off | On
     On   On  | On        On   On  | On

PUZZLE LEVEL 1: Hit the following switches: first and third.
PUZZLE LEVEL 2: Hit the following switches: third, fourth, eighth, seventh,
                and first.
PUZZLE LEVEL 3: Hit the following switches: third, fourth, eighth, seventh,
                and first.

You're in.  Run down the hall (L,F) to the next big door.  The entry pad is
to your left (F).

Somebody else has probably used this pad recently, so perform an IR scan on it.
Sure enough, there are still heat traces left on the pad.  Enter the code in
ascending order of the IR scan.  

PUZZLE LEVELS 1,2,3:  The code is 2,5,7,1,Enter.

Run through the door (L,F), and down the hall.

No, they're not.  If you continue running down the hall, you'll be shot.  Enter
the first door on your right (R,F), and get ready.  Oops.  Get ready, THEN 
enter the first door on your right.  You'll be in a room with four guards, who
aren't happy to see you.  Immediately shoot the two standing ones (R,X,R,X),
and duck for cover (R after "Yikes").  Timing is crucial here, so wait to make 
your move (L,F to stand up, D to duck, ducking R to cover, standing L and R 
to aim, X to fire).  Taking out the guard on the right first may make it 
easier to survive this one.

Once you've taken out the guards, you can return to the hall (B,F).  Enter the
room again for a quick laugh (B,F,F, then B,F,F to leave).  Continue down 
the hall (R,F) and enter the next room (R,F).  

You know, you'd think a multi-million dollar research lab would have better
lighting (the SELECT button helps here).  Go over to the first terminal and sit
down (F,L,F,F,F).  You can browse through Alexei's V-mail (the four icons on the
right).  You'll learn that the janitor has been fired, the master password has
been changed (to Alexei's hero, who is hanging in one of the rooms), and some
armed strangers (besides you) are running around the complex.  When you're 
through, you can enter the next room (which only contains a broken terminal, 
not worth the bother), and then exit (L,F,F,F from the terminal).  Back out
in the hallway, continue running (R,F) and enter the next room (R,F).

Not much of interest here, except for a poster on the wall (Alexei's hero, no
doubt), and a sock.  Check out the poster (L,F,F,F) and leave (B,F,R,F,F).  
Continue down the hall (F,F) and take the first door (F).  Check out the 
hologram on the desk (F,F,F,F,F), step away, and head towards the next
room (F,R,F,L,L,F,F,F).

Quietly listen to the conversation (don't move).  Once the first man has left,
move behind the column (L,F).  Fire a shot at the sitting man to get his 
attention (R,X,L), and then wait until after he shoots to pick him off 
(R to move out, L to move back, X to fire).  Walk around to the far side of the
conference table and check out the boring reading material (R,F,L,F,F,F).  Go
over to the other door and walk though it (L,F,R,F,F,L,F,F,R,F).

Back in another hallway, continue down until you find the next room (F,F,F).
Walk over to the first computer terminal (F,R,F,L,F,F,F).


Uh oh.  A password.  If you've been paying attention so far, this shouldn't be
too difficult.  Alexei's hero?

PUZZLE LEVELS 1,2,3: Type "Einstein" and press Enter.

You now have access to the base's personnel files.  Browse through them, and
note the new janitor's key code.  Don't forget to browse through the V-mail for
clues (an extra set of keys is lying around somewhere...).  Exit the room back 
to the main hallway (R,F,F,L,F,F).  

Run down the hall (L,F) and, hello, what's this?  A guy with a grenade!  
Quickly shoot him before he throws it (R,X) and run to the elevator control 

Quickly enter the code to seal the elevator.  QUICKLY!

PUZZLE LEVELS 1,2,3:  Press the buttons to match your code.  The buttons cycle
                        through these symbols:
                        0:  Blue Arrow
                        1:  Red Circle (Broken Bottom)
                        2:  Blue Circle
                        3:  Red Square
                        4:  Blue Triangle
                        5:  Red Filled Circle
                        6:  Blue Half-Circles
My code (do they change?) was Top: 2, Middle: 3, Bottom: 4

Whew!  Made it!  Continue down the hall (F).

Now it's time to do some SERIOUS back-tracking.  You'll want to go all the 
way back to the second door you went through in the base (Security Door 
Puzzle).  If you came in through the back door, you want to return to the 
dark room just past the loud room.  

Well, here we go (from the end of the hall):
        F into Conference Room
        F,F,R,F,F,L,F,F,F,F into Hallway
        F,F,F,F through Security Door

Turn left, and enter the dark room (L,F).  Go over to the large crate blocking
a door (F,L,F,F), and push the crate out of the way (R,F,F).  Go through the
door (R,R,R,F).  

Step on the elevator (F,R,F), and go down.  Walk over to the door (R,F), and 
look through it.  

>>Cyberia Complex Level 2<<

Red light, green light.  There's a guard on the other side of a window to sneak
past here.  Go through the door and along the wall next to the window 
(F,F,F,F,F).  Time your next move (F) as the guard is looking away from the
window.  Leave the room and enter yet another hallway (R,F,L,F).

Go find the guard in the windowed room (L,F,L,F).  Hide as soon as you
enter (L,F), and wait for the guard to notice.  Standard killing here (L to 
move out, R to move in, X to fire).  You can go gloat over the body, but it's 
not necessary.  Exit the room (L,F)

Head back down the hall (L,F) until you get to a door.  Once you're ready to
do some killin', enter the door (F), and hit the deck (L)!  Take out the two
guards (U to stand, D to duck, L and R to aim, X to fire).  If you don't aim
while standing, you should be okay.  You'll automatically run forward--turn
around and head back (B,F,F,F,F)

Head to the door at the end and check out the sign (F).  Enter the room (F), 
and look through the window (F,F,F).  There's that key.  Walk over to the 
terminal, (L,F,R,F,L,F) and check out the V-Mail.  Examine the patient status, 
and open the vents.  Exit the room (L,F,L,F,F,R,F) and head back to the window
room (F,L,F).  Enter the elevator room (F,F,F), and turn left.  Remove the 
grating (F), and enter the vents (F).  Walk through the vent (F,F,F,F), reach
through the open vent for the key (L,F,F), and head back (L,F,F,F,F,F,F).

Go back to the doorway where you killed the two guards (F,F,L,F,F,L,F,F), and
enter the door on your left with the card key (L,F).  If you're in a silver 
room, you've gone too far- go back to the door near the doorway you were 
fighting at.  Walk into the room (F)

Have a seat (L,F), and check out the terminal.  Nasty virus, and it's spreading
through the complex.  Select one of the three antidotes, and get ready to kill
some germs.  Another crosshair-type arcade sequence, but this one is kind of 
neat looking.

ARCADE LEVEL 1: Destroy 50% of the virus.
ARCADE LEVEL 2: Destroy 72% of the virus.
ARCADE LEVEL 3: Destroy 80% of the virus.

Once you have a good antidote, remember its number, and head down the hall to
the silver room (F,F,F,L,F,F).  Enter the contaminated zone (F,F,F,F,F), and
walk to the next room (F,R,F,F,R,F,F), and quickly get to the computer 
(R,F,R,F,F).  Enter in the antidote, and then step on the innoculator 
(F,L,L,F,F).  Now that you're virus-free, you can breathe a little easier.
Enter the next room (F,F,F,F), and step forward (F,F).

Yes, it is.  Altough there is a neat death sequence on the other side of the
door, I suggest you go sit at the computer terminal (R,F,R,F).  After using the
top and bottom icons for more informaiton, activate the middle one to start
Charlie up to decontaminate the sealed area.  

Another crosshair arcade sequence-just kill ALL the creatures.  If any get
past you, you have a second to hit the Circle button on your controller to
kill all creatures on the screen at once.  This does take a hunk out of
your energy, so watch out.  

You can now enter the "Unsafe Door" (F,R,F), and into the sealed area of 
Level 2.  Go down the hall (F).

Enter the elevator and walk to the panel (F,F).

This one's tricky- first, perform an MRI scan to view the elevator pumps.  You
must line up all four valves with the pump to open the door.  All four pumps
fall at different rates, so a lot of patience and fast reflexes are the only
way to get through this one.

>>Cyberia Complex Level 3<<
You made it.  Walk towards the Cyberia weapon (F,F), and listen to the 
conversation.  Bad news.  You've got a bomb in your brain. (Wait 30 seconds
and you'll see that it's in your brain.  Gross.)  After the conversation, 
walk towards the weapon.

Move forward to join with the Cyberia weapon (F).  It's time for revenge--
you're going after Devlin.  

One final arcade sequence--this time it's in space.  Merged with the Cyberia
weapon, you don't have to worry about energy, but you don't have a shield 
readout either.  Blast everything in sight.  Towards the end, you'll reach
the launch bay for the swarm-- just keep firing at the center of it to take
out any fighers launched.  Then, stand back and enjoy the ending (all 20 seconds
of it).

IV.  Codes and Cheats

"Is there a cheat code for this game???"

Yes, Virginia, there is a cheat code.  Enter NEMROSIM as your name at the 
beginning of the game.  This allows you three things:
        You can select difficulty level 1 for both Arcade and Puzzle modes.
        You can "load" any game save point, as all the passwords are in place
                for you.
        Blood.  Not a lot, but it's uncensored.  (The only place I really 
                noticed is at the Slice-O-Matic death scene.  Cool.)

"Anything else?"

Well, it's not much, but at the terminal password screen ("GENIUS"), you
can enter two different passwords to get the Sony developer's credits:
        TNRUB_SDC_NOILLIB_A  ("_" = space bar)
        _REEB_OROPPAS_KNIRD  (that's a space at the front)
Well, it's not a billion-seller, and Sapporo's not my fave, but there they

V.   Credits

This FAQ was written by CJayC, with help from the original PC Cyberia 
walkthrough (author unknown).  I found it lacking in a lot of areas, so I 
wrote my own for the Playstation.  If you find any incorrect or missing 
information from this FAQ, please write me at "".

This file was originally posted to the newsgroups:

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"Cyberia" is a trademark of Xatrix Ineractive Design, Inc, distributed
by Interplay Productions.

This file is Copyright 1996 by CJayC, and may be freely distributed in whole
or part as long as proper credit is given to the author.