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Dino Crisis (e)

                             DINO CRISIS (JP)

Title  :                     Dino Crisis (JP)                
By     :                          Kenny 
E-mail :         

This is my forth FAQ, and this FAQ is my own FAQ. So don't try to COPY IT 
and submit this FAQ at another game link and give it YOUR NAME on it. 
My FAQ is personality use.

Oh yeah, don't forget if I'm Indonesian, so please let me know if there 
are a wrong letters, ask me if you don't know my meaning in this FAQ, after 
that I will answer you at your E-mail address, and I'm sorry of my bad 

If you want to use this FAQ as your own walkthrough, don't try to go out of 
my path at this FAQ.

Now, you can read my first FAQ with T.R.A.G as it's title, my second FAQ with
Soul of the Samurai, also my Shadow Madness as its title.

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T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

I    Version
II   Basic Control 
III  Walkthrough
VII  Game shark codes for Dino Crisis Japanese version
VIII Special Thanks    

This Document is Copyright 1999 Kenny


Version 1.0: 
I make this FAQ at : 11:08 AM 7/31/99

B A S I C  C O N T R O L

This basic control is use B type (like RE). 

Directional Pad :   Move your character
Square :            Run
Circle              Pick, choose option and check item
X :                 Pick, choose option and check item (usually use this key
Triangle :          Go to character's screen
R1 :                Aim
L1 :                None
L2 :                Turn 180 degrees to left
R2 :                Turn 180 degrees to left
Select :            Option
Start :             Pause
Press Start to skip most of the animation.

 C O M P L E T E  W A L K T H R O U G H 

First, you'll see if you have massage in your mail; And after that, you'll 
see very very good CG movie (usually I call it FMV). Okay, keep your good 
work CAPCOM !!!!

Now, Regina, Rick and Gail will talk about the situation here. After little 
event, go right then up till event again. Now enter the right room through 
double doors. Inside, go on and take a key. Now go right and push the shelf, 
and take item (this item is only for mix and there are three colour only, 
there are blue, orange and green). Exit, continue up and push the box at the 
center of two boxes. Take item, now go back to the place where you split with
Rick. Event.

Press R2 or L2, and enter the first room where you see first event. Go up, 
enter through that fence. Go on (only one way) till you see event again. 
After the event end, go follow where Gail is. You don't have to talk to Gail.
But if you talk to him, he'll talk if he will guard outside and tell you to 
go inside and power up the computer room's power (where Rick is). Go enter 
the next room through the nearest door from Gail. Go on, till you see dead 
end. Check the power up's toggle. There are four options. If you press the 
first option, the place of first colour and the second colour will move.
Arrange the colours into these arrangement:

               Red        blue       green       white

After the colour in that place, choose the last option and then look your
right and choose first option. The generator will active.
After that, go out. At the path you go out, you'll hear gun's sound, and 
then Gail's voice. Exit, continue down. Event. You'll attack by your first 
RAPTOR !  Don't shoot it. It would be wise if you run around and go to the 
place you split with Rick. Run fast before the Raptor bite you. After you 
enter the next room, the Raptor will jump above the FENCE !!! So you haven't
save yet. Go enter the right room. Event. You'll see the Raptor try to jump 
above the fence again, but the fence is to high, the Raptor can't reach it.

After little conversation, go enter the right door through the door which 
Rick enter it. There, go on till you hear dino's voice. Don't worry, it 
wouldn't attack you. Go on till you see event. Choose first option and you'll
go up to that hole (you can go here every time you want, 'cause there are 
many vents like this later). Go on and go down when you see first vent. Go 
down, don't enter the room through the door. Go on till you find sliding 
door. If you go on a little, there is item and E-box. E-box is for put your
items (you need key(s)). Enter it, and that is computer room. Event. Exit 
this room and enter the room that I said to you not to enter it just now. 

Inside, take Shotgun, DDK disk. Now there is a red dot near the other door. 
Push it and the computer will turn on. Check the computer if you want to. 
Enter the right room beside the computer. There is a man die. Take the card 
beside the corpse. There is a LEO words there. Check the green dot. 
The password is 0375. Where I get the password ? You can read this password 
later. Take the key and ..... Exit this room through the door beside red dot.
You can save your game here.

Rick will call you if he already deactivate the laser beam. After the event, 
equip your wapon if you want to kill VELOCIRAPTOR. Go down, kill the 
Velociraptor if you want (I kill it). Now enter the room through white door.
Take all items there and read the books here to know the password that I told
you if you'll know that password later. Exit, push green light to deactivate
the laser beam and enter the only one door, don't go up through the vent.
You'll see the main entrance of this building (I guess  tee hee  ^-^). Take 
the items here (the item is somewhere on the ground. Usually, the item is 
under the stairs). After take all items, go up the stairs. There, push the 
box for item and enter the white door. Equip your weapon if you kill the 
next Velociraptor (I kill it). After kill the Velociraptor, go on down till
your view is change, don't enter the door for now, go right and take SG 
bullets. Now enter the door which I told you to ignore before. 

Inside, kill Velociraptor. From the entrance, go right and take item. Go back
to starting point, go down till you see a light beside shelf. Push and enter
this password : 7687 (you'll know this password if you continue up, enter 
the left door. There, read the book at your right).
Take weapon upgrade, exit the room and go to the place where you get SG 
bullets. Go left, there is blue light. Check it and there is puzzle.

There are many letters here (the top and the bottom one). The bottom is the 
key. You must not use the letters at key's place. 
Example : Code : O X P Y E Z N
          Key  : X Y Z
          Password : open

You can learn how to use DDK or not. If not, you must enter " HEAD ". Yes, 
that's the password. Enter the room. You'll see survivor there. He'll give 
you a card (wonder why it's same with the one you've found beside corpse, but
this one is SOL on it). Go to the bottom left of this room and take the item.
Now go to upper right, check the place till you find red letter. Use your LEO
and SOL card. LEO : choose first option
              SOL : choose second option
Now you must enter password. The password is 705037. Where I find that 
password ? Take a notice at SOL and LEO words. Actually, that's not LEO and
SOL words, but there are SOL is 705 and LEO is 037. You'll receive L card.
Go left, and.... the T-REX !!! Will come out from the window !!!!! 
First, the T-Rex will eat the dead survivor first, after that it will come
for you. Becareul, your game will over if the T-Rex eat you. So, first press
back till dead end. After it's try to reach you, it will pull it's head. NAH!
that's only your chance to exit this room. After exit, enter the door again
and take DDK disc beside the place you found L card just now. 

Exit; Go down the stairs. Go enter outside building through big door. There,
go around to right and take SG bullets and DDK disc near the corpse. Now go 
back inside. Go to under the stairs, go to DDK door. Rick will call you, to 
check the area (it's red light in the map). Enter the password " NEWCOMER " 
Enter the door. There is E-box here. There is corpse at the right. Beside it,
push the table for item. Now see the 1F map (it's beside corpse). You'll 
write it on your map. Go enter the door. Go on, turn off the laser beam. 
Enter the room through the left door. There, you'll see Velociraptor. Kill 
it if you want. Then unlock the double door (It's bottom left corner of this 
room). Exit the room through the same door. Go on, and if you didn't kill 
Velociraptor just now, you'll face two Velociraptor. One is from inside the 
room, the other is hearing Velociraptor's roar and come to you. First, push 
green light if they are close to you. You'll hurt them, but you'll never kill
them, actually shoot them. After push green light, go on your way and check 
the corpse, take item. Now enter the left room. Inside, go to bottom right; 
Take the key and event. There is DANGER word at bottom of your screen. That's 
tell you to tap all four botton to evade game over. Then you'll kick the 
Raptor and Gail will kill the Raptor.

After little conversation, Gail will exit the room. Now go to the room where
Rick is. After little conversation, your mission now is to power up the B1 
computer. Go to the place where you push the center box between two boxes.
Now you can enter the south fence which need B1 key. Take item then climb 
down the ladder. Go on till you find green light. Check it and choose first 
option to take it. Go left, push the shelf to take item, go on till dead end,
then use the key that you took it just now. Arrange the four key like you did
before. Then go right and choose first option. After little event, Rick will
call you if there is something to talk to you. Now back to where's Rick is.
BUT!!! Before you go there, save your game first, 'cause there are two 
options later.
After little conversation, you'll have two options. If you choose diffrent 
answer, you'll get diffrent story, but same ending. I'll explain each of 

| 1st option |

Exit, go down till you see stairs, then descend that stairs. Go on till you
see event. There are many small dinos here (you'll know if you see The Lost 
Word movie). Go on, enter the right room. There, go to beside the table, take
two items, ID card and DDK disc on one of those desks. Exit, you can save 
here. Go on, ignore those small dinos; and enter the other room through the 
center door. There, you'll find Gail. After event, go on and enter the door. 
Go on a little and Raptor will come out to kill you. This is a danger scene. 
After that, you'll kick that Raptor and it will die. Go on, turn off the 
laser beam, go to upper right corner of this room to take the item. Go back 
down, enter the double doors. Take the item and check the corpse.

| 2nd option |

Go to the first time you get here. QUICK !!!!  Why? It's ok. ^*^ tee hee.
Enter the south door. There are two Velociraptor. Kill them with shot gun.
After kill them, take ShotGun bullets (not SG bullet. Remember! they are 
different!). Go on enter through brown door. There, you'll have event. HEY!
you are familiar with it. It's PTHERANODON !!!! If I not wrong. tee hee. 
Okay, now you have danger word again. Go back to take your gun and then take 
the item, it's at the corner near your gun. Go on till you see R-6, then go 
to the boxes and take the key that you need to open E-box. Now go right, 
enter the door. Inside, you'll see Tom. You'll have a conversation with Rick
and Tom. After that, you will receive DDK disc. Don't forget to take another
DDK disc on the table. Go upper left door, and complete your map by chacking
the map on the wall. Go south and enter through the door. There, you'll face
two Ptheranodons. Run as fast as you can, ignore the ptheranodons and take 
all items you meet (I think there is only one item). Go on till you look a 
door, enter it. Go down the ladder and push the right shelf for item, and 
take the card beside the shelf. Go on and you'll see six computer in this 
order :  
           6 = B          1 = R         R = Red (second choice)
           3 = G          4 = G         G = Green (first choice)
           2 = R          5 = B         B = Blue (third choice)

Now press those computer in that order. If number one, press it first time, 
etc. Now go ascend the ladder and exit this room. You'll see Danger word.
Tap all buttons, and the Ptheranodon will die (look by yourself ^o^).
Go back where you see first Ptheranodon and activate the elevator; Now go to 
where Rick is, and then event. After little conversation, go up the ladder, 
go on, push the shelf, then use B1 key to activate the machine. Now you must 
move the box to make your way pass. It's easy. The last box you can leave it
hook or you can release it. I think you must leave it hooked if you want 
quick. Go down the ladder, after event, go on and enter the right door. 
Before it, take the item. It's at right. When you enter the room through the 
door, you'll see event. Tom is attacked by Raptor and ... . Turn off the 
laser beam, go to upper right of this room to take item. Now go back to 
entrance. Go on till you find event. Now there is Danger word again. Then go 
on till enter the next door. Go on and enter the other room again. Inside go 
on a little and you'll see many small dinos are eating Raptor at the corner 
of this room. Ignore it, just go on till see the door on the right, enter it.
You'll see TOM WAS ATTACKED BY RAPTOR AND DIE. After event, take two med kits
and ID card. 

Now go to first save point. Go there now, but don't enter the save room. 
Outside the save point where you fight your first Velociraptor. Go on, 
deactivate the laser beam, and enter the door which need ID card. Inside,
Grab all items. Also, there is E-box here. The most needed here is to take 
mini computer. You can use this at the corpse. Exit, go to where you put 
Newcomer's password. Inside, go to the corpse, use mini computer. Now enter 
through the only one door. Inside go to the left door. Check white board 
(there are two white board with orange letter). Take a notice at the blue
password. But don't worry, I write it. Use your ID card to the computer, 
enter 46907, choose first option twice. Go back where you take dead guy's 
finger printing. Now the left elevator is active. Go inside. At the way down,
Raptor will come out from the ceiling. You'll have danger scene again. Then,
you can kill it. I choose to kill it. Take all items here, also you can 
complete your map with the map in this room. Go on, you'll find DDK door. 
Use the DDKs and enter LABORATORY. 

NB : Sorry if these explaination are confusing you. Because I confuse the 
     place. I write these, without playing. Bacause I've finished the game 
     three times.

Inside, there are two Raptors (may be), and one laser beam. Turn off the 
laser beam, go on till the dinos are hearing you, go back to laser beam, turn
on the laser beam (the same switch). Now kill the Raptors. Turn off the beam,
go on, don't enter two sliding doors. If your item is full, go right, turn 
off the beam. There is E-box here. Enter single door. 

Go on, there is a computer. If you want to active it, use 5037 password.
Take the item from red box (you can take this item later if you want). 

Enter the next room. Then go to another room. Go on, ignore the door for now,
there are two Raptors and E-box. Kill those Raptors. Now enter the room 
through the door that I told you to ignore just now. Take all items here. 
Don't miss anything. Enter the next room. You'll see a doc dying in the 
poison room. Check the poison button. Don't push the button twice. After the 
poison is 0, go inside and talk to the doc. You'll receive card. Check the 
doc again, you'll receive a key (till I finish the game, I don't know what is
this for. If anyone know, please tell me). Try to exit this room, a Raptor 
will come in and there is a danger scene. After you pass the danger scene, 
kill the Raptor by push first button (one time is enough). Exit this room, go
up, a Raptor will come out from the other room. Kill that Raptor. 
Go to the next room. Take all items here, but becareful! there are some 
Raptors. Don't kill it, but if you want, it's ok. Now go to entrance, there 
is a computer on the wall. Use your B1 card, enter 3695 (the password is from
the card). Now you'll solve the puzzle. It's easy. Now go to green light, use
the same key. Take R card, read the note if you can Japanese. Go back to save
point, there is a big screen. Use the L card on the left or the R card on the
right. Gail will contact you. If you don't use those cards together, the door
won't open. After a moment, Gail will come. Now enter ENERGY as the password.
Save it before you enter.

There, you'll see an energy. Wonder what is that energy for ? Go on, push the
shelf for weapon upgrade. Use it. Go to the computer, you'll have four
options. Push the second button from right, then third from right, then first
from left. The energy will come out again. Exit this room, take the ammo. 
Outside, there is event. Then go left, use the item in the red box at the 
left. Now you have to solve the puzzle. It's rather difficult.

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G A M E  S H A R K  C O D E S  F O R  D I N O  C R I S I S  ( J P )

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