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Final Fantasy (e)

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                   The Final Fantasy Walkthrough Version 3.1
                              By: Zach Keene

::: Table Of Contents ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Table of Contents   .       .       .       .       .       .       13
01: Introduction        .       .       .       .       .       .       45
02: Revision History    .       .       .       .       .       .       80
03: Creating a Party Mix        .       .       .       .       .       103
04: Suddenly Appearing in Front of a Castle for no Apparent Reason      149
   [covers: Coneria, Temple of Fiends, and Garland]
05: What in the Hey is TCELES B HSUP?   .       .       .       .       253
   [covers: Matoya's Cave, Provoka, Pirates, Peninsula NE of Provoka]
06: The Land of the Elves       .       .       .       .       .       241
   [covers: Elfland, Northwest Castle, Marsh Cave, Dwarven Cave]
07: Has Someone Been Leaking Toxic Wastes Into The Ground Again?        323
   [covers: Melmond, Earth Cave, Lich, Titan's Tunnel, Sarda's Cave]
08: Is It Hot In Here, or Is it Just Me?       .       .       .        403
   [covers: Crescent Lake, Gurgu Volcano, Kary]
09: Where Do We Keep the Rat's Tails?   .       .       .       .       471
   [covers: Ice Cave, FLOATER, Ryukahn Desert, Cardia Islands, Bahamut,
            Castle of Ordeal, promotion]
10: Below Sea Level     .       .       .       .       .       .       576
   [covers: Gaia, Caravan, Onrac, Sea Shrine, Kraken]
11: Castle of the Winds .       .       .       .       .       .       645
   [covers: Waterfall, Lefein, Mirage Tower/Floating Castle, Tiamat]
12: Chaos Extreme       .       .       .       .       .       .       738
   [covers: Temple of Fiends 2000, Chaos]
13: Shhhh, The Secrets! .       .       .       .       .       .       802
   [covers: Sliding Puzzle game]
14: Miscellaneous Junk  .       .       .       .       .       .       819
15: The End     .       .       .       .       .       .       .       837

::: Chapter 1 - Introduction :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

   Welcome to the third (and possibly final) edition FF1 Walkthrough! If you
already have version 2.5, you'll find little new here. If you only had version
1.0 or so, then what were you waiting for? :) 
   Notice that my E-mail address has changed. If you've E-mailed me anytime in
the last year or two, and I never responded, that's because my AOL spambox ate
it. Seriously though, I don't check it anymore, so use the new one below.
   Also notice that MarioMax did an HTML version of version 2.5, which is
avaliable at

   Anyways, all the information in this guide has come from these sources:
     *  Nintendo Power's Final Fantasy Strategy Guide
     *  The FF1 'Handbook' by Ben Siron ( - a MUST
        read for FFI, this details how level ups work, how damage is figured,
        some neat bugs and tricks, and a detailed FF1 monster guide. Available
        at good FTP sites everywhere (and mine too. :)
     *  My own personal experience. 
     *  Contributions from people whose Emails got lost in my AOL spambox.   
        Fortunately, since I don't use it anymore, I shouldn't have that
        problem anymore.

  This Walkthrough was still written in the MS-DOS editor. For best results
view with a monospace font, 78 characters per line, and 8 characters per tab.

  Send any comments, additions, suggestions, or better ascii art intros to: Hell, if you've even read this, drop me a line.

            Where to get the most up-to-date version of this guide:
                         where xx is the version number. 
::: Chapter 2 - Revision History :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Version 1.0 (14 Jun 1996) - First Version of the FF1 Walkthrough.

Version 2.0 (26 Jul 1996) - Rewrote or added to some sections
                            Added walkthrough for the Temple of Fiends 2000

Version 2.1 (27 Jul 1996) - Corrected a few mistakes.

Version 2.5 (29 Jul 1996) - Corrected a few more mistakes.
                            Added Table of Contents
                            Added Revision History.

Version 3.0 (31 Dec 1996) - Corrected a few minor misspellings, mistakes, etc.
                          - Changed the neat (but useless) percentage markers
                            in the Table of Contents to more useful line
                            numbers. (Never Publicly Released)

Version 3.1 (8 Jun 1998)  - Two year anniversary! Miscellaneous section added.
Version 3.1H (8 Jun 1998) - Win96 Help File Version

::: Chapter 3 - Creating a Party Mix :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

   Okay. When you start a new game, you have four characters for which you 
must choose a character class. The Classes available are:

Class       | Description
Fighter     |Can use the most powerful weapons and armor in the game. IMHO,
            |every party you send through the game should have at least one
            |of these. They usually have the best HPs. 
Thief       |Thieves aren't as strong as fighters and can't use as many 
            |weapons, but they are useful in getting your party out of sticky
            |situations. They have the best Agility ratings, and moderate
Black Belt  |I had understated this class before. The Black Belt is *THE*
            |fighter, with *THE* best attacks _unarmed_. Arming him actually
            |weakens him somewhat, especially later on. They have HP ratings
            |(usually) second only to the Fighter.
Red Mage    |Red Mages can learn both White and Black Magic spells, and can
            |even fight fairly well. However, a Red Mage cannot learn some of
            |the most powerful spells.  
White Mage  |Can use any White magic spells, a poor fighter, however.
Black Mage  |Can use any Black magic spells, an even worse fighter.

  There is no "wrong" way to combine these classes, however, some party mixes
will do better than others. I personally like having two fighters, a white 
mage, and a black mage. This is a expensive party to maintain however, with
having to buy some of the most expensive weapons and armor. Twice. Not to 
mention magic spells. But it does force me to gain some levels, and it is a
well balanced party. A party of all Black mages, however, could make 
equipping the previous party look like going to the Salvation Army. First,
this party has no way of healing itself. It would HAVE to buy tons of Heal
potions right off. They would have to buy tons of spells, and they would 
pretty much have to rely on magic the whole game. If you can beat the game
with this party, then you don't need to read my walkthrough.
  For the record, four White Mages would be even worse. The Black Mages at
least had the benefit of attack magic, something White Mages don't get, until
  For beginners I would recommend either my previous party (FI/FI/WM/BM) if
you're really patient or a party of one fighter, one black belt, one white
mage, and one black or red mage. The following walkthrough is going to assume
you're using one of these parties or something similar.
::: Chapter 4 - Suddenly Appearing in Front of a Castle for no Apparent Reason

  Now that you have selected a party and given them names, the screen will  
open up to a castle with a surrounding town. Any of the six town icons will 
take you to the same town, Coneria. First, enter the castle. You can walk 
around the castle if you wish, talking to the people. (You can find an 
invisible man if you search around.) Or just walk straight up into the stairs,
and from there to the King. Talk to him to learn the Princess has been 
kidnapped by some dude called Garland. The horror!
  Now go visit the town. You start the game with a little amount of cash, so
you should go to the weapon and armor shops to get equipped. Make sure you 
equip everything you buy, or else your gonna find yourself in the situation 
where you have this nice, powerful sword, but you left it at home. Here's a 
list of what you should buy for each character class:
                Class    | Weapon   | Armor   
                Fighter  |Rapier    |Chain Armor
                Bl. Belt*|Iron Nchks|Wooden Armor
                Thief    |Rapier    |Wooden Armor
                R. Mage  |Rapier    |Chain Armor
                Wh. Mage |Iron Hmmr |Cloth
                Bl. Mage |Small Dgr.|Cloth

  * - Equipping the Black Belt this early might help, but it actually hinders
      later on, especially after his hit % surpasses 32%. An unarmed BB's
      attack rating is always 2 x level, and he can do 4 hits a turn after he
      reaches 32% for hit % rating. 
  With what money you have left, buy magic spells for anyone in your party
capable of using magic. CURE is a MUST, if you have a white or red mage. You
should also get HARM, if you have a white mage. For black mages get FIRE and  
LIT, and SLEP. Of course, with spells at 100 GP a pop, you're going to run out
of gold before you get all that. So, when a lack of green puts you out of the
scene, leave town and wander around the town. Don't roam too far just yet. 
Fight until all your people reach Lv. 2 and you can finish buying spells. You
might want to buy some Heal and Pure potions.
  Now head north until you reach the Temple of Fiends (the ruins). Wander
around the perimeter clockwise. You should find three treasures in this order:
a Cap (equip to whoever has the lowest Absorb rating; check your Status 
screen), a Cabin and a Heal potion. If you continue around, you'll find two
locked doors. You may have found the locked doors in the Castle. Ignore them
for now; you'll get the key later. When you reach Lv. 3 (or are about to die)
head back to town and rest at the Inn, and revive any dead members at the 
Clinic, if necessary. Then head back to the Temple, but this time head 
straight up through the door. Talk to Garland, who will fling a few insults
your way and then attack.
  Garland shouldn't be too much of a problem. Have fighters, black belts, or 
thieves attack, Black or Red mages should flame the sucker (with the FIRE 
spell, not with E-Mail), and White mages should either attack or CURE, 
whatever the situation should dictate. If you run out of Magic Power, or don't
have a White mage to begin with, or if you just plain don't feel like using
magic, use the drink command to heal.
  After beating Garland, talk to the princess. You'll be teleported back to 
the castle. Talk to the king and to the princess, and the princess will give
you the Lute.  A Lute???
  The King will show his gratitude by ordering a bridge built to the mainland.
Rest at the Inn, and then head for the bridge.
::: Chapter 5 - What in the Hey is TCELES B HSUP? ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  Cross the bridge and head north until you find a cave. Enter the cave and 
explore. You will find two heal potions, a pure potion, a bunch of talking
brooms that say, "TCELES B HSUP." (?uoy t'nac ,sdrawkcab daer nac uoY). You'll
also find Matoya the Witch, who seems to have lost her Crystal, which allowed
her to see. You can't do much for her now, however.
  In case you didn't figure out the broom's clue, when you leave the cave, 
hold down B on the controller and push SELECT. This will bring up a world map,
showing your current location. See all those blinking dots? You're gonna hafta
visit (almost) every single one to finish the game. You'd better get moving!
  Head back south until the mountain range, then head east past the desert
until you find a town. You enter the town of Pravoka to find it... deserted? 
Well, almost, except for a guy with a mohawk. Talk to him to learn that the 
town's been invaded by pirates. Stay at the inn, and then talk to the head 
pirate on the west side of town. He'll order his crew of nine to attack!
  These pirates are total wusses. However, the fact that they outnumber you
2 to 1 is nothing to laugh at. Use the same tactics that you used on Garland,
but DO NOT have any two people attack the same pirate, unless there's only
three pirates. That will more than likely result in a wasted attack.
  Winning nets you 360 GP and a ship. It's waiting for you in the dock just
outside of town, but don't leave just yet. It's time to upgrade your weaponry!
It's also probably a good time to stay at the Inn.
  First, buy everyone a pair of gloves. Then buy fighters a wooden shield. Now
you're probably low on money, but I'll address that later. When you get more,
buy a Scimitar if you have any thieves, and either a Short Sword or a Hand Axe
for fighters. They both cost the same (550 GP), but the Hand Axe does slightly
more damage than the sword, but the sword gives a better chance of hitting. 
The sword is probably the best buy. Also pick up some iron armor. As for 
magic, be sure to pick up ICE and SLOW (black), and MUTE, ALIT, and INVS
(white). Red Mages should pick up at least ICE and MUTE.
  You're gonna need a ton of gold to buy all this, head east into the
mountains a good bit, where Ogres tend to show up more often. At first, they
will be a difficult bunch to fight, so don't take any chances out here. But
beating them does yield a decent amount of gold. If you're really feeling
lucky, then leave the town, head east into the mountains, then as far north as
you can go. Due to a bug in the game, the top part of this (two-block wide) 
peninsula contains FrWOLFs, GIANTs, TYROs, and other relatively stronger
enemies. If you can defeat them at this lower level, you get more for your
troubles, but I still recommend fighting the Ogres.
  When you're fully equipped and ready to go, step into your new ship.
::: Chapter 6 - The Land of the Elves :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 
  Well, so you're in your new ship, and sailing around. You can float around
the Aldi Sea awhile, fighting wussy enemies, you can go back to Coneria for a
cheap inn, or you can push A and B together 55 times to play a sliding puzzle
game. After you get tired of that, head due south of Coneria, and then west 
into a port. This lets you off a short walk's distance from Elfland and the
Castle of Elf. Let's visit the Castle, shall we?
  Here you'll find that the Prince of the Elves is under a sleeping spell cast
on him by Astos, the dark elf. You'll also hear that only a Herb will wake him
up. You'll also hear that Matoya has such an herb. You'll also find out how to
unlock these blasted locked doors that keep turning up.
  Before you can put any of this newfound knowledge to use, visit the town of
Elfland. Buy Fighters a Silver sword, an Iron shield, and a Wooden helmet. Buy
anyone else a cap, if they don't already have one. You can buy Iron Nunchucks
for any Black Belts (but I don't recommend it). Buy Copper Bracelets for any
Mages of any color except Red. Buy a Dagger for your Black Mage, if you have
one, and another Silver Sword for a Red Mage.
  As far as spells go, CUR2, FIR2, and LIT2 are musts for level 3 magic. If
you have a White Mage, buy HRM2 as well. AFIR is useful as well. For level
4 magic, buy PURE, FAST, and ICE2 for sure, and then just buy whatever floats
your boat, if you want to come up with the cash.
  This IS gonna be expensive. If you want to be equipped with the best money
can buy, you're gonna have to beat up on the Ogres nearby, again. Either that,
or go back to the Peninsula NE of Provoka (Pneop), which will net you quicker
  When you're up a good level or three and are bored of gaining money, head
northwest of Elfland to a place called (get this) the Northwest Castle. Enter
and you'll find a deserted castle filled with bats, some more of those famous
locked doors, and a lone King, who claims that Astos has stolen his crown.
You're gonna be heading into the Marsh Cave after the crown, so finish 
geting your party equipped, stock up on some HEAL potions, and definitely some
PURE potions as well.
  When you first enter the Marsh Cave, you'll have the option to go north or 
south. The north path leads to a room with a few treasure chests, with nothing
of value. Head south, take the stairs to another room. Make your way to the 
little room at the bottom, where more stairs await.
  Here in the third basement, you'll find a four by four arrangement of little
rooms. Three of the bottom four contain some of Final Fantasy's Famous Locked
Doors. Ignore them for now, but go into the room third from the top, and 
second from the left. You'll have to fight a group of Wizards. Wizards have 84
hit points, and a weakness for LIT (you did buy LIT2 before you came here,
didn't you?). After defeating them take the crown and run.
  After healing up at an inn or with a HOUSE or something, return to the
Northwest Castle. Talk to the King again and he will reveal that he is really
Astos, the SOB that stole Matoya's crystal and casted the sleeping spell on 
the prince. You're gonna have to fight him. (I hope you've saved!)
  Astos has 168 HP and an attitude to boot. Keep nailing him with your
strongest attacks and magic, healing if necessary (or if possible. This dude
knows RUB!) When (or if) you win, you'll get Matoya's CRYSTAL.
  Return to her cave, give her the CRYSTAL in exchange for the HERB. Go back
to the Castle of Elves, give the Prince the HERB. When he wakes up, he'll give
your party the Mystic KEY, which will open up all those blasted locked doors.
  Go on a door unlocking spree if you like, but definitely unlock the doors in
Castle Coneria, for some TNT. After you get it, head west from the port of 
Coneria, to the next port you find. This will put you a short way away from
the Dwarven Cave. Talk to all the Dwarves, and take the treasures. The Iron
Helmet is worth keeping if you've got a Fighter, but sell everything else. The
Silver Armor is much more expensive than Iron, but it's also a lot weaker. It
is useful for Red Mages, however. The Dragon Sword might be good for thieves,
but contrary to popular belief, FF1 weapons have no racial modifers.
(Translation: this dragon sword will do no better for you against dragons than
a Silver Sword.) Make note of the Blacksmith whose looking for ADAMANT.
  You'll eventually find Nerrick, who is trying to make a canal between the
Aldi Sea and the Western Sea. He's short on TNT at the moment, so if you're
nice enough to lend him some (like you really have a choice), he can complete
the job and you can move on.
::: Chapter 7 - Has Someone Been Leaking Toxic Wastes Into The Ground Again? :
  Sail your ship through the newly formed canal, and dock up next to Melmond.
Enter the town, and have a look around. 
  This place is a mess. Most of the ground has turned into desert, buildings
are demolished, and there are gravesites aplenty. The surviving townspeople 
will tell you of the Vampire who caused the destruction.
  On a more practical issue, there is no clinic here, so be careful. The
weapon shop has nothing of use. The armor shop has Steel Armor, one of the
best in the game for Fighters. However, it comes with a 45000 GP price tag. 
  Where are you going to get that kind of money? Well, there are a few good
places. The Locked Door of the Northwest Castle is one such place. The three
treasure chests contain nothing of use (sell them!), but walking in front of
them always triggers an attack by Undead creatures. Defeating them will
usually net you a decent amount of cash, and Undead creatures are easily
undone by HARM or FIRE type spells. This isn't the best place for dough, by
now you should be able to use Pneop and survive.
  After getting some money, buy Silver Bracelets for your black or white
mages, if any, and some Iron Gauntlets for fighters. And even some Steel, if
you're really patient.
  Let's talk magic. Namely let's talk CUR3, FIR3. If you have a White Mage, do
get LIFE and HRM3 as well. If you have a Red or Black Mage, leave a spot for
WARP. You can't use it yet, but you will be able to later.
  Make note of Dr. Unne's spot in town (you'll need his help later), and then
leave Melmond and head south past the rotting earth to the Earth Cave. Since
the people couldn't find Simon Belmont, you'll have to get rid of the Vampire
instead (besides, Richter's cooler anyway... um, never mind.)
  Basement 1: Be warned of the western hall when you enter the cave. Known as
"The Hall of Giants", It contains nothing but Giants and Iguanas. Strong
enemies, and a good place for earning Gold and experience. But I prefer the
Earth elementals for this purpose: enter any of the three treasure rooms and
step in front of a chest. Most of the chests have an automatic fight with an
Earth elemental, which has a weakness against FIRE, and give about twice the
experience of a Giant, and only slightly less gold. But