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Lost Eden (e)

Lost Eden 
            Because of their draconian heritage, a dracon will almost certainly 
            be able to breathe something nasty, either acid, fire, poison, or 
            something equally unpleasant. Typically, as a dracon ages and 
            improves physically, this ability also improves in both strength and 
            PART 1 - The Secret
            Greetings, noble Adam, prince of Mo. I am your humble servant, 
            trying to advise you on your difficult quest to regain lost glory of 
            First you should talk to Thugg to find out about messenger Eloi. Go 
            to king Gregor's throne room and have a pleasant conversation with 
            your father and the messenger. Alas, Chamaar has fallen into the 
            hands of bloody tyrans. Examine frescos, all three of them, and 
            learn about your great and notorious ancestors. Now, m'lord, Eloi 
            wanted to speak with you in your room so head there. He gives you a 
            way stone.
            You also learn about female Dina who is waiting for you just outside 
            the citadel. It would not do to keep a lady waiting so meet her at 
            the side entrance. Her father is dying and you should pay him a 
            visit, before it's too late. Don't steal old man's knife. Listen 
            what wise Tau has to say and get a shell from him. If you should 
            have a problems from now on, you can always communicate with him 
            thru the shell. After he passes away get a knife of Graa from the 
            bedside table. Now you can return to the Mo. Monk used to be a 
            friend of Tau so you should tell grave news about Tau's death to 
            him. Talk with Monk until you get a talisman from him. Look at the 
            tablet on the table. Now it's about time to visit royal executioner.
            Unfortunately you can't make out what poor fellow tries to 
            communicate. Back out to Dina and give talisman to her so she can 
            enter dreaded room. Talk with Jabber the executioner and get a gift 
            from him. This gift, m'lord, is actually a key that could unlock 
            mysteries of the citadels. Go to the Monk's chamber and take a 
            closer look at your ancestors. One teeth seems to be missing and 
            your highness has a teeth from Jabber. Try to put that teeth into 
            mummy's mouth. So the secret passage is revealed. 
            Muster all your courage and dive to the subterran tunnels. Wait ! 
            Isn't it the dreaded Moorkong bellowing in the darkness beyond ? It 
            might be dangerous but I advice you to go ahead. There is a skeleton 
            guarding your path. Use the teeth on him and he grumbles to the 
            dust. Open door and boldly step inside. Well, some things seem 
            bigger than they really is. Take a prism from ol' Moorkong or rather 
            from his remains. There is another set of frescoes here. Studying 
            them can reveal the secret of the architect and Graa. Accept a gift 
            of flute from Dina, o New Architect. Monk would be interested in 
            prism so go back to his room and present what you have found to him.
            You can see beyond the surface of the tablet, m'lord, if you use 
            prism on it. Now you have personal communication channel with your 
            greatest enemy. With this evil fiend threatening to storm the final 
            haven you have no real choice but you must try to ride your world 
            from his dreaded presence. Only problem is, you have to convince 
            king Gregor that such is a case. Monk can help with convincing your 
            father. With all those people at your side you shall finally win 
            over your father's trust and are ready to travel beyond the 
            sheltering walls of Mo. It's very dangerous and not befitting to the 
            member of the royal family to travel around in hostile environment. 
            So you should stop at the gate and take Thugg with you as a personal 
            guard. Finally you are ready to meet you destiny.
            PART 2 - Building the Citadels
            People at Chamaar need your immediate attention so you should guide 
            your little party to the recent battlefield. There you are 
            introduced to the charming Mungo. Wander around aimlessly and Thugg 
            will find an apple. You shall discover that Thugg has quite a 
            remarkable nose for apples and alike. Find the chorrians and win 
            Chong to your side. Now you have to find a shaded forest and get 
            some mushrooms from there. Beware of the poisoned ones, m'lord. If 
            you should accidentally get a poisoned mushroom feed it to Thugg, 
            he's got quite a remarkable food digesting system. If you have a 
            good mushroom in your possession try to find a herd of brontosaurus. 
            They are good builders so your highness should befriend them with 
            offering some mushrooms. Now you are all set to begin the actual 
            building process so play that magical flute and so man and dinosaur 
            will work together once more. It would be good to have some help 
            while moving from valley to valley so find a herd of apatosaurus and 
            play the flute for them. Music can be powerful allay. It's time to 
            move on to the north to Uluru, and who knows, maybe chorrians will 
            express they're gratitude by giving you a gift of moon stone.
            In Uluru try to find the cave of ulele people. It lies in the 
            north-eastern side of the valley. Go through the usual process of 
            mushrooms, brontosaurus and flute. Accept the gift of the tablet. It 
            won't do to hurt your host's feelings by refusing his gift.
            Travel back to Chamaar and find a lake. Mosasaurus lives in lake but 
            before wasting an apple make sure (by peeking below the surface) 
            that you are standing in the right spot. If you are satisfied that 
            this is the right place throw an apple to the lake. If denizen of 
            the lake does not appear, leave valley for a moment and talk to the 
            Thugg and he shall find another apple for you. Mosasaurus says that 
            tyrans here are afraid of the Eye in the Storm. Eloi brings a news 
            of velociraptors in Uluru so your highness should pay then a visit.
            Uluru: Talk to volociraptors and try to befriend them. Alas, those 
            brave warriors are reluctant to stand at your side. Wonder how are 
            things going in Chamaar ? You should lead your subjects back to 
            Seems that everything is not going well here, however. Tyrans are 
            trying to storm construction site and brontosaurus are too 
            frightened to build anymore. Well, seems that you are lost that 
            battle but war is on. So you need to find another herd of 
            brontosaurus and make another fortress to defy the enemy. As you 
            can't do anything more here, go to Uluru.
            Find the local Mosasaurus and learn about the Sky Hammer. Ulan 
            should talk about the valley to the east so lead your party to Koto.
            Find a cave in the north-west part of the valley and get the sun 
            stone. There are also some rather interesting paintings on the wall. 
            Wander around until you find the local humans - Kobu tribe. Kommala 
            thinks that ulele people might know more about velociraptors. Your 
            highness could use that knowledge so you should head for the Uluru, 
            checking only with local mosasaurus and learning about Fire in the 
            Clouds. I would advice against building citadel here as yet as 
            Kommala seems to be a little reluctant.
            In Uluru talk to Keeper and ask about velociraptors. Keeper gives an 
            object of power to your valiant party and gives you a quest of 
            finding three masks. So you need a gold to win velociraptors to your 
            side. Gold can often be found in wet places so check around the 
            lakes and seas. It's really about time to do something in Chamaar or 
            your other fortress shall fall also.
            Give some gold to velociraptors in Chamaar and they also require an 
            object of power. Eye in the storm should be quite sufficient. Now 
            that you know how to ally velociraptors you can convince Kommala in 
            Make a fortress for Kobu people and Kommala will reward you with the 
            Mask of Bonding. You should return that mask to it's rightful owners 
            in Uluru.
            Keepers gives you a choice between two items of power. I strongly 
            advice to take hand-shaped object (Sky Hammer). Now give some gold 
            and the Sky Hammer to local velociraptors and return to keeper for 
            another object of power. This object is useful in Koto so travel 
            Pay to velociraptor mercenaries and give them the Fire in the 
            Clouds. Upon leaving the valley you shall be informed about 
            difficult to reach valley of Despair. Narrim, lord of the aquasaurus 
            could be of some help so you should take a journey to his cave.
            Narrim does not have faith in you m'lord until you show him Graa's 
            knife. And so the time for fighting has arrived. Lead your valiant 
            party thru the hidden pass and mount a giant battle against the 
            tyrans. Alas, Mongo shall go down in the battle. Speak with tamnians 
            and Tahloomi and let him rename that vally to valley of Tamara. 
            Local Mosasaurus can inform you about Within and Without and 
            brontosaurus can help you to build a citadel in this godforsaken 
            place. Fugg shall give you a Bag of Earth as a gift.
            You might hear about Cantura and dangerous Sea of Peril, however Way 
            Stone is missing so you can't cross the sea. Wait a minute, you have 
            a Way Stone, give it to Tahloomi ! And so the journey begins over 
            the shallow waves of the Sea of Peril.
            In cantura you shall discover startling secret of Kahloomi/Eve. Go 
            to the Castra cave in north-western side of the valley and talk with 
            charming Cabuka. You just can't argue with this man and there seems 
            to be but one way to release Eve - to give Dina to this monster. Use 
            Eloi to get back to Tamara.
            Dina stands at the lake and dreams about her lost mate. Go to her 
            and look thru the tablet (use tablet on yourself) so she can also 
            learn about cruel fate that has befallen on Mungo. Now she will come 
            with you to Cantura.
            Give Dina to the denizens of the cave and build a fortress into this 
            valley with the help of the brontosaurus. Inquire mosasaurus about 
            the power objects and learn about the Eye of the Cyclone. Pay a 
            visit to Dina and receive a Mask of Birth. Now Magus will ask some 
            Life giving master : give Sun Stone
            Shadow mistress : give Sun Stone
            Infant-bearing mother of all : Bag of Earth
            In return for your wisdom you shall receive another tablet from 
            Magus. Talking with Eve shall reveal her new skills at rallying 
            triceratops to your cause. Go to Chamaar m'lord. It has come to our 
            attention that triceratops like empty nests. Find a nest from the 
            forest. If it's not empty give it to your royal bodyguard Thugg and 
            he will reduce the net according to your needs. Offer your gift of 
            friendship (nest) to trisceratops and Eve will sing to them. Now you 
            have wise allays. Head for Uluru m'lord.
            Here you have honor of returning jet another mask to it's rightful 
            inheritance. I'd advice to select a skull from the objects of power. 
            Track down trisceratops in this valley also and give net to them. 
            Fly to Tamara.
            You can ally Tamara's volociraptors and go back to Ulura and take 
            the final object of power. This object can be used in Canture to 
            send local volociraptors against the tyrant army. Visit Dina to 
            spend some time and you can begin your routine with Trisceratops.
            There are also trisceratops in Tamara that need to be rallied and 
            don't forget trisceratops in Koto. Now Eloi will bring you grave 
            news about your father, king Gregor. I can see that your sorrow is 
            overwhelming but still I'd suggest you take a sight-seeing tour thru 
            all the valleys and look at all the citadels before you return 
            within the walls of Mo. Because it's your final chance to see how 
            the great citadels are built. After your uneventful trip head for 
            the citadel of Mo.
            Alas, the messenger was not mistaken. The King is gone. You as his 
            rightful heir should inherit his hunting horn. Get it from the 
            throne room. Ask Monk about funeral arrangements and set for a sad 
            journey to the embalmers cave.
            Marinda explains that you need a volunteer to wield the Blade of the 
            Transcendence and that you are not befitting. I would suggest myself 
            to do that task but I'm pretty tired of typing this walkthru and I 
            might do a fatal mistake. You have to find another person to help 
            your father's heart escape it's mortal cage. Maybe you could find 
            someone from Mo, m'lord ?
            Executioner seems befitting for this task and your highness should 
            pay him a visit. Poor fellow wants to have your hunting horn. I hope 
            you do realize that hunting is a barbaric lifestyle and have no 
            difficulty in giving up the horn for this upstanding subject of 
            yours. Jabber is soon set up, with some help from the Monk of 
            Travel back to the embalmers and present your "volunteer" to 
            Marinda. After the ceremony you shall acquire yet another of those 
            masks. She has very powerful weapons but she is willing to share 
            them only with the rightful heir to throne. Don't misunderstand me, 
            my king, I have no doubt in your heritage but we need to convince 
            You shall now fulfill the holy task of taking your fathers mummy to 
            it's final resting place amongst your honored dead ancestors. You 
            shall hear about lone queen at north who is defying the tyrans.
            Journey to Uluru and give final mask to Keeper and you shall receive 
            the ultimate object of power - necklace of Olas Acha.
            Your highness should pay a visit to the northern queen who lives in 
            the north-east corner of Shandoyra. Shazia turns out to be quite a 
            close relative of yours and you really need that sword of hers. To 
            impress your royal sister you need to find a herd of brontosaurus 
            and start another fortress and so she gives up the Golden Sword of 
            Machaar. You are finally officially king.
            Fly back to the embalmers and show your sign of power (sword). She 
            finally gives up her deadly weapons. You need to distribute weapons 
            between your party. I'd suggest giving Rolling Thunder to Thugg, he 
            can beat it with sufficient force. Chant of Bells seems to befitting 
            your wise counselor Monk and that leaves you with the Angry Gods.
            So armored lead your party back to sister's new home lands and seek 
            out all the tyrants (there is three or more groups of them) and use 
            the Angry Gods near the evil fiends. Get a tablet from your sister.
            PART 3 - Banishing of Evil
            Now it's time for you to learn the path of the golden sword. Return 
            to the citadel of Mo and talk with Shazia the proud about the path. 
            She leads you to throne room frescos and here you can ask her to 
            reveal another dark passage. Wander around for a while and if you 
            seem to be lost ask directions from your sister. You could also ask 
            from Monk, but he does not know this maze and will surely mislead. 
            If all goes well then you shall find the Egg of Destiny and by 
            giving it to Eloi clean his name for generations to come. Walk back 
            to throne room and keep asking your sister for directions. Next 
            point of interest is the White Arch.
            Pterodactyls offer a tablet for services granted to them. Your 
            highness might also heard about the deadly root with quite an 
            interesting properties. It seems that you have to go to Cantura to 
            fetch the root. Dina is only too glad to supply you with one. Return 
            to the Great White Arc for only there can you eat that root.
            I would recommend against eating poisoned things but I know that you 
            would not listen to reasonable counsel. Alas, you are dead. Find the 
            Father of All Dinosaurs and show the tablet to him and he shall tell 
            you what you need to know and restore your fading life-force. So, my 
            king, you are all set to fight the final fiend. Moorkus Rex himself 
            must fall before the day is over.
            Fly to Moorkus Rex's cave and leave companions waiting. Do not 
            confront Moorkus at once or you will surely perish. Walk to the 
            right and get the final side of the Cube. Go to Moorkus Rex and 
            shatter his illusion forever.
            Victory at last. Now the final matter that requires your attention 
            before we part. Break the Egg of Destiny. It reveals sad truth, but 
            truth nonetheless.
            And now, my valiant liege, I shall depart and go to a much needed 
            sleep. Farewell my king. Maybe we'll meet in the sequel (if any).
            © 1995 Veikko Danilas