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Lost Eden (e)

                        *********Lost Eden*********
                        Brought To U By LePReCHauN
Ever since 1974, when Dungeons & Dragons was first published, I have been an
avid fan of Adventure Games. Originally a fanatical D & D player, I went on
to promote role-playing games through Games Workshop and eventually to design
adventures, as co-author of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, designer of the FIST 
telephone adventures and more recently in developing Battlecards. Since the 
early days, the genre has developedfrom the original Fantasy Role-Playing 
games - played on tabletops littered with scraps of paper - to today's multi-
media hi-tech extavaganzas played on state-of-the-art computers. Watching the
evolution of Adventure Games over the last 20 years has been an exciting 
These days the quest is on for the ultimate Adventure Game - the Interactive
Movie. In this respect, Lost Eden is something of a milestone. Cryo's 
painstaking design and programming work has created nothing short of an 
Adventure Gaming masterpiece. The action is full-screen. The animations are 
stunningly realistic. Games control - the Interface - is unobtrusive. And in
no other game that I have played have the game characters been developed so

The result is an Adventure Game with a unique feel to it. I am full of
admiration for Cryo's brilliant creation. I have thoroughly enjoyed being 
involved with its development. And i'm sure you will also share my enthusiasm
when you immerse yourself in the adventure plot

Welcome to a new world..  The world of Lost Eden

                                                        Mr Steve Jackson

        System Requirements
MINIMUM                         RECOMMENDED
486sx                           486sx
33mhz                           50mhz
CD-ROM 1X                       CD-ROM 2X

Game + Voice + Music --->520K min.
Game + Voice         --->480K min.
Game Only            --->470K min.

Sound Blaster Compatible

        The History Of Eden
For many generations, the peaceful inhabitants of Eden have lived in fear of
the tyrant, Moorkus Rex. With his bloodlusting hordes of rampaging Tyranno-
saurs, Moorkus Rex has mounted a terrible campaign of destruction against the
human and the dinosaur races. His ultimate goal is domination of the whole of
YOUR goal ultimate goal is to prevent him.
In the game, you are Prince Adam of Mo, heir to the throne of the kingdom of
Mashaar. You are ambitious and courageous. And you are anxious to begin 
shaping the future. Shaping not only your own future, but that of the whole 
of Eden. And foremost in your mind is the need to defeat Moorkus Rex. Your 
father, King Gregor, is an old man with little fighting spirit left to face
the Tyrann leader. His own vision of the future is bleak. Nothing can prevent
Moorkus Rex's ultimate victory. In his view it will simply be a matter of 
time before the Tyrannosaurs conquer the whole of Eden. You respect your 
father, but you do not share his grim vision of the future.
The game begins on the day of your Coming of Age. Ever since your mother and
your sister were murdered by the Tyrann on the plains of Mashaar, King Gregor 
has forbidden you to leave the safety of Mo. You are the last surviving heir
to the throne. You must not face unnecessary dangers in the world outside.
But you long to leave Mo and see the magnificent lands of Eden with your own 
eyes. You do not share his pessimism and you are determined to halt the 
Tyrann wave of death before it is too late. You already have a formidable
defence to use against them...
Your home - the great citadel of Mo - is an impregnable fortress wich will 
never be stormed by the Tyrannosaurs. But whilst your own subjects are safe 
in Mo, the Tyranns rampage through the surrounding lands, killing and
enslaving your would-be allies: the other races of human-types and the
peaceful dinosaurs.
In your dreams you have foreseen an end to this destruction. A future free
from the tyranny of Moorkus Rex. You have great heroic ambitions. Ambitions 
to unitethe humans and dinosaurs as allies against the Tyrannosaurs. And you
have a plan. A plan wich will persuade the others to rally to your cause. If
you can build citadels like your own at Mo in the velleys where the other
human-types live, they will be safe from the Tyrann attacks.
And with a network of such citadels across the land there will once more be
hope for the future. Convinced of your noble intentions, others will rally to
the cause. And with the rest of Eden allied against them, the Tyrann will
surely be defeated. There is only one problem.
The great secret of the citadels has been lost!
Your great grandfather Priam, known as The Architect, built the Citadel of Mo
This gargantuan fortress defies all known laws of construction.
Its very existence is an enigma - a source of wonder to all who behold it.
How could The Architect have built such a structure? But alas this great 
secret has been lost in the mists if time. All knowledge of its construction
was purchedfrom history by Priam's own son, Vangor. A cruel warlord who sought 
a treacherous alliance with Moorku Rex, Vangor had all who had been involved
in the citadel's construction put to death to prove his intentions. Vangor
became known as The Enslaver.
But you sincerely believe that the Architect's great secret can be 
rediscovered. Thus your mission has two stages. First you must rediscover the
great secret. You must learn how to construct citadels like the one at Mo.
And then you must visit the valleys of Eden. In each valley you must build a
citadel to defend the inhabitants from te Tyrann. You must also persuade 
these inhabitants to become your allies; to join with you in a campaign of
war against Moorkus Rex and his legions of death...

        The Game's Sollution
First I wanna make some notes :

        When I say build a citadel, I mean : Give mushroom to Brontosaurs
                                             and use flute on Brontosaurs
        Mushrooms grow in the forest.

        Before you can build a citadel you have to find the human-type race
        in that valley. Then the Brontosaurs.

        Velociraptors are the only dino's who can fight the Tyrannosaurs.
        For that you have to give them gold and an object of power.
        The dino who lives in the lake will tell you wich object of power
        will be effective for that valley.

        You can find gold by lakes.

        Triceratops want empty nests. You can find nests in the trees.
        If there are eggs in the nest, the Triceratops don't want the nest.
        Give the eggs to Thugg instead.

        Save often ! Good Luck !

        The Citadel of Mo
When you start the game you are at the main entrance of the Citadel of Mo.
Go straight ahead. Now you can talk to Thugg. He says the king wants you in
the throne room. Go to the "elevator" on your left. There are 3 gates in
front of you. The left one is from Jabber the Executioner, the right one is
the side entrance of the citadel ( it's locked now ), the middle one leads
you to the throne room. In the hall of the throne room are 3 rooms. The left
one is the crypt ( Monk is overthere ), the right one is your room and the
middle one is the throne room where your father is waiting.
Once in the throne room you see Eloi and the king ( your father ). A conver-
sation starts. Now click on Eloi, he will visit you in your room later.
Go to Monk and talk to him. He will give you a present ( a talisman of 
courage ). Go to your room where Eloi awaits you. Talk to him and he will 
give you a gift ( a strange stone with an inscryption ). Go to the 3 gates.
Take the right gate, Dina awaits you there. You have to go to her father.
Go out the citadel. Enter the cave and talk to Tau. Before he dies he will
give you a shelve. Take the knife from the table and return to Mo.
When you are at Mo give the talisman to Dina and enter the room of Jabber the
executioner. He will give tooth. Go to the mummies in the crypte. Use the 
tooth on the mummie. An secret entrance will reveil. Enter, you will go 
downstairs now. Keep going staight ahead, mind the sounds and pictures.
You will arrive at an skeleton. Use the tooth on the skeleton. The skeleton
will fall apart. Look at the hole and another entrance will reveil. Go trough
the hole and you will see a huge horn. Take the prism on the floor and look
at the wall. Now Dina will give you a flute. Go back to Monk and use the 
prism on the tablet. You will see your enemy, Moorkus Rex. Monk will give
you the tablet. He will also try to persuade the king. So go to the throne
room. After a long conversation you finally can go outside.

        Valley of Shamaar
On the west side of the valley are the Chorrians. Talk to them and the 
leader will join you in the valley. Now find the Brontosaurs. When you found
them you can built a citadel. Talk to the leader of the Chorrians. He will
give you a moonstone. You have to find the Apatosaurus, they will transport
you. They are at the border of the forest. Go to the lake and talk to Thugg.
He found an apple. Use apple with the lake, a dino will pop up. Talk to him.
Goto Uluru.

        Valley of Uluru
The Ulele are in a cave north-east of the valley. Talk to the leader. Now 
find the Brontosaurs and build a citadel. Go back to Shamaar. Go to the 
citadel. Talk to leader a few times. Now you can go to Koto.

        Valley of Koto
The kobu tribe are in the south-east part of the valley. Talk to leader.
Go back to the cave in Uluru and tell the Keeper of Traditions that you are
interested in Velociraptors. Find some gold and go to Koto. Find the Raptors
and give them the gold. Now you must go to the kobu tribe again and talk to
the leader. She will follow you now in the valley. Search for the Brontosaurs
and built a citadel. As you built the citadel talk to the leader and she will
give you a mask. Go to the cave in the north-west of the valley. Pick up the
sun and look at the walls. Go to Uluru.

        Valley of Uluru again
Go to the cave. Give the mask to the Keeper of Traditions. He will give you
an object of power. Take the SkyHammer. Find the Velociraptors in the valley.
Give them gold and the SkyHammer. Go back to the cave and ask the other 
object of power. Go to Koto.

        Valley of Koto again
Find the Velociraptors and give them gold and Fire in the Clouds. Now you can
go to the Lord of the Aquasaurus.

        Lord of the Aquasaurus
Enter the cave. Talk to the Aquasaurus. Convince him with your knife.
Now you can go to Tamara.

        Valley of Tamara
Find the Tammnians, they are close to the lake. Talk to leader and he will
join you. Go to the Brontosaurs in the valley and built a citadel. Talk to
Fugg, the leader of the Tammnians, he will give you sand. Give stone with
inscription to the man with funny mask. Now you travel further.

        Valley of Cantura
The Castra are in a cave in the north-west of the valley. They will capture
the leader of the Tammnians. They will only release her wen you bring Dina
to them. Go to Tamara.

        Valley of Tamara again
Dina is at the lake. Look in the window, you will see a severed head. Now
Dina will come with you to the Castra. Go to Cantura.

        Valley of Cantura again
Go to the Castra. Talk to the guy next to Dina. He will ask a 3 questions.
This are the answers: 1) Give Sunstone to man
                      2) Give Moonstone to man
                      3) Give Bag with sand to man
You will receive a window.
Find the Brontosaurs and built a citadel.
The Brontosaurs cannot make the citadels stronger, they are in need of help 
of the Triceratops. You have to go to each valley to find the Triceratops.
When you found them give them a nest ( must be empty ! ). After doing that
go to the cave in Cantura and talk to leader.
Go to Uluru.

        Valley of Uluru again
Give mask to Keeper of Traditions. He will give you an object of power. Take
the Skull. Go to Tamara.

        Valley of Tamara again
Find the Velociraptors and give them gold and the Skull. Go to the Keeper of
Traditions again and take the other object of power. Go to Cantura.

        Valley of Cantura again
Find the Raptors, give them gold and the Eye in the Cycloop. Meanwhile your
father has died. You have to go to Mo.

        Citadel of Mo again
Go to the throne room. Monk is there and he will explain the cause of dead.
Take the horn and go to the Embalmers.

        The Embalmers
Enter the cave. Talk to the priest. Go back to Mo. Go to Jabber the 
executioner and give him the horn. Go back to the Embalmers' cave.
Talk to priest. Wait. The priest will give a mask. Go to Uluru.

        Valley of Uluru again
Give mask to Keeper of Traditions. Take object of power. Go to Shandovra.

        Valley of Shandovra
Find the Queen. Talk to her, she will tell you that you are her brother.
She has the Golden Sword and she will give it to you if you built a citadel.
Find the Brontosaurs and built a citadel. Go back to the cave of the 
Embalmers. Show the Golden Sword. You will get 3 instruments. Go back to
Shandovra. Give the drum to Thugg, the bell to Monk. Find the Velociraptors.
Give them gold and the Eye in the Storm. Find the Tyrannosaurs. Use the horn
on yourself. The Tyranns will flee. Find them again and use the horn again.
You have to this one more time. The Tyranns are gone now. Go to Mo now, you
must learn the path of the Golden Sword.

        Citadel of Mo again
Go to the throne room. Look at picture of Moorkus Rex. Use sword on Moorkus
Rex. A secret door will open now. You enter a labyrinth but your sister knows
the correct way. You arrive at a room with a very large egg. Give the egg to
Eloi. Go to the White Arch.

        The White Arch
Wait for Eloi. Go to Dina in Cantura, she will give you the Root of Ages. Go
back to the White Arch. Eat the Root of Ages. Now you are death !!!
Go forward and you will see The Ansestor of all Dionsaurs. Talk to him. Give
him a tablet. Now you know the meaning of the tablet. Go back. Go to the Lair
of Moorkus Rex

        The Lair of Moorkus Rex
Go right and pick up the tablet. Go back then straight ahead. Moorkus Rex
awaits you but he didn't expect you with all 6 tablets. Click on Moorkus Rex
and he will fal apart. Go outside the cave.
Eloi tells you that you have the honour to brake the shell of the giant egg.
The egg will tell you the future of all Dinosaurs but it's empty !!!!
Eloi explains why. That was the end of the game !!!!

                                      **The End**