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\ The Mortal Kombat PC Pro's Guide  /
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\ 01/02/97                          /

****-= Introduction

 The Mortal Kombat PC Pro's Guide is a compilation of info for the
 Fall 1996 release of the Classic Original Mortal Kombat. A lot of it
 applies to other versions of the game as well, but this document is
 put together with the new version in mind, so any moves or facts that are
 exclusive to it will be listed without notification of differences in
 other ports of the game.

 If there is any other information you think should be included in
 this compilation, just drop me a message at  and tell me
 about it. If I can get it, I'll add it. Other suggestions, creative
 criticism, or questions are welcome.

 Be sure to check out the Midway Info Center WWW Site at

 Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher is
 required to view it.
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  The Imperial Court of Immortals invites warriors of all styles to compete
                       in a tournament of Mortal Kombat!

 The Contest will be held on the island fortress of Shang Tsung, located in
                          the center of The Lost Sea.

                     Grand Prize: Your Continued Existence

****-= The Legend

                   U = Up                       D = Down
                   B = Back                     F = Forward
                  HP = High Punch              HK = High Kick
                  LP = Low Punch               LK = Low Kick
                  BL = Block

   The Move's Name and Point Value is before the colon, then the Execution
               Key Sequence and Percentage of Damage after it.

****-= Basic Moves

 Punch to Face - 500pts: HP - 5.5%
 Punch to Body - 500pts: LP - 5.5%
 Kick to Face - 2000pts: HK - 14.8%
 Kick to Body - 2000pts: LK - 14.8%
 Standing Defense - 0pts: BL - 0%
 Defensive Crouch - 0pts: D+BL - 0%
 Hop Punch - 1000pts: U, HP/LP - 14.8%
 Jump Punch - 1000pts: U+F, HP/LP - 14.8%
 Hop Kick - 2000pts: U, HK/LK - 11.7%
 Jump Kick - 2000pts: U+F/U+B, HK/LK - 18%
 Crouch Kick - 500pts: D+HK/LK - 11.7%

 Sweep - 1000pts: B+LK - 11.7%
 Uppercut - 2000pts: D+HP - 24.2%
 Roundhouse - 2000pts: B+HK - 19.5%
 Throw - 5000pts: (Next to) LP - 24.2%
 Smash - 2000pts: (Next to) HP - 11.7%
 Knee Kick - 5000pts: (Next to) HK/LK - 14.8%

 Air Jab - 500pts: HP while opponent is in midair - 5.5%
 Quick Air Jab - 500pts: Air Jab as soon as your opponent
                         leaves the ground - 24.2%

 Block Throws - 0pts: Just hold B or D+B in any situation to
                      prevent your opponent from being able to
                      throw you - 0%

****-= Basic Combos

 Jump Kick; LK - 32.8%
 Jump Kick; HK - 32.8%

****-= Micellaneous Game Hints

     o Reptile will give you clues at random.
     o Jump Kicking is the Key to Flawless Victories.
     o Silhouettes will appear in front of the moon at
        The Pit every 3rd Game.

****-= Retaliations

  Retaliation is a huge part of the game, and almost ALL of the game for
  true high level Human vs. Human competition. Wait until your opponent
  makes any kind of mistake that leaves him/her vulnerable for a moment,
  and if you retaliate correctly, there are guaranteed hits at your
  disposal. One of the first things most players learn in Mortal Kombat
  is how to block, but no one can block while executing a move.

  So learn to retaliate by reflex!

Retaliating a Sweep:
 Block, then...
    1)  Immediately sweep them back, which always connects unless
        your opponent is Sonya.

    2)  Immediately use a projectile, a sure-hit if you're fast enough.
        It's easiest if you're Scorpion or Rayden, since theirs are
        fast and easy to do.  Don't try it with other players until
        you can get it right, because your opponent can block and drain you
        down if you delay. Shadow Kick for Cage, Cannonball for Kano,
        Lightning for Rayden, Just sweep back for Liu Kang (unless they
        are fairly far away after the sweep, in which case, use Bullet
        Kick,) Sweep back for Scorpion, unless you're really good with the
        Spear. Sweep back or Slide for Sub-Zero (unless you're practiced
        enough to Freeze back)  Sweep back for Sonya (or Leg flip if you
        have some practice with it, it does very good damage and is quick.)
        Against Sonya, only Sub-Zero's Slide and Kano's Connonball will hit.

    3)  If you are close to Sonya, and she sweeps, provided you aren't Kano,
        Sub Zero, or also Sonya, you can immediately do a standing kick (not
        Roundhouse). This is the most reliable way of countering Sonya's
        sweep, but only works at close range.

Retaliating Repeated Low Punches:
    1)  Hold the Down+Back position and press Low Kick repeatedly. Try to
        start this as early as possible, even while they're walking toward
        you with the intention of Low Punching. You should do this most of
        the time, but once in a while just block a few low punches to avoid
        getting swept a few times. Balance the amount of blocking and
        Crouch Kicking to suit your opponent's style: If they sweep a lot,
        block a lot and hit him back when you block his sweeps. If he Low
        Punches a lot, Crouch Kick more.

When Opponent Jumps Toward you:
    1)  Block if you're ahead and the time is in your favor.

    2)  Uppercut as they're approaching if you're Cage, Liu Kang, Rayden,
        or Sonya. BEFORE their legs reach you though, since the
        uppercut has longer range in most cases.  If they jump from far
        away, this is harder. If they jump from fairly close, the uppercut
        works amazingly.

    3)  Block then quickly Uppercut. If they pressed the attack button early
        in the air (most do to avoid an uppercut) they hang in the air for a
        split second after their attack hits, and that's plenty time for you.
        You have to release block and uppercut VERY quickly, with a
        little practice, you'll be as fast enough to pull it off. If your
        opponent hits the kick very late, when you have already released
        block and are going for the uppercut, just do #2 more often because
        late-kickers are very vulnerable to uppercuts.

    4)  If they jumped from fairly far away, use your special move.

        Cage - use the Shadow Kick at close range and the green bolt from
        far. It's easy to hit someone out of the air using the Shadow Kick,
        but only if you start it late.

        Kano - use the Knife at far range, Cannonball at close range. The
        Cannonball will override most arial attacks unless they're timed
        perfectly (and they can't be if the Cannonball isn't expected.)

        Rayden - use Lightning. It's by far the best anti-arial attack,
        and USE IT WITHOUT FEAR. Unless your opponent is Kano, it is almost
        impossible to jump kick a Rayden player using the Lightning, at any
        range. Just don't do it too early.

        Liu Kang - Fireball, although this is difficult since you walk into
        your opponent due to the execution sequence. The computer can do
        it perfectly well, but you should just uppercut instead.

        Scorpion - use the Spear only if you back away far enough that
        their arial attack won't hit you at all even if you didn't do
        anything. Otherwise, Teleport Punch away, or just Block.

        Sub-Zero - The "Ice-them-in-air" 3-Hit Combo.

        Sonya - Square Wave Punch as early as possible, preferrably
        at the same moment they start the jump.

When Opponent Jumps Away from you:
    1)  Use your projectile early (anticipate when they're going to jump.)
        If your opponent jumps back once they're liable to jump back again,
        and if you're Liu Kang, there's a combo right there. If you're
        Scorpion, the Spear is much easier. As Rayden, your timing doesn't
        even have to be perfect, since the Lightning travels faster than
        everything except Cage's Green Ball, and is much Longer than the
        Green Ball.

****-= Strategies for Playing Against Human Opponents

 Play defensively, and wait until your opponent makes a mistake.
 Anyone is bound to make a mistake if they are offensive, but if they
 play very defensively, you have to resort to taking off slivers of
 energy from your opponent to force them onto the offense:

o Walk up to a blocking opponent, and low punch a few times, then stop and
  get ready to block crouch kicks, then walk up and low punch a few more

o Walk up to a blocking opponent, crouch kick once. There is no retaliation
  against one crouch kick.

o Walk up to a blocking opponent, to the limit of your sweep range, and
  sweep. Do it at the very limit, or it'll be very easy for them to

o Use your projectile, which, depending on type, will take off energy from
  most crouch blocking opponents. This is the best way of taking slivers,
  but don't do it too often or they'll jump over it once in a while.

o Jump kick at far range, if your opponent doesn't seem to uppercut very
  well or can't uppercut. Press the kick button early in general, and they
  will not be able to jump later than you and hope to override your attack.

 Walk up to a crouching opponent, blocking or not, low punch him/her a few
 times, then as soon as they go for the crouch kick or release block, press
 Low Kick, which will knee and do impressive damage. Be careful though,
 if they block your knee, they can immediately uppercut while you're

 The best posture to assume is simply standing/walking back and forth
 without blocking. This gives you the greatest maneuver ability, and you
 can quickly switch to doing anything else; jumping, crouch blocking,
 or special moves. But learn to press the block button very quickly when
 needed. If you aren't very fast at blocking, either go on the offensive
 or crouch block more.

 And last but not least, always Block BACK or DOWN+BACK, or you
 will be thrown mercilessly. When doing a special move or simply an
 uppercut, always press BACK while you're recovering, then Block again.

 Remember that you can avoid being thrown even if you can't block.  When
 you are frozen, speared, etc., if you pull back, you can't be thrown.

****-= Strategies for Playing Against the Computer

 The basic concept with the AI is that almost everything will work on it
 once or twice without fear of retaliation. But once learned, the AI won't
 forget. If Kano Cannonballs you once when you sweep, he will Cannonball
 you every time you sweep until the end of that round. Next round, you can
 try again, but he'll learn faster.

 The things that will work at least once are:
     o Sweep
     o Crouch Kick
     o Most Special Moves
     o Jump Kick
     o Roundhouse (usually works more times than you need it to)

 When the round starts for higher-difficulty matches, you can usually
 jump at the computer and will kick him while he shoots a projectile under
 you. Jump away after this.

 Use your projectile once or twice. For the first time, it really doesn't
 matter how far away you are. For succeeding times, either do it from very
 far away or just at medium range. If you do it from very far away, the
 computer can't do anything even if he jumps over it. If you do it from
 medium range, the computer will be forced to Block or crouch, and his
 retaliation will be late enough for you to block.

 Use roundhouse a few times at the limit of your range (Sub Zero, Scorpion,
 and Rayden are recommended.) The computer will not block it unless he's
 really "pissed off." If the computer sweeps you once when you do the
 Roundhouse, don't do it again for the rest of that round.

 Jump kick the computer a few times, and remember to press the button
 early (unless you're going for a combo). If you jump from far away and
 press the kick button early enough, the computer (unless it's Goro) will
 almost NEVER block. If you are really down in energy, you can use this
 trick to cheaply finish off the computer:  Jump Kick, walk back a bit,
 Jump back, Jump Kick, walk back a bit...

 If you jump kick the computer and he blocks, don't jump away immediately
 or crouch block. Instead, block standing up. Often the computer will do
 a special move, which you will block and retaliate as detailed above.

 If the computer doesn't do the special move immediately, Block standing
 until he approaches you for Low Punches. As soon as he starts attacking,
 crouch Block or crouch and release Block, and he will be forced to go
 for the crouch kick. Block it, stand up, and block again. Keep alternating
 between standing block and crouching (blocking or not), and unless it's
 at very high difficulty, the computer is bound to do either a roundhouse,
 standing kick, or sweep eventually. Uppercut quickly in the former cases,
 and if the computer sweeps, delay for a moment and uppercut (it doesn't
 block after a sweep even when it can).

 If you're sick of waiting for the computer to make a mistake close up,
 you can jump away and try Jump Kicks instead. The key is to wait for the
 computer to do a wimpy kick, then stand up and back away a little bit
 before jumping backwards. If you jump backwards immediately, the computer
 will often jump kick straight up and get you.

 If you're stuck in the corner, you can get out by jumping out with
 High Punch (press it early,) or by sweeping the computer once and quickly
 jumping over him. For this purpose, save your one free sweep until you get
 forced into the corner (if you do.)

****-= Getting Flawless Victories

 As Sub-Zero, use your Ice at long range until the computer starts jumping
 over them. Until then, just:
            Ice, Uppercut, back away a bit, Jump Kick, Slide.

 With anyone else, use the free hitting Jump Kick exclusively. Remember to
 duck without touching block when the computer uses a projectile, and don't
 let yourself be backed into the corner (you shouldn't be if you Jump Kick
 right anyways.)

****-= Character-Specific

Johnny Cage

 A martial arts superstar trained by Great Masters from around the world,
 Cage uses his talents on the big screen. He is the current box-office
 champ and star of such movies as Dragon Fist and Dragon Fist II as well
 as the Award-Winning Sudden Violence.

 Green Ball - 2000pts: B, F, LP - 14.8%
 Shadow Kick - 5000pts: B, F, LK - 18%
 Split Punch - 5000pts: BL+LP - 21.1%

 Jump Kick; Green Ball - 30%
 Jump Kick; Shadow Kick - 32.9%
 (Corner) Jump Kick; Split Punch - 35.7%
 (Corner) Uppercut; Shadow Kick - 38.6%

Fight Strategies
 Do your first one or two "Free Jump Kicks" late, and Shadow Kick
 immediately for the combo.  Don't use the Shadow Kick unless it's part of
 a combo. Against opponents other than Cage himself or Sonya, the Split
 Punch is a sure hit: Wait until the computer Crouch kicks you, Block, wait
 for a moment (until they start walking toward you after the Crouch kick),
 and go for it. Liu Kang is especially easy to hit with this. Remember to
 Block Away after the Split Punch, or the computer will throw you. Crouch
 again after this, and repeat.

FATALITY: (Next to) F, F, F, HP
          Johnny Cage uppercuts his opponent's head off and does his
          winning pose as the victim's headless body falls to its knees,
          then its torso front.

Retaliating the Shadow Kick:
        o Quickly Crouch and Uppercut. If you can't crouch fast enough,
          Block and try to throw him; if you're fast at throwing, you'll
          literally throw him out of the Shadow Kick.


 A Mercenary, Thug, Extortionist Thief - Kano lives a life of crime and
 injustice. He is a devoted member of the Black Dragon, a dangerous group
 of Cut-Throat Madmen feared and respected throughout all of crime's
 Inner Circles.

 Knife Throw - 2000pts: Hold BL, B, F - 14.8%
 Cannonball - 5000pts: Roll F, D, B, U - 18%

 Jump Kick; Cannonball - 32.9%
 Jump Kick; Jump Kick; Cannonball - 49.3%
 (Corner) Uppercut; Cannonball - 38.6%

Fight Strategies
 Your Knife is ducked great by the computer. Use the Cannonball once or
 twice, but after that use it only in a combo or as a retaliation. Your Jump
 Kick is very good, rely on it.

FATALITY: (Next to) B, D, F, LP
          Kano shoves his hand deep into his opponent's chest and
          rips out a beating heart. He holds it up high in victory.

Retaliating the Cannonball:
 Block, then...
        o Shadow Kick, standing kick, your projectile, whatever you like.
          Just don't Uppercut since that doesn't always hit, anything
          else almost always does.
        o Cage - 2 High Punches and Green Ball, or
          Jump Punch followed by Shadow Kick.
        o Kano - 2 High Punches and Knife/Cannonball, or
          Jump punch and Cannonball.
        o Rayden - 2 High Punches and Lightning, or
          Jump Punch, Jump Punch, Body Launch. Or just one
          Jump Punch to make it easier.
        o Liu Kang -  2 High Punches, Fireball, Bullet Kick.
        o Scorpion -  2 High Punches, Spear, or
          2 High Punches, Teleport Punch, Spear (Difficult)
        o Sub Zero - Ice (higher the better,) back off, Jump Kick,
          Jump Kick, Slide.
        o Sonya -  2 High Punches, Square Wave Punch/Ring Shot.


 The name Rayden is actually that of a deity known as The Thunder God.
 It is rumored he received a personal invitation by Shang Tsung
 himself and took the form of a human to compete in the Tournament.

 Lightning - 2000pts: D, F, LP - 14.8%
 Torpedo - 5000pts: B, B, F - 18%
 Teleport - 0pts: D, U - 0%

 Jump Kick; Torpedo - 35.9%
 Jump Kick; Lightning - 32.8%

Fight Strategies
 Don't Teleport, as you'll quickly learn. Lightning at medium to close range,
 and the computer will often stand up in it, and they can't jump over it.
 Unless your opponent is Sonya, immediately Torpedo after you Jump Kick the
 computer down, even if it would normally be blocked by a human opponent.
 Shoot the Lightning often at the stated range. A desperate maneuver against
 Cage, Rayden, or Scorpion is to back yourself into the corner, and do the
 Torpedo. Great if it connects. If it doesn't, the computer will try a
 projectile, and it'll pass under you. Do the Torpedo again, and repeat.
 Every time the projectile will pass under you, and you take off a sliver of
 their energy.

FATALITY: (Next to) F, B, B, B, HP
          Rayden sends high voltage into his opponent's head. The victim
          yells for a moment and his/her head explodes into small chunks
          all over the floor.

Retaliating Rayden's Torpedo:
 Block then...
        o Kano - do the Cannonball quickly without using BL.
        o Cage - fire the Green Ball, though you need to be very
          quick to hit.
        o Sonya - Try the Square Wave Punch quickly.
        o If you're Rayden, Scorpion, or Sub-Zero, use your projectile
          immediately. If you were around the center of the screen
          (close to him), you can easily hit him before he lands.
        o If you're Scorpion, you could alternatively use the Teleport
          Punch, which is easier, and will always hit. Then if you think
          you're fast enough (or if it's the second round,) you can try
          for the Spear.
        o If you're Liu Kang, the Bullet Kick will always hit.

Retaliating Rayden's Teleport:
        o Uppercut the moment he teleports. This is easy to do if you were
          simply crouching without blocking at the time.
        o If you were walking or standing (without blocking,) press High
          Kick or Low Kick immediately. Be fast, and you'll always hit.
        o If Rayden is on the other side of the screen, likely about to
          teleport sometime, do the motions to your special moves
          continuously, and the moment he teleports, press the button.
          This will look very impressive if done, especially if you used
          Scorpion's Spear.
        o Kano - difficult, can't store the Cannonball.
        o Cage - repeat F, and B+LK when he teleports.
        o Rayden - repeat F, and B when the other Rayden teleports.
        o Liu Kang - repeat B, and HP when he teleports (though you
          would actually back away while repeating B, and Rayden will
          reappear in front of you.)
        o Scorpion - repeat F, and LP when Rayden teleports.
        o Sub Zero - difficult, but the Ice will be very impressive.
        o Sonya - repeat F, and LP when he teleports.

Liu Kang

 Once a member of the super secret White Lotus Society, Liu Kang left
 the organisation in order to represent Shaolin temples in the
 Tournament. Kang is strong in his beliefs and despises Shang Tsung.

 Fireball - 2000pts: F, F, HP - 14.8%
 Bullet Kick - 2000pts: F, F, HK - 18%

 Jump Kick; Bullet Kick - 32.9%
 Fireball (opponent in air); Bullet Kick - 30%
 Fireball (opponent in air); Fireball; Bullet Kick - 43.6%

Fight Strategies
 Use the jump kick combo to your advantage. Even if you kick very early, the
 Bullet Kick will still connect before the computer lands. After you knock
 the computer down, do the fireball quickly, and they'll stand up in it.
 Keep using the jump kick combo jumping in at long range, and if you look
 like you are about to be cornered, wait until the computer gets close, and
 Bullet Kick. You'll neatly pass over the computer to the other side.

FATALITY: (Anywhere) Roll F, D, B, U
          Liu Kang cartwheels to his vulnerable, dizzy opponent and
          follows up with a powerful bone-crunching uppercut.

Retaliating Liu Kang's Bullet Kick:
        o Block and immediately Uppercut (most reliable.)
        o Cage - Shadow Kick, which is easier than the uppercut
          but less damage.
        o Rayden - Torpedo, though it isn't easier.
        o Scorpion - Spear, which is easier.
        o Sub Zero - Ice, and if you're really fast, the ice will catch
          Liu Kang still in the air, ready for your 3-hit combo. This isn't
          very easy.
        o Sonya - Leg Flip, but it's more difficult and less damaging.


 Like Sub-Zero, Scorpion's true name and origin are not known. He has
 shown from time to time distrust and hatred towards Sub-Zero. Between
 Ninjas, this is usually a sign of opposing clans.

 Spear - 2000pts: B, B, LP - 4.6%
 Teleport Punch - 2000pts: D, B, HP - 18%

 Jump Kick; Spear - 46.9%
 Close Jump Kick; Jump Kick; Spear - 37.1%
 (Corner) Jump Kick; Air Jab x2; Spear - 30.7%

Fight Strategies
 Spear during a few low punches will often hit. When Teleport Punching,
 don't do it when the computer is more than a half screen away from you.
 If you hit, follow up with a Spear, and it'll often hit. The Spear is
 very fast, so use it often, but only as a retaliation.

FATALITY: (Sweep Distance) U, U
          Scorpion pulls off his mask to reveal his grinning skull,
          then turns to his opponent and breathes fire at the vulnerable
          victim's feet. The victim lights up in flames and is left
          as a burnt skeleton. The skeleton falls to its knees as
          Scorpion looks toward the camera still holding his mask.

Retaliating Scorpion's Teleport Punch:
        o If you're slow, just Block, down or back, and occasionally
          walk up to throw him after he teleports.
        o Walk around without blocking, until the unsuspecting Scorpion
          teleport punches. Then immediately block (he hits,) crouch, and
          uppercut. A blocked teleport punch is like a blocked early jump
          kick, with the difference that you must block it standing up or
          he will pass over you. This may seem difficult at first, but
          once you get the timing down (a lot of practice,) it's almost a
          free uppercut or two a round against Scorpion players until
          they stop using it, in which case you have him where you want him.


 The actual name or identity of this warrior is unknown. However, based
 on the markings of his uniform, it is believed he belongs to the Lin
 Kuei, a legendary clan of Chinese ninja.

 Ice - 0pts: D, F, LP - 0%
 Slide - 1000pts: BL+LP+LK - 7%

 Uppercut; Slide - 28.6%
 Throw; Ice - 24.2%
 Throw; Slide - 28.6%
 Jump Kick; Slide - 22.9%
 Ice (opponent in air); Jump Kick; Jump Kick; Slide - 39.3%

Fight Strategies
 Use the Ice often. The computer won't block it much at all. Use it either
 when they are all the way across the screen, or when they're less than half
 a screen away. This way, even if they jump, they won't get to you. After
 you knock your opponent down with a Jump Kick or Uppercut, immediately
 Slide, and it'll always hit. Alternately, after you uppercut the opponent,
 back away a bit, and Jump Kick (early.) You're at the correct range, and
 the computer will not block.

FATALITY: (Next to) F, D, F, HP
          Sub-Zero grips his opponent by the neck and jerks his/her
          head right off, but with the spine still attached to it.
          He then lifts the head and spine off of the victim's
          body and holds it up while the victim's dead body drops
          to the ground.

Retaliating Sub-Zero's Slide:
        o You can jump back and kick the sliding Sub-Zero, if you can
          anticipate his slides (by the "swish" sound.)  If you're
          Scorpion, there's a 70% combo here:
             Jump back and kick; Teleport Punch; Spear; Uppercut.
        o For most average players, just block and try to walk up to
          throw Sub-Zero, or at least get in a few Low Punches.
 Block, then...
        o Sonya - Quickly Leg Flip, but be sure you do it quickly.
          Don't try this on 3rd rounds unless you are way ahead or
          you're very confident.
        o Kano - Cannonball. This is an effective counter, but learn
          to do it really quick.
        o Cage - Shadow Kick. This is the best counter, and makes
          the Slide almost totally ineffective.
        o Sub Zero - Just Slide back. Easiest.


 Sonya is a member of a top U.S. Special forces unit. Her team was hot
 on the trail of Kano's Black Dragon organisation. They followed them
 to an uncharted island where they were ambushed by Shang Tsung's
 personal army.

 Ring Shot - 2000pts: B, B, LP - 14.8%
 Square Wave Punch - 2000pts: F, B, HP - 24.2%
 Leg Flip - 2000pts: LP+LK+BL - 16.4%

 Jump Kick (opponent in air); Ring Shot - 30%
 Jump Kick; Leg Flip - 42.2%
 (Corner) Jump Kick; Leg Flip - 42.2%

Fight Strategies
 Your foot sweep is very fast, and not only can you usually catch Rayden
 with it, you can also sweep Sub-Zero with his invincible Slide to death.
 With Sub-Zero, if you sweep him down once, immediately sweep again.
 Immediately. Don't stop sweeping until you win, because once he stands up
 he will counter. A cheap way to win against the computer is to sweep them,
 but not at close range. Unless you're up against Liu Kang, Kano, or Rayden,
 the computer will "learn" and always do a projectile after your sweep, which
 you can easily block and follow with a Leg Flip or Uppercut while they're
 vulnerable. Of course, immediately after you knock the computer down, try
 following with a Leg Flip. Repeat the Leg Flips, but only after you knock
 them down (by Sweep, Jump Kick, or Leg Flip.)

FATALITY: (Anywhere) F, F, B, B, BL
          Sonya blows a kiss at her opponent and a small flaming
          ball floats around and lands at the victim's feet. The
          victim lights up in flames and is left as a skeleton.
          The skeleton drops to its knees as Sonya goes into her
          winning pose.

Retaliating Sonya's Leg Flip:
        o Block and Uppercut.

Retaliating Sonya's Square Wave Punch:
        o Wait until she's about to land next to you, and uppercut.
          The key is to wait until you've turned toward the correct
          direction before you Uppercut.

****-= Secrets

Secret Options Menu

 At the Setup menu (press F10 during Attract Mode to access it,)
 type DIP in all caps using SHIFT or CAPS LOCK. You will be
 presented with a menu of 8 options.

     Switch 0 - Fatalities ON/OFF
     Switch 1 - Blood ON/OFF
     Switch 2 - Attract Mode Sound and Music ON/OFF
     Switch 3 - Comic Book Advertisement ON/OFF
     Switch 4 - Computer Always Does Fatalities ON/OFF
     Switch 5 - Free Play (Unlimited Credits) ON/OFF
     Switch 6 - Silhouettes at The Pit ON/OFF
     Switch 7 - UNKNOWN
     Switch 8 - UNKNOWN
 Note: Once you're done setting the switches, press ESC to return to
       the Setup menu, then choose Exit & Save. The switch settings
       will be saved and will have to do the code again to change

Fighting Reptile

To fight Reptile, look for silhouettes to appear in front of the
moon at The Pit (this can be enabled by the Secret Options code
above) and get Double Flawless, then do your Fatality. Don't Block
at any time during that fight either! Once you defeat Reptile, the
difficulty level of the game will increase! Good luck!

****-= Defeating Goro

 Goro's major weakness is that he won't block any attacks while he's
 getting up from a knockdown. Use the Jump Kick or Uppercut to take
 him down.

 At the beginning of the round, jump toward him and he'll usually
 fire his projectile under you and you'll connect. Immediately follow with
 a projectile of your own (Green Ball, Knife, Lightning, Fireball+Bullet
 Kick, Spear, Ice, Rings.) If you're Sub Zero, you can Uppercut and freeze
 again immediately, repeat. If not, once you hit him with the projectile,
 jump away, and crouch block for an instant as soon as you land to see if
 he throws a fireball. If he does, block and immediately jump toward him,
 keep in mind to press the jump kick early. You will most likely connect,
 follow up with a projectile and jump away.

 If he does not throw the fireball, jump back again and wait again. Repeat
 this until you're at the corner, where you should stand and wait for him
 to approach. Wait until he's just beyond sweep range (don't let him get
 too close,) then jump back in the corner and kick. He'll either block,
 in which case you try again, or he'll throw a fireball. If he throws a
 fireball, your kick will hit him from very far away, since Goro extends
 himself a lot when he fires his projectile. Follow this up with a projectile,
 and again wait for him to approach, and jump back and kick in the corner.
 This is much easier for the male characters. With Sonya, it's more difficult,
 and Goro might approach too close and grab you when you come down.

 If you're forced to jump toward him, do so, press the jump kick early,
 and if it doesn't connect jump back with the kick button pressed immediately
 after you jump. This will often hit Goro if he doesn't grab you in time.

 If you're thrown into the corner with Goro almost on top of you, Uppercut
 as soon as you get up. This will always hit him, and you can follow up
 with a projectile.

 Overall, you get double attacks against Goro, but he does twice your damage.
 Even for the best of players, Goro might decide to block everything one
 match and that's that.

 If you are ahead in energy, you can then press High or Low Punch
 continuously, and Goro will edge toward you blocking, but will not be
 able to do anything else, and you'll win on time.

****-= Defeating Shang Tsung

 Shang Tsung's major weakness is that he doesn't block, and he always
 teleports when you jump too close.

 If he morphs into Goro, use the Goro-fighting strategies mentioned above.
 If he morphs into anyone else, you should fight him as if he actually was
 that character. If he remains himself, he's a "teleporting duck" like
 Rayden, except YOU decide when he teleports and where he reappears.

 Keep jumping toward him, and you will reach him sooner or later, in which
 case he will inevitably teleport. Since you know that he's going to
 teleport, immediately do the execution sequence BACKWARDS for your special
 move as soon as you land, since Shang Tsung will appear behind you.
 Cage - Shadow Kick, Kano - Cannonball, Rayden - Lightning/Torpedo,
 Liu Kang - Bullet Kick (remember to jump right on top of him so he appears
 further from you, or the Bullet kick will fly over him,) Scorpion - Spear,
 Sub Zero - Ice, Sonya - Ring Shot.)

 He will never learn about this trick, and will easily be defeated by it.

 Alternatively, if you're Scorpion, you can Teleport Punch while he's
 on the other side of the screen, he'll always be hit and he'll back away
 to the other side. Teleport punch again, repeat.

****-= Individual Character Endings

 I've listed the endings seperately so that if you still haven't seen
 them yet and don't want them spoiled for you, you won't see it in the
 Character-Specific section. This is here for reference.

Johnny Cage

 Through the battles and life or death situations faced during the
 Tournament, Johnny Cage learns the true importance of his fighting
 skills. He also realizes the full potential of the Tournament. He
 returns to Hollywood after defending his new title as Grand Champion.
 Cage goes on to film Mortal Kombat: The Movie and it's many successful


 With the defeat of Goro and Shang Tsung, Kano will bring his own brand
 of treachery to the Tournament. His Black Dragon organization forms a
 monopoly over the contest that brings Shame and Torment to all those
 involved. Their reign will end in anarchy and death. It will result in
 the final dismantling of the Tournament and the Battle of the Sans.


 Rayden's victory comes as no surprise to him. He was never impressed by
 Shang Tsung's inferior sorcery, Goro's brute force, or the challenge of
 the other contestants. He quickly becomes bored with his mortal
 competition and soon invites other Gods to participate in the contest.
 The Ensuing battles rage on for years. And the wars result in our world's
 final destruction. Have a Nice Day.

Liu Kang

 After defeating mighty, Goro and putting an end to Shang Tsung's rule
 over the Tournament, Kang is able to return the contest to it's rightful
 hosts - the Shaolin Temples. Kang's heroics will always be remembered. He
 will continue the traditions of the Shaolin Temples and restore the true
 pride and respect of this once great tournament.


 Marked for Death, years ago, by the Lin Kuei, Scorpion was murdered by
 Sub-Zero. He left behind a wife and child in his former life but was
 allowed to return and avenge his death. Even with Scorpion's triumph in
 the Tournament and new title as Grand Champion, the price he paid was
 high. He can never again know his family and must exist forever with his
 secret curse.


 After receiving the title of Grand Champion, Sub-Zero disappears back
 into the shadows from which he came. His only goal in the Tournament
 was... The Assassination of Shang Tsung. He was paid a large some of
 money by one of Tsung's wealthy enemies. With his mission accomplished
 Sub-Zero will collect his fortune and retire from his dangerous


 Captured by Shang Tsung, Sonya's Special Forces Unit was taken hostage -
 their only hope was the Tournament. Shang Tsung promised to release the
 entire team only if Sonya could win the contest. Her victory not only
 released her unit - but also put an end to the Black Dragon and Shang
 Tsung's powerful grip on the Tournament.

****-= Mortal Kredits

 o The Limit  for Most of the Information

 o Lei Wang  for Additional Information

 o Ratman  for his great FAQs from the past

 o Ed Boon, John Tobias, and the rest of the MK Team for making
   Mortal Kombat a reality for us all to enjoy.

 o The infamous Acclaim for finally considering a REAL conversion of
   the classic MK for the PC platform and being considerate enough to
   make it compatible with Win95.

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