Pocket Fighter (e)

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Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 19:44:35 -0600

by. Grandchester Resurrection (

        Dan... Why Dan??? Probably you'll say that... OK, I have three
main reasons why I choose Dan. First, he is one of the secret character,
he isn't as bad as we all see. Next, I like him... It's fun if you
mastered him... Can you imagine, you can beat your opponent with a weak,
maybe the weakest character!!! Last reason is simple... He is funny,
because I think he is a parody of Robert Garcia, one of my favourite
character in SNK games!!! 

Basic/Standard moves:

        The Basic and Standard Moves. You have to mastered it before you
learn the Special Moves... Try to connect these moves with the Special
Moves to do two in one combo.

F      - Walk Foward  
B      - Walk Away
D      - Crouch
U      - Jump
P      - Standing Punch
FF     - Dash
BB     - Retreat
DU     - Super Jump
U + P  - Jumping Punch
D + P  - Crouching Punch
DF + P - Uppercut 
FF + P - Dashing Body Slam, then Rolling Taunt
K      - Standing Kick
U + K  - Jumping Kick (small Gale Kick)
D + K  - Crouching Kick
DF + K - Sweep
FF + K - Dashing knee


        Throws is a fun thing for Dan. When your opponent is standing,
jump and kick him/her. Continue this with PK to Throw him/her... Simple,
but damaging!!! 

PK               - Shoulder Throw
(jump) PK        - Air Throw
F,DF,D,DB,B + PK - Overleap Throw
Super: B,DB,D,DF,F + PK - Sing a Song 


       The most exciting thing when you use Dan is Taunting... He has
many taunt. Normal taunt, crouching taunt, even Super taunt!!! The
advantages of Taunt is... Each Taunt will fill the energy bar! Do a lot
of Taunt if you want to mastered Dan... 

Taunt        - Oyaji!
D + Taunt    - Crouching Taunt 
(jump) Taunt - Jumping Taunt
Super: B,DB,D,DF,F 2x + Taunt - Super Taunt (cost 1 level of energy)

Unblockable Moves:

        S button, the unblockable! Actually I never using this to
attack... I just use this button to do some Super Moves.

S     - Overhead Father Throw           
F + S - Post Letter      
D + S - Underhand Father Throw

Special Moves:

        Okey... These are Dan's super Moves... We already know if these
moves are sucks, except The Gale Kick. But try to charge their level,
and you'll see the difference... 

Note: Dan's attack, however, is always create Red Gems... It'll be very
hard to fill the Special Moves level... This is the hardest point of

D,DF,F + P - Gadoken         
        Lev 1 - Tiny Fireball   (hit: 1)
        Lev 2 - Small Fireball  (hits: 2)
        Lev 3 - A little bit longer Fireball (hits: 3)

Note : This move is maybe isn't a good projectile... No this is maybe
isn't projectile... Well we all know that. For Dan, there's no problem
to charge this move into the Maximum level. And when it reach the max,
do two in one combo with it. D + K, continue with DF,F + P... Easy,
isn't it...

F,D,DF + P - Koryuken
        Lev 1 - Very Short Uppercut (hit: 1)
        Lev 2 - Medium Uppercut     (hits: 2)
        Lev 3 - OK, High Uppercut   (hits: 3) 

Note : Do this move as a counter, not to attack the air attacker. When
the opponent attack you with the Flash combo, just do this move to
prevent them. Another way to make this move useful is when you stand
right in front of your opponent, simply do this to shock him/her. O
yeah, one more... Sometimes Dan'll be invincible to attack when using
this move.
D,DB,B + K - Danku-kyaku
        Lev 1 - Triple Flying Kicks               (hits: 3)
        Lev 2 - Same as above, longer range       (hits: 3)
        Lev 3 - Double Flying Kicks plus Koryuken (hits: 3)

Note : It reminds me to Robert's Flying Kick... Great Kick... This is
the best move for Dan, use it often. Your defend wont open even if your
opponent blocked it. Too bad, it's very hard to charge...  

Super Moves:

        Dan's super maybe isn't great... Especially the Super Taunt!!!
But he has one, big, like X-Men vs Street Fighter move... The Father
Nose Blast!!!

D,DF,F + S - Shinkuu Gadoken

Note : Again, this move very good for two in one combo... Let me show
you the best combo for this... Jump, press K, continue with D + K, and
finally shock him/her with D,DF,F + S!!!

F,D,DF + S - Shinkuu Koryuken

Note : Use this like you use Shoryuken... Maybe it isn't as good as
Shoryuken, but at least it can be very damaging when you use it wisely.

B,DB,D,DF,F + S - Father Nose Blast

Note : Wonderful move. Use this like you use Shinkuu Hadoken in X-Men vs
Street Fighter. Pssttt... This move is very damaging in close range.

F,DF,D,DB,B + S - Father Raging Demon (cost 3 levels of energy)

Note : I call this move as Ultimate Move. Why? Because it's very
damaging, unblockable, and cost 3 levels... This move is very useful if
you use it near the opponent, best if you stand right infront of

Flash Combos:

        Last part is about the Flash Combos... They're very great for
Dan. They make a lot of gems...

These combos below are very fast...
P,P,P,P =   Standing Punch, Jab, Jab, Uppercut
P,P,K,P =   Standing Punch, Jab, Megaphone Attack, Uppercut
P,K,P,K =   Standing Punch, Elvis Punch, Karaoke Punch, Elvis Mic Attack
P,K,K,K =   Standing Punch, Elvis Punch, Elvis Kick, Elvis Mic Attack

These combos below are unblockable and best use in the corner...
P,P,P,K =   Standing Punch, Jab, Jab, Overhead Father Throw  
P,P,K,K =   Standing Punch, Jab, Megaphone Attack, Overhead Father Throw
P,K,P,P =   Standing Punch, Elvis Punch, Karaoke Punch, Super Throw
P,K,K,P =   Standing Punch, Elvis Punch, Elvis Kick, Super Throw

        Okey... I've listed all the basic and advance technique that I
always use in Dan. After all, I just wanna say... Never... Never ever
think if Dan is a wasting character... He has many deadly hidden
powers... Oyajiiiiiiii.....

Grandchester Resurrection