Street Fighter Alpha 2 (e)

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Quotes and Dialogue
v1.0 (May 26, 1999)

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Well, this is my second FAQ, but is the first that I have finished.  The
other being my SFA3 Quotes and Dialouge that I have been slowly working on
for the last half year.  I should be finishing soon since Alpha 3 finally
came out for the PS.  I decided to make this following the format of my
Alpha 3 one due to the fact that I had my friend's PS and SF Collection
and decided what the heck, why not.  These are all based on SFA2G which
should be the same as those found in the arcade version.

In [brackets] are a brief description of the animations in the endings.

Win Quotes:
     Donít worry, itís all over.
     I am a Muay Thai master. You are sucking gravel.
     Is that the best you can do?
     My legend starts now!

Mid-boss: M.Bison
M.Bison: You have earned a place in Shadaloo.
Adon: Who are you?
M.Bison: Iím Bison, Lord of Shadaloo. Iím the best there is!
Adon: The best there was, is more like it.

Required 7th Fight: Ryu
Boss: Sagat
Adon: Aah, Sagat! Did you think you could escape from me?
Adon: Now that I found you, you must be killed.
Sagat: In your dreams, warrior!
Adon: My dreams are your nightmares.

(after the battle)

[Adon is smiling and doing a thumbs-down]
Sagat, youíre through!
Your Muay Thai is old and useless. If you try me again...
...Iíll crush you!
[he does a Rising Jaguar to destoy a part of the statue's face in Sagat's
Out with the old. In with the new.
[Adon is sitting as a guy rushes into the room]
Months later at a Muay Thai arena...
...10 minutes before the event with the champion Adon.
Master Adon! There is a problem!
Your challenger was killed by a mysterious man moments ago!
Who? What did he look like?
Dressed in black with red hair. He didnít look... he wasnít...
I know him.
He used the same power Ryu used to defeat Sagat.
[all but Adon and the chair he sits on fade to black and then to an image
of Akuma]
I must annihilate him now to prove...
...Adon of Muay Thai is the mightiest champion of THIS world!

Win Quotes:
     Now stay down!
     This grows boring!
     Weaklings! Is there no one worth fighting?
     You are not enough even for a warm up.

Mid-boss: Ryu
Akuma: (You dare ME?)
Ryu: I will revenge my masterís death.
Akuma: (You will follow him.)

Required 6th Fight: Sagat
Required 7th Fight: Bison
Boss: Gen
Akuma: (Master Gen!)
Gen: What do you want with me, Akuma?
Akuma: (Your defeat.)
Gen: I think not.

(after the battle)

[Akuma, surrounded by an aura, is over a kneeling Gen]
Iím finished, Akuma! You have won!
(Come on. Just a little closer.)
[Akuma disappears]
He knew. Heís gone! Whereíd he go?!
[Akuma is standing on the Great Wall of China in moonlight]
Worthy opponents have challenged me.
[portraits of Gen, Bison, and Ryu appear on the moon]
Maybe this world is not as week as I thought.
I could live in this mortal place and perfect my killing power.
I will be next... die! Ha ha ha ha!

Win Quotes:
     Itís good to be back!
     Show some respect and maybe you keep breathing.
     Still the best!
     What made you think you could beat me?

Mid-boss: Dhalsim
Dhalsim: Retreat and make peace with your spirit.
Birdie: Yea, okay Yoga-boy.
Birdie: Iíll kick you so hard youíll dirty your diaper!
Dhalsim: May you fight better in your next life.

Required 6th Fight: Gen
Required 7th Fight: Sagat
Boss: Bison
Birdie: I hear youíre the boss... make me an offer.
M.Bison: Iíll offer to destroy you.
Birdie: Make me a better offer.
M.Bison: All right, if you live, youíre in.

(after the battle)

[Birdie to Bison]
I am the BEST! What do you Ďave to say for yourself Bison?
You are strong.
O.K! Iíll accept you as a member of Shadaloo.
With my help you can rule anything your Ďeart desires!
Shadaloo Command Center. Data room
[Birdie smashes into a metal plate]
[Birdie thinks to himself as Bison overlooks from another room]
Bison, you lunatic! Now I know your hidden agenda.
You wonít exploit me! Iím outta Ďere!
Watch your back, mate.

Win Quotes:
     Are you always so slow?
     Be all that you can be, scumbag!
     One more down. On with the war.
     Youíve got talent. Uncle Sam could use you.

Mid-boss: Rolento
Rolento: Hey trooper, what are your orders?
Charlie: Iím out to neutralize M. Bison, sir.
Rolento: Over my dead body!
Charlie: I hope you brought a body bag.

Required 7th Fight: Sagat
Boss: M.Bison
Charlie: Lord Bison, Commander of Shadaloo, you are under arrest.
M.Bison: By whoís army?
Charlie: I order you to surrender now. Our helicopter is arriving in 5
M.Bison: Interesting... that will be the last five minutes of your life.

(after the battle)

[Charlie holds Bison by the collar]
Get up! Tell me everything you know!
Whatís your connection to the Army Brass?
Who put you up to this? TALK!!
[a helicopter flies by in the background]
... What the...!?
[it opens fire on Charlie]
[blood splatters and his dog tag hits the ground]
[he falls off the edge]
[one of Bisonís men is holding a gun as Bison holds his chin]
Commander Bison, should we send a Ďreconí unit to confirm his death?
No. No one could survive that fall.
Even if he is alive, he wonít be back.
Now he knows that everyone has a price.

Win Quotes:
     I donít have time for amateurs!
     I expected better.
     If youíre gonna fight, fight for real.
     You donít have the skills to beat me!

Mid-boss: Gen
Gen: Young one, what is it that you seek?
Chun-Li: It does not matter, you canít help.
Gen: I could teach you.
Chun-Li: Out of my way. Iím looking for someone.

Required 7th Fight: Ryu
Boss: M.Bison
Chun-Li: Evil in the flesh, Lord Bison.
Chun-Li: What happened to my father?
Chun-Li: What have you done with him? You know something!
M.Bison: Donít ask questions if you arenít prepared for the answers.

(after the battle)

[M.Bison and his plane hover above Chun-Li]
Chun Li! You surprised me. Next time Iíll use both hands.
Unfortunately, I have no time for these petty games.
Where do you think you are going?
Donít worry child, we will meet again.
I hope youíll amuse me then. More than your father did!!
[Chun Li with teeth grinning] father?
Bison! It was you! You killed my father!
...Bison disappeared to the underworld.
A few days later... at the China Branch Interpol Headquarters...
[Chun-Li, with a suit on, stands in front of a desk]
Chun Li, I have appointed you as Special Investigator of Shadaloo.
Revenge your fatherís death with us!
[she stands in front of a window, looking out into to night]
Iíll get you Bison!
Next time we meet, weíll settle it!
[she closes her eyes]
...This is the last time I cry. Donít worry... Father!

Win Quotes:
     Donít even try to get up!
     For a loser, you did pretty well.
     Keep your day job!
     My dad could beat you, and heís dead!

Mid-boss: Guy
Guy: You have some cute moves.
Dan: What ever!
Guy: Iím wandering the earth to become stronger.
Dan: Well Grasshopper you asked for it.

Required 6th Fight: M.Bison
Required 7th Fight: Ken
Boss: Sagat
Dan: Nice eye, Sagat! Would you like the other one to match?
Sagat: The fool who took my eye paid with his life.
Dan: That was my father, you murderer!
Sagat: Tsk! So young to be without a father. Perhaps you should join him.

(after the battle)

[yells ďYatte de, OyajiĒ into the air]
Iíve made it... Yahoo!
Iíve finally avenged your death.
Iím the strongest now, and the best!!
[the front of the ďSaikyo-ryu karate DojoĒ]
Back in Hong Kong, Dan opens a school where he can teach his style.
(for you my father...)
(People all over the world will soon know my powerful moves!!)
[Dan standing amongst his students]
Whatís the problem?
You must focus to be a Saikyo style warrior!!
With his blind ambitions, Dan pursues worldwide fame.
Is this his destiny?

Win Quotes:
     Action brings reaction. Your fate has followed you.
     Donít cry. Iíll let you live
     Iím your master. Pain is a state of mind and I donít mind your pain.
     Meditate on your loss. Someday our paths will cross again.

Mid-boss: Zangief
Dhalsim: Do you wish to learn from me, novice?
Zangief: Ha! What could someone so puny possibly teach me?
Dhalsim: Size is no consequence. Yoga mastery is an ancient discipline of
mind and body.
Zangief: Your body, I will twist into a pretzel. Iíll leave your mind for
the vultures.

Boss: M.Bison
Dhalsim: You have an evil spirit.
Dhalsim: Your soul is dark with hate.
M.Bison: I will crush you with true power!
Dhalsim: Real power is achieved by mercy. May the spirits have mercy on
your soul.

(after the battle)

[Dhalsim sits under a tree]
After returning to his village, Dhalsim sinks into deep meditation.
[Images of his various battles appear in his mind]
I must cleanse myself of the evil force which has taken over my mind.
What good could possibly come from my damaging power?
[three people approach him]
Oh Great Yoga Master Dhalsim.
Your victories have truly blessed us. Medicine, food, shelters...
All the people in the village thank you.
[wife with a bay stands next to him]
Yes... have I created bad karma?
No! You have made things better for all.
Iím very proud.
I hope you are right. Does the end justify the means?

Win Quotes:
     Ancient words of wisdom...Ēyou suckĒ.
     I live for death...yours!
     Someday youíll have enough courage to face me again.
     You fight, you lose, you die!

Mid-boss: Chun-Li (original outfit)
Chun-Li: Hey, I hear youíre a master.
Chun-Li: Can you tell me about Shadaloo?
Gen: Foolish child-I have nothing for you!
Gen: Why are you still looking at me! Didnít your father teach you not to

Boss: Akuma
Gen: You must be Akuma. You may have a human body, but you are not of this
Akuma: (Which one are you?)
Gen: Iím the one who will send you back to hell.
Akuma: (Amusing, but ignorant.)

(after the battle)

[Gen holds Akuma up]
...Whatís your problem? Finish me now!
What are you waiting for?
[Gen releases him]
Gen leaves Akuma to his fate.
What is on his mind?
[Gen stands on the tip of a boat]
It would be no challenge to finish him.
But then my greatest joy for my remaining days is lost.
[wipes blood onto his beard]
Iíd rather die fighting!

Win Quotes:
     Donít worry, everyone loses to me!
     Shouldnít you be crawling to a hospital about now?
     You are so outclassed.
     You canít beat what you canít touch!

Mid-boss: Rose
Rose: I see there is a hole in your mind.
Guy: There is nothing in my mind.
Rose: So strong, yet so stupid.
Guy: Canít you see, this will be your final fight.

Required 6th Fight: Sodom
Required 7th Fight: Rolento
Boss: M.Bison
M.Bison: Bushin style Ninjas are no match for Shadaloo soldiers.
Guy: Iíve fought you soldiers. Now Iíve come for you.
M.Bison: My soldiers are skilled, but I am supreme.
Guy: Yea, a supreme fat-head!

(after the battle)

[Guy stands victorious]
Iíve got it!! Iíve found the inner secret!
With driving force, Guy brings new life into the old Bushin style.
[a man dressed in green with a mask on appears behind him]
You have tapped the power, my pupil.
Remember my son, Bushin style is only a name.
Do not be impressed by its label and you will be truly strong.
Fighting style is not something handed down, but something created.
Master, you once told me...
... to be a Master, I must overcome everything. The time has come!
Do you stake your life on it?
Of course!
[they both fly at each other with a kick]
There is no hatred in the faces of The Master and his Disciples.
Only the spirit and fighting power from facing a worthy opponent.

Win Quotes:
     Donít tell me youíre actually unconscience.
     Next time I wonít be so easy on you.
     Now you see the difference between us!
     Youíre better then you look. Try harder.

Mid-boss: Dan
Dan: Hey, Blondie, hereís a quarter. Get your own moves.
Ken: Who are you? Do you know the art of fighting?
Dan: Letís get ready to rumble.
Ken: After you, ladies first!

Boss: Ryu
ken: Where have you been?
Ryu: Why? Need some more schooling?
Ryu: Like the lesson I gave Sagat?
Ken: Sure, letís see your moves. Show and tell!

(after the battle)

[Ken helps Ryu up]
Get up, Ryu!
Somethings bugging you. Your heart wasnít in it this time.
That battle with Sagat really messed with your head man.
Stay focused! Remember, itís nothing but the fight...
... I guess?!
[Ken gives his red band to Ryu]
Here, you keep this.
If you loose (sic) it again, this will remind you...
...of me and the fight.
[Ryu reaches for it]
Thanks, Ken.
You helped me a lot!
They left each other...
...going their separate ways.
Promising to meet and fight again.
[Ken is working out with Eliza by his side]
I was lucky! He was stronger than I expected.
Iíve got to pump up my training or I wonít be so lucky. Next time...
...heíll be helping me up!

Win Quotes:
     Leave my sight.
     You are a fool to challenge me!
     You cannot fight destiny. The world will be mine.
     You were almost entertaining.

Mid-boss: Charlie
Charlie: Youíre commander of Shadaloo? I expected more.
M.Bison: It will be a pleasure watching you suffer.
Charlie: Negative! Youíre going down.
M.Bison: Iíll make sure you die a slow and painful death.

Required 7th Fight: Rose
Boss: Ryu
M.Bison: Youíre an impressive street fighter Ryu. With my guidance you
could be unequaled.
Ryu: Who the hell are you?
M.Bison: I am your lord and master. You will give me your respect.
Ryu: Iíll give you something - but itís not respect.

(after the battle)

[M.Bison holds Ryu by the head]
Ha ha ha ha!!
So Ryu, you want ultimate strength?
I can make your dreams come true!!
[M.Bison with a doctor and Ryu strapped to a chair]
The laboratory at Shadaloo Headquarters.
Whatís taking so long?
He is resisting, sir!
No one has ever held up this long.
You are truly unique, Ryu. You amuse me.
But Iím tired of this game. Give in!
Donít you see... I can make you the strongest fighter ever!
Side by side we will be invincible.
[Close-up of Ryu in the chair]
Ryu is racked with pain as enormous power is forced into his body.
[Shot of his face; one side is evil looking while the other is of him]
But his mind is strong.
Can he survive?
Will his unknown ďpowerĒ awake...
What is the answer???

Win Quotes:
     Fear prevents learning and youíve failed.
     Get real! Skill and strength determine the winner.
     Itís okay, perfection is not for everyone.
     Letís fight again, so I can stick it to you.

Mid-boss: Sodom
Sodom: The Mad Gear empire is growing strong, Rolento. Join my ranks.
Rolento: You must be delirious, Sodom. I donít need you or your pitiful
Sodom: You arrogant moron. Do you know who youíre talking to?
Rolento: Yeah. Someone seconds from extinction.

Required 7th Fight: M.Bison
Boss: Guy
Guy: What?! You again?
Rolento: I see you remember you supreme leader.
Guy: Well, I see you havenít learned you(sic) lesson.
Rolento: Pity! Now I will have to rebuild my empire...ON YOUR FACE!

(after the battle)

[a flag with a gun and a sword forming an X on a red background]
The time has come! Enough of this ďpanty waist politickingĒ!
[Rolento rises as the flag becomes a picture of an army]
We need discipline, order, strength, power.
Iíll make soldier out of the whole, damn, lot of them!
Rring.... rring..
[Haggard is sitting at his office]
Yes, what is it?
Mayor! The whole city is in an uproar!
What happened?
A man named Rolent is terrorizing the city!
Heís driving through the business district in a tank!
[turns on the TV to see a tank rolling through the streets]
Listen up, you pencil pushing geeks!
I will rebuild this country if you all follow me.
Iíll make this country the strongest in the world!

Win Quotes:
     Are you done?
     Forgive me. My fight is not with you.
     Power is nothing without skill.
     Todayís lesson is over.

Mid-boss: Akuma
Rose: You! Youíre the one with the Shoryuken power I feel!
Akuma: (Leave!)
Rose: You must be... (Akuma)
Akuma: (Perish!)

Required 7th Fight: Sagat
Boss: M.Bison
Rose: Bison, you are on the wrong path. Iíve tried to warn you.
M.Bison: Your annoying warnings mean nothing to me.
Rose: Iíll give you a count of three.
M.Bison: 1... 2... 2 1/2... 2 3/4...

(after the battle)

[Rose hits Bison with a beam]
Youíre finished, Bison!
[Rose is taking a bath]
Itís over.
Iíve sealed his ďPsycho PowersĒ forever.
...I think.
[Rose sits at a table]
Unable to escape her ominous feelings, Rose consults her Tarots...
...expecting to see Bisonís end.
[she is in shock as she holds up a card]
What!? How can this be?
This is a card of...
[image of Bison appears and the card disappears]
There must be some mistake! NO!!!!
The nightmare should have ended.
Paralyzed with fear, she realizes she is powerless.
Itís not over...yet!

Win Quotes:
     I look forward to our next battle.
     Now Iíll find a better challenge!
     Whatís wrong? Why do you hold back?
     You fought well. I was honored.

Mid-boss: Sakura
Sakura: Ah ha! Here you are... donít move!
Ryu: What do you want?
Sakura: Iíve always wanted to challenge you!
Ryu: Are you worthy? Show me your moves.

Required 6th Fight: Ken
Required 7th Fight: Sagat
Boss: Akuma
Akuma: Well, we meet again!
Ryu: Itís been a while, Akuma.
Ryu: So, have you gotten any better?
Akuma: You tell me!

(after the battle)

[Ryu is looking at Akuma, who is hunched over and surrounded by an aura]
You possess the same power as I.
When the ĎEvil Intentí awakens within you, then you will know.
All these past battles will seem like childís play.
W... what?!
[Akuma punches the ground, collapsing the cave]
The island... itís... it's disappearing!?
When you have learned to summon all your inner power, find me.
Then we will truly learn who is more powerful.
[the island blows up]
As Akumaís island disappears...
...So does Akuma. Leaving behind the feeling of his evil presence.
[Ryu is afloat in water]
Left only with the sense of his untapped power...
...Akumaís words give Ryu yet another test.
Ryuís journey, to be a true warrior, is never ending.

Win Quotes:
     Acept you weakness. Never come here again.
     Do not challange what you cannot defeat!
     It will take more then you to best me!
     Now who is the strongest?

Mid-boss: Adon
Adon: How could you lose to Ryu?
Adon: You deserve to die!
Sagat: Itís time I teach you respect.
Sagat: Itís your lucky day. You will share Ryuís fate.

Boss: Ryu
Sagat: Ryu, now is the time for revenge.
Ryu: You still havenít recovered from our last duel.
Sagat: I have something new for you.
Sagat: This time youíll be the one scarred.

(after the battle)

[Sagat stands proudly with Ryu hunched behind him]
Iíve defeated Ryu! I am the Champion!
Iíve gotten my revenge. But, it seems a hollow victory.
Champion, bah! I know now...
Thatís why Ryu just stared at me. He knew, he just didnít say.
[Sagat, Bison, Vega, and Balrog are in Bisonís control room]
Iím getting off here, I have something Iíve got to do!
Later, you must tell me about you ďPsycho PowerĒ.
O.K. Go now.
You are on my path. Come back to me, when you are stronger.
Leaving Bison, Sagat decides to train alone.
[he does a Tiger Uppercut to a waterfall]
Iím going to need a more powerful move than the Tiger Blow next time!
But, I must fid it on my own!
Sagatís mind is clear... he searches for his own inner strength to be a True Champion!

Win Quotes:
     Do you have time for another beating before my next class?
     Now you know, justice always prevails!
     Victory is mine. Get up loser so I can smack you again.
     Wow, that was cool, do it again!

Mid-boss: Sagat
Sagat: Those moves?! You know Ryu. Where is he?
Sakura: Say please!
Sagat: Out of my way you insignificant gnat!
Sakura: You need a lesson in etiquette

Boss: Ryu
Sakura: Iíve been looking for you Ryu.
Ryu: What do you want with me, little girl?
Sakura: Is that anyway to talk? Iím your number one fan.
Sakura: Thatís Ms. Little Girl to you!

(after the battle)

[Sakura approaches Ryu]
Wait! Where are you going?
I want to be stronger. I want to learn more.
Please! Please teach me! Be my master!!!!
Iím still learning myself. I donít have time for school girl games!
Youíre on your own.
[split shot of Sakura holding a camera and Ryu turning]
Iíve got to go.
At least give me something to remember you by!
[she holds a picture of Ryu in his turning pose]
[she is walking while looking at the picture]
(He took it easy on me, I just know it!)
(What did he mean - ďhe is still learningĒ?)
(I thought street fighting was just for fun.)
(Maybe he knows the true meaning of ďfightĒ.)
(I have to see him again to ask him.)
[another girl catches up with her]
Good morning Sakura. Whoís that?
My master, maybe?
What do you mean?
[Sakura goes into a run]
Forget it. We donít have tome. Weíll be late for school!!
Hey! Wait for me!
Iím going to need a crash course.

Win Quotes:
     Guess I beat you pretty bad. Nothing personal.
     Not bad. Maybe you should work for me.
     You will not interfere with my plans!
     Youíre just too weak!

Mid-boss: Ken
Ken: Hey, SHogun, I didnít know this was a costume party.
Sodom: Insolent brat! Youíll pay for your disrespect.
Ken: Fight me? You might get some blood on you pretty dress.
Sodom: The only blood spilled will be yours.

Required 6th Fight: Rolento
Required 7th Fight: Ryu
Boss: Guy
Guy: Youíre still so outclassed.
Sodom: Iím in a class of my own.
Sodom: Youíve destroyed my gang. Now you insult me? You will die!
Guy: Bring it on.

(after the battle)

Defeating Guy, Sodom starts reconstructing Mad Gear.
In search for strong allies, he visits Japan.
[he approaches a building]
(The Old Coke Factory??) ...Oh, here it is.
Somo wrestlers... the strongest fighters in Japan.
Mad Gear will be invincible if I can persuade them to join.
In this corner, weighting 450 lbs., Fujioyama!
...And in this corner...
[Sodom is in the ring bowing]
...What?! Who are you?
I am Sodom.
Iíve come to recruit Somo wrestlers.
Iím interested in only the strongest.
Are you up for the challenge?
You donít know me, little man.
I welcome your challenge!
[Sodom and the somo charge head-first at each other]

Win Quotes:
     Donít make me angry or Iíll beat the crap out of you!
     Hit me again...please?
     Nothing can escape my furious swirling death move!
     Quit blocking my hits with your face!

Mid-boss: Birdie
Birdie: Nice look, Kremlin-head.
Zangief: Have you looked in a mirror lately
Birdie: Where do you get off... Iíll kick your butt to Liverpool and back.
Zangief: Ha! English humor always amuses me.

Boss: Ken
Ken: What boat did you step off of?
Zangief: Iím Zangief from Mother-Russia.
Ken: A mamaís boy, eh!
Zangief: Inbecile! I will snap you like a twig.

(after the battle)

[Zangief is posing]
Ha ha ha ha! See?
This is the true power of Mother Russia!
[looks behind to find Gorbachev]
Iíve seen all of your fights, comrade.
[Gorb stands in front of the Russian flag and Zangief is in tears]
I did it for the motherland, my tzar.
Our country demands great responsibility of you.
You must prove to all of the world the unbeatable power of Russia.
Your sucess is my, uh... our sucess.
Working out at a training facility, he grows even stronger.
[he is wrestling a bear in the snow]
Comrade our budget is limited, but we will continue to support you.
With your sucess, Russia will once again rise to power.
Iím sending a bottle of our finest volka. CHEERS!!!
All the best, comrade.

Battle with Shin Akuma
(you): Who are you?!
Shin Akuma: I am power made flesh!
Shin Akuma: Fell(sic) how weak you truly are!

Win quote

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