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Little Big Adventure 2 - Twinsen's Odyssey (e)

Twinsen's Odyssey Walkthrough 
As in many walkthroughs, the following walkthrough of Twinsen's Odyssey is but
one way to finish the game. This walkthrough is best used as a reference when
you are stuck in a particular area. 

Planet Twinsun 

You begin the game on planet Twinsun. In your house grab the key which is in the
chest next to the locked door and enter the door. Grab your magic ball, the holomap,
and the darts. Exit your house and head to the pharmacy and talk to the store owner
about a cure for the DinoFly. After the cutscene, talk to the short sphero outside.
To catch the umbrella thief, use "Discreet" mode and sneak up to him. Tell him to
give you the umbrella. Give the umbrella to the short woman. Go up and sneak into
the museum upper window and press the red button on the desk. Pull the level on the
right side of the desk and run down to the tunic and medallion. Head to the weather
wizard's home and talk to him. Go to the cliffs and enter the caves there. In the
second cave, unlock the gate by standing against the barrels and throwing the ball
into the switch. Head into the next cave and jump onto the ladder at the upper left.
To open the locked gate jump onto the ledge and throw the ball over the little fence.
Go into the next cave. Kill the first creature to get a key. Jump across the gap to
get to the next area and kill the second creature to get another key. Continue into
the next area by jumping across the spikes and gaps. Go through the two locked doors
and enter next room. Kill the large creature for another key. Talk to the lighthouse
keeper and leave the cell. Go to the lighthouse and watch cut scene. Buy a ferry ticket
to go to Desert Island. Go to the healer's house and talk to his housekeeper. Grab the
bottle of Gallic Acid off the shelf. Next, you'll need to collect 120 kashes.. th
 easiest way to do it is to head to the Temple Park and keep playing the shooting
ducks game. Now, go to the cemetary which is the school of Magic. Enter the school.
Run through the ghost area and get the key from the chest. Go throug the locked gate
and talk to the wizard and join the school. Walk to the first door and take first test.
After you pass the accuracy test you are given a blowgun. Go to Baldino's the Inventor
and get the car part. Buy a ferry ticket to Citadel Island and give the car part to Zoe.
Buy a ferry ticket back to Desert Island. Go to Baldino's and get the radio. Leave
Baldino's and you'll hear the car is ready; go pick it up by the ferry. Go to where the
Balsam plant is.. you'll need to jump the ramp with the car. Grab the Balsam plant and
go to the School of Magic. Give Balsam plant to the wizard and you'll get the Horn of
the Blue Triton which will heal the DinoFly. Go back to Citadel Island and blow the horn
six times near DinoFly. Take the DinoFly to the Island of the Slate. Enter the maze and
complete it (the map is on the wall outside). The wizard will congratulate you and give
you the Magic Slate. Now go to Desert Island via Dino and to the School of Magic to get
your Wizard Certificate. Now, you'll need to find 50 kashes (try Twinsen's house if all
else fails). Find the dude on the magic carpet and show him the diploma and he'll give
you a Wizard outfit. Go to the Hacienda and talk to the Esmer by the men's steaming room.
You'll board a space ship; be sure to get the translator under the stairwell. 

Planet Zeelich 

After the ship lands, follow the soldiers to the doors and enter the right door. When
guard opens cell door, kill him and escape. Throw the cell switch to free the dissident.
Hit the big red buttons to turn the shields off. Go out bottom door and destroy the mech
to blow a hole in the fence. Run through the dog training yard and enter the smaller of
the two buildings. run to the left and drop down the left one. Run into the tower and kill
all the enemies and steal the travel token. Get into the shuttle and use the token in the

Planet Twinsun 

After crash landing, get to your and Zoe's house and talk to Zoe. Get to the warehouse.
Now to get the Protopack, either push the crate through the maze of lifts and conveyor
belts, or better yet, pay the work 102 kashes (use Twinsen's stash at his house) to do
it for the warehouse entrance and get Protopack. Take Dino to Desert Island. Go
to the Wizard School and talk to the wizard. Go to where the ferry used to dock on this
island; you'll find a bell. Ring the bell summoning Moya the turtle. Inside the cave, use
the ProtoPack to fly over spikes and grab the incandescent pearl. Go back to the turtle.
Take DinoFly to Citadel Island. Go to the weather wizard's home and use the pearl in the
big pot, creating the lightning spell. Next, go to the house next to yours and give the
old man the vial of Gallic Acid. He'll give you the pyramid key. Go to Chez Luc, the
tavern type thing, and use "action" on the keg behind the counter for the cellar key.
Enter cellar and drop down into the sewer. Place the pyramid key into the slot. Inside
room (you have to have full magic points) use the lightning spell to get Sendall's Ball.
Take Dino to the Desert Island and go to the Temple of Bu (inside the Temple Park). Jump
onto the cart. Now, flip the second and fifth switch you come to. After you go downstairs,
flip all the switches. Now, stay on the cart until you are within jumping distance of the
box. Jump to the box for a key. In the same room there's a ladder at the bottom; climb
down that ladder and go through the doors. Kill the sleeping guards and inspect the guard's
clothes for a key. Go through the locked door. Kill the guard for a key. Go through the
locked door and up the elevator and use the ProtoPak to get across the electric bridge.
Once across, turn off the switch which turns off the electric field. Kill the guard for
another key. Take the travel token from the orange holder. Go to the shuttle and use the
token in the slot. 

Emerald Moon 

Password for Emerald Moon is: Operation GREEN MOON. Enter the welcoming building and set
the three switches to green. Next, enter middle (there are three for the other building).
Go through the door at the top of the room and kill the guard to get a key. Go through the
door and talk to Baldino. You turn the big wheel to open the door, and then follow Baldino.
Again, turn the big wheel to open the door. Throw the red switch on the pipe to open the
door. Put on the suit and again follow Baldino. 

Planet Zeelich 

Jump across the rock and kill the monster along the way. Go through the dog training
yard. Enter the taller building and take the lift up. Talk to the Gazogem station attendant
and collect 100 zlitos. Talk to the one-legged man on the dock. Then get on his ship and
he will take you to Celebration Island. Once there, talk to the souvenior vender. Take
the air ferry to Otringal, and go to the bar. When in the bar, go onto the stage and
through the door in back. Throw the switches in the order of: middle, left and right
to open the grate. Position the pillars to allow you to reach the now open grate. Talk
to Rick, and then take the air ferry to the Island of the Francos. Enter the first building
and buy the pick axe. Go behind the bar and, with the pick axe, dig in the grass for
the Francos fragment. Use the pipes next to the refinery fence to get inside. Enter
the building with one guard, and kill the mechanic working on the pipes. Then throw
the far right switch on the pipes (there will be three). Jump across the two steam
vents. Once across, go up the elevator and throw the switch. Go back down the elevator
and get the key. Then go back up the elevator and again throw the switch. Go through
the door; throw the two switches and run/jump over the steam. Go up the elevator the
throw the switch. Then run/jump over the gap. Go up the "stairway of jets" and get the
key, and go through the door. Once in, kill the guard for a key and throw the switch. Get
through the steam vents and throw both switches. Ride the platform across the gap, and
then go through the doors. Throw both switches. Stand on the vent and throw the ball at
the tech for a key, using the ball to also collect the key. Open the gate and kill the
guard for the key. Throw the switch; go through the gate, and grab Gazogem and the key.
Go through the doors and jump over the gate using the barrels. Take the air ferry to
Otringal. Once there, take Gazogem to Baldino and you will get the Super Proto. Jump
over the rocks and go through the dog training yard. Kill the guard for a key and enter
the taller building. Go behind the Casino and there will be a small waterfall there. Use
the Super Proto to get to the path on the other side of the waterfall. Follow this path
to the Imperial Hotel. Enter the hotel and kill the bellboy for a key. Talk to Johnny
Rocket and follow him to his room where you will get the dissidents key. Go to the
souvenier shop and show the ring to the shopkeeper. Talk to all the dissidents to get
the pistol-laser. Take the air ferry to the Island of Celebration. Walk along the path
to the lava flow which is along the left side of the statue. Jump over the lave using
the floating platforms. Use the Super Proto to get to the crystals, and then use the
pick axe to get the crystal. This will then get you a working pistol-laser. Take the
air ferry to the Island of the Francos and jump over the fence again. Enter the building
protected by two guards, and use the pistol-laser to shoot the two guards which will
trigger the switches. Four switches control the doors. To open the first door the 1st,
3rd and 4th switches must be down; to open the second door the 2nd and 3rd switches must
be down, and to open both doors the 2nd and 4th switches must be down. Go through the door
and get onto the air tanker. Kill the assasin for a key and enter the elevator. 

Under Gas 

Jump on top of the trash can and shoot the tech. Then, while still on the trashcan,
shoot the switch to turn off the shield. You won't be able to see the switch from the
trashcan; just aim in the approximate direction until you get lucky. Go outside and
get to the Village of the Wannies. Go to the room with the family of Wannies, and grab
the Wannies glove from the coat rack. When the mother Wannie says dinner is ready, sit
in the upper right chair, and you will get the tart. Give the tart to the old man in
the middle of the cave and you will get a key. Go to the chapel and talk to the monk.
Then go the monk's home and talk to his housekeeper to get the ferryman's song. Go to
the cave next to the warehouse, which is near the Under Gas elevator. Collect all the
gems you can, but at least four. In the second room from the entrance of the cave there
is a gap near a small animal and a cave. Jump that gap and enter the next cave. In this
cave, there will be two Wannie's working, with a path in between them; take that path.
You will now be in a room with a bridge with a Wannie guarding the door. Jump the gap
and kill the Wannie for a key. Enter the room and grab the fragment. Now exit the mine
and go to the ferryman pickup location. Play the song in the little gazebo. Take the
ferryman to the Island of the Mosquibee's. Talk to the Mosquibee and he will take you
to the Queen. To pass the test: throw the ball at the rocks until you get a key. Open
the middle door to get the blowtron. Fight your way to the hexagonal exit. Go to the
upper exit in the next room. Run around the mountain and across the suspension bridge.
Go up the elevator. Fight the flying walrus with the Wannie glove for a key. Use this
key in the box for the Wannie fragment. Take the ferryman to the Volcano Island. Collect
gems and go into the cave. Talk to the Mosquibee. Take the ferryman to the Island of the
Wannies. Go into the the cave next to the warehouse. Go across the tracks and get onto
the conveyor belt. Kill the switch operator and place both switches in the right hand
position. Jump into the box; Jump onto the ladder; and then jump over to the next building
and drop through the hole. Talk to the Queen to get the CX key. Throw the ball at the
switch to open the gate. Take the ferryman to the Island of the Mosquibee's. Go to the
throne room and use the CX key on the back of the throne. Kill the guards for a key.
Work your way to the shuttle landing area and kill the guard for a key. Enter the center
building. Turn the wheel to open the door. Go to the next room and turn the upper wheel
to open the door. Go through the door and get the key. Follow the Franco over the wall;
this is important. Use the key in the locked door. Go down the elevator. Kill the emperor
for a key. Use the key in the chest to get the emperor's sword. Go up the elevator. Go to
the room with the two Hussons, and kill the first Husson with the sword for a key. Go
through the upper locked door. Climb the stairs and ladder, and grab the token. Go to
the shuttle and place the token into the slot. After the shuttle lands, kill the guards
for a key. Use the key to enter the locked gate. Enter the door. Now you must get a key
from each room to continue. In some rooms the key is in a chest; in other rooms you kill
someone for a key. After you have gotten a key from each room walk north until you can't,
then walk west until you can't, and then go north again. Fight the guards first and then
the two headed monster. Once you defeat the two headed monster, he will give you a key.
Use the key in the chest for the Sup's fragment. Take the air ferry to the Island of
Celebration. Enter the temple base and place the Monk's key into the center lava section.
Go outside and listen to the fake monk. Go around the right side of the statue and use the
pillars to get on top of the book. Jump onto the the hand of the statue, then the arm, and
finally enter the statue. Kill the elephant that will be firing rockets at you. Go to the
four control machines; from left to right the machines are 1-4. Start the machines in the
order of: 2, 1, 4, 3 and then throw the switch on the right side of the wizards. Go through
the hole in the gate and up the elevator. After the fake monk talks to you, go down the
elevator. Drop down the hole behind the tin elephant. Kill the rocket throwing elephant
for a key. Go through the locked gate. Kill the two elephants that transport into the
open floor plate, and drop into the hole. Kill yet another rocket throwing elephant for
a key. Go through the locked gate. Kill Funfrock and the robots. Walk towards the lava,
and you will be done. 

The End