Bust-A-Move 2 (e)

Andere Lösungen
Bust a Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix

By: David Martin (

Ver: 1.0


Table of Contents
A. Legal Stuff
B. Intro
C. Characters
D. How to play
E. Stages
F. Everything else
G. Thing's I would like to do
H. Thanks


A. Legal Stuff
This being the first FAQ that I have written, I have gained a new 
found respect for others that under take this project. I never had 
thought of trying to take credit for others work and I especially 
would not do it now. Please do not the same with any of this work. 
It is copyrighted by me and any use or public display without my 
permission is not allowed. So don't even think about it!! ^_~


B. Intro

Well, I don't know about you, but I have been waiting for this one 
for a very long time. I will try to make the order that I present 
everything make sense, but since this will be in an order that 
seems logical to me it will probably confuse the hell out of you. 

IMPORTANT - This game contains the new country code. Even with a 
mod chip you may not be able to play this game! If a screen with a 
red circle with a line through it comes up then you will have to 
find a way around it. There are two methods that I know of.
The first is with a Game Shark. It must be at least version 2.0 or 
higher. If you have an older version it will not work. 
Unfortunately you have to buy a new one if you have an older 
version as they are not upgradable. The code that will let you 
play this game is:
                        D008FB02     1040
                        8008FB02     1000
You will still have to have a chip in your PSX that will let you 
play import games if you use this.
The other way that I have heard of but cannot confirm is a device 
that you can plug into the back of your PSX that will not only let 
you play import games but will override this code. Even better, I 
have heard that it is endorsed by Sony. Like I said before though 
I have never seen one of these devices so I can't guarantee that 
it will work let alone if it even exists.


C. Characters

There are considerably more characters in this one than the first. 
You start out with ten that are accessible and must unlock the 
rest. Some hidden characters require you to unlock a different 
hidden character before you can access them. I still have not 
played it enough to verify that these are the only way to obtain 
these characters. I will list the characters that I used to unlock 
them. If you happen to do it a different way let me know. Also, 
there may be more hidden characters as I have not finished the 
game with every character yet. These are all the ones that fill up 
the blank spots on the character select screen though.

1. Heat - If you played the first one then you know this guy. He 
really doesn't look too different. His normal costume is a little 
ridiculous though. What is up with that hat? His alternate costume 
is not much different but at least he gets rid of the hat.

2. Comet - A cute sixteen year old roller blading sushi bar 
waitress. She is one of my favorite new characters. She does seem 
kind of difficult to use in terms of the key entries required for 
her moves. Her alternate costume is a  black bunny suit. I do have 
one question about her though. During one of her opening sequences 
she dances around with a tray and waves to everyone. Where does 
she put that tray before she starts dancing? (Watch her very 

3. Shorty - Another carry over from the first one. She still has 
Columbo the dancing mouse with her. You can get him to dance with 
her just like you could in the first one, I haven't been able to 
pull this off yet but I have seen the computer do it. I hate her 
alternate costume. She also has the only ending that I think is 
really worth sitting through. Pay close attention to Columbo.

4. Strike - Also from the original. His stage is pretty cool. I 
also think that the music for this stage is considerably better 
than it was in the first. He really hasn't changed much at all. 
Even his alternate costume looks alot like it did in the first 

5. Tsutomu - This is the eleven year old school boy. His stage is 
really cool, especially if you get the Luck Meter (I'll explain 
later). His alternate costume is nothing special. Just a color 
change to his original costume. Listen closely when he plays his 
flute as his intro. It's a different song every time. I especially 
like the Beethoven's Fifth. I still haven't figured out exactly 
what happens when he attacks.

6. Capoeria - The dancing alien twins are back. They are alot more 
interactive with each other than they were before. They don't just 
look like two of the same character dancing side by side. Just 
like in the first one, their moves will start to get really 
complicated as you get farther into the battle. There alternate 
costume, just like before, is a change in their skin color.

7. Bi-O - No, his name has absolutely nothing to do with his 
sexual orientation. This is the zombie reject from the Thriller 
video.(Don't believe me, watch his dancing style) The crunching 
and cracking sounds this guy makes when he's dancing make me sick 
to my stomach. If you finish the game with him you will find out 
exactly how he got to be the way he is and his link to an original 
BAM character that is not featured in this game. His alternate 
costume is nothing more than a color change to his original.

8. Hiro-kun - Everyone's favorite narcissistic disco dancer is 
back. This is a guy to really pay attention to both during the 
opening sequence and his win sequences. The music to his stage is 
also pretty humorous if you listen to the words. His alternate 
costume makes me wonder if he wasn't one of the original Village 

9. Kitty-N - No surprise to see her back again. Her win poses are 
no where near as cute as they were in the first one. The game 
doesn't seem to revolve around her like it did in the first one. 
Her alternate costume is pretty cool. It is more than just a color 
change like it was in the first one.

10. Kelly - She's back and much, much better than before. I liked 
her in the first and she is my favorite in this one. The lighting 
effect on her baton is awesome. I was glad to see the baby suit 
go, this was definitely a change for the better. Her alternate 
costume could go though. Her stage is pretty cool too.

The rest of these characters are all hidden. I will list the 
character that I used to unlock them in parentheses after their 

11. Columbo (Shorty) - The little mouse with the attitude is back 
again. You can get him by himself once you unlock him. He dances 
like Shorty.

12. Robo-Z (Kitty-N) - The main boss character for this game. He 
is very difficult to play as you get to his more advanced dance 
moves. Also, unlike in the first one, his stage is playable but 
only in the practice mode. Watch out for his cheap move to steal 
your solo at the end of his stage.

13. Pander (Rob-Z) - This guys picture at the character select 
screen is frightening. The secret boss in this game, he is 
somewhat difficult to get to and damned hard to beat. The music on 
his stage is soooooooo fast. I find it very hard to pull off any 
move that requires more that about five inputs. That and he does 
everything perfectly as you near the end of the stage. Usually you 
will have to obtain a score of at least 35,000 to beat him. I 
would really like to know what those guys were on when they made 
his stage. His dancing style, I was told by a friend, is a 
traditional Japanese Geisha style of dancing. I like his Chia hair 
in his alternate costume.

14. Sushi-Boy (Hiro) - You will see him on a sign in Comet's 
stage. He also dances just like her. Yes, he also does the tray 
trick, but it doesn't frighten me quite as much as when Comet does 
it. He is very easy to use.

15. McLoad (Columbo) - He is a big dinosaur that dances just like 
Kelly. I still don't know where he comes from. I haven't used him 
yet, but he looks really ridiculous when he is dancing. His 
alternate costume is a Barney colored suit. Puke!

16. Chi Chi & Sally (Capoeira) - They come from Capoeira's stage. 
They're those weird looking things that keep bouncing from door to 
door in the background. Again, I haven't used them much so I 
really don't know much about them. That tongue thing that they do 
when they're dancing cracks me up though. They're alternate 
costume is a color change.

17. Michael-Doi (Sushi Boy) - I'm sure that he would probably 
really prefer to be called Michele. You will find this out if you 
finish the game with Kitty-N. Since he was her dance instructor he 
dances like her, or is it the other way around? The only thing 
missing from his alternate outfit is a set of castanets.

18. Hustle Kong (Kelly) - He dances like Hiro-kun and makes an 
appearance on his stage if you manage to get the Luck Meter. He's 
pretty ridiculous looking. His alternate outfit is a change in 
color to his fur.

A few words about the hidden characters. First and foremost, none 
of them have real endings. Not that that is anything to be 
disappointed about. The endings all seem really lame to me. Also, 
even though their dance style is the same as an existing character 
in the game, their commands are not the same. This is a change 
from the first one. Also I used the Normal level when I unlocked 
these characters.


D. How to Play

I actually took a little time (Okay, so it was a lot of time) and 
translated parts of the manual. What follows will basically follow 
the manual. I will try to stick to it as much as possible but will 
add additional information that I think is pertinent. 

1. Game start  - You have five different options here one of which 
will not be available until you finish the game at least once. 
They are:

   A. 1 Player game - Need I say more. A second player can join in 
   B. 2 Player game - Also self explanatory.
   C. Practice - Having trouble getting those dance commands down? 
Spend a little time here to sharpen your skills.
   D. Dance View - You have to finish the game at least once 
before this will open. Then it will only allow you to use the 
character you finished the game with. You must finish the game 
with a character before they will be selectable here.
   E. Options - We will discuss this later.

2. Controller - The note at the bottom says that this game 
supports the vibration feature of the Dual Shock controller. It 
can be turned on or off at the option screen.

   L1 & L2 - Not used
   R1 - Jam (attack)
   R2 - Dodge an attack
   Directional key - Menu selections/Input dance commands
   Select button - Press and hold when selecting character to get 
their alternate costume
   Start button - Game start/Pause
   Triangle - Enter dance commands/Also allows you to pick a 
characters alternate costume
   Square - Enter dance commands
   Circle - Confirm selections/Input dance commands/Attack when 
playing easy level
   X - Cancel selections/Input dance commands/Dodge an attack when 
playing easy level
   Analog sticks - Not used

3. Dance Battle - Okay, this is where we are really going to teach 
how to play this game. This probably also means that this is 
probably the only section that you will read which means all the 
rest of that was a waste of time. That's fine though, I enjoyed it 
anyways. ^_^

   Entering Dance Commands - If you can count and have rhythm you 
will do just find in this game. If you don't you will probably 
become very frustrated very quickly. If you just keep practicing 
though I'm sure that you will eventually pick it up. While you are 
playing you will see a bar that is normally filled with arrows. 
This is followed by a small box that will usually be filled with a 
symbol matching one of the buttons on the control pad. The bar 
flashes in time to the music, you have three flashes (or beats for 
those of you with some music background) to input the commands 
listed in the bar. On the fourth beat you must input what ever is 
in the box at the end. The commands in the bar can be inputted at 
any speed. I usually like to put them in as fast as I can and wait 
to input the last command. As you can see by the diagram in the 
manual it doesn't matter how you do it as long as on the forth 
beat you have input all the commands at input the command in the 
box. Sounds complicated, but after you play for a while you will 
get the hang of it. Also, don't worry if you find yourself 
counting out loud while you are playing. I haven't met anyone who 
can play this game without bobbing their head or something of the 
like to keep time. So don't worry, no matter odd looks your 
friends or relatives  give you while you are playing, just invite 
them to play once and see how long they can sit still.

   Easy mode - Believe it or not, I actually find this one kind of 
difficult. You do not use a single button which is good if you are 
not sure of the layout of the keys. All commands are directional. 
I find it odd to not have to push a button at the end. Also this 
mode assigns the functions of Jam and Jam evade to the Circle and 
X buttons respectively.

   Normal mode - Just like in the original. Uses directional keys 
for the first three beats and either the Circle or X button as the 
final command. 

   Mix mode - So you think you know the PSX control pad layout 
pretty well do ya? Well this is definitely a good test. This uses 
directional as well as all four of the symbol buttons on the pad 
as inputs. For some characters you don't even use directions, it's 
all buttons. A definite challenge but lots of fun.

   Combos - As you play the game, the more correct inputs you make 
in a row the higher your combo will be. This one works on the same 
principle as the original. The combos are rated 3, 4, 5, Cool, 
Chillin', and Freeze. Unlike before though combos will stop 
anywhere. You will not see Chillin' or Freeze nearly as often as 
you did on the first one. Logically, the higher your combo rating 
the higher your score for that move. Also, like in the original, 
when your character stops dancing and there are no commands in the 
box for a round you are posing and will be invincible to an 
opponents attack. Other ways to tell this is the announcer will 
usually comment and there is a loud sort of pinging sound that 
accompanies your pose.
Also it is possible to make a combo with misses. You can tell you 
are doing this because the words telling you how high your combo 
is will be gray. Six misses in a row and you just earned yourself 
a Cool combo. As far as points go, pulling the whole thing off 
will net you a whole stinking point. Yippee!! As far as trying to 
win goes not a smart move however, the things they do during this 
combo are pretty hilarious. It has to hurt throwing yourself on 
the ground like that.

   Just timing - Here is what will make you or break you in this 
game. When you are playing the final command box will flash red on 
the forth beat. If you input the command in the box at the same 
moment that it flashes red it will shine brightly and grow large. 
This is called "Just Timing." This is good to do for two reasons, 
you score more points for doing this and it will open up higher 
scoring moves. One way to tell if you are doing this correctly is 
in the very begging of a stage. If you are continuously getting 
four combos you are missing it. If you are able to work your way 
up to a Cool combo you're right on. How much of a difference does 
it make? It's the difference between scoring around 20,000 points 
or less on a level and scoring 35,000+ points.

   Luck Meter - Between the two score displays are three sets of 
three bars. This is called the Luck Meter. The colors correspond 
to the colors of the lettering for the three different combo 
names. Green is for Cool,. red is for Chillin', and blue is for 
Freeze. Everytime you get one of these combos a block is added to 
the stack that corresponds to it's color. If it reaches three it 
will go back to one. If you manage to get all three stacks at the 
same level something interesting will happen to the background and 
the next person to perform a named combo will have a flasing 
border around their score. Also, you will receive more points than 
usual for your moves. It is not as easy as it sounds.

   Jam - This is the name givin to the attacks in this game. To do 
this you must press the R1 button on the fourth beat (or Circle on 
the easy mode). This will cause your character to attempt to stop 
your opponent momentarily. This is really good to prevent your 
opponent from making a high scoring combo such as a Chillin' or 
Freeze. If you successfully hit them not only will you stop their 
combo but now they also have to start building their combo again 
from the beginning. Your opponent will also lose 1000 points. Some 
attacks, such as Capoeria's, will cause a permanent affect, like 
big head, on the appearance of your opponent if it hits twice in 
the battle. You get two attacks per round as indicated by the 
little bubbles on your scoring bar.
Something really important to remember. There is a new feature in 
this game. If you get attacked right before the solo portion of a 
battle the opponent who did the attack will, in a sense, steal 
your solo. Your character will stand doubled over while your 
opponent gets to perform to solos in a row. This is especially 
painful because solos will usually contain some of the highest 
scoring moves. So not only do you miss out on this high scoring 
opportunity but your opponent gets to do it twice. OUCH!

   Jam evade - By pressing the R2 button (or X on easy mode) on 
the forth beat you can avoid your opponents attack. It is really 
pretty easy to tell when some one is going to attack. The screen 
will usually do a close-up of that character and they will make 
some sort of noise (i.e. yelling, screaming, etc.). You can tell 
if the evade was successful if the announcer does not say 
something like "Oh no!" Also your control pad will vibrate if you 
don't dodge the attack.

   Jam Return - This is a really cool new feature of this game 
that I just found out about. If you are attacked and instead of 
pressing the dodge button you use the Jam button you will not only 
not be affected by the attack but will return it to your opponent. 
The catch, you have to have Just Timing on the Jam button to make 
it work. Tough to pull off but definitely worth it. The attack can 
be bounced back and forth between the two of you until it finally 
connects or is dodged.

4. 1 & 2 Player Game - There really isn't much to tell you here 
that hasn't already been said. Just remember that it's all about 
the points. Just like in every other game that exists, he who has 
the most points at the end of the round wins.
Remember that if you pause the game you will have to start the 
stage completely over. I have always hated this. Also, in the one 
player game, the path that you take as you challenge opponents 
seems to be determined off of how well you do. For almost all the 
characters that I unlocked I had to at least reach the second 
pathway of characters. Having to continue did not seem to affect 
if a character would be unlocked or not.
If you do well on a stage you will get something called Fever 
Time. This is a short dance sequence that your character will 
perform that you can just sit back and watch. I find that this 
gets a little old after about three times though. Simply press 
start to skip it. Another thing new about this game is that if 
both players do really well and your scores are within 1000 points 
of each other you will both perform a Fever Time at the same time 
instead just the winner of the round. Kind of neat.

5. Practice - Here you can select the character of your choice and 
pick a stage to practice on. There is a small bar below the 
command box that has a line that moves through it. This shows you 
where the music is in relation to the number of beats. The small 
blue area is where the final command must be put in. Level tells 
the current level of the dance moves that you are performing. 
Points is the total amount of points that you have scored. Rest 
times tells you how many sets of four beats are left until the end 
of the song.
When you are finished the game will tell you how many combos you 
completed, the percentage of commands that were inputed correctly, 
and the number of Just Commands that you obtained. You are also 
given your point total.

6. Dance View - Pick your dancer and watch 'em go. Don't forget, 
you have to finish the game with a character before they will be 
available here. Pressing up and down on the control pad moves the 
selection arrow. By using the dashed lines on the left hand side 
of the screen you can program in your own sequence of moves. The 
path option lets you see the various dance sequences that are 
preprogrammed. The speed option speeds up or slows down the rate 
at which your character moves. Oddly enough, the lower the number 
the faster they dance. Camera shows you the various cameras that 
are used throughout the game. Move will let you control the 
vantage point manually.

7. Option - The option screen is pretty self explanatory. You 
shouldn't have any questions, but if you do let me know and I will 
try to answer them.


E. Stages

I put this here instead of with the characters because I'm slowing 
trying to update the changes caused by the Luck Meter and I wanted 
to wait until after it was explained.

Heat - You are dancing in a metal elevator that is moving through 
a factory.
   Luck Meter Changes: The elevator will start catching on fire.

Comet - Takes place in front of a sushi bar. If you played the 
first one you will recognize Burger Dog as the guy behind the bar.
   Luck Meter Changes: Still haven't gotten it.

Shorty - You are on a floating raft that sails around a river in a 
jungle theme park. I find some of the camara angles a little 
annoying, like when the hippo pops out of the water.
   Luck Meter Changes: Still haven't gotten it.

Strike - Dancing it out in front of a vault with a tied-up 
security guard. After a while the vault opens and it's contents 
start spilling out.
   Luck Meter Changes: A piece of the floor comes flying up and 
there is a ladder under it. A little guy with a bomb keeps 
climbing up and down the ladder.

Tsutomu - You are on floating platform in front of what appears to 
be a temple. As you progress through a statue will pop out of the 
top of the building and cannons will start firing at you.
   Luck Meter Changes: A Japanes dragon will come out and start 
flying around the building. It's really impressive.

Capoeria - You're back inside the alien ship but it looks like you 
start off on their home planet. All the windows shut and it is off 
you go. What you see when the windows open up depends on how well 
you do in the stage. Also, Chi Chi & Sally are bouncing around in 
the background.
   Luck Meter Changes: The ship will start to be bombarded with 

Bi-O - You duel it out on the deck of an old pirate ship. The 
music for this stage is a little difficult in that you don't 
really get an intro so you can find the beat before the match 
starts. Also, when you fall through the deck it can be a little 
   Luck Meter Changes: Still haven't gotten it.

Hiro-kun - This one is just like the original. We get whisked back 
to the seventies and Saturday Night Fever. This stages also 
features a strobing sequence that can be confusing.
   Luck Meter Changes: Hustle Kong comes busting out of the big 
screen behind you.

Kitty-N - You are on the set of her new TV show. The little 
rockets flying back and forth in the background are neat, 
especially when you get farther along and they start crashing into 
each other. Also the camaras will start exploding.
   Luck Meter Changes: Still haven't gotten it.

Kelly - Out in streets with a big car accident behind you. Looks 
to me like you are in New York. If you start doing well the chalk 
outline on the ground will get up and dance.
   Luck Meter Changes: A cop car will come zooming around the 
corner and run into the accident and go flying into the air.

Robo-Z - You will be in a little helicopter, rendering you 
virtually invisible, hovering next to a giant Robo-Z. Very similar 
to the first game. This all takes place in front of a bridge. As 
you go along trucks with missles on them will come out and start 
   Luck Meter Changes: The missle trucks will accidentally?!?! 
come out and blow up the bridge. Stupid people who don't seem to 
notice this fact will continually drive off the bridge into the 

Pander - WOW! This is a stage that should not be played if you 
experience motion sickness, back pain, are pregnant, or are 
experiencing any other physical ailments the would prevent you 
from riding this ride. What were these guys thinking?! Pander 
alone is scary enough looking.
   Luck Meter Changes: Still haven't gotten it. Don't know if I 
want to. Would I even be able to notice?


F. Extra

That's really just about all there is to it. If you liked the 
first one I think you will love this one. If you haven't played 
the first one I highly recommend it. It was released in the states 
under the title Bust a Groove. It plays the same but the music was 
redone on some stages and there were a couple of graphical changes 
made. I didn't really catch on to the music quite as quickly as I 
did in the first one but after a couple of days I found my self 
humming Magic Tower (Comet's song) while I was out and about. 
There is an ad for the soundtrack to this game included with 
it(the little blue piece of paper), but so far I have had no luck 
in locating it. If you do find it please let me know.
Also, in the original there were secret hidden high scoring moves 
available during the solos. So far I have not seen anything like 
that in this game. If you do find them, or anything else that I 
might have left out, please let me know. I will update this guide 
and be more than happy to give credit where it is due.


G. Thing's I would like to do

First and foremost I'm going to back to this game and do whatever 
it takes to get the rest of those Luck Meter Changes. Also, I 
might try translating the character descriptions in the manual if 
I find the time and initiative.


G. Thanks

Carrie-anne Hamer: For getting me interested in these games. I'll 
never forgive you!:P Your copy of this game is on it's way.

Vihn Nguyen: For letting me stop by the game store that day.

Enix: I've thought you guys were the best ever since I played 
Dragon Warrior on my NES. This game rocks!! Keep up the good work. For giving us all this great site to display and 
trade information on.

Anyone who reads this: Thank you for your time and interest. I 
hope that this guide will allow to enjoy this game as much as I 

Like I said before, please feel free to e-mail with any comments, 
suggestions, or things that I have not included. Most of my 
friends don't have e-mail and it really sucks sending it to 
yourself because you already know what it says.