Killer Instinct (FAQ) (Game Boy) (e)

Andere Lösungen
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 20:38:25 EDT

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*** *****
******            ***  ***        ***         *******
*****             ***  ***        ***         ***  **
*****             ***  ***        ***         *******
*********         ***  ***        ***         *** **
***   *****       **   ***        ***         ***  **
***       ****    *    **************************   **
***  ***   **  ****** **********  ******  ********
***  ****  **  **       ***  ***  **        ***
***  *** * **  ******   ***  ***  **        ***
***  ***  ***      **   ***  ***  **        ***
***  ***   **  ******   ***  ***  ******    ****
**                           **   
*                            *    

Killer Instinct Game Boy Faq 

Note:  Killer Instinct, and Game Boy are copyrights of Nintendo.  I am in no way affiliated with
Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Japan, or Rare.
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Table Of Contents\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

1.  Character Bios
2.  Options
3.  Controls
4.  Explation of KI combo engine
5.  Move List
6.  Secrets

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\1.  Character Bios\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Age:  21
Height: 5'6"
Weight:  190 lbs.
A Taibeton warrior monk who, overseen by the tiger spirit, enters the contest to destroy the evil

Age:  23
Height:  5'6"
Weight:  125 lbs.
A secret agent send to infiltrate UltraTech and send back critical data.

Age:  1
Height:  6'5"
Weight:  560 lbs.
A prototype cyborg solider developed by UltraTech, entered into the contest as a fial test of it 
abilites before mass production can begin.

Chief Thunder
Age:  42
Height:  6'2"
Weight:  280 lbs.
Thunder entered the contrest to find his brohter who has been missing since the 
last tournament.

Age:  2650
Height:  5'5"
Weight:  110 lbs.
Resurected from an ancient warrior's grave by UltraTech have no memoory and lacing purpose, he 
fights on regardless.

Age:  45
Height:  5'9"
Weight:  900 lbs.
Afflicted with the disease Lycanthropy, Sabrewulf enter the contest on the promise of a cure if 

Age:  Unknown
Height:  6'3"
Weight:  300 lbs.
An alien from a distant star system. Glacius was caputred by UltraTech after crash landing in 
Antartica, he fights for his freedom.

T.J. Combo
Age:  25
Height:  6'1"
Weight:  220 lbs.
The undisputed Heavy Weight Champion for five years.  Stripped of his title for using cybernetic 
arms.  Now broke, he enter the contest for the love of money.

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/2.  Options\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Option						Selection
------						---------
Level-  How difficult the AI is			V.Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, V.Hard

Screen-  How dark is the back ground		Light, Dark
		(If you are using GB Color, or the Super GameBoy use the dark setting, but if 
		 you are on an old Game Boy, or Game Boy pocket, use Light.)

Music-  Turn music On or Off			On, Off

P1 Keys-  Change Player 1 button settings	Flip with Left, and Right

P2 Keys-  Change Player 2 button settings	Flip with Left, and Right

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/3.  Controls\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

				|   ___________________   |
				|  |                   |  |
				|  |                   |  |
				|  |                   |  |
				|  |                   |  |
				|  |                   |  |
				|  |                   |  |
				|  |-------------------|  |           B Button:  Punch
D-pad:  Move character          |   Nintendo Game Boy     |           A Button:  Kick
	      \	         	|                    _    |/                  /
               \               \|    /\          _  |_|   |------------------/
		----------------|  <    >       |_|       |\
			       /|    \/                   |
				|                         |
				|                         |
				|        ==  ==           |
				|                         /

				     Select:  Not Used
                                     Start:  Pause
\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/4.  Explaination of KI Combo system\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Special Moves-  Each character has his or her own set of special moves.  Specials do more damage
		than a regular punch or kick, but they are harder to do.

Charge Moves-  When you have to hold a direction before exicuting the next command for one or two

Combos-  The reason this is the game it is.  Without KI we would still be stuck playing boring,
	 simple Street Fighter wannabes.  Combos are a combination of special moves, regular 
	 attacks, and auto-doubles.  A combo starts with an "Opener"  jump in attacks, and 
	 special attacks can be used as an opener.  To preform an "Auto-double" after a jump in,
	 press the opposite attack button as the on you jumped in with.  Ex. JI (P), K....will
	 result in a short 3 hit combo.

Combo Breakers-  The only thing that can keep this game fair.  If you are being hit with a combo,
		 use this to stop it cold.  To preform a Combo Breaker your opponent must be
		 performing an Opener, or an Auto-Double for their combo to be broken.  Ex, if 
		 you are being hit with a JI(P), K...perform your characters Breaker motion, then

Ultra Combos-  The funnest part of this game.  The Ultra Combo is a specific end to a combo that
	       cause a huge number of hits.  There are some limitations though.  It can only be 
	       used when the opponents life bar is flashing.
\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\5.  Move List\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
P = Punch		U = Up		L = Left	UL = Up + Left	   DL = Down + Left
K = Kick		D = Down	R = Right	UR = Up + Right	   DR = Down + Right


Rating:  8/10
Strategy:  The easiest way to start a combo is with the wind kick.  Use the Endokuken, and his 
           Tiger Fury just like you would Ryu from Street Fighter.

Special Moves
*  Enduken:  D, DR, R, P  (Ender)
A basic fireball.  C

*  Tiger Fury:  R, D, DR, P  (Ender)
Your basic flying uppercut.  Use again opponents who jump in.

*  Wind Kick:  DR, D, DL, K  (Opener) (Ender)
Jago's move, what made him famous.  Don't use to much or computer will catch on, and block it.

*  Laser Blade:  DR, D, DL, P  (Ender)  (Linker)  
It can be used as an opener is you get the timing.  Which is really weird.

Combo Breaker			Ultra Combo
=============			===========
R, D, DR,  Any			DR, D, DL, K

Rating:  7/10
Strategy:  Hard to get down, but once you do, you will be unstoppable.

Special Moves
*  Lasaken:  D, DR, R, P  (Ender)
Standard Fireball.

*  Ichi:  DR, D, DL, Tap P  (Ender)  (Opener)
Kind of hard to pull off since it reaquires you to Tap P.  She charges forward when you do, do it

*  Niguu Giri:  DR, D, DL, Hold P (Ender)
Good move against those who jump in alot.  I believe it reflects back fireballs also.

*  Flik Flak:  Charge L, R, K  (Opener)  (Ender)
Orchid's move.  Fast, and does good damage by itself.

*  Fire Cat:  Charge L, R, P  (Opener)  (Linker)
Really quick move.  Only good for STARTING combos.

Combo Breaker			Ultra Combo
=============			===========
L, R, Any			L, R, P

Rating:  7/10
Strategy:  Just like Jago, the computer will eventually block all of your Cyber Dashes, so don't
	   use it until its near the end of the match.

Special Moves
*  Laser Storm:  D, DR, R, P
One standard fireball.

*  Double Laser Storm:  L, L, D, DR, R, P
Two fireballs, very good move for keeping someone at bay.

*  Triple Laser Storm:  R, L, L, D, DR, R, P
Three fireballs, the best for keeping opponents far away.

*  Plasmaslice:  R, D, DR, P  (Ender)
Can be used just like a Dragon Punch.  Gets almost 4 hits as an ender

*  Plasma-Port:  R, D, DL, P (Ender)
Very good for confusing the opponent.

*  Reflect:  D, DL, L, P
Used for throwing fireballs back at opponents.

*  Cyberdash:  Charge L, R, K  (Opener)  (Ender)
Fulgore's opener is very strong, and when used as an ender, it does a good couple of hits.

Eyelaser:  DR, D, DL, K  (Linker)
When used as a linker, it goes by very fast so beware.

Combo Breaker			Ultra Combo
=============			===========
R, D, DR, Any			R, D, DR, P


Rating:  9/10
Stratagy:  The best character in the game, just because of his wide range of moves.

Special Moves
*  Triple Axe:  Charge L, R, P  (Opener)  (Linker) Only in special situations
The special situation I'm talking a bout is when after you preform the opener, and then during 
the auto-double you hold R, then after its done L, P.  If you do it that way it'll be a linker,
instead of an ender.

*  Samamish:  R, DR, D, DL, L, P
Every character seems to have one of these type moves so why not Thunder??  Its kind of hard to 
connect when they are jumping at you since this move travels almost half of the screen.

*  Phoenix:  D, DR, R, K
Fireball, can be used to juggle opponents.

*  Tomahawk:  (In Air)  D, DL, L, P
Very sneaker opener.  Great move.

Combo Breaker			Ultra Combo
=============			===========
R, DR, D, DL, L, Any		L, R, P


Rating:  5/10
Strategy:  I don't like him in the first place, since his timing seems to be way to different
from the other characters.  Even if you master him, hes a very akward character in the first 

Special Moves
*  Bonesshaker:  R, R, P  (Opener) (Ender)
Weird move, and the auto-double has weird timing.

*  Souldsword:  Charge L, R, P  (Opener)
Crappy, cause you have to charge it longer than most other charge moves.

*  Skele-port:  D, D, P (In front), K (In back)
Only useful move.

*  Power Devour:  Hold L, K
Obsorbes fireballs, and some attacks.  Obsorb one attack, and you'll see a star next to his life 
bar.  Use it, it allows him to throw a fireball.

*  Searing Skull:  D, DR, R, P (Ender)
Gay, cause it requires for you to first obsorb a move.

*  Sliding Kick:  DL, D, DR, K (Opener)
OK opener, far from the best in the game.

Combo Breaker			Ultra Combo
=============			===========
R, R, Any			D, DR, R, P

Rating:  7/10
Strategy:  Average, hes nothing special.

Special Moves
*  Sabrecut:  Charge L, R, P  (Ender)
When not used in a combo, its good for just getting that last hit needed to beat your opponent.

*  Sabrepounce:  Charge L, R, K  (Opener)  (Linker)
Easy to see coming, but since it hits low, its awefully hard to block.

*  Sabrespin:  R, L, P  (Opener)
Just an opener, leaves you too close to enemy if you don't follow it with a combo.

*  Firebat:  D, DL, L, P
Fireball, can be used to juggle them after you hit them up in the air.

*  Howl:  DR, D, DL, K
Gives SW a star next to his lifebar.  I don't know what it is for.

Combo Breaker			Ultra Combo
=============			===========
L, R, Any			R, L, K

Rating:  8/10  (Just because of his liquidize
Strategy:  His liquidize is the sneakiest move in the game, but don't over use it.

Special Moves
*  Shockwave:  D, DR, R, P (Ender)
Can be used as a juggler also.

*  Ice Lance:  DR, D, DL, P  (Ender)
OK move against a jumping in attack, but it must be timed perfect for it to work.

*  Cold Shoulder:  L, R, P  (Opener)  (Linker)  Only when done the correct way
For the correct way see Thunder, it is done just like him.  Very fast hard to catch opener though

*  Liquidize:  D, DR, R, Hold K (In front), or Tap K (In back)
Like I said before, sneakiest move in the game.  Kind of slow compared to its arcade conterpart,

Combo Breaker			Ultra Combo
=============			===========
L, R, Any			L, R, P

*TJ Combo*
Rating:  6/10
Strategy:  Very hard to get down.  Even harder than Orchid, but he isn't worth the payout, unlike

Special Moves
*  Powerline:  Charge L, R, Hold P (Opener)
Good move for hitting them up in the air.  If it doesn't knock them down, it can be used as an

*  Run to Roll:  D, P during run  (Opener)
Basically its just an easier way to pull of the Roller coaster.  Put, in its own right, is a very
good move.

*  Rollercoaster:  Charge L, R, Tap Punch (Opener)  (Ender)
Since the KI game is very sensitive, tapping the button can be a challenge.  If you want to do 
the rollercoaster, just do the above move  instead.

*  Knee K.O.:  Charge L, R, K (Opener)
Not very useful, except for the fact that its really fast.  Doing the auto-double after it though
can be a very difficult task.

*  Turn Punch:  R, L, P 
Not really usefull at all.  I can't get it to do anything in a combo.  If you can, E-mail me, and
please tell me how.

Cyclone:  Hold P 3 seconds, then press P again.
Really good juggle move.  But it can't be used to cause a juggle.  Useless in combos.

Combo Breaker			Ultra Combo
=============			===========
L, R, Any			R, L, P

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\6.  Secrets/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

The only code I know of in Killer Instinct is the Eyedol code.

*  At the screen right before a match hold Right, then press Select, Start, B, A.  You'll hear a
chime, then when the match starts you'll be playing as Eyedol.