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Sonic R (e)

                     SONIC STATION : SONIC R
                 (FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions)
             Sonic R is produced by SEGA and TRAVELES TALES
                           Copyright 2000

   Before I begin this FAQ/Walkthrough, I would like to thank all of you for 
reading my FAQ, SONIC STATION : SONIC R  THE ULTIMATE FAQ.  I spent over 
twenty hours writing this so I will not allow you to copy this and say you 
did it.  That is illegal and called plaguerism.  If you have any questions, 
find typos, or anything you find wrong with this FAQ please email me at   or
   I have decided to be nice because I've read other people's FAQs before 
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  I'll let you email me forever as long as it has a good purpose.  If you 
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   One thing I have decided to do is give special help to people.  If you 
don't understand something on the FAQ and are stuck somewhere, please email 
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- Dark Forces
- Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight
- The Ultimate Doom
- Doom II
- Final Fantasy VII (7)
- Quest 64
- Lands of Lore : Guardians of Destiny
     I am making a sight with my friend, Zack Knall.  It will have FAQs, 
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     I am giving away saves for this game.  Email me with the following 
information then I will email you a save and tell you how to use it.
     Include your name and email address here.
1) Tell me if you want Radiant Emerald open or not.
2) Tell me if you want Super Sonic.
3) Tell me which metal characters you want.
4) Tell me if you want Dr. Robotnik available.
5) Tell me if you want good ghosts to race against in Time Attack. If yes, 
which level and which mode in Time attack?  Which character(s)?
6) Tell me you AOL/AIM screenname if you have one or not.
                                   1: What is Sonic R?
2: How much should I pay?
4: History of Sonic the Hedgehog
5: Characters
     A: Normal
          1: Sonic the Hedghog
          2: Tails (Miles) the Fox
          3: Knuckles the Echidna
          4: Amy the Hedghog
     B: Secret
          1: Dr. Ivo Robotnik
          2: Metal Sonic
          3: Metal Tails
          4: Metal Robotnik
          5: Metal Knuckles
          6: Super Sonic
6: Items
     A: Rings
     B: Sonic Coins
     C: Chaos Emeralds
     D: Power Ups
          1: Rings
          2: Shields
               a: Water Shield
               b: Lightning Shield
          3. Fleet Feet
7: Levels
     A: Resort Island
          1: Normal Path
          2: Secret Shortcuts
          3: Locked Doors
          4: Metal Sonic's Path
          5: Quickest Route
     B: Radical City
          1: Normal Path
          2: Secret Shortcuts
          3: Locked Doors
          4: Metal Tails's Path
          5: Quickest Route
     C: Regal Ruin
          1: Normal Path
          2: Secret Shortcuts
          3: Locked Doors
          4: Metal Robotnik's Path
          5: Quickest Route
     D: Reactive Factory
          1: Normal Path
          2: Secret Shortcuts
          3: Locked Doors
          4: Metal Knuckles's Path
          5: Quickest Route
     E: Radiant Emerald
          1: Normal Path
          2: Secret Shortcuts
          3: Locked Doors
          4: Quickest Route
8: Endings
     A: Normal Endings
     B: Secret Endings
9: Codes and Cheats
10: Credits
11: Version Information


1. What is Sonic R?
     Sonic R is a PC and Sega Saturn game made by SEGA.  The R stands for 
Racing, which obviously means that this is a racing game.  Sonic R is a 3D 
game with all kinds of secrets.  It is a fun game and perfectly acceptable 
for all ages.  This game has crystal clear, sharp graphics.  It was rated E 
for Everybody Age 6 and up by ESRB rating systems.

     This is a copy of the manual. This work is done by SEGA.  NOTE: This 
does not include the pictures.

System Requirements   ..........2
Installation   .................3
     Network Requirements   ....4
Racing Controls   ..............5
The Race Is On!   ..............6
Getting Started   ..............8
Options   ......................9
Select Course   ...............10
Select Character   ............12
Treasures   ...................14
Grand Prix   ..................15
Time Attack   .................16
VS Mode   .....................18
Race Track Treats   ...........19
Pausing the Game   ............20
Race Results   ................20
Sonic R FAQ's/Troubleshooting..21
     Technical Support   ......23
Credits   .....................24

                           System Requirements

   -Windows 95 or Windows 98                    -2X(double speed) CD-ROM 
   -Pentium 133MHz or higher                    -SVGA 256 colors video card
    AMD KK5 133MHz or higher                      (16 bit color supported)
    Cyrix 6X86 133 MHz or higher                -Sound Blaster or compatible 
sound card
   -16 MB of RAM

   -Network card or serial cable with null modem

   -14.4 kps modem or higher

   -Windows 95 or Windows 98 compatible joystick or gamepad
   -This game supports both Direct Draw and Direct 3D.  This means that the 
game will work with     both 2D video cards and 3D accelerator cards.


The first time you insert the game CD-ROM...
   1. A screen appears with options to INSTALL or CANCEL.  Click the INSTALL 
button to start the       installation process.
      NOTE: This game does not use Install Shields

   2. SONIC R uses DirectX.
      -If you already have DirectX 5.0 or later installed, choose the "DO 
NOT INSTALL DIRECTX"         option.
      NOTE: DirectX is known to overwrite certain video drivers and sound 
drivers improperly.  If       you experience any sound or graphical problems 
with SONIC R, please refer to the "SONIC R       FAQ's" section starting on 
page 21.

   3. The installation process loads the appropriate drivers for your video 
card and sound card.       The Setup program creates a SONIC R program group 
in the Start Menu, including a shortcut        to the SONIC R program.

   4. To access the game, click on the Start Menu, then move the mouse over 

When you insert the CD-ROM sfter the game is installed...
   1. You will see the following options: PLAY, UNINSTALL, (RE)INSTALL, and 
      -Click PLAY to start the game.
      -Click UNINSTALL to remove SONIC R from your systemm.
      -Click (RE)INSTALL to install the game again (all saved game data will 
be lost).
      -Click CANCEL to take no action.

Network Requirements
   You can play SONIC R with up to four players via IPX or TCP/IP network.
   You can also play with up to two players over modem or serial link.

   For network play support, download the Sonic R networking patch from    
the SEGA website at:

   1. To start a network game, choose the NETWORK GAME option from the       
SONIC R Main Menu.

   2. Next, choose the protocol you wish to use:
      -IPX   Link up with your friends over a local area network (LAN).
      -TCP/IP   Play anyone over the Internet or on a local area       
network.  Enter the IP address of the computer that is hosting       the 
network game, enter your computer's IP address.  (to get your       own 
network address, go to the Start Menu, choose RUN and then       type 
      -MODEM   Play over the phone line.
      -SERIAL LINK   With a cable, line up to another computer and play      
  head to head.

                          RACING CONTROLS
Control Settings
	Keyboard 1:
            Start        ENTER
            Accelerate   RIGHT SHIFT or UP key
            Brake        DOWN key
            Left         LEFT key
            Right        RIGHT key
            Up           UP key
            Down         DOWN key
            Jump         SPACEBAR
            Change view  F1
            Confirm      SPACEBAR
            Cancel       RIGHT SHIFT
Keyboard 2:
            Start        TAB
            Accelerate   Numpad 0 or 5
            Brake        Numpad 2,4 or 6
            Left         Numpad 1
            Right        Numpad 3
            Up           Numpad 5
            Down         Numpad 2
            Jump         Numpad 0
            Change view  F2
            Confirm      Numpad 0
            Cancel       Numpad +
            Start        Button 4 or 9
            Accelerate   Up or Button 1
            Brake        Down or Button 7 or 8
            Left         Left
            Right        Right
            Up           Up
            Down         Down
            Jump         Button 2
            Change view  Button 6
            Confirm      Button 4 or 9
            Cancel       Up or Button 1
Keyboard 1:
            Start        Button 4 or 9
            Accelerate   Gas Pedal
            Brake        Brake Pedal or Button 7 or 8
            Left         Turn the wheel to the left
            Right        Turn the wheel to the right
            Up           Gas Pedal
            Down         Brake Pedal
            Jump         Button 2
            Change view  Button 6
            Confirm      Button 4 or 9
            Cancel       Gas Pedal

     NOTE: Please turn to pages 12-13 for instructions on using the          
   characters' special moves.

                            THE RACE IS ON!
Sonic and Tails are enjoying a little time off from their adventures.  The 
trip they've planned will be a nice, relaxing vacation.  Or so they think...

Tails spots a huge sign alongside the road.  It is a billboard ad for the 
world Grand Prix.

"Sonic, look!  There's going to be a huge race with all the best racers in 
the world.  What a great opprotunityfor you to show off your speed and 
compete with the other top runners!"

Sonic thinks a moment.  He's the world's fastest runner, but participating 
in races is not really his interest.  Then something on the sign cathces his 
eye.  Dr.Robotnik, Sonic's archenemy, is participating in the race!

In a blur, Sonic races off into the distance.

"Wait, Sonic!  Wait for me!" Tails shouts after his friend.

Miles above the sign, a spy satellite focuses on Sonic and Tails.  
Dr.Robotnik snickers in delight.  "Now that you have fallen into my trap, 
Sonic, I will finally have the Chaos Emeralds, and beat you at the same 
time.  With my new hover machine, and these..,"  Dr.Robotnik looks to his 
left and a row of gleaming eyes gaze back at him, "nothing can go wrong! Ha 
ha ha ha ha ha..."

Little does Sonic know that Dr.Robotnik has learned where to find the Chaos 

Sonic is not the only one who will be racing against Dr.Robotnik, Sonic's 
rival, Knuckles, has learned that Sonic will be participating in a very 
important race.  Knuckles never turns down a chance to be around Sonic when 
the action starts.

Amy will be there too.  After secretly overhearin Dr.Robotnik's plans, she 
also decides to join the race to find the Chaos Emeralds.

In SONIC R, you get the chance to be one of the five characters - Sonic, 
Tails, Knuckles, Amy, or even Dr.Robotnik! - in a four course 3D race.

Race fast, and remember to look for items that will help you on your way.

And don't forget to find the Chaos Emeralds!

                                    Getting Started

Title Screen & Game Demo
   Once you load the game, you'll see the Sega and Travelers Tales logos, 
and then                  the Sonic R Title screen appears.  In a few 
moments the game demo starts.  Watch                 Sonic and his friends 
dodge and turn in their competition to win the race.

   Press your "Start" control (see page 5) whenever you're ready to return 
to the Title screen.     From the Title screen, press your "Start" control 
to bring up the Mode Select screen.

Mode Select Screen
   Join the Grand Prix race, take some time out for a little practice in 
Time Attack, go for    head-to-head fun in VS Mode, or change game settings 
in Options.  Press your "Left" and    "Right" controls to choose a game 
mode, and press your "Start control.
                              "Ready, Set, Go!"

         NOTE: Turn to page 15 for infromation about the race modes.

Press your "Left," "Right," "Up" and "Down" controls to select an option.
Press your "Jump" control to change the settings.
- Game Level   Choose one of three difficulty levels: EASY, NORMAL, or HARD.

- Ghost   Race against yourself in Time Attack mode!  When this option is 
ON, the game saves the data from your Time Attack race.  When you race a 
second time on the same course and with the option still ON, the data from 
your last race is included in your current race.  As you race, your 
character from the previous race runs the course all over again, just like 
he/she did in the last race.  Use this option to see if you can run the 
course faster than you did before.

- Best Times   Press your "Jump" control to display the Best Times chart and 
see who's ahead in the race.  Press the control again to hide the screen.

- Load Data   If you do well while racing, your data will be automatically 
saved.  You can access the saved data from the Load Data screen.  Press your 
"Up" or "Down" controls to highlight a saved data file.  Press your "Left " 
or "Right" controls to access an option: LOAD to continue play; NO SAVE to 
exit the screen; DELETE to remove the saved data.

- Vocals   Turn the background singing and vocxals ON or OFF.

- SOUND   Select either STEREO or MONO sound.

- Music Vol   Set the game's music volume to LOW, MEDIUM, orHIGH.

- Music/SFX Test   Select a music track, and press your "Start" control to 
play it.

- Exit   Exit back to the Mode Select screen.

PAGE 10:
                                         Select Course
Which course wil you race?  There are four courses (maybe five, if you're 
good) to chose from.  In each race, you'll run three laps of the course to 

Press your "Left" and "Right" controls to choose a course, and press your 
"Start" control to accept it.

     Resort Island
          It's a wonderful day for a race on this tropical island paradise.  
A nice blue sky,           lots of greenery, a pretty wasterfall ... it's 
all here.  Get too enchanted, though,           and you might slip into the 
water or bump into a coconut tree.  Take th time to hop           around the 
smaller islands.  Going for a little rock climb is well worth the effort,    

PAGE 11:

Radical City
          This course is plenty wide.  Gaps in the railing aren't just 
accidental breaks!                  Waterways seem slow going at first, but 
they can save you some time if you know which            turns to take.  And 
spealing of turns, get ready for a couple of tight ones to add to            
your fun.  Ever wonder how it feels to be a pinball?
     Regal Ruin
          These ancient Egyptian remains are an archaeologist's dream (or 
nightmare, depending on           whether or not you like mazes).  The main 
path is pretty easy to follow, but there are           many little roads and 
nooks that could be hiding treasure, so search well!  Springs may           
help you out of tight spots!
     Reactive Factory
          Here you are transported into the future!  Enter the factory of 
tomorrow, a completely           automated wonder.  There is plenty of room 
to run, but there are also many hidden                surprises and traps.  
What appears at first to be a simple course is really the hardest           
of the four courses.

                 Hey, what's the X on the screen for?  Could it be a hidden 

PAGE 12:

Sonic's qucik, but all of the characters have a chance of winning the race 
if you use their special moves correctly and time your turns just right.  
Press your "Left" and "Right" controls to choos a runner, and press your 
"Start" control to get moving!

          Sonic is the fastest of all the racers.  He's so fast that he 
almost lifts off the           ground when he runs, so take care when 
cornering or you might miss the turn!  Sonic has           an excellent 
jumping ability.

               Jumping          Press your "Jump" button to make Sonic jump. 
  When he's in                                 mid-air, press again for a 
double-jump.  Use your "Left" and                                 "Right" 
controls to aim where Sonic lands.

               Spin Dash Roll   When Sonic is running, press your "Down" 
control for a spin dash                                 roll, then press 
"Up" and hold it to continue the spin dash.                                  
    Another way to do the spin dash roll is to press your "Down"             
                     control when Sonic is standing still, and then press 
your                                        "Accelerate" control.
          Tails is not as fast as Sonic, but he accelerates and corners 
well.  His jump and                traction are fairly good, too.  Best of 
all, he can fly!

               Flying           Press your "Jump" button to make Tails jump. 
  When he's in                                 mid-air, press again and hold 
to fly.  Use your "Left" and                                 "Right" 
controls to steer Tails.

               Spin Dash Roll   Tails does a spin dash roll just like Sonic, 
and you can use the                                 same controls as 
explained above.

PAGE 13:
          Knuckles has the best overall skills of all the contestants.  His 
ability to stay on           the road is outstanding and his cornering is 
good.  And, he can glide after his jumps.

               Gliding          Press your "Jump" button to make Knuckles 
jump.  When he's in                                 mid-air, press again and 
hold to glide.

               Spin Dash Roll   Knuckles performs a spin dash roll just like 
Sonic does.

          Maybe Amy's car doesn't have a very high top speed, but there are 
some pretty wonderful           things it can do.  For one, it acts as a 
fast hovercraft on water.  And look out when           she fires the turbo 

               Water Hovering   Amy's car automatically turns into a 
hovercraft when she's moving                                 on water.

               Turbo Boost      Press your "Jump" button to fire up Amy's 
turbo boost (when you                                 see the Tire symbol at 
the top of the screen).

          Boo! Hiss!  Dr. R. is back with his newest mean machine.  The 
machine has jet packs and           good cornering, but no contact with the 
ground means no traction!  And what's that ...           a homing missile?
               Hovering         Robotnik's craft hovers automatically 
wherever it goes.

               Homing Missile   Press your "Jump" button to fire Dr. R.'s 
homing missiles (when                                  you see the green 
target sights on screen).

               More Xs?  Hmm ... what other hidden characters could be 
waiting to race?

PAGE 14:
These are really important to your success.
You need to collect a different number in
each course.  How many?  And why?  Telling
would be giving away the surprise.  But if
you look around, you'll find out for

Power-Up Items
Your character gains different powers for
a short time when you run through this
red, yellow, and blue item.  These powers
can help you win, so collect all you can!

Number Power-Up Items
These give you multiple Rings.  You'll see
how many when you run through the panel.

Fleet Feet
Increase your character's speed.  If you're
the fastest runner on earth, that's really

Lightning Shield
When a yellow globe appears around your
character, you don'ty need to touch
the Rings.  Just run by them and the
Lightning Shield will collect them
like a magnet.  Falling in the water washes
away the shield.

Water Shield
This blue globe makes your character able
to move fast across the water.  You can only
use the Water Shield once, then it dissapears.

Sonic Coins
Find the five Sonic Coins in each course.
When you collect all them plus finish in the
top three positions in the race, a surprise
might well happen!

Chaos Emeralds
Race around the tracks to find these sparkling
gems.  Only the fastest racers can keep them.

PAGE 15:
                                     Grand Prix
Win each race - that's your goal.
Each race is three laps long.
You might be racing in sunshine,
a snowfall, or other weather -
every race is different.  Finish in
one of the top three positions
and you get to celebrate.  Don't
    settle for second best.
     Go for numero uno!
Speed is needed, and you'll find
goodies along the way:  Rings,
Sonic Coins, Power-Ups - find
     out what they can do!

   - Rings         How many rings you've collected so far in the race.
   - Rankings      The character icons appear here according to the places
                        in the current race.  Your character icon is larger 
                        that of others.
   - Sonic Coins   The number of these coins you've collected so far.
   - Total Time    Time elapsed so far in the race.
   - Lap Times     Your time for each of the three laps in the course.
   - Course Map    All the paths of the course are displayed here.  The main
                        path is listed in white and alternate routes in 
gray.  The
                        yellow ones?  Well ... race all of them to discover 
                        shortcuts and goodies scattered along the course.

PAGE 16:
                                            TIME ATTACK
Time Attack mode has four different
races you can play.  For all of them,
  your goal is the same: learn the
   course.  Then you'll be ready
     the next time you go
     for a Grand Prix race!
Press your "Left" and "Right"
controls to choose a race type,
and press your "Start" control
          to go for it.

   - Normal        Run three laps.  Try to go quickly, but get to know
                        the course, too.  Easy to say, but not so easy
                        to do.
   - Reverse       Run the course from back to front!  A real challenge
                        after you've become familiar with the course in
                        Normal mode.
   - Balloon       Balloons are placed randomly throughout the course.
                        Your goal is to collect five of them as fast as
                        you can.
   - Tag Battle    The other Sonic characters start running a few seconds
                        before you do.  Once you start, your character
                        must tag each of the other racers.

PAGE 17:
   Time Attack Screen

   - Total Time   Time elapsed so far for the course.
   - Lap Times    Your time for each of the laps in the course.
   - Course Map   Displays all the paths of the course.

   After you finish the Time Attack race, the race results appear.
   Select RETRY to give the same course another try, or select to
   return to the Time Attack Mode Select screen.

   NOTE: The screen shown above is for Normal Time Attack.
         The game screens for Balloon and Tag Battle look different.

                                       VS Mode
  This mode is great for head-
to-head racing against up to
three friends (four players
total).  Choose the course and
characters.  Once you select
the game type (Normal or
Balloon) your goal is to beat
your friend to the finish line.
Normal and Balloon races are
the same as those for Time
   Attack (see page 16).

   - Rings                      How many Rings you've collected so far in 
the race.
   - Total Time and Lap Times   Time elapsed so far in the race and your 
time for
                                     each of the three laps in the course.
   - Course Map                 All the paths of the course.
   - Rankings                   Shows which character is in the lead.  If 
it's not
                                     your character, you better get movuing!

PAGE 19:
                                     Race Track Treats
     Run through an Accelerator and you are propelled
     forward at unbeleivable speed.  Riding this high-tech
     wonder-machine requires a fee in Rings.  The more
     Rings you have, the further the Acclerator sends you!

     Pass throguh the arrows at the beginning of a Loop
     and hang on for a wild ride.  If you place yourself just
     right, you might be able to collect a few goodies
     along the way!

     Bounce your way to the next level with a Spring.
     All it takes is a quick hop to the top!

PAGE 20:
                                      Pausing the Game

At any time during a race, press your "Start" control
to pause the game.  Use your "Up" and "Down" controls
to choose an option, and press your "Start" control
to make it happen.

- Continue  Resume play.
- Retry     Start from the beginning of the race.
- Retire    Return to the Mode Select screen.

                                        Race Results

How did you do?  The Race Results screen shows your
final lap times and overall total time.  Use your "Left" and
"Right" controls to choose an option at the bottom of the
screen, and press your "Start" control to make it happen.

- Replay   For Grand Prix mode.  Replay the race
           you just ran.  Sit back and enjoy the show!
- Retry    All modes.  Care to try again?  Race again
           with the same character and course.
- Exit     All modes.  Return to the Mode Select screen.

PAGE 21:
                        Sonic R FAQ's/Troubleshooting
Q:  I get a message saying the DDRAW.DLL or DPLAYX.DLL
    is missing (or that I must have DirectX installed).
    How do I fix this?
A:  Sonic R requires DirectX 5.0.  Please run the DirectX
    Setup program on the CD (D:\DirectX\dxsetup.exe)
    NOTE: This assumes that your CD-ROM drive is letter D.

Q:  How do I make my joystick work with Sonic R?
A:  First, make sure your gamepad/joystick is properly
    configured and calibrated under the Windows 95
    control panel.  The next thing you must do is start Sonic R
    and then go to the Options screen and choose controller
    options, then set the input device to gamepad or joystick.
    If you have a steering wheel, choose the steering wheel
    option.  If your steering wheel is not working properly,
    you should try setting your steering wheel as a "Custom
    Device" under the Windows 95 controller.  Make sure you
    check the "IS a race car controller" box when setting up
    your steering wheel.

Q:  What are the system requirements of Sonic R?
A:  The minimum system requirements are:
    -     133 MHz Pentium Processor (also works on
          Cyrix or AMD brand processors).
    -     16MB of RAM
    -     Windows 95 or Windows 98
    -     DirectX 5.0 with DirectX compatible video card
          and sound card.
    Also, please refer to page 2 of this manual.

Q: How do I make Si\onic R run faster?
A: Try these tips:
   1. Make sure you have the proper DirectX video
      drivers loaded for your video card.  This is the #1
      cause of slowdown.  See list below for some of the
      most prevalent video cards that require special
      DirectX drivers to be downloaded from the video
      card manufacturer's website.
   2. Make sure all other programs are close.
   3. Set your display setting for Windows 95 to 640x480
      resolution with 16-bit color.  You can do this under
      "Display Settings" in the Windows 95 Control Panel.
   4. Play in low res (320x240) or with the less detailed
      character models.
   5. If you have a 3D accelerator card, run the Direct 3D
      version of Sonic R.
   6. Toggle some of the game options like shading and
      textures OFF.
   7. Increasing the minimum amount of Virtual Memory for
      Windows 95 will also increase the speed of Sonic R.

Q: During gameplay, there are no sound affects.
   How do I fix this?
A: What most likely happened is that Microsoft's
   DirectX overwrote your sound drivers.  Since Sonic R
   uses DirectX 5.0, your previous drivers are backed
   up when it installs new drivers.  One way to restore
   the drivers is explained on the next page.

PAGE 22:

1. Double-click the MY COMPUTER icon.
2. Double-click the CONTROL PANEL icon.
3. Double-click the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS icon.
4. Choose DIRECTS DRIVERS and then hit the
5. Click the RESTORE AUDIO DRIVERS button.

Certain sound cards require special DirectX drivers
to be downloaded from your sound card manufacturer's web site:
1. Aztec Labs - standard in most Packard Bell computers
2. Crystal Semiconductor (
3. ESS Technologies (www.
4. Ensoniq (
5. MWAVE (
6. OPTI (
7. Sound Blaster 64 AWE or Sound Blaster 32 AWE
If you cannot find your sound drivers at this site,
try DriversHQ (

Q: I am experiencing video/graphical issues with Sonic R.
   What could be causing this and how can I fix it?
A: What most likely happened is Microsoft DirectX overwrote
   your video drivers.  Since Sonic R uses DirectX 5.0,
   your previous drivers are backed up when it installs
   new drivers.
   One way you can restore the drivers is to:
1. Double-click the MY COMPUTER icon.
2. Double-click the CONTROL PANEL icon.
3. Double-click the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS icon.
4. Choose DIRECTS DRIVERS and then hit the
5. Click the RESTORE DISPLAY DRIVERS button.

Certain video cards require special DirectX drivers
to be downloaded from your video card manufacturer's
1. Certain ATI brand video cards (
2. Chips and Technologies (
3. Diamond Multimedia (
4. Matrox (
5. Number 9 (
6. Silicon Integrated Systems (
7. Simply the Best (
8. Tseng Labs (
If you cannot find your sound drivers at this site,
try DriversHQ (

Q: How do I exit Sonic R?
A: Hit ALT-F4 to instantly close Sonic R, or exit the
   game by going to the Main Menu, choosing OPTIONS,
   a,d then choosing EXIT TO WINDOWS on the Options screen.

PAGE 23:
Q: How do I find out my IP address for TCP/IP network
   play with Sonic R?
A: If you have the TCP/IP protocol installed under Windows 95,
   you can obtain your IP address by going to the Start Menu,
   choosing RUN and then type winipcfg.  Up to four players
   can play at the same time in a network game of  Sonic R.

Q: Will the full version of Sonic R support my 3D
   Accelerator Card?
A: We understand the importance of supporting 2D and 3D
   accelerator cards.  This is why we have included both
   a Direct Draw and Direct 3D version of Sonic R on the
   retail CD.  The following 3D accelerator cards have been
   tested and work properly with the Direct 3D version of
   Sonic R:
   -  Intel 740 Chipset or higher
   -  nVidia Riva 128 or higher
   -  Rendition Verite 2200 or higher
   -  3D Labc Permedia 2 or higher
   -  3Dfx Voodoo, Voodoo Rush, Voodoo 2 or higher
If you have another brand of 3D accelerator card, or experienceing
problems with one of these cards, make sure you have the latest
video drivers installed from your video card manufacturer's web site
and check our web site at  If your 3D card is not
listed on our website, it has not been certified to work with the
Direct 3D version of Sonic R.

Technical Support
   If you require further technical assistance or have
   any questions about other SEGA Entertainment
   products, please write us email at
   We also have technical support available at
   (925)371-3131.  Since this phone number can be a
   long distance call, all Sonic Racers under 18 should
   get their parent's permission before calling this number.

PAGE 24:
SEGA Entertainment, Inc.
     Executive Producer
          Matt Wolf
          Scott Hawkins
     Director of Marketing
          France Tantiado
     Special Thanks
          Bob Dales
          Thomas Dudley
          John Goodale
          May Hayed
          Mike Lopez
          Lu Luna
          Skip McFerran
          Sue Price
          Mark Stanley
          Bernie Stolar
          Kanika Gogna
          Shinobu Toyoda
          Frank Viloria
     Manual Design
          Hanshaw Ink & Image
SEGA of Japan
     Production Manager
          Toshinori Asai
          Tetsuo Shinyu
          Masamitsu Shiino
     SOE Director
          Richard Lloyd
     Package & Manual (SOJ)
          Kaoru Ichigozaki
          Osamu Nakazato
          Hayato Takebayasashi
          Yuji Naka
     Special Thanks To
          Takashi Llzuka
          JiN Shimazaki
          Kazutoshi Miyake
          Katasusisha Sato
          Hitendra Naik
          and Sonic Team
SEGA of Europe
     European Marketing Manager
          Hitendra Naik
     Assistant European Production Manager
          Steve Wombwell

Travelers Tales
     Program Design & Implementation
          Jon Burton
     Head Artist
          Dave Burton
     Game Design Director
          Takashi Lisuka (Sega Enterprises Ltd.)
     Map Design Director
          Hirokazu Yasuhara (SOA)
     Additional Artwork
          Kazuyuki Hosina (Sega Enterprises Ltd.)
     Additional Artwork & Visual Advisor
          Shigeru Okada (Sega Europe Ltd.)
     Character Designer
          Yuji Uekawa (Seag Enterprises Ltd.)
     Music & Sound Producer
          Richard Jacques (Sega Europe Ltd.)
     General Producer
          Yuji Naka (Sega Enterprises Ltd.)
     Programmed By
          Jon Burton
     Polygon Model Design & Implementation
          Neil Aleen
          Dave Burton
          James Cunliffe
     Texture Map Design & Application
          Neil Allen
          James Cunliffe
     Character Animations
          Dave Burton
     Model & Animation Data Conversion
          Andy Holdroyd
     Terrain System Programming
          John Hodskinson
     Special Affects Programming
          Jon Burton
     Artificial Intelligence
          Steven Harding
          Gary Vine
     Texture Application Software
          Andy Holdroyd
     Additional Programming
          Stephen Harding
          Gary Vine
          John Hodskinson
          Andy Holdroyd
     Development Director
          Jon Burton
     Special Thanks
          Helen Burton
          Helen Gavin

3. How much should I pay?
   The suggested retail price is around $30.  I would pay this much, but if 
you don't want the game that badly, maybe $20.

4. History of Sonic the Hedgehog
          Dr. Robotnik has been after the chaos emeralds to
          help him use his egg machine.  He always has captured
          innocent animals and trapped them in robots so he could
          rule the world.  He was happy until Sonic got in his way.
          Sonic got the emeralds and destroyed his Egg Machine.
          Ivo then went up into space and made a station to thrive in.
          Sonic busted in past the guard, Metal Sonic and demolished
          Robotnik's repaired Egg Machine so bad that it could not
          be repaired. Robotnik crashed down on the Floating Island.
          He tricked an Echidna named Knuckles into thinking Sonic
          was bad and was after the emeralds.  Robotnik was able to
          grab the Master Emerald, and someone took the Mega and
          Chaos Emeralds.  The emeralds used the energy to make
          the island float. Since the Master Emerald powered the
          others, the floating island crashed into the ocean.
          Knuckles was soon told by Sonic that Robotniks had lied
          and they both raced to get the emeralds. They were now rivals.
          Sonic and Knuckles returned the Chaos Emeralds.
          Sonic and Knuckles used these to become their super forms,
          but these forms swallowed up rings, and 50 rings must
          be had to turn into there form.  Tails could not become
          a super form because he needed more power from the emeralds.
          Sonic and Knucles were naturally fluent with this type of power
          so they managed to transform.  Sonic searched for Robotnik.
          Ivo was attacked by a mysterious metal man that looked like
          him with a mask on.  This man crushed Robotnik,
          took the Master Emerald.  Sonic transformed to his super form and
          chased the Metal Robotnik in space.  If he ran out of rings,
          he would become regular Sonic and die.
          He managed to crush Metal Robotnik and bring back
          the Master Emerald to the Floating Island.
          The island floated up halfway.  Then the three heroes, Sonic,
          Knuckles, and Tails noticed that the Mega Emeralds were still 
          They tracked down one of Metal Robotnik's, now nowhere to be 
          prized creation.  He had created an even more powerful Metal Sonic
          who stole the Master Emerald again.  The island stayed afloat 
          the Master Emerald was still on the island and close enugh to 
          the emeralds.  Sonic gathered and replaced the Mega Emeralds,
          while Knuckles searched for the Metal Sonic.  Metal Sonic fought
          Knuckles in several of Robotniks old Egg Machines, which he 
          Sonic managed to replace all of the Mega Emeralds.  Using their 
          Sonic and Knuckles became their final, awesome form.
          Sonic and Knuckles turned into Hyper Sonic and Hyper Knuckles.
          This form made Super Sonic and Super Knuckles look slow and weak.
          This form swallowed up rings, too.  This amount of power was
          sufficient for Tails to become his form, Super Tails.
          In order for the island to go the other halfway upward,
          the Master Emerald needs to be placed right next to the Mega 
          because they could not recieve the power as far as Chaos Emeralds 
          Knuckles continmued his battle with Metal Sonic.
          When Metal Sonic was finally crushed by Hyper Knuckles,
          Metal Sonic seemed to get enough energy to get on the Master 
          and suck up energy.  He transformed into Gold Sonic,
          the most powerful Sonic form ever.  Only Metal Sonic was fluent
          enough with the Emeralds to attain this power, though.
          In a long, greusome battle, Knuckles finally emerged as a winner.
          The Master Emerald's energy was given back and it was placed in
          its correct place.  The Floating Island floated up into the sky,
          yet again.  The Hyper forms of the characters could only be 
          when they were on the land where the Mega Emerald are.
          Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails left.  Tails could no longer achieve
          Super Tails, becuase he was too far away from the emeralds.
          Knuckles had to be near the source, the Master Emerald,
          to be Super Knuckles.  No matter how many chaos emeralds he found,
          even if he found more than 1,000 he could never achieve any new
          form unless he got close to the Master Emerald.
          Sonic was so fluent with the power that he needed
          only 7 chaos emeralds to become his super form.
          Since his body once achieved Hyper Sonic, which is at a
          level that surpasses Super Sonic, Sonic didn't need the rings'
          energy anymore.  The only time he would need rings is
          in his hyper form.  The same is true with Knuckles.
          Sonic can be any distance away from the Master Emerald
          and still be Super Sonic.  Little did the trio know that
          Dr. Robotnik is still in good shape.

5. Characters (For a less detailed description, refer to "Characters" in 
Section 2 : Manual)
               NOTE: Some of the story information that is not listed in the 
game or the manual                      comes from previous Sonic games
                Sonic is a speedy quick, blue hedgehog. He has been chasing 
Dr.Ivo Robotnik for a long time.  He wants to get the Chaos Emeralds before 
Robotnik does or else Robotnik             could rule the world!
                Sonic is very fast, in fact, the fastest of all the 
characters.  He is my                   personal favorite, although his 
acceleration and handling aren't that good.  He has a            special 
move called the double-jump, which is executed by pushing the jump button    
             again in mid-air.  If you are running and push the brake/duck 
(most likely the BACK              key), you will roll up into a little 
ball. This is called a Spin Dash Roll.  Another             way to execute 
this is to stand still, hold brake/duck, and push accelerate.  I never       
      use this move because it is horrible.
                Tails is a two-tailed yellow-orange fox.  His real name is 
Miles but he has been nicknamed Tails.  He has been following Sonic around 
since he was old enough to walk.            He admires Sonic because he is 
so much fatser than himself. The strange phenomenon of            his two 
tails allows him to run faster by putting his tails upright behind him and   
             spinning them to act like a fan.  He has also learned to use 
his tails to act like a             helicopter and lift him off of the 
ground.  Flying requires much energy so he gets               tired quickly 
and has to come back down.  He first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
                Tails has pretty good max speed, pretty good handling, and 
excellent handling.              He has a cool special, he can fly!  This is 
executed the same way as Knuckles's                  gliding special.  You 
jump into the air.  Once in mid-air, press and hold down the               
jump again.  You can steer Tails while he is flying.  Be weary that he gets 
tired and            falls down after a while. He can perform the Spin Dash 
Roll just like Sonic and                  Knuckles can!  When you are 
running, push the brake/duck (most likely the BACK                   key), 
and you will roll up into a little ball. This is called a Spin Dash Roll.    
               Another way to execute this is to stand still, hold 
brake/duck, and push accelerate.             I never use this move because 
it is horrible.
                Knuckles entered the race to prove Sonic that he is the 
best, and to bring the              Chaos Emeralds back to his homeland, the 
Floating Island. He is sixteen years old and            his favorite food is 
grapes.  He first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
                Knuckles is the best all around character.  His top speed is 
slightly slower than            Sonic's, he accelerates faster, has great 
handling, and his special move rules!                  He has a Spin Dash 
Roll just like Sonic and is executed the same way.  When you are             
  running, push the brake/duck (most likely the BACK key), and you will roll 
up into a             little ball.   Another way to execute this is to stand 
still, hold brake/duck, and               push accelerate.   I never use 
this move because it is horrible.  His other special is            gliding.  
If you push jump again in mid-air and hold on it, you will glide.  This move 
            is fun to play around with.

                Amy is a pink little hedgehog who's alway's after Sonic. As 
Sonic's girlfriend,             she wants to do everything he does.  She 
drives a car for racing, because her legs               can't take her that 
fast, YET.  She first appeared on Sega Saturn.
                Amy is absolutely the worst character in Sonic R.  Since max 
speed is the most              important thing, and she is by far the 
slowest character.  Whenever you see a tire at            the top of the 
screen, push jump to make her turbo.  This does not make up for the          
      slow speed, though.  If you so stupidly choose her, or you're really 
good like me, you            can actually beat the other people.  She does 
stand a chance.  Doesn't seem like it              though.  Her two specials 
are the turbo which was explained above, and hovering.  As             soon 
as you go over water, her car transforms into a hovercraft.  Now you can 
safely             go on water.  Her handling is actually very good.  If you 
use her you are asking for a            challenge!

   B: Secret
     1. Dr.Ivo Robotnik
                Dr.Robotnik is a mean cruel-hearted man.  Participating in 
the race only to                              find the chaos emeralds, 
Dr.Robotnik plans to destroy Sonic and possibly even Tails.
He goes throguh each course in his brand new Egg Machine.
                Dr.Robotnik is the second worst character in the game.  He 
has good handling, a             slow max speed, but accelerates fairly 
quickly.  His two specials are strange.  One is            hovering like 
Amy's car but his ship doesn't change over water because its always          
       hovering.  His better special is the fact that he can fire homing 
missiles at racers.            It costs him 10 rings per missile, but the 
missile seriously slows down the racer.               Whenever you gett 10 
or more rings, you can push the jump button to fire a missile.              
You can only fire if a target locks on to a racer in front of you.  You get 
him by               getting first place in every race.
     2. Metal Sonic
                This Metal Sonic is the third metal version of a Sonic ever 
created.  This one              was designed after the bad Metal Sonic 
crushed by Knuckles(see history of sonic the              hedghog, section 
4).  He was made with his other two partners, Metal Tails, and Metal         
    Knuckles.  Dr.Robotnik figured that Sonic and his gang were the best 
creatures,                  because they always beat him, so he re-created 
them except they are better than the              real ones!  The three 
Metal creatures are evil working for Robotnik. Metal Sonic has the second 
best speed in the game.  He has handling just a tiny, tiny, tiny bit better 
than regular Sonic.  He accelerates just as fast as Sonic.  He is a pretty 
good character.  He has no special, but can jump as high as Sonic's 
double-jump.  You get him by collecting the five coins in Resort Island and 
finishing in a winning position(1,2,3).  Then you have to win the race 
against him.
     3. Metal Tails
                 Metal Tails is a horrible re-creation of Tails.  He 
actually is better, but                looks like crap!  Robotnik had a 
couple of problems in his creation.
                 Metal Tails is faster than normal Tails, has better 
acceleration, and has sweet handling.  He is definetely a good character.  
He has 1 special, he can hover realy              high.  You execute this 
the same way as flying with Tails, by jumping and pushing and            
holding jump in mid-air.  You can control him in the air.  You get him by 
collecting             the five coins in Radical City and finishing in a 
winning position(1,2,3).  Then you             have to win the race against 
     4. Metal Knuckles
                 Metal Knuckles looks the coolest out of all the characters. 
  He is better than            Knuckles, and is hard to get.
                 Metal Knuckles is faster than normal Knuckles, has just 
about as good of                  handling, and has the third best speed.  
He is a sweet character.  You get him by                collecting the five 
coins in Reactive Factory and finishing in a winning                      
position(1,2,3).  Then you have to win the race against him.
     5. Metal Robotnik
                 Metal Robotnik is different from the other metal characters 
in the fact that he wasn't made by Dr.Robotnik.  Dr.Robotnik hates him 
because he beat him and stole the             Master Emerald from him long 
ago(see history of sonic the hedghog, section 4).  He               isn't 
very good in Sonic R, in fact, he's horrible.
                 Metal Robotnik is about as good as regular Robotnik, except 
he is tad bit faster in terms of max speed.  Both Robotniks' handling are 
excellent.  Metal Robotnik might            have a little bit better 
acceleration.You get him by collecting the five coins in                
Regal Ruin and finishing in a winning position(1,2,3).  Then you have to win 
the race            against him.
     6. Super Sonic
                 Super Sonic has a lot of history behind it.  Check out 
section 4 in this FAQ for Super Sonic history.  Sonic used to not be able to 
support this tremendous power by              himself.  He needed 50 rings 
to transform and needed to keep continuously getting                rings.  
The Super Sonic power was too great for his body to handle so he needed to 
use            ring energy.  A while ago(In Sonic 3 & Knuckles[Sonic 3 
combined with Sonic &                    Knuckles])Sonic used Mega Emeralds, 
which are more powerful than chaos emeralds, to              achieve the 
form of Hyper Sonic.  This form makes Super Sonic look slow and weak.  He    
         cannot become Hyper Sonic if he's away from the Mega and Master 
Emeralds.  Once he               achived this, his body power went way up, 
so now he can support Super Sonic power on             his own, if he has 7 
chaos emeralds.  He no longer needs a continuous supply of rings.
                 Super Sonic is by far the best character in the game.  He 
has the best max                 speed, the best acceleration, and almost 
the best handling.  Other characters can                still beat him, but 
is very hard.  In the character select screen, Sonic will be gold            
after you get the 7 chaos emeralds.  If you choose to be regular Sonic 
rather than               Super Sonic, you can push up when the selector is 
over Super Sonic.  If you want to              become Super Sonic again, 
push down when the selector is over Sonic.
                                  THESE TABLES SHOW YOU CHARACTER STATS
     Max Speed --------  5
     Acceleration -----  1
     Turning/Handling -  2
     Max Speed --------  3
     Acceleration -----  3
     Turning/Handling -  7
     Max Speed --------  4
     Acceleration -----  2
     Turning/Handling -  2
     Max Speed --------  1
     Acceleration -----  5
     Turning/Handling -  6
Dr. Robotnik
     Max Speed --------  2
     Acceleration -----  4
     Turning/Handling -  5
Metal Sonic
     Max Speed --------  9
     Acceleration -----  2
     Turning/Handling -  5
Metal Tails
     Max Speed --------  7
     Acceleration -----  8
     Turning/Handling -  8
Metal Knuckles
     Max Speed --------  8
     Acceleration -----  7
     Turning/Handling -  6
Metal Robotnik
     Max Speed --------  6
     Acceleration -----  9
     Turning/Handling - 10
Super Sonic
     Max Speed -------- 10
     Acceleration ----- 10
     Turning/Handling -  8
   The computer puts the characters in the races according to who they are.  
When you have all of the characters and you select a normal character, you 
will race all of the normal characters.  When you race with the secret 
characters, all of the other racers will be secret ones.  The computer 
organizes the people like this:
- Super Sonic
- Metal Sonic
- Metal Knuckles
- Metal Tails
- Metal Robotnik
- Sonic
- Knuckles
- Tails
- Robotnik
- Amy
  When you have only some secret characters and you race with one, the other 
racers will be the next four down on the list.
              EXAMPLE :                 #   = my character
                        /character's name\  = a character I do not have.
                                        *   = other racers in the race
#- Super Sonic
*- Metal Sonic
*- Metal Knuckles
*- Metal Tails
- /Metal Robotnik\
*- Sonic
- Knuckles
- Tails
- Robotnik
- Amy


6. Items

   A: Rings
          Rings are found all over the courses in Sonic R and
          are a necessity.  You can use rings to do several
          things such as using Accelerators and opening
          locked doors.  You can just run into the ring and
          you will get it.  The amount of rings you have this
          race is in the upper left hand corner.
   B: Sonic Coins
          Sonic Coins are hidden in all of the courses except
          Radiant Emeralrd.  There are five in each course
          and are needed to get the metal characters.  After
          you collect all of these in a race, make sure you
          finish in at least third.  Then you get to race the
          metal character.  The metal character race gives
          you the first place trophy if you beat it, too.
          The following is a list of where to find the Sonic
          Coins in each level.

Resort Island
Character Recieved : Metal Sonic
     1.  At the start of the race start running and run up
         the gray rocky hill in front of you.  It is easier
         if you jump.  The coin is right there on the edge.
     2.  After you get the first one, stay on the rock and
         go to your left down the hill.  Go through into
         the tunnel and it is in there.
     3.  Collect 20 coins and go to the area where you got
         the second coin.  Continue along the wooden bridge
         and you'll see a locked door to your left.
         The coin is in there.
     4.  Go to thw area where you got the second coin.  Follow
         the path over the bridge, and get through the place
         with weird structures.  Yous hould see a bridge
         leading to an island with a power-up emblem on it.
         Go jump out away from the track over the water.  There
         are a couple little islands.  The one on the upper right
         has the coin.
     5.  Near the end of the course after the accelerator
         there is a fork in the road.  Take the left one.
         You should see the coin right there.
Radical City
Character Recieved : Metal Tails
     1.  Set the weather to SNOW or get a character who can
         go on water. Start off and follow the path.
         Go over the waterway, up, and through the tunnel.
         You should be at an area where there is a power-up emblem
         followed by a not so obvious for in the road.  Stay close
         to the left wall and  fall down the hole.  Turn around.
         The coin should be right in front of the wall.
     2.  Start off and follow the path.  Go over the waterway, up,
         and through the tunnel.  You should be at an area where
         there is a power-up emblem followed by a not so
         obvious fork in the road.  Stay close to the left wall, only
         this time, jump over the hole.  Follow the path until you see
         a constuction blocker.  Jump into it and fall forward.
         You should see it.
     3.  Go to where you get coin 2.  Get off the large square and
         onto the path.  Follow the fruity colored path until
         you see another construction blocker.  Jump into this
         one, too.  You'll fall into a pinball machine.
         The coin is right in the middle.
     4.  Take the normal path or any shortcuts and at the end of
         the course, right before the accelerator and to the right,
         is a locked door.  Make sure you have enough rings, which
         is 20.  Go in the door and it should be right there.
     5.  Start off and run across the waterway, up, and through
         the tunnel.  You should now see a power-up emblem and a
         not so obvious fork in the road.  Stay close to the left
         wall.  Jump over the gap and continue down the path.  When
         you see the construction blocker do NOT jump into it.

Regal Ruin
Character Recieved : Metal Robotnik
     1.  Start off and follow the path over the bridge.
         Follow the straight path of rings and edge
         over to the right, along the path.  You
         should see a trail of rings going to the left.
         Go up the hill right behind the rings.  The coin is
         on this hill.
     2.  Start off and take an IMMEDIATE right.  There should
         be a path on the right of the bridge.  This path is
         a little bit higher than the bridge.  Follow this
         path unitl you see a sign that has an arrow pointing left.
         You should see water on your left.  Go FORWARD, not left, and
         get across the water into the little opening.  Go up the ramp
         and take a left.  The coin is in here.  You can also get this
         by following  the normal path and when you get to a bridge-
         like thing that goes upward, (near the first coin)  take a
         right over the water.  Go in the hole, up the ramp, and
         left.  2 down, 3 to go.
     3.  Follow the normal path until you get to the second bridge.
         Following the bridge is a bridge-like thing that goes upward.
         Go to the left and you should see two springs.
         Go to the right one and jump on it.
     4.  Follow the normal path.  After you go over the second bridge,
         and go up the bridge-like thing going upwards, then go to the
         right, and down the area where you need to turn around
         several corners.  Then keep going and you should see the coin.
     5.  Start off and go left.  You should see a trail of rings going
         upward.  Follow them and you should see the coin followed
         by a locked door.

Reactive Factory
Character Recieved : Metal Knuckles
     1.  Start off and go forward along the path.  You should see
         a gray submarine afloat with a coin on top.  Jump
         on there to get it.
     2.  Start off and take your first right at the sign.  Jump over
         the pool of water and grab the coin.  To get out of here, keep
         going and go to the left around the large cylinder shaped
         structure.  Turn around and jump on the huge red spring.
     3.  Near the end of the course, if you took the normal
         path, there should be a 20 coin locked door just before
         the dropoff to the finish line.  It is the door on the right.
         Go in here.  This one is annoying to get because you have to
         get it, turn around, and go back the way you came from.
     4.  After the accelerator near the end of the course, which
         is very shortly after the Loop, go straight.  After you cross
         the waterway, which is after the first fork, take the right
         path.  The coin is right there.
     5.  Go to the area where you got coin 4.  Keep going and take a left
         when you can.  Stay near the left wall and you should see it.

Radiant Emerald
Character Recieved : N/A
     There are no Sonic Coins in this level because it is the last one.

   C: Chaos Emeralds
          Chaos Emeralds are what Robotnik is after.  These are
          the secret to your success in Sonic R.  They are the hardest
          items to get in the game, and each require a fee
          in rings in order to get them.  Following is a list of
          where all 7 of them are.
               NOTE:  Because the Chaos Emeralds are so valuable, the rules 
say that
                      the racer who finds them needs to make first place to 
keep it.
                      Otherwise, it is replaced where he/she found it.

Resort Island
Number of Chaos Emeralds : 1
Color(s) : Blue
     1. Follow the normal path until you get to the accelerator.
        Then take a left into the locked door.  This door
        requires 50 rings to open.  Go inside to find
        your blue jewel.

Radical City
Number of Chaos Emeralds : 2
Color(s) : Dark Green, Purple
     1. Collect 20 rings.  Go to the area where you got the
        first Sonic coin in this course.  To get here you
        follow the path until you get to a point where there
        is a power-up emblem and a not so obvious fork in the road.
        Stay close to the left wall and fall down the hole.
        Go through the locked door to get the Dark Green Chaos Emerald.
     2. Collect 50 rings.  Follow the normal path until you
        get to the construction blocker in purple and green light.
        Do not go through the consrtuction blocker, but continue
        along the normal path.  You should see the locked door
        right there.  Go in it to get the Purple Chaos Emerald.
     NOTE: You can steal this emerald (see section 9: Codes and Cheats)

Regal Ruin
Number of Chaos Emeralds : 2
Color(s) : Gold, Orange
     1. Collect 50 rings.  This chaos emerald is right behind coin 5.
        You get there by going left at the start of the race.
        Follow the trail of rings upward and go into the locked door.
        This is a Golden-Yellow Chaos Emerald.
     2. Collect 20 rings.  This one is fairly obvious to find.
        Stay along the normal path until you cross the second bridge
        or get to the bridge-like structure that goes upward.
        Keep goind straight and you should see the locked door.
        In here is the Orange Chaos Emerald and the hidden double-loop!

Reactive Factory
Number of Chaos Emeralds : 2
Color(s) : Red, Silver
     1.  Collect 50 rings.  Go along the normal path.  When you get to
         the ramp where you spring off, keep going
         forward.  Finish the Loop and screech to a stop.  Go
         through the door.  Wait for the emerald to come down
         and stop bouncing.  I have not waited before and zoomed
         past it, then I had to turn around and get it.  Make sure
         you wait.
     2.  Collect 50 rings.  Go to the accelerator and take a left
         before you go onto the path where the accelerator is.  Jump
         over to the island with the door and open it.  Again,
         wait for the emerald to stop bouncing on the yellow submarine
         ahead of you.  This is imperative that you wait!

Radiant Emerald
Number of Chaos Emeralds : 0
Color(s) : N/A
     This level doesn't have any Chaos Emeralds that you can collect.
     The whole level is the natural habitat of chaos emeralds.  The
     whole level is one big Chaos Emerald Factory, a Radiant Emerald.
C: Power Ups
          There are several power-up emblems in the game.  These are
          red and blue badges that give you power ups if you run through
          them.  The power up you get is completely random.
     1. Rings
          Rings are given to you by the power-up emblems in
          different quantities.  When you run though a power-up emblem
          and see a number, that is the number of rings it gave you.
          You can get 5, 10, or 20 rings this way.
     2. Shields
          A: Water Shield
               The water shield is another prize given to you by a
               power-up emblem.  This is a blue globe that surrounds
               you.  It allows you to walk on water.(Completely useless
               if you already can walk on water)You walk as fast on the
               water as Super Sonic does on water.  You can only use this
               once, then it goes away.
          B: Lightning Shield
               The Lightning Shield is the best prize for newbies.  This
               allows you to get rings without running into them!  The
               shield is magnetic so the rings automatically follow you
               and you get them.  It is fun if another racer is about
               to get some rings and your shield pulls it away from them.
               There are two problems.  The first is that if you get into
               water it goes away and all rings following you go away.
               The next problem is that if you are an expert, such as 
               you go too fast for the rings to get to you.  I have actually
               gone through a whole race without getting any rings because
               they followed me the whole time.
     3. Fleet Feet
               In Sonic R, this power-up is called Fleet Feet.  In other 
               games, it is called Super Shoes.  This power-up is the rarest 
               most unlikely to get, but it is very good.  It makes your
               speed about 1 1/2 times as good.  You go a lot faster.  This 
               lasts for a few seconds, though.

7. Levels
   A: Resort Island
        1. Normal Path
             The normal path is the most obvious one, and can't really be
             explained in words.  Just follow the white path on your map.
        2. Secret Shortcurts
                  This level has easy shortcuts to find.  One of them is to 
get on the
             rock wall in the beginning and go to the left.  This is where 
you get the
             second coin.  This is a shortcut if you continue.
                  There is another shortcut at the beginning if you hop
             across the islands.
                  Another shortcut, which is hard to do.  Is jumping or
             avoiding the accelerator.  Then you go through the trees to 
your right.
             Double-jumping with Sonic is the hardest but fastest way.
        3. Locked Doors
                   The locked doors are at the following and the amount of 
rings they require:
                       - Door with Chaos Emerald     50 rings
                              After the accelerator and to the left
                       - Door with Sonic Coin        20 rings
                              To the left of the bridge after the bridge 
after the second coin.
        4. Metal Sonic's Path
                Metal Sonic does not always take this exact path, but he 
does most of the time.
           Start off and go the normal path over the bridge.  Around the 
corner on the normal
           path and over the bridge.  Skips the accelerator unless has 
plenty of rings.  Goes
           through the trees and goes to the right of the loop.
        5. Quickest Route
                This can be hard for newbies but is definetley the quickest 
           Start off and follow the rings on the right turn.  Jump before 
you go into the
           tunnel if you are a Sonic character and onto the roof.  If you 
are not a Sonic
           character go on the rock wall in the beginning before the turn.  
On the roof use
           your special to get over to the bridge and jump again.  You will 
be in the
           shortcut where the weird structures are.  Go over to the bridge 
and jump around the
           corner and avoid the accelerator unless you have more than 45 
rings.  If you avoided
           the accelerator, go through the trees and go to the right to skip 
the loop.  If you
           are Dr.Robotnik or Amy go across the water in the beginning and 
stay close to the
           right wall until you can go over the bridge to the shortcut with 
weird structures.
           If you are Metal Robotnik get on the rocks in the beginning and 
go left through the
           tunnel, across the bridge, and continue.

   B: Radical City
        1. Radical City
                Follow the white line on the map.  This is the most obvious 
route to take.
        2. Secret Shortcuts
                Go forward in the beginning and across the waterway.  Go up 
and through the
           the tunnel.  When you get to a place with the power-up emblem and 
a not so obvious
           fork in the road, take a left and avoid the hole.
                On the first shortcut, go until you see a construction 
blocker.  Jump through
                Along the normal path or shortly after the second shortcut 
in green and purple
           light there is another construction blocker.  Jump through this 
but don't get stuck
           in the pinball machine.
                The last locked door right before the accelerator is a 
shortcut requiring 20
        3. Locked Doors
                 Radical City
                   The locked doors are at the following and the amount of 
rings they require:
                       - Door with Dark Green Chaos Emerald     50 rings
                              At the first waterway and to the left
                       - Door with Purple Chaos Emerald         50 rings
                              Near the end of the course.  If you don't take 
the third shortcut
                              you can get to it straight ahead.
                       - Door with Sonic Coin                   20 rings
                              Near the end and to the right of the 
        4. Metal Tails's Path
                He just takes the normal path and is the easiest character 
to get.
        5. Quickest Route
                Take all of the shortcuts and use the accelerator if you 
have more than
                40 rings.
   C: Regal Ruin
        1. Normal Path
                Follow the white path on the map.  This route is obvious.
        2. Secret Shortcuts
                 At the beginning, take a right and go across the water into 
the opening.
                 Another one is inside the above shortcut, go up the stairs 
and take your first
                 Go over the second bridge and up the bridge-like thing.  
Keep going straight
            and a locked door is there that requires 20 rings.
        3. Locked Doors
                   Radical City
                   The locked doors are at the following and the amount of 
rings they require:
                       - Door with Gold Chaos Emerald           50 rings
                              At the left and up the ring pathway in the 
                       - Door with Orange Chaos Emerald         20 rings
                              Go over the second bridge and up the 
bridge-like thing.  Keep
                              going straight and a locked door is there that 
requires 20 rings.
        4. Metal Robotnik's Path
                He takes all of the shortcuts except for the locked door 
        5. Quickest Route
                Do Robotnik's Path.

   D: Reactive Factory
        1. Normal Path
                Follow the white line on the map.  This is obvious.
        2. Secret shortcuts
                At the beginning go until you see the track go uphill.  Take 
a right.
                At the ramp that makes you bounce right before the loop get 
to the right side
                and when you bounce hold on right and down until you turn 
around in mid-air.
                     Then push accelerate.
                After the accelerator take a sharp right.
                On the above shortcut when you see a structure that you must 
go around on the
                     left jump on it and make the sharpest turn right 
        3. Locked Doors
                Reactive Factory
                   The locked doors are at the following and the amount of 
rings they require:
                       - Door with Red Chaos Emerald            50 rings
                              Right after the loop on the right.
                       - Door with Silver Chaos Emerald         50 rings
                              To the left of the accelerator.
                       - Door with Sonic Coin                   20 rings
                              Near the end of the course on right.
        4. Metal Knuckles's Path
                 All of the shortcuts.
        5. Quickest Route
                 Metal Knuckles's Route

   E: Radiant Emerald
        1. Normal Path
                 Go straight on the white on the map!
        2. Secret Shortcuts
                 In the locked doors.
        3. Locked Doors
                 Just go straight and you'll see them.
        4. Quickest Route
                 Go through the gold pathways in the locked doors.

8. Endings
      A: Normal Endings
           Just get first place in Radiant Emerald to see your characters 
      B: Secret Endings
           Collect all of the Chaos Emeralds and get first place in Radiant 

9. Codes and Cheats
       Change the "R" at title screen
              You can change the R by pressing the movement keys and it will 
move.   If you press the view change it will change its color.  The left and 
right brakes make it darker and lighter.
       Play as the Same Character in VS Mode
              You can play as the same character in VS Mode if you hold down 
the View Change button and press action when the selector is over the 
character that has already been chosen.

       Zooming on track picture
              When you are selecting your tracks, you can press up to zoom 
in and down to zoom out.
       Stealing the Purple Chaos Emerald
              Go past the locked door that requires 50 rings in Radical 
City.  When you get to the sharp turn right, turn left and face the wall.  
You must be Sonic.  Double-jump and hold forward to get it.
       Instant Rings
              Go to Reactive Factory.  Stay on the main path until near the 
end before the locked door and big dropoff to the finish line you see a sign 
that says "RINGS" on the left wall.  Stand in front of it to get your rings.
        Skip the Credits
              Hold down the Change View, Action, and Accelerate buttons.  
Then push Start.  You can skip SEGA and TRAVELERS TALES at the startup of 
the game.

10. Credits
        This FAQ/Walkthrough was done by Cody Scholberg.  You may not use 
any of this FAQ and claim it as work of your own.  I might let you if you 
email me and are nice

11. Version Information
         This is version 1 of this FAQ