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Sonic R (e)

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   (c)1999 Nathan & Jason Tsui

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[1] Introduction
[2] Copyright Information
[3] Storyline
[4] Character Attributes
[5] Controls
[6] Items & Objects
[7] Sonic Coins & Chaos Emeralds
[8] Courses
[9] Whaa...? Unexplained Incidents
[10] Cheats & TRICKs
[11] Credits
[12] Version History

1. Introduction

Hi! We're Nathan (Segaholic2/Ninten-doh-Man) and Jason (STKRule) Tsui.
We like video and computer games (don't you?). This is our FAQ on Sonic
R, the first game to put our favorite video-game character (Sonic, in
case you're wondering) into "true" 3D, since you can't really count the
not-so-great Sonic 3D Blast, and Sonic X-Treme never made it out of
production. :( This game was made for both the Sega Saturn and PC, so
this FAQ will cover both versions. Oh, just in case you might like to
know, we only have the PC version of the game, and not the Saturn.
Because of this, all information for the Saturn version of this game
will be from other sources, not first-hand experience.

You will find here in this FAQ many tips on how to get the fastest lap
on every level, everyone's personal attributes, plus Nathan (who will
be referred to as Segaholic2 in this FAQ) is the creator of TRICKs!
Look closely for them, because these little nuggets of information are
worth their...uhh...text space in gold! You can find lots of them in
"The Complete Guide to Kirby's Dream Land 3", which was written by
Nathan. You can find that FAQ at in the Super Nintendo

Oh, by the way, now that Sonic Adventure will soon be out, we might do
a FAQ on that when we get it!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please mail us at (Nathan) or (Jason). We hope to
hear from you! If you find any errors in this FAQ, mail us. We will fix
it up for the next version, plus your name will be put into the Credits

Well, let's get started!

2. Copyright Information

This FAQ is copyright (c)1999 Nathan and Jason Tsui. You may distribute
this FAQ as long as it is unaltered and NOT SOLD FOR MONEY. Nathan and
Jason Tsui alone have the right to make changes to or update this FAQ.
Any unauthorized changes are not approved by Nathan and Jason Tsui and
are prohibited by law. What that basically means is that you can give
it to whoever you want as long as you do not change one letter of it
and don't put your name where ours are (a.k.a. stealing).

Please do not plagiarize this FAQ or any others, as we, the FAQ
writers, spend our time writing them with only the satisfaction of
knowing that they will help you, the readers.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik and all other related characters are
copyright Sega Enterprises, Ltd. Sonic R is copyright (c)1997/1998
Sega/Traveller's Tales.

3. Storyline

In case you're wondering, this was taken directly from the Sonic R
game manual.

Sonic and Tails are enjoying a little time off from their adventures.
The trip they've planned will be a nice, relaxing vacation. Or so they

Tails spots a huge sign alongside the road. It is a billboard for the
World Grand Prix.

"Sonic, look! There's going to be a huge race with all the best racers
in the world. What a great opportunity for you to show off your speed
and compete with the other top runners!"

Sonic thinks for a moment. He's the world's fastest runner, but
participating in races is not really his interest. Then something on
the sign catches his eye. Dr. Robotnik, Sonic's archenemy, is
participating in the race!

In a blur, Sonic races off into the distance.

"Wait, Sonic! Wait for me!" Tails shouts after his friend.

Miles above the sign, a spy satellite focuses on Sonic and Tails. Dr.
Robotnik snickers in delight. "Now that you have fallen into my trap,
Sonic, I will finally have the Chaos Emeralds, and beat you at the same
time. With my new hover machine, and these..." Dr. Robotnik looks to
his left, and a row of gleaming eyes gaze back at him, "nothing can go
wrong! Ha ha ha ha ha ha..."

Little does Sonic know that Dr. Robotnik has learned where to find the
Chaos Emeralds!

Sonic is not the only one who will be racing against Dr. Robotnik.
Sonic's rival, Knuckles, has learned that Sonic will be participating
in a very important race. Knuckles never turns down a chance to be
around Sonic when the action starts.

Amy will be there, too. After secretly overhearing Dr. Robotnik's
plans, she also decided to join the race to find the Chaos Emeralds.

4. Character Attributes

When you first start Sonic R, you only get four characters to race as:
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. After you meet certain goals, you can
get more racers. These are: Dr. Robotnik, Mecha Sonic, Puppet Tails,
Egg-Robo, Cyber Knuckles, and the ultimate Super Sonic! :)

Regular Characters

Here are the attributes of the regular characters. There are also his/
her ratings in a five star rating on Acceleration, Max Speed, Turning,
& Special.

Sonic- He has the best top speed out of all the regular characters
(DUH!). He has the best jumping ability, too. However, his turning and
acceleration are not so good. :( His special is a double jump (see
Section [5]: Controls). Sonic is one of the three characters who can
Turbo (only Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles can perform this move). He is
Segaholic2's favorite character to race as, after the ultimate Super

 |Acceleration | ***   |
 |Max Speed    | ****  |
 |Turning      | **    |
 |Special      | ***** |

Tails- His acceleration is excellent, but his top speed is lower than
Sonic (DUH!) and Knuckles. His turning is very good, too. Tails'
special is his ability to fly (Not! He just hovers, not falling at all,
and then after a while, he falls). >;( He's STKRule's favorite

 |Acceleration | ****    |
 |Max Speed    | ***     |
 |Turning      | ****1/2 |
 |Special      | ***     |

Knuckles- Some say that this echidna is the best balanced out of the
normal characters. His acceleration is average, his top speed is
average, his turning is pretty good, and his special is gliding.

 |Acceleration | ***    |
 |Max Speed    | ***1/2 |
 |Turning      | ***1/2 |
 |Special      | ***    |

Amy- This pink female hedgehog is Sonic's girlfriend. She is the worst
character out of all 10. She drives around in her pink little car. Her
accleration is bad, her speed is ROTTEN, but her turning is good. Her
special is a turbo boost, which does NOT make up for her bad speed.
She can't jump. Don't be her unless you want to perform the *See ya,
Sphinx* move (see Section [9]: Unexplained Incidents).

 |Acceleration | **    |
 |Max Speed    | **    |
 |Turning      | ***** |
 |Special      | **1/2 |

Dr. Robotnik- Evil Doctor Robotnik. He's not really a secret character,
because to get him you just have to beat the game. He drives in his
hover thing and shoots missiles at people. >;) BLAM! MWAHAHA! DIE! DIE!
Ahem. I have regained control. OK, his acceleration is not too good,
but his turning is excellent because he doesn't touch the ground. Speed
is bad. He can't jump. Missiles are his specialty, but they cost 10 RPM
(Rings Per Missile), and they aren't very effective. Missiles! >:) Oh,
you don't want me to start again. Fine. Be that way. :_(

 |Acceleration | **    |
 |Max Speed    | **1/2 |
 |Turning      | ****  |
 |Special      | **    |

Special Characters

Here are the attributes of the Secret/Special/Hidden/Whatever you wanna
call 'em characters. There are also his/its ratings in a five star
rating on Acceleration, Max Speed, Turning, & Special. To get the
Special Characters, find all five of the Sonic Coins in the track and
place in at least third. Then race the hidden character. Defeat him to
have him at your disposal!

Robotic Sonic- This version of the imitation Sonic has been around
since Sonic CD, also appearing in Sonic Drift 2, Knuckles Chaotix, and
making a chameo in Sonic Adventure (or so we hear). His acceleration
is HORRID! His top speed is the second best in the game, though (after
Super Sonic). Turning is also nasty. He has no special ability.

 |Acceleration | **      |
 |Max Speed    | ****1/2 |
 |Turning      | *       |
 |Special      | None    |

Puppet Tails- Here is a doll copy of Tails. It's _BAD_. Acceleration is
OK, though, but it doesn't keep him from being the worst of the special
characters. His max speed is bad, as is his turning. His special is his
wierd hover-jump. Since he never makes contact with the ground, though,
he never falls into the water, which is his only advantage. He isn't
slowed down by water, unlike Dr. R and Amy Rose.

 |Acceleration | ***   |
 |Max Speed    | **1/2 |
 |Turning      | **    |
 |Special      | ***   |

Egg-Robo- Remember the only badnik in the Sky Sanctuary Zone (Sonic &
Knuckles)? He's back! He can shoot missiles, like the real-life person
he is a copy of (Robotnik). >=) His acceleration is rather fair, but
his top speed is not too good. His turning isn't too nice, either.
Special is shooting missiles.

 |Acceleration | ***   |
 |Max Speed    | **1/2 |
 |Turning      | ***   |
 |Special      | **    |

Cyber Knuckles- A copy of Knuckles. He is like his counterpart: well
balanced. His acceleration is OK, his speed is all right, and his
turning is average, too. He can glide like Knux, too. However, all of
his attributes are a little better than the real Knuckles.

 |Acceleration | ***    |
 |Max Speed    | ****   |
 |Turning      | ***1/2 |
 |Special      | ***    |

Super Sonic- Of course, you get him after you get all the Chaos
Emeralds. And more of course, he's the best racer in the game. He can
MOVE! He takes off way ahead of everyone because of his totally to the
max acceleration, stays way ahead with his great speed, rounds corners
very nicely and has the awesome double jump. _HE_ _IS_ _THE_

 |Acceleration | ****1/2 |
 |Max Speed    | *****   |
 |Turning      | ****1/2 |
 |Special      | *****   |

5. Controls

Everybody's controls are the same except for their specials.

These are the controls for the Saturn version. Special thanks goes to
The Honorable Queen Laine for providing this info!

    Run Forward/Accelerate: Up, B button
    Movement: Directional-Pad
    Hard Turn: L and R buttons (located on top of controller)
    Roll: Down on D-Pad when running (only for Sonic, Tails, and
    Turbo: Hold Down on D-Pad and repeatedly tap B button (Accelerate)
         (only for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles)
    Brake: Press L and R buttons at the same time, or press Down on the
         D-Pad for everybody but Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles
    Jump/Special: A or C buttons
    Change Camera: X, Y, or Z buttons
    Pause: Start button

Here are the basic controls for the PC version (these are

    Run Forward/Accelerate: Up, Accelerate button
    Turn: Left and Right
    Hard Turn: Left and Right Flippers
    Roll: Down when running (only for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles)
    Turbo: Hold Down and repeatedly tap Accelerate button (only for
         Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles)
    Brake: Press Left and Right Flippers at the same time, or press
         Down for everybody but Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles
    Jump/Special: Action button
    Change Camera: Change View button
    Pause: Start button

These are everybody's specials. To use these, press A or C for the
Saturn version, or press your Action button (jump key) for the PC
version. Some specials require rings.

Sonic/Super Sonic-Double Jump- Press the Action button twice to
perform a double jump. This can be used to steal the Purple Emerald
(see Section [10]: Tricks and Cheats).

Tails-Fly- Press the Action button twice to hover for a *short* while.
You can still maneuver while you are flying, but you drop very fast.

Knuckles-Glide- Press the Action button twice to glide. This is better
than Tails' Flying move.

Amy Rose-Turbo Boost- Do not confuse this with Sonic's Turbo move. This
is much worse! This special is supposed to compensate for her lousy
everything, but it doesn't. Press Action when you see a Tire picture in
the top-right corner of your screen. This should re-generate every 10-
15 seconds.

Dr. Robotnik-Missiles- When you have 10 rings and you see a Missile
picture in the top-right corner of your screen, you can fire a missile.
When a yellow target box appears on your screen, press your Action
button to fire away! These missiles are heat-seeking, so they will home
in on your target. There is no escape from the evil of Dr. Robotnik!

Robotic Sonic-Nothing- He doesn't have a special. He has really good
jumping ability, though.

Puppet Tails-Hover- Hold down the Action button and you can hover! This
isn't very useful, though you can use it to skip over the ramp jump in
Reactive Factory.

Egg-Robo-Missiles- When you have 10 rings and you see a Missile
picture in the top-right corner of your screen, you can fire a missile.
When a yellow target box appears on your screen, press your Action
button to fire away! These missiles are heat-seeking, so they will home
in on your target. MWA-HA-HA-HAA!!!

Cyber Knuckles-Glide- Press the Action button twice to glide. The
results are the exactly same as Knux's (the real one) glide, only

6. Items & Objects

There are not really that many items in this game. But, here they are.

Rings- Of course! These donut-like power things have to be in a Sonic
game, or it wouldn't be a Sonic game! Collect as many of these as you
can, as you can use them for the Accelerators and use them to open
secret doors, which are usually guarding Chaos Emeralds or Sonic Coins.

Power-Up Item- This is the wierd red, yellow, and blue spinning thing.
It will give you a random power-up, which will be one of these four
things. An icon will appear above your head to show you what you just
     Numbered Rings- This power-up will give you either 5, 10, or 20
rings, according to the number shown.
     Speed Shoes- This makes your character move faster. It can be
identified by the shoe.
     Lightning Shield- When you get this power-up, a yellow globe will
appear around you. Then every single ring within a certain range will
gravitate towards you. This is fun to use to steal the rings someone is
trying to get. >:) Falling into the water washes away this shield, and
it will disappear after a while. :( The icon shown when you get this is
a lightning bolt.
     Water Shield- This blue shield enables your character to walk on
water. You can only use it once, though. :( This icon appears as a blue

Sonic Coins- If you find all five Sonic Coins, finish in at least 3rd,
and beat the secret character of that course, you can then play as that
character. To find out how to get them, see section [7]: Sonic Coins &
Chaos Emeralds.

Chaos Emeralds- Find these gems and get in first. If you don't finish
in first, you can't keep them. :( Get all seven to be Super Sonic!!!


Accelerators- There is one of these on every track. They require rings
to use them. The more rings you have, the farther you go, the max ride
taking 50 rings.

Loops- There is one of these on every track except for Radical City.
There are rings on all of these except for the one in Reactive Factory.
Take these only when you are desperately low on rings. Regal Ruin's
loop-de-loop is a hidden double loop!

Springs- These springs propel you into the air. You have to jump on
them, though, so Amy, Robotnik, Puppet Tails, or Egg-Robo can't take
them. Some you can just walk onto, though.

7. Sonic Coins & Chaos Emeralds

This section contains information on how to get the Sonic Coins and
Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic Coins
Resort Island
(Robotic Sonic)
  1. You will pass under a rock formation right after the start. Climb
on top of it.
  2. Right behind the waterfall. Follow the slope and arrow sign down
after getting number 1.
  3. In the 20-Ring door in the ruins part. Head straight and turn left
after number 2.
  4. Right after the Power-Up, head straight. It's on one of the
  5. Don't take the Accelerator. Take the left (longer) way at the

Radical City
(Puppet Tails)
  1. After passing under the rock tunnel, take the left way and drop
down the hole.
  2. Run towards the 20-Ring door and turn right to get back on the
main track. After the Power-Up take the right and smash the barrier. It
is in the middle of the Sonic pinball machine.
  3. Just before the Accelerator, there is a 20-ring passage to the
right. The coin is in here.
  4. At the same spot where you fell down the hole to get the first
coin, jump over the hole and continue with the track (take the left
way). Continue forward and smash the barrier. You must be moving fast
enough or you won't make it onto the platform where the coin rests.
  5. At the split after the rock tunnel, jump over the hole again and
take the left path again. Don't go through the barrier; turn right and

Regal Ruin
  1. Right after the start there is a hump on the left turn. It's on
  2. Coming up to the built-up area there is a slope with two springs
to the left. Jump on the second one you see.
  3. After the windy-down part, take the right (main) path. Turn left
and go up the slope.
  4. Right after the start line, take the left and go along the narrow
walkway. Don't fall off or you will lose mega time. It's on the bridge.
  5. Take the shortcut: right after the Power-Up on the bridge, turn
right. Don't go up the slope; take the narrow strip and go along until
you come to an opening. Take the slope up and go forward. This is also
an *excellent* shortcut, as it skips the entire windy section. How do
those guys design these tracks anyway?!?

Reactive Factory
(Cyber Knuckles)
  1. Continue forward from the start line; it's on top of the grey
  2. Now turn right around and head for the second left of the track
going backwards. Jump a small pool and get the coin. Head to the tower:
behind it is an entry. Hit the spring to get out quickly.
  3. Go left after the Accelerator burst ends. Take the left path and
work your way up. Go inside the 20-Ring door for a coin.
  4. After the Accelerator burst ends, take the left path again. This
time go right.
  5. After number 4, take the left turn very sharply. You should see

Chaos Emeralds
Resort Island
  BLUE: In the 50-Ring door after the hairpin turn; don't take the
Accelerator or you will miss it.

Radical City
  GREEN: At the first dip in the track, there is a 20-Ring door to the
  PURPLE: After the Power-Up, there is a 50-Ring tunnel. It's in there.
Or you can be a bad boy and steal it! (see Section [10]: Tricks and

Regal Ruin
  YELLOW: Right after the start line take the left and follow the
narrow runway. It's inside the pyramid in the 50-Ring door.
  ORANGE: After the first Power-Up on the bridge, take the slope up. Go
straight to a 20-Ring door. It's inside the pyramid.

Reactive Factory
  RED: *Right* after the loop, there is a 50-Ring door on the right. It
is directly after it, so don't miss it!
  GRAY: Right before the Accelerator, take the left path (don't take
the Accelerator). Open the 50-Ring door and wait on the yellow

8. Courses

This section covers all the tracks in the game and the shortest path to
take in each. The guys who programmed this game made courses like the
levels in Sonic games (eg. Resort Island=Green Hill Zone, Angel Island
Zone, etc., Radical City=Casinopolis Zone, Carnival Night Zone, etc.,
Regal Ruin=Aquatic Ruins Zone, Marble Garden Zone, blah, blah, blah).
The only things lacking are a snow level, a lava level, a Death Egg or
Launch Base-type level, and maybe an underground cave. :( A basic
TRICK for all tracks is to Turbo before the gal says "GO!" and blast
off ahead of the competition!

In the Options menu, you can select whether the track music will have
lyrics or not. Segaholic2 prefers them on, and sometimes finds himself
singing along to the music. Yeah! "Work it out, Work it out, Think
about it!..."

Resort Island
Ahh...a nice beach with a ruins area, a rock formation, a forest, and
lots of little islands. A lush area like this can be easily recognized
as the typical "first" zone of all Sonic games.

How to get the fastest lap possible- Turbo at the start. Continue
 to follow the main track. When you get to the area where the track
 turns right to go into the rocky area, jump to the left into the ruins
 part of the track. Go through here, then turn left when you see the
 main track. Get the Power-Up Item and then take the Accelerator if you
 have at least 50 rings. If you don't have enough rings, skip the
 accelerator and take the forest route: just before the split in the
 track. Run past the loop-de-loop on the right side, and you've
 finished the lap!

Radical City
Yeah! A city! There are many different routes to take. Also, water-
ways and barriers litter the track. There's a giant slot machine (!),
but you can't play it. To add to your fun there's a pinball area! Cool.
TRICK: Don't use someone who can't jump (eg. Dr. Robotnik, Amy Rose,

How to get the fastest lap possible- Turbo at the start and use the
 TRICK above. When you get to the first dip in the track with the
 water, jump and turn left. It is better to do this trick with someone
 who can run on water, such as Super Sonic. If you are using  Sonic,
 Tails, or Knuckles, run along the right side of the wall and keep
 jumping. If you are using Robotic Sonic or Cyber Knuckles, run on the
 water, and keep jumping. When you get to the wall on the left part of
 the area you are in, jump over it. To accomplish this with Sonic,
 Tails, or Knuckles, jump (or swim) over to the wall and push against
 it. When you come up (you should, if not, move along the wall until
 you do) jump over the wall. After that, turn left and move along.
 After the Power-Up Item, stick to the right side of the track. Smash
 the barrier and fall down into the pinball area. No time to play; jump
 over any bouncy thingies in your way and find the exit in the top-
 right corner of Sonic's picture. Turn right, hit the springs at the
 base of the slot-machine, and take the Accelerator. Run forward a
 short bit and you're done!

Regal Ruin
An ancient ruins. Once again, a course like a classic Sonic level.
Check out the Echidna Sphinxes! Also, if you look closely enough, you
can find Sonic's, Tails', Knuckles', and Robotnik's faces on the
ground. There are also pictures of Sonic on the walls. Cool! This track
also hides the only double loop-de-loop in the game.

How to get the fastest lap possible- Turbo at the start and blast over
 the bridge. Get the rings and turn right when the wall on the right
 ends. Run as fast as you can towards the body of water and use your
 Special to get over it. Enter the tunnel and go up the ramp. Head
 left and speed up the tunnel. Run out and hit the Accelerator if you
 have enough rings. Follow the curve to the finish line!

Reactive Factory
This is, perhaps, the hardest course of all five, with the most options
in choices of routes. This is STKRule's favorite course, and Segaholic2
loves the music in this track.

How to get the fastest lap possible- Turbo at the start and take the
 second right. Run ahead and turn *hard* right on the jump. You can
 skip the whole loop section by turning in mid-air and landing next to
 the Accelerator. Take the Accelerator no matter what and take the
 right path. Jump over the water and run until you see a formation with
 a short tower on it. Run _onto_ it and turn hard right. Roll to the
 finish line!

Radiant Emerald
This track has the best graphics in the game! The natural habitat of
the Chaos Emeralds! The power of the emeralds pulses through the entire
track, making it a brilliant rainbow of stars and crystals. This track
looks better than the Rainbow Road of Mario Kart 64! It is rather
linear and doesn't have many multiple routes. Oh, and by the way, you
have to place 1st in the other four tracks before this is accessible.
Kinda the "hidden" track in the game. To beat the game just get first
in this track (in other words, first in all the tracks) to see a cool
credits sequence with a nice 3D picture of the person you beat it as.

How to get the fastest lap possible- Nothing much, just Turbo at the
 start and try to open the two 50-Ring doors as soon as possible so
 you can take the Accelerator and shortcut.

9. Whaa...? Unexplained Incidents

This section is about all of the strange and weird things that have
happened to game-players, like you! Dude! Cool! Way past! Gnarly! I'll
stop now. These are so mysterious that they can usually not be
duplicated. Here they are: The Unexplained Incidents.

By the way, if YOU have had anything strange happen to you in this
game, e-mail us at (Nathan) or
(Jason) and we will add it to this section! You must follow these
guidelines to submit to this section:
(1) You must have a title for it.
(2) You must type it word-for-word the way you would like it to appear
in this section. We will not fix up your grammar or spelling mistakes.
(3) You must state what version you have/were playing: Saturn or PC.
You must also state what mode you were playing: Grand Prix, Time
Attack, etc...
(4) Please include your name and e-mail address. These will both be
added after your section.
Refer to the Incidents below and follow the format they are in.

*Fallin' Through the City! (fell through Radical City)*
-I have fallen through the Radical City track in the PC version. I was
just running up the slope to the finish line in Time Attack mode and I
fell through! I couldn't get back on, either. It was extremely weird.
After I had explored for a while, I had to restart the level.

*Ruin's Bridges are All Wet! (glitch in Regal Ruin's bridge)*
-I noticed that in the PC version, when you run across the second
bridge in Regal Ruin, the stone one, not the wooden ones, if you are
going fast enough you will touch the water! It will make that "sploosh"
sound. If you are rolling, you will straighten up and run. If you have
either shield, it will disappear.

*What Happened? (left the Reactive Factory course)*
-I was racing in Grand Prix mode in Reactive Factory as Sonic, and as I
was running up to the slope near the beginning of the track (the second
right) and I just ran through the track! After bumping around a little,
I found my way back on. This has happened again as Robotic Sonic.

*So Long, Sphinx (leave the Regal Ruins racetrack)*
-In the Regal Ruin Stage, (Arcade mode) if you use Amy Rose and collect
about 32 rings, go to the accelerator. Right before you get on, hit the
Turbo Boost. When you come to the curve, make a hard (and I mean HARD)
left turn.Use both the LEFT and L DRIFT buttons. Amy Rose should race
over the pillars and be floating on the water OUSIDE the track. But she
returns if you go to the curve or touch the pillars again. 
-Aaron Max (

*"Stupid Mode" and Ghostly Race*
-I have noticed that in the PC version after you have played and you
return to the Title Screen, it will play demos of what you have raced.
Pretty neat! However, it will also go into something I call "Stupid
Mode", where the demo will go fine for a while, then your character
will become obsessed with running through the wall. This happened to me
once in Time Attack. I was racing my ghost, and I was winning, barely.
Suddenly, in the map, I saw that my ghost was stuck trying to mash his
head into the wall! I beat him according to what I saw on the map, but
at the result screen, it said the Ghost had beat me!

10. Cheats & TRICKs

 *  Cheats  *

These are the cheats for both versions of the game.

Play With the "R"-
To have a little fun with the title screen, wait a moment, then fiddle
with the D-pad. the "R" will rotate to your will. If you press the B
button, the color of the R will change to a metallic outlook. Pressing
the A Button restores the R to its former color. Pressing Y and X will
darken or lighten the R.

Clean Pause-
While playing, pause the game and press X + Y + Z at the same time.

Play as the Same Character-
For two players to be the same person in Multi-Player Mode, hold down
X+Y+Z and press A or C. The second player will be a darker color than
the first player.

On the main screen, the character screen and most screens, push the L
button to zoom in and the R button to zoom out.

Skip the Credits-
To skip the credits, hold down X + Y + Z and press Start.

Play with the "R"-
At the Title Screen, press the directional controls to rotate the R in
that direction. Press the Change View button to change its color.

Instant Demo-
To get to the demo faster, press Action and Accelerate at the same
time. You can also skip the SEGA and Traveller's Tales screens this

Play as the Same Character-
For everyone to be the same person in Multi-Player Mode, hold down the
Change View button and press Action. This will work for all four

To check out the track's picture closer up or farther away, press Up
and Down to zoom in and out at the Course Select Screen. This only
works on the Track Select screen.

Skip the Credits-
To skip the Credits, hold down the Action, Accelerate, and Change View
buttons and press Start.

 *  TRICKs  *

Here are some various TRICKs.

TRICK: Not really a trick, but still effective, especially if you want
to accustom yourself to the game first. Set the difficulty level in the
options to "Easy".

TRICK: Turbo at the start of a race (only if using Sonic, Tails, or

TRICK: To steal the Purple Chaos Emerald in Radical City, go on with the
race. You MUST be Sonic to do this trick. When you come to the 50-Ring
Entry door that you usually open to get the Emerald, keep to the right
and go on. Do *NOT* enter the pinball area. Make your way to the 90
degree right turn and stop. Rotate left until you are facing a wall.
You can see a platform coming out from above. Double-Jump (see Section
[5]: Controls) onto the platform. To do this, stand still, Double-Jump,
and press Accelerate in the air. Run forward a bit to get the emerald,
then turn around and continue with the race. Be sure to finish in first

11. Credits

These are the guys who worked on/helped with this FAQ. The main authors
did their own sections in first-person writing form. Segaholic2 did
all of the typing and work on this section, except for STKRule's

Nathan "Segaholic2/Ninten-doh-Man" Tsui- (
I am the guy who did a lot of the typing and most of the research for
this FAQ. The game is also mine, and I'm the expert at it. I can kick
anyone's butt at this game! I also wrote "The Complete Guide to Kirby's
Dream Land 3", which is at, in the Super Nintendo

Sonic the Hedgehog is my fav videogame character! I have been playing
videogames since Super Mario Bros. The first time I met with Sonic was
in 1991, when I was six years old (I was born on September 4, 1984). I
was in the new Best Buy near our house, and there were two displays
available to play: a Super Nintendo with a helicopter game, and a Sega
Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog. I ignored the Super Nintendo and
watched with awe as an older boy played Sonic. When he left, I didn't
dare touch the controller, and was content to just watch the demo run.
The graphics and speed amazed me, since I was used to Mario. I remember
asking my brother, "Isn't Sonic cooler than Mario?" He just nodded. The
part that really impressed me was the turning log with spikes all over
it. I have since been a Sonic fan, and am eagerly awaiting Sonic's
return from hibernation, in the long-awaited Sonic Adventure! Sonic is
and always will be the players' mascot!

Jason "STKRule" Tsui- (
I also typed a lot in this FAQ. We (Segaholic2 & STKRule) played this
game hundreds of times and have beat it as every character. I can beat
anyone at this game, except Segaholic2. I did the ASCII title, except
for the sparkles. I like Tails a lot for no good reason.

The Honorable Queen Laine- (
She is the one who provided the controls for the Saturn version of this
game. Thanx for the big help, Laine!

Kedzie K- (
Thanx to the Message Board on his website: The Sonic Foundation (tSf),
I was able to get the Saturn controls from Laine! He also let me submit
this FAQ to his most-excellent website. Check it out if you are a Sonic
fan like me (Segaholic2)! Even if you aren't, check it out anyway! I
know I visit his site *very* frequently!

The Westenhovers-
Thanx to the whole family for letting us stay at their house when our
parents went out of town! Also, thanx for letting us use their computer
to finish up the last bits of this FAQ, since their's has more RAM (?),
and ours has a problem with typing .txt documents that get over around
35 kilobytes. As you would know if you have read the Special Thanks
section in my (Segaholic2) "Complete Guide to Kirby's Dream Land 3" at (see below). Also for letting us PLAY their computer! >;)
The Westenhover family consists of these members: Mr. and Mrs.
Westenhover, then Elizabeth, John, Catherine, and Sam.

GameFaqs- (
This is the *BEST* website for FAQs and walkthroughs on the 'net. I
visit this site whenever I get a new game. I (Segaholic2) have even
submitted a FAQ I wrote to this website! This FAQ is on this site also.

Secrets of the GameSages- (
This is the *BEST* website for cheats and tricks on the 'net. I visit
this site whenever I get a new game. I (Segaholic2) have even submitted
a few codes I have discovered to it! Thanx for the Sega Saturn Sonic R
cheats! More thanx to all the people that submitted those codes to that

All our friends-
Just for being our friends! Thanx to Nathan Miller for some ideas on
this FAQ and for being my (Segaholic2) web-buddy! Thanx to all our
other friends! You and I know who you are!

12. Version History

Version 1.0- First release!
 All the info typed, added, revised, and completed.
 Grammar and spelling checks.

end of file