Andere Lösungen

Kuri Kuri Mix (e)

                         _____         ___               
                           |    |  |  |           
                           |    |__|  |___       
                           |    |  |  |         
                           |    |  |  |___     
             _             ___         _____        __   ___   ___
      /\    | \  \      / |     |\   |   |   |   | |  \ |     /
     /__\   |  \  \    /  |___  | \  |   |   |   | |__/ |___  \___ 
    /    \  |  /   \  /   |     |  \ |   |   |   | | \  |         \
   /      \ |_/     \/    |___  |   \|   |   \___/ |  \ |___   ___/
               __   __    __   __    __            ___
              /  \ |     /    /  \  /  \  | /  |  |
              |  | |__   |    |  |  |  |  |/   |  |___
              |  | |     |    |  |  |  |  |\   |  |
              \__/ |     \__  \__/  \__/  | \  |  |___
                          __     __   __   ___
           /\    |\   |  |  \   /    |  \ |      /\    |\  /|
          /__\   | \  |  |   \  |    |__/ |__   /__\   | \/ |
         /    \  |  \ |  |   /  |    | \  |    /    \  |    |
        /      \ |   \|  |__/   \__  |  \ |__ /      \ |    |

                          (UPDATED VERSION!!!)

When I heard of this game for the first time, I thought: whoa! Lay off 
the drugs guys! Now I can't stop playing... anyway let's go straight to 
the point: I'm writing a faq to honor the game that kept me busy for 30 
days. 30 days of madness with two rabbits.
The only reason I wrote a FAQ (this is the first one I do) is that when 
I was stuck there was no walkthrough to help me. After receiving so 
much help from gamefaqs, why not help them?


The creators of this weird and wonderful game: If you can't see why, 
then this game requires too much thinking power for you. Throw it out 
the window.

My brother: For buying this game and being as much addicted to cookie 
and cream as me and he helped me to pass most of the levels.

CjayC AKA Mr others sites that publish this faq: to let me 
show this faq to you.

You: for reading this faq.

Me: Well...I did write all this, right?

Legal stuff (I'm kinda new to this...)

This document is Copyright 2001 Nagna Zul. You cannot use it to make 
money. If you want to use it on a non-commercial site, ask me at

Things you should know AKA basics AKA instructions AKA whatever

Even tough there is almost no storyline at all (except that small and 
ridiculous intro) There might be some mini-spoilers. So, you're warned 
if you're paranoiac enough to consider learning that you get a flower 
in a pot and an umbrella on your head from a rooster at the start of 
the game is a spoiler.
This is a pretty unlikely style of game so let me explain: YOU MUST 
COOPERATE! (Like in the lost Vikings for snes) The time limit will go 
down if you get hurt of fall somewhere. It will go up if you can find 
clocks (silver-20 gold-50).
The controls are VERY simple 2 buttons plus the analog stick. Look in 
the upper-left and upper-right corners to see what they do. The action 
button (o on 2 players and r2 l2 alone) in the upper-left and upper-
right corners will open and have a word in them if you can do 
something. You will also hear a weird noise when you can do something. 
(I think you only hear it when can talk to a rooster)
You can use square to zoom.
Cookie is the yellow rabbit on left side of the screen with a banjo and 
a plant on his head.
Cream is the pink rabbit on the right side of the screen with maracas 
and an umbrella on her head.
Press the action button if you see a rooster. They will tell you what 
to do.
Practice your double-jump (press the jump button at the VERY top of 
your jump.
Get all the timers.
Never stop moving or you will lose time because of EXTREMELY annoying 
creatures called time-stealers. (jumping is not moving)
Watch out for enemies, (they can be taken care of by jumping on them)
holes or water. They cost a lot of time
Tips for 1-player mode: Don't do the two movements at the same time, do 
it step by step. If one of you can't do anything, turn the control 
stick around to not get caught. 
Always talk to roosters even if you know what to do. They can 
(sometimes) give you a timer.
If there is a ! over your head, you can probably do something around 
Cookie is the yellow rabbit that plays the banjo and has an umbrella on 
his head. He usually is on the left of the screen and is player one. 
(Some people say that he has the hardest puzzles of all, but I'm not 
Cream is the pink rabbit that plays maracas and has a pot on her  (yes, 
her) head. She is usually on the right and is player two. 


The moon festival...blah blah blah...the moon disappeared...yadda yadda 
yadda...the messenger, a rooster...anyway you can see the intro yourself.

Story mode (main game)

Select a mode and enter the first level of world one (1-1)

Note: you cannot go far on the one player mode. It's nearly impossible 
to go across the game without a partner even tough my brother got tired 
after a while and then I had to restart the game alone to write this 

World 1 (Jungle world)

Good news: easy levels, a lot of time and a lot of info
Bad news: Like in all levels, a flying thing will come steal your time 
if you don't move
Qualities needed: Know a bit about platform and puzzle games


Press the switch on cookie's side.
Pull the rope on cookie's side to move the alligator on cream's side.
Talk to cream's black rooster for some time.
Turn the lever on cream's side 90 degrees. 
Press the matching switches on cookie's side.
Turn the lever on cream's side 90 degrees.
Press the matching switches on cookie's side and grab the jigsaw piece 
on the right.

Here you will see your time, grade and gift (jigsaw pieces and useless 

Note: There are four pieces per world (one for each level) . When you 
all the portrait you 
will unlock a character on multiplayer battle.
Some things like a saxophone in music world can be took but have no use 
(well, I think) except they are there in the menu. If you find some, e-
mail me at and I will add it to the faq
I don't think the time, grade and score have any effect either.


Press the switches on Cookie's side to lift the rafts.
Push the wooden logs on cream's side to make a passage for cookie.
Turn cream's lever to turn the thing on cookie's side, press the switch 
on cream's side then turn cream's lever again but make go to the far 
right so cookie can get the puzzle piece.


Get the huge tree by standing next to it and pressing the action 
Pull cookie's rope to move the alligator again.
Push the doors to move them on the rail. They move on the other side if 
you move them on one side (they will be is random).
Push the log on cookie's bridge to get the timer on cream's side.
Pull the log on cream's side and then press the button to get the time.
Pull the log on cream's side and then press the button to get the time. 
(There are two of these)
Double-jump on cream's pillars to get the time.
Go to the far left of cream's side to find time.
Don't touch the levers now, first make cookie get the time and then 
move the levers so you can get the puzzle piece (you can get it by 
double-jumping on cream's pillar.


Talk to cookie's rooster to get time.
Get the gopher on cookie's side as a gift.
Don't touch cream's levers; you can make it by double-jumping. If 
you're having trouble, you can move the platforms with the levers.
Grab the jigsaw piece on the red water lily (watch out, they sink) on 
the left of cookie's side
Step on cookie's switch 2 times (let it completely finish) to complete 
cream's bridge
Press the switches on cream's side to activate the bridges
Grab the last timers
Step on the switches near the door simultaneously

You should now have two gifts and 4 jigsaw pieces
(I think there are only 2 gifts and 4 puzzle pieces per world)

1-5 (Boss)

Watch the cut scene and meet your first boss, the stone golem!

You can defeat him easily by luring him with cream to one of the 
switches and pressing it with cookie. After 3 times, he's a goner. 
Very easy boss since it's the first one. You'll see another later.

You can now choose between desert world and music world. I'll go trough 
desert world first since it's the easiest (IMHO).

World 2 (Desert world)

Good news: none
Bad news: The puzzles are getting tougher, there is less time, there 
are more enemies and you must not fall in sand pits and cactus.
Qualities needed: quickness to act

Pull the plug on cream's side.
Jump on cookie's totem to get a puzzle piece.
Get cream's totem as a gift.
There is a timer behind the wall on cream's side.
Jump on cookie's catapult to get rid of cream's sand pit.
Make cream grab the thing on the left, and then release it to make the 
birds on cookie's side stop. Jump on the birds and wait. (They'll start 
moving again after 5 seconds)
Do it again with the next thing.


Push cream's log to stop the skull.
You can walk on the water here.
Jump over cookie's wall by first hopping on the pot.
Use the pump by jumping on it.
Grab the piece of the puzzle on cream's side (EASY!!!).
Jump on the house on cookie's side, then jump on his blue one, then 
make cream go to her red pillar, then her blue, then cookie's red, then 
cream's final red and cookie on his final blue. Now you can jump over 
cream's cactus.
Jump on cookie's huge totem, then on the tent on the left, then make 
cream jump on the pillar, then make cookie jump on his pillar. Jump 
over cream's cactus again.


Same pillar puzzles. Jump on cream's red, then cookie on his red ,  
then cream on her blue, then cookie on his blue and almost at the same 
time jump on cream's red. Now you can make cream jump on the big pillar 
and get across that gap. (Even if you got lost, you can probably figure 
it out)
Jump on cream's catapult to throw the rock, then go at the other side 
of that catapult and jump to get the jigsaw piece.
Push the ostrich egg  (The ostrich ran away when you threw the rock) 
and make it go under the hammer.
Make cream pull the hammer to make the egg hatch.
The baby ostrich will follow cookie, so go to the wall and jump on the 
ostrich to go over the house. You can also get a timer on the big 
Grab the skull on cream's side as a gift.
Make cookie hold the rope, then cream must go turn the lever.
Now, here comes the hard part. Make cream go touch the gate and stay 
there. Now align cookie with the three switches. Then hold the two 
forward (up) buttons at the same time. If everything goes well, you 
should get past all the gates easily.
Jump on the switches (near the door) simultaneously to open the final 
Finally, the end.


Make cookie go behind the wall (in the left corner where the timer is 
and then push.
Make cream hold the gate when she can reach it (when cookie pushed it 
Make cream push the weird 3-parts door, then make cookie push it, then 
let cream go out and then push the door with cookie. If you did 
everything correctly you can now access the switch with cream.
Press the switch once, let cookie pass, hit it again to make cream 
Cream must hop aboard the mine cart, and then jump when she is under 
bonuses (jigsaw piece and timer). (While she waits, a flying cactus may 
come if you don't move. You can either jump on it when it comes or walk 
Cookie must play with the switches so the trail looks like this
   0(switch)     /==3==\
                 0(jigsaw piece) 
   0(switch)     \=====\
   0(switch)     /==1==\
                 \===O (mine cart)

Once it's like this, cookie must start the engine (the machine near the 
wall), and when the cart reaches the point 1 (on the map) he must press 
the first switch. He must also press the 3rd switch when the cart is at 
point 3. It may take a couple of tries.
After this cream must pull the dynamite wire and lure a fire guy there.
You must be very quick for this one. Make cream hold the wire then make 
cookie turn the lever and when the lever cannot be turned anymore, 
press the switch (a small pillar) to make another pillar come out under 
cream. But, you can make cream jump when she release the rope if you 
aren't quick enough.
Press cookie's flashing switch when there is a key on it. Otherwise, 
you lose time.
Make cream pull her log, then on the other side, make her pull cookie's 

2-5 (BOSS)

Ok, it may look weird, but this is a HARD boss. Use the hammer (action 
button) on the base of the totem when it doesn't move. It will change 
his attack mode every time you hit him. It has the jumping and the 
digging attack. Near the end, he'll also send lasers. You can throw the 
hammer with the jump button, but it doesn't seem to do any damage.  

World 3 (Music world)

Good news: For some, this is a VERY easy world. The puzzles are not 
very hard, but you need to think a LOT.
Bad news: if you don't have the required qualities, this will be a 
tough world.
Qualities needed: timing, good ear and good cooperation (it's pretty 
obvious, but you need to cooperate more here.)


Get the puzzle piece guarded by the things (you can eliminate them by 
jumping on them).
Jump on the drum, but don't touch the sticks.
Make cream pull the switches to stop the cymbals (3 times). Watch out 
for the red guys. (You can't eliminate them by jumping on them, but you 
can if you jump near them)
Cookie & Cream must stand near the drum near the wall (the drum near 
cookie's xylophone). Make cream hit the drum to make cookie go up the 
Make cream jump on the drums to go over the wall.
Make cookie hit the huge drum several times (I know, there's a lot of 
drums) to get rid of the weird monsters (I think they're called merry 
Make cookie go on the weird platform and then make cookie hit the gong 
To the left of cream's xylophone (the one you jumped on) is a bell that 
can be taken as a gift.
Make cookie jump on the drum to get across the gap. (If the drums 
didn't move, then you didn't step on cream's xylophone)
Make cookie jump on the yellow platform, but don't touch the castanets 
(they act like catapults).
Use cream's phonograph to make the platform move. At the end, jump on 
the top left castanet to jump to the end.
End (Man, is it just me, or the levels are getting tougher?)


Grab the saxophone in the middle of cream's side as a gift.
Watch out for the metronomes.
Use the action button while standing near cream's mouthpiece (to the 
left of the second metronome). Cookie can now pass trough the hole, but 
watch out for not falling between the horns.
Make cookie change the trombone to about the left end of the carpet and 
make cream play it. It must make the platform at the right level to 
play the trumpet.
Cookie must make all three trumpet buttons go down to lower all 
platforms, then make cream go on the second platform, make the middle 
platform go up by making the middle button be up and the two others 
down to allow cream to get the puzzle piece.
Cookie must watch out for the metronomes. It's easier on the left side 
but you don't get a timer.
Cookie must blow the whistle-like thing to allow cream jumping on it.
You can easily get past cookie's flute by not falling into the holes.
Just blow the whistles and it's the...


When the wheels step on the catapult, send them on cream's side.
Jump on the floating things to get across the river.
Play Cream's huge horn to get rid of Cookie's castanet.
Jump on the boat on cookie's side with the jigsaw piece in it.
Don't touch cream's wooden sticks.
Pull the gate to let cookie pass.
Make cream play the bamboo flute to make stairs for cookie.

Step on the tilting drums and tilt them to your advantage to get the 
timers and cream's jigsaw piece. Watch out to not fall.
Cream must use the wheel like a hamster would to activate the music box 
and calming the castanet. 
Make cream open the gate for cookie.
Make cookie hold the violin bow, then make cream hold the other side.
Hardest puzzle of all: Press cookie's blue button and play the same 
notes. The black notes are useless.
Shake one side of the maracas to get rid of the enemies on the other 
Pull both cymbals and release them at the same time to open the door.

3-5 (BOSS)

This is quite an easy boss. Defeat him by attacking the pipes where his 
legs are. Make cookie and cream attack him at the same time. Every time 
you hit him, he'll turn around.

World 4 (Trick world)
Good news: none
Bad news: you definitely need to be with a partner for this. 
Qualities needed: Quickness to think and to act.


Play with the red switches to open and close doors and grab the jigsaw 
piece while you're at it. (Telling you which one to press would be 
removing every ounce of fun of this fun but frustrating game ?. If you 
really can't figure it out, just ask me at 
Make cream turn the lever to make cookie's platform advance and make 
the cogs turn. If you take too much time to cross the gap, the cogs on 
cream's side will stop moving and the platform at the end in the middle 
will stop and cream won't be able to pass. You must be quick. (At the 
left end of cookie's side, there are two grey timers)
Jump on the wooden platforms.
Make cookie double-jump on the screw to turn the wall on cream's side.
Watch out for cookie's walls.
Cream must WALK on the floor and hide in the niche in the left wall 
before the end. (You cannot jump because the niche is too low)
Time for a brainstorming puzzle: Jump on cookie's battery to reach the 
scale. Make him push the weight. Now that the scale is down on the 
right side, make cream jump on it. Now, make cookie grab the red switch 
to make another weight fall. Cream can now reach the end. (With a good 
double-jump, you should be able to reach it.) Now for cookie: jump on 
the scale, push the weight and double jump to the end.


Jump on the moving platforms. (Tip: if you're playing 1-player mode, do 
it step-by-step.)
Jump on the conveyor belt and go on the other side. Again, if you're 
playing 1-player mode, do it step-by-step.
Make cream grab a small and moving red robot on the right of the big 
robot as a gift. 
Make Cookie & Cream jump in the big robot.
Controls: Cookie's up: turn right. Cream's up: turn left. Cookie's 
down: Turn left. Cream's down: turn right. Both ups: go forward. Both 
downs: Go back. Cookie's up and Cream's down: Turn right faster. 
Cookie's down and Cream's up: turn left faster.  Both action buttons: 
punch objects that are in the way.
Quite a fun part, but don't forget: the time is not unlimited. While 
punching some thrash, you'll find a puzzle piece.


Now here's the hard level!!
Grab the timers (QUICKLY!!!) and make cookie pull the wheelbarrow lever 
and release it when cream is in it and there is a train on the rail. 
(Don't forget to move while you're on the train.)
Cream must disembark near the conveyor belt with electricity and cookie 
must embark right after that (before the tunnel).  
Turn down the electricity on cream's side by pressing cookie's 
Make cookie change the train's direction by pushing the lever.
Push cookie's key on the train to send it on cream's side. Cream can 
now push it and open the chest to get a jigsaw piece. 
Grab the timer beneath cookie's stairs.
Watch out for the special floor (you'll see what I mean when you'll see 
it) on cream's side because it collapses when the train steps on the 
switch on the right.
Cream can jump on the train by hopping on the springboard and disembark 
before the tunnel.

Cream must activate both switches (one is for the electricity later on 
and the round one is for cookie's elevator).
Cream must get in the pot and cookie must pull the rope.
If you shut down the electricity, you can easily jump over the wires.
Cookie can go on the...things by jumping continuously on them.
Cream must wait for the spikes to pass, go on the first wooden thing 
(what name can you give to that kind of thing?), wait for the spikes to 
pass, go on the second wooden thing, etc...
Reactivate the power (cookie must press the switch) and let cream go 
past the automatic doors. Cookie can now shut down the power again.
Cream must jump on the robot's switch to power it up.
Cream can (and must) jump on the crates to the right to get three 
timers. (Those crates are right before the wires.)
When the blue bird comes out, cookie must get a GIFT!
Make cookie grab the jigsaw piece on the wooden bridge. Remember, it 
will tilt if you don't step at the same time.
Jump in the car and go to the end.

4-5 (BOSS)

Easy boss if you know how to manipulate the car. Press cream's action 
button to catch monsters (like a vacuum cleaner!) and then throw them 
at the enemy. Remember that cookie controls the turning and cream 
controls the forward and backward. It's best to catch only the yellow 
walking things because if you try to catch a red thing, it explodes. 
You can only catch a bird when the boss spits them.

World 5 (Water world)

Good news: The puzzles are not THAT hard.
Bad news: none, except that the qualities needed are CRUCIALLY REQUIRED 
to go across this world.
Qualities needed: being good at jumping and guessing what to do.

Jump on cream's catapult.
Make cookie jump the hippo that is eating the cabbage thrown by cream's 
Press on cream's white switch to free the hippo.
Watch out for the snakes.
Make cookie turn the lever to open a passage beneath cream's waterfall. 
Go in the passage and you'll find a puzzle piece. (WOW, that was hard)
Cream must pull the anchor until cookie can jump on the barrel.
In order to move the barrel, cookie must run on the barrel facing 
south. When you're near falling, jump on the other side of the barrel 
and start running again.
Make cookie return the favor by pulling the anchor.
End (quite a short level, huh?)


Like in desert world, the pillars will go up on the other side if you 
step on them, but this time it's on WATER. Quite hard on one-player 
Again, make cream pull the anchor.
Talk to the white rooster (before the rafts) to receive some time.
Jump (I told you, there's a lot of jumping) on the rafts to pass.
Near the end, (Not the final raft, the raft before) you must stay on 
the raft and you'll see a...Jigsaw piece! (Big surprise)
Make cookie jump and stay in the pot. Cream can now go up the stairs. 
Make cream jump on the trampoline.
After that, make cookie stand on the little blue thing to make another 
emerge on cream's side.
Take cookie's baby hippo as a hostage...nah just kidding. As a gift.
Make cookie stand on the little blue thing to make another emerge on 
cream's side.

After getting so many e-mails telling me to continue my faq, I decided 
to do it.


Get cookie on the wheel. Press down to go forward. (watch out for time-
stealing bees)
Advance, then make cream go on cookie's side to turn two levers.
Cookie must go on to get off the wheel to turn a lever that will move 
the turtle on cream's side.
Cookie can get a puzzle piece on the right.
This part can be unnerving: You must walk together; if you see a yellow 
line in the middle, something is wrong. 
Talk to cookie's rooster for a clock, then turn the lever with all your 
Get cookie on the raft, make cream push the switch controlling it.
End of an easy level


Cream must turn the lever and cookie must activate the catapult by 
jumping on it, thus hitting barrels.
Cream jumps on the screw-like device to make cookie's platform advance.
Make cookie pull the anchor.
Cream must press switches to open the doors.
Luck puzzle: cream can activate the roulette to raise some platforms. 
Triangle and X is the best bet. Don't forget the jigsaw piece.
A gift on cream's side: a sail on a log raft.
Hop on the boat and the life preserver.
Drag cream into the cabbage then into the hippo.

5-5 (BOSS)

Get ready to kick some fish butt. Just do like with the hippo in the 
last level, but cabbage is a bomb and cream needs to THROW the bomb at 
him. This could take a while in 1-player mode.

World 6 (Magical world)

Ohhhhhh...I can feel the end of this game drawing nearer!!
Good news: Ummm... I think there are none!
Bad news: THE most frustrating world ever made.
PATIENCE!!! And maybe a bit of luck.


Enjoy the fun music and go trough the door without getting hit.
Get a clock on cookie's side on the left.
Cream must turn the lever 180 degrees, then press the button to allow 
cookie to jump on it, then turn it another 180 degrees and press the 
button again.
Cookie can jump over the fence and pull the house.
Press cream's switch to fire the cannon.
Cookie will now mimic the great Ozzie Ouzbourne (something like that...) 
by getting the head off an innocent clown (the 2nd one with a not moving 
head). It's a gift...
Get a clock on the left.
Cream can press the yellow button to make speed down and allow cookie 
to jump. Then press the blue button to speed it up and get a jigsaw 
piece. After that cookie must perfectly double-jump to go over the 
Cookie must press the first button until the crane is in line with the 
bridge like this...

.  |bridge|         (the dot represents the crane) 
   |      |


Then get off the button to the other one to go over the bridge get off 
and presto!
A weird maze in a tent is waiting, but since it's in a tent you can't 
see where you're going. I found a clock inside once.
The weirdest puzzle ever: pushing Cookie's lever will result in a 
movement of the platform ahead. Try and you'll see. Too weird to 
Hop on the lily and try not to run out of time by falling.
End. I hope your controller did not take a trip outside the window.


Easy level if you know what to do.
Go trough the maces without getting hit and get both clocks (cream must 
do a double-jump in order to not fall). Do it one at a time if you're 
in 1 player.
Jump on the ghosts to get trough. Do it one at a time if you're in 1 
Cookie must grab the axe and cream must press the button.
Cookie must pull on the door. You might get an empty path, or a punch 
in your face with a piece, or a pair of ghosts. turn the lever on 
cream's side to change the result.
Watch out for the ladders.
Open cream's door first and pull the thing on cookie's side. Then you 
can open both doors.
Watch out for the ghosts, then near the door step on two darker tiles.


Some clowns-on-balls will try to trouble you, watch out.
Use the pump to wake up the elephant.
There's a giftent (mmmm... is that in the dictionary?) on cookie's side.
Go on the bridges, watch out for the cannonballs, get the puzzle piece.
Jump trough some flaming rings.
Become the wind on a pole and jump at the end (timing is CRUCIAL).
Bears will try to attack you, just keep one busy and the other one will 
be pulled by the rope.
Cookie can jump on the chickens, pull the lever at the same time than 
cream and make a bridge for cream.


Jump in the cannon and get ready for some super monkey ball. (You can 
try using the controller upside-down, but I ended up dropping it :-p )
Press the switches and go on the bridges till you reach some spikes to 
pop your balloons.
Cookie must jump on the platform, cream can move them, and you must 
jump, then move the platforms so you can land (tough part).
Very tough indeed if you have only 1-player. The same pillar puzzle 
that in desert world but much harder. Don't miss the jigsaw piece on 
your left.

6-5 (BOSS)

So, a clown-boss. This isn't hard at all, just keep whacking the blue 
clown THAT HAS A SHADOW, or you will get hurt. Be aware that you are 
tied to each other. About six hits should do the trick.

World 7 (Arctic world)

It's not going to be here soon, because my ps2 is kinda dead...

Gifts & jigsaw pieces section
If you're just looking for missing pieces of the puzzle or gifts, 
you've come to the right place.

Note: some of the following were submitted by grant.


By pressing the right switches on cookie side, you can reach a jigsaw 
piece on cream's side.


It's on cookie's side. While making cream turn the levers to turn the 
things on cookie's side, you can access the puzzle piece by make go the 
second thing to the right.


Gift: A huge tree at the start.
The levers must be turned to the far right to allow cream to jump on 
the big pillar, and then get the jigsaw piece.


Gift: Gopher at the start right after crossing a little pond.
The piece is on a red lily near the moving platforms.


Piece: on cookie's totem 
Gift: cream's totem itself


On cream's side, after the pump.


Piece: On the rock on cream's catapult. (That rock was for scaring the 
Gift: A skull on cream's side. (After the ostrich puzzle)


On cream's side, while doing the mine cart puzzle.


Piece: right at the start, on cream's side
Gift: a bell On the left on cream's xylophone. (the one you jumped on)


Gift: a saxophone at the start on cream's side.
Piece: On cream's side, while cookie is playing the trumpet.


After playing the huge horn, a boat on cookie's side will appear with a 
piece in it.


On the tilting drums, on cookie's side, at the start.


On cookie's side, at the start, while playing with the red switches.


Gift: a small red robot on the right of cream's side near the big 
Piece: while punching some trash in the big robot.


Push cookie's key on the train to send it on cream's side. Cream can 
now push it and open the chest to get a jigsaw piece. 


Make cookie grab the jigsaw piece on the wooden bridge.


Make cookie turn the lever to open a passage beneath cream's waterfall. 
Go in the passage and you'll find a puzzle piece.


Piece: On cookie's raft.
Gift: a baby hippo near the end, on cookie's side.


On cookie's side after a barrel.


Piece: On cookie's side during the roulette part.
Gift: a sail on cream's log raft near the end.


Piece: on cookie's merry-go-round.
Gift: a poor clown's head, on cookie's side.


In that weird passage that can change with a lever. Just get hit by a 
punch glove. Cookie's side.


A blue tent before the bridges. Also on cookie's side. 
Piece: On the shaking bridge. Cookie's side again.


On a pillar near the end, All on cookie's side.


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