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Dino Crisis (e)

The makers of the acclaimed Silent Hill Faq return!

(well I thought it was pretty good...)
*gets arm torn off by velociraptor*

Prelimary VERY Rough notes.  Will produce Walkththrough
and Hint Guide seperately.

v0.1  9 JULY 1999  Note this date and version.  There 
will be some serious updates!!!

Dino Crisis by Capcom

Main characters

Gail (Grey haired)
Regina (who you control)

Dr Kirk US best energy scientist

This is the Japanese version of the game.
The dialogue is fully in English.
However menus and such are in Japanese.

Normal Mode: 30 continues only

Maps, Game shots, MPEGs can be (soon) retrieved from 
Wu-Tech's website.

Hold R1 to aim. S or O to shoot.  X  run.
O action 
T menu
Start Pause
Select Secondary Menu

Scene 1.  1st Sighting "Captain, I cannae get enough poooweeerr!!"

Find capt- I mean Dr. Kirk.

1.  Talk to Gail.
You will find a fenced off area with a box.  If you push the box you will find
a item 

Item #1 Blue Healing Bag

Go to the green doors.  Go through.  
Cargo room.
Push the shelves 

'2 Yellow Healing Kit
'3 Key 1112

Go back to the starting point.  Rick will call you.
As soon as you leave, Gail will take the key.

You find a corpse.  Looks like the situation tore him up...

Examine the body.  Pick up 
#4 Blue Cylinder

Go to the power room.

Flip the switches into this order
Red Blue Green White

Turn to the right and flick the switch on that wall.

Leave.  Sounds like Gail is in trouble.

Run past the veloci back to the starting point.
You could kill it but that is not recommended.
Players of Resident Evil will understand...

However the veoc will follow...

Head to the northeast corner of the map
and go through the door.

Head towards the laser gates and climb into the 

Take the first exit.

Walk along.  Take the 
#5 ammo
 There's a green emergency box on the wall
to the north.  
Here you store items.
' yellow  medipack
' blue medipak
' green cylinder
' green cylinder

Go into the control center.  Meet Rick.
leave Go North.  You'll find the SAve room.
As soon as you exit you can save.

#6 shotgun spas12
#7 ddk disk key H
#8 Plug

Go through door to safe room
Dead Body
# panel key "leo"

Examine the light flickering on the north door.
It's a switch that turns on the computer.

Exit through North Door.

If the dino doesn't see you hit the green
switch to turn off the lazer gate.
Dodge past the dino and go to the room on the west.
On the locker is the 

# DDK disk H
# Dart and Blue Cylinder

Note the risque posters....

Read thebook  on the table

combination for the safe
in the save room 

Go out and head East.
# Blue Cylinder

Go up the stairs/

2nd Floor Balcony
Push the box

' Blue cylinder

2nd floor hall

Head west.  Theres a dino is eating rubbish to the north.
You can run past.  

#blue health bag

Go out onto the open balcony
Head North door.

Yellow Book - read it.



Remove the XYZ to OPEN...

Head back east to the hall where you heard
the dino eating rubbish

On the on the Northwest there is wooden brown door
Click  the blue panel

Key is BCFGI


Meet the doctor ...

# SOL Panel Key

Get the item box in the south east corner FIRST.

# shotgun ammo

Pick up the 

# DDK Disk N

You can go west corner and e

The panel 

Use SOL key here 

You get a choice

1. -Left Click this one
2. -Right 
3. -Stop/Cancel

Then use the LEO key 
and choose the second option

Continue on as normal.  *snigger*
If you have taken enough time a small fluffy 
sheep will appear.

Dodge past it and get the **** OUT!!!!

Go east back to the stairs
go down to the main hall.

Go to the South door under balcony.
Rick will call you.
Another Gate has been deactivated

Go to West Door.  Dodge the dino.
Deactivate the lazer gate
Go into the toilets (west)
Climb airduct
follow and then go down
You'll see a dino
By the leg is a 

' plug

Head South and go east
into Training room.

# Basement Key 009

Wiggle joypad!!!!

Oooh well heloo there stranger...
Nice guy huh...

Go back to Rick in the computer


Go to the basement 

The basement is outside.

Use the basement key on the fence

# Blue Cylinder

Climb down the ladder next to the fan to the south.

Basement power room
Go to the two flciekering green lights
and open the cabinet

# Red Sparkplug

You can move the shelf

# Plug

Insert Red Spark Plug in the Glass Cabinet to the south.
Rearrange the coils 

Red Blue Green White

Then turn the switch on.

Rick will call.  Go back to the computer control room.

Tom is alive.  Cooper got munched in the intro.


1.  Follow Gail
2.  Follow Rick

Go to the East and head to the cliffedge.
Two dinos blocking your path to the East
dodge and keep going till you get to a
wooden door to the north.

Pteodactyl attacks you.  
You will lose your gun
Don't pick up the gun.  That or 2 nd Pt will.
Head East to the door to small computer room.

Meet Rick and Tom.

' DDK Disk L
' DDK Disk L
Go through sliding doors and pick up 

' basement map

Head north 
go outside and dodge

Head south na door to the west.

Go down ladder

' Central Computer disk (Crane Key Card)

Move the shelf

' Yellow Medikit


  |     | 
O3   O4

05   06

When you approach the panel you get three options
(cancel is the 4th option) they correspond to the color
of the button.

Click in this order

02 Click Red (2nd option)
04 Green (1st option)
05 Red (2nd Option)
03 Green
01 Blue
06 Blue

Go up the ladder and go outside.


go back to Rick and Tom

Go out and Pick up your gun

' Yellow Medikit (Near "STOP")
' Plug (near boxes)

Control panel near boxes.

Activate the lift.

Get Rick.

"THis is just like that movie"  HAHAHHAHA

Climb the stairs 
Move the shelf
' Yelo Medikit

Use B1 Crane Key on Control Panel

The first option sends the crane
furthest to the right

2 up
Hook Up


2 Right
1 Left


2 uP 
2 Right

Go downstairs talk to Rick

Pick up

# Green Dart (Tranquiliser)
Read Paper (something about the Elevator)

Go through the NW Double Doors.
Scene : TOM and Rick and...
Run through the hallway to the west
to the door.  GO through.

# blue medikit

To the north and then west is another
door.  Go through 

You'll seee scavengers

Go south.  

Go into Medical Save Room.
Scene : Rick 

# yellow medikit
# yellow medikit
# yellow medikit
# plug

Read the yellow book (damned if it will do you any
good though)  

Head north to the doors

Run to the metal gates.

Gail will call.  She spots the elevator.
Go to the door on the southeast (to the right
of the gate)
Deacivate laser

head back to the corridor with the green
store box on the first floor.

Go to the safe room and open the safe
with the combination 0375


Grey areas you haven't been to
Green you have been
flashing red is objective room

Go to the room on the East side.
# Blue Medipak

Deactivate the lazer gate

Go to the South door under balcony.

Check the control panel.


5 shots at close range usually
You have to time it just as it's about to 
attack.  Time it for about 1 1/2 seconds

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9 JULY 1999  Black Cat and Gunsmith

Take care and best of luck on your dino hunting...