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Half-Life (e)

			       _    _   __    _
			      | |  | | |  \  | |
			      | |  | | | \ \ | |  ___
			      | |  | | | |\ \| | |___|
			      | |__| | | | \ \ |
			      |______| |_|  \__|
       _____     _____   _____   _     _____    _              _
      / ___ \   |  ___| |  ___| | |   / ___ \  | |     /\     | |
     / /   \ \  | |_    | |_    | |  / /   \_\ | |    /  \    | |
    ( (     ) ) |  _|   |  _|   | | ( (     __ | |   / /\ \   | |
     \ \___/ /  | |     | |     | |  \ \___/ / | |  / ____ \  | |___
      \_____/   |_|     |_|     |_|   \_____/  |_| /_/    \_\ |_____|
 _   _                _       _____         _       _   _____   _____
| | | |      /\      | |     |  ___|       | |     | | |  ___| |  ___|
| |_| |     /  \     | |     | |_     ___  | |     | | | |_    | |_
|  _  |    / /\ \    | |     |  _|   |___| | |     | | |  _|   |  _|
| | | |   / ____ \   | |___  | |           | |___  | | | |     | |___
|_| |_|  /_/    \_\  |_____| |_|           |_____| |_| |_|     |_____|
			    _____                _____
		 	   |  ___|     /\       / ___ \
	 		   | |_       /  \     / /   \ \
	 	  	   |  _|     / /\ \   ( (  _  ) )
	 	   	   | |      / ____ \   \ \_\\/ /
	 	   	   |_|     /_/    \_\   \____ /
Half-Life FAQ
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        (secondary; if primary address no longer available)
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                           [TABLE OF CONTENTS]

	[1.1] About
	[1.2] Accuracy
	[1.3] Contact
	[1.4] Credits
	[1.5] Foreword
	[1.6] Notices
		[1.6.1] Disclaimer
		[1.6.2] Distribution
		[1.6.3] Trademark/Copyright
	[2.1] General
		[2.1.1] Audio Music
		[2.1.2] CD Key Location
		[2.1.3] CD Related
		[2.1.4] Configuration
		[2.1.5] Console
		[2.1.6] Contents Control
		[2.1.7] Cuts From Game
		[2.1.8] Definition Of Half-Life
		[2.1.9] Frames Per Second
		[2.1.10] Game Engine
		[2.1.11] Graffiti/Spraypaint
		[2.1.12] Half-Life Demo
		[2.1.13] Half-Life For Mac
		[2.1.14] Half-Life Game Launchers
		[2.1.15] HL.exe/HLDS.exe
		[2.1.16] How Many Levels/Maps
		[2.1.17] Location Damages
		[2.1.18] Playing/Recording Demo
		[2.1.19] Requirements
		[2.1.20] Running Custom Levels
		[2.1.21] Saving
		[2.1.22] Screen Shots
		[2.1.23] Too Violent
		[2.1.24] Weapons
			[] About
			[] Descriptions
			[] Gauss Jump/Fall
			[] Secondary
			[] Underwater Usage
			[] Weapon Calling
		[2.1.25] When Installing
		[2.1.26] Whole New Game
	[2.2] Multi-Player
		[2.2.1] Bots
		[2.2.2] General
			[] Beginners Information
			[] Cheats
			[] Getting Started
			[] Map Cycles
			[] Models/Skins
			[] Observer Mode
			[] Talk While Playing
		[2.2.3] Hosting Server
		[2.2.4] Lag/Latency/Ping
			[] General
			[] Yahn's Explanation
		[2.2.5] Modes
			[] Co-op
			[] Deathmatch
			[] Teamplay
			[] Team Fortress Classic
		[2.2.6] Options
			[] Internet
			[] LAN
			[] Modem
			[] Serial
		[2.2.7] Proxy
			[] Wingate
			[] Winroute
		[2.2.8] Team Fortress Classic
			[] Classes
			[] Maps
			[] FAQ
		[2.2.9] Testing Multi-Player Maps Offline
	[2.3] Single-Player
		[2.3.1] 3rd Person View
		[2.3.2] Autosave
		[2.3.3] Barneys
		[2.3.4] Cheats
		[2.3.5] Fun Things To Do
		[2.3.6] High Jump
		[2.3.7] Learn How To Play
		[2.3.8] Long Jump
		[2.3.9] Man In Blue/G-Man
		[2.3.10] Preserving Saved Files
		[2.3.11] Walkthrough
		[2.3.12] Who You Play As
	[3.1] Commercial
		[3.1.1] Opposing Force
		[3.1.2] Team Fortress II
	[3.2] Free Mods
		[3.2.1] Team Fortress Classic
	[3.3] Total Conversions
	[4.1] CFG Files
	[4.2] Pak Files
	[4.3] SDK
	[4.4] WorldCraft
		[4.4.1] General
		[4.4.2] Installing
		[4.4.3] Tutorials
		[4.4.4] WC Editing FAQ
	[5.1] Extras
		[5.1.1] Maps
		[5.1.2] Models
		[5.1.3] Multi-Player Modes
		[5.1.4] Valve Multiplayer Package
	[5.2] Patches
		[5.2.1] v1.0.0.6
		[5.2.2] v1.0.0.8
		[5.2.3] v1.0.0.9
	[6.1] Before Getting Started
		[6.1.1] Scan/Defrag
		[6.1.2] Readme.txt
		[6.1.3] Update Files
	[6.2] Bugs/Errors
		[6.2.1] Icons Being Moved
		[6.2.2] Installing/Running Game
			[] Bad Surface Extents
			[] CD Key
			[] Crosshair Messes Up
			[] Dial-Up Connection
			[] Gfx/shell/btns_main.bmp
			[] Your HL Executable Has Been Modified
			[] Your HL Installation Corrupted/Outdated
			[] MCI File Playback:### MMSYSTEM ##
			[] SZ_GetSpace
			[] Unable To Validate CD
		[6.2.3] LAN
		[6.2.4] Multi-Player Mode
			[] .hpk has a bogus # of directory entries - #
			[] Bad Protocol
			[] Can't Swim In Water Using Jump Key
			[] Client.dll
			[] File Mechwine Not On Server
			[] Stuck On Elevator
			[] Stuck On Ladder
			[] Using Decal ### Without A Name
			[] Warning: U_Remove on full update
			[] Wonau_w95.dll/Woncr_w95.dll
		[6.2.5] Single-Player Mode
			[] Barney Dies
			[] Stuck/Die On Elevator
			[] Uninstalling
			[] Zoom
	[6.3] CD Key
		[6.3.1] CD-Key In Use
		[6.3.2] Editing
		[6.3.3] Lost CD Key
	[6.4] Copying Half-Life On CD-R/RW
	[6.5] Direct X
	[6.6] PC Hardware
		[6.6.1] CD-ROM
			[] Audio Music
		[6.6.2] Controller
		[6.6.3] CPU
			[] 3DNow!
			[] KNI
			[] MMX
		[6.6.4] Modem
			[] WinModem
		[6.6.5] Sound
			[] A3D
			[] Audio Music
			[] EAX
			[] Losing Sound During Gameplay
			[] Repeating Sound Loops
			[] Sound Blaster Cards
			[] Stuttering
		[6.6.6] Video
			[] 3Dfx
			[] 3DWarning
			[] Blue Water
			[] D3D
			[] Decals
			[] Matrox
			[] Multiple 3D Cards
			[] OpenGL
			[] Screen Not Aligned
			[] TNT
			[] Video Tearing
			[] Video Too Dark
			[] Visual Enhancements
	[6.7] Virus
	[7.1] Enhance Sound Effects
	[7.2] Half-Life Tweaks
		[7.2.1] Autoexec.cfg
		[7.2.2] Multi-Player
		[7.2.3] Parameters
	[7.3] PC Tweaks
		[7.3.1] Bandwidth
		[7.3.2] Windows 9x
			[] Defrag
			[] ScanDisk
			[] Turn Them Off
			[] Virtual Memory
	[7.3] Updates
		[7.3.1] Drivers
		[7.3.2] Half-Life
		[7.3.3] PC
	[8.1] Forums
	[8.2] Utilities
	[8.3] Web Sites



[1.1]: About
	Welcome to v5.9.1999 of the Unofficial Half-Life FAQ. 
v5.9.1999 is the tenth revision. 'Unofficial' means that 
this FAQ is not supported by Valve or Sierra. FAQ stands for:
(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions.

	Revision classification works something like this: it goes
by the date. Plain easy and simple. Forget about to v2.xx.
Those are just a hassle to keep up. I rather use the date as
the version of the document. Date versions are easier to keep up 
with, because it's easy to tell when it was released and from what 
date it was.

	This is how it's laid out: v.... Isn't that
easy? The version denotes the date, in which tells you that every
information in this FAQ document is as accurate as possible, up to
that date, which is the version.

	This FAQ is and shall be updated regularly on a regular basis on
my terms of when it should be updated. The only time that this FAQ
would be necessary to be updated, would be when a patch for Half-Life
would come out.

	This FAQ was done from resources of the U.S. version of
Half-Life and Windows 98. Some parts of this FAQ would vary in
platforms and countries. Beware for those of you that do not live in
the U.S.A. Some parts may not apply to your country, nor do I not note
about it. Proud to be made in the U.S.A.

	Any following updates to this HLFAQ can be access at:

[1.2]: Accuracy
	I'm trying to be correct and accurate as possible. Please don't
hold me for accuracy, because everybody has to make some mistakes
sometime in their lives. If you have any information, or any further
information on what is in here, then please provide them to me and I'll
be sure to place them where they should be and for accurate future

	If you find any instructions wrong or solutions that are
incorrect, then please let me know. I pulled these solutions that were
found on the internet, so don't hold me for accuracy. These solutions
are provided as is.

	Also remember that every information found in this FAQ is as
accurate when the FAQ was published. So anything found after the FAQ's
release would not mean error in the FAQ. The FAQ just needs to be

[1.3]: Contact
	If you have any relevant information to contribute, then please
provide me with the best grammar, and understanding English so that I
could place them where they should be and for accurate future
reference. Any submitted information will be under review and be kept
as my own property. Please only send legitimate answers. I don't want
rumors or false solutions in this FAQ. Only true and correct solutions
to the problems.

	If you have any questions related to Half-Life and its solutions
from this FAQ, I would be sure to answer any, if I can, with my
knowledge in certain parts that is, what is limited to my experiences
with the game and its solutions given. But please try what solutions
are given in this FAQ first before coming to me. Don't be surprised if
I say that the solution is in the FAQ. So, read this FAQ before asking
any help from me.

	Also noted, that I would not give out "direct" acknowledgements
or credits to solutions given. Please read section 1.4 to find out why.
Even if you say 'give me credits' in any message sent to me, I will
still not give you direct credits. Don't bother doing this.

My e-mail address is at: (primary; use this prior to secondary e-mail address) (secondary; if primary address no longer available)
You could also reach me at this newsgroup:

[1.4]: Credits
	Credits go to most of the people on
and many other different sources on the internet. Also, a big
credit goes to Valve for creating a kick @$$ game for PC and
Sierra On-Line for publishing it. And last but not least, anybody who
contributed to this FAQ.

	You see, I can't really give "direct" credits to people who gave
me solutions or help me out on the FAQ. Because I'm taking precautions
not putting down names, because if I do, there will be people who 
would send in solutions already, when someone else already gave me the
solution, and when I do publish the FAQ, they would wonder why they
aren't getting the credits that they deserve. So that's why the above
says it all about credits.

[1.5]: Foreword
	Everyone has been asking so many repeated questions about 
Half-Life. I had no idea how time consuming to compile and to 
organize all of the answers! This FAQ isn't complete yet, and
probably will never be.

	Please read through the whole FAQ if possible. You might not
know until you try something on accident and fix things that make
Half-Life all better. You'll never know until you find out.

	This HLFAQ is on its tenth revision! A lot of information has
been added and edited. Some information were corrected for more
accuracy. Spell check was performed. Also finally, this HLFAQ
undergone major reorganization so that subjects fit under each
correct categories and looks more cleaner. Also, under each chapters,
I some how managed to get them alphabetized for easier reading.

	Since this is a new organized interface of this FAQ, I also 
gone ahead and re-edit some of the subjects, tips, info, etc, found in
this FAQ to make it more comprehendible from some of those complex
looking subjects, tips, info, etc. May I need to warn you that it may
contain minor errors, because switching to this new interface, I had to
change the section numbers and re-write some. But I assure you, that
I'm trying my best not to make any errors. I hate making errors.

[1.6]: Notices
	Just a few words of notices.

[1.6.1]: Disclaimer
	The purpose of this FAQ is to aid the public regarding 
questions about Half-Life, by Valve.  In no way should this promote 
suicidal, killing others, killing in any other fashion, or violence.

	I, the author, claim no responsibility what so ever, if 
anything from this FAQ corrupts, damages, screws up, f(_)cked with, 
bi+ched at, faulted with, created errors, or do anything else that 
harms your computer, creating data lost, or anything with you or with
the world for all I care, I claim no responsibility!

[1.6.2]: Distribution
I.   Sending copies
      A. The copies are exact and complete
      B. The copies give credit to the author
      C. The copies are in the original form
II.  Distributing this work
      A. Remains original from work and should not be edited
      B. Does not charge a fee for copying or distribution
III. Distributed form includes the author's notes and information
      A. The distributed form is not in any magazine or 
         within software (permission may be obtained from author)

	If you have any questions about distributing this HLFAQ of any
kind, don't wait on it - contact me. We'll discuss it.

[1.6.2]: Trademark/Copyright
(c) 1998 Sierra On-Line, Inc. or Valve L.L.C. All rights reserved. (r)
and/or (tm) designate trademarks of, or licensed to Sierra On-Line, Inc.,
Bellevue, WA 98007. This product contains software technology licensed
from id Software, Inc. ("id Technology"). id Technology (c) 1996-1998
id Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

Me, myself, and I, the author of this FAQ!


[2.1]: General

[2.1.1]: Audio Music
	Half-Life has some cool sound tracks on the CD. Sound tracks are
playable from track 2 through track 28. Most of them are just
background sound FXs, but there are some that are techno like music.
Audio tracks 15 and 25 are one of the cooler ones. Try those tracks.
You'll love them.

[2.1.2]: CD Key Location
	If you're looking for the CD Key for Half-Life, the CD Key is
on the back of your Half-Life's jewel CD case. It's a 13 digit
number in this format: xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx. It runs down the side
vertically. The CD Key is printed on a King Quest advertisement.

[2.1.3]: CD Related
How many CDs does Half-Life come in?
-Was rumored to be two, but only one CD.

Is there any pirate protection?
-Yes, there are two kinds: CD check and CD Key.

How much space does the game takes up?
-Full installation; about 366 MB on FAT32 or 460 MB on FAT16. There are
no other alternatives. If you don't have at least 500 MB of free space,
then you're doomed and $hit Out-of Luck (SOL). I say 500 MB free space,
because take the save games into account, which the save games are over
1 MB per each saved game and add-on maps in the near future for
downloads. See what I mean?

What's installed on my HDD?
-Everything except for the music sound tracks.

Is there any options to cut down the installation? It takes up too much
-No. No options are given. Full installation is the only option.

Can I share the game with my fellow friends?
-Yes and no. Yes: You can if you want to. No: If you do, and if your
friend tries out the multiplayer part of the game, then you're SOL, 
because you can't play because your friend just stole your entire
internet access identification for Half-Life.

Once I install the game, do I need the CD to play?
-Yes, it checks the CD if it's there, and if you're gonna play audio
music from the CD (not sound effects), then you need the CD. The only
time that you do not need the CD is playing multiplayer mode.

Does multiplayer mode require the CD?
-No, you can play without the CD. No patches required to do so.

Is there background music for Half-Life?
-Yes there is, but only at certain times. It doesn't play background
music in loops. Certain spots can only call on the background music,
and it won't loop. So, you will only get to hear it once, and it'll
all go quiet again.

[2.1.4]: Configuration
	To configure Half-Life, launch Half-Life-> Configurations->
Controls. For advanced people who like to configure their keys via
cfg files, you need to update Half-Life to at least v1.0.0.9 so that
Half-Life configurations are more easier by editing a file called
config.cfg in the \Sierra\Half-Life\Valve\ directory. Other than that,
you can still configure controls by creating cfgs on your own.

[2.1.5]: Console
	To be able to use the console in Half-Life in single player
mode, you must run the game with this command: -console
Add this command after HL.exe. You could do the following things to
achieve it:
1. Start Menu-> Run-> type in: :\\Hl.exe -console
  hl dir=Where Half-Life's directory resides in
2. Create a shortcut of Hl.exe, then-> (right click on the created
  shortcut) Properties-> Shortcut tab-> Target box-> put in -console
  after hl.exe
3. Update the game to at least v1.0.0.9 and the console option will be
  listed in the main menu.

	After enabling the console, you could access the console 
throughout the game by pressing the [~] key (near the [Esc] key).
In a multiplayer game, the console is already accessible. Just hit the
[~] key and it should bring down the console. For some foreign country
keyboards, try the [`] key, next to the [1] and [Esc] key.

	To get more information on the console, visit:

	To assign another key to access the console, issue this command
in the console:
bind "" toggleconsole

[2.1.6]: Contents Control
	Are there people out there that feel that your kids shouldn't be
influenced by all these blood and guts? To disable the most violent part
of the game, launch Half-Life-> Configurations-> 

[2.1.7]: Cuts From Game
	When Half-Life was released, some of the models and weapons
that were found in reviews on the internet didn't make it. They were
cut at the final version, but still embedded in the game, but not
all the way finished. Here's a quick look at some of what was cut out
from the game:

[2.1.8]: Definition Of Half-Life
	Half-Life can be defined as: the time required for half of a
sample of radioactive atoms to decay. For an example:
The radioactive isotope Iodine ([mass]131/[atomic #]53) of 1 gram, has
a half-life of 8.07 days period. So, starting off with 1 gram, there is
no half-life (0 day). After one half-life period (8.07 days), Iodine is
now only .5 gram. After two half-life periods (16.14 days), Iodine is
now only .25 gram. This process keeps repeating on and on... The time
increases as the mass of the radioactive isotope shrinks. Half-life of
radioactive ranges from seconds to many years. All radioactive
samples have a different half-lives.

[2.1.9]: Frames Per Second
	There are a few ways to get frames per second:
1. During mid game, type the following in the console:
   developer 1
   r_speeds 1
   This should provide real-time fps during game play.
2. Use the -gamegauge parameter. Check it out in section 7.2.3
   Parameters. It will tell you how to use it.
3. During mid game, type this in the console:
   Although to me, this is very unrealistic number, can't be trusted.
4. Recording a demo or have a demo, put the demo into
   \Sierra\Half-Life\ directory and type this within the console:
   Do not type the demo's name with the three letter extension. Just
   the file name, that's it. Check out 2.1.18 to know how to record
   your own demo.

[2.1.10]: Game Engine
	Half-Life was built on id Software's game engine, which
included the following: Quake, GLQuake, Quake II, and QuakeWorld.
Half-Life was originally built on Quake engine, but as time passed by,
Valve licensed some more engines from id Software. They incorporated
parts and pieces from recent Quake related engines of any kind.

[2.1.11]: Graffiti/Spraypaint
Is it true?
-Yes it is.

How many times can I spray paint?
-Once per life in multiplayer, then every frag that you get, you can
spray paint again. Also can be spray painted more than once if the
server sets the decalfrequency from its defaulted 30 seconds value.
Defaulted every 30 seconds, you can spray paint again after every
30 seconds. For single player mode, it's how much decalfrequency
is set to. To check this out, type this in the console: decalfrequency
and whatever number goes after the command is the numbers of seconds
to delay for the next spray paint action to be available.
Example: decalfrequency 1
This means that you can spray paint after every 1 second.

Can I make my own graffiti?
-Yes, please refer to the readme.txt for instructions.

I see people with cool gratifies. Can I use their gratifies?
-Yes it can. There's a decal ripper that at:

Sometimes I spray paint and the image is reversed or flipped
-The reasons is how the textures of the wall/floor/ceiling are
arranged and aligned in the game. You got to put up with it. Nothing
can be done.

Can I change the time on how long I can spray paint again?
-For single player, just drop down the console and type this in:
decalfrequency xx
Where xx = how many seconds delay do you want it to be before you can
spray paint again. Example: decalfrequency 1
This means that you can spray paint after every 1 second. For
multiplayer, the server can only set how much decalfrequency can be.

[2.1.12]: Half-Life Demo
	There is currently a demo released for Half-Life. The only
demo that there is of Half-Life is Half-Life: Uplink. You can get the
demo at the following places:

	Please be aware that the demo is about 48.5 MB (about 
50,872,079 bytes), and would consume a lot of time downloading. It is
also easy to get the demo corrupted, so be prepared to re-download it
again if it's necessary. The demo needs less than 100 MB to be used
when installed (about 89.1 MB on FAT32).

	The demo is done by PCGamer and Valve, and it takes place after
Half-Life's main settings (the retail game that is). Also, you won't
be able to cheat in this demo. Cheats can only be used if you use the
lite version.

	If you're looking for a walkthrough for this demo, here's a link
to a walkthrough for this demo:

	If you have the full retail version of Half-Life, and want to
play the new levels from the Half-Life: Uplink, then here's a 3.7 MB
download instead of the 48.5 MB. Note: you must have the full version
or it won't run. Here's the link:

Here's the storyline for this demo:
	Set 48 hours after the containment failure at the Black Mesa
Lab, Half-Life: Uplink finds Gordon Freeman attempting to manually
adjust the uplink tower so he and some scientists can reach the lower
level of the compound. Along the way, he faces all sorts of horrors...

[2.1.13]: Half-Life For Mac
	Go to this site:
and register with them. They provide Half-Life Mac news via e-mail
style. When the Half-Life gets ported (don't look at me, I got me a PC
and not subscribing to that e-mail info), don't expect me to have
information on the Mac side. Right here is all what I'm gonna say
about the porting to the Mac. If anyone is gonna create a HLFAQ for
the Mac, and wants to use this HLFAQ as their base, and know that
they'll keep up with revisions/patches to the Mac's HL, then give me
a shout and I'll see what I can do for the Mac's HL FAQ. No, I won't
create a Mac HLFAQ, so don't look at me. You Mac lovers need to find
someone else. By the way, do not e-mail me about anything on the
porting or Mac related, because I have no answers nor anything
relevant to give you. So don't even do so. Subscribe to the e-mail
list above provided, and that should give you a head start.

	Here's the original announcement:

Macintosh Half-Life Press Release

BELLEVUE, WA (April 23, 1999) -- Sierra Studios(tm) announced today their
hit game Half- Life? will be available for Macintosh gamers this fall.
Originally developed by Valve Software, the Macintosh version of the
game will be developed by Southern California-based Logicware,
recognized for Macintosh gaming development and well-known for working
with some of the top computer game publishers in the industry. "The PC
version has sold nearly one million units worldwide - bringing
Half-Life to the Mac is a natural next step, especially since there is
such unwavering devotion in the Macintosh gaming community," said Jim
Veevaert, director of marketing for Sierra Studios. "We are excited to
be working with a company like Logicware that has such a strong
reputation in the Mac gaming market." Half-Life combines the visceral
action of legendary action games like Quake with great storytelling in
the tradition of Stephen King. Named Game of the Year by 40
publications worldwide, it is by far one of the most popular
first-person action thriller games on the market. More information can
be found at Logicware was formed in 1995 to
create fun, cutting edge games for computers and console systems.
Founded and run by entertainment industry veterans, Logicware has
developed a multitude of original titles and conversions on a variety
of platforms. In late 1997, Logicware began publishing games for the
Mac OS. Logicware is now one of the premiere game publishers for the
Macintosh market. Logicware is located east of Los Angeles in Covina,
California. Sierra On-Line, Inc. is one of the original developers and
largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and
productivity software. Sierra is comprised of five brands: Sierra
Attractions(tm), SierraHome(tm), Sierra Sports(tm), Sierra Studios(tm), and
Dynamix(tm), a Sierra Company. Sierra is a division of Havas Interactive,
whose holdings also include Knowledge Adventure(r), Blizzard
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[2.1.14]: Half-Life Game Launchers
	Here are some game launchers that are offered for Half-Life. Some
of these game launchers contain more special options than others. Here
they are:

[2.1.15]: HL.exe/HLDS.exe
HL.EXE = Half-Life main game program that you use to play the game.
HLDS.EXE = (H)alf (L)ife (D)edicated (S)erver for multiplayer hosting
           program only.

[2.1.16]: How Many Levels/Maps
Straight off from the CD:
-96 maps for single player mode
-8 maps for multiplayer mode
-7 maps for hazard course mode

Single player levels (17 of them in order):
1. Anomalous Materials
2. Unforeseen Consequences
3. Office Complex
4. We've Got Hostile
5. Blast Pit
6. Power Up
7. On A Rail
8. Apprehension
9. Residue Processing
10. Questionable Ethics
11. Surface Tension
12. Forget About Freeman
13. Lambda Core
14. Xen
15. Gonarch's Lair
16. Interloper
17. Nihilanth

[2.1.17]: Location Damages
	Half-Life offers location damage. Head shots counts more and
damages more than any other body parts. It would take less shots to
kill if shot in the head. Shoot anywhere else, it would take more to
kill. Location damage are: head, arms, legs, and chest. Head shot
beats the chest shot beats the arms and legs shots. So aim for the head
to take more damage! Head shot counts three times as much. Everything
else to the body is one times the damage. Location damage is provided
in single player and multiplayer mode. So take advantage of the
location damage.

[2.1.18]: Playing/Recording Demo
	To record a demo, type this in the console: record 
The filename part is anything you wish to call the demo as. It is best
to have it under 8 characters. To play the demo, type this in the
console: playdemo .

	Note: with v1.0.0.8 patch, the timedemo option is corrupted and
can't be used. Upon running the timedemo, at the end of the timedemo,
Half-Life would crash, and dump you back out on the desktop, and perhaps
a GPF (General Protection Fault) error message. So be warned, timedemo
won't work with v1.0.0.8 only . Other versions would work, but not with
v1.0.0.8. Getting the latest patch, v1.0.0.9, the timedemos should work.

[2.1.19]: Requirements
Windows(r) 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0
Pentium 133+, 24 MB RAM
SVGA, high color (16-bit)
2x CD-ROM drive
Windows-compatible sound card
Mouse, keyboard

Pentium 166+
3D accelerator card (Open GL or Direct3D)

32-bit Internet Service Provider (ISP)
28.8+ modem or LAN

[2.1.20]: Running Custom Levels
	To run custom made user maps like single player made levels, do
the following:
1. Get into Half-Life's console and type this in: map 
   Example: map boot_camp
   Note: leave out the .bsp file extension
2. Edit your HL parameter to be like this: hl.exe +map 
   Example: hl.exe +map crossfire
Note: the maps used in the examples are multiplayer maps. Just use the
actual names of the single player maps.
Note 2: when playing the single player made levels, beware that you
may not get the HEV/HUD on your screen. You may actually need to find
the HEV suit somewhere in the level somewhere. But there are levels
made that you may not use the HEV/get HUD.

[2.1.21]: Saving
	There are three saving techniques for Half-Life:
1. Autosave: automatically saves between each important events during
   the level
2. Quicksave: pressing the defaulted [F6] for quick save; [F7] for
3. Manualsave: going through the menus and access the save menu.

[2.1.22]: Screen Shots
	To take screen shots during mid game in Half-Life, all you need
to do is hit the key [F5]. However, you can take unlimited screen shots
depending how much free space you have where Half-Life is installed.
There are pictures that take around 300 KB to 1 MB or so depending on
what Half-Life was rendered in. Software mode provides small file size
pictures while Open GL/D3D are big file sized pictures.

[2.1.23]: Too Violent
	If you feel that some of the aspects of Half-Life may not be
appropriate to younger players, then do the following to reduce the
violent visuals in Half-Life: Launch Half-Life-> Configuration->
Content Control-> Check the box 'Active content control' and put in
a password. Make sure you know the password, or you may need to
uninstall the game to remove the content control.

[2.1.24]: Weapons
	Here are some information on the weapons in Half-Life. By the
way, there are reloading action, so there's some realistic to reloading
ammunition into these weapons. If you happen to switch to a different
gun when it's out of shells, and you come back to the weapon again,
you got to reload it.

[]: About
How many weapons are given in the game?
-14 weapons to choose from, to be exact.

What are the weapons?
-357 Magnum
-9mm Hand gun
-Hand grenade
-Hornet gun

[]: Descriptions
-357 Magnum: One powerful revolver hand gun
-9mm Hand gun: Basic pistol
-Crossbow: Bows and arrows, felt tipped explosives (multiplayer only)
-Crowbar: What it sounds like and says
-Egon: Bluish hosing lightning gun
-Gauss: Yellow radiation shard shooter - could 'rocket jump', acts
 like a rail gun, and could shoot through walls
-Hand grenade: What it sounds like and says
-Hornet gun: Shoots out hornets
-MP5: An automatic machinegun with grenade launching capabilities
-RPG: (R)ocket (P)ropelled (G)renade Launcher with laser guided help
-Satchel: Just like a pipe bomb, and could be detonate anytime
-Shotgun: Pump action shotgun, also a double shotgun, two in one style
-Snark: A creature that attacks living creatures
-Tripmine: A laser trip mine

[]: Gauss Jump/Fall
	Gauss jump is a term that is given to how the Gauss gun
can be used. Just like the 'rocket jump' from Quake x series,
Gauss jump is actually the same thing, except that it's not done
by a rocket launcher, but the Gauss gun instead.

	All you have to do, is grab the Gauss gun, charge up the gun
by holding down the alternative fire (secondary fire) key down,
letting the gun charge up to 9 cells, look at the floor, and release
the payload and up you go! The difference with Gauss gun, is that you
don't really need to jump at all, like the rocket jump in Quake x
series to get even higher elevations.

	The Gauss jump can only be used in multiplayer. Beware, the
Gauss jump does not give you damage, like the rocket jump does in
Quake x series does. But the only damage that you're going to get
from this Gauss jump is, when you fall down from that great heights
that you just achieved.

	Gauss fall just means charge up the gauss gun via secondary fire
and when you're about to fall and hit the ground hard and lose life,
you would fire into the ground, giving you an air break and fall down
safely and lose no health.

[]: Secondary
There are some secondary firing/using weapons:
-357 Magnum: zooms in (only in multiplayer)
-9mm Hand gun: rapid fire
-Crossbow: zooms in
-Gauss: charge up 9x
-Hornet gun: rapid non-heat seeking style
-MP5: grenade launcher
-RPG: laser sight
-Satchel: lay down another satchel
-Shotgun: double barrel shotgun style

[]: Underwater Usage
There are some weapons that work under water:
-9mm Hand gun
-Hand grenade
-Hornet gun

[]: Weapon Calling
	Weapons are divided into five sections. They are binded to
the numbers from 1-5 on the keyboard. The five sections are as 
1: Crowbar
2: Pistol; 357 Magnum
3: MP5; Shotgun; Crossbow
4: RPG; Gauss; Egon; Hornet gun
5: Hand grenade; Satchel; Trip mine; Snark

	To access the weapons, press the number x amount of times to
cycle through the collection of weapons to select what you want.
For an example: If you want to get the 357 magnum, press the number 2
twice to access the 357 magnum.

[2.1.25]: When Installing
	Check out section 6.2.2 for information on installing Half-Life.

[2.1.26]: Whole New Game
	The game could be played over again by extracting out a file
called skill.cfg from the pak0.pak. Get the editor that would extract
out this file at:
Getting this file would allow you to change the damage and the health
of all the weapons and enemies in the whole game.

[2.2]: Multi-Player
	Here are some multiplayer information.

[2.2.1]: Bots
	There are currently no add-on bots or any implement(s) for
Half-Life at the time of this HLFAQ update. Check local news, like
Planet Half-Life site ( As soon as some
come on, the bots programs will be listed in this HLFAQ. To check out
on one of the developers of bots, check out this site:

[2.2.2]: General
	Here are some general information about multiplayer mode for

[]: Beginners Information
	It is advised that you venture through Half-Life multiplayer
menu and set up your configurations. Also, using the Quick Start for
Internet Games can be useful for the first few times before you advance
to using the in game server browser.

[]: Cheats
	You can cheat in multiplayer mode, granted that you're hosting
your own server. You need to enter in sv_cheats 1 before starting the
game, or switch maps to take the cheats into affect. You can use the
regular cheat codes for single player mode in multiplayer mode. The
only codes that won't work would be the god mode and noclip mode.

[]: Getting Started
	To get started for multiplayer mode, it is advised that you go
through the Half-Life multiplayer menus and set up your configurations.
Also, create a cfg that has some multiplayer tweaks for online. See
section 7.2.2 for multiplayer tweaks.

[]: Map Cycles
	There is a file called mapcycle.txt in your \Half-Life\Valve\
directory. Whenever hosting, edit this file and put in whatever maps
you want it to rotate after a certain limit of the level to end going
to the next map.

[]: Models/Skins
	Bundled with Half-Life, Half-Life offers you five choices to
pick which models should represent you in multiplayer:
Scientist, HGrunt, Helmet, Gordon, or Gina. The default is on
Gordon. To pick others, make sure you hit previous/next to see what
you like to pick.

	If you downloaded models, and use them in multiplayer, then you
need to know this: if other people have the model that you have and
currently using, then they can see you. If the opponents don't have
the model that you got, then they see you as some other kind of model,
replaced by the five originals if they don't got the model that you're

	A model is like a human being. A skin is like the clothes for the
human being. Models are edited and change its polygons around. A skin
is just like some clothes for the models. So try not to confuse the
two. A model is a few hundred KBs big, and the skins a few KBs.

[]: Observer Mode
	The only way to be in observer mode is to have the server to set
the command "mp_forcerespawn 0" (no quotes, and it's a zero). If the
command is set to 0, then all you need to do to get into observer is to
die once. After dying, don't press anything. You will then be shifted
to a observer view. There's no way to move throughout the map, so
you're stuck in one spot to view the whole level.

[]: Talk While Playing
	Here are two great programs to use during gameplay:
1. Roger Wilco:
2. BattleCom:
These two programs add new strategies to online gaming. This allows
you and your buddies talk while playing, transmitting voice and hear
the warnings faster than typing the warning messages out.

[2.2.3]: Hosting Server
	Please keep in mind that for folks out there that have less than
an ISDN who decides to host and knows nothing about bandwidth and
serving a server should not host. Most people out there who thinks a
56k modem can handle more than 1-2 clients is wanting a slap in the
face. Please don't try to run a server with a 56k modem, except that
you just want to host it between you and your friend, then that's fine.
But if you decide to host with a 56k modem running a server with 2+
clients on your server, on the internet, then don't even think about
it. Let those who have higher bandwidth do it. 56k modem doesn't have
the bandwidth on what it got to require to hold more than 2+ clients.
If you do decide to host with your 56k modem and wonder why your
client(s) have such a high @$$ latency and you have such low latency,
then you really need a slap. I'm sorry to say, but you would really
need a slap.

	Whenever hosting a server, like on the internet, beware that
your server and your IP address will be broadcast all over the world
in seconds. Yes, this is true. Your server will be enlisted in
Half-Life's own built in server browser. Anybody can join in at will.

	There's a free serving program for people who would like to
make a Half-Life server without buying the game. This is only the
server side and not playable. The downloadable file link is: ???

	The only way to keep the server private between your friends,
you would have to make a password for the server. You'll see the
password option when you're going to host, if you do it in the
Half-Life menu. They will have to enter the password and it'll be
limited to you and your friends. Make sure your friend knows the
password, because when they do connect to your server, Half-Life will
prompt them with the password box and needs the password to connect to
your server.

	When hosting, all you need to know, is your own IP address.
You can get your IP address by going to Start Menu-> Run. Type in:
winipcfg. From there, it'll give you your IP address. Now, write down
that number and give it to your friends.

	After giving the IP address to your friends, all they have to
do now is just drop down their console, type in:
connect xxxxxxxxx
Where x = your IP address
You wouldn't need to worry about the port number, like 27015 or
whatever after your IP address. Half-Life should take care of that.
Your friends should connect after typing in connect xxxxxxxxxx.

	A good site to get some more information about hosting a server
is at:
The site has commands and tips to make your life easier hosting a
Half-Life server. Http://
is a site that has a list of server commands.

	If you're running HLDS.exe (Half Life Dedicated Server program),
and you want to play on your own server, you need to add this command
to HL.exe: -port 27016

	If you have some corrupted people making an @$$ out of them,
and you don't like them on the server, you can do the following things
to get rid of them:
1. Kick them off your server: To do this, pull down the console, and
type kick . Ex: kick Jack
2. If they come back repeatedly on your server and abuse the server,
you can ban those S.O.B.s by the following: bring down the console,
and type status. Write down the username's IP address. Now, still in
the console, type in addip 0 . Addip is the command to
invoke banning a certain IP address. Following the command addip is
the number zero. Zero means banned permanently from the server. Change
the number (the number is in minutes) other than zero to let the
person come back on for a certain amount of minutes you specified.
 is the IP address that you wrote down when you typed in
status in the console. Input the IP address that you want to banish
that person off your server. After issuing the addip command, confirm
the banning of an IP address by typing in the console listip. After
this, kick the player off once more and then that would be the last
that you would ever see that jerk on your server.

	For some reason, you can't ban people with the address 24.0.x.x
of any version of Half-Life. Let's hope the next patch fixes this

	One easy way to run a server is go to this site: This site provides a program for you to use
and to configure the server easier.

	If people are having problems connecting to your server, try
adding "sv_validate 0" (no quotes) to
\Sierra\Half-Life\valve\server.cfg and add "setmaster none" to your
\Sierra\Half-Life\valve\autoexec.cfg. You can now log on to the server
without validation.

	If you host a Half-Life server, like say at work, and you go home
and play on your work's server, you can also set a administration
password for the remote server. At the work's Half-Life server, type:
rcon_password "" and at home on your computer type:
rcon_password "". If you want to change something,
like the map, all you have to do is type: rcon "" to change
the settings for your server. Example: rcon map datacore

[2.2.4]: Lag/Latency/Ping
	Here are some information about lag/latency/ping.

[]: General
	Lag is latency, which is measured in milliseconds, called ping.
It is best to keep this ping/latency low if possible. You do not want
a high number.

Lag is created from two things: your computer components and
the internet. The faster your computer, the lower the lag. The faster
and quality of your internet connection, the lower the lag. Get the 

	It might not be your hardware or connection device holding you
behind and creating lag, but it could be your ISP. Poor ISP is the
leading cause of high latency. If you're one of the people who uses
major ISPs, like AOL, tough luck. You're gonna need it, because their
routers and connections are terrible. Major ISPs are not made for
gaming, but for fancy on-line surfing on the web types. Ditch your
ISP and go for local ones. Local ones should cost less than the major
ISPs and offer more quality data transfer and less lag!

	To kill lag as much as possible, follow section 7.2.2. Get your
computer up to speed as possible with those tips.

	People with pings less than 100ms are usually referred to as
'Low Ping Bastard' (LPB), usually use high quality connections, like
digital connections such as ISDN, cable modems, T1s, etc...

	People with pings higher than 100ms are usually referred to as
'High Ping Bastard' (HPB) or 'High Ping Warrior' (HPW), usually use
analog modems.

	Playable range is anywhere from 0ms to 400ms. Any higher than
the playable range, you're lagging straight to he||.

	Sometimes, people call each other 'campers'. Campers are
people who sits in a respawn area of any kind - either weapons or
the places where people respawn once they die, and get a 'cheap' kill
with one good blow from a good weapon to get a quick frag.

	Frag is a term to use for 'kills'. So that means that if you
kill someone, then that means that you just got one frag.

	You could see your ping during a multiplayer game by pressing 
the [Tab] key (defaulted key to produce a chart showing who is playing,
the latency, the frags, and the deaths). If you got another key
assigned for the multiplayer result chart, then press that key.

	If you want to try and improve your latency, visit section
7.2.3 to check out what you can do.

[]: Yahn's Explanation
	Yahn from Valve wrote entitled 'Latency vs. Ping':

	The way Half-Life determines the "latency" value shown in its
scoreboard is different than what users generally call "ping". The
word latency is a deliberate decision to emphasize that the value shown
is a better representation of actual network play than a mere ping. How
is ping calculated and how is latency different.

	Ping is a simple round trip time for a message from one computer
to another. It is independent of whether the machine is playing a game
etc. It generally is a best case communication round-trip time. 

	In Half-Life, the server tracks round trip times for packets that
it sends to the client. The problem that arises is that the client, if
it is not running at a high framerate, can have the message sitting in
its network queue for a significant amount of time. For instance, a
client that is chugging along at 10 fps ( yuck! ) is using about 100
milliseconds to process each frame. The scenario goes like this, on
average, you can assume that a message arrives some time during that
100 ms. window. If you assume it can arrive anywhere in that time
frame, it's quite possible that the client has already read messages
from the network for that frame. If so, then you have to wait 100 ms.
until the next time the message queue is read. Then the client must
act on the messages. Finally, the client sends its next movement
command to the server. When the server receives this movement command,
it looks at when it sent out the message that the movement command
corresponds to and computes the latency based on that round trip time.
If the server is not running at a high frame rate, or even it it's
running at 40 fps or so, then it's message queue can lead to inflation
of the round trip time as the client's reply sits in that message
queue. These numbers are somewhat exaggerated, but you see the point.
The server computes the ping over the last 64 messages it received
from the client ( ignoring dropped packets ). If the client sees any
kind of transient network backlog, or low framerate, it can really
skew the overall average latency that is reported. 

	So the road to better latency values involves trying to improve
your framerate as much as possible, as well as playing on servers that
are running at decent tic rates. ( Such things as video mode, max number
of decals, and other settings can have a huge impact on framerate ). 

	This brings up another misconception about benchmarking HL
performance. In HL, the timedemo and playdemo commands do not work the
same way as in other Quake/Quake2 engine games. In particular, demos
always try to play back in the same amount of time it took to record
them. Thus a demo that is 10 seconds long and has 240 frames will
always play back in roughly 10 seconds. It could be that less frames
are rendered on a slow playback machine. But, at most, 240 frames will
be rendered ( in this example ). The bottom line is not to use HL demos
for any benchmarking. Much better is to use "timerefresh" in a known
spot ( or several of them ) to get an idea of your framerate. Or to run
with host_speeds set to 1 -- which prints out the current frames per
second to the notification area at the top of the screen. These provide
a useable benchmark. 

	Finally, some folks are wondering about how the HL front-end
determines network speed ( number of green or red dots ). In
particular, there is a misconception that those numbers somehow reflect
the round-trip message time between the master server and the
particular server listed. This is simply not the case. The protocol
works like this. A quick connection is made to the master
server by your machine to request a raw list of IP addresses for all
currently running servers. Once you get this list, you don't talk to anymore. Instead, your machine then contacts each server it has
an IP address for. The time you send out a message to that server is
marked and when you get a response is also marked. The difference in
time is used to determine the network speed. It's really that simple.
In, however, we try to get a more accurate number by sending
ten simple "ping" requests to each server and waiting for responses to
each one. We count the number of responses received, and each of the
round trip times for any responses. These numbers are averaged to
arrive at a more accurate round trip time. But these numbers do not
reflect the framerate dependencies that I describe above for the
"in-game" experience. If you run hl.exe with -numericping, then the
green dots are replaced with two numbers, the round trip time in
milliseconds and the percentage of packets that did not generate a
response to the "ping" request. 

	In v1.0.0.8, we added a way for server operators to broadcast
certain information about the quality of their servers. We don't do
this by default, as some server operators might not want such
information exposed to users. But if the server operator runs the
server and sets the cvar "sv_type" to 1, then when the server is
queried by the HL front-end, GameSpy, PingTool, or some other server
querying program, then the value of sv_type returned will include
the type of operating system being used by the server ( e.g., Win32
or Linux -- note, the Linux server has not been released yet ),
the CPU MHz of the server ( e.g., 450 ), and whether the server is
a listen server ( "hl.exe" ) or a dedicated server ( "hlds.exe" ).
Of course, the best experiences occur on dedicated server running
at high speed using Linux. The only information we don't have at our
disposal is the servers bandwidth ( e.g., T1, etc. ).

[2.2.5]: Modes
	Here are some Half-Life multiplayer modes.

[]: Co-op
		I am sorry to say that Half-Life does not support Co-op,
even though it had the co-op command. But there's a way around it,
although it is not hassle free and have a few bugs:

[]: Deathmatch
	Deathmatch is what it sounds like - free for all (basically). The
objective is to go around and stay alive and start killing. You want to
die less and kill more.

[]: Teamplay
	After the v1.0.0.8 patch release for Half-Life, Team Play is
introduced. Teamplay is almost like deathmatch, although you play as
a team. How this work is, teams are determined by what models you
choose. Say you be a scientist. Doesn't matter what color you are, but
whoever else on the server that plays on the Teamplay server, that is
a scientist, would be on your team. And not matter how much rounds you
dump into your team mate, he/she probably won't die, unless the server
sets mp_teamplay to 1. How the score goes, works like this: of all
that is on your teammate, which would be all the scientists, would all
combine their scores and yours, to a total of a team consists of
scientists. It would show 'Scientists' and then the combinations of
all your frags, deaths, and the average latency of your entire team.

	The fastest way to switch teams is to pull down the console and
type this in: model 
Where  would be the models provided with Half-Life
like Gordon, Gina, Scientist, Helmet, or HGrunt. Make sure you type in
the correct name of the models/skins, or you just created a misspelled
team name and defaulted your skin to any of the five original models
and you would be the only one on that team.

	Also for team play, you can talk to your own teams, without the
other people on different teams see what is intended for your own
team members. Defaulted is the 'u' key, enabling you to talk only with
your team members. If you bind the 'u' key to some other function,
then type this in the console: bind x "messagemode2"
Where x is the key that you wanted to be pressed to access the
talk-to-team-member mode. Also, make sure you have the quotes around
the messagemode2.

	Additional teamplay options, teamplay lets you drop weapons to
your teammate. To do this, bind a key to "drop". Example: bind x "drop"
Where x = any key. This cool option drops your current weapon that you
have in your hands. Say you have a MP5 in your hands. You execute the
drop command. You would then drop your MP5 and all the associate ammo
for the weapon. The dropped item would then appear as a green cylinder
pack just like the regular ones in the deathmatch mode when you kill
people and out ejects the green cylinder pack. This option is best
used with your teammate when they don't have ammo/weapon.

	So to recap all that is Teamplay, just pick a model and that's
how you either change teams or create a team. Beware, that you're
playing Teamplay mode, and sometimes, you can't kill your teammate,
hence don't be saying, "someone's cheating, and I can't kill him/her!"

[]: Team Fortress Classic
	Team Fortress Classic (TFC) is Valve's new add-on for Half-Life
that combines the thrilling first-person multiplayer gameplay of the
original Team Fortress with Half-Life's leading edge technology. In
Team Fortress Classic, you play one of nine roles or classes, such as
Medic, Soldier, or Engineer, and then join your teammates online or over
a LAN to battle against enemy teams. Each class has unique weapons,
items, abilities, and style of play. Check out section 2.2.8 for more

[2.2.6]: Options
	Here are some options provided for Half-Life multiplayer usage.

[]: Internet
	To play on the internet, first of all, you need to connect to the
internet somehow. After that, you need to get the latest patch for
Half-Life, which is v1.0.0.9 so that it can allow you to play, or you
won't be able to play because most of the servers are v1.0.0.9. For
beginners, launch Half-Life-> Multiplayer-> Internet Games.

[]: LAN
	After the v1.0.0.8 patch release, Half-Life now supports these
two protocols that can be used for LAN games: IPX and TCP/IP. To play
TCP/IP, each PC would need to be assigned unique different IP address,
with the same subnet mask. A max of 5 users can use the same CD-Key
in LAN mode (not playing on the internet).

	If you're new to LAN, then please visit this site to know what to
do about LAN games:

	If you're having problems with LAN, check out section 6.2.3 for
some solutions to try. For any beginners, visit the above link to know
how to set up a LAN game first.

[]: Modem
With 2 PCs with modem calling each other over phone lines, go

[]: Serial
	With 2 PCs with a null modem/serial cable, go here:

[2.2.7]: Proxy
	Here are some information about proxies, with the usage of
Wingate and Winroute.

[]: Wingate
	Wingate can be used to play from proxies/firewalls. You can get
it at:

	Quick proxy setup for Half-Life:

	For Wingate 2.1d and 3.0:
Half-Life Auth Server: TCP 7001 ->
Half-Life WON Server: TCP 6003 ->
Half-life Server Master: UDP 27010 ->
Half-Life Game Server1: UDP xxx ->
Half-Life Game Server2: UDP 27015 ->

Then connect to the game using the console:
Connect wingate:27015

Also for Wingate 3.0:
Editing the file called hosts located in the C:\windows directory and
put in the IP of your Wingate machine followed by the 
half-life.east/ like this:
-- Hosts -- 
- or -

[]: Winroute
	Here's a web site that will tell you how to set up the game
with WinRoute:

	The site to get WinRoute is:

[2.2.8]: Team Fortress Classic
	You can get Team Fortress Classic with v1.0.0.9 patch or higher.
Below are some information on TFC.

[]: Classes
	Here are the nine classes listed with information:

#1: SCOUT Details:
#1 Crowbar
#2 Shotgun
#4 Nailgun
Primary: Concussion
Secondary: Caltrop
Display Flag Status.

Further info: This is mainly for offense. Use this guy to go and get
flags/keys. The scout has great speed, and the fastest out of all the
classes, so that's his main advantage.

#2: SNIPER Details:
#1 Crowbar
#2 Sniper Rifle
#3 Auto Rifle
#4 Nailgun
Primary: Hand Grenade
Toggle Rifle Zoom

Further info: This is mainly for defense. Use this guy to snipe out
easy targets in the open battlefield. If you hold down the primary
fire key while using the sniper rifle, your rifle would charge up, and
your laser would brighten up a lot, indicating the fully charged rifle.
Charge it up for more power in the killing rifle bullet for more

#3: SOLDIER Details:
#1 Crowbar
#2 Shotgun
#3 Super Shotgun
#5 Rocket Launcher
Primary: Hand Grenade
Secondary: Nail Grenade

Further notes: This guy can be on offense or defense position. Average
all around, but slow. You can rocket jump with the soldier. Just make
sure you have enough life so you don't kill yourself in the process.

#1 Crowbar
#2 Shotgun
#4 Grenade Launcher
#5 Pipebomb Launcher
Primary: Hand Grenade
Secondary: MIRV Grenade
Detonate Pipebombs
Set Detpack : +det5,+det20,+det50

Further notes: This guy can be on offense or defense position. Use
pipebombs to set traps, or go berserk with the grenade launcher. The
grenade launcher are blue grenades, and the pipebomb launcher are
yellowish/green grenades. Max of 8 pipebombs permitted at one time.

#5: MEDIC Details:
#1 Medikit/BioWeapon
#2 Shotgun
#3 Super Shotgun
#5 Super Nailgun
Primary: Hand Grenade
Secondary: Concussion Grenade
Select Medikit

Further notes: This guy is mainly for defense. The medic is used to heal
wounds of your injured teammates. Also can regenerate health in a few
seconds, gaining 2% each. Can also heal itself when poisoned, so no need
to call for another medic to cure. It is fun when using the medikit and
run at the opposing side and try to heal them. Instead of healing the
opposing side, you actually infect them with poison. They will die very
slowly, health decreases slowly. The infected can run around, and if
touch by any other person would get infected.

#1 Crowbar
#2 Shotgun
#3 Super Shotgun
#5 Assault Cannon
Primary: Hand Grenade
Secondary: MIRV Grenade
Select Assault Cannon

Further notes: This guy is mainly for defense. Here's a great tip:
don't fire too long, or you'll get, um... Find out for yourself if
you're that curious. Moves very slowly, when firing the assault cannon.

#7: PYRO Details:
#1 Crowbar
#2 Shotgun
#4 Flamethrower
#5 Incendiary Cannon
Primary: Hand Grenade
Secondary: Napalm Grenade
Select Flamethrower

Further notes: This guy can be on offense or defense position. If you
torched the opponent, the opponent will still be on fire for a few

#8: SPY Details:
#1 Knife
#2 Tranquilizer Gun
#3 Super Shotgun
#4 Nailgun
Primary: Hand Grenade
Secondary: Hallucinogenic Grenade
Open Disguise menu

Further notes: This guy is mainly used for offense. The funniest class
that I enjoy using. You can disguise yourself as the other team and
run around acting like you're on their side. Although you can be
detected, just by the opponents laying the cursor and try to I.D. you,
they would know. If you are being I.D.'ed, it will report the opponent's
name and so they'll know it's a spy. By the way, when tricking someone
to be on their team, and they accept the knowledge, when they turn
their back on you, pull out that knife and knife them in the back! Back

#9: ENGINEER Details:
#1 Spanner
#2 RailGun
#3 Super Shotgun
Primary: Hand Grenade
Secondary: EMP Grenade
Open Build menu

Further notes: This guy can be on offense and defense. The engineer can
build a sentry gun, higher up the sentry gun's level, and just walk off
and attack.

[]: Maps
	Here are the six official released maps for TFC:

2 Fortresses - Capture The Flag
Map file name: 2fort.bsp
OBJECTIVE: Enter the enemy Base and make your way to where their Flag
resides in the Basement. Grab it and bring it back to your Battlements.
Place it on the raised square to Capture it.
SCORING: 10 points per Capture.
OTHER NOTES: Flag carriers drop the Flag when they die. Dropped flags
return to their Base after 60 seconds.

Canalzone 2 - Territorial Control
Map file name: cz2.bsp
OBJECTIVE: Take Flags from your Base and place them on the Command
Points situated throughout the map. Use the map in your base to see
who owns each territory.
SCORING: 1 point for every 30 seconds you hold a Command Point.
OTHER NOTES: Flag carriers move at half-speed.

Hunted - Assassination/Escort
Map file name: hunted.bsp
OBJECTIVE: The Hunted must reach the truck alive. The Assassins need
to kill The Hunted. The Bodyguards need to protect The Hunted.
SCORING: If The Hunted dies, the Assassins get 25 points. If The
Hunted reaches the truck, he and the Bodyguards get 50 points.
OTHER NOTES: Whenever The Hunted dies or makes it to the truck, all
players are moved back to their starting positions.

Push - Football
Map file name: push.bsp
OBJECTIVE: Grab the ball from the warehouse in the center of the
field. Run it into the ENEMY base and place it on the raised square
to score a goal.
SCORING: 10 points per goal.
OTHER NOTES: Ball carriers drop the ball when they die. Dropped
balls stay where they are. All players are reset whenever a goal is

The Rock - Capture The Flag Variant
Map file name: rock2.bsp
OBJECTIVE: Steal the Keycard from the enemy Warden's office. Take
it across to the other side of the enemy Base and hit the switch
to release the Gas. Don't bring the Keycard back to your own Base.
SCORING: 15 points to each Gas Release.
OTHER NOTES: To survive the Gas, get a protective suit from behind
the marked doors, or hide under the water.

The Well - Capture The Flag
Map file name: well.bsp
OBJECTIVE: Enter the enemy Base and make your way to where their
Flag resides in the Tower. Grab it and bring it back to the base of
your Tower. Place it on the raised square to Capture it. The flag
will then return to the enemy Base.
SCORING: 10 points per Capture.
OTHER NOTES: Flag carriers drop the Flag when they die. Dropped
flags return to their Base after 60 seconds.

[]: FAQ
I finally got the TFC patch. When I go into the multiplayer options,
I don't see any models to choose from. What gives?
-You don't choose your model in the multiplayer options. You actually
make your choice inside the game when playing. You'll be able to
choose from nine classes in the middle of the game. So just join a
game and a menu will be presented to you to choose a class upon
entering the game.

I'm slowly losing life, and I see a gas mask on my HUD. What do I do?
-You are being poisoned by the bioweapon of the opposing team's medic.
What you can do is call a medic on your team to come and heal your

I can't hear footsteps in the game! How come?
-The option is defaulted off on the server side. So it's the server
host that would need to change it to on to enable the footsteps.

In the Hunted mod of TFC, I see the president play as an
assassin/bodyguard. Is this cheating?
-This is just a bug/glitch in TFC. Nothing about cheating whatsoever.

How do I build a sentry/dispenser?
-Press the "special" key to access the menu. From there, you can build
what it lists.

How do you put ammo in the sentry gun?
-Put out your spanner (wrench looking weapon) and hit your sentry gun
with it. It will then give you a menu.

How do I fix my sentry gun?
-Use your spanner or wrench looking weapon, and hit the sentry gun. A
menu would provide you with an option to fix your sentry gun.

Is it possible to rocket jump?
-Yes, it is possible to rocket jump. Pick the soldier class, look down,
fire the rocket while jumping, and you should jump very high.

What are the classes?
-Check out section for more information.

When using the demolition man, how come I can't set the detpack (C4)
for more than 5 seconds, even though it says that it can set up to 50
-You need to bind a key. Here's the examples with 3 timings given:
bind  "+det5"     (5 seconds)
bind  "+det20"    (20 seconds)
bind  "+det50"    (50 seconds)

On The Hunted map, why can't there be more Assassins?
-Valve limited it to a maximum of 5 assassins.

What are the objectives of the maps?
-Each map have their own distinctive objectives. Check out section for more information.

Is there a way to execute my autoexec.cfg/x.cfg files under TFC?
-Yes, place your autoexec.cfg/x.cfg under \Half-Life\Valve\TFC\
directory and do what you usually do how to enable your cfg file.

Is there other information about TFC?
-There are some in this FAQ, so scroll down further. Also, read the
TFC manual that came with v1.0.0.9+ patch. Upon installing v1.0.0.9+
patch, you did check the box that says to put a link on your desktop
for the TFC manual did you? It's also in the Start Menu under Sierra
program group. Another great site with great expanded information is:
It's ModCentral's Guide to TFC. Check it out if you got the time.

Is there a translated TFC manual guide of Valve's out there?
-Yes, here are the descriptions/links:
English Version of the Team Fortress Classic Player's Guide. 62.2 KB:

French Version of the Team Fortress Classic Player's Guide. 63.9 KB:

German Version of the Team Fortress Classic Player's Guide. 71 KB:

Italian Version of the Team Fortress Classic Player's Guide. 68.7 KB:

Spanish Version of the Team Fortress Classic Player's Guide. 62.9 KB:

[2.2.9]: Testing Multi-Player Maps Offline
	To play multiplayer maps, there are three ways:
1. Get into Half-Life's console and type this in: map 
   Example: map boot_camp
   Note: you might need to issue the command "deathmatch 1" (no quotes)
         prior the map command
2. Edit your HL parameter to be like this: hl.exe +map 
   Example: hl.exe +map crossfire +deathmatch 1
3. Go through the Half-Life Multiplayer Menu and selecting the map
   would be the easiest way, but the slowest way.

[2.3]: Single-Player
	Half-Life offers three modes to play in:
Easy: Monsters are weak and are easy to kill.
Normal: Monsters are strong and are easy to kill.
Difficult: Monsters are strong and are difficult to kill.

[2.3.1]: 3rd Person View
	The game lets you play like Tomb Raider style, where you get to
see yourself in action. Bring down the console and type in this:
chase_active 1
To change position of seeing your character, type this in the console:
cam_idealyaw 0
(see the model from behind)
cam_idealyaw 180
(see the model from the front)
cam_idealdist 64
(sets the preferred distance from the player model for the chase cam)
cam_idealpitch 0
(sets the preferred pitch for the chase cam)
chase_back 100
(sets the preferred cam distance from the player when backing up)
chase_right 0
(sets the preferred offset to the side for the chase cam)
chase_up  16
(sets the preferred offset up for the chase cam)
To disable the 3rd person view, type in this:
chase_active 0

[2.3.2]: Autosave
	This is a built in feature of the levels that you play in
Half-Life. Nothing can be done about it. It requires to edit the
levels, which is never going to be done. Live with it. No patch will
disable this feature. Maybe annoying feature, but that's how it is.

[2.3.3]: Barneys
	In the single player mode, you get to use the Barney(s) to
assist your goals and mow down enemies. Some people wonder how many
can be used at one time to assist with your goals. Well, the answer is
unlimited. But the problem with more than two is that if you happen to
pass a doorway or a tight corridor or something, then some of the
Barney(s) will get stuck and freeze up. Then you have to talk them
one by one to get them through.

	If you are wondering where they get the name Barney from, it's
from a show called Andy Griffen Show. Barney is a cop in that show, so
they just took that name and plug it into the nameless security guard
and now known as Barney.

[2.3.4]: Cheats
	To be able to cheat in Half-Life, you must run the game with
this command: -console
Add this command after HL.exe. You could do the following things to
achieve it:
1. Start Menu-> Run-> type in: :\\Hl.exe -console
  hl dir=Where Half-Life's directory resides in
2. Create a shortcut of Hl.exe-> (right click) Properties->
Shortcut tab-> Target box-> put in -console after hl.exe

	Another way to get the console is to have at least v1.0.0.9 and
the console option will appear in the main menu.

	After enabling the console, you could access the console
throughout the game by pressing the [~] key (near the [Esc] key). After
that, to be able to start cheating, bring down the console and type
this in: sv_cheats 1
Now, pass one loading point of the game, and the cheating option should
be enabled or reload a saved game.

	To cheat, bring down the console by pressing the [~] key, type
in the following things and press enter afterwards):

god (type in god again to turn off god mode)
noclip (type in noclip again to turn off noclip mode)
impulse 101 (this gives almost everything)
/give item_antidote
/give item_battery
/give item_healthkit
/give item_longjump
/give item_sodacan
/give item_suit 
/give ammo_357
/give ammo_9mmclip
/give ammo_buckshot
/give ammo_crossbow
/give ammo_egonclip
/give ammo_gaussclip
/give ammo_mp5clip
/give ammo_mp5grenades
/give ammo_rpgclip
/give weapon_357
/give weapon_9mmhandgun
/give weapon_crossbow
/give weapon_crowbar
/give weapon_egon
/give weapon_gauss
/give weapon_handgrenade
/give weapon_hornetgun
/give weapon_mp5
/give weapon_rpg
/give weapon_satchel
/give weapon_shotgun
/give weapon_snark
/give weapon_tripmine

map xxxx

c0a0 c0a0a c0a0b c0a0c c0a0d c0a0e 
c1a0 c1a0a c1a0b c1a0c c1a0d c1a0e 
c1a1 c1a1a c1a1b c1a1c c1a1d c1a1f 
c1a2 c1a2a c1a2b c1a2c c1a2d 
c1a3 c1a3a c1a3b c1a3c c1a3d 
c1a4 c1a4b c1a4d c1a4e c1a4f c1a4g c1a4i c1a4j c1a4k 
c2a1 c2a1a c2a1b 
c2a2 c2a2a c2a2b1 c2a2b2 c2a2c c2a2d c2a2e c2a2f c2a2g c2a2h 
c2a3 c2a3a c2a3b c2a3c c2a3d c2a3e 
c2a4 c2a4a c2a4b c2a4c c2a4d c2a4e c2a4f c2a4g 
c2a5 c2a5a c2a5b c2a5c c2a5d c2a5e c2a5f c2a5g c2a5w c2a5x 
c3a1 c3a1a c3a1b 
c3a2 c3a2a c3a2b c3a2c c3a2d c3a2e c3a2f 
c4a1 c4a1a c4a1b c4a1c c4a1d c4a1e c4a1f 
c4a2 c4a2a c4a2b c4a3 

[2.3.5]: Fun Things To Do
	Here are some fun things to do on your first day at the job
(Anomalous Materials level in the beginning of the game):

-To the left of the main entrance (the lobby where the reception desk
is), there is a deactivated computer console. You can see partial edge
of the computer console on top of a shelving area next to the
collection of TV screens. Go to it and activate it.

-At the reception desk where the guard is at the main entrance, go to
the back side of the desk and there should be a button near the
guard's keyboard. Press it.

-In the scientist lounge room area (where there's two soda machines are
and a scientist sitting at a table and another roaming within the place
trying to get a soda), go to the microwave and press the button for
less than 10 times (you'll hear an increase high pitched sound FX each
time you press the button).

-In the room (near the MIB talking to a scientist) that has three
scientists (one at the drawing board, one at a laptop, and one just
walking around). To the left of the entrance door, there's a light
switch. Press the switch.

[2.3.6]: High Jump
	To do a high jump, simply jump. While jumping, press the crouch
key, and from this, it would make your character tuck their legs in
while jumping in mid air. This would enable you to jump on crates that
you can't get on if you do a regular jump.

[2.3.7]: Learn How To Play
	Half-Life offers a tutorial mode for players who wants to get
use to Half-Life's offerings, or for people who just bought their first
FPS ((F)irst (P)erson (S)hooting) game. You go through almost
everything that you got to know before playing the game.

	From Half-Life Main Menu, click on Hazard Course and you're
on the way to learn how to do some cool stuff and learn a couple of
movements of Half-Life's offerings, especially the long jump move that
everybody gets confused of.

[2.3.8]: Long Jump
	To do a long jump, simply press the crouch key, and then
press the jump key right after crouching, and that should launch you
very far. To get a better learning of this, please run the Hazard
Course, found at Half-Life's Main Menu.

[2.3.9]: Man In Blue/G-Man
	Here comes the MIB... It's that MIB! I see him! Well, for you
all who wonder who he is, or what is he, from the past, shooting him,
trying to kill him with anyway possible, but seems to be immune to all
attacks, you will soon find out. Beat the game, and you should find
out who he is and why you see him through out the game.

	He is also called "G-Man". You can also play as the G-Man model
under multiplayer. Go to this site:
and download the Valve Multiplayer Package and there are additional
multiplayer things with this package.

	As I wonder, one day in social studies class, there was a video
shown and what caught my attention was a word mentioned "G-Men". As I
thought about it, it actually does fit in somewhat. G-Men were
government agents - working in conjunction of the FBI and to crack
down crimes. I don't know where the crime fits in, but it sure makes
a lot of sense where the word G-Man came from and how it surely
describes the MIB as some government agent. Wow, it sure showed that I
did learn something in school.

	There is something weird about his briefcase. If you cheated,
and use the 'noclip' command, go into his brief case and be surprised
what you see in the briefcase. It is recommended that you do this at
the end of the game.

[2.3.10]: Preserving Saved Files
	When reinstalling/removing Half-Life, all you need to keep the
saved files is to copy the directory \Half-Life\Valve\Save\ and put it
somewhere safe. After reinstalling Half-Life, put that directory
back and you should have all your saved games back safely and be
able to play where you last left off.

[2.3.11]: Walkthrough

[2.3.12]: Who You Play As
	You play as Gordon Freeman, a new employee at Black Mesa in
New Mexico. More details are given at the beginning of the single
player mode introduction of the train ride to work. By the way, you're
late for work.


[3.1]: Commercial

[3.1.1]: Opposing Force
	Half-Life just got word that it will have an add-on: Opposing
Force. Visit to find more
about Opposing Force.

[3.1.2]: Team Fortress II
	Team Fortress 2 was going to be an add-on for Half-Life. But now,
the creators decided to change the add-on part and make it a
stand-alone product, which it is a new game to be installed on the
HDD. You are going to pay this product at a full game retail price,
just like Half-Life. Here are some links for TF2:

[3.2]: Free Mods
	At, there's a listing
of current developing mods.

[3.2.1]: Team Fortress Classic
	Valve decided to release TFC, for Half-Life, which is ported from
Quake to Half-Life. The release date was 4/6/99. Check section 3.3.11
for information on TFC. Here's a link to check out TFC:

[3.3]: Total Conversions
	Here's a list to total conversions being made:


[4.1]: CFG Files
	Autoexec.cfg is an automatic start up configuration file for
Half-Life. You can create this file easily, by creating a blank text
file, and rename it, giving it the last three file extensions ".cfg",
hence the file "autoexec.cfg". This file is very useful if you keep on
typing in the commands that you often use. Putting those commands that
you use every time you play Half-Life, it would automatically execute
the command(s) into Half-Life's configuration and you should never
touch that command again, unless you want to change the current value
of the command. Any commands that can be used within the console of
Half-Life can be placed in this autoexec.cfg. To get autoexec.cfg to
execute itself regularly upon Half-Life's start up, place the
autoexec.cfg into the directory \Half-Life\Valve\.

	To make it easy on you, here's a link to create an autoexec.cfg,
or actually commands to be put into the autoexec.cfg:

	Remember, autoexec.cfg is a based text file, and is also needed
to be created from scratch. Just create a blank text file, like
autoexec.txt, then placing commands in the text file, and then
rename it to autoexec.cfg.

	Any other .cfg can be executed by just entering this in the
exec .cfg
That should execute a custom made cfg. Make sure that the custom cfg
is where it should be, like for examples:
For regular Half-Life DM and Teamplay, put the cfg in \Half-Life\Valve\
For Half-Life TFC, put the cfg in \Half-Life\TFC\

	When creating a D3D.cfg/Opengl.cfg, make sure to put a carriage
return (an empty line) at the end of the file. Error symptoms are
Barneys (security guards) dying without any indication of harmful
effects done to them.

	Only D3D.cfg exists, but Opengl.cfg does not. D3D.cfg could be
found in \Half-Life\Valve\hw\ directory. You have to create opengl.cfg
manually and place it in \Half-Life\Valve\hw\

	To know what are the best commands to put in your Opengl.cfg or
D3D.cfg, please refer to:
It has a lot of command explanations that helps you decide if the
gl_x commands are worth using.

[4.2]: Pak Files
	To view all the goodies that Half-Life use, like the models and
sound FXs to the maps that are used in the game, just go to:
and download the QpedII program. This is a pak viewer and it could
extract files from the pak0.pak that came with Half-Life. Currently,
the version doesn't support Half-Life models.

[4.3]: SDK

[4.4]: WorldCraft

[4.4.1]: General
Is WorldCraft included with Half-Life?

Where could it be found?
-Only on Half-Life CD, which should be at the root directory of your
CD-ROM drive. The file name is wc20full.exe.

Is WorldCraft shareware or full version?
-Full version.

Can WorldCraft that came with Half-Life be used to build other game
levels, say like Quake, etc...?
-Almost impossible. The only WorldCraft that is compatible with other
games, you need to use the old WorldCraft v1.6.

Can WorldCraft create TFC maps?
-Yes. Go get the WC v2.1 beta and you should have the option to do so.

What version is WorldCraft?
-v2.0 beta from Half-Life CD. It is now up to v2.1 beta.

Where can I get WorldCraft news?

What is the link to WC v2.1 beta upgrade?

Does WorldCraft offer any manuals and/or technical help?
-No manuals included with the editor and/or technical help. It is 
because this editor is in a beta stage. But it does offer a basic
tutorial. It is under Help.

How to install WorldCraft so that I could avoid any mishaps?

How to set up WorldCraft?

Can WorldCraft open up the maps/levels that Valve did?
-Well, sort of. But this requires some steps to achieve this goal.
First, you need to get a program that can open up .pak format.
You can get one by skipping to section 4.2 (just a tad bit further
down from here) and get QpedII. Then after getting that, open up
the pak0.pak from \Half-Life\Valve\ and go under Map directory of the
pak0.pak. You will then see *.bsp. Extract what map/level you want and
export it. After exporting, you need to get a program called WinBSPC,
which converts .bsp formats to .map format, which WorldCraft would
understand. WinBSPC can be found at:
Use WinBSPC to convert the .bsp format to .map format, and then open
up the .map format with WorldCraft, and there you go, you have
successfully ripped one of Valve's map/level.

[4.4.2]: Installing
	When some people installed WorldCraft, some of the textures
and other things were corrupted when using WC. To fix this, try
installing WC without any spacing, and in the same hard drive as
Half-Life. When WC installs, it included a space. Removing the
extra space would fix the corruption (i.e.: Program Files).

	To avoid any mishaps, follow the installation guide found at:

[4.4.3]: Tutorials
	Here are some that could be found here:

[4.4.4]: WC Editing FAQ
	If you have questions about editing or running WorldCraft, then
here's a link that you don't want to miss:

	A listing of official releases from Valve and only from Valve.

[5.1]: Extras

[5.1.1]: Maps
1.  Crossfire (v1.0.0.8+ patch update)  
2.  Double Cross
3.  Frenzy (v1.0.0.8+ patch update)
4.  Rust Mill
5.  Team9 (Valve Multiplayer Package)

[5.1.2]: Models
1.  Barney (v1.0.0.8+ patch update)
2.  Cannibal (Valve Multiplayer Package)
3.  G-Man (Valve Multiplayer Package)
4.  Recon (Valve Multiplayer Package)
5.  Robot (v1.0.0.8+ patch update)
6.  Santa Claus (
7.  Skeleton (Valve Multiplayer Package)
8.  Too Much Coffee Man (
9.  Zombie (v1.0.0.8+ patch update)

[5.1.3]: Multi-Player Modes
	There are currently three multi-player modes that you can choose
from in Half-Life that comes standard to Half-Life patches:
1. Deathmatch: Plain killing
2. Teamplay: Plain killing, but with teams (v1.0.0.8+)
3. Team Fortress Classic: Objectives with teams (v1.0.0.9+)

[5.1.4]: Valve Multiplayer Package

The contents are: 
1.  G-Man multiplayer model - the infamous guy with a briefcase.
    Ted Backman, modeler. 
2.  Recon grunt multiplayer model - the human military commander.
    Ted Backman, modeler. 
3.  Cannibal multiplayer model - a humorous comic book character from
    Chuck Jones' twisted childhood. 
4.  Skeleton multiplayer model - low visibility, low contrast model.
    Hard to play against. Steve Theodore/Chuck Jones, modeler. 
5.  New decals - collection of multiplayer decals including flags,
    political parties, barnyard animals and other images from, yes,
    you guessed it, Chuck Jones' twisted childhood. 
6.  Team9.bsp - a new team map intended for 4 on 4 competition.
    Developed by Doug Wood, who did the Bounce map.

[5.2]: Patches
	Here's the list of the current patches released for Half-Life,
and containing the list that it fixes for each of the patches. You can
get the latest patch by running the Sierra Utilities and select the
AutoUpdate option. The current version of Half-Life right now is
v1.0.0.9. It is always a good idea to run Sierra's AutoUpdate utility
to get the latest Half-Life patches.

[5.2.1]: v1.0.0.6
Update v1.0.0.6 addresses:
1.  Disabled the music track check in CD Authentication. One problem
    that some people faced was that they have CD-ROM drives that either
    can't play the music tracks or they have disabled CD audio on that
    device.  We've disabled the portion of the CD authentication that
    checked for the music tracks since it was tripping up legitimate
    customers.  Of course they still won't hear the music until they
    get their CD audio fixed, but they would have that with any game
    that uses CD music.  
2.  Adjusted the default configuration for multiplayer to be more
    appropriate for people with lower speed modems or with high
    ping/bad packet loss.  
3.  The default rate for LAN games is now set to 9999. Previously the
    LAN rate was being set to the be the same as the Internet rate.
4.  Removed the WON authentication attempts for LAN games.  LAN games
    are limited to a single Class B address range.
5.  Fixed an uninstall issue that may affect custom locations.
6.  Fixed an A3D underwater sound bug.

[5.2.2]: v1.0.0.8
Update v1.0.0.8 addresses:
1.  Improved multiplayer performance through bandwidth optimizations
    and better prediction.  Modem users will see less apparent lag as
    a result.
2.  Added support for IPX based LANs.
3.  Added teamplay option for multiplayer games.
4.  Added option to limit total number of decals you can see in
    multiplayer.  Try setting 'r_decals 500' if you're experiencing
    slowdowns after long periods of game play.
5.  Joysticks can now be used to move at the same time a mouse is used
    to look.
6.  The server ping can now be shown as a numeric value instead of
    green dots.  Use the "-numericping" command line option when
    launching hl.exe.
7.  Improved ladder performance in multiplayer.
8.  Added EAX 4 speaker support.
9.  Fixed bug that allowed bypassing of ammo reloading.
10. Fixed bug where train sounds and rocket sounds would play
    repeatedly in multiplayer games.
11. Increased number of regional multiplayer servers. 
12. Increased accuracy of ping calculations in the Internet Games menu.
13. More accurate latency score in game for other players.
14. Fixed bug preventing climbing ladders when playing with a joystick.
15. Added 3 new player models (Security guard, military robot, zombie)
    and 2 multiplay maps (frenzy.bsp, crossfire.bsp).

[5.2.3]: v1.0.0.9
Update v1.0.0.9 addresses:
1.  This Update will install Team Fortress Classic. Launch Half-Life as
    normal and click on the 'Custom Game' button. Click on the
    'Activate' button to load Team Fortress Classic as the currently
    selected game.
2.  Launcher now supports downloading of custom modifications for
    Half-Life. Clicking on the custom game button will bring up a list
    of the current games on the Half-Life modification sever.
3.  Launcher now shows if a server is a dedicated, listen, or
    Linux server.
4.  Launcher detects if servers are running the same version of
    Half-Life as you.
5.  Support for pinging multiple master servers added.
6.  Sorting options are now more robust in the launcher.
7.  Server passwords are checked before game engine is started.
8.  Dedicated server logging added.
9.  Dedicated server will now echo all client talking to the dedicated
    server console.
10. OpenGL multitexturing optimized.
11. OpenGL decal usage optimized.
12. Single player game will no longer open up a Dial-Up connection
    box for Internet Explorer 4.0 users.
13. Fixed 'Used Decal # without a name problem.
14. Decal downloading streamlined.
15. Fixed timedemo/demo playback problems.


[6.1]: Before Getting Started
	Here are some suggested ideas to take into consideration.

[6.1.1]: Scan/Defrag
	It is recommended that you use ScanDisk to scan for HDD errors
and use Disk Defragmenter to deframent your HDD. Visit sections
for defragmentation information, and section for ScanDisk

[6.1.2]: Readme.txt
	Why is it that almost some percentage of people who buy software
or any other products don't read the freaking 'readme.txt'??? This
file here, is your solution friend and could solve most of the
complaints that are produced! Please take an advantage and go and read
the 'readme.txt' file located at the base of Half-Life directory.

[6.1.3]: Update Files
	It is best to have the most updated drivers for your components
of your computer.
-Video Card
-Sound Card
-Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 (Service Release Packs/OSR patches)

	The patches/drivers can solve problems that are currently 
present on your system. It can also boost performance and fix glitches.

	Another thing to take into consideration, are the updates on 
Half-Life itself. Currently from the release of this FAQ, Half-Life is 
already up to v1.0.0.9.

	To get updates on Half-Life, connect to the internet. Then run
the game. From the Half-Life Main Menu, select Update and follow the
instructions given. It should download any patches that are found for
Half-Life from the internet.

	Another way is to run the Sierra Utilities and choose the
AutoUpdate option. This is the best way, so that it can detect what
patch(es) you need.

	Please note that when you install patches, get the correct ones
if you download them from sites, other than using the Sierra Utilities.
Make sure you get the correct one. v1.0.0.5 is the CD release version.
If you want to know prior getting the patches and what the patches
offer, please go to section 5.2.

[6.2]: Bugs/Errors
	There's an unofficial bug list out on the internet. If you want
to see a list of bugs of Half-Life, then the URL is:

	My advise is to update all your drivers and see if any of the
solutions found in this HLFAQ would help you out before searching in
that bugs list. To me, that bugs list don't tell much.

[6.2.1]: Icons Being Moved
	Go get a program called WinTidy95 from or and all your problems will be solved. Stops desktop
icons from getting screwed up and moved on the desktop.

[6.2.2]: Installing/Running Game
	When you get ready to install Half-Life, please keep in mind
about these things:
-Make sure you have at least 366 MB (FAT32) to 460 MB (FAT16) of HDD
 space to install the game. After that, make sure you have at least
 another good 40 MB to 80 MB of HDD space for Virtual Memory (Win9x
 handles it, unless you specify).
-Get the latest version of Half-Life to get rid of some bugs. The
 latest version when this FAQ was released is v1.0.0.9.
-Get the latest drivers for your video card. Most problems are
 caused because of old drivers not being updated. Sierra will give you
 a html form listing video card manufactures. Please use it to update
 your video card drivers. You get the list of manufactures after
 installing Half-Life and also gives an option in the game menu.
 Getting reference drivers are the way to go. Forget getting the
 manufacture that made the video card. Go to the chipset's
 manufacture. They would probably offer more stable drivers. Reference
 drivers are mostly newer than the one from your video card's
-Get the latest drivers for your sound card.
-Close down all other programs that runs in the background except for
 Explorer and Systray. This should be a must do priority.
-Before installing, scan your HDD/memory for any viruses. CIH virus
 is the common virus that disables Half-Life to be played. See section
 6.7 for tips on getting rid of viruses.
-Put your background color depth to 16-bit hi color mode. You can try
 32-bit hi color mode later, but you need v1.0.0.9 patch though. 16-bit
 hi color mode is minimum. So switch whatever mode to 16-bit mode to
 see if Half-Life can run. After that, you can go from 16-bit to 32-bit
 color modes. To enable 32-bit color mode, see section 2.6.
-"Your Half-Life installation has become corrupt or out of date"
 error message: check section

	After installing Half-Life, and you can't play the game, please
look up these sections to fix the problem:
-Section 6.7: Virus
-Chapter 6: Troubleshooting
-Section Dial-Up Connection
-"Your Half-Life Executable has been modified. Please check your system
 for viruses and then re-install Half-Life" error message: check out

	Most of the problems that happens when Half-Life can't be played
happens at the "Loading screen" of Half-Life and just sits there and
do nothing else afterwards. Sometimes, it's due to the internet
connection bug or 3Dfx users don't have DX6 drivers for the 3Dfx video
card board. Those are the main reasons that I see, when it happens
at the "Loading screen".

	If there are problems installing the game, try these few
Go to My Computer-> (right click) Properties-> Manager Device->
CD-ROM-> -> Properties
1. Uncheck if it's checked on the box DMA. If it is uncheck, then
check the box for DMA. Now accept the change and reboot.
2. If suggestion #1 does not work, then uncheck the box Sync Data. If
it's uncheck, then check the box. Now accept the change and reboot.
3. Mix up the combinations of these two and see if it works for the
last resort.
4. If those suggestions doesn't work, take it over to a friend's house
or someone with a computer and install it on their computer and see if
it works. If it does, then you have a corrupted CD-ROM drive.
5. If taking over to a friend's house doesn't work, return the
defective product and get a new one.

	It's usually due to DMA or/and Sync Data that causes the errors
or problems for installing Half-Life or running the CD.

	If you get some General Fault errors, then it can be what you run
in the background, so close down all programs that may interrupt
installation. Also, another thing that would lead to GF errors would be
your CD-ROM drivers. Hunt down new drivers for it and update it to see
if you can get to install it.

[]: Bad Surface Extents
	If you get this error, try lowering/changing your resolution.

[]: CD Key
	From first when playing, Half-Life requires you to input the
CD key for Half-Life. The CD key is located on the back of your
Half-Life CD case. You should be given like this: xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx
Where x=corresponding and respective numbers found on the back of the
CD case.

	If it tells you that you have an invalid CD key, try it again.
If it still does it, try putting in the - character in between the
numbers. If all fails, then you probably have a key that is probably
created by error when distributing. All I could say is bring it back
and get another copy. Check out section 6.3 for further CD Key

[]: Crosshair Messes Up
	There were problems reported that when getting some patches,
like the 3DNow! or the OpenGL/Mini drivers screws up the crosshair in
the game. To fix this, try this command from the console: 
gl_flipmatrix 1

[]: Dial-Up Connection
	This bug blocks Half-Life from running. If you have your
speakers on, you would here a Windows 'ping' sound, which Half-Life
would crash and the game only shows a black screen. This bug, tries to
connect you to the internet, when not needed. If you alt-tab, you would
see the DUN trying to connect you to the internet.

	To disable this bug, go to Start Menu-> Run. Type this in:
:\\hl.exe -noip
HDD=Hard Drive HL is on
HL Dir=HL's directory

	Another way to try and disable this bug, is load up Internet
Explorer 4.0-> View-> Internet Options-> Connection tab.
Now, find the option where it asks you for 'Connection'. It should
list two radio button choices:
-Connect to the Internet using a modem
-Connect to the Internet using a local area network
What you want to choose, is the 'connect to the internet using a
local area network'. Choose it, click OK.

[]: Gfx/shell/btns_main.bmp
	This error: Could not open bitmap file 'gfx/shell/btns_main.bmp'
is produced by when installing the game. The only way to fix this is to
free a lot of space on your HDD!!! What it means is that, the game is
trying to inflate a file called pak0.pak that is compressed on the CD, 
to 295,809 KB, in which it's almost about 300 MB needed. So, free your
HDD space, giving the file some room to fit on your HDD. Remember, the
whole game needs at least 366-460 MB to be installed onto the HDD.
500 MB is recommended for saved games. 366 MB (FAT32) is the minimum
free space on your target HDD to be installed to.

	If you don't have 460+ MB free on your HDD, delete files that
are not in use. If this can't be accomplished, then you can't install
the game and play it.

	Another reason that this error would come up would be something
that have accessed to the pak0.pak. I ran into this problem when I had
QpedII opening up pak0.pak and Half-Life running. It wouldn't permit
QpedII editing pak0.pak or exploring it if Half-Life is going to be
running. Close anything that could have access to this pak0.pak file
and it wouldn't give you this error anymore.

	Another reason that there can be a bad or loose IDE cable. This
can be possible. Also, uninstall and reinstall Direct X 6 can also help
try to solve this solution.

[]: Your HL Executable Has Been Modified
	As soon as you run Half-Life (or the Half-Life dedicated server
HLDS.exe), Half-Life checks itself to determine if the Half-Life
executable you are running has been damaged or altered in any way.
The most likely causes of such damage are:
1. computer viruses (very common)
2. corrupt portions of a user's hard disk drive (rare)
For number 1, visit section 6.7 will show you how to proceed. For
number 2, just run ScanDisk to check errors on your HDD. You may need
to reinstall Half-Life.

[]: Your HL Installation Corrupted/Outdated
	There are two reasons why for this to happen:
1. Virus (very common)
2. Half-Life version needs to be updated (sometimes common)
To take care reason 1, see section 6.7 to know how to take care of it.
To take care reason 2, you just need to download the latest Half-Life
patch. You may get this error if you tried to update your Half-Life. If
so, then that means that you got a virus. Check out section 6.7.

[]: MCI File Playback:### MMSYSTEM ##
	If you get any error like "MCI File Playback:### MMSYSTEM ##
Unable to play file on specified device, file may be corrupt or in 
incorrect format", then you may not have the correct video compression 
codec driver. To fix this, you should go to:
Get v5.1 Codec from Intel.

	Another fix is to visit this site:

	Another fix is to visit this site:

	Other than that, it's just that the video codec file types are
screwed up/edited in the registry. So don't worry if you can't view
the two intro movies. It's not special anyhow. So this error isn't
holding you back on playing Half-Life anyhow.

[]: SZ_GetSpace
	This error happens when you're running Half-Life, over
stuffing a .cfg file. This happens because the .cfg is too
big. Shrink the size down as far as you can.

	You can try to avoid this by adding -zone xxxx after
hlds.exe or hl.exe. For example, Start Menu-> Run. Type in:
C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe -zone 1024
It means that it would give about extra 1 MB memory into the cfg's.

[]: Unable To Validate CD
	Sometimes, this error would come up, saying that you need the
CD. It's pretty much straight forward: put the original legit Half-Life
CD in and let it satisfy the checking.

	There are a couple of reasons that this error comes up:
1. You have a warez game
2. You don't have the CD
3. You created a screwed up CD-R/RW backup of the game
4. It checks for the music tracks on your Half-Life CD, but your PC's
   CD-ROM drive somehow doesn't get the operation or acknowledge that
   it's there
5. You have more than one CD-ROM drive

	To fix problem one, simply buy the game. To fix problem two,
either get the CD back from someone you lend to, find the CD, or buy
the game if you're pirating the software. To fix problem
three, please refer to the section about "Burning Half-Life On 
CD-R/RW". To fix problem four, get and install v1.0.0.6 patch or later.
It disables the audio music track authentication check and should allow
you to play. To fix problem five, just make sure you put the CD in your
primary CD-ROM drive or disable your second CD-ROM drive.

[6.2.3]: LAN
	There are some people out there that reported some problems
running a LAN game of Half-Life. Try these solutions below.
1. When trying LAN hosting, but you get a black screen, [Alt]+[Tab]
   and you would probably see the DUN box. Close it down. That's your
   problem right there.
2. Problem is that when running LAN, the console stops at IPX protocol.
   The solution is to disable DNS configuration. To do so, go to
   Start Menu-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Network-> TCP/IP Dial-UP
   Adapter-> Properties-> DNS Configuration-> Disable DNS.
   Make sure you write down your DNS if there is one.
3. Try hitting the Esc key.
4. Make sure that Internet Explorer sets itself to connect to the
   internet via LAN. To do so, launch IE4-> View-> Internet Options->
   Connection tab-> Connect to the Internet using a local area network
5. Problem is WON Authentication. Go here and get a small utility
   (27 KB):
   All this program do is adjust the file hosts.sam in the \Windows\
   directory. If you know what to edit, then do it. Make sure it has localhost
   and nothing else.
6. Could not get IPX socket name. IPX disable. Reason: WSAENOTSOCK.
   If you get this error, try and see if you could use solution number
   2 above and see if it works.

	If you're running a LAN and have multiple computers sharing one
IP address, and want to connect to the internet to play, considering
that you have working separate CD-Keys, then try this solution:
Create Half-Life shortcut to give Half-Life a parameter of this:
-port 270xx
Computer 1: hl.exe -port 27025
Computer 2: hl.exe -port 27035
Computer 3: hl.exe -port 27045
This should work, considering how servers do it, but no guarantees.

[6.2.4]: Multi-Player Mode
	Here are some known fixes for errors/bugs in MP mode.

[]: .hpk has a bogus # of directory entries - #
	If you have this problem, all you need to do is delete a file
called custom.hpk. It can be found under \Sierra\Half-Life\Valve\

[]: Bad Protocol
	When trying to connect to any server, and happens to give you
this message, "bad protocol", that means that you have a different
Half-Life version than the server that you're trying to connect. Either
the server is hosting with an outdated Half-Life version, or you don't
have the latest Half-Life version. Just run Sierra's Utilities->
AutoUpdate to get the latest Half-Life version.

[]: Can't Swim In Water Using Jump Key
	If you are having trouble swimming up when you are standing on
the ground underwater, try setting fps_lan to a number less than it
is currently set to at the console. To check what is set to, type this
in the console: fps_lan

[]: Client.dll
	If you get an error saying that you're running a different
client.dll, then here's the solution: You probably got that error
because you installed a beta patch or Lanparty.exe before the
officially released patch. After uninstalling Half-Life, there are
still files left over, and client.dll is one of them. All you need
to do is uninstall Half-Life, and then go and delete the remaining
folder of Half-Life, even though nothing seems to be in them. Once
deleting the folder(s) associated with Half-Life, then reinstall the
game and it should work fine.

	Another quick fix is to copy the client.dll from 
\Sierra\Half-life\valve\cl_dlls\ and paste it in 
\Sierra\Half-life\tfc\cl_dlls and that should work. If not, then
do the long way solution above instead.

[]: File Mechwine Not On Server
	It is an error in Crossfire. It basically means that in the
level, Half Life couldn't find the file "mechwine.wav". It's an ambient
sound contained in the pack file (pak0.pak). Just ignore this error. It
won't cause any problems.

[]: Stuck On Elevator
	There were some people who reported that when going up the
elevator, it gets stuck and rubber bands you around. The solution to
this bug is simply: Duck. Crawl way from it. It should work. I know it,
because I got stuck a few times, and ducking would solve the problem.

	For future warnings, don't stand close to the edges of the
elevator. Stand in the middle if possible so that this problem will
not occur.

[]: Stuck On Ladder
	If you are getting stuck on the top of the ladder in a
multiplayer game, make sure that the server you are on does not have
the variable sv_airaccelerate set to zero. Any value other than zero
will work properly.

[]: Using Decal ### Without A Name
	Getting v1.0.0.9 or higher patch should fix this problem. But if
the patch fails, then all you need to do is delete every thing in this
folder: \Sierra\Half-Life\Logo\ and that should get rid of the error.
If you made a custom decal for yourself, make sure you don't delete
it and leave it in the folder.

	If you recorded a demo during a deathmatch online, then I
suggest that you allow your computer to download the custom decals from
the opponents on that server or you would probably get this error. So
leave the download of decals on to try and avoid this error. If you get
this error when trying to playback the recorded demo, I don't know what
to say, but that demo is worthless and nothing can be done about it.

[]: Warning: U_Remove on full update
	This message is given because you lagged big time (major data
loss). You can also try another solution, that may work. Use this
command: cl_nodelta 1
It worked for some people, so give it a try. But be warned: it can
add additional lag, because I've tried it before, and it makes lag
worse than before. But if it cures this problem, then be my guest on
using it.

	The only way to cure this annoying problem is to have a clear
connection to the internet as possible. You only get this error when
you lag. This can contribute by having call waiting. Disable call
waiting if you can. I hate it when someone tries to call, because it
would lag and the connection would most likely be out of sync and it
probably disconnect from the internet or takes a moment to re-sync
with the game.

	Anything else that causes interruption to your internet session
can cause this too. Line noise, background popups, downloads, whatever,
can cause it.

[]: Wonau_w95.dll/Woncr_w95.dll
Error: A required .DLL file, WONAU_W95.DLL was not found!
	You get this error because when installing the patch, the file
names were truncated and renamed them as DOS filenames. You'll find
those two files (if one is missing, the other is bound to be the same)
in your \Sierra\Half-Life\ folder. It is named wonau_~1.dll. Rename
it to wonau_w95.dll. The second one that is woncr_~1.dll Rename that
to woncr_w95.dll. It should now be fixed.

[6.2.5]: Single-Player Mode
	Single-player mode bugs/errors that are widely known are listed

[]: Barney Dies
	No, not the purple dinosaur. I'm talking about NPC, you know,
the security guards that help you during the game. Sometimes, they
just die straight out (don't confuse this with the scripting of some
Barneys dying because they're suppose to). Well, this is a bug. To fix
this bug, make sure to put a carriage return (an empty line) at the end
of the opengl.cfg/d3d.cfg/x.cfg file(s). Error symptoms are Barneys
(security guards) dying without any indication of harmful effects done
to them.

[]: Stuck/Die On Elevator
	Just like the level We've Got Hostile, sometimes in the game, you
would just get stuck for no reason at all and perhaps lose life slowly.
The only cure that would be reasonable to try is to duck and then
crawl. So just duck, and go forward while crouching! It should free
you from the sticky bug.

	Next time, just stand in the middle of the elevator platform and
avoid standing near the edges of the elevator platform.

[]: Uninstalling
	There's a little malfunction with Half-Life's uninstall program
with the out of the box version (the one straight from the CD without
any patches). If you attempt to uninstall, it would wipe out all and
everything that is contained in the parameters of Half-Life. Say you
installed Half-Life like this: C:\games\Half-Life\
If you do, and you uninstall, then it would wipe out Half-Life and
also the directory of \games\. So, if I were you, I'd keep Half-Life
simple in it's own directory, or patch the game up to at least
v1.0.0.6 to remove the little mishap with the un-installation program.

[]: Zoom
	This cheap-zoom-in feature can be used with almost any weapons
in the game. All you have to do, is put out a crossbow. Now, hit the
secondary fire mode. This would zoom in. Now, hit 'F6' for quicksave,
and then do a quickload 'F7', and this should bring you to a zoom in
bug feature. Now, just switch to any weapon and you'll stay in that
zoom bug almost forever, although using any other weapons, the
movement is a little jerky. To undo this bug, just switch back to the
crossbow, and hit the secondary fire mode and this should zoom out.

[6.3]: CD Key
	Some information about CD-Key.

[6.3.1]: CD-Key In Use
	If you bought a legit Half-Life game, and it happens that someone
is using your CD-Key, then you need to contact Sierra so that they can
terminate the current CD-Key and re-issue you a new one. Go to one of
Sierra's web site with the appropriate country and send them an e-mail
about the problem. Here are the sites:
Internet USA:
Internet United Kingdom:
Internet France:
Internet Germany:
From those internet sites, go there and go under Tech Support.

[6.3.2]: Editing CD-Key
	If you're one of those people who installed the Half-Life warez
game, or borrowed your friend's CD, and then went out and bought your
own, and now want to use your own CD-Key, then here's a way to remove
your old CD-Key: Start Menu-> Run. Type in regedit. Go to this
registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Half-Life\Settings
Look for the header KEY. Delete this registry data, and then run
Half-Life again, and it'll ask you for the CD-Key again.

[6.3.3]: Lost CD-Key
	There are three thing you can do:
1.  Exchange the game for another from where you got it from.
2.  Send the game to the following address and once they get it, they
    will send you another copy (U.S. residents only):
	Sierra On-Line Exchanges/Returns
	4100 West 190th Street
	Torrance, CA 90504

3.  Make a photo copy of the back of the CD case, Top of the CD itself
    and a copy of the sales receipt and fax it to 1-425-644-7697
    with the subject ATTN: Tech support Adventure. Once they get it,
    they will send you a code (U.S. residents only?).

	If you have any further questions just reply to this e-mail or
feel free to contact them at (US). You can also
find further information at:
Internet USA:
Internet United Kingdom:
Internet France:
Internet Germany:
From those internet sites, go there and go under Tech Support.

	Little bit edited from a Sierra Technical Support e-mail to fit
readers, so it doesn't sound like it's meant to someone else. No other
information was left out that is considered important. Everything here
is what needed. Note that parts are only for US residents only.

[6.4]: Copying Half-Life On CD-R/RW
	I've seen people complaining that they can't do copies of
Half-Life on CD-R/RW discs. Let me say this: yes, it can be done, but
there's one problem: foreign Half-Life games, like German, French, etc.
are bigger in format size. That's the bad news. You need to find some
CD-R/RW that could hold a little bit more than 650 MB to duplicate
Half-Life entirely. For the United States version, making duplicates
of the game should be no problem.

	In order to burn exact duplicates of Half-Life, you need to
burn the game by "tracks"-some what format like what audio CD music
go by. On the United States version, I can confirm that there are
28 tracks that are needed to copy in order to have the full exact
duplicate of the original master legit copy of Half-Life. Why can I
confirm it? Because I already made a duplicate back up copy for my own
personal use. It took about an hour and a few minutes to duplicate the
game (using a 2x writer, HP 7200i+ CD-RW). For the foreign Half-Life
game, I can't, because I don't have any version of it. I don't know
how big, but some said that the CD contained a little bit more extra.
So you're gonna have to find a bigger CD-R/RW disc to duplicate

	I used the Adaptec's Copy CDs program. I don't know about any
other programs, because I don't know any and all I know is that this
program did the trick for me. Just find any program out there or get
any program that would allow you to duplicate CDs by tracks.

	By the way, after copying Half-Life, and testing to see if the
CD-R/RW copy works, and you get an error that says that the CD is
invalid, or Half-Life requires CD, all you need to do is patch your
Half-Life game up to at least to v1.0.0.6 to get rid of the audio
authentication crap. I don't know what's left off when burning
Half-Life, but anyway, that's how you fix the problem.

[6.5]: Direct X
	The latest, Microsoft release Direct X 6.1. DX 6.0 is on the
Half-Life CD. You can get the latest version of Direct X via:

	If you have any trouble with Direct X x.x, then you can remove
Direct X x.x by getting a program at:

[6.6]: PC Hardware
	Here are some PC hardware troubleshooting solutions and some
information. Make sure that you read these sections carefully. Some
solutions are placed where the subject fits, but can fit in some other
places. So be careful on reading some of these solutions.

[6.6.1]: CD-ROM
	Having at least a 2x CD-ROM drive is good enough, because the
only use of the CD-ROM is playing music during the game, which it
doesn't need to be like 24x or so.

	Also, updating your CD-ROM drivers would generally help. Go to
your CD-ROM manufacture's web site and download any new released
drivers for your CD-ROM drives.

[]: Audio Music
	If for some reason, you don't hear music, then it's:
1. CD music cable
2. CD music is off
3. CD music volume is off

	To fix problem one, you need to open up your PC and check to see
if the CD-ROM drive has a digital cable running to your sound card from
your CD-ROM drive. To fix problem two, try this:
Start Menu-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Multimedia-> CD Music tab.
From here, make sure you select your CD-ROM drive that would play the
audio music and make sure you check the box at the bottom so that it
could play digital music, and make sure the volume slider is all the
to right so that the volume is to the highest.

	For problem three, you can check the volume just like above,
or also from the Volume Control, where you see the yellow horn near
your clock in the task bar. Load it up and see if your CD audio volume
is up high.

	If you don't have Volume Control, then go and grab your
Windows 9x CD-ROM, stick it into your drive, Go to Start Menu->
Settings-> Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs-> Windows Setup->
Multimedia-> Volume Control (check it)-> Apply.

	If nothing works, see if your CD-ROM could play the music from
Half-Life CD. Use MS's Media Player or any audio CD player and see
if you could play any sound tracks from 2 through 28. If you can't
play any, then your CD-ROM don't support the music.

[6.6.2]: Controller
	There are some information referring to some controllers in the
readme.txt. Please read the readme.txt for some information. For the
best result, upgrade your controller's drivers to the latest date

[6.6.3]: CPU
	Half-Life should support most of the CPUs out there today.
Half-Life officially supports MMX and unofficial 3DNow! CPU
instructions. No word yet on KNI instructions.

[]: 3DNow!
	There is a patch out there, that enables support of 
AMD's 3DNow! instructions for only the K-6-2 processors.
The link is:
Another link is:
Another link is:
Please be aware that the 3DNow! drivers are hacked drivers from
Quake II and can only work with Rendition or Voodoo 2 video cards.
These are not official patches for 3DNow!

	Note: if you use these hacked drivers, be warned that your
crosshair may go corrupt and be out of order on your HUD screen. To fix
the problem with your crosshair location, bring down the console and
type this in: gl_flipmatrix 1

[]: KNI
	The only use of KNI instructions may be found in Direct X 6.1 and
perhaps your video card drivers. So download those to have maximum
performance out of your Pentium III.

[]: MMX
	Half-Life may not enable MMX support. To enable MMX support, type
this in the console: r_mmx 1

[6.6.4]: Modem
	Always update your modem drivers to the latest.

[]: WinModem
	Winmodem is not the best choice for online gaming. In fact, they
just plain out suck. The reason is that Winmodem relies on the CPU
to do most of it's job. That's a major no-no, and a small performance
hit to your overall PC speed. Avoid getting a Winmodem at all cost.
Don't care if it's a low price. Get cheap stuff, suffer cheap stuff's
consequences. Go and buy a regular modem, and make sure it's not a

[6.6.5]: Sound
	There are some information referring to some sound stuff in the
readme.txt. Please read the readme.txt for some information. For the
best result, upgrade your sound card's drivers to the latest date

	Half-Life takes advantages of the following two major APIs:
Creative's Environmental Audio (EAX) or Aureal's A3D (A3D).

[]: A3D
	Half-Life supports A3D Vortex 1 & 2 chipset. Get the v2.04
A3D drivers in order for A3D to function correctly with Half-Life.

	If using your A3D sound card sounds crappy, like low noise,
and some bad environmental noise mixes, then try these values into
the console:
s_distance 18
s_2dvolume 0.88
s_verbwet 0.15
s_min_distance 8
s_refgain 0.34

	If turning on A3D, and you get a big performance hit, losing
some fps, then use this command:
s_geometry 0
You may lose some of the positional sounds, but not much quality hit,
but at least it should give back some fps for faster performances.

	If you downloaded A3D drivers v2.05, and you get annoyed with
the shells hitting the ground, keep the v2.04 version of a3dapi.dll,
and leave the rest as v2.05 drivers.

[]: Audio Music
	If for some reason, you don't hear music, then it's:
1. CD music not enabled in the game
2. CD music is off
3. CD music volume is off

	To fix problem one, go through the configuration and into audio
and check the box Play CD Music. To fix problem two, try this:
Start Menu-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Multimedia-> CD Music tab.
From here, make sure you select your CD-ROM drive that would play the
audio music and make sure you check the box at the bottom so that it
could play digital music, and make sure the volume slider is all the
to right so that the volume is to the highest.

	For problem three, you can check the volume just like above,
or also from the Volume Control, where you see the yellow horn near
your clock in the task bar. Load it up and see if your CD audio volume
is up high.

	If you don't have Volume Control, then go and grab your
Windows 9x CD-ROM, stick it into your drive, Go to Start Menu->
Settings-> Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs-> Windows Setup->
Multimedia-> Volume Control (check it)-> Apply.

	If nothing works, see if your CD-ROM could play the music from
Half-Life CD. Use MS's Media Player or any audio CD player and see
if you could play any sound tracks from 2 through 28. If you can't
play any, then your CD-ROM don't support the music.

[]: EAX
	4 speakers 360 degrees sound is supported after v1.0.0.8 patch.
So if you just bought the game or only have the game patch up to
v1.0.0.6, then you need to get the v1.0.0.8 patch or higher to enable
full 360 degrees of sound with 4 speaker support. If not, you would
only get 180 degrees 2 speaker support, which would suck.

[]: Losing Sound During Gameplay
	If you lose sound during gameplay, then you can try this quick
fix to see if you can get it back:
Hit Esc key during gameplay. Then hit Resume Game option once in the
menu. If your PC is nice enough, it might give you sound back. Works
for many people who loses sound if they Alt-Tab out of the game.

[]: Repeating Sound Loops
	If for some reason, the sound FXs loop and replays through the
whole event, say the explosion sound FX gets looped and played again
and again and again, making your ears hurt and have to restart
Half-Life, then I got the cure for you. To stop the looping sound FX,
type this in the console: stopsound

	That should stop any sound FX that is currently played.
Everything else should go back to normal after it's executed.

[]: Sound Blaster Cards
	If you have a SoundBlaster soundcard, you will find that the 
sound skips and sounds horrible. To try and solve this problem, right 
click on "My Computer" icon. Select "properties". Click the "+" sign 
next to the "Sound, video and games controllers" listing. Double click 
the . Click the "Settings" tab. Make sure the "Allow Full-Duplex 
operation" check box is checked. Click "OK". Reboot.

	Another thing to try is bring down the console. Type this in:
snd_noextraupdate 1
This fixes the Sound Blaster 64 AWE, letting the users to leave it
on high sound quality. I don't know if it'll work on other Sound
Blaster x cards, but give it a try.

	If it still stutter, make sure you try out section
in this FAQ. Also, fiddle around with the checking the boxes in the 
settings of your sound card interface stuff. Take a look around.

[]: Stuttering
	Try these solutions and see if they could cure your stuttering
problems with the game:
1. Bring up the console and type this in: _snd_mixahead
Where number, like 0.145. Try different numbers if it
doesn't work. Fiddle with the number until it improves.
2. From the Start Menu-> Run, type in this: 
:\\hl.exe -wavonly
x=HDD; HL dir=HL's directory
3. Bring up the console and type this in: snd_noextraupdate 1

[6.6.6]: Video
	There are some information referring to some video stuff in the
readme.txt. Please read the readme.txt for some information. For the
best result, update your video card's drivers to the latest drivers

	Half-Life takes advantages of the following two major APIs:
Open GL or Direct 3D. Half-Life could also be run under software mode,
but it does not take advantage of 3D accelerator cards. Just uses a lot
of CPU MHz power to render the game.

	If you happen to run Half-Life, and it would just crash, then
try this solution: On the Desktop (right click)-> Properties->
Settings tab-> Advanced...-> Performance tab
In the Performance tab, slide the pointer left to decrease the usage of
your video card. It may enable you to play the game and not crash.

If the in game menu slows down so much, try this solution:
Start Menu-> Run-> Type in regedit-> Find the key CPUMHZ under:
Open up the CPUMHZ key and edit the value from 1 to 0 (zero). That
should make the menu fly by quicker.

[]: 3Dfx
	Half-Life supports 3Dfx cards by Open GL. Choose Open GL to
let your Voodoo x cards to run as your hardware acceleration. But
you would need to download Mini Open GL files for your 3Dfx:

	Also, please update your 3Dfx video card drivers to their
DX6 drivers for the 3Dfx cards. You could get the generic DX6 drivers
for your 3Dfx cards at:

	Please don't confuse DX6 drivers for 3Dfx cards with Microsoft's
Direct X 6. The DX6 drivers for the 3Dfx cards that I'm talking about
are the drivers to be compatible with MS's DX6. These DX6 are the
drivers for the video card, no MS's DX6 parts.

	Getting this DX6 patch for 3Dfx should fix the blank loading
start up whenever playing Half-Life. Glide version should be at
v2.54 or higher.

	Whatever you do, when you run Half-Life, and when you get to
pick what drivers should be used under Open GL, do not pick
'default'. It's slow. Pick the other choice given, which would be
Mini GL.

	If you have a Voodoo 1 and get this error:
'Expected VXD version V1.2, got V1.1', then that means that you need
to update your Voodoo 1 drivers. They are outdated on your machine.
Go grab the latest at

	If you get this error: "Mutual exclusion prohibits this", then
this means that there are two programs try to use the Voodoo 2 card at
the same time. Do Ctrl+Alt+Del to see if anything else is using your
VooDoo 2 card. Also try getting the latest reference drivers for your
VooDoo2 at might help solve the problem.

[]: 3DWarning
	For the first time when running Half-Life, and decide to choose
the hardware mode, like D3D or Open GL, a warning message comes up.
If it keeps coming up, then you could disable it. Follow these
Start Menu-> Run. Type regedit and hit OK.
Go to this registry setting: HKEY_USERS-> .DEFAULT-> SOFTWARE-> Valve->
Half-Life-> Settings.
Change the 3DWarning key: Right click on 3DWarning-> Modify. 
Change the 0 (zero) into a 1. After all this, press OK. Now it
shouldn't give you any more hassle about the 3D Warning crap.

	Make sure you don't screw up in the registry. If you do, then
you're doomed and you have to reinstall Windows and everything else
you got on your computer.

[]: Blue Water
	If you finally encounter water, and you jump in, and all the
sudden, it goes all blue, then you've got a problem. The problem is
this: it's your video card or video card drivers. You need to get
updated video card drivers and see if that could cure the glitch with
rendering underwater scenes. If getting an updated driver won't fix
your blues, then you can use a quick workaround - switch to software
mode, get where you need to go and get out of the water, and then
switch back to your original hardware rendering style. This blue
water mostly happens with D3D hardware rendering.

[]: D3D
	Direct3D Input sometimes seems lagged. If your input seems to
lag behind the visual display on occasion, type this in the console:
gl_d3dflip 1

[]: Decals
	Some video cards out there, have problems creating/placing
decals (blood, bullet holes, etc...). Some could only view from a
specific angle, some disappears if close, reappears if far way.
To fix this problem, type this in the console:
gl_polyoffset xx
Where xx=any number, fiddle around with the numbers until you get it
right. Try these values: 0.1,-0.1, 1, -1, 20, or -20.
.001 fixes i740 video cards, 20 fixes TNT video cards.

[]: Matrox
	If you can't see underwater other than in software mode, then
you need to get the latest patch for your video card. Go to and get the latest patch/drivers for your video
card and it should correct your mishap with underwater adventures. Try
the beta drivers to see if they work.

[]: Multiple 3D Cards
	Go to and go under Multiple
Video Cards section. Click the link and it should give you multiple
programs to choose from to let you switch from 3D cards, like the
TNT/Voodoo x for an example.

[]: OpenGL
	Please visit your video card manufacturer's web site and see if
your video card supports it. If it does, find your video card drivers
for Open GL. After getting any essential OpenGL files on your
manufacturer's, install them to enable OpenGL support to your video
card. This is a must do step before doing anything further. You need
to find drivers that would enable OpenGL first. If there are none, then
you can't do OpenGL correctly. After getting OpenGL drivers, you might
need, is a file that is called 'opengl32.dll'. If you have Quake II,
then you could copy that file into Half-Life. If you don't have a handy
opengl32.dll, then you could try and search your computer for one. Any
version higher than Windows 95 OSR 2.0 should carry opengl32.dll in your
C:\windows\system\. This generic Open Gl should be about 753,808 bytes
big (about 736 to 737 KB). If you don't have the generic Open GL file,
then here's the link to get it:
Get this file, because it's also a fix. This is v1.1 of Open GL.

	After having the file opengl32.dll, now to place it where
Half-Life would detect it and so that you could play using hardware
rendering. Copy the opengl32.dll into C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\gldrv\
(assuming that's the installation default directory).

	After copying the opengl32.dll, you need to edit a file to
make Half-Life see the file. The file should be drvmap.txt within
C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\gldrv\ the same directory. Open it up with a text
editor. Now, it should have something like this:
Default Default
3dfxgl.dll 3Dfx Mini Driver

	Now, to make Half-Life see the opengl32.dll file, type this in:
opengl32.dll OpenGL
So it should look like this within the file:

Default Default
3dfxgl.dll 3Dfx Mini Driver
opengl32.dll OpenGL
^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
file name    name to see listed in the game

	Now, save the file and Half-Life should let you run OpenGL
how Quake II did it or how it should be done with your manufacturer's
own Open GL file. So, start up Half-Life, and go to the Video Mode
selection. Now, select Open GL. To the left, it should give you a
box listing choice. The box is left on Default if it's not messed
with. Now, click the down button arrow and choose OpenGL, or whatever
you named it back in the drvmap.txt. Hint: It's not going to be the
choices Default or 3Dfx Mini Driver. It should be what you named it
in the drvmap.txt. Now run the game and it should be accelerated in 
Open GL.

[]: Screen Not Aligned
	Whenever you play, and you start up the game, the viewing area
screen slides like an inch off from the regular windows setting, and
you need to re-adjust the screen. Well, it may have to do with your
refresh rate. People with two video cards, like a primary 2D card and
a 3D card, would likely to see this problem. It is because two of the
video cards are using the same refresh rate. To try and fix this
problem, you need to assign one of the video card a different refresh

[]: TNT
	Please get the reference drivers (Detonator) for your TNT boards.
The URL is:
so that the game would work at its best for your Open GL hardware

	There's a site out there that have TNT tweaks, especially for

	When switching between Open GL and D3D with a TNT card, decals
may not display correctly. To fix this, type this in the console:
gl_polyoffset 4

[]: Video Tearing
	When running the game under hardware rendering, sometimes,
there are tearing and lines cut from here to there. There are several
reasons why:
1. Fast Refresh Rates
2. V-Sync enabled
3. Old non-up-to-date video drivers
4. The game itself

	To fix problem one, lower the refresh rate, by right click on
Desktop-> Properties. To solved problem two, disable V-Sync. To solve
problem three, get updated drivers from your video manufacturer's web
site. To fix problem four, enter this in the console (only if you're
running D3D or OpenGL hardware acceleration mode):
gl_keeptjunctions 1

[]: Video Too Dark
	If the video settings are too dark and you can't see anything,
then you can try and up the brightness on your monitor's settings. If
that doesn't help, then try these two commands in the console:
gamma #
brightness #
# = any number from 0 through whatever. 0 = dark, 5 = 5x brighter,
etc... Do not try double digits/triple digits until you tried up to 9
and still say it's dark...

[]: Visual Enhancements
	Anthony "Reverend" Tan, devoted some of his time to create a good
guide, of telling what variables are good for your PC and to enjoy the
game to be used with Half-Life. Better known as 'tweaks', which are to
find the best configurations and to take advantages of their usage to
make the game a better way to play it than before. Based on Voodoo 2
results. It'll work with other video cards, but results will vary.
HALF-LIFE Visuals Tweak Guide at:

[6.7]: Virus
	This one word makes the computer go nuts! Okay, I've seen a few
problems. Some of the problems, like can't upgrade to v1.0.0.8 or
can't run game because hlds.exe is incorrect version, etc... This
is a result of a virus on your computer. Yes. There is a virus on your
computer. Don't doubt me. But if your current virus scanner don't see
any virus whatsoever, you should get one that is the latest. You can
get a good virus checker at: Here's a quicker and
faster way to get rid of the WinCIH virus if you know you got this one: Go there and it will have
instructions on how to use the cleancih.exe to clean out all the
WinCIH viruses.

	Please be aware, that this is the main cause of why it gives you
that message that hlds.exe is corrupted or incorrect version, etc. The
virus that you may be looking for is the WinCIH virus. It alters
program files and changes the file not to resemble itself anymore. The
programs will continue to work, but it is best to remove this WinCIH
virus ASAP. This CIH virus can be cleaned. Other than that, there can
be other viruses that can affect Half-Life.

	Here's a short information on the WinCIH virus:
There are three variants (1.2, 1.3 and 1.4) of Win95.CIH virus. These 
variants can be identified from the text string present in the virus 
code. The variants 1.2 and 1.4 are reported to be in the wild and 
spreading. Win95.CIH.1.2 and 1.3 do the damage on 26th of April only
and Win95.CIH.1.4 does it on the 26th every month. Win95.CIH.1.4 is
also the most frequently reported variant.


[7.1]: Enhance Sound Effects
	Okay, this isn't none of those hidden stuff that Microsoft
slapped into their OS or is this trick new. It's been there forever,
so it's not new. You can try to get 3D sound by going to Start Menu->
Programs-> Accessories-> Entertainment-> Volume Control-> Advanced.
Under Advanced Controls for Volume Control, go under the
'Other controls' and it should have a box and have an option for
"3D Effect Enable". Check this box and get ready to be amazed like
I did. Some other sound cards have different options, but be sure to
check it out what it got to offer.

	If you don't have Volume Control, then go and grab your
Windows 9x CD-ROM, stick it into your drive, Go to Start Menu->
Settings-> Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs-> Windows Setup->
Multimedia-> Volume Control (check it)-> Apply.

	Some sound cards may give you this option, so it's all up to
your sound card. If you don't see the 3D Effect Enable option, then
that means that your sound card can't do 3D effects, or somewhat.

[7.2]: Half-Life Tweaks
	Here are some Half-Life tweaks to try out.

[7.2.1]: Autoexec.cfg
	It is recommended that you should create a cfg file, let it be
autoexec.cfg so that it can load some of tweaking commands or anything
for Half-Life. This would save your butt from typing repeated commands
that you always want to use when playing Half-Life. Take a look at
section 4.1.

[7.2.2]: Multi-Player
	Here are some tips and tweaks to get some improvements out of
MP online:

	To see what's your lag, in a graph format, access the console
(follow section 3.5: Console, to find out how to get it). Now, type
this in the console: r_netgraph 1
Green represents lag, red represents data lost, and yellow represents
late data. To turn off the lag graph, type in this: r_netgraph 0

	To mess around with your connection to improve it, access the
console. Now type this in the console: rate xxxx
Where xxxx=any four digit number, prefer around 2600-4800 for analog
modem users, and 4800+ for higher/quality/digital connections like
ISDNs, T1s, etc. 2600=28.8 modem, 4800=56k modem. If the rate is set
lower than your connection is at, say if you have a 56k modem, it is
unwise to put rate at 2600. You got twice the 28.8 modem connection,
so put rate as 4800. If you do set the rate lower, then that means
that there's a possibility that you're going to get yellow lines in the
netgraph. To reduce yellow lines, raise the rate xxxx higher than it

	To add more to the rate xxxx command, there's a command to try
and produce negative lag, trying to lower it. Bring down the console,
and type this in: pushlatency -xxx
Where -xxx=any digit number, prefer 1/10th of your rate xxxx. Example:
in game rate 4800. Put the -xxx to 480. So this is what the command
would look like this in the console: pushlatency -480

	To limit how much data would be sent to you, there's a command
to limit how much should be sent. The command in console is:
fps_modem xx
Where xx=any double digit number, designed for how much fps you should
get to have a good game. Put it to 20 or something. Remember, whatever
number you put, that's how much fps you are going to get. And that's
the limit fps you're going to see. If you put 10 for the fps_modem,
then you're going to get maximum of 10 fps for the duration of your
game play. Don't be stupid and assign the number like 50. If you do,
don't be surprised if your ping jumps up. The lower the number, the
lower the lag.

	Another thing that is very good, is to disable pretty looking
gratifies. Yes, I'm talking about the ones that you have to download,
especially when you just enter the game, and then find out that you
are downloading other people's decals, which lagged and bogged your
connection down. To disable this annoying feature, then type this into
the console:  r_decals 0
But, if you want to see some decals, it's best to set r_decals to a
low number. I have mine set to r_decals 128, meaning that the game will
only allow 128 decals to be present in the game at the whole time. If
decals reach the max, then they will clear from the memory and would
just keep cycling through and through. Kind of like if you run out of
memory, then it will remove the first decal and let the latest decal
appear. You must have at least v1.0.0.8 to do this if you want to set
a limit on decals.

	The last and best thing to stop lag, especially just connecting
to the server is use this command: cl_download_ingame "0"
This disables all decal downloads. It's that little orange bar that
is under your health, that downloads decals, which is annoying and
lags you to death if you're just joining the game, or someone who just
joined the game.

	If you want to try and tweak your connection quality, please
take a visit to section 7.3.1 for Bandwidth. This would be the
last thing to do before you go crazy.

[7.2.3]: Parameters
	How to use these parameters are easy. To do this, for example:
Start Menu-> Run. Type in: C:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -
Example: C:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -noip

This enables 32-bit true color mode rendering of the game. You must
have v1.0.0.9+ patch for Half-Life in order to do this.

This enables the usage of the console, where commands can be used
and to tweak some commands that can alter the game to be more
efficient or degrade to he||. This also skips the two short movie

This enables Direct3D hardware rendering mode. This command is only
available from v1.0.0.9+ patches.

This is "developer" mode. It just prints out a lot of developer
debug messages. Not recommended to use it, because it eats up some CPU
power to display those commands when you don't really need to see it.
So don't use this command unless you want to troubleshoot Half-Life.

This runs Half-Life in full screen mode.

This runs the demo in Game Gauge mode. This is a benchmark utility that
runs a demo as fast as possible and stores the framerate in a file
called fps.txt in the Half-Life directory. Where  is the
demo that you used to record during a gamin session or downloaded off
the internet. When typing in the  part, leave out the
three letter extension.

This enables Open GL hardware rendering mode. Use the -gldrv command
too if using this command.

This selects the Open GL driver. The two choices are "Default",
"3dfxgl.dll" and any other driver(s) listed in the drvmap.txt.

-heapsize x
Where x is how much RAM you got. Say you got 32 MB of RAM. Replace
x with 16384. Don't be foolish and replace the x with more than what
you got in RAM. People with more than 64 MB of RAM sometimes feel that
it's not using the RAM being supplied. Well, they're right. This
command invokes to show Half-Life all the RAM that you have and it
can be used. The reason with half of the RAM you got, because Windows
would already used half your RAM for it's OS. Putting it to 32768
wouldn't do anything.

This is to skip the two avi's in the beginning.

This is useful when you get that D.U.N. box to go away and to give
you no IP address. Remove this command whenever playing on the
internet. If not, then you will fail to connect to any servers.

This is only to remove that annoying IPX error crap whenever starting
up Half-Life all the time. Put this in and you don't have to see the
IPX error any more.

This is very useful and great. Instead of the in game Half-Life server
browser's green dots used, it will then instead be replaced by numbers
of latency, as in pings. Only available in v1.0.0.8 or later versions
of Half-Life.

-port 27016
This allows you to play on your own server after running HLDS.exe.
This assigns HL.exe port 27016, so that it won't conflict with
HLDS.exe's port 27016 (defaulted). Use this whenever you want to play
on your own dedicated server.

This enables Half-Life to be rendered in software mode.

This enables Half-Life to start in a window mode, instead of 

When this is used, upon launching Half-Life, it would bring you to the
console the first thing, no intro movies or the menu, just the console.

This disables Direct Sound and plays SFX in wav files. A fix for some
sound cards that have stuttering problems. Also removes that annoying
"no directsound driver" error message when loading up Half-Life. Use
this command if you get that error message, besides, you don't have
directsound drivers, so just use this command.

-w <#>
This sets the video mode display width. Where <#> is the width in
pixels of desired video mode display.

This enables Half-Life to start in a window mode, instead of

[7.3]: PC Tweaks
	Here are some tips/tricks on how to speed up your PC before you
go out and spend a fortune to upgrade to get more speed out of your PC.

[7.3.1]: Bandwidth
	Here's a good link to a site that have some good internet tweaks
and information for you:
Visit it, and it should get you going about internet tweaks to make
your connection better/faster, although not guaranteed. But it's worth
a try.

	Even though this web page is meant for cable modem tweakings, it
can also be used for other high bandwidth connections. Here's the site:

[7.3.2]: Windows 9x
	Here are some quick PC performances at the last moment to speed
things up before you go insane. For even more tweaks, visit these site:

[]: Defrag
	Defrag is going to be your favorite word. If you don't know 
what this word means, take a dictionary and look up the word 
'defragment'. But if you can't find the word, look for 'fragment' and 
take the opposite of that word and you should find out what I mean.

	To get to the point, do the following:
Start Menu-> Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> Disk Defragmenter

This would rearrange files to a big piece so that the files aren't
spread everywhere on the HDD, shortening the HDD's life span. Make sure
you do 'full defragmentation' if you decide to go into Options.

	If you have two HDD, then go to the section to find
out a tip.

[]: ScanDisk
	Before doing anything else, first let's clean off any errors
on your HDD before doing other things. You need to clean off errors
before doing anything else because the errors would still exist after
you do anything else. So, let's use ScanDisk, found at:
Start Menu-> Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> ScanDisk

	After loading ScanDisk, make sure you select the option
'Standard' under 'Type of Test'. Also, make sure you check every HDD
listed in the box. Now, click the button 'Advanced...' and enable the
following recommended options:
1. Display Summary: Always
2. Log File: No Log
3. Cross-Linked Files: Delete
4. Lost File Fragments: Free
5. Check Files For: Invalid File Names
                    Invalid Dates And Times
			  Duplicate Names

	Run ScanDisk with those options enabled and fix any errors that
are given. Always delete cross-linked files, always free up lost file
fragments, and always fix invalid things. Most of these errors are
useless to bring them back, so do what's best for your HDD(s).

[]: Turn Them Off
	In no way should any other programs run in the background when
playing any games. It is ridiculous, unless you want it to and take up
valuable resources and speed away from the game. You want everything
dedicated to your game and only your game. So shut down everything in
the background, even your desktop wallpaper - yes, those take up
memory. Put the background to none should do the trick. To shut down
anything that runs in the background, give it the three finger salute:
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del]. Close everything except Explorer and Systray.

[]: Virtual Memory
Virtual Memory is the next in line if your RAM fails to hold
the information. This is kind of a bad thing. Virtual Mem. is slow,
because it is cached on your HDD. But another bad thing is that
Microsoft programmed it to resize it whenever it thinks it needs more

	To take care of your Virtual Mem., create a solid file for it
to use. Do the following:
My Computer-> (right click) Properties-> Performance tab-> 
Virtual Memory-> Let me specify my own virtual memory settings

	For the Hard disk, if you have two, select where the swap file 
should be. To make this decision easier, put it on the HDD that is not 
the one running your game. If you have one, you have no choice, but to 
leave it as C drive.

	For the Minimum and Maximum variable, put it as the same
number for both. It depends on how much free space you have on the HDD
that you're putting the swap file on. Putting 200 MB worth and
dedicated to VM would be nice. Do it if you can. If you can't, 80 to
100 should do it. A minimum of 40 would do it, but it might spring up
an error message saying that there are none left for VM, so put at
least 80 MB of VM.

	For you people that have more than one HDD, defrag the HDD that
would be the source of the VM swap file. To do this, change your swap 
file to the other HDD. This would clear any obstacles stopping the
speeding access of the VM swap file. If there's a solid swap file that
you've created long time ago, delete it after changing the HDD. Windows
seems to leave it behind sometimes and don't delete it. To do this, do
it in DOS, not DOS-Prompt.

[7.3]: Updates
	Some update suggestions.

[7.3.1]: Drivers
	It is always wise to update old and outdated drivers with the
newest and latest drivers if possible. It is always a solution if
something doesn't work. Drivers do fix glitches and may speed up
the hardware(s) associated with the drivers, especially video cards.
That's where you see drivers affect the most.

[7.3.2]: Half-Life
	It's always wise to update Half-Life. It's recommended that you
update Half-Life to at least v1.0.0.6 if you're just only playing
single-player mode. For those who plays on the internet, then that
that would mean that you are required to get the latest patch, which is

[7.3.3]: PC
	Well, this is all opinion right here. It's the deciding factor
for games to run better and smoother if you got the budget to do so.
Upgrading your computer is a nice thing, with new hardware to run the
latest games. If you have a low budget, consider a RAM update, and then
a video card update, considering if you have at least a Pentium MMX that

	To me, a decent video card, like a Voodoo or TNT card would do
fine. Having at least 64 MB of RAM should also be a must. For the CPU,
it should be more than a Pentium 200 MMX to get some juice out of the
game. It's not recommended to have A3D sound card to accelerate sound
FXs, because it takes some % of CPU power to give you good sound FXs.
So turn them off or avoid getting them, if you have a low end PC. Now,
if you have a monster speeding PC, then that's another story.


[8.1]: Forums
-newsgroup for Half-Life
-newsgroup for Half-Life: Team Fortress Classic
-newsgroup for Half-Life binary files
-forum for planethalflife web site
-official Half-Life forum from Sierra

[8.2]: Utilities
-EGN: Game ping/list program

-GameSpy: Game ping/list program

-Half-Life Blowout Timedemo

-Half-Life Timedemo

-ICQ: A message/pager/chat program, used to keep in touch with friends

-PingTool: Pinging program

[8.3]: Web Sites
-dedicated to Half-Life maps
-dedicated to building Half-Life maps
-Half-Life tutorials for creating maps
-dedicated to Half-Life
-dedicated to Half-Life, site A.K.A.
-models for Half-Life multiplayer
-dedicated to SP and MP maps for Half-Life
-spray painting (graffiti)
-dedicated to building Half-Life maps
-dedicated to Half-Life
-dedicated to Half-Life info
-dedicated to Team Fortress Classic maps

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