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Half-Life (e)

Halflife Strategy Guide 

§ Author

Author: Stijn Bolle
Version: 1.1

§ Copyright

- None of this file may be copied or ditributed without giving me credit.

§ Index

1 Updates
2 Introduction
3 Multiplayer Tactics & Strategies
  3.1 Starting
  3.2 Controls
  3.3 Using Sound
  3.4 The Level starts
  3.5 The kind of players are there out there and how to deal with them
  3.6 What player do you want to be ? (Under Construction)
4 Weapons Guide
  4.1 Crowbar
  4.2 9mm Pistol
  4.3 .357 Magnum
  4.4 Sub-Machine Gun
  4.5 Shotgun
  4.6 Crossbow
  4.7 R.P.G.
  4.8 Gauss Gun
  4.9 Egon Gun
  4.10 Hive Hand
  4.11 Trip Mines
  4.12 Satchel Charges
  4.13 Grenades
  4.14 Snarks
  4.15 Long Jump Module
5 Cheats
  6.1 Necessary Downloads
  6.2 Maps
  6.3 Themes\Sound\Other
7 Links (Under Construction)
8 Soon
9 Author

- All of the information noted here can be read online with screenshot
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§ Strategy Guide

1 Updates

*** Version 1.1

"Index" has been added
Some Spelling Corrections
The "Kind of Players" section has been added
The Downloads Section has been added
The Links Section has been added

2 Introduction

- I wrote this strategy guide for beginning to advanced players. You will
read about simple tactics and strategies, but also about very advanced ones,
that only the best players can perform. If you're able to use and perform
everything written in this Strategy Guide, you may consider yourself as a
"full-grown" half life player, ready to "kick some ass"

- I would consider myslf as an advanced player. I also have multiplayer
experience with Outlaws, Jedi Knights, Unreal, Quake & Quake 2. Because I
live in Belgium, It's rather hard to play over the internet (Lag & high
telephone costs). Still, I have a 3-computer lan network at home which
comes pretty close to the real thing.

- I like Half Life very much. Not only because of the thrilling singleplayer
games, but also because of the intensive multiplayer games. The game leaves
much more space for creativity than for example Quake 2. The weapons in Half
Life are strong nor fast and that means even less advanced players can
survive for a while. You also have a lot of grenades and items like trip
mines allow you to create some traps for other players.

- For more information, surf to where you can also
find special half life files to increase you multiplayer games and find a lot
of other files & info.

- Have fun and don't hesitate to e-mail new information or additions at

3 Multiplayer Tactics & Strategies

3.1 Starting

A How good am I ?
- No Single Player game can compare the real intense gameplay from a
adrenaline-filled multiplayer game. Multiplayer Games are fun, but also
extremely fast and difficult. No second chances. Before you rush into
multiplayer games, continue reading first.

B Modem & Connection Requirements 
- There's another aspect that make multiplayer games different. If you don't
have a good internet connection, you will always lose, it doesn't matter how
good you are or how fast your computer is. The minimum modem is a 33.6. This
REALLY is the minimum. There's no big chance the game run fluid, but it just
may do on a local server.

- On the other hand, having a fast modem doesn't garantee fast multiplayer
games. There's also something called lags. This means if you're playing on a
server on the other end of the world, the game will run slower. If you're
playing on a server near to you, the game will run more fluid. Still, this
isn't always true, because there are fast and slower servers, no matter if
they're near or not.

C Measuring a server's speed 
- You really should download the program Gamespy (
This program won't only show the ping times (the lags), it will also list all
servers currently running half life games. Simply choose the game with the
least number of lag. A server with a ping rate from 200 will run very smooth,
but a ping rate from 400 or higher will cause the game to be unplayable. 

D Computer Requirements
- If the game runs smooth on your computer in singleplayer, there's a big
chance the game will run fine in multiplayer. The modem really does
everything in multiplayer games. To improve your modem connection, download
the Lowping File from my site (see the downloads section further this file)
to improve your internet connection.

3.2 Controls

- There's no such thing as ideal controls, but still, some people get much
more advantage from their controls than others. Aiming with the mouse for
example is a must. There are some people that stick to their keyboard (like I
used to do once). Using the mouse will always allow you to aim better and
quicker, no matter what others say. 

- I really think you should try to find you own way of controlling the game,
but if you really can't do all the movements you want, you might try my
configuration. (Azerty Keyboard, if you have a qwerty keyboard, replace Z
with W and Q with A)

Z = move forward (left hand, middle finger)
S = move backward (left hand, middle finger)
Q = strafe left (left hand, ring finger)
D = strafe right (left hand, index finger)
Shift = Duck (left hand, little finger)
Space = Jump (left hand, thumb)
Mouse = Aim (right hand)
Left Mouse Button = Primary Fire (right hand, index finger)
Middle Mouse Button = Cycle Weapons (right hand, middle finger)
Right Mouse Button = Secondary Fire (right hand, ring finger)

- I can duck or jump anytime I want using this configuration. I don't use a
turn left or turn right key, I simply move forward while moving the mouse
left or right to turn. I can quickly pop up from around a corner, fire a shot
and disappear again a second later using the strafe keys.

- If you use this configuration, you can also easily do circle strafing,
this means you turn around an opponent in a perfect circle, while your gun
points at your opponent all the time. Simply keep right strafe pressed and
move the mouse to the left a bit every 0,5 seconds. This sounds maybe
difficult, but try as written here and you will succeed. Circle Strafing is
very often used in multiplayer games, because it allows you to avoid the
opponent's fire, while still aiming at him.

- You don't need to copy this controls to become a good player. Just make
sure you can perform all the techniques described above using your
configuration and it will work out fine too.

3.3 Using Sound

A Why use sound ?
- A far underestimated aspect of multiplayer games is the use of sound. Sound
will give you a lot of information about the opponent. Is he far or near ?
Which weapon is he currently carrying ? Of course, you get the best effects
if you have a 3D sound surround system. This will leave no doubt about the
coordinates of the opponent. If you don't have such a thing (like I do), you
have to guess a bit. 

B I hear someone approaching.
- If you hear someone approaching that is unaware of your position, you can
consider hiding behind a wall or behind a crate and take him out from behind.
You can also use a grenade, a satchel or some snarks to suprise him. Keep in
mind that when you select the snarks, they often make a little sound you're
opponent can hear and he will be warned then.  

C Footsteps
- Make sure when you start a multiplayer game (when you're the host) that
you enable the footsteps. This will allow you to hear the footsteps of your
opponent. If you're running around in a not so crowded multiplayer game and
you suddenly hear footsteps very near, stand still at once. Your opponent
will maybe have heard them too, but because you're standing still he thinks
he heard his own footsteps. If he does the same, simply wait until he moves
again while trying to find out were he's hiding.

- Still you don't have to stand still. You can crouch while moving forward.
You will move forward very slow, but this can't be heard by your opponent. If
he's listening if he doesn't hear you, simply try to sneak up on him using
yhis technique. Very few people now crouching while moving forward disables
footsteps, keep this technique for yourself, becaue this can be a great
advantage in levels where you have to sneak around a lot.

3.4 The Level Starts
- Finally, the multiplayer level starts. You shouldn't start hunting for
players at once (unless you're playing with 16 or more). Try to find some
good weapons first and get as much armor as you can. I always go look for the
long jump module too, because I feel safer while having it.

- I hope you studied the level a bit before playing. Go look for some strong
weapons and try to find the enemy then. Try to take him out, while he's only
having a pistol. Listen carefully if you hear any footsteps. If you should be
confronted with another player while only having the pistol, simply use the
secondary fire function and empty all your ammo at his head. If you can't
take him out, flee.

3.5 The kind of players are there out there and how to deal with them

- When you play multiplayer games, logically, there are opponents. The nice
thing about multiplayer games is that they can be very suprising, since no
AI Routine can match the capriciousness of a Human Mind. That's why there
are so many different playing styles. In this section, I'll try to explain
some styles and how to deal with them.

- Keep in mind that I invented all the terms to describe Player Types, so
don't use talk about Hot Shots and Mister Ambush, because people who haven't
read this Strategy Guide won't understand it. 

A Sitting Duck

- This player never thinks, he just runs like a whirlwind in every room and
never thinks. His aim is to damage you as much as possible, not kill you. If
there's too much shooting, he hides in a corner until everything is back
calm, a real beginner ! The Sitting Duck usually doesn't know the level,
so he runs a bit around on places hes never seen before, a bit of
sightseeing and then BANG !

- He's very easy to kill. Usually, he doesn't know nothing about strafing or
circle-strafing, so simply take a good shot at him and he goes down.

B Fragger

- A Fragger (to frag = to get a kill) is someone who only tries to get as
much kills as possible. He does a lot of running around and always uses the
best weapons to kill everyone off quickly, mostly the secondary fire of the
Sub-Machine Gun (a grenade). He first goes looking for some armor and then
he tries to clean the entire level, while he stays near respawning places for
easy kills. Fraggers are extremely dangerous persons since they're the type
that can kill you with a blink of their eyes. They don't care about health
or weapons. They use everything they have and if they get killed: "So What ?"
they just start over again. If a camper hasn't much health left, he won't go
looking for new one, only if he would accidently bump into some, but he will
go for one more frag instead for health.

- A Fragger can be hard to kill. If he's used to Quake 2 Games, he's tried
to accurate response to your fire. He stays cool in massive fire fights and
has a good aim. Try to get him from the back or lure him into an ambush.
Since he tries to get as much frags as he can, you can easily lure him with
some weapon sounds.

C Hot-Shot

- A Hot-Shot is a very enerving and nervous person. He can aim very quickly
and likes to jump and duck around you all the time. He doesn't need strong
weapon, since he tries to get as close to you and then perform a combination
of ducking, strafing and jumping so you can't aim at him. This is the most
annoying person to meet. I really hate it when someone kills me by jumping
around me all the time, so I do a lot of misses. These players often have
strange and wacky player models, like Homer.

- A hot-shot is really hard to hit. I always switch to weapons that do
radial damage. You will lose your health, but when you think you can hit the
hot-shot, jump backwards while firing to finish him off. If you don't think
you're fast enough to beat a hot-shot try to shoot from a high position with
a weapon that does radial damage. A crossbow can't be used with these players
because their moving all the time.

D Camper

- A camper is someone that always stay at places where there are a lot of
weapons. He doesn't like to lose health or to have bad weapons. He always
wants to be sure of his kills although he doesn't get much kills if he
alwaus stays at the same place. A smart camper doesn't exactly stay at a
weapons spot. If the weapon is lying in a room, he will hide behind a wall or
a crate and get you as soon as you're going to take the weapon. The most
annoying campers are the one at a higher place guarding a crossbow or other
good weapons (like the crossbow weapon spot at the map Bounce, high in the
air). Usually, there's always a back-door to take him out, but not in the
map bounce, so that's really annoying. Having a camper in team play can be
very usefull, because you can use that camping place at a basis then, where
you know you're safe. A camper also usually knows where to find every weapon
on any level.

- Campers can be hard to take out. If they're hiding at their camping place,
they're hard to spot. But they can trick you once, not twice. If you know
where they're camping, you really should be able to take them out the second
time. If the camper is camping near a reswapning place, report this to other
players to take him out a few times in group. It really sucks to be killed
all the time one second after your revival. mmm, maybe hot-shots are the
most annoying ones, the campers get a pretty good score in annoying too.

E Sniper

- The sniper is some sort of camper, only he doesn't guard a place, he wants
a place to be safe and calmly take out some enemies out without being hit or
spotted. A sniper usually uses the crossbow or the secondary fire mode of the
Magnum. A smart sniper won't always stay at the same place, onca he's spotted
he'll go look for another place. A sniper doesn't like trouble and mostly
isn't good at one-to-one combat. He doesn't have the reflexes or cannot
strafe and jump at the same time, he's very slow. Still, a smart sniper
can do a lot of kills, especially when you're hidden in a very huge, open
area where they're re a ot of places the sniper could be hidden.

- A Sniper isn't that hard to take out. If he shoots at you and misfires with
the crossbow, you'll hear a little "poooiiing" next to you. If you get the
chance, look at the way the arrow is stuck in the ground, this can give you
information about the position of the sniper. Then, if you're sure where he's
hiding, shoot with a lot of weapons that do radial damage to his direction
or throw a grenade. If that doesn't work, hide behind something. As soon as
the sniper thinks you're gone (OK, you do not know what he thinks, but you
can guess a bit), you move from behind the wall and take a good shot at him
while he's not hidden. Because the sniper doesn't have such great reflexes,
there's a big chance you hit him. You can also aim with your crossbow while
you're ducking behind a crate or wall and then quickly stand up to fire at

F Mister Ambush

- Mister Ambush can also be a combination of other player types. It's the
type of person that quickly drops satchels while you're running behind him
or lures you into a room with a lot of well-placed tripmines. You won't meet
this player types in Quake 2 because they're simply no weapons to perform the
mister Ambush technique. But, this is Half Life and it sure gives you the
opportunity to perform some neat tricks (more on neat tricks further on this
file). I won't go deeper into the special ambush tricks now, I'll tell you
more later.

- Getting Mr Ambush is quite hard. There are some many possible tactics for
Mr Ambush, I won't explain them all right now, continue reading further and
get a look at specific ambush situations to come up with a solution.
Especially sound is important. When you're running behind someone and
suddenly you don't hear no footsteps anymore when he disappears around a
corner, you can be sure he's waiting there for you.

G Mister Perfect

- Ok, I you use a bit from a all playing kinds above, you become the perfect
player. The most perfect player is the one that has perfect control of his
controls (hot-shot), can do a lot of fragging at once (fragger), knows all
the ins and outs of the level (camper). He is flexible in all situations
and isn't afraid of some mean strategic tactics (Mister Ambush). Of course,
if you want to become Mr Perfect, you need a very good aim (Sniper) and you
are not afraid to take risks at cost of health. The only category you don't
have to get some experience from, is the Sitting Duck, but I guess you al-
ready knew that :)

- Mister Perfect is extremely hard to get. Just look at some Quake 2 demos
of players like Immortal (although he'll quit multiplayer gaming) and Thresh

- I'm a bit a mix of a Mister Ambush, Sniper & Fragger. I'm pretty good
at using traps and neat tactics and I can do a lot of quick movement and
shooting, but when I'm with 5 people in a little room, I mostly lose control
of the situation and die.

3.5 What player do you want to be ?

A Sitting Duck

- I don't think I have to explain how to become a sitting duck. You have ALL
been a sitting duck once (your multiplayer games). So please, quickly pass
this stage and move on.

B Fragger

- If you really like to be hated by other players, try the respawning hunting
strategy. Hide near a spot where people of respawn and take the opponent out
as soon as he appears. You can also place a satchel and detonate it as soon
as someone respawns. This is incredibly cheap, but if you're really looking
for some easy frags, use this strategy.

C Hot-Shot


D\E Camper\Sniper

- I shouldn't suggest using this strategy, but you can do whatever you like,
I'm only providing this information. Camping means, you stay at the same spot
all the time, guarding a very important place (weapons, armor, ...). I really
dislike players doing this and it doesn't make you popular, but if you really
want to do it, I have some hints:

- Search for a high place, you can take out all players then. Especially
while having the crossbow, it will be hard for opponents to take you out.
Make sure, you can hide too somewhere, because someone may be sniping at you
from down there, somewhere.

- The standard half life levels often have another entrance to high towers,
giving the players the possibility to take out sniper of campers using
another entrance. Make sure you cover all entrances. If there are two
entrances, put some satchels at one, while guarding the other. This will make
it a bit harder for your opponent to get to you. As soon as you hear an
opponent near the second entrance, switch to the satchels and detonate.

- An even easier way is using trip mines. This allows you to block off even
more than 1 entrance, but keep in mind your opponent can shoot the tripmines
from distance and make them explode (but he'll lose the suprise effect), so
place the just around the corner. Of course, you won't lure you opponent
twice with this trick.

F Mister Abush


G Mister Perfect


4 Weapons Guide

4.1 Crowbar

Primary Fire: Crowbar Slash
Secondary Fire: None
Hitting Rate: 4 hits per second
Damage: 25% per hit (75% headshot)
Shots before reloading: None
Maximum Ammo: Unlimited
Which Enemies attack with it ? Sound dogs, zombie scientists, head crabs,
                               baby headcrabs, roof barnacle   

A Singleplayer

- The crowbar is extremely important in singleplayer. You need to use the
crowbar to break open all crates you find, that's saves you a lot of ammo. If
you have a good timing, you can kill headcrabs with it and sound dogs (there
are 4 seconds before they launch the sound wave). You even shouldn't waste
ammo on the zombie scientists. Simply dash forward and hit him 3 times. Move
back as he tries to hit you with his arms (one after each other). Then dash
forward again and finish him off. To kill headcrabs, move forward to them,
causing them to jump at you. Strafe right or left to avoid him and place a
quick (but deadly) hit before they can attack you again.

- If you've mastered the headcrab timing, you can also kill the roof barnacle
without losing ammo. ONLY when they're not to high, let them suck you up and
just before it will drain health, hit it with the crowbar. You will fall back
down with the intestines of the dead barnacle next to you. :)

- Anytime you get the change to sneak on an enemy from behind, you can easily
hit it 3 or 4 times before it will react. Aim for the head for triple damage
and you'll finish him off.

- The crowbar is also one of the only weapons that can be used under water.
Use it if you need to.

B Multiplayer

- The crowbar is also a far underestimated weapon in multiplayer games. Use
this weapon to sneak up on enemies and aim for their head. Keep in mind that
you can hit him 3 or 4 times in one second.

- If you're in a narrow area and the enemy can't strafe, the crowbar is the
most effective weapon. Just aim for the head.

- If you should be out of ammo, use the crowbar to sneak around looking for
ammo, but never go to open places, because you'll be dead meat there.

4.2 9mm Pistol

Primary Fire: Normal Fire
Secondary Fire: Faster Fire
Firing Rate: 3 shots per second (primary), 5 per second (secondary)
Damage: 12% per hit (36% headshot)
Shots before reloading: 18
Maximum Ammo: 250
Which Enemies attack with it ? sound dogs, zombie scientists, head crabs,
                               baby headcrabs, bull chicken, roof barnacle   

A Singleplayer

- Although it's the default weapon, you can store lots of ammo. Use it to
take out the little enemies, but don't waste all your ammo on the big ones
unless you use headshots.

- If you really have lots of ammo, you can use it instead of the crowbar to
break open all crates and finish off the easy enemies.

- If you're really out of ammo, you might consider killing one of the
security guards that fights along with you, because he uses that weapon too.

B Multiplayer

- This wapon can be used to to sneak up on enemies. If you use the secondary
function, a few headshots from behind will finish your opponent off.

- If you really have nothing better, you can use it from distance too, but
use it to cover yourself from followers instead of hitting the person. It's
also a ice weapon to lure enemies with sound, especially, when you're walking
on some sort of terrain everyone recognizes. Simply keep shooting with the
secondary function.

4.3 .357 Magnum

Primary Fire: Normal Fire
Secondary Fire: Sniper Mode
Firing Rate: 2 shots per second
Damage: 40% per hit (120% headshot)
Shots before reloading: 6
Maximum Ammo: 30
Which Enemies attack with it ? Use it to snipe on bigger enemies when you
                               don't have the crossbow.   

A Singleplayer

- The magnum is one of the most powerfull weapons in the game. A headshot
will cause 120% damage. Don't waste your ammo on little enemies, use your
pistol there. Use the magnum's secondary function to snipe on bigger enemies
when you want to save your crossbow.

B Multiplayer

- Although the magnum sounds like to be a great weapon, there's also a
disadvantage hidden in this sentence. There's quite some noise while shooting
and shots can be heard all around the area. You only have 6 bullets before
you have to reload and due to the long reloading time (at least 6 seconds),
you will be an easy target.

- The magnum is almost as good for sniping as the crossbow and sometimes even
better, because when you're sniping with the crossbow and someone attacks you
from the back, it's hard to take him out because the crosbow has explosive
charges. That's no problem with the magnum.

- When you snipe with the magnum, you see a little red laser dot. Enemies
can't see this (it's no dot like the RPG), so you can aim carefully and take
opponents out without them noticing you nor the red dot.

4.4 Sub-Machine Gun

Primary Fire: Normal Fire
Secondary Fire: Grenade
Firing Rate: 12 shots per second
Damage: 12% per hit (36% headshot)
Shots before reloading: 50
Maximum Ammo: 250
Which Enemies attack with it ? Marines, Alien Slave, Bull Chicken & Alien

A Singleplayer

- The gun is one of my default weapons. You feel pretty safe when you're
dwelling around in buildings. Easy enemies can be taken out with the fast
primary function and the secondary funtion comes in handy when you meet some
tougher enemies.

- This gun can also be used to quick strafe from behind walls due to its fast
firing rate.

B Multiplayer

- If you aim for the head, you can quickly finish your opponent off. Enemies
jumping around can be taken down quickly because the fire response when you
pull the trigger is very accurate. The gun stores a lot of ammo and it has a
fast reloading time.

- The secondary function is quite handy too. When you're in the middle of a
bunch of fighting people, simply move a bit backwards and shoot a grenade
(secondary) to finish them all off.

- When you have to cover anyone in team play, this should be your favorite
pick too. The bullets have an unlimited range and the fast firing rate will
stop everyone from coming near. Quickly stand up from behind a crate and
empty your whole ammo storage. Your team mate will be safe before the
opponent gets the chance to take him down.

4.5 Shotgun

Primary Fire: Normal Fire
Secondary Fire: Double Fire
Firing Rate: 2 shots per second
Damage: 8% per bullet primary, 16% secondary (2 bullets)
Shots before reloading: 8
Maximum Ammo: 50
Which Enemies attack with it ? Alien Slave, Bull Chicken, Headcrabs, Marines

A Singleplayer

- Use the shotgun to take out the easy enemies. It's not powerfull enough to
take out bigger ones. Marines can be taken out with it using secondary
fighters and also sniper babes.

- Always reload after shooting enemies because the shotgun has quite a big
reloading time for an entire shell of 8 bullets.

B Multiplayer

- This is not quite the shotgun from Quake 2. Normally, a shotgun does a lot
of damage when you shoot an enemy very close to you. It isn't like that in
half life. The secondary function can inflict quite some damage, but this gun
shouldn't be used on open spaces. Use it in buildings where an enemy can
appear quickly. Then use the secondary function and aim for the head to kill
him off.

- The gun needs quite an reloading time, but keep in mind that you can shoot
while you're reloading the gun. So after shooting at an enemy, always reload
your gun (even if you're in a dangerous place) because you can shoot anytime
while reloading the gun. Do remember that the reloading will be aborted if
you fire during the reloading process.

4.6 Crossbow

Primary Fire: Normal Fire
Secondary Fire: Sniper Mode
Firing Rate: 2 shots per second
Damage: 60-100% per arrow (radial damage)
Shots before reloading: 5
Maximum Ammo: 50
Which Enemies attack with it ? Save the crossbow to take out big enemies
                               from distance.   

A Singleplayer

- In Singleplayer, the crossbow is less usefull than in multiplayer. In
singleplayer, use the explosiv blasts of the crossbow to take out enemies
from a little distance (not to close or you will hurt yourself), but the
secondary option will give your more advantage, because it allows you to
snipe and take out all the enemies from quite a distance.

- Make sure you're in a safe position while sniping, because it takes some
time to reload the bow.

B Multiplayer

- The crossbow surely is one of the weapon that is feared most in Multiplayer
The crossbow allows you to snipe from quiet some distance and there's almost
almost no sound that reveal your position.

- The Crossbow does radial damage when using the primary fire mode. That
means that (just like the Rocket Launcher in Quake 2), you better aim for the
floor near the opponent (using the primary function) and the xplosive blast
will damage your opponent. Aiming directly for the opponent is dangerous
because he can easily strafe away and take you out while you're reloading the

- Make sure you're sniping on a safe place, because when someone attacks you
from the back, you can't take him out with the crossbow because the blast
will hurt yourself too.

- It seems that the crossbow is often placed on places with a special sort of
underground so that opponents who are nearby can hear when someone is going
to get the crossbow. That's really handy to know because one aimed headshot
will kill you, even if you have some armor.

4.7 RPG

Primary Fire: Normal Fire
Secondary Fire: Disable\Enable Laser Dot
Firing Rate: 2 shots per second
Damage: 120% per shot (radial damage)
Shots before reloading: 1
Maximum Ammo: 5
Which Enemies attack with it ? Big & Tough Enemies   

A Singleplayer

- The RPG doesn't get used to much in singlepayer, only to waste the giant
monsters or to take out three marines standing together at the same time.

- That is really the greatest advantage of the RPG, it doest quite some
radial damage that will hurt grouped enemies. Never use the RPG in tight
places, because that will damage you as well.

B Multiplayer

- The RPG isn't used like most people think. It's not a rocket launcher (and
you sure can't do any rocket-jumping, only gauss jumping) The RPG can only be
used in open areas, where there are no hiding places. When you shoot with the
RPG, you can still move the red dot and the rocket will follow the dot. The
rocket goes very fast, so you can't make very tight corners with it.

- If you fire the RPG at someone, keep the dot over the runnning opponent and
it will hit him.

- The RPG has a very long (but cool looking) reloading time, so make sure,
you're somewhere safe. You usually get one try to shoot, because the
reloading time will take about 4 seconds and that will give your opponent
enough time to flee or take you out.

* Advanced Tactic: Disable the Laser Dot

- This isn't really an addvanced tactic, but is simply something some (even
advanced players) forget to do. Walking around with the rpg in multiplayer
often revals your position due to its red laser dot flying around all over
the level. Most players gtet easy located and killed then. Simply press the
secondary fire function and the laser dot will disabled, leaving you
invisible to all other players. The only disadvantage is that you won't be
able anymore to correct your shot after the rpg has been shot.

* Advanced Tactic: Shooting around walls

- You probably noticed already, if you move the laser dot while the missile
is in the air, you can still move its path. If you're sure someone is hiding
behind a wall, aim extremely left or right from the wall and when the rocket
reaches is almost at the same horizontal line as the wall, aim the laser dot
as fast as you can to the wall where you're opponnent is hiding and the
missile will move behind the wall.

- Of course, this asks some practice. If you have mastered it, you might also
consider learn to take out an enemy ducking behind a crate by sending the
missile high in the air, and then moving it down fast for a direct hit.

* Advanced Tactic: Moving the opponent's missile

- Half Life doesn't make a difference between different laser dots. That
means you can easily take over the missile of your opponent using your own
laser dot and aim it to him. This asks A LOT of practice and I succeeded only
once in performing this action (my opponent was extremely confused after my
action, he had no clue how I did that and he started to shout at me that I
was cheating, hehehe.

4.8 Gauss Gun

Primary Fire: Normal Fire
Secondary Fire: Load a blast
Firing Rate: 4 shots per second
Damage: 20% per shot
Shots before reloading: 100
Maximum Ammo: 100
Which Enemies attack with it ? None   

A Singleplayer

- I personally never use the Gauss Gun in Singleplayer, because it uses the
same ammo as the Egon Gun and as you probably know, the Egon Gun can do much
more damage and is much more effective against enemies.

- Still you can use the gauss jumping ability (sse further below), even in
Singleplayer. One great advantage of the gun is that there's no reloading
time, but be carefull when using the secondary funtion of the weapon. If you
keep it more than 11 seconds charged, it will be overheated and blow all in
your face. It would be wisely to release it a bit earlier.

B Multiplayer

- The Gauss Gun can be used to take out enemies from distant or near, but
especially the gauss jumping function is important (see lower) to get enemies
from your tail.

- It's an allround gun with very fast beams and no reloading time, but the
egon gun still always is better.

- Another ability of the gauss gun is the shooting through walls. If you
charge the gauss to its maximum, it's possible to shoot through thin walls,
causing more than 200% radial damage (kills everyone off). Still, you need a
perfect timing and sometimes, the beam reflects and when you stand to near to
the wall, you get hit yourself.

* Advanced Tactic: Gauss Jumping

- Guass Jumping is like rocket jumping in Quake 2, except for the less loss
of damage while gauss jumping. Gauss Jumping is also much easier than rocket
jumping. Simply hold the secondary fire function for six seconds, look to the
ground while walking or running and you will be launched extremely high in
the air.

- You shouldn't use this to avoid enemies, but to get to high places, where
you need to go through a lot of stairs otherwise. If you mastered the rocket
jump in Quake 2, you can master this very quick.

4.9 Egon Gun

Primary Fire: Normal Fire
Secondary Fire: None
Firing Rate: 5 cells per second
Damage: 100% if you keep it on an enemy for 1 full second.
Shots before reloading: 100
Maximum Ammo: 100
Which Enemies attack with it ? Use this gun to take out all the big enemies

A Singleplayer

- The Egon Gun is definetely the most powerful gun in the game. Its blue beam
cuts through everything in no time and has no reloading time. Save as much
ammo as you can and use it to out all big enemies easily. The Egon is
extremely powerful and the firing rate is even slower than the Gauss Gun.

B Multiplayer

- The Egon Gun cuts through players, just like the rail gun, so the Egon
should be jused in crowded places. Holding the egon one full second on an
opponent will finish him off. There's no distance limit and hitting a wall
will do radial damage. Carrying this gun around allows you to wander safely
and kill any opponent in your neigborhood.

- That's sounds fine, but what to do if someone else has the egon ? If you
see, someone has the egon, try to hide behind boxes and throw some grenades
and stuff to cover yourself. Then flee. There's really no use in fighting
back, but you might consider sniping with the crossbow or fighting back with
the egon to take him out.

- You won't have the time to use any other weapon because the egon can kill
you in one second.

4.10 Hive Hand

Primary Fire: Normal Fire
Secondary Fire: Fast Fire
Firing Rate: 5 hits second (8 secondary)
Damage: 5-10% per hornet
Shots before reloading: 8
Maximum Ammo: 8
Which Enemies attack with it ? Take out tiny creatures with it or use it to
                               finish of bigger ones.   

A Singleplayer

- The Primary Mode of the Hive Hand automatically tracks opponents. This
means that the hornets you shoot, will turn around corners and go around
boxes and so ...

- Since the Hive Hand has unlimited ammo, this is very usefull. If you think
there's an enemy around the corner, simply shoot a few hornets and see if
they change direction. If they do so, it means there's someone there.

- Although the hive hand is one of the weakest weapons, you can use it on a
an enemy from distance, since the hornets track there targets and you won't
suffer any loss of ammo.

- The Primary Function of the Hiva Hand will fire homing hornets that will
track the enemy. After shot 8 of them, your weapon will reload automatically
to 8 hornets again. The Secondary function will fire much faster, but the
hornets wo'n track the enemy. Use it only if you're sure to get 8 direct hits
because they don't do much damage.

B Multiplayer

- In Multiplayer, the hive hand is extremely usefull to chase down enemies.
While you do so, your opponent will try to avoid you and duck behind boxes
and so. When he's doing so, switch to the hive hand and the hornets will
track the enmy and go around corners.

- The Hive Hand can also be used when you're about to enter a suspicious area
 Although you don't hear any footsteps, it's possible that an enemy is
waiting for you there. Fire some hornets using the primary function and look
if they're changing direction. If they do so, you'll be warned, someone is
waiting there for you.

- The Hive Hand can also be used to take out snark easily that are throw to
you. Because the Hive Hand will track them, a single shot per snark will do.

4.11 Trip Mines

Primary Fire: Place one
Secondary Fire: None
Firing Rate: none
Damage: 140% (direct hit)
Shots before reloading: none
Maximum Ammo: 5
Which Enemies attack with it ? None, use it to cut off passages   

A Singleplayer

- In Singleplayer, trip mines are not so usefull. You can use them to block
off enemies that are coming after you, but you need to be quick because it
takes some time.

- Use them everytime you have to possibility, especially when a Alien Grunt
is following you. Trip Mines have a big blast radius and they will get killed

B Multiplayer

- In Multiplayer, the trip mines are very useful in teamplay. If you camp
with your team on a certain place, you can cut off passages by placing two or
three trip mines. Don't place only one, because your opponent will jump over
it or crouch under it.

- Trip Mines won't make a place unreachable, keep in mind that your opponent
can shoot the trip mines from distance. If you're standing to close to it
then, you will be hit by the large blast radius.

- Trip Mines can't be really used like Snarks, grenades or satchels. You
can't block off an enemy that is on your tail that easily. It takes some time
to place the trip and the enemy can easily avoid it.

- You can also use this nice tactic: Place a trip mine on the ground by
looking down. Do this around a corner or so, that your opponent will not have
the time to take it out. Then go to a safe distance and change to sniper mode
(with the magnum or the crossbow). When an enemy comes around the corner,
shoot the trip mine and he'll be dead without knowing what happened.

4.12 Satchel Charges

Primary Fire: Throw one satchel
Secondary Fire: Throw more satchels
Firing Rate: none
Damage: 100% (direct hit)
Shots before reloading: none
Maximum Ammo: 5
Which Enemies attack with it ? Marines & Big Monsters   

A Singleplayer

- Trip mines can be used to take out sniper babes, marines or bigger monsters
Simply throw one around the corner and detonate it at once. It just like
throwing the grenade, there will only be a little more time before the
satchel explodes, because it takes some time to press the button then.

- You can also drop a satchel, go look for a marine (you can shoot with
another weapon) and let him follow you. Then switch back to the satchel
detonator as the marine approaches the satchel and gib him !

B Multiplayer

- The satchel can be used to get rid of an enemy chasing you. Simply drop one
while running in a passage and detonate it when your opponent walks over it.
There are lots of other sneaky ways to use it like throwing it out of a
window, but I think you guys are inventive enough. I even heard of someone
who put a satchel next to some spawned satchels. Your opponent won't see
which ones are real and which ones are not. Detonate him !

- Although it's a great weapon, many players (actually losers) put one on
camper spots for easy frags. Report this to other players to get rid of such
cheap players.

4.13 Grenades

Primary Fire: Throw one
Secondary Fire: None
Firing Rate: 2 per second
Damage: 100% (direct hit)
Shots before reloading: none
Maximum Ammo: 10
Which Enemies attack with it ? Marines & Big Monsters   

A Singleplayer

- In Singleplayer, use the grenades just like satchels to take out marines
and sniper babes. The advantage of grenades is that you can throw them over
walls. Pull the pin, count three seconds and throw the grenade. It will
explode at once then and the marine will not have the chance to avoid it or
to run away. They often use this tactic too.

B Multiplayer

- If you hear footsteps on the other side of a wall, you might consider
throwing a grenade. Always count to three before throwing it, because one
can easily avoid it otherwise.

- Grenades can also be used to get rid of chasing enemies. Look down while
running and throw the grenade at once (don't count to 3). You have a fair
chance then that your opponent hasn't seen the grenade and will be popped.

- If you look a bit up while throwing a grenade and you even run a bit, you
can throw the grande a lot further than normally. This can be very usefull
to kill someone placed on a platform above you.

4.14 Snarks

Primary Fire: Throw one
Secondary Fire: Faster Throwing
Throwing Rate: 4 per second
Damage: 10% per bite, 20% exploding damage
Shots before reloading: none
Maximum Ammo: 15
Which Enemies attack with it ? Marines & Sniper Babes   

A Singleplayer

- In Singleplayer, snarks are not so useful. You can throw them at marines
and maybe one gets killed. The marines often shoot it at once, so you might
consider throwing them as a sneaky tactic to take them out.

B Multiplayer

- Probably the most annoying weapon in the game. If you throw lots of these
creatures, they can do serious damage: 10% per bite (20% if they explode,
normally after 20 seconds). To achieve this, throw lots of them, it's quite
difficult to handle 10 snarks jumping around and biting you. Make sure you
throw them from a high place, because when they don't see an enemy or hit a
wall, they can return and attack you !

- You should always be prepared to this. If this might happen, use your hive
hand to take them out one by one, because the hive hand will track them.

- This is a very good weapon to be used on a chasing enemy. Drop a few and
make sure they don't attack you. You can flee now while the snarks distract
your opponent or you can attack your opponent. If you throw lots of snarks,
make sure to get out of there when he's killed, because the snarks will be
looking for a new victim then !

4.15 Long Jump Module

Hitting Rate: none
Damage: none
Shots before reloading: none
Maximum Ammo: none
Where to use it ? Multiplayer, Xen, Gonarch's Lair, Interloper, Nihilanth   

A Singleplayer

- The Long Jump Module is an item that will give you the ability to jump
further using a special combination of keys. In order to perform these long
jumps, you should first find the long jump module. You'll get this item from
the scientists before leaving for Xen, very far in the game already.

- The Long Jump is maybe quite tricky to master, but when you get the hang
of it, you'll be long jumping all around the levels. To perform the long
jump, press "Crouch" and then "Jump" quickly in succession. This seems maybe
difficult, but you should practice this jump in the hazard course, because
you'll going to need it anyway.

- If you really can do it, you can use the aliases to bind the long jump to
one single key (B):

alias +ljm "+duck; wait; +jump;"
alias -ljm "-duck; wait; -jump"
bind b +ljm

B Multiplayer

- You may seem have noticed that you can't move as fast as in Quake and other
games. That's the Main Reason to search for the Long Jump Module as fast as
you can.

- It won't give you the ability of moving faster in all directions, you will
only able to jump further (only forward). This will help you to escape
quicker from certain areas and get everyone from your tail. It also helps in
crossing platforms faster.

- I always try to get the module as fast as I can, because I feel much more
comfortable having one, especially in open levels with people dragging egon
guns, the module is very welcome.

5 Cheats

- Start Half-Life with the -console parameter.
- So you have to start the game like this:

hl.exe -console

- This will let you access the console using <~> (the key above 
- You have to type "sv_cheats 1" in console first. The following commands
are available in console then:

/GOD : God Mode
/NOCLIP : No clipping Mode & Fly Mode
/MAP xxxx : go to map xxxx.

- To use these below, you have to start the game with:

hl.exe -dev -console

- This will let you access the console using <~> (the key above 
- You have to type "sv_cheats 1" in console first. The following commands
are available in console then:

/GIVE xxxx : give item xxxx.

- The following items are available:

item_airtank ; item_antidote ; item_battery; item_healthkit ; item_longjump
item_security ; item_sodacan ; item_suitammo_357 ; ammo_9mmAR ; ammo_9mmbox;
ammo_9mmclip ; ammo_ARgrenades ; ammo_buckshot ; ammo_crossbow ;
ammo_egonclip ; ammo_gaussclip; ammo_glockclip ; ammo_mp5clip ;
ammo_mp5grenades ; ammo_rpgclipweapon_357 ; weapon_9mmAR ;
weapon_9mmhandgunweapon_crossbow ; weapon_crowbar ; weapon_egon;
weapon_gauss ; weapon_glock ; weapon_handgrenadeweapon_hornetgun ;
weapon_mp5 ; weapon_pythonweapon_rpg ; weapon_satchel ;
weapon_shotgunweapon_snark ; weapon_tripmine

*** Map List

- Use the first parameter to start halflife, then go into the console and
enter /map xxx (where xxx represents one of the maps below)

* Single Player

c0a0 ; c0a0a ; c0a0b ; c0a0c ; c0a0d; c0a0e ; c1a0 ; c1a0a ; c1a0b ; c1a0c
c1a0d ; c1a0e ; c1a1 ; c1a1a ; c1a1b; c1a1c ; c1a1d ; c1a1f ; c1a2 ; c1a2a
c1a2b ; c1a2c ; c1a2d ; c1a3 ; c1a3a; c1a3b ; c1a3c ; c1a3d ; c1a4 ; c1a4b
c1a4d ; c1a4e ; c1a4f ; c1a4g ; c1a4i; c1a4j ; c1a4k ; c2a1 ; c2a1a ; c2a1b
c2a2 ; c2a2a ; c2a2b1 ; c2a2b2 ; c2a2c; c2a2d ; c2a2e ; c2a2f ; c2a2g ;
c2a2h ; c2a3 ; c2a3a ; c2a3b ; c2a3c ; c2a3d; c2a3e ; c2a4 ; c2a4a ; c2a4b
c2a4c ; c2a4d ; c2a4e ; c2a4f ; c2a4g ; c2a5; c2a5a ; c2a5b ; c2a5c ; c2a5d
c2a5e ; c2a5f ; c2a5g ; c2a5w ; c2a5x ; c3a1; c3a1a ; c3a1b ; c3a2 ; c3a2a
c3a2b ; c3a2c ; c3a2d ; c3a2e ; c3a2f ; c4a1; c4a1a ; c4a1b ; c4a1c ; c4a1d
c4a1e ; c4a1f ; c4a2 ; c4a2a ; c4a2b ; c4a3 ; c5a1

* Multiplayer/Deathmatch

boot_camp ; bounce ; datacore ; lambda_bunker ; snark_pit ; stalkyard ;
subtransit ; undertow

* Hazard Course

t0a0 ; t0a0a ; t0a0b ; t0a0b1 ; t0a0b2 ; t0a0c ; t0a0d


6.1 Necessary Files

*** Halflife Low Ping File

A file that disables decals and other supports in multiplayer games. For
Example, it will remove blood and bodies after a while It really works !
Everybody should use this file.

* Download it from

*** Halflife Patch from to

The patch from the CD Version to version The patch will remove bugs,
enable IPX support and add 2 new maps. ( is the default version

* Down:

*** Halflife Patch from to

The patch from the version to version The patch will remove
bugs, enable IPX support and add 2 new maps.

* Down:

*** Halflife Multiplayer Content Pack

A pack from Valve for Multiplayer Games including new decals, player models &

* Download:

*** Gamespy 2.08

A very neat utility to look up halflife servers (or servers from other games)
You also see the ping, so you know whic game ill run the smoothest.

* Download:

6.2 Maps

- Good sources for maps are:

6.3 Sound\Theme\Other

*** Halflife Winamp Skin

A skin for the famous mp3 player winamp. The skin is not so special, just ok

* Download:

*** 3 Halflife Wallpapers

3 very nice wallpapers

* URL:

*** Desktop Theme 1

* Download:

*** Desktop Theme 2

* URL:

*** Desktop Theme 3

* URL:

*** Desktop Theme 4

* URL:

*** Halflife Font

* Download:

7 Links

8 Soon

Special Tactics for advanced players
Neat Tactics
Map Descriptions and Strategies
What Player do you want to be (Updates)
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9 Author

Author: Stijn Bolle
Other Walkthroughs written:

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