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Little Big Adventure 2 - Twinsen's Odyssey (e)

		  Little Big Adventures 2 : Twinsen's Odyssey

				Walkthru by:


Greetz: We would like to thank CLASS for releasing it, Activision for Publishing it and Adeline Software for Programming it ! Keep up the Good work guys !
Release inf.: This is VOLUME 1 of LBA2 Walk Through, have fun, but please play it for yourself and only use this when you are ABSOLUTELY stuck.-=PCX=-

	OK this is volume 2 of the walkthru I fixed all the little annoying Typos etc. and I cleared the game
Don't use this all the time trust me it's a waste of what you paid for it if u do! It was fun to write it
but that meant I paved the way for everyone else who uses this walkthrough. Yes this is a tough game 
but if want to enjoy your game just use it when your really stuck! -=RCX=- 

Part 1 : Dyno-Fly (tip, go into your basement and come back out to your house, and collect 15 more kashes, you can do this as much as you want.)
-Wife tells you to get cure for Dyno-fly
-Using NORMAL behavior stomp near the desk to get a key
-Go through the door and look at the shelf (get your ball)
-Leave the house
-Follow the path until you come to the fence, turn left until you come to the bridge.
-Turn right and keep going till you find the building with an annoying kid on top.
-Goto the SHOP and buy 3 Darts, 1 HOLO MAP, and a meca penguin.
-Go into the building and talk to the shopkeeper
-When the customers umbrella is stolen go outside and talk to her.
-Use DISCREET behavior to sneak up on the thief, give the customer back her umbrella.
-Go up the hill and find the wizards place.
-Go to the woodbridge and follow the first path(steepest down) until you find a cave
-Go into the cave and find Raph (the lighthouse keeper) 
-Go back to the paving near hill and stomp on the metal grate near the telescope!
-Jump onto the floating raft and float all the way around until you see a large box and some steps
-CAREFULLY jump onto the steps and get the key from the box
-Go back to Raph and open the door, then leave the cave.
-Your wife will be waiting for you at the entrance.
-Go to the lighthouse and tell the wizard you are ready.
-The sky is now clear 
-Buy a ticket to Desert Island!
-Goto the Pharmacy to find a cure for Dyno-Fly, but wizard isn't there, so you search the bookshelves and get bottle of gallic acid.
-Go to the town and visit the Observatory (building near Giraffe Colored Dune)
-Get the part from Jerome Baldino and take ferry back to Citadel Island.
-Get Zoë to fix your car with the part from Jerome.
-Go back to the Desert Island.
-Use radio at Baldino's and go to the port, Zoë will be waiting for you with the car.
-Find the school of magic near the Temple park(the entrance is hidden between 2 trees)
-Enroll in the school!
-Pass Blowgun test
-Leave the school and drive onto the rocks near the valley entrance.
-Go up onto the rocks and jump the wooden bridge, get the balsam and go back to school.
-Take tritons horn and use it on the little green elf asking for help.
-Go back to Citadel Island
-Goto your Neighbor's house and give him the bottle of acid and he will use it on his map and give u a KEY to the lair of SENDEL
-Use Tritons horn on your Dino-Fly
-Fly to the Island of the Dome of the Slate
-Look at sign on wall(its the map)
-Go into the door on the other side by using the map( remember, there are stairs)
-Go back to the magic school and graduate

Part 2: (tip, run fast ! Always save before and after doing something)
-Magic school head guy tells you to check out missing wizards.
-Take Dyno-Fly to the Little island on the top left corner of map.
-Get Extra continue, but that's all you can do for now.
-Goto bar in the desert island, talk to the alien standing in front of the man's Steam bath place.
-Get out of Jail
-Do NOT go into the first door you see, keep running down the hall of jail cells
-Keep running down the hall and at the end of the hall, kill the guard and get the Translator on the desk
-Run back to the two doors and open the TOP door and go in.
-Kill the guard, use your ball to hit the button behind the desk and open the doors.
-Run into the across from the jail.
-Run through it really quick.
-Goto Control Tower for the Space Ships
-Get itinerary token at the top of the tower.
-Go into the Space Ship
-Put the token in the open control panel across from the ladder.
-Goto Your House after you land.
-Steal lots of money from your house (tip indicated in part 1)
-Make sure you have more than 125 kashes
-Goto the Warehouse place beside where the Medical Store
-Run down the RIGHT side(along the sea) of the road, less road blocks there.
-Don't bother solving the puzzle(but do it if u like) by paying the lazy worker 120 kashes
-After you have Jet Pack, go back to your house to re-gain your kash and use Dyno-Fly to get to Desert Island.
-Goto Magic School and tell them about the situation (be careful, lots of land mines and guards in desert)
-Drive to the Port and onto the Cement storage place and goto the other side of the dock.
-Ring the bell for turtle to come
-Save before jumping into Turtle.
-Ride the turtle
-Use your JetPack to get passed the Spikes
-Bring the Incandescent Pearl back to the Weather Wizard's place to get the Ring of Lightning(put pearl in his POT)
-Goto the BAR and Kill the DRUNK guard and go into the basement.
-Hidden behind some boxes is a Opening, jump down it.
-Put the Pyramid on the round key thing, and go into the Lair of Sendel.
-Get Sendel's ball (u also get level : Red Magic ball.)
-Baldino will call you, goto the Temple of BU again, but this time there will be an entrance where it was blocked before in the Cart ride.
-Use the cart to get the key
-Key guard for more keys
-Check Guard's cloth where they sleep for keys.
-Get passed the electric Floor with Jet Pack
-Get into the Shuttle
-Goto the Moon
-Password is CX-351 or something like that, it starts with CX
-Now all the moon guards are friendly ( for now )
-Goto the Welcome center across from the middle door.
-Press all the buttons to open all the doors.
-Go into the Middle Door
-Keep running until you get to a Black&Yellow striped door.
-Go Right and save Baldino and his little Alien buddy.
-Follow Baldino to his Shuttle
-If you want a Extra continue box, goto the far left side of the building.
-After you crash on the Planet, save your game and jump your way to the Main Land.
-Go into the DOG training ground (dogs don't bite here)
-Goto the Elevator building on the left
-Check out the Store and sell your Wizard's Diploma. (you can steal it back later)
-Don't buy anything from his place, you can rob it later
-Goto the Casino and play to get over $140 Zilitos (dog race is easiest)
-Goto Harbor, talk to the old captain and get him to take you to Island of Franco's.
-Buy a Pick Ax in the store
-Go into the Mining plant by going to the right corner and jump on the pipes.
-Go into the FIRST building, where there is 1 guard. (Do NOT attempt to access other buildings)
-Go through the whole thing and get the Fuel Baldino Wants.
-Goto Celebration island and talk to the Guy that sells stuff.
-Go back to Baldino and you now have a SuperJetPack that can go over Water.
-Jump the other way ,where you couldn't do before and go across the island with your new JetPack
-From now on, do not ever use your old protopack.
-Goto Rick's BAR and kill the Bouncer that guards his door.
-Go up that long stairs.
-After your at the top of the stairs, go LEFT, and go across the waterfall (use SuperJetPack)
-Go down the path and go near the emperors palace. turn left and go under the awning 
-Goto the Hotel and access it from the Right Window
-Talk to the REBEL leader
-Goto the STORE and show the keeper the ring
-Talk to Rebels, and get a Gun from them. 
-Goto Celebration island again and go down the LEFT path
-Use SuperJetPack to get across the water and use Pick Ax on the Crystals
-Go back now to the Franco's island and into the mining plant again
-Goto the door near the front gate.
-Shoot across the water with your gun and hit the controls
-There are 4 switches:
	  1    2       3      4
	 hit  hit    leave   hit

-Then to open the next door:
          1    2     3      4
        leave hit   hit   leave 
-Take the balloon Ship to the Elevator island
-Save your GAME
-Kill the boss with your GUN(or lightning)
-Go down the elevator

Part 3: UNDER WORLD (tip, you can kill all hard bosses and Enemies with 1 Lightning Spell)
-Use your darts to hit the controls to turn off the electric field
-You can use your ball too(use DISCREET behavior)stand on orange thing!
-Kill those idiot guards with your gun
-Don't go into any of the buildings here
-Goto the Mole village
-Kiss the Frog to re-charge(Also recharge your horn)
-Go into the Mine and go LEFT into the house of Moles and get a Tart.
-Take the GLOVE on cloth racket
-Give tart to the old man
-Get key to chapel
-Goto the Mole House( hard to find, but its near the opening on the mine)
-Talk to the girl, get the Song.
-Go RIGHT into a passage near the drill(near mining corporation at starting point -PASSAGE way NOT SHOWN on the MAP- and access the mine
-Get 4 GEMS at LEAST ! but more is better for the next level.
-Somewhere in the Mine, you will see a BIG door, go in it and get Mole Piece of your Puzzle.
-Goto the DOCK, and sing the song in the resting place.
-Goto Mosquibee island
-Get the first GEM you see near the water, and talk to the BEE
-Pass the test by punching the balls and get Keys, open the middle door first(but the doors might be               random)
-Get new Blow Gun
-Get out of the Throne room and go LEFT
-You will eventually see a opening, go in it and RUN !!!!
-Kill the Monster by using your mole's GLOVE and hitting the fireballs BACK.(or use lightning)
-Use the KEY to get the BEE part of the puzzle.
-Get the GEM at the beginning of the hang bridge.
-Make sure you've collected 4 GEMS
-There is also another GEM on the beach, in the little corner where the grenade thrower is.
-Goto Volcano Island.
-Collect the GEMS ( they are mostly hidden on the Corners of the island
-Go AS far as you can until being blocked by some Crystal Trees
-Look RIGHT and save your game
-Jump onto the platform ( if your stuck on the floating Rock, try switching your ANGLE of view, then you will be able to JUMP)
-Jump across all the stuff and go into the little cave.
-You could have done all of this using your JetPacks after you've jumped down onto the first Floating ROCK
-Get inf. from BEE rebels.
-Go back to Mole island and go BACK INTO the MINE where you first got all the GEMS
-After you kill the DOG, go DIRECTLY straight.
-Get onto the Mining conveyor belt and go into the opening at the top
-Kill the Switch Guy and turn off both switches.
-Where the Ores are loaded in the boxes, jump in a BOX
-Jump onto the Ladder on the wall
-Jump across the ROOF and save the BEE Queen
-Get key from her
-On the far LEFT side of the LEFT window (with respect to you looking at the screen), THROW your ball towards the wall
 but off the screen!
-Get out of JAIL
-Go back to Queen Bee's throne room and KILL the BOSS there (you can just use 1 lightning spell)

Part 4: Island CX(tip, use the Emperor's Sword with Athletic Mode if you don't want to get hit)
(if your really stuck and can't kill the guards, pick up the Hack by Irakis(I asked him to make it)
and use UNLIMITED magic which will allow you to use tons and tons of lightning Spells!)

-After rising from the island, Goto the RIGHT door
-Go ACROSS The water by using the PROTO PACK
-Use Discrete mode and hide behind boxes if guards come.
-Go into the Emperor's room and kill Emperor
-Goto his Chest and get the Sword
-Kill the Guard.
-Goto the Guard Tower and get the Emperor's Shuttle Key
-Get out of the room and go into his Shuttle in the center of the island
-Go into his PALACE on the left
-Go left 3 times and up three ( not sure if this is right)
-Kill the 3 idiots
-Save game
-Kill Boss
-Get Emperor's piece of puzzle
-Go back to the Rebel's Store and show keeper your ring
-He will now turn on you , so kill him and the two guards
-Steal all his stuff :)
-Goto harbor and goto island of Franco's

Part 5: La Fontine's Treasure: (Tip, Talk to all the people and DON'T ever use item hack or game will screw up)
-Talk to the burgomaster's Brother
-look in the dog house
-Use the key and get the riddle!
-U figure out where the piece is!

Part 6: Dark Monk's Temple: (Tip, Lightning is a fast effective way to kill the psycho elephants)
-Go to Celebration Island
-Put the whole key in the center of the temple(in the middle of the 4 statues)
-Leave the Temple
-U will be confronted by DarkMonk (FunFrock in disguise)
-He will go into the statue to start the machine!
-Jump on the pillars until you get on top of the temple follow FunFrock up!
-Go to where the mages are stuck
-The monitors have to be shut off in order!
-This is a diagram of the switches that control the monitors 

-Then rush to the blinking light and flip the switch
-The mages will now be free
-Go up through the hole in the cage
-When FunFrock disappears go back down the way u came up
-Kill all the creatures with lightning
-Fall down the hole
-Go through the door (the key is on this level at the opposite end)
-Go down the stairs and get the key here
-Go into the door
-Kill FunFrock's Cyborg guards then FunFrock, then kill him again!
-Jump off the edge!
-Its over!

   Hope You enjoyed us thoroughly ruining your enjoyment of the game. Its not our 
fault that you chose to do it this way! In our opinions walkthroughs are only for 
people who are totally stuck. However some people choose to use it all the way through.
So for you people who need that kinda help, good luck finding the Franco's Piece!
It took me half an hour and I'm good at this! Also Don't ask me what happened 
to the children cuz it looked like they were crispy critters to me. 


             Part 1,5-6 : by RCX(
             Part 2-4   : by PCX(