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Little Big Adventure 2 - Twinsen's Odyssey (e)

Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odyssey

Walkthrough with Story, by DarkSphere. Bear in mind there probably ARE other ways to solve some puzzles, and a few of the puzzles may be switched in order, but this seemed to be the easiest and least painful way of getting through them. Also, these are only the REQUIRED steps, there are other things you can do as well.

You start off in your house and your Dino-Fly's hurt. Go to your back room (Get the key first in the drawer next to it) And get your golden ball, practice with the darts if you like. Go outside and go to your neighbor's first of all, and check up on your old buddy. It seems his son is working in the sewers, and made a very interesting map. Unfortunately, it's old and peeling from all the icky stuff down there. We'll have to help him later. see your dinofly, talk to your wife. Yep, this dino's sick all right. Listen to your wife and go to the pharmacy. She also mentions picking up a piece for your car on Desert Island, so remember that like a good husband. 

Thief!! Get Umbrella back for that nice little old lady. Hmm, whenever you go up to this guy he runs.. we'll try sneaking behind him in "Discreet" mode. Talk to the other man outside, he seems interesting. Oh, we have a weather wizard? Let's  go check him out.

Well, OBVIOUSLY it's not his fault. It seems our good friend Raph the lighthouse guard (well not really our friend, a lot of people don't seem to    like him much) has disappeared. After asking his fianc‚e where he might be, we find out he was captured by the Tralu while taking walks on the cliff. Go to the cliffs, you'll see a small entrance with a sign and a snake in front of it. Go through, come out, and then proceed to the next cave. Careful, dangerous jumps. When you arrive, you will see Raph in a makeshift jail, crying for you to don your old robe and help him again. So, off we go to become the warrior of Sendell once again, (Or else this game would suck huh. *grin*)

Go back to the Museum. The idiot of a clerk doesn't recognize you, so you must pay to get in. Then you found out that you CAN'T get your stuff back because the door to the control center is locked, and you can't get in. Well.. if you look you'll notice two things: 1) It's on the second floor and 2) The window seems to be open. Go outside, and climb in through the window on the 2nd story and unlock the door and the case holding your robe, then walk down                 and don your robe.

BACK to the cliffs. See the switch next to the open door, also next to the small room with the table? There's 3 barrels blocking your way, right? Well there's something special about that little golden ball of yours, if you aim it right, you can knock switches with it. Throw your ball over and hit the switch, that'll cause the gate to open and allowing you to go to the next room. Keep going through the screens, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how.. until you get to a room with some big huge furry thing called "Tralu". 

Let's tango. You can figure out your own strategies to clobbering this meanie, but my way is to go to "Sporty" mode, and run around, only pausing to get a throw or two in. It also works to just go to "Aggressive," run in and clobber him.. but I like my way better, and it's also safer, because you can hide behind the rocks, though they break.

Ok, that's done. Talk to our non-friend Raph, and then lead him out. Zo‰ will be there, and she will be extremely pissed, but only for a minute. I mean hey, you're all-right, aren't you? Walk out with her. Now it's time to fix this storm. Walk with Zo‰ to the lighthouse (right next door) and watch in wonder as the wizard does his magic.

Whoa, not even I was expecting this. Aliens huh? Oh well. At least now you can go to the other island, and these guys seem harmless enough, sort of. Just stay out of their way, or they shoot you. Not any worse then your typical FBI agent. Buy a ticket for the ferry, and launch off to Desert Island. Go see the healer like you were supposed to, and ask him about the cure for your Dino-Fly. Oh, sorry, he's not home. Well, see that black striped bottle in the back? That right there is Gallic acid, guaranteed to rid anything of tarnish and it even helps brighten up and repair old papers. He won't mind if you take it would he? Well, the maid doesn't seem to care, so go right ahead, and keep it safe.

Go find your inventor friend. His house is the small house next to the beach with something resembling a brown boulder next to it. Well, it's a spaceship under a tarp, but don't worry about that now. Ask him for the car part, and he'll give it to you. The maid mentioned a School of Magic, but we don't have time now for magic tricks unless necessary. Buy a ferry ticket and go back home, give the car part to your wife. She tells you Baladino (Inventor) forgot to give you a radio, so you have to go pick it up. She'll call you when the car is finished.

Remember our Neighbor friend? Go give him the bottle of Gallic acid for his son's map. That will clear the crap on it, and allow you to read it. He'll also give you his son's Pyramid Key, which will allow you to open that door in the middle of the sewers. Now go get a ticket and take the ferry back to Baladino to get his radio. Right after leaving his house, your wife calls. She tells you that she fixed the car and is bringing it to Desert Island for you. She'll leave it by the harbor and go shopping. Go pick it up, and drive around. Notice the car also comes equipped with a gun, (Press and hold ALT) and won't fall off edges. Pretty convenient.

Now it seems is the time to look around for that school of magic, as you have no other options. As you talk to the people, they seem to mention people coming from around the hotel on the left side of the island. A quick drive over there should clear things up. Inside you'll see the hotel manager, and two drunks. The manager mentions his safety for the women's sauna, and you notice a ladder behind him. Remember the snake charmer on the roof? hmm. Let's test something.

Go into the ladies sauna. Listen to those women scream. As you leave, the Manager will threaten you with your life. Start to leave, and then you'll notice that he left his area open, giving you access to the ladder. Climb the ladder and talk to the Snake Charmer. He will tell you that the School of Magic is hidden inside the Cemetery. Drive over to the cemetery. Well, it's locked.

Park the car near the gates.. and walk around the mountain to the left. Eventually, you will see two brown dead trees next to the mountain. Go up to them. under the branch of one of the trees will be your passage inside. Go inside the Cemetery, and to the second room. You can talk to the sad elephant if you want. In the second room, you will see rows of tables, and some stairs blocked by a locked door. You will also notice some strange see-through blue ghosts moving in and out of the tables. You must walk through them, but if you touch them you will get hurt. Look for a pattern in their movement. Finally you will see a treasure chest, but don't go up to it, just yet. Remember "Indiana Jones?" This is one sensitive floor if I've ever seen one.

Tip-toe the way up to the chest, get the key, and tip-toe back. Maneuver your way back through the bluish ghosts, and unlock the door. Run through, and talk to the mistress. Wow, times must surely be tough. Even you, Twinsen, savior of the planet must pay to join the School. Hmm. Hope you have enough cashes. If not, I know a way we can rack up some. Get back in your car, and head for the Temple of Bu, now a Theme Park.

Buy admission (or run if you want, you will have to beat up a cop though) and go to the balloon game. Hope you've been eating well, because these look like a good way into the temple. Try your luck with the dart game. It shouldn't be too hard. Once you win, take your prize. Yep, just as I thought. In we go! Ok now you should be in the passage down. You're on the top of three levels, with mushrooms on four boards below you. each of those has 30 cashes, so try to get as many as you can. You can keep cycling too, after you leave the temple, play the dart game again and jump back in. Also, I think the more mushrooms you collect the better stuff flies down, but I'm not sure. Experiment with it if you'd like. I usually

Once you have more than enough cashes (You can always come back also) go back to the School and become a student. The Headmaster will assign you three tasks, which you must do in order to get your diploma, and he promises that during one of the tests you will receive something to help your Dino-Fly fly. Go in the back room and try the Blowgun Test. Though it looks hard, it's really not that difficult. Try your own way if you want, but here's how I did it. First, hit one marker. As it hits, turn yourself to the left a bit and throw immediately. Keep turning and throwing, and you should hit them all in succession. You will receive a dinky blowgun for your effort.

Now on to test number two, the Flower. Leave the cemetery and hop in your car. A little to the north of the Cemetery, you can see a rocky hill, two brown boards on two different hills, and a pretty yellow flower on what seems like an inaccessible hill. Well, it's accessible all right. Drive around the hill without the flower on it until you find a place that you can drive up. Drive across it and you will reach the board. When you drive over it, you will jump over to the other hill. Drive over the flower to pick it up, then head back to the School. Give the Headmaster the flower, and he will give you in return a Horn of Healing.

FINALLY, we can cure our Dino-Fly. Buy a ferry ticket (last one for a while) and go back to your Dino-Fly. Use the horn on him a few times, until he stands up and says he's ready for you to ride him. Now ride him over to the "Island of the Dome of the Slate." This is the most difficult test, and requires patience, skill, a pen and a piece of paper. (You'll find out why in a second) When you land on the island, you will find yourself outside the dome.

To the left of the door is a sign, and on the right is a placard. READ THE PLACARD, your life depends on it! Well, it's not really much of a placard is it. It is the entire maze. Copy this down on your paper SQUARE BY SQUARE. Or if you feel REALLY bored, go without it. Entering the Dome, you will see that the entire maze is invisible save for the square you're currently standing on. Go through the maze, picking up the items if you want them. After leaving the Dome, the Wizard will appear outside and give you a Magic Slate, so you can copy all maps you see onto it for future reference. He also invites you back to the school.

Fly back to Desert Island, and head for the Cemetery. Go on in, and talk to the Headmaster. He gives you your Wizard's license. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a costume for you to use, so you'll have to go and get it from the flying salesman. He usually flies around the hotel, so look over there for him. When you see him, show him your license. He'll sell you an outfit and a beard for 50 cashes. If you don't have the money, go and get it from the Temple of Bu like before. Once you're wearing your wizard's costume and beard, people won't be able to tell you apart from the other wizards, which will help, because the Headmaster asked you to locate his other wizards who have just recently disappeared. Before you do anything else, go to the Temple of Bu and MAKE SURE you have more than 120 cashes, you will NEED them later.

Start asking people about the wizards disappearing. They will tell you they last saw them at the hotel, talking about some sort of meeting. Head over there and towards the sauna, when an alien stops you and asks you to join him. Well, you're looking for the wizards aren't you? And he knows where they are, doesn't he? These are the times when heroes must trust their own guts and go blindly, knowing full well that if this guy does anything, you'll mash him into a pancake.

Hmm.. the old secret-base-under-the-gentleman's-sauna.. how original. Well they loaded you onto their spacecraft, and you're flying towards their home planet now. Pick up the translator on the floor of the spaceship so you can talk to them, and then go to the tourist booth on the ship, it's the far left terminal. Upon landing, they'll ask you to follow them, so, do it. My mistake, but it doesn't seem like you have a choice now anyway, there's just too many of them to deal with. Go into the room, and follow them up the shaft.

Oh sorry I thought I lost you. So you were arrested huh? It seems they've been looking for you for some strange reason. Joe will come and talk to you in your cell, and tells you about the missing wizards. So it seems these guys aren't really as nice as they seemed. They want to kidnap Twinsen's children! This will cause the guard to flip and try to stick him back in his cell. Pound the guard. Now that you know where the wizards are, it's time to get back home. Besides, you got to save those children!

You can free the Fly if you want. Beat up all the guards, then run down to the main area with the two force fields next to them. Hit both switches, but go down, not into the small room to the front, it's a guard room. I can sense 3 guards in there just waiting for you. When you get out, you will be fenced  in a small area with a robot. Kill the robot, and he'll destroy a nice exit for you. Exit through the hole and run around towards the alien dogs' kennel. Go through the kennel to the building on the other side. Make your way down the corridors and past all the guards, because time matters now. When you get out, you'll notice you're at the shuttle port. Two guards will notice you. Start running, or fight them. Head for the spaceship! Ok we're in the spaceship now, but something's missing. Why isn't it working? If you remember what the first ship looked like, you'll notice the little disk that looks like a gear is missing from the third terminal, I guess this is their key.

Exit the shuttle, and head for the tall building near the shuttles. Pummel the guards and head for the top. AHA! There it is. See it over there on the right, turning? You'll have to beat up the guard and maybe even the two scientists to get it, but you must get it. Get the key, and you can fool around with the levers if you want to, causing some other spaceships to crash. Head back down the tower, out the tower, and run into the spaceship. Place the disk in it's slot and blast off back home.

Looks like you need a little work on your landing. The ship's smashed, but you made it alright. Zo‰ should call around now and tell you the bad news, you're too late. Not only have the aliens took the children, but they also took control of the island! Head home, and Zo‰ will tell you that Baladino wants you to join him on the Emerald Moon. He also left you a jetpack in Package Claim, which you might want to pick up.

Off to Baggage Claim. This is why you saved all that money from before, because it's a lot harder than it looks. The man behind the desk will let you in. Once down there, you have two options. 1) Try to get the box yourself (Never completed it) or 2) Pay the man lying down 102 cashes to move it himself. I did the second one after countless hours of playing with the package. Now, you can hover over water as long as you don't fall.. you have to go off a shore or a gradual dip in order to hover over the water.

Now we have to figure out a way to get a spaceship and go to the Emerald Moon. Zo‰ told you that the Aliens took over the Temple theme park and turned it into their base, so chances are you can find a decent spaceship in there. Before you go however, there are a couple things you need to do first. The Weather Wizard was saying how if he had a special pearl he could cast a lightning spell, and there is also local rumors of a protective spell on an island off of Desert Island. But first, the pearl. On Desert Island, next to the harbor, is an alien with a gun behind some boxes, and a trash can over off further. In between them is a small path that you can walk through which leads to a wooden dock. On the dock is a bell. Ring the bell and a small turtle will come up to you, and offer you a ride into a small cave. When you're inside, you should see one big mother of an oyster behind a pit of spikes. You can't jump, but you can fly. Use your jetpack and hover over to the oyster, and take the pearl.

Have you ever looked through the telescope on top of the hotel on Desert Island? If so, you recall seeing a small cave on an island? Go over to the hotel, and when you can see the island, use your jetpack to cruise across the ocean to the small cave. Inside, you'll have to go find a place to land, while avoiding bats and fireballs. If anything touches you, in the water you will go, so be careful! When you land, You should see some skeletons, which you should kill, and two wooden crates. This part gets tricky.

The idea is (once the bad guys are gone) to stack the two wooden crates on top of each other, on the upper level to the right so you can jump up to the top small passage. Only those of you actually IN the area at the time of reading this will understand what I'm saying. You can do it any way you want, but what I did was move one box onto the elevator on the right. Then I went to the other elevator (jumped the pit of spikes) and threw my ball at the switch. Up at the top I pushed the other crate so it would fall on top of the crate below it. I went into "Discreet" mode and hit the switch on the floor with my ball, and jumped on the boxes as they rose up.

After you pass this, the rest should be pretty simple. Keep going until you find an area with a wooden walkway down, and a big nasty demon with a spiked back walking around, guarding something locked in a cage with bars of Ice. Again, kill this any way you want, but what I did was stay at the top, go in "Discreet" mode, and toss my ball down hitting him. When he spat at me, I ran behind the wall, then repeated until I killed him. The thing in the cage is the protection spell, definitely worth the effort, since it can be used while flying in the hoverjet.

With the pearl, go back to Citadel Island and drop the pearl in the not-boiling cauldron in the Weather Wizard's Tent. You should now get the lightning spell which you can use to get Sendell's ball from the Sewers. Head for the Tavern, and in there, kill the guards. Grab the key from behind the kegs in the bar, and enter the cellar. You can't see it, but follow the path around until you fall in a hole, in the center of the sewer. If you don't have full magic you can get more by searching the pot and barrel. Put the pyramid key down on the pad and enter the cave. You will see a big ice ball in the center. The only way to open it is with the lightning spell, which you can only use with full magic power. Keep going out and getting more magic if you're not full yet. Then use the lightning on the sphere to get Sendell's Ball.

Now onto getting off your planet and getting on the Emerald Moon. Go to the New alien base (AKA Temple of Bu Theme Park) And go inside the cave (Since you can't go down the well again) Ride on that little trolley thing. Now this gets hard to explain. The point is to direct yourself (1) Towards the road that takes you down a level and (2) To where you get the key. You can fix where the cart will go by hitting the arrows with your magic ball. That's really all I can say, and you don't really get hurt, it's just time consuming. Once you get the key, hop off the trolley and look for a ladder and a door. Go in the door.

You are now in the center of the Alien base. Right takes you to a boat, which my guess takes you to the sauna, but I'm not sure I never rode it. If you go Left (Left side of the screen) You will pass a locked door, and end up in a sleeping quarters where two guards are out cold. Kill them in their sleep if you can, or when they wake up. Search their stuff to find a key, and go back and open the locked door.

Now we're heading deeper into the base. Kill or avoid the aliens as you go through this maze. You should see the spaceship on the left when crossing a small bridge, go to it if you want. You will see that a) You don't have that darn key, and b) There's some sort of suit in there. You can't use the suit yet, but it sure looks important. Go out and continue across the bridge to an elevator. Those of you who played LBA1, this is where the spiked rolling pin fell down and chased you through the temple of Bu. Now there is an electrical bridge. For fun, walk on it, but if you don't want to die fly over it, turning it off when you get to the other side. Kill the guard, take his key and open the chest. Now you have the spaceship key. More guards will run after you now, and simply turn the bridge on again when they are on it, then turn it off when they're fried. Go back to the spaceship and blast off!

Upon landing, the door blocking the spacesuit will open. Walk into it, and then walk outside. No one knows you're not an alien, so feel free to talk to the men outside, they will tell you where to go. Go to the welcome booth, and now that your suit is off, you must kill the guard. Look at the map on the north-right wall and it will copy itself onto your magic slate. It will also tell you where Baladino is being held. Turn all the switches from Red to Green so you can go freely through the base. Go to his cell, and free him and his alien friend. Now make a dash for it.

Oh no, they got the Alien engineer! Remember what he says, head for Island CX! Upon leaving, you should find yourself stranded on the Esmer's original planet, Zurich. (I think that's what it's called anyway) Your inventor needs some special Gas for you to go on, and he can also boost your pack. When you ask around about Island CX, the only one who will take you there is a drunken old man who charges 100 zlitos for a trip. Start searching through trash cans or pawn some of the stuff you have now until you have 7 zlitos, and go inside the casino. If you run out of money, you can go outside and search the trash again.

Keep playing until you have around 75-80. The game won't let you get 100, because you have to do something else first. Have you won the super jackpot yet? It's the key which lets you go into the golden room next door. When you enter, you'll see an alligator dressed in a game show getup who will invite you to spin the wheel for your fortune, so go for it.

Wow, that looked like it hurt. Sorry about that. But now, it's personal. No one can treat the savior of Twinsen like that and get away with it, right? Time to go back in there and "regulate." Go back in the casino when you have enough zlitos, and keep betting again until you get 75-80, and a key. Go back in there, and instead of spinning the wheel, start bombing on the host. His friend will drop down again, and so you have to fight them both. Even though you don't loose energy, a few hits and you're thrown out of here. My best idea would be to use the protection spell and pick one of them to attack, then when he's out you can get the other with less of a problem.

Hmm, once you beat them up, a new area opened up. However, your jetpack isn't powerful enough to get you across that pit, so we'll have to wait until we get the special gas. Go back to the sailor now and pay him, and he will instead take you to the "Island of Celebration," the island where the Dark Monk is supposedly from. This time the guards recognize you, and you'll have to fight your way to the top in order to talk with the CX survivor, the salesman who the sailor was telling you about. He will tell you that Mike's gang in the bar on the base will take you to CX.

Go back to the base. Go in the bar and ask around for Mike. Since they won't let you see him by choice, you need to use force. The guards can be killed from a distance or up close (The guards who are the only ones LOOKING like pirates) and I suggest using the ball. When you kill the one with the key, go in the room up the stairs and talk to Mike.

Time to find someone else. Mike will tell you that he can't take you there, but someone in the Hotel in upperground can take you there. Unfortunately, the upper area is closed now, so we'll have to do something else. Why not take the time to go looking for the gas? Talk to the Gas Station's owner to find out that there's no more gas left, and the shipment from the Gas Refinery Island hasn't come yet. Ask the taxi driver to fly you there.

When you arrive, you'll notice that they are all digging for something. It seems they have lost a fragment of some sort, and can't continue the ceremony without it. If you go to the infirmary, you'll see it was turned into a day care. Talking to the only older child will reveal that he has lost the key to his parent's closet, and a mechanical owl took the key. Also you should buy the Pickaxe that the lady is selling, it will help you later. But though it doesn't look like you can get in, you can. Next to the refinery are two pipes. Inspection of the fence shows that it's been bent down here. You can jump on the lower pipe, then over the fence.

Inside the Gas Refinery comes a new danger. You have to watch for sprays of deadly fumes that can even knock you into the labs. It's very difficult, but it can be done. In the beginning, you must turn the wheels then jump across the gas pit. Every time you turn a wheel, a fume pipe will either turn off permanently or for a limited time. Just keep trying and proceed through the maze. There are little red panels on the walls with keys inside them, just go up to them and use ACTION to open the case. One room before you get to the gas, you will see a chain door and dogs behind it, along with manure. (EWW!) Turn off the steam shooter, and throw your ball at the Scientist. He has a key for you, once you kill him. You can get the key with your ball, it seems to home in on keys and pick them up for you. Once you get the gas, exit the refinery and give the gas to Baladino.

 Baladino will rev up your Proto-Pack, making you fly higher and faster. Now there's two ways to get to the Hotel. 1) Go into the casino, and go to the back room. Fly over the water and open the door. You'll be behind the casino, and fly down the water and veer right. Follow the path to the top. 2) Kill the guards blocking the bridge, and walk behind the casino. Use the jetpack to fly over the river to the other side, and walk up the path to the top.

Once you're at the top, find the hotel. Inside, there will be a bellboy who won't let you in. Kill him and take his key. *Rule of Thumb* I know I should of mentioned this earlier, but there's a way to know who you can and who you can't kill. When you hit someone and star(s) come out, you can kill them. The more stars, the more damage. If stars do not appear either you can't kill them at all, or you need a more powerful ball. Ask around for Mr. Jhonny Rocket. He will be reclining next to the pool. Follow him to his room when he asks.

Mr. Rocket will tell you YET AGAIN that he himself can't take you there, but the owner of the souvenir shop on the home base can. He gives you a ring which shows that you are a rebel against Dark Monk, and identifies yourself to all the Dissidents. Go back to the main Island, and to the Twinsunian souvenir shop. Show him your ring. Also, buy the Memory Reviewer. He will open a secret panel behind him, and you will meet with your fellow rebels downstairs. After talking with them, they will send you to the Island of Francos to go down the elevator to the under-gas. They will also give you a laser gun, but you need a crystal from the Lava on the Island of Celebration.

First let's get the weapon. There are again 2 ways to get the crystal. (1) Go to the Island of Celebration, and climb it. Next to the building is the top of the volcano. use your jet pack to fly across the lava, and climb down the ladder. fly over to the crystals with the protection shield on, (Sea Monster rises) chip a piece off with the pickaxe, and fly back up and around. (2) Go to the Island of Celebration. Next to the boat is some water. Kill the guards, and fly over the water around the mountain. You will see lava drip down. with the jet fly up the last lava flow, and land on a rock that's coasting down. Jump from the rock to the ladder, and climb the ladder. Use the jet + protection spell to get to the crystals. Chip a piece, then fly back. Now your gun should be fully charged and set on 'Shake - n - Bake', let's go out and kick some ass.

Now off to the elevator on the Island of the Francos. Hop the fence again, and ready your laser pistol. Make your way towards the west harbor base (The area you haven't been to) and go inside the hallway. You should see two closed doors, and switches on the far end. Kill the guards, then shoot the switches to open the doors. The correct combination from Left to Right is: Up, Down, Up, Down. You will get to the harbor. This is pretty simple, run to the big catamaran and sail to the Elevator to the Under-Gas.

When you get there, you will be on a small little Island. In front of the door will be a HUGE 4 armed Gorilla. Brace yourselves and save, this one's even harder than he looks. I'm not sure if it's the right way, but it worked for me, and I only died once. What he does is pick up crates and hurl them at you, or just simply smack you very hard. I kept shooting him with the laser gun, and occasionally if you time it right he will throw the crate to the side, or miss you. I also shot the crate in his hands once or twice. But this guy is TOUGH. Once you kill him, you'll get a key to the inside.

Go into the elevator and down to the underground world. Kill the scientist (I call the guys in white scientists) and open up the laser field by hitting the big red switch with your ball in "Discreet" mode. Now you are open to a whole new world under the planet, and excuse the pun, but it's hell down here. You need to somehow make your way over to the Mosquiettes village. Run past the Construction Co. Building and into the mine on the right. I don't know why this part is useful yet, but it REALLY seems useful. In the mine, go through and try to find ALL the gems. You can also pick up a glove that lets you catch and throw fireballs, along with a fragment of the key. Great place to test out your flying abilities with your Super Proto-Pack, and don't forget to use the Protection spell over lava! 

I retrieved all this stuff then left the mine, finding nothing better to do. Continuing down the path, past the Oil Rig, And Ferriman (Since he wasn't there) I found another cave. Inside was a man asking for a slice of tart. Continuing through I found some mice-men who made the tart for me, and after fainting from the bad taste I gave it to him. He gave me a key to the Dark Monk's chapel, so I went in. Inside, I found a man and two boys. The man told me that in order to talk to the ferriman, I have to seek out his housemaid and tell the maid to teach me the song. The maid taught me the song of the Ferriman. I called the ferriman and gave 4 gems, and he took me across to the Mosquiettes Island to talk to them. Once I was there, I picked up another gem on the shore and talked to the first Mosquiette I saw. He took me to see the queen. I showed her my ring of dissidents and she promised to help me as long as I passed her test of truth. I stayed in that arena a while, then figured out that the key must be in one of those metal balls. So I started smacking them. Eventually, I found it, and by sheer luck, the weapon as well. For me it was in the right-hand door, but it may switch.

Oh no!! We're under attack by the Empire! I drastically tried to find the queen, I ran and climbed all over the place, fighting soldiers as I went. She was nowhere to be found, they must have captured her. I decided to head to Volcano island, I was running low on gems and also, I remember hearing one of the Mosquiettes mention it briefly. On my way out of the island though, I found a hole in the wall which I climbed out of, (not down the rope but in the same room) and Went across the bridge. There I found another fragment of the Key, adding up to two. The flying walrus can only be killed with the glove, just knock his fireballs back at him. It takes around 5 or so, and is pretty tedious to do. Then I called the Boatmen and paid him, ad headed for Volcano Island. Sure enough, after careful examination, I found a few of them hidden in a cave on Volcano island, but the queen was gone. They took her to the Building Company on the main island, so that's where I headed.

Inside the Building company (Front door, the side just takes you to an empty warehouse) I made my way through, and if you need money beat up the manager and push the statue to the side. He has 150 zlitos in there, and it refreshes every time. There is this door you can not pass because every time you go through the gate it closes. Well, I have a better idea. It's creative, tricky, but like they say in the movies, "It's so crazy it just might work." 
Go back to the mine with the gems, near the Building Company. Do you see the conveyor belt? Well, there's a belt in the warehouse, and also a ladder up there. Those boxes HAD to come from somewhere, don't they? I jumped on the belt and it took me to a room where a worker was boxing the jewels, and shipping them off. I killed him, then hopped in a box. Be VERY careful here though! Both levers have to be UP, or else the lid might go on top of the box, sealing you inside.

Once in the warehouse, I jumped onto the higher boxes and over to the ladder. If you don't catch it, you can simply go back to the mine and go over again. Aha! The ladder lead to the roof. From there I hopped over to the other building, and landed inside the prisoner's cell!! The Queen gave me the key to the passage. Remember how when you were escaping from the Mosquiette Island, you saw the empty throne room? Well, the chair had a keyhole, I think that's the passage. I'm going to go check it out.

Well I got good news and bad news. The good news is, I was right, that throne DOES lead to the passage. The bad news, is that the throne isn't empty now. When I finally made my way there, I found two gunmen guarding another of those hired assassins, this one a big goblin with some armor and a sword. I used the protection spell while I killed the two guards, then again when I charged the big guy. I lost one or two lives, but I've got 9 boxes now I think so I'm doing fine. Besides, if you save a lot, you don't need clovers anyway. Off down the passage I go.

Now I am on island CX. It was a small passage, but now I'm on the island itself, FINALLY. I searched around, went through the bottom floor door until I found a way to climb up, then went inside the center. After going around               there, I finally met the Emperor (I think) I killed him, but he hit the switch to trigger the moon! Now the moon's heading towards my planet! It turns out that some guy APPEARED and said he would be Dark Monk, so he must be relatively new. After the reactor was started, Sendell told me to get the 4 fragments of the key, kill Dark Monk, and go back to the well of Sendell. So off I go. I also grabbed the Emperor's sword, sweet little thing.

If you've been following this, you should have two fragments already, the Mosquiettes, and the Wannies. Which leaves the Francos fragment, and one other. Let's go get the Francos one. Both of the two fragments should be in the upper area, so we have to go ALL the way back through the underworld and up the elevator to get there. Once you get to the Francos village, it's time to remember some things from your previous visit. Everyone is looking for the fragment. The only one who KNEW where it was has been eaten by a monster. People think he left a clue in his cabinet. Unfortunately, the owl stole the key. So we have to get the owl. Remember the dog? The dog said that the owl used that little hole next to the house as a home, so maybe it's in there. Let's go check it out.

Well, can't kill the dog blocking it, and can't kill the owl, or the sea monster, I wonder what I should try now? I've run around and talked to everyone in the village it seems. Oh, I found the key! There is another niche next to the Burgermaster's (Burger King joke?) house, to the right of it. In there is the key. Go back to his house and open the locked cabinet. The note will help you find out where to dig to get the fragment. If you can't understand it, then try this. It says put your back to the tree, and face the bazaar. (Not the 3 dome one, the bazaar where you bought the pickaxe) Be in Sporty mode (He said sportive) And go about 5-7 steps, until you're on the grass. Turn around and use your pickaxe. Look around that area.. You will be standing on a small patch of grass facing the tree and some rock in front of you that looks like normal ground.

On to the Ceps fragment, the last one. Well, we've gotten the Mosquiettes key, and the Wannies key, the two underground races, and we got the Franco's fragment, one upperground race. The only other race is the one at Otringal, which means the fragment MUST be hidden inside the emperor's house. After all, if he IS emperor, he should have one of the fragments as a sign of power, right? Go to his mansion on top of the hill, and kill the guards with your sword. One of them has a key which you can use to get inside. Inside is what could have been a pain in the ass maze, but they decided to put the fragment in a very easy spot. Upon entering, get the key in the chest and go into the door on the top right of your screen. Keep going in that direction until you can't anymore. Then go to the top left, and go until you see the three little people in front of a double door. Get the key, go in there, and fight your way to the statue. The statue will come alive, revealing a very ugly, but even easier boss. I didn't even need protection spell, and never got hit. Go into aggressive mode, and use ALT with your sword and just keep thumping him until he dies.

Now that we have all 4 fragments we have the full key, along with the last level of magic, (Woo Hoo!) and cool fireballs. On to the Dark Monk's temple, on the one and only Celebration Island. Once I got there I scaled the mountain and went into the temple in the middle. I placed the key in the center then stepped outside.. HOLY SHIT FUNFROCK'S BACK!!! The Dark Monk was FunFrock, back from the dead or wherever I sent him! This guy must die, I've had it up to here with his crap. Twinsen even tells him off.. "FunFrock, you suck big time. I'm gonna take you out, and I DON'T mean for pizza!" (Yes he actually says that!) After this little talk, I'm chasing this guy down.

Go to where the pillars have risen up. Jump from pillar to pillar, then onto the book, up the arm, and into the cave. You will then see the wizards trapped in a barrier. Turn the monitors off in this order: 2, 1, 4, 3. Then hit the lever, and they will all be free. The wizards will blow an opening for you in the gate allowing you to climb higher. There you will meet FunFrock again, and he will start to lower the children down. The chase is pretty easy to figure out, except on the 3rd floor. You will get a key, run through a gate, and you will see a green tile and two elephants but no way down. If you kill the elephants the passage will open. Chase after the children until FunFrock is walking towards the chain holding them up, and he tells you that it's too late, then put your shield on, run at him, and kill him before he can kill the children. In my game, I didn't make it, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Once the real FunFrock (The one that doesn't flash red) and all fake FunFrocks are dead.. walk to the lava where the children are, or to the right side of the lava if they're not. Maybe there is a special ending if you saved the children, maybe there isn't. The ending you'll have to see on your own, and I find it outstanding. But I have to hand it to the programmers, they pulled off an exciting, fun-filled game, once again, just like the first Little Big Adventure. Good bye all, and Good Night!