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Quest for Glory 5 - Drachenfeuer (e)

| QUEST FOR GLORY V -- DRAGON FIRE.                                                              |
|     GENRE : ADVENTURE/ROLE PLAYING GAME.                                               |
|   CREATED BY NATHAN PRIMA SUWANTO (THE BLUE DRAGON)                                    |
|     ON TUESDAY - 29 JUNE 1999 - 3:45 GMT                                             |


Version 1.0
- Initial first release version of FAQ. 
- Has complete walkthrough and all tricks I know for now. 
- But I haven't play as a Thief yet, so the walkthrough for Thieves may not    
  complete, I'll complete it on later versions.

Version 1.1
- Updating the Thief section as I have finished it, so the Thief section should   
  be 100% completed now. 
- I'm currently playing as Wizard (I haven't had much time to play this game !). 
- I also have remodeled the FAQ and reorganized the sections so it will look 
- Some repairs made to  some mistyped text on the last version .Thanks to 
  'Patrick S' for telling me this.
- Add "Betting Tips" on Section III (thanks to Tony Roberts).
- Add NEW "Some Words from The Author. I certainly hope you will read it
- Add 2 more cheats on Section III. Thank you Patrick for all your help for me.

Version 2.0
- More tips, secret and info are coming. I divided them by the author's name.
  (Man, this sure is a huge update. That's why it jumped from 1.1 to 2.0)

A. Submitted by Andreas (
  1) Hades    -> You can use "Levitate" spell to go down
  2) Atlantis -> Secret Door for Thieves          
  3) Minos    -> Secret door & how to kill guard

B. Submitted by Xiang Fu Piak (
  1) Minos    -> Ways to open the Alcove Gate

C. Submitted by Jonathan Adams (
  1) Hades    -> You can use a grapnel to go down

- And as always, remember to read Some Words from The Author, OK ?

Version 2.1
- [New Trick] Easy way for money if you got strength
    (Submitted by 'Xiang Fu Piak' :

- Walkthrough for the "Second Rite : Conquest" is updated. Found the way to take 
  the General Shield without killing the General [Thief, Paladin]
    (Submitted by 'Scott Goldey/Alex' :

- Done the FAQ Remodeling, to make it easier to read. So please do not ask me 
  again to make it more better. This is the best I can do...


01. Some Words From The Author
  A. Version 2.1 [UPDATED !!]
  B. Version 2.0 
  C. Version 1.1
  D. Version 1.0

02. Non-Spoiling General Information     
  A. Map of Silmaria
  B. Marete Map Locations
  C. Important Item Locations
  D. How To Make Money
  E. Paladin's Honor Ability List

03. Tricks and Cheats
 A. Version 2.1 [UPDATED !!]
   - Easy money if you got strength
 B. Version 1.1    
   - Betting Tips so you'll always win
   - Warning about Bank Robbery
   - 2 more places to learn lockpicking

  C. Version 1.0
   - Item Duplication Bug (v1.0)
   - Acrobatic to Increase Abilities
   - Play as Paladin for First Time
   - Always winning the Rites of Rulership
   - Lockpicking Skill Booster
   - Spell Targeting

04. People From The Quest of Glory Series
  1. The Prince of Shapeir
  2. Elsa von Spielburg
  3. Toro the Minotaur
  4. Archmage Erasmus
  5. Fenris, the Mouse Sidekick
  6. The Cloaked Man
  7. Rakeesh sah Tarna
  8. Erana
  9. Katrina
 10. Salim and Julanar
 11. Sam the Banker
 12. Nawar

05. Complete Walkthrough
  A. Before The Rites of Rulership
  B. First Rite   : Rite of Freedom
  C. Second Rite  : Rite of Conquest [UPDATED !!]
  D. Third Rite   : Rite of Valor
  E. Fourth Rite  : Rite of Destiny [UPDATED !!]
  F. Fifth Rite   : Rite of Courage 
  G. Sixth Rite   : Rite of Peace   
  H. Seventh Rite : Rite of Justice
  I. Minos Island : The Epic Battle against Minos
  J. Last Battle  : Dragon Slaying at Dragon Blood Pool

06. Sub-Quests Guide
  1. Return Sarra's Lost Basket
  2. Give FA the Hippocrene Water
  3. Solve The Bank Robbery and Heal Robber Arm
  4. Make the Ring of Truth
  5. Paint Gnome Ann's Inn
  6. Get Ann's Deed
  7. Cure Erasmus and Shakra's Illness
  8. Make Improved Poison Cure Pills
  9. Marrying Erana
 10. Marrying Elsa
 11. Marrying Nawar
 12. Getting the Black Bird
 13. Get the Magic Wood/Dance with Dryad 
 14. Dance with Gnome Ann
 15. Some ways to boost your Honor
 16. Break to Silmarian Bank

07. Credits
08. Disclaimer

01. Some Words From The Author

Version 2.1
Wow, I am really amazed. I don't know if there's still so many people in the world who are still playing Quest For Glory V. Well then, e-mails keep coming and tricks flows in. I decided to make an update so enjoy it.

Oh, one more thing I almost forgot. I have deleted Quest For Glory V from my PC so I cannot test the tricks. So it all depends on the submitter's honesty and my sense (if it's really weird, I won't post it). Also, the Import File for my all-400 Paladin has accidentally deleted so I won't be able to give it to you who wants it any longer...

Version 2.0
Actually, I don't want to make an update after v1.1 because I thought many people must already finished the game. But a few days ago, mails keep coming in telling me of new things I didn't know before. So after all, I decided to make an update v1.2 of the FAQ.

Xiang Fu Piak, Andreas, and Jonathan Adams. You have my gratitude for your help for making this update. I have credited all of you on the Credits Section.

Well, I don't wanna say this is the last *again* because I never know if someday somebody will contact me and telling me things to put in the FAQ. I guess there is never an end if you keeps on your hope, right ? So just hope for v 2.1.

More to say :
I has already finished the v1.2 FAQ on April,5th but due to connection problems, I wasn't able to send the FAQ to GameFAQs. But now, after more and more people asking me to make an update, here it comes, FAQ Version 2.0 !!!

I made it 2.0 because there are many new things in this FAQ.

Version 1.1
Here comes the update (at last !). I guess you are wondering why the update took so long, right ? Well, I'm a high school student and these days I haven't had much time coz I got so much work to do. But now I get a holiday, I spent my time home to make this update.

Lastly, thanks for all your support. I have been receiving lot of help and sup-port from both ICQ and E-Mail. Without you guys, maybe this update won't be here now. Enjoy the FAQ. This will be the last update... But if I finds out anything new while I'm playing the Wizard, well... I'll make Update Version 1.2 OK ?

And I also heard that Sierra WILL NOT make QfG 6. That means this game is the final serie of the Quest for Glory Legend...

Next FAQ(s) to Come (if I have the time, of course) are :
- Guardian's Crusade (PSX) *SOON*
- Legend of Legaia   (PSX) *Maybe 1 or 2 months later*

Version 1.0
Yes..Yes.. I know you wanna just proceed to the FAQ itself, right ? But as an author I think I deserve the right to speak a few words. Okay, this is my second FAQ on the net. My first one is the "Metal Gear Solid : Meryl Ending GS Code" for PlayStation, which is now located on GameFAQs. Well, first I'm gonna tell you that I'm Indonesian, so if you can't understand some sentences due to my bad English, sorry !! But feel free to ask me if you don't understand.

I think this game is great. I has all of the Series from QfG one to five. Since QfG 4 I've been waiting for this game for 2 years. Now I got the game in my hands, I feel satisfied. Sierra Has Done A Great Job in Making A Great Adventure Game !! Well, let's end my chit-chat here because this is a FAQ, not a review...

02. Non-Spoiling General Information
Relax.. I'm not gonna tell you the hardware requirements or stuffs like that because I think you already know it. Now I'm gonna give you general information for your adventure in Silmaria ( Welcome To Silmaria ).

A. Map of Silmaria

                        NOB HILL ( UPSTAIRS )
      ----------------- SILMARIA'S TOWN SQUARE
        |                                  |            
        |                                  |    

1. Hall of Kings                         - Place to meet Logos and start/finish rites
2. Rakeesh's Sunbathing Stone  - Go right from Hall of Kings. Meet Rakeesh
3. The Grand Arena of Silmaria - Do/watch battles. You can also bet for the 
                                           winner of the battles
4. Spinning Hat                          - Portal to Erasmus's Cloud Palace
5. Silmaria News Board           - Get hottest news. Go left from Hall of Kings
6. Rich people residential       - Thieves, get ready ! (know what I mean ?)

1. Merchants                     - Food, Jewelry and Amphorae Seller
2. Silmaria Bank                         - Place to save money, what else ?
3. Shakra's Magic Shop           - Buy magic spells and magical dagger.
4. Salim's Apothecary          - Buy potions. If you're injured, you'll be 
                                 healed for free.

1. Gnome Ann's Inn               - Rest and get meal FOR FREE !!
2. West Gate                     - Exit from Silmaria to the Marete Map.
3. Adventurer's Guild            - Meet Toro and sometimes Elsa or Magnum. There  
                                 is also a Wanted Help Board above Logbook.
4. Thieves Guild                         - "Under the bridge. Don't forget to knock" just 
                                 like Bruno said. (Actually.. don't knock...)

1. Dock                                  - Click on water to swim but be sure you has 100 
                                 Swimming pts. or you'll die.
2. Andre's Boat                  - Beside dock. Get anchovies or travel on the sea
3. Pholus's Blacksmith Shop      - Sell and buy equipments (some are magical).
4. FA Correspondence School      - Kinda like a library. Find many info here.
5. Dead Parrot Tavern            - Opens 5.00 pm till midnight. You can bet for 
                                 the battle or you can join the battle.

B. Marete Map Locations
1. Silmaria             - The place where you comes out
2. Pegasus Nest         - Top of Marete Island Map
3. Dragon Pool  - Northeast of Silmaria (north of eastern dragon pillar)
4. Hades entrance - Skull icon on Northwest of Silmaria

C. Important Item Locations
Anchovies            - Meet Andre on the dock. Talk about Anchovies.
Ann's Deed                 - Talk to Ferrari about it and give Peace Statue to him 
                       after Rite of Peace
Beeswax            - Nearest Dragon pillar northeast from Silmaria. Use to 
                       make Icarus Wings.
Black Lotus                - Purple Flower at Delos. In the pool. Give it to Salim for 
                       improved Poison Cure Pills.
Brazier            - Buy from Marrak after showing Balloon Picture.
Drugged Chocolate    - Beginning of Rite of Courage/Peace. On the chair on your 
Feather            - Top of Pegasus Nest on the mountain.
Flowers              - In front of the Apothecary.
Grapnel            - Talk to Rakeesh in Sunbathing Stone. *THIEF ONLY*
Hippocrene Water           - River at Pegasus Nest.
Hydra Goo (glue)     - Sap of the tree at Hydra Island.
Hydra Teeth + Scale  - Click on dead Hydra body (Head part).
Icarus Wing          - Apply beeswax then feather on Wingframe at Science Island
King's Ring                - See Logos after Rakeesh tell you about Ring of Truth.
Lethe Water                - Get it from Whirlpool at Hades at Rite of Courage.
Magic Seed                 - Say goodbye to Julanar when Erasmus has drugged (when she 
                       talked about Erasmus and Drug)
Magical Wood       - Give Hippocrene water to the Seven Dryads (in Delos). Get 
                       it after your dance.
Mystic Magnet      - Buy from Shakra's Magic Shop.
Jalapeno Pepper      - From Salim's Apothecary. It's the one behind where is 
                       Julanar sitting, not the ones hanging on the ceiling.
Poisoned Dagger    - After killing Assassin or Minos.
Rocks                      - In front of Blacksmith or on the Teeterboard.
Rope                       - Thieves Guild (for thieves only) or in a chest on the 
                       cave behind Hydra's dead body.
Sarra's Basket     - Beaches near Naxos village (Southern fishing village)
Sheet                      - From the drawer on your Bedroom.
Shells             - Dragon Pillar north of Silmaria (the one near sea)
Spell : Augment    - Get from Centaur Wizard if you don't "Trigger" him.
Spell : Dragon Fire  - Katrina will teach you.
Spell : First Aid          - Erana will teach you. Meet her on her island.
Spell : Shrink       - Get from a chest in a cave behind Hydra's dead body.
Spell : Thermo Blast - From FA after you give Hippocrene Water *WIZARD ONLY*
Spell : Whirlwind          - Erasmus will teach you. Visit him often on his dwelling.
Stealth Charm      - From FA after you give Hippocrene Water *THIEF ONLY*
Styx Water                 - From the calm water at Hades at Rite of Courage.
Waterbreathing Amul. - From Erana/Katrina in beginning of Rite of Peace

D. How To Make Money
- Go to Pegasus Nest and take up the feather. In one click you'll get 10 but you 
  can only carry 100 on your backpack so 10 clicks/visit. You'll get 100 Drachma 
  for 100 feathers if you sell it to Salim's Apotechary.

- After completing Rite of Conquest, you can go back to the Hesparian's Base and 
  take throwing spears on the cart as many as you can. Sell it to Pholus for 5-8 
  Drachmas per spear (it depends on how many spears you have).

- Wizards : If you have a spell you can teach it to Shakra in the Magic Shop for 
  240 Drachmas/spell. The spells you can teach him are the spells you have from 
  QfG4 (Frostbite and Aura) plus spells from QfG5 if you get some.

- Thieves : Go up to the Nob Hill. Rob the house which is not guarded (I can't 
  break into the guarded house. It's Ferrari's house), loot the goodies and sell 
  it to Thieves Guild. But for Hera Ring you better sell it to Sarra the Bead 
  Merchant for higher price.

- Thieves and Fighters (never tried Wizards before) can play Wheel of Fortune on 
  Dead Parrot's Inn for easy cash. On the beginning it may be hard but once you  
  get it it'll be easy. Just remember to turn your difficulty level all the way 
  down to EASY.

E. Paladin's Honor Ability List
350 : You Start with this amount of Honor (for Paladins)
      Healing, Honor Shield, Magic Ward.
375 : Get "Destroy Undead" to BOOM undead enemies like Shade and Skeletons.
400 : Get "Peace". Don't know what this is for. Never use it.
425 : Get "Sense Aura" to read other people/creatures feelings about you.
450 : Get "Holy Strength" to raise your Strength about 250 temporarily.
475 : Get "Awe" to make enemies run away when they see you.

You can increase Honor up to 550 but after "Awe" you got no more skill. So raise it if you want but there's no advantage OK ?

03. Tricks and Cheats

Version 2.1
- If you had build up your strength enough (maybe 475+), go to the Dead Parrot 
  Inn, register yourself for the Arena Tournament, then bet the maximum 1000 
  Drachmas on yourself. When it's your turn to compete, go to the arena, prepare 
  With the lowest difficulty level, you shouldn't get a problem in fighting your   
  enemies. Xiang Fu said that he ever beat Elsa empty-handedly with this level. 
  If you win you'll get the Arena Prize plus the Betting Prize (Which should be 
  more than 1500 per battle in my case).

  [Submitted by 'Xiang Fu Piak' :
Version 1.1

- Between 5 pm and 8 pm enter Dead Parrot Inn (5 pm is the opening time of the  
  Inn and 8 pm is the time the betting closed, in case you don't notice it ^-^).
  Go to the betting board, save your game, then bet 1000 drachmas for TODAY'S  
  BATTLE (if you don't have 1000, bet all your money, really I'm serious !!). 
  Rest until midnight pass, check the board. If you win, take your money. If you 
  lose, reload game and bet on the other contestant.

  Do you know why I capitalized TODAY'S BATTLE ?
   Because if you also bet for the next day's battle, you have to wait one more 
   day before you can see the result, and if you lose, you will have to reload 
   from a far away point (1 DAY !!).

  [Trick submitted by Tony Roberts ( with some additions]

- Thieves, you can enter and rob the Bank for the amount of money you deposited  
  plus 3000 drachmas (so if you deposited 5000, you'll get 5000+3000 = 8000). 
  But be warned though, you can only do this twice. The third time you break in, 
  there'll be a guard and you will be sent to jail immediately.

 [ Patrick told me this but he didn't know that we can't enter the bank thrice ]

- You can also increase lockpicking by lockpicking the 2 doors beside your room 
  in Ann's Inn which cannot be opened. [ By Patrick ]

Version 1.0

- QFG5 Version 1.0 only : There is an item duplication bug. Here's how to do it: 
  1. Enter inventory and double click the item you want to duplicate.
  2. Click DROP to toss the item to the air. Remember to drop all of it.
  3. While item is on the air, enter inventory (click on latch or press I it 
     doesn't matter which way you use)
  4. If you're quick enough, the item you dropped is still there. Drop again.
  5. Repeat as many as needed.

  This bug is caused due to Sierra's mistake on programming. They make items
  really disappear from Inventory when they reach ground. So if you can enter
  inventory while item is on air, it seems the item isn't dropped yet even it
  IS already dropped.

- While on character making screen, assign 100 points to Acrobatics (thieves 
  already have this skill so no need to do this). Don't worry about other 
  attributes, we'll increase it later. You can do this trick by removing all 
  your equipments (weapons,armor and helm) then press F or G (attack buttons) 
  repeatedly to practice your empty-hand martial arts. You will notice your 
  Strength, Agility, Vitality, Offense, and Luck are increasing. This helps me a 
  lot when I'm playing that weak Wizard. I got maxxed up in 5-6 days using this.
  [ This trick is taken from Rana Loreus' walkthrough (] 
  [ I have notified her in this matter and she agreed to put this trick here.  ]

- On your first time, I suggest you play your role as a Paladin, by importing a 
  file available from the CD (just click IMPORT and you'll see the file). The 
  paladin got almost 350 pts. on all atttributes except swimming and acrobatics.
  Plus, paladin have special abilities listed above which will help you greatly 
  on your quest for glory.

  If you want a stronger Paladin, I can give you my save file from QfG4. IT HAS 
  400 PTS. FOR ALL ABILITIES except swimming and acrobatics (I suggest you start 
  up with all 400 and 150 acrobatics). Interested ? Contact me via e-mail or ICQ 
  and I'll send it to you via e-mail (or ICQ if you're online the same time with 

- As long as you don't SLEEP UNTIL MORNING in your bedroom, your opponents won't   
  be able to defeat you. Even they gave the item first, as long as you don't 
  sleep until morning (just sleep 1 hours - 1 hours until morning) you won't 
  lose. Just give the item to the guard and you'll win. This applies where you  
  can get 2 items (for instance, Rite of Courage, Elsa can also take Styx water, 
  but as long as you don't sleep, she won't give it to the guard).

- Go to Dead Parrot Inn (not the tavern itself, but go to the right side and 
  take the ladder up). When you try to pick the lock on the door, there will be 
  a message indicating that it's magically locked, but if you repeat this your 
  lockpicking skill will be boosted even if you can't open the door. Strange 
  isn't it ? (Another Bug, maybe ?).

- Some people can't figure how to target Spells. Here's how to do it, enter your 
  spell inventory and drag one to the belt. Then, when you click on that spell 
  on the belt, your cursor will change to the Targeting Cursor. Cast !

04. People From The Quest of Glory Series
For those people who haven't played Quest for Glory I to IV, I'll give you this section. And for those who already knows, just for nostalgia. QfG Fans say that QfG 5 is the game who combines QfG 1 to 4 Characters to a reunion here. (Yes, all your friends from the previous Quest for Glory will be here).

1. The Prince of Shapeir
He is the greatest hero of the world. His name is written on the legend of Quest for Glory. THIS IS YOU !!

In QfG I : So You Want To Be A Hero, he freed Spielburg town from the Brigands, freed the Spielburg prince from the Kobold's Curse, drive Baba Yaga away from the land, freed Elsa and Toro from the Brigand's Curse.

In QfG II : Trial By Fire, he was taken to the desert town of Shapeir. Destroyed the four Elements of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. Freed Julanar the Tree Woman from the Curse. Travelled afar to the desert town of Raseir to free the world from the Summoning of The Dark One. Walk through the paths of death to face the Darkest Evil. Send Ad Avis the Dark Lord to his Doom. Appointed as a son of the Shapeir King, Harun al Rasyid. Earned the title of the Prince of Shapeir.

In QfG III : Wages of War, he go with his liountaur friend, Rakeesh to the Liontaur Town of Tarna. There, he solved the mystery which almost make war between Tarna and Leopardmen. He do what he can do, he did the best to make peace between Tarna, Simbani and Leopards, but he failed because of the Demon's Plan. With the aid of his monkey friends, he travelled to the Lost City. There he must face his worst enemy, the bad side of himself (so the good side of Hero vs the bad side of the Hero). Then he face the Demon Wizard and destroy it to pieces. Once again there is peace in Tarna. But not long, he were teleported by a mystic spell to The Land of The Dark.

In QfG IV : Shadows of Darkness, he ventured through the land of Mordavia. He finds the truth that Erana died here. He also must once again face Ad Avis, who hasn't been dead, instead, he become an Undead under Katrina The Dark Master. He had the chance to kill her, but he didn't do it. Instead, he kissed her and taught her of love. When Ad Avis wants to kill him, she sacrificed herself to save him. He freed the land from Avoozl The Dark Demon and free Erana's Soul to Eternity.

And now, he is summoned to Silmaria to once again return peace to Silmaria and save the land of Marete from Destruction. Can he do it ?? (It's up to you).

2. Elsa Von Spielburg
Once a brigand leader of Spielburg by curse. You freed her from the Brigand's Curse and Return her to Spielburg Castle. [QfG1]

3. Toro the Minotaur
Friend of Elsa. Once a member of the Brigands with Elsa. You ever fight him once in Spielburg. He was the enemy who could make you almost killed by his strength.

4. Archmage Erasmus
Your old Friend which lived on the peak of a mountain, with a strange sense of humor. But despite his odd look, he had the power of the master of magic. [QfG1]

5. Fenris, the Mouse Sidekick
A talking mouse who works as Erasmus' Sidekick. Has the ability to use magic and also the same sense of Humor as Erasmus' [QfG1].

6. The Cloaked Man
This is a mystery for now. But I'll tell you he come from Spielburg. [QfG1]

7. Rakeesh sah Tarna
You met him on Shapeir, he always teaches you of the way of Paladin. He was a king of Tarna, but left the throne to be a Paladin. He is your mentor. [QfG2+3]

8. Erana
You know her from Zara, magic shop owner in Spielburg. Her garden has helped you much in your quest, providing as a safe place to heal and rest. You freed him from the Dark One in Mordavia. [QfG1+4]

9. Katrina
The Dark Master you met on Mordavia. Although at first you recognize her as an usual peasant girl, she has the darkest heart of all. But when you taught her of love, she began to change. She sacrificed herself to protect you from Ad Avis. [QfG4]

10. Salim and Julanar
Salim works in Tarna Apothecary [QfG3] while Julanar is a tree-woman you met in Shapeir [QfG2]. Salim had a dream about dancing with tree, when you told him about Julanar he was very happy and go to Shapeir right away.

11. Sam The Banker
He is the beggar you once met in the alleys of Spielburg. Ironic isn't it ? A beggar can turn to a banker in a big city... [QfG1]

12. Nawar
On your way to the Castle of Raseir, you passed through the Harem (hid in there). You met Nawar there working as a harem girl. [QfG2]

05. Complete Walkthrough

A. Before The Rites of Rulership

You are Summoned to Silmaria by your old friend, Archmage Erasmus and his sidekick Fenris. When you're given an option, choose "Silmaria" and you'll be teleported to Silmaria. You'll end up in the Spinning Hat Portal on Nob Hill.
Go West until you see The Hall of Kings - large building which is guarded by 2 guards -. Don't confuse it with the Colloseum - large building which will be grated when you arrived for the first time. In the Hall of Kings, conversate with centaur Logos and your old liontaur friend, Rakeesh sah Tarna. Agree to Enter the Rites of Rulership (don't worry you won't have to start it now).
Exit the Hall of Kings.

Upon exiting the Hall of Kings, immediately go East to the rock beside the colloseum. You'll meet Rakeesh here. Speak with him and acquire the Katta Pin you left in Tarna before. For Thieves, you will get a Magic Grapnel which your father gave it to you before in Shapeir before you went off to Tarna.

Now you can do anything you want. Feel free to do anything you want, practice, and take your time to know Silmaria well. There's no limitation about when you must enter the Rites of Rulership (but on v1.0, I think you must finish the game before day 15 because if you go there on day 15 it will crash...).

If you want some suggestion about what to do, look here :
1. Body Building. You can do this by using the "Acrobatic Trick" above.
2. Go to Adventurer's Guild. Read the Bulletin Board then sign the logbook.
   To increase strength, click (walk) on the Treadmill.
   To increase vitality, double-click (run) on the Treadmill.
   If I'm not mistaken, this should add 13-15 pts. everytime you do it.
3. Explore Silmaria. Talk to all people and seek informatiom. Buy things.
4. Go to Gnome Ann's Inn. Take your room key so you can return anytime.
5. Buy Mystic Magnet then put one on the chest (blue or red it doesn't matter) 
   to teleport you back into you bedroom quickly. THIS IS A MUST !!!
6. Buy some Healing and Poison Cure Pills from Salim's Apothecary.
7. Read on the SUB-QUESTS GUIDE section below.

Paladins Only:
On your conversation with Rakeesh, be sure to ask him about Ring of Truth. Then offer to make Ring of Truth. After saying so, Rakeesh will tell you to go see Logos. Go to Hall of Kings, tell Guard about Rakeesh/Ring of Truth, go inside and agree to make Ring of Truth. How to make the Ring of Truth is described in SUB-QUESTS GUIDE section. For now, just use the King's Ring on yourself when you're injured (injured is not always get hit by enemy. It also happens when you lose all stamina - shortly : when your Hp is not Full).

If you got nothing to do, I suggest you to visit all 5 fishing villages. This way, you can know which house is the biggest one. This will help you much on the Rite of Freedom. You won't have to check the houses one by one later. A piece of hint, the biggest house had 2 rooms or located on a village corner which is the farthest house from the village entrance.

If you think you have prepared yourself enough, had enough guts and ready to expect the worst (including fighting 5 legion of Romans), then you should enter The Rites of Rulership. Go to the Bank, Make a Transaction. Make sure you got at least 1000 Drachmas in your bank saving. Then click on the ENTER button above the deposit box (the one with "Click here to Enter Rites of Rulership). Sam the Bank Owner will tell you to go to the Hall of Kings. Proceed there.

You will see 5 competitors :
1. Elsa von Spielburg (from Quest for Glory I)
2. Magnum Opus (big-mouthed Roman Warrior)
3. Kokeeno Pookameeso (leader of Silmarian Guard)
4. Gort (Frankenstein-like creature from Science)
5. * Fill your name here *, Prince of Shapeir (YOU !!)

There are 7 Rites in the Rites of Rulership. In order they're Freedom, Conquest, Valor, Destiny, Courage, Peace and Justice. I will explain them one by one...

B. First Rite : Rite of Freedom
Logos will tell you to free a village. By choice, you are given the task to free Naxos (the fishing village Southwest of Silmaria) from the Hesparian Invaders.
If you want, you can free ALL 5 VILLAGES and I suggest you to do so because by freeing all 5 villages you will get a lot of Drachmas, got deeds, and special items (some of them are not sold elsewhere). If you wanna take the other 4 villages, do so but don't free up Naxos first. Your opponents all are so stupid, they won't try to capture Naxos. If they lose up their village, that's it, they go home and don't even try to capture Naxos for a tie.

After checking all houses earlier, you must know which house is the biggest. In case you missed it, I'll tell you some more hints. If you tried to enter the biggest house, there will be a message box with options : "Examine,Open,Listen, Force and Pick lock (for thieves)". So, if you clicked on a house and then you just entered it without a message, exit quickly because you have entered a wrong house.

Here's how to defeat the Hesparian (Roman) Invaders :

Fighters - Just do the Hack and Slash. Kill them (not all, just the ones that 
           blocks your way).

Wizards  - You can cast DAZZLE on them. That will make them blinded, and they 
           even can attack their own friends. Then... RUN !!!

Thieves  - You can't blackjack them. I haven't tried sneaking yet, some people 
           said they can walk on the roof but this is not tested. The best idea 
           is to run away if you can't defeat them.

Paladins - Cast AWE on the enemies. This way they will run away. But don't use 
           it on all enemies, just the ones blocking your way because AWE uses a 
           large amount of stamina. Don't say you don't have AWE... give flowers 
           to women, that will increase your Honor a little per flower.

If you already found the biggest house, kill all enemies (or AWE for Paladins) in there  and search for a chest. In the chest you will always find 500 Drachmas, the village sigil and a special item (varies from village to village). You can rest and do anything after acquiring all villages because after you free all, your opponents will automatically lose (you freed the village quicker than them).

Pholus the Blacksmith will sell new equipments after this rite. Be sure to collect money and buy them because they're so good. Recommended equipment : Magic Helmet - Magic Leather Armor - Ice Diamond Sword/Wurmbane Spear - Shield (for now just use the ordinary, after Rite of Conquest use General's Shield).

NOTE !! : There is some mistake on the weapons' attack power. Even if the offense power of Wurmbane Spear, Ice Diamond, and DragonSlayer are written as 35 and 40. Actually, they all have the same offense, 60. So I suggest you to buy Ice Diamond (8000 Drachmas) than DragonSlayer (10000 Drachmas) because the power is the same but DragonSlayer is more efficient on Hydra and Final Boss (Dragon).

Paladins, if you got nothing to do, you better go to Dragon Blood Pool and bathe your King's Ring into the lava there to make a Ring of Truth. Now you have done 2 elements needed to make it. Paladin Blood and Dragon Blood (lava) the one left is water of binding from Styx River. This is especially for v1.0 players because you can't go there after Day 15.

After taking care of all your business you might have, give the Naxos Sigil to the Hall of Kings' Guard. He will summon other competitors to the Hall of Kings to finish Rite of Freedom. First rite done...

Logos also will announce that Kokeeno is dead killed on the Northeast dragon pillar. So there will be only 4 competitor left. If you want, you can go to the dragon pillar before this rite ends, look at Kokeeno and return to the city. Knock the door beside the West Gate. You will warn the Guard about Kokeeno's Death.

C. Second Rite : Rite of Conquest
Logos will explain to you that Hesparian Invaders are invading Silmaria. He believed that the Invaders have a base somewhere nearby but he don't know where.
He then told you to search for it, and make sure they won't bother Silmaria again. As a prove, bring General Claudius' Shield (he didn't tell you to kill Claudius, but I can't spare his life. If anybody knows a way to make him lose / surrender without fighting, contact me and I'll credit you).

OK now. The Island is located on the southwest side of Marete. In the morning, seek for Andre on the Dock Area. Rent his boat. Then, drive the boat southeast, then west (you have to turn around Marete's southern part). Bump your boat to every island there. If you've reached the right place, Andre will tell you about it and leave you here (don't worry you can go back to Silmaria later).

Here are the ways to defeat General Claudius for each class :

Fighters - Again, Hack and Slash. Kill all the Hesparian Invaders you see. After 
           killing all of them, run upstairs via the right ladder to meet the 
           Centaur Wizard. Fight him and be sure to block (D) or Dodge (keypad 
           7 and 9) when he cast a spell. When he teleports, go downstairs and     
           upstairs again via left ladder. After he's killed, General Claudius
           will come. Kill him and take his shield.

Wizards  - Before entering, unequip all armor (including helmet),cast PROTECTION  
           spell. After casting it, equip armor. Kill everyone you see. You can             
           kill them by spell (I suggest FrostBite) or close combat. After all 
           died, meet Centaur Wizard by going up the right ladder but be sure to 
           cast Reversal before going. When he teleports, go down and upstairs 
           via left ladder. When he's killed, General Claudius will come. Kill 
           him and take his shield.

           Note :
           You can kill the Centaur Wizard instantly by exploding him using 
           Trigger spell. But if you do this, you'll miss the Magic Dagger and
           Augment Spell (used to raise other spell's skill temporarily)
Thieves  - Go right side of the screen. See some kind of pipe or drainage above 
           the rock ? Enter the base from there and be sure to sneak. To go 
           there, go upstairs to the corner that is located beside and above the 
           drainage pipe. Use (click) Rope & Grapnel twice on the ledge. You'll 
           go down to the rock. Enter the drainage (with sneak on) and you'll 
           end up in the bathroom beside main gate. Kill General.
Paladins - You can AWE the Hesparian Invaders away. When you've killed/used AWE 
           on all of them, the Centaur Wizard will arrive. Cast MAGIC WARD so 
           you'll be protected from his spell (his spell will be destroyed by 
           your Barrier). Kill him. When General Claudius come, also kill him 
           and take his shield.

[][] Update : Version 2.1 [][] --> "Scott Goldey/Alex"
YES !! Here it is. At last there is someone who can tell me about how to take General's Shield without killing him.

Thieves  - Use the same way, enter the base via the drainage pipe. You will end 
           up in the toilet, as usual. But instead of going out from there, wait 
           patiently (remember I said PATIENTLY, ok ?). Eventually (time passed)
           General Claudius will go to the toilet to pee.

           When the General is in the toilet, blackjack him, search his body. 
           You will find the 'General Shield'. Go out from the way you come (not 
           from the toilet door) and return to Silmaria with the magnet.

Paladins - Nah... This one is really necessary for Paladins since it will raise 
           their honor by sparing Claudius' life.

           Fight/Awe all Hesparian Invaders. Then kill the Centaur Wizard with 
           the same way as above (Magic Ward, Attack). When General Claudius 
           come, don't fight him. Instead, go away a little bit (so he won't be 
           able to attack you), then cast PEACE repeatedly on him. Eventually, 
           he will surrender. Take his shield.

After done all of this, pick up as many throwing spears as you want. You can sell them to Pholus for cash. How to get home ? Well, I did tell you to buy Mystic Magnet, didn't I. Use it !

As always, you can relax here. The shield is on your hands. Nobody can take it.
Wizards should read the AUGMENT scroll and learn about Augment Spell. You can teach it to Shakra to get 240 Drachmas. Otherwise, Non-Wizard Characters should sell the scroll to Shakra but for cheaper price (less than 100 Drachmas man..).

Remember to bring at least one Poison Cure Pills with you. This is very essential to completing this game with all your friends alive.

When you've finished other business you might have, give the General Claudius' Shield to the Hall of Kings' Guard. Once again.. you are the champion, Hero.
Rite of Conquest finished. Remember to equip the shield (it's the strongest shield in this game). 2 rites finished...

Again, one more competitor has fallen. Magnum Opus was killed beside a dragon pillar too. But I can't find his body anywhere. There are 3 competitors left : You, Elsa and Gort.

D. Third Rite : Rite of Valor
Logos will explain about Hydra, a 3-headed creature which can breathe fire and acid. It has been a long threat to Silmaria. You must travel to Hydra Island and kill the Hydra. As a sign that you have killed the Hydra, you are asked to bring its teeth to Logos.

Soon afterwards, you are sent to Rakeesh. Be sure to cover all topics before if you don't do it now, there won't be another chance. Now, this is why I told you to bring Poison Cure Pill. When you say goodbye, Rakeesh will say that there is a bad premonition coming from Southwest. "Get Down!" he will say. After you get down, the assassin (I'll let you know who he is later in Rite of Justice) will throw a poisoned dagger to Rakeesh then goes away. Immediately, give your Poison Cure Pill to Rakeesh. You will be summoned to the Hall of Kings. Logos thanks you for your quick and right action.

One warning : If you leave the screen/exit Nob Hill and leaving Rakeesh poisoned he will die. I know this because I ever tried to leave Rakeesh. Next time I read message board beside Hall of Kings, it says RAKEESH SAH TARNA IS DIED. So... be extemely careful in this point.

By this time, you can't use Andre's Boat to go to Hydra Island yet. If you try it, Andre will say that if you go there by boat, the Tritons will attack you. So you got to fly. But not with the baloon yet. Right now, let's use the Icarus Wings on Science Island.

Go to Marrak the Food Seller. Buy one Artichoke and one Pepperoni Pizza. Then, go to Salim's Apothecary. Pick up some Jalapeno Pepper from the wall (not the ceiling - this is the only one pepper located behind Julanar). Enter inventory, combine the Jalapeno pepper with Pepperoni Pizza. Ta-Da! You will have a J&P (Jalapeno & Pepperoni) Pizza.

On the morning, meet Andre on the dock. Speak to him and ask about Fishing, Large Fish, Small Fish and Anchovies. Everytime you select Anchovies, he will give you some anchovies. Enter inventory, combine the Anchovies with Artichoke Pizza. Ta-Da ! You will have an A&A (Artichoke & Anchovy) Pizza.

Now buy one spear (just the normal one not the magical one). Exit Silmaria via the Dock/East Gate (the one beside Famous Adventurer Correspondence School). Go to the windmill area (just go west then northeast until the screen changes). Read the sign on the wall to know how to operate the Science Island Gondola. Firstly, click on the Windmill Lever to operate the windmill. Then click on the Brake Lever and Use Force on it. Oops !! It breaks off. Well, never mind, it's already rusty and we need the no-rusty one. Put one spear in the open slot. Then, click on it. The gondola will move from Science Island to your place. Stop the gondola at the right time. Enter the gondola. Wizards should use FORCE BOLT on the lever so the skill level will increase. Then, for non-magic characters, just throw rocks on it (you can throw daggers if you want, but there is a chance you will lost it...). If you hit it right, the lever will move and the gondola will travel off to Science Island.

On Science Island, operate the panel beside huge wheel (the flicking green screen), the screen will give you some questions about science things (some of the answers may be wacky...). If you answer 5 questions right, the wheel will rotate revealing a secret passage to the Science Laboratory.

Upon entering, check on the pie chart beside the door. It will tell you what kind of Pizza you must give to the Scientist. Usually, in the day you must give A&A pizza to Dr.Pretorius and in the night you must give J&P pizza to Dr.Mobius. I recommend you to come here in the day and night so you can deliver both kinds of pizza to the Right person. This will increase your Honor and Deeds.

On the day, give pizza to Dr.Pretorius, talk to him and cover all topics. Then look at the Icarus Wings. Apply some beeswax to it, then apply some feather. Your Icarus Wings is done. Click on it to use it. But before you do this, there is some things you need to bring to Hydra Island : Amphorae, Healing Potions (seems obvious), Torch (for Thieves). If you forget to bring Amphorae you can't finish this game.

After your flight, you will crash into Hydra Island. Enter the Hydra's Lair. Ready your equipments fully. I recommend equipping DragonSlayer to fight this enemy, but if you don't have it, Ice Diamond is OK. Use your Amphorae to the sap of the three to get some Wind-proof Goo. You'll need it to build a baloon later. Come to the Hydra and fight it. Not long, Elsa will offer help to you. (on v1.0 you must accept it otherwise it will crash. In v1.1 you can refuse but I can't manage to kill the Hydra myself. It needs 2 person. One to burn and one to chop.

Here's how the Cooperation between You and Elsa Works :

Fighters - You will be given the Hard Task to chop of the Hydra Heads. Everytime 
           a Hydra Head is chopped, Elsa will burn its stomp so the heads can't 
           regenerate. Do this on the 3 heads and you'll win. To cut the center 
           head just approach it from center, the left one from left ledge and 
           the right one from right ledge.

Wizards  - You can choose whether to chop off the heads or burn the heads. I 
           prefer burning the heads. If you want to chop the heads, see Fighters 
           section above. If you want to burn, everytime Elsa chop off a Hydra 
           Head, throw Flame Dart to its stomp. It will burn into dead meat. 
           Destroy all 3 heads.

Thieves  - Same as the Wizards, you can choose whether to chop or to burn. The 
           difference is the way you burn it. Make sure you have some torches 
           available. Ignite them with your TinderBox. Everytime Elsa chop off a 
           Hydra Head, throw/use a Burning Torch into the stomp. Destroy all 3 

Paladins - The same as Fighters. Chop off the head and let Elsa burn it.

Non-Wizard characters will also be given the option to burn the Hydra's Head if they do have FLAME DART spell. So Fighter/Paladin with Flame Dart can just sit around and burn the Hydra Heads.

After the Hydra's dead, click on the Head to rip off the scale and take the teeth. If you're a Fighter or any classes who want to marry Elsa, give the teeth to Elsa. But anyway, I suggest you to give it to Elsa, since this will increase your Honor. Don't worry, at the End you will win anyway. Elsa only win 1 Rite but you win 6 Rite. You'll be the King. Just give it, be generous.

Talk to Elsa, then offer to Search a Treasure. Elsa will agree. Then go to the cave behind the Hydra's carcass. Elsa will pick a Magical Bow then go back to Silmaria. Take up the Drachmas then go left until you see a chest. To open it :

Fighters - Refill your Health to Maximum and Use Force on the chest. It will 
           blow up, but as long as you got enough Health, you'll survive this.

Wizards  - The easiest class to open a locked chest. Cast TRIGGER then OPEN on 
           the Chest (later I will call this as the "Lock Disarmer Combo"). 
           TRIGGER will set off the Trap and OPEN will open the chest. There's 
           no risk for this class. You'll always can open all chests this way.

Thieves  - Choose the option to Disarm the Trap. There will be the usual trap 
           disarm screen. You are told to match the Greek Figures on the center 
           with the figures on the closed 8 boards. Can't help you much this is 
           random. I suggest you to pick a paper and sketch it your own way so 
           you can remember the pattern.

Paladins - Same way as the Fighters. Boom it !!

In the chest you will gain some (maybe 500, can't remember) Drachmas, a Rope and a Shrink Scroll (you can use Shrink to minimize your enemy to bits so you won't be bothered with them anymore. Never tested on Bosses like Hydra or Dragon).

Wizards, as usual, read SHRINK scroll and learn it. Then you can teach Shakra for 240 Drachmas. Also, if you visit Erasmus often you will get WHIRLWIND spell. Non-magic characters sell the scroll to Shakra.

Do anything you want, you already lose this time. After finishing preparation, go to your Bedroom and Sleep Until Morning. In the morning, the Guard will wake you up and summon you to the Hall of Kings. Finished Rite of Valor. Elsa will announce that you helped her in the battle. So don't feel like a loser, Hero. Don't worry there's still 4 rites left, you'll win all of them.

Oh yeah, be sure to sell the scale to Salim and buy some Fire Proofing Oil. You'll need it later in Minos' Island to open the alcove there effortlessly.

E. Fourth Rite : Rite of Destiny
Logos will tell you to go to Delos and seek Sybil who can see the future and seek your Destiny. Dr.Mobius will say that this is nonsense. Gort will be out of this rite. So you only have Elsa as your opponent. Don't know where is Delos ? Look at the map or buy one if you haven't do so.

Go to Gnome Ann's Inn and show Baloon Picture to her. Tell her about Wolfie then give her the sheet you got earlier from your room's drawer. She will sew it for you to make a balloon. Then, show the Balloon Picture to Marrak the Food Seller. Offer to buy his Brazier. Buy it. Then, just wander around and do something else for one day.

The next day, Ann will give you the Sewn Sheet. Go to the Science Island using the same way as before (but don't buy another spear. Your spear is still there).
Enter the lab and go to the second floor using the Treadmill (?) then exit through the passage. You will end up in a platform. Click on the flicking green screen and enter 100 - 50 - Closed - Run. The crane will get the Winged Gondola from water.

Use these items on the gondola in order : Sewn Sheet - Sap from Hydra Tree - Rope - Brazier. Then enter it and use Tinderbox on Brazier. Yup, the balloon will fly to the sky of Marete. Delos is located Northwest from Silmaria. Go there and land your balloon near the Oracle. Enter the Oracle.

Pick up the purple flower (Black Lotus) from the pool. You can click on the pool side to examine it (WARNING : IF YOUR HERO MOVE UPSTAIRS AND TRIED TO GO INTO THE POOL, STOP HIM !!). Although it may be tempting to get the Drachmas, don't swim there or you'll die. Toss a coin into the pool and Sybil will foretell about your future. Take the Proof of Destiny. Look up into the pillar beside the pool. It give you hint about the next Rite, Rite of Courage.

If you have Hippocrene Water (if you don't, get it right now !), go to the Dryad Forest. Give Hippocrene Water to all of them (you only need 1 Hippocrene Water for 7 of them, don't need to bring 7 Hippocrene..). They all will awake and make a magical image to dance with you.

Wizards :
After the dance, the Dryads will give you a Magical Wood. This wood will be used to make a Magical Staff. Before giving Proof of Destiny to Hall of Kings' Guard, go see Shakra. If you're lucky enough, he won't be drugged yet. He will make a Magical Staff for you. According to my experience in Quest for Glory III and IV, a Magical Staff gave you this ablities :
  While wielding Magical Staff, your Mana will not go down no matter how much 
  spell you cast. Your spells will also be stronger when you wield this. But the 
  weakness is, you'll lost your Magical Staff when you're moving, so when using 
  Staff, stand still. (This is for QfG3 and 4. I haven't tried it in QfG5).
  [][] Update : Version 2.1 [][] --> "Scott Goldey/Alex"
  There is another use for the Magical Staff instead of using it to hold your MP 
  so it won't go down. The Staff also can strengthen your 'Lightning Bolt' spell 
  to 'Super Lighting Bolt'. The Bolt will be stronger and can do more damage.

After this rite, don't give Proof of Destiny to Guard yet. There's still much you have to do. Go to Salim's Apothecary and give Black Lotus to Salim or Julanar. When you return later, Salim will made an improved Poison Cure Pill. And check the message board. You will know that Erasmus is drugged. After this rite, Shakra will be drugged too until the endgame. Buy as many Mana Pills & Potions as possible as needed.

Now, give Proof of Destiny to Hall of Kings Guard. You will win again, and when you look on the message board, your rank will be higher than Elsa again. 3 more rites to go, don't let your guard off.

F. Fifth Rite : Rite of Courage
Logos will tell you that a King must be brave to face anything, even death, for his country. You will be sent to Hades to prove your courage. As a proof, bring back the Styx Water from the Hades. In my opinion, this is the Hardest Rite of all because the ways in Hades is like.. well... HELL'S MAZE !! And when you take wrong path and go back, the enemies will be there again. The first time I was here I was killed and killed until my friend gives me the directions.

Make sure you got at least 3 amphorae before starting on this rite. You will need them to take the Fouled Water, Styx Water and Lethe Water. Prepare yourself thoroughly because you will face many Undeads which can absorb your life and stamina there. You must also buy all types of food from Marrak if you want to bribe the Cerberus (all : fruit,gyro,pepperoni,artichoke and sokolatak-ya).

After preparing, exit Silmaria and go to the Northwest Dragon Pillar (this one is special, instead of having a dragon pillar icon, it has a SKULL-FACE icon). You can go there by foot or by balloon. I prefer going there by Balloon because it will let you evade many enemies on your way there.

On there, you will see a deceased guard. When you examine him, you will see that his body are molding to the river. The river now will be fouled. Fill your amporae with that water. Follow the river all the way left. In the end of the river, you will see a hole and when you "Eye" on it, it will say that every water on Earth seems to flow here. Pour your Fouled Water (just Water in items) there. You will sing and open the gateway to Hades.

There are 2 approaches you can use when facing Cerberus. Negotiate or Confront.  

Negotiate - Speak with them, ask all questions, you will know that they ask for 
            a bribe. To bribe them, give all kinds of food you got from Marak to
                them (doesn't matter which head you click on).
Confront  - You can't attack them using mouse. Clicking on them will talk to 
            them. Using keyboard, move to front of them, then use attack buttons 
            (F and G) to attack them. They will escape after you beat them 
            enough (like what Hercules did before).

Go in the gate. There will be 2 pathes. Instead of giving left or right, I'll give you the compass directions. The southwest path leads to a dead end. Do not go there. Instead go southeast until you reached a ledge. To get down :

Fighters - Maximize Health. Then click on the path below and jump down. You will 
           be badly injured. Heal yourself up.

Thieves  - You can go down using your Grapnel. Just click at the top of the       
           ledge and you'll climb down using a grapnel hook.

             [ Credits : Jonathan Adams ( ]

Wizards  - Use "Levitate" spell to go down the ledge. Move to the edge, then 
           ready the spell on your belt. Aim the "Levitate" spell on the ledge 
           below then go down. If you experience problems, try using fly up and 
           fly down keys (refer to the Keyboard List).

             [ Credits : Andreas ( ]

Paladins - Same way as Fighters. Jump Down !!

After going down, go Northeast and enter the gate there. You will end up in a Dragon Skeleton. Just go through into the West and kill (it's hard to evade) the Undeads. Eventually, you will exit the Dragon Skeleton.

Go East until you see a Whirlpool. When there seems to be an intersection, go down. In case you can't find the intersection, it's just before the Whirlpool (Lethe Water). Here's a map. Sorry can't draw better. It's not indicating up and down (velocity). Here it corresponds to the screen (up = up side of screen; down = down side of the screen).

Entrance (D.S)-----------------|
                                       |X|__________________________Save Erana/Katrina
        N                                |                ||
      |                        | WHIRL POOL || CALM WATER
W ----|----E                     | (Lethe W.) || (Styx River)
        |                                |____________||______________
        S                                                                       |___________ Stream

I suggest you to take the water first before saving Erana/Katrina. There is a way there. At first, I also don't know if there is a path, but when I tried using my keyboard to move, I found the path. Fill one amphorae with Lethe Water and another amphorae with Styx Water.

Paladins :
Enter the King's Ring into the Styx River. This is the last step of making a Ring of Truth. If you have used the Ring on yourself when you're injured and have bathed it on Dragon Pool, you will see now the King's Ring has changed into the Ring of Truth.

After filling your amphoraes, go up to Northwest. You will see a floating rock platform there. The Guardian of Death will tell you that you have disturbed Erana and Katrina's rest. Then he told you to choose one whom you want to save (yes, you must save one). I suggest you to take Erana, as Katrina is bugged right now (for bothv1.0 and v1.1). The person whom you choose not to save will be commended to oblivion so she won't remember you anymore.

There's a price for saving a soul. You must release your soul. 2 enemies will come and hit you until death. When you awake, your vitality will only remain 50% from the original (when you have 550 it will left 275). Exit. For some purpose, your magic magnet won't function here. (Think this way, if they don't make the Mystic Magnet cease functioning, the dead who have Mystic Magnet will be able to leave Hades, yeah ?).

Go east all the way, you will end up exiting in the Dragon Skeleton again. This time, go east and hack all the Undeads. You will exit in the path West of the Hades Entrance. So just go Northeast to exit Hades (I wouldn't want to come here anymore...).

Visit Erana/Katrina on their Retreat by Balloon(check up the location of the island she mentioned before on your Map). The islands are East from Silmaria (for both Erana and Katrina, different island but these two are near). If you want you can stop by on Silmaria to pick some items (flowers, jewelry, bonbons) for her so she can be yor wife later (pick Hera's Ring - it's a marriage ring).

Do not give Styx water to Hall of Kings Guard now. Instead, go to Salim's Apothecary and give the Lethe Water to Salim/Julanar. This will heal Shakra and Erasmus but they won't appear until endgame. Sleep until morning on your room, Elsa will contact you. Talk to her about anything. She'll tell you that Minos is the person behind all this. If you see a Chocolate Box in your room, don't eat it but give it to Salim/Julanar.

In the morning, go to the Hall of Kings and give Styx Water to the Guard you will swear that the normal-looking Water is Styx Water. Thus ends the Rite of Courage. You won again. 2 more rites to go...

G. Sixth Rite : Rite of Peace
Logos will tell you that Atlantis and Silmaria has been friends for all this time. However, lately, these Tritons began to attack Silmarians without reason. This made fishing in Marete Water is Extremely Dangerous. You will be going to Atlantis, and make peace with the Queen. Elsa won't be able to do this, so does Gort.

On my case, in this time there will be a Chocolate Box in your room (in the chair). Do not eat it because it is drugged. Bring it to the apothecary and give it to Salim/Julanar. Later on, we will seek who is the person behind all of this drugging.

Hint : The ones who are drugged is the Wizards. Who is the person that hates the 
       Wizards very much and said that the Wizards are poppycocks ?

Knowing that the other competitors won't be able to beat you, you better do something more important than the Rite. Go to Science Island (same way as before - as always). Enter the lab. You will notice Dr.Pretorius (= Dr.Mobius) and Gort are gone. Click on the flickering green screen beside pie chart. Do the test. You will get a password. I can't help you. It's random test. The password can be different one another. Mine is Pizza.

Go upstairs and operate the panel. Here's how to input the code. Suppose that the code is PIZZA (like mine). Click on PQR once, GHI once, YZ twice and ABC once. (Click on the button which has the letter you need. But for all 3 letter you only need to click the same button once. - For A,B,or C just click ABC once, no need to do it once for A, twice for B and thrice for C).

If you do it right, a secret laboratorium will be opened. You will see the Scientist repairing Gort because Gort seems to be revolting recently and he also make Gort waterproof. Ask him about all topics. Accidentally, he will say that he is the one behind the drugging of the wizards. He will ask you to forget it. OH, NO YOU WON'T FORGET IT !!

After doing that, go back to Silmaria and see the Famous Adventurer at the FACS. Go speak to him and he will tell you the secrets about Atlantis (the place; how to get in and the Queen). He will tell you to take a flower for her. Do so, take a flower (in front of the Apothecary).

Now, exit Silmaria and get to your Balloon. Visit Erana/Katrina depending on which one you saved. Talk to them about all things, including your mission on Atlantis. They will give you a Water Breathing Amulet. So when you're swimming later, you won't be concerned about your breath anymore, you just concerned about your Stamina (you don't need to worry this either if your Swimming is above 400 or so). MARRYING ERANA/KATRINA, SEE SUB-QUESTS GUIDE !! Go to your balloon and ride it.

According to FA's information, the Atlantis is located near the Island which has a volcano lake (according to the map, it is Skyros). The Atlantis is located on the eastern side of Skyros. You should be able to see the icon. Land your balloon on Skyros, equip your spear and Water Breathing Amulet then go swimming.
You will see a golden door when you swim west a little bit. The way to do it :

Fighters - Use Force on the Door.
Wizards  - Cast OPEN on the Door.
Paladins - Use Force on the Door.

After you open the door, 2 Tritons will come out. You can kill them or dodge them and get into the tunnel. But PALADINS MUST NOT KILL ANY SINGLE TRITONS.
You will travel automatically through the tunnel. Eventually, you will come into the Atlantis' Palace Ground. Kill them or Dodge Them (Tritons, I mean). Get into the big gate and Use Force on them.

There's a special way so you can get into the palace without fighting a single enemy, that's why I write a special section for the thieves only.

First, you'll need to open up the round gate. Look on the left hinge, click on it, and oil it. Then unfasten it using your toolkit and use your Magic Magnet on it. Quickly, swim away to avoid being seen by the guards and hide behind the gate. Wait until the guards watch different directions then knock them off using your Blackjack.

When you have reached the palace ground, swim behind the right guard then swim along the wall. Avoid being seen by the tritons! On the left side of the palace gate you will see 3 squares. Click on the middle and open it with your Toolkit. You'll reach the throne room.

[ Credit : Andreas ( ]

You will be having an audience with the Queen. There are 2 ways you can do it :
A. If you have killed (or injured) a Triton
    Give the flower you have to the Queen. If the Queen orders you to stay where 
    you are, don't worry. Just keep clicking on the flower to the Queen. She,   
    eventually, will receive the flower and ask you why you give it to her. Tell 
    her about Famous Adventurer - Romance - Silvertongue - Silvertongue message.
    The Queen will sign the treaty and give you Peace Statue.

B. If you haven't harm a single Triton (never attacked a Triton)
    Talk to the Queen and tell her about Paladin's Way. Paladin always speaks 
    truthful words and never killed innocent people. Then also tell about the
    Paladin. The Queen will sign treaty and give you Peace Statue. But this way,
    you get more Honor.

After you get the Peace Statue, you will be escorted out by the Tritons. Go to the surface, enter your Balloon and return to Silmaria. You can do whatever you want now, there's nothing particular you must do. But I suggest you to train, we will fight the dragon and a horde of Goons soon enough. If you're finished, give the Peace Statue to the Hall of Kings Guard.

In the end of this rite, Logos will accuse Dr.Pretorius for drugging Shakra and Erasmus. He will try to defend himself, but his own words will prove that he is guilty. Then, Gort will be disqualified from the Rites of Rulership. So the competitors left is only you and Elsa. Thus ends the Rites of Rulership. There is only one more Rite left, Rite of Justice.

Before starting out the seventh rite, go to the Dead Parrot Inn and meet Ferrari (go left and upstairs from entrance (not the right one)) -he may not always available here-. Ask about Ann's Deed and swap the Peace Statue with it. Give the Deed to Ann.

H. Seventh Rite (Final) : Rite of Justice
Logos will tell you that the Hesparian Invaders, Assasin and the other things are just tools. You must find the one behind this. (You know who is the one behind this ? Minos. But you can't prove it out yet).

Go to Salim's Apothecary. Buy some Poison Cure Pills if you haven't do so. At night (maybe about 8.00 - 10.00 PM) fully equip yourself and go to the bridge that connects West Gate and Adventurer's Guild. Make sure you put your Poison Cure Pills on your belt so you can use it quickly when you're struck by it. The assassin would have been waiting for you in the Bridge.

Yes, he is the Cloaked Man at the Dead Parrot Inn upstairs. His name is Bruno, you met him before in Spielburg (Quest for Glory I). Bash him up and remember to take a Poison Cure Pill everytime you're poisoned. After you win, Toro will come out from the Guild and ask if you're OK. You will fall to the ground and lost consciousness. Don't worry, you won't be dead. You will be given the antidote by Salim automatically.

You will be summoned to the Hall of Kings. Logos will tell you that he also thinks that Logos is the one behind all of this. [If you watched the intro, you should know from the beginning. Remember the animation of a light in a house, followed by a man with a dragon pillar ordering the assassin out ? THE MAN WAS MINOS !! And the house is his Residential in his Island].

Logos will then ask you what is the right way to incriminate Minos. Paladins can use the Ring of Truth. While other classes should choose the option which you think is the most realistic one. Then, Minos will be summoned to the Hall of Kings. You will prove that he is guilty according to the way you chose before. After he confess and told you that he will rule Silmaria one way or another, he will teleport back to Minos Island. You will be teleported there too.

I. Minos Island : The Epic Battle against Minos 
You will arrive at the Dock at The Island of Minos. Your Mission is to capture Minos and bring him to Justice. Sounds like a simple task, doesn't it ? But it is actually very hard to do. Here are some approaches you can do about this :

Fighters - As usual, this is nothing more than a show-off of strength. Just kill 
           the enemies and ram every doors and gates you see. Enter the house, 
           then defeat all enemies. Run to the second floor and open the last 
           door (the left-most of the screen door upstairs). Fight the 2 goons   
           and the Minotaur.

Wizards  - Dazzle works here. If you want to save time and life, you can dazzle 
           all enemies here. Ram the gate, enter the door. Now you're pleased to
           trigger the Centaur Wizards. Then run upstairs and enter the left-
           most door. Destroy the 2 goons and the Minotaur.   

Thieves  - Knock off the first Goon with your Blackjack. Then sneak in front of 
           the rocks to the left side of the screen. Click your grapnel on the  
           tree left of the wall. Sneak along the path until you see a terrace 
           with a guard. Jump down to the terrace and blackjack the guard. Sneak 
           and pick lock on the door. You can also kill the guard on the terrace 
           by placing your hero left from the tree and throwing a poisoned 
           dagger on his back. It will kill him instantly if he doesn't notice 
           you throwing the dagger.

             Inside, blackjack the goon next to you then hide behind the pillar. 
           Wait for the goon on the lower floor to turn his back from you then 
           blackjack him. Sneak to the left and use your grapnel to get up to 
           the door. Enter the door and kill the goons. Then fight the Minotaur.

             [ Credits : Andreas ( ]

Paladins - You can AWE all enemies away. They will wander off leaving you 
           unharmed. Ram the gate and ram the door. Once again, AWE all enemies 
           away. After they're all gone, go upstairs and enter the left-most 
           door. You can do AWE to make the 2 goons wander away, but the 
           Minotaur won't go. So, fight off the Minotaur until death.

After the Minotaur is killed, Minos will stand on the handrail and make a real boring speech about his plan to release the Dragon of Doom. After the speech, he will fall down and die, also breaking the Propechy Stone. There will be a FMV (Full Motion Video) about the dragon which has come out from his lair at Dragon Blood Pool now. Now there are some things you must do quickly. If you wait too long, the Propechy Stone will explode and kill both of you and Elsa.

1. Search Minos' Body. You can kick him if you want (anyway he's a BAAAAD Guy).
2. Search the Minotaur's Body for a Minotaur Axe.
3. Open the alcove Elsa points at. This way :
   Wizards     - Cast "Lock disarmer combo" (trigger + open) to disarm the trap 
                 and open the alcove. Take all potions inside.

   Paladin         - Cast "Magic Ward" then open the alcove. You'll be protected
                     [ Credits : Xiang Fu Piak ( ]   

   Other class - Take the Interesting Toolkit from the table. Then, click on the 
                 alcove. Choose to disarm the trap. Here you have to find 7 
                 matches. You will be only tolerated twice. My suggestion is to 
                 take a paper and sketch it anyway you like to remember it.

But there's another way to open it easily :
Use the fire-proofing oil on yourself then open up the alcove. You won't be killed by the trap.

[Credits : Xiang Fu Piak ( ]

Note :
You MUST do these 3 things. Even if you don't need the potions -for instance-, you still have to open the alcove.

After you finished these things, Erana/Katrina will come in and teleport you to the Dragon Blood Pool to do your final battle against the dragon. Slay the Dragon for now and forever (ever heard that line before ?).

J. Last Battle : Dragon Slaying at Dragon Blood Pool
You will come to the Dragon Blood Pool. Not long after your arrival there with Erana/Katrina and Elsa, Fenris will come and bring 2 more persons with him, Toro and Gort. So it's 5 against 1 now. Erana/Katrina, Elsa, Toro, Gort, and You versus the Dragon of Doom.

As soon as you start, ask Gort and Toro to Help Fix The Pillar. The dragon will be invincible when the pillar falls. When you see Toro and Gort have get their hands on the Pillar, click on it. You will help them raise the pillar. Now the dragon can be injured. Give Minotaur Axe to Toro. You have 5 Fire Proofing Oil. Give 4 to Erana/Katrina, Elsa, Toro and Gort then use the last oil on yourself.

Now, just hack and slash the Dragon. Whenever there is someone injured, ask Erana (if you saved her) to heal them or give Healing Potions to them (in case you chose to save Katrina). When Katrina's around she will cast Dragon Fire causing much damage to the Dragon. When Erana's around she can heal anyone of your party members except herself (so be careful if she's injured).

If you keep hitting him, eventually The Dragon will fall down. You will see a FMV where the dragon falls down to the lava pool and the volcano erupts. You win, once again Silmaria is safe. You will be returned to the Hall of Kings.

You can choose whether to be a King or not to be a King. If you decide not to be the King, Elsa will take your position as the Queen of Silmaria. Also, if you married someone, she will announce it to the audience. Save your character (this is indicating that there will be Quest for Glory VI someday).

                     ------ END OF QUEST FOR GLORY V ------

06. Sub-Quests Guide

1. Return Sarra's Lost Basket
How To Do It :
Just wander around the beaches near Naxos (southern fishing village). Eventually you will enter a combat screen. You will see the basket at the south side (the bottom of the screen, near the sea). Take it and return it to Sarra.

Prize :
A boost of Honor and one Shell Beads.

2. Give FA the Hippocrene Water
How To Do It :
Go to Pegasus' Nest and make sure you bring an amphorae. Fill your amphorae with the water from the river (go East from the screen to see the river), go back to Silmaria and give it to FA. Exit then enter again (don't need to wait long) to get the Prize.

Prize :
Fighters + Paladins     - Magic Helmet ( Armor Class 10 ).
Wizards                       - Thermonuclear Blast. WARNING DON'T USE THIS SPELL. IT 
                          WILL KILL YOU INSTANTLY (A SPELL FOR SUICIDE).
Thieves and any classes - Stealth Charm ( Stealth + 50 ).
who have Stealth and
lockpicking skills.

3. Solve The Bank Robbery and Heal Robber Arm
How To Do It :
Deposit at least 500 Drachmas on the Bank. The next day, when the bank have been robbed, pick the Interesting Toolkit on the Floor. Go to Erasmus (kick / trigger the portal). Show it to him and he'll give you a hint. Go to Dead Parrot Inn.
Speak with Arestes and cover all topics. Exit. Go to the bridge on West Gate. See the ledge down ? The Thieves Guild is located on that bridge pillar. 

Fighters - Maximize Health, Force Door. If you dead, choose Disarm the Trap.
Wizards  - Cast Trigger then Open from distance.
Paladins - Same as Fighter
Thieves  - You won't be able to solve bank robbery because Arestes didn't do it. 
           You'll be the one robbing the bank later.

Accuse Arestes of Bank Robbery. To make him confess, tell him about Erasmus, Shakra or Yourself, he will be jailed.

Next day, visit him on Jail. Cover all topic. You will know why he lost his arm. Go to Apothecary and Tell Julanar about Arestes. Return. Arestes would already been healed. Talk to him again covering all topics and tell him to do good deeds

Prize :
Big amount of Honor for healing Arestes' arm and 2000 Drachmas for solving the bank robbery.

4. Make the Ring of Truth
How To Do It :
Talk to Rakeesh about Truth and offer to make Ring of Truth. Go see Logos to receive King's Ring. Use Ring on yourself when you're injured, dip the ring on the Lava Pool at Dragon Blood Pool and dip it on Styx River at Hades.

Prize :
Nothing but Honor.

5. Paint Gnome Ann's Inn
How To Do It :
Buy Balloon Painting from Wolfie. Show it to Ann and tell her about Wolfie. If the Inn doesn't change directly don't worry. Eventually it will be painted.

Prize :
Honor and Ann's Respect.

6. Get Ann's Deeds
How To Do It :
After completing rite of Peace (this means giving the statue to the guard), go to Dead Parrot Inn and see Ferrari. Talk to him about Ann's Deed. Swap the Peace Statue for it.

Prize :
Honor and Ann's Respect.

7. Cure Erasmus and Shakra's Illness
How To Do It :
Before Rite of Courage, if you go back to your room you shall see a chocolate box on the chair. Take it but don't eat it. It's a drugged chocolate. Go to Apothecary and give it to Salim/Julanar. They will tell you to get Lethe Water.
In Hades, fill one amphorae with Lethe Water. Go back to Silmaria, give the Lethe Water to Salim/Julanar.

Prize :
Honor, and you will see them on the Hall of Kings on the Ending.

8. Make Improved Poison Cure Pills
How To Do It :
On the Rite of Destiny, go to Delos and seek the Oracle. Pick up Black Lotus - the flower floating at the pool -. Upon your return in Silmaria, give it to Salim/Julanar. They will make an Improved Poison Cure Pill.

Prize :
Honor, cure Rakeesh (you will see him on the Ending) and the pills will help you greatly with your battle with the Assassin (if you're struck and don't have these improved pills you'll die...).

9. Marrying Erana (usually for Paladins, except Thieves)

| Note Abour Marriage :                                                        |
| I wrote "usually" because these womans are perfect if paired with these      | | classes, but other classes can also marry her too, except for the classes I  | | described here, because these classes would miss some requirements (such as  |  | Honor).                                                                      |

How To Do It :
In Hades, choose to save Erana. She will tell you that she's waiting for you in her island. Go there. Give her the magic seeds, some flowers and sokolatak-ya. When you have finished Rite of Peace (so when you're undergoing Rite of Justice) visit her again and offer her the Hera's Ring. She will accept.

But there are some requirements so you can marry her. You must be a non-thief class, do good deeds (Honor at least 500) and do all these sub-quests available.

Prize :
Honor and Deeds. What more do you expect ? Oh yeah, the prize is herself, becoming your wife.

10. Marrying Elsa (usually for Fighters)
How To Do It :
After killing the Hydra, give her the Hydra's Teeth. Later on, when you meet her in your room or in Adventurer's Guild, give her some flowers, sokolatak-ya, an amulet (whatever kind of amulet) and Ice Diamond Sword (cost a lot for this one)
Later, give her the Hera's Ring

Prize :
Honor and Deeds. What more do you expect ? Oh yeah, the prize is herself, becoming your wife.

11. Marrying Nawar (usually for Thieves)
How To Do It :
In the earlier rites, go to Dead Parrot Inn. Flirt with her and tell her that you love her. Give her flowers, sokolatak-ya and jewelry. About the end of the game, let's say beginning of Rite of Justice, go there again, tell her you love her, and give her Hera's Ring.

Prize :
Honor and Deeds. What more do you expect ? Oh yeah, the prize is herself, becoming your wife.

12. Getting the Black Bird (not tested)
How To Do It :
For thieves only. When you see her on the Adventurer's Guild, show her thief sign. Later, when she visit you on your room, she'll ask you to steal the Blackbird from Minos. You will be teleported to Minos Island. Avoid direct confrontation if you can. Be stealthy, go to left-most door on the second floor.

Pick the lock of the first grate located on your right (the one nearest to door in the right side) and take the Black Bird.

Prize :
Deeds, the Black Bird, and position as Chief Thief (show Blackbird to Arestes to win competition).

13. Get the Magic Wood/Dance with Dryad
How To Do It :
On the Rite of Destiny, go to Delos. Enter the Dryads Forest. Make sure you got 1 (don't need 7) Hippocrene Water. Give it to all 7 Dryads. They all will awake and dance with you. For Wizards, you will get a magic wood to make your staff.

Prize :
Deeds, Great Music (the music sounds great when you're dancing with them). For wizards, magic wood to make a magic staff.

14. Dance with Gnome Ann
How To Do It :
About Day 10-20 (or Rite III or IV), enter the Inn from the front door (not via Mystic Magnet) on 8.00-9.00 PM. Gnome Ann will ask you to do something. Agree. You will get to a harem suit and dance in the Inn.

Prize :
Honor and Deeds. Nothing more.

15. Some ways to Boost your Honor
a. Give money/flower to Salla the Katta Musician.
b. Give jewelry to Nawar
c. Meet ghost on Dead Parrot Inn upstairs. Make him throw something (Honor Spell 
   ?) at you
d. Do the sub-quests above (the honorable ones)

16. Break to Silmarian Bank
How To Do It :
At night, carefully sneak to the bank (you might have to blackjack some guards to do this). Disarm the Trap on the Safe and take all the money. Escape.

 !!! You can only do this twice !!!

Prize :
A lot of money. But beware, honor will go down !!!

07. Credits
This is the section I used to give thanks to the people who has helped me to make this FAQ. This section still opens wide, if you want to contribute anything feel free to contact me in here. Questions and Advices are also accepted here :
  E-Mail  :
  ICQ UIN : 13520752 (Nickname : Blue Dragon)

Here's The Credits :
1. Rana Loreus (
   Thanks for helping me about AWE and letting me use your Shadow Boxing trick.

2. Patrick S. (
   You have helped me so much maybe I can't finish this game without you. Thanks 
   for helping me for the Thief Class. 
   You also helped me locating the mistyping words and added 2 cheats on version 
   1.1 FAQ.

3. Sierra Adventure Tech-Support (
   Thanks for reading my tips about the weaknesses of Quest for Glory V. I'll 
   always be waiting for Quest for Glory V - Revised Edition or QfG VI

4. Tony Roberts (
   Thanks for your trick about Always Winning The Arena Bettings.

5. Xiang Fu Piak (
   Thanks for your submission about how to open the alcove in Minos' Treasure 
   Room easily. And also for the 'Getting Money by Strength' trick in version 

6. Andreas (
   Thanks A LOT for your help about levitating down the ledge in Hades, the 
   secret entrance to Atlantis Throne Room and the secret passage on Minos' 
   Island. I owe you much.

7. Jonathan Adams (
   Thanks for your help on confirming that thieves can use grapnels to go down 
   the ledge in Hades.

8. Henny and Harris (
   Hey, thanks a huge lot for you two for always supporting me. Henny, the map 
   on Hades is correct on my MS Word 97. Maybe you have set your page margins 
   incorrectly. Set the right page margin to 17 cms.

9. Scott Goldey [or Alex ?] (
   Thanks for the long-waited info about taking Claudius' Shield without 
   killing him, and also for the 'Super Lightning Bolt' spell finding.

^_^ !!! THANKS A LOT GUYS !!! ^_^

And also, these people has given me indirect contributions which has allowed me to create this FAQ :

1. Thanks to God, above all else. You let me live here in this world for days 
   and days longer, so I got the chance to play QFG 5 and made its FAQ.

2. Thanks to Mom and Dad, who has allowed me to play this game even when I was
   having my Final Exam (that made my Final Exam score break down, 45 for  
   Mathematics ?? Oh man !!).

3. Thanks to Bryan, my brother which has also helped me so much to finish the 
   game. He always played the game in times when I couldn't because of exams, 
   homeworks, etc. I won't be able to finish the game without you.

4. Thanks to Mel, for always helping me and giving me advices when I'm having
   troubles on my 'real' life. You're the kindest person I ever met and you're 
   my inspiration when I'm working on this FAQ. Thanks very much, I love you !

08. Disclaimer
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