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Quest for Glory 5 - Drachenfeuer (e)

                                         A Guide to

                                  === Quest for Glory V ===
                                        Dragon Fire                                   

                                    -FAQ and Walkthrough-
                                        Version 1.0

 Created by Rana Loreus (,on 3/1/98
 This document copyright 1998. All rights reserved. 
 Many thanks to the heroes (and heroines) that hang out at the forum.
 Many thanks to Ack for the first Quest for Glory V walkthrough.
 Complied from the Quest for Glory V forum at
 This FAQ will not been possible if not the Dragon Fire team has created this game.

 !!! HALT !!!
 Stop here, hero. Before proceeding to the wonders beyond, answer these few questions. Have you
 tried your best to save Silmaria from the Dragon? Are you really at your wits end?

 The creator of the game (Lori Cole), and the various programmers and artists have endured toil
 and sweat (and as well as syntax errors and headaches) to get Quest for Glory V out. With 
 walkthroughs, you can finish the game in just two days. 

 Desist if at all possible! Enjoy the game first. Only when you are hopeless helpless, come
 here and seek the answers you want.

 Of course, who am I to instruct you how to play a game? These are just my opinions. But the
 most important thing is to enjoy yourself over the puzzles in the game and the combat.
 Do not spoil the enjoyment of this great game by refering to spoilers.

 For these looking for hints and tips, you has also come to the right place. Yes, just gentle
 hints and tips, no plot exposing, spoiling walkthroughs. There is a section for that too.
 In fact, it is the first chapter.

 I personally here wish to say sorry for my poor English, grammer, vocab and punication, for
 my mother tongue is not English. Also, another sorry for thieves character out there. I
 personally never play a thief in the game (though I hope to do so once), so there are less
 detailed hints for thieves.


 1. A helpful Guide

    Help for the bewildered hero who does not wish to be spoilt

 2. Guide to winning Dragon Fire
    All the walkthroughs here, but by no means complete.    

 3. Secrets and Wacky Stuff

    A couple of minor and interesting spoilers


   Tips for all adventure games
   The FAQ
   Finding your way in Silmaria
   Hints and Tips for beginners 


 Old time, hard core Quest for Glory fans may know some of these tips...

 * Look everywhere. Turn your pesky eyes at all things (excpet these which are forbidden, of 
   course). In QFG V, the look icon only give you a general description. To examine something
   properly, use the hand icon, click on the object you want to examine. There will be option
   for you to examine if you can.

 * Stock up on objects that you will need. Sharka, owner of the magic shop, will be drugged
   after a point in the game (almost after Erasmus is drugged). Stock up on mana potions and

 * Get objects that you think you will need. Stock them up. Some examples are the urns for
   holding liquid, food, pills, weapons and important items.

 * SAVE your game lest your situation cannot be saved.

 * And lastly, head for the forum for an on-going tips and disucssion about the game. But make
   that your last resort, or keep away from the spoilers. If you want to avoid spoilers, it is
   wise to mention that in the message title.




 Don't be afraid to read this part, if you want wish to avoid spoilers. All the spoilers
 here are generally fact, they will save you from needless trouble too.

 Q: How do I import a character?
 A: First, copy the saved character file, and pasted it in the \import directory in your
    QFG5 directory. For example, if I have the game installed on the C drive, then I will
    copy my character files to this location:

 Q: I can't import my QFG 4 character!

 A: There is a bug in the importing aspect of the game. Hard luck, and wait for the patch.

 Q: What are the common bugs in the game?

 A: Here is a list:
    1) Being unable to marry Katrina
    2) Game will crash if you throw rocks at Pegaus or at its nest.
    3) Casting leviation at certain area at the Fortress.
    4) Game will crash if you go to the Dragon Temple after day 15
    5) You may accidentally fall and kill yourself if you run up or down stairs.
    6) The pillar north of Silmaria constantly have the same monster for the same day.
    7) Some repeat a bug after Minos died.
    8) At some point, Elsa will visit your bedroom, and won't go away no matter
       how many times you say goodbye. To solve this (but this solution is untested),
       say goodbye to her, turn your back (or walk away) and wait for her to leave.
    9) There is a item duplication bug in the game (oh no, not again!) Unfortunately,
       I do not have the details.

    10) Killing the Hydra without Elsa's help. The game will crash.
    11) Constant Snorings. Click on the metal gate inside the adventurer's guild.
        If you are not careful, the snoring may just go on and on and on...

    Cross your fingers and hope there are no more bugs.

 Q: What are the things I must avoid doing if I want to complete the game?

 A:  1) Fogretting to save Katrina or Erana
     2) Forgetting the Lethe water (just a thought).
     3) Attacking the guards or common townfolks.
     Basically, that's all.

 Q: How do I combine items?

 A: It's in the manual. Here's the step by step instructions 

    1) Click on the item that you want to be combined with. Notice that the item's
       picture will be displayed in the box (and will be animated).

    2) Click on the second item that you want to combine with the first item. Drag
       it and drop it on the item in the bigger box.

    3) item combined!
    One warning! All the two items that you combined together will be gone!

 Q: How do I aim a spell?

 A: First, drag the spell to the bolt
    Then click on it, and drag it around. You will notice that you can aim the spell now.

 Q: What are the list of Paladin's abilities and the honour required?

 A: I don't have the exact numbers, so here goes...

    (I will be delighted if anyone can really send me an exact list.)
    300 -- heal
    by 350 -- heal, magic ward, peace
    by 400 -- heal, magic ward, peace, honour shield, destroy undead
    by 475 -- all possible paladin abilities.

 Q: How do I marry Erana?

 A: At this time, there is no way to marry Katrina due to a bug. :-(

    Here are some tips -- for spoilers, read on! You have to be kind to
    Erana, no doubt. Fans of the previous QFG games will know what she like.
    Explore the garden, and try to think of the things that she will be happy about.
    Also, what is the prefect gift for lovers?

    Another point -- Erana is a kind soul, she put others before herself. So, you
    have to be like that too. (that why Erana is paired up with the Paladin!)

    And remember, be faithful. Best policy if you want Erana's heart.

    Hint: When you are able to talk to Erana about love, then you are on the right

 Q: The game is so difficult!

 A: Go to OPTIONS, then CONTROL, and adjust the DIFFICULTY rating all the way down.


 Silmaria can be a bit of confusion for the new beginners, so here is a map to help
 the newcomer!

                                                   NOB HILL
              ----------------------------------- TOWN SQUARE
              |                                       |
              |                                       | 
              |                                       |
        WEST GATE AREA  --------------------------- DOCKS ----------- SCIENCE ISLAND
   (the point where you can exit                      |
        to the wilderness)                            |

 - Ann's Land Inn (directly west of the gate)
 - Adventurer's Guild
 - Jail
 - ???? (something that the common are not supposed to know...)

 - Here you will satifsy your shopping desires. All the things buyable in Silmaria are here.
 - Talk to the food merchant for a detailed tour guide.

 - Hall of the Kings
 - Arena
 - Several prospective houses for the thief to rob
 - Rakseeh's sunbathing place
 - News Notice Board
 - Entrance to Erasmus' Dwelling (kick the portal, or cast Trigger on it)

 - The Dead Parrot Inn (open only in the evening). Go there to enter Arena combats or to bet.
 - Famous Adventurer's School
 - Andre's fishing boat
 - The weaponsmith

 - A place to put your wildest dream to flight. 



 -- A general timeline for those who are lost --

 For the newcomers to the QFG series, the stories that lead to the events in Silmaria maybe
 a bit confusing. So, here is a simple timeline to briefly tell you what has been going on
 in your hero's life. Used in conjuction with the section below, you will have a clear
 understanding of the past.

 But the most excellent way is this -- go get the past Quest for Glory games, and experience
 the story fully for yourself!

 - Your hero ventured into Spielburg Valley to become an offical hero.
 - He freed the son and daughter of the Baron of Spielburg -- Barnard and Elsa.
 - The Katta innkeeper there brought the hero to Shapeir. There at Shapeir, he met
   Rakseeh and Uhura.

 - The hero dispelled the elementals creating havoc at Shapeir, got rid of Ad Avis (the
   resident villan).

 - All this actions brought him the title "Prince of Shapier" and the Sultan made
   the hero his foster-son.

 - Your hero then travelled to Tarna to bring peace to the Liontaurs, Simbani and
   the Leopardmen.

 - The hero had to defeat a demon wizard to end the madness in Tarna. And he did so,
   As he was enjoying the victory with his friend, he was summoned away by dark magic.

 - Your hero found himself in Mordavia. There, he met Erana in dreams, found out
   Katrina was manipulating him to find the rituals to summon the Dark One, Avzool and
   finally killed Ad Avis

 - Your hero prevented the summoning of Avzool. But before that, Katrina died trying
   to rescue your hero from Ad Avis' deadly spell.

 - Then he was summoned to Silmaria by Erasmus, after a victory ceremony.

 -- Who's Who in the Realm of QFG V -- 
 This is an introduction to those who have not yet played the other quest for glory games and
 find the introduction in the manual a bit lacking. So, here is the list of who's who in the
 realm of Quest for Glory V, so you will understand why some characters talk to you _that_ way.

 * The Archamge Erasmus

 Funny and wacky, full of jokes and wits, Erasmus is the archmage that your hero met in
 Spielburg. He contribute valuable information about your quest at that time, and even taught
 you a spell, Dazzle. The rat familiar is his sidekick, and he is Fenrus.

 * The Archmage Erana

 Introduced to you by Zara (a magic user in Spielburg) , you never met her face to face till you
 freed her soul from Azvool. She is a magic user of vast power, but chose to create places of 
 peace of serenity. You yourself has benefited from such places, for they proved to be safe    haven against the fierce monsters. During your adventures in Mordavia (Quest for Glory 4),you
 offically fall in love with her (okay, there are some suggestions). 

 * The Dark Master, Katrina

 A magical vampire, a magic user of great power with a desire for darkness. It was she, during
 your hero's venture in Mordavia, summoned Avzool, the Dark One and almost covered the
 whole world with darkness.

 She did have a liking for the hero, as she died trying to save him...

 * Rakseeh, the Liontaur Paladin

 Your mentor and guide, a paladin of great fame, Rakseeh will be your "Paladin Consultant"
 if you are a paladin. He is a good source of information as well.

 * Salim and Julnar

 Julnar was a tree in Shapier. Salim was a healer that you met while in Tarna. To cut the
 long story short, you brought Salim and Julnar together, and the rest of the story is told
 in the game itself.

 * Sam the Banker
 Sam the Banker was once Sam the Beggar, in the alleyway of Spielburg town. How ironical, eh?
 He is still begging for money.

 * Nawar
 She is someone you met, back at Shapier (or more correclty, Raseir).

 * The Cloaked Man
 Let that be a...mystery for now. 

 * Elsa
 The brigand Leader of Spielburg, an excellent swordsman and thief. All you need to know
 is that she was under a curse and did not know which she was, until your hero came and
 dispel the curse on her. The rest of the story is told when you talk to her.

 * Toro
 Elsa's best friend.

 -- Hints and Tips --

 * Be prepared before joining in the Rites of Rulership! Train up, stock up on pills and
   potions, and get rich! After getting rich, you can immediately buy the better weapons
   and armour that you will need. But speaking of weapons and armour...

 * Do not be bothered with the items in the weaponsmith's shop: 

    - arrows  (you do not have a bow to use it)
    - armour  (you can get it from Weridlings)
    - Magic Helm  (you will eventually find one)
    - Shield (you can get one from any Invaders)
   Of course, if you have the money, why not buy them?

 * When fighting, move about! Do not allowed enemies to gang up on you. On higher
   difficulty rating, the result can be bad.

 * If you are fighter or paladin, and know magic, try this -- put your main weapon
   in your belt. When you want to use magic, select the weapon quickly by pressing
   the number assigned to it, then cast. Then quickly reselet your weapon again.

 * Try shadow boxing if you have arcobatic. Remove all armour and weapon, and press
   F and G to attack. Your Strength, Offense, Defense, Vitality, Agility and Luck
   will go up!

 * Wizards can try some of these spell combo: 

   - Dazzle then Frostbite
   - Zap then attack
   - Whirlwind, Dazzle and Frostbite.

 * The Dazzle spells can cause the enemy to be disoriented for a while after they
   recovered from its effects. They may even attack their own allies by mistake!

 * Frostbite is a deadly weapon. It attacks an area, so all opponents in the area
   will be hit. For better effects, try casting more than one Frostbite spell at
   one time. Be prepared with a lot of mana pills or potions.

 * Zap is very effective. Use it or waste it.

 * Cast protection before wearing any armour and such.

 * Enemies' spells and arrows can hurt their own allies as well.

 * Use Mystic Magnets to speed up travelling speed. If you are at Science Island, 
   and wish to get to Town Square quickly, it's better to teleport back to the
   Inn, then go to the Town Square.

 * Here are some tips for the rites itself:

   Freedom -- conquer all other villages before your own. This is to prevent
              your rivals from freeding their villages first. 

   Conquest -- Complete the rite (that is, have Logos proclaimed you the winner)
               at night. That way, you will get to the Fortress in a minimum
               amount of time.

   Valour -- you will sure bound to win. Gort is not taking part.

   Destiny -- make sure you have collect the material that you needed (especially
              the one from the Hydra's cave) before starting on this rite. You can
              even considered getting some material ready before even starting the

   Courage -- Gort is not going. Just make sure you know where to go first. Unless you
              are tough, be prepared to bribe.

   Peace -- Remember to save either Katrina or Erana! And be sure to expose the mastermind
            behind some powerful sleeping pills...

   Justice -- Use Awe if you are a Paladin. 

 * Of course, remember that the easier the game, the longer the time limit for each rite.
   You need not to fear competition after Courage rite.

 * Here is a way to stock up on stamina and healing pills. The dragon pillar north of the
   city will always has the same monster there, even after you have killed them. Go back
   there always, within the same day, if the monsters there are Goons or Boarmen. Goons
   give healing pills, boarmen give stamina pills.

 * If you want to explore the Dragon Temple, go there before day 15.

 * Running, sneaking and swimming consume Stamina. Eating restores Stamina

 * Here is a way to train up strength and vitality for non-arcobatic characters. Go to the
   guild, excerise on the treadmill till your Stamina is dangerously low. Rest for 1 hour...
   most of your Stamina will be restored. Continue.

 * A ghost in the Dead Parrot Inn (upstair) will give you honour.

 * Show clues to everyone in town.

 * Apparently, the guard in the tower (the one who always raise the gate) can be
   alerted if it is needed.

 * It is possible to swim at the docks. Just click at the water. 

 * Heed the Orcale if you wish to defeat the Dragon.

 * The FACS is a place full of information. Be sure to go there and do some reading!
   That place holds complete clue to 3 (yes, a soild three) rites, and the FA himself
   can aid you on one rite too! 

 * Figure out how to cast Zap on a weapon? Same as combing items. First, place the Zap spell
   in your belt. Second, select a weapon. Lastly, drag the Zap spell to the displayed weapon.

 * Whenever you completed a rite, show the item requird to the guard outside the Hall of Kings.

 * For the 1st week, it is very obivious who will win at the arena.

 * Watch your weight! At higher difficulty setting, moving with a full load is dangerous to your
   health! Here are some tips to reduce weight -- sell extra weapons to the Weaponsmith,
   deposit your money at the bank and store things that you have no use for in the chest.

 * More combat mayhem with spells. When a frostbite is cast, you can still defend and attack
   while the frostbite is still attacking. So cast frostbite, and block!

     Where to find this?     
     Walkthrough for each rite
     Walkthrough for each quest

 Where to find this?

 Some of the most common questions (and frustrations about the game) are about the items.
 In this section, you will find list of troublesome ideas, and where to find them.

 Items                       Where to find it          
 =====                       ================          
 Achoives                    From Andre. Talk to him on the 2nd day you meet him
 Toppings for Pizza          Salim's place. It is hanging on the wall.
 Beeswax                     At a certain dragon pillar north from the city. On the floor
 Sarra's Basket              Wandered about the beaches north of Naxos.
 Sigil of Naxos              In a chest inside a locked room.
 Drugged Chocolate           From Erasmus' place. You will eventually recieve one in your room.
 Magic Seeds                 Say Goodbye to Julnar often
 Black Lotus                 The purple floating flower at the Oracle
 Rope                        Hydra's Cave
 Sap                         From an oozing tree at the Hydra
 Sheet                       A drawer in your own bedroom
 Feathers                    Pegaus Nest. See Sub Quest for more details
 Hipprocene Water            The stream flowing through the area of Pegaus Nest
 Water Breathing Amulet      From Erana or Katrina.
 Flowers                     Outside Salim's shop
 Braizer                     Show balloon picture to the food seller
 Shell                       At a dragon pillar near the beaches (north from Silmaria)
 Grapnel                     Talk to Rakseeh as soon as possible
 Magic Wood                  Give Hipprocene Water to the Dryads. All of them. 
 Augment Spell               From any Centuar Wizard
 Dragon Fire                 From Katrina. Go to her straight from Hades
 First Aid                   From Erana. Go to her straight from Hades
 Whirlwind                   Erasmus. Visit him often.
 Thermonuclear Blast         Only as a wizard. From the FA after giving him the water.
 Mystic Magnets              Shakra's magic shop
 Ann's Deed                  Give Peace Statue from Rite Peace to Ferrai
 Lethe Water                 See Walkthrough -- Rite of Courage
 Styx Water                  See Walkthrough -- Rite of Courage
 King's ring                 Talk to the guards outside the Hall after knowing about the Ring.
 Wing                        Hanging on the wall inside at the Science Island
 Hydra's Teeth               Click on its head after defeating it.

 Here we are, the walkthroughs for the rites. Note that there are many ways of doing things --
 I often play as a Magic User or a Paladin, so my tactics are often combat oriented. I haven't
 experience thief firsthand, but know a lot of advices for them, so all is not lost.

 -- Before the Rite

 Here is my way of doing things. Of course, there are many others as well...

 Before the rite, be sure to train up. You will have no time for that when the rites start
 (unless you have turn the difficulty really all the way down). Of course, do not try to
 max out your character. Try to max your attributes during the rites. Just bring everything
 above 400. Concentrate on your main skills.

 I usually spend 10 to 15 days preparing my hero. Here is what I do:

 * Get Hipprocene water (many urns of it). They can serve as stamina potions
 * Get Pegaus Feathers and Beeswax
 * Get Ballon Picture and Sewn Sheet
 * Get a Magic Helm (or Thermonuclear Blast) from FA
 * Stock up on many Healing and Stamina pills.
 * Stock up on Mana pills and potions (espcially if you are a wizard)
 * Get Sarra's basket and do many honourable deeds (useful for a paladin only)
 * Collect a large sum of money
 * Solve the robbery at the bank

 When you feel you are ready to take on about a legion of romans, begin the rite by going to
 the bank, and contribute 1000 gold to start the rite.

 -- The Rite of Freedom

 I highly recommended you to free ALL the villages for this rite. You will a lot of cool stuff.
 You will have about 500 gold for each village, honour boost and some artifacts. By the end
 of all this bloody business, you will be richer, more respected, have a magical leather
 armour, altas' braclet, amulet of offense and an anmulet of defense.

 If you discover one of your opponent village is empty, then it means that you have lose it
 to whoever is your rival. Do not despair -- freed other villages. This will earn you a tie.

 When you try to free a village, hunt for a locked room. This room may be inside a building,
 so you have to enter it by going through another room first. When you enter the locked room,
 dispatch the enemies, and open the chest (keep a lookout for it). When you done this, you
 have won the rite.

 If you feel you need time to relax, do not give the sigil to the guard outside the Hall of
 the Kings (only if you have freed ALL the villages, or if you don't mind for a tie). Do what
 you want first, then give the sigil. 

 After this rite, a lot of good weapons appear at the Weaponsmith. This is the time where
 you can get rid of extra looted weapons, and spend your well-earned cash on some great
 Recommended Strategy
 * Cast Dazzle always, if you have it.
 * Ignore the enemies, and go for the doors! The room that you are looking for is always
   in a large building.
 * If you are a thief, try sneaking and blackjacking the guards.
 * Exit a room quickly if you discover that it is not the one you want.

 -- The Rite of Conquest

 Embark on this rite immediately after completing the first rite (i.e, proclaimed as the
 winner). Try to win the first rite as late as possible, so that on the next day, you
 can immediately approach Andre and ask him to take you for a boat ride.

 The island you are looking for is south to the main island. Andre will speak once you
 approach it. It is quite small, and is not listed on the map. Just try "parking" the boat
 onto every island and you will eventually stumble upon it.

 Now the conquest starts. Paladins and fighters can hack their way into this. Magic Users
 can do that as well, excpet that they will spell their way in there. Theives will have to
 prevent the sounding of the alarm. 

 Recommended Strategy for Fighters and Paladins
 1. Hack and Slash, what else is there to say? It is a mass slugfest

 2. Avoid the guards entirely at the beach. Head straight upstairs and for the gates.

 3. If there is a lack of spear, there are many on the cart in the courtyard

 4. When you kill the Centuar wizard, the general will appear. To get rid of the centuar
    wizard the fighting way, dash straight at him and hack him! Paladin has a slight
    (or greater?) advantage here, as he can use Magic Ward.

 5. When the General come out, take care of him and take his shield. Rite completed.

 Recommended Strategy for Wizards
 1. If you hate close combat, Dazzle your way in to the courtyard.

 2. In the courtyard, Dazzle, then cast Frostbite. Be sure to have mana pills handy!

 3. Against the Centuar Wizard, cast Reversal and hurl spells at him. When he use Magic
    Ward, stab him! Having Resistance helps, and the Wizard can be dazzled too.

 4. If you are lazy, you can cast trigger on the Centuar Wizard. You will lose the chance to
    own a magic dagger and the augument spell then.

 5. When the general come out, dazzle him, and freezes him to death with frostbite. Take shield,
    rite completed. Store the shield in the chest later -- you have no use for it (as you can't
    sell it as well).

 Recommended Strategy for Thieves
 1. Make sure you stock up on many healing and stamina pills.

 2. At the start, sneak and blackjack the guards at the beach,

 3. Climb up the rock to a drain like structure. Go into the drain.

 4. Sneak and blackjack all the guards. If you managed to do that to the Wizard,
    the general will appear

 5. When the general appear, sneak all the way away from him. The general will just remain
    there, apparently confused. Sneak and blackjack him.

 6. Of course, if something goes wrong, prepare your dagger for a fight.

 (note: gleamed from Ack's walkthrough)

 --- The Rite of Valour

 You have to get to the Hydra's island for this one. Make sure you have at least one urn
 left. To get to the Island, make sure you have the wax and the feathers (refered to the
 section above to find out where).

 First, make a trip to the FACS. Find the book about mythology of Greece, and read it up.
 Make sure you read the part about how Hercules defeated the Hydra.

 Go to the Science Island. If you have not figured out how, please refer to the Sub Quests.
 Go into the room. See the wooden wing on the wall. Apply the wax on the wing, then apply the
 feathers on it. Finally, click on the wing and you will fly!

 Try to do this at night. However it doesn't matter. You will get to Hydra's island. Approach    the Hydra, as if you are going to fight it. After a while, Elsa will arrive to help. Accept her
 help! If you try to win this rite without her help, the game will crash!

 After accpeting her help, talk to her and tell her about defeatig Hydra. 

 Now this where the tough part comes in...

 Recommended Strategy for Fighters and Paladins 
 1. Elsa will decide to burn the Hydra's head while you are given the task of chopping it off.
    To chop off the left head, run up the left-hand side path. Same for the right head.
    For the centre head, just walk straight up.

 2. I recommended that you chop of the left and the right heads before confronting the center.
 3. As you chop of the heads, Elsa will take care of the rest.

 Recommended Strategy for Wizards
 1. Easy life here. Elsa will decide to chop of the Hydra's head. All you have to do is
    to cast flame dart repeatedly at the head as it is about to die. You will eventually
    set the neck to fire, and prevent the wounds from regenerating.

 Recommended Strategy for Thieves
 1. Light the torch and readied it.

 2. Your task will be quite dangerous, compared to the wizard (unless you have access to
    flame dart as well...). When Elsa chops of a head, attack with the torch.

 After the fight, click on the Hydra's head to claim the Hydra's scales and teeth. If you
 are a fighter and want to marry Elsa, give the teeth to her and let she has the victory.

 Elsa will be a bit unhappy if you do not give her the teeth. Just talk to her and suggest
 a search for treasure. Then walk into the cave behind the hydra's body. There Elsa will
 find what she want.

 Walk all the way to the left. Notice a chest there? It's trapped. But open it you must,
 or else you won't complete the next rite. How to open it? It's up to you.

 Oh yes, before leaving, be sure to fill an urn with the sap from the tree. How to leave?
 Didn't you pay 100 gold for something?

 --- The Rite of Destiny

 This time you will need to construct a balloon. You shall have the sewn sheet, sap and
 braizer ready. From the chest in the Hydra's cave, you will find the rope.

 Show the balloon picture to Ann, then give the sheet to her. By next day, you will have
 a sewn sheet. Be sure to do this before starting this rite.

 Show the picture to the food seller, and you will be able to buy a braizer from him.

 After completing the 3rd rite, head straight to Science Island. Go to the Crane Area. See
 a flashing green monitor there? Click on it, and enter this combination: 100, 50, closed.

 The crane will fetch the gondla from the water and placed it on the platform. Now, apply
 the sewn sheet on it, then the rope, sap and lastly the briazer. Click on your tinderbox,
 and apply it on the balloon. Now it will fly!

 Consult the map to find Delos. Once you land, and find the Oracle, pick up the purple flower
 floating on the water. Click on the stone surrounding the pool for the key for another rite.
 Now, toss a coin into the pool. The oracle will start. Get the Proof of Destiny, and go back
 to the balloon.

 If you find travelling by the balloon is too slow, at least land at the Main Island, then use
 the Mystic Magnet. You will need the balloon for a later quest! (and it is always available,
 unlike Andre's boat). 

 --- The Rite of Courage

 One tough rite, this. Getting into Hades is easy, but navigating inside there is really like
 hell (well, what you expect from Hades, anyway?). Be sure to have 3 urns with you.

 Go to the Dragon Pillar with the skull face on it. Look at the water. If it is fouled and
 dirty, you find the right one. Fill an urn with it. Then follow the stream all the way to the
 left, till it enters the ground in a small cave/crack. Pour the dirty water into the stream
 there. The gateway to Hades will open.

 Try going in, and a large three-headed guard dog will appear. It Cerebus, immortal guardian
 of the gateway to Hades.

 Here are some hints to get in...these heads are greedy. If you think you can best Hercules,
 let them taste steel...

 Once you get in, you better start running and hope that your supply of pills will last. The
 undeads there will be reducing your stamina and health, so run! Paladin can use destroy
 undead, while wizard will have the aura spell.

 As you enter Hades, run all the way to the right, till you come to a dead end, with a path
 undereath you. Use a spell to float there, if you are a wizard. Thieves can climb down with
 a rope. If you are a paladin or a fighter, try double clicking on the path below to jump --
 make sure you are at full health and stamina!

 Now follow the path all the way to the exit. You will find yourself at the skeleton of a
 dragon. Go all the way down. Now this is where things get tricky. You will enter
 another screen, right? Here is a map:

                                          |----------------------- option of saving Erana/
                                          |                                 Katrina
      To the Dragon Skeleton -------------|
                                          ------- Lethe Water ------------- Styx Water

 There is a small path to the lower right hand corner of the screen (which means the side
 closest to you). It may look like a dead end, but force your way through. It is best
 if you use the keyboard to move rather than the mouse now.

 The whirlpool water is the Lethe water. Fill an urn with it.

 The calm water, just behind the whirlpool, is the Styx water. Fill an urn with it. This is
 the water to prove that you have won the rite.

 If you are a paladin, dip the king's ring into the Styx water. You have furfill the water
 of binding part. 

 Having done all this, return to the intersection, and run up the upper right hand path. Keep
 running straight till you reach a palace like building. A ghasty character will then tell 
 you about Erana and Katrina. Choose one, or you will never win the Rite of Peace.

 Be prepared to give up your life (hey, you are a hero, right?) Don't worry. The aftermaths
 is that you will lose about half of your Vitality. 

 Now get out of Hades -- return the way you came. Just go through all the stone archways, and
 you will be out!

 Head straight to either Erana or Katrina to talk to them. You may recieve an interesting spell
 if you know magic. You can stop mid way at Silmaira to stock up on goodies to please your
 prospective wife.

 --- The Rite of Peace

 After recieving instructions about this rite, head straight to the Science Island.
 You will discover that Gort is not guarding the panel anymore. Take the Scientist Aptitude
 Test, pass it and recieve the password. Key in the password at the panel, and the
 secret lab will open.

 Talk to the Scientist -- be sure to covered all topics, then go. Gort will be offically out
 of the rites later.

 Go to the Famous Adventurer, and talk to him, covering all topics. 

 Now, go to Erana or Katrina (depending on who you have saved), and talk to them. You
 will recieve an amulet of water breathing. Put it on, and you will be able to breath

 Hop onto your balloon. Altantis is all the way to the west of the main island. You will be
 able to see it on the map. Land at the island, and walk into it. The island is the one
 with a crater lake at the centre.

 When you enter the ocean, you will see a golden gate. Click on it, use force on it if you
 are a fighter/paladin. You can also cast open on it. 

 This is where the thieves lose out, I suppose, for I don't have the faintest idea of how
 to approach this stealth like. Good luck figuring out on your own!

 Now, for wizard and fighters, it is just hack and cast, I suppose. Paladins have another
 alternative -- Awe. It shall be possible now. All you have to do is just to fight an
 oversized fish at the end, if you awe all the others away.

 Talk to the Queen, and give her flowers. Then tell her about Silvertongue. There, a treaty
 is signed and peace has returned. You will have a Peace Statue, as proof of your victory.
 After this victory, relax! I doubt Elsa will be able to forge another treaty. Gort will be
 out of the rites.

 --- The Rite of Justice

 This one is really a sense. Be sure to give Salim the black lotus back then,
 and to collect the improved posion pills from him. Now, to start the endgame (yeah, the one
 with the terrible dragon and such), wander about the bridge in the West Gate area at night.

 The assassin will be there waiting with his posioned dagger. Get rid of him! Toro will help
 you once the battle is over.

 Now you have to prove Minos guilty. There are many ways of doing that, and pick the one that
 sounds the most sensible. The ring of truth can help.

 Also, try sleeping at your bedroom. Elsa will contact you too. 

 --- Raid on Minos Palace

 Once Minos is exposed, you will be transported to his palace. Shout your battlecries and   charge!
 Of course, theives can assume a more stealth like way, but I do not really know how...sorry.

 Paladin can awe everyone away. Dazzle will work for Wizard as well. 

 When you get into the front room, there is only one more room that you can enter. Enter it,
 and you will find Minos. After a boring speech, a minotaur (like Toro) will attack you.
 You can awe the other guards (Goons) away, but the minotaur will stay.

 Kill it, and watch Minos died. Now, do this as fast as possible:

 1) Click on Minos and loot his body
 2) Click on the minotaur and take the axe
 3) Elsa will mention about something. Look at it
 4) Disarm the trap and take all the potions.

 --- "By the grace of goodness, I summon you to darkest battle...."

 Now, Erana/Katrina will appear, and teleport you to the final battle -- dragon slaying.

 Here are the steps to victory:

 1) Save the game right at the start!
 2) immediately talk to Gort and Toro. Ask them to fix the pillar
 3) Don't bother about Elsa. She won't listen. Erana can't touch the pillar either.
 4) Help Gort and Toro to fix the pillar.
 5) Give Gort and Toro some health potions. Give the axe to Toro.
 With the dragon pillar fixed, the dragon can be harmed. Now go and deal him some serious  damage!

 * Fighter/Paladin -- plain hack and slash. Try the Wurmbane Spear or Dragon Slayer
 * Wizard -- cast augment, then cast frostbite on the dragon. Try turbo frosting as well --
             keep casting frostbite on the dragon, and drinking mana potions when your
             mana drop to about zero.
 * Thieves -- keep on throwing daggers at that dragon! And remember the posioned dagger?

 Also, Zapped dagger works fine too. If Katrina is around, the dragon will be in more danger,
 as Katrina can wreck destruction which Erana cannot. However, if Erana is there, and she is
 not willing to marry your hero, she may scariface herself to slay the dragon. But concerning
 this I am not sure.

 If the dragon manages to fly out from its cave and takes into the air, force it down with
 daggers, spears or spells. You can keep others alive by giving them health potions at the
 start, or you can use First Aid or Paladin Heal on them.

 Eventually, under the onslaught of such heroic might,the dragon will be felled. 

 And thus end...Dragon Fire...                                         




 1. Talk to Rakseeh right after talking to Logos for the first time
 2. Ask Rakseeh about truth. He will tell you about the ring of truth.
 3. Go to the guards outside the hall, and tell the what Rakseeh has told you.
 4. You will be given a ring.
 5. When you are injuried, use the ring on yourself.
 6. Head to the Dragon Temple, and dip the ring into the lava. Do it before day 15.
 7. During the Rite of Courage, dip the ring into the Styx water.
 8. The ring of truth is done. 

 1. Go to the bank when it is robbed. Click on the thief's kit on the floor to have it
 2. Show the kit to Erasmus.
 3. At night, go to the Dead Parrot Inn. Follow the one-armed guy out
 4. Watch what he did, then attempt to do the same thing. But first, remember to disarm the
 5. Go into the Guild, and accuse the guy of the robbery. 
 6. To make him confess, either tell him about yourself, or talk or Erasmus.


 1. After the robber is captured, go talk to him at the Jail.
 2. Make sure he mentioned the arm. Next, go the Julnar and tell her about it
 3. Let a day pass. Return to the Jail and talk to the Robber.


 1. Buy the two types of pizza from the food seller
 2. Get anchoives from Andre. Get pepper from Salim's shop. It's on the wall.
 3. Combine the anchoives with the artichoke pizza.
 4. Combine the pepperioni pizza with the pepper.
 5. Get a spear from the weaponsmith.
 6. Go to the Wind Mill. Use force on the braking lever. It will snap
 7. Use the spear to replace the lever. Follow instructions.
 8. Push the lever to brake. It will require some timing.
 9. After getting into the gondla, use forcebolt, or throw something at it
    to make it move back, so that the gondla will start to move.
 10. On Science Island itself, click on the green flicking screen.
 11. Take the test. Answer 5 straight questions, and you are in.
 12. If it is in the day, give the scientist the A&A pizza.
 13. If it is in the night, give the scientist the J&J pizza.


 1. Give FA an urn filled with water from the stream at the Peguas Nest


 1. After you shown Ann the picture, tell her about Wolfie.


 1. After winning the Rite of Peace, and obtaining the Peace Statue, go to
    the Dead parrot inn to find Ferrai.
 2. Give him the statue to trade for the deed. Give the deed to Ann.
 3. Return to the Inn frequently after this. You may be given a chance to
    do a belly dance.


 (not very sure about this, sorry)

 1. You may have a fake blackbird if you imported your character. If yes, then
    sneak into Ferria's home and replace the blackbird there.
 2. If not, then you have to steal the blackbird from Ferrai's home first,
    give it to Wolfie. Wolfie will make a similar fake blackbird. Get the
    fake blackbird and the original one from him.
 3. Later in the game, Elsa will appear (about the time of the Rite of Justice).
    Do the thief sign on her, and you will be at Minos Palace, on your way
    to be the Chief Thief.

 I am really sorry here -- I really know nothing about thieves.


 1. The basket is at the beach area around Naxos. Wander around them, and keep
    your eyes open!


 1. Give the drugged chocolate to Salim. It shall before the Rite of Courage
 2. After returning from Hades, give Salim the lethe water.


 1. Give black lotus to Salim 


 1. Okay, the four characters you can marry are: Katrina, Erana, Elsa and Nawar
    Katrina is out for now, for she is bugged. 

 2. Talk to Erana before or after the rites. Give her gifts -- chocolates, flowers and
    the magic seeds. Above all, do good deeds (all the sub quests and honourable stuff).

 3. For Elsa, she will repeatedly appear during the last few rites. Sleep at the inn at
    night and she will turn up. Make sure you let she have the hydra teeth during the
    3rd rite. Then give her flowers and please her. She will be yours soon.

 4. Never tried Nawar before. But from what I had heard -- give her flowers, flirt with her.
    Also, go out at town during night -- she will be on one of the balcony. Try to get up
    there (theives and magic user shall have no problems) and talk to her. She will ask you  
    to teach someone a lesson. It is up to you.

 5. Don't forget to keep on giving the Hera's ring to the girl you like!

 Here is a list of some secrets of the game. Please tell me more!

 - The door to the 2nd level of the inn is magically locked. Due to a bug in the game (or is it
   purposelly done?), if you try to pick the lock, all your other thief skills will increase,
   but your Lock Picking will not.

 - Shadow boxing when you know arcobatics will improve your Strength, Agility, Vitality, Luck,
   Offense and Defense.

 - Elsa and Magnum will both appear at the Guild from time to time. Go talk to them. Elsa is
   okay, but Magnum is digusting.

 - There will always be dragonlings at the dragon pillar northwest from the city. It is by the

 - Tried jumping on the bed?


 THE END OF a guide to Dragon Fire