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Tomb Raider (e)

 TOMB RAIDER WALKTHROUGH - Written by Shawn Tooryani - version 1.02 (Under

                       Last Date Modified DEC-02-1996


After the big door slams behind you, start running forward and watch the
shooting darts. Follow the wolves footprints on the snow and run forward
all the way to the end. SECRET AREA 1: There is a rock with a steep
surface. You need to climb up and immediately jump forward and hold onto
the ledge. Pick up the Small Medi Pack.

Turn around, climb up the cliff and kill the bats. SECRET AREA 2:Turn left.
There is a small area that if you observe closely you will see a section
that is open. Jump and hold onto the ledge and climb up. Kill the bat.
There is a Small Medi Pack.

Jump down and head west. There is a door. Activate the lever. Turn left and
climb up the opening . In the open area with two bridges kill the wolves
from above and cross the first bridge. Turn around and cross the second
one. Follow the passageway. In this room there is a bear underneath. You
can kill him from above. Jump down. Turn around, kill the bats. Pick up
Small Medi Pack and step on the pressure sensitive plate on the ground.

It opens the front door. You enter the bottom of open area with two
bridges. Look around and you will see a small section with a mummy. Climb
up and cross the bridges again. Now, jump across the opening over the bear
room that you just killed. Turn left and pick up the Small Medi Pack. Turn
back and climb down the stairs. Be careful! There are two wolves waiting to
chew your legs. Kill them and head south.

SECREST AREA 3: If you look at your left shoulder you see an opening hidden
in the bushes on top. Climb up the stones and jump across the platform and
enter the room with a big symbol carved in the wall.

Climb down and turn right. Activate the lever and quickly jump on the stone
block and on the platform and enter the room.(You have to be quick If you
miss the door it will close automatically)

Climb up the stairs. Watch out the shooting darts. You enter a room with
two collapsible plates. Step on and fall down. Head straight and turn left.
Jump across the platform. Kill the wolf and pick up the Large Medi Pack.
Activate the lever. It opens the main door at the bottom. Turn back and
fall down from any ledges. You might want to jump down the opening near the
exit to avoid shooting darts.

City of Vilcabamba

Ok, after the main stone door opens run straight forward (which is your
south bearing on the compass) and kill the wolves. Come back, head east and
shoot the bats. At this point you must return to your original position and
move west to reach the open area with the pool in the center. Face east and
you will see two open doors. Move towards the doors (either of them) and be
prepared to deal with a bear. After you kill it, enter the room and jump up
the platform. There is a Small Medi Pack. Grab it. Head back to the pool
area and dive into the water. Swim east until you see an open area with
blue walls. Swim up and climb out of the pool. You will see a square room
with four statues. Nothing in particular you can do in here yet. Dive back
into the water and swim until you reach a structure with columns. Behind
one of these columns there is a lever that when activated opens a door in
the statues room. (there is a cinematic sequence to give you a hint that
something is triggered, this is a very unique feature!). Watch your air
supply since you drown really quick unless you know your bearings.

SECRET AREA 1:There is another lever that when activated opens a door on
the top. Swim up and enter this room. Pick up Small Medi Pack and activate
the lever. It leads back to the central area with the pool.

SECRET AREA 2:Dive into the water and swim back to the statues room that
you just opened its door. Climb out and enter the room. Pick up Magnum
Clips and Small Medi Pack.

Dive back in and swim to the central area. Climb up and head west. There is
a door with a small lock next to it. You need a key to unlock it. Run
around and look for a door with a lever. Pull the it. Enter the room and
climb up the stairs. On the top there is an opening that faces another
one.(use the SHIFT key to walk to the edge). Jump and grab onto the ledge.
There are two collapsible platforms that you must step on to reach the
other ledge. Jump on the second one and climb the platform. There is a
Large Medi Pack. Grab it. Jump onto the ground.

If you look closely you see that there is a large block with its handles
rotted out. Push it forward. You will find yourself in a new room. Go
straight and turn right. There is a carved section in the wall with
something golden on the ground. Pick it up. It is a Gold Idol. Turn back
and go left. There is another carved section with the Silver Key in it.
Climb up the stone block that you just pushed, jump onto the platform above
and head to the window. There is a Large Medi Pack on the ground. Now jump
down out of the window. Go to the locked door and use the Silver Key in the
lock. Head towards the other section of the room trying to avoid the
shooting darts.

Kill the wolves. Run straight forward to the structure. Enter the left door
and climb up the stairs. Jump across the platforms. Kill the bats and
activate the lever. It opens the right door in the main structure. Turn
back and enter this newly opened room.

Jump and climb the platform avoiding the collapsible plates underneath.
Kill the bat and activate the lever. It opens the middle door. Next to the
Lever there is a balcony above the main entrance of the structure. Climb
down and hang onto the ledge. Carefully shimmy left and jump down. Pick up
Shotgun Shells. Jump down on the structure roof and pick up Small Medi

Enter this room and watch out the swinging blades. There is a lever to the
right. As soon as you activate it, the floor underneath collapses and you
fall down into the water. Swim down and enter the central room with a bear
roaming around. Climb up, kill it and turn left heading for the stairs.
Activate the lever to stop the swinging blades.

SECRET AREA 3: Turn right and you see an opening. Fall down onto this small
chamber and pick up the Uzi Clips.

Climb back up and enter the central room. Dive into the pool and swim into
a small opening. Climb out and activate the lever to open the fence
blocking the Idol door. Swim back, use the Gold Idol on the panel and enter
the room.

Lost Valley

Pass through the corridor and turn left. There is a small ledge. Jump
across and do a couple more. Climb the highest one and run through the
corridors. You will see a bridge. There are some gears mounted on the wall
and there is a lever to the left. If you observe closely you find out that
three of the gears are missing. The objective of this level is simple: Find
the gears, place them back and activate the lever to redirect the flow of
the water and open a new door to the next level.

Face the gears and turn right. You have to climb down the cliffs. (Be
careful not to fall into the water stream since you will be drifted to the
waterfall and into the central pond) turn left and jump to the other side
of the wall. There is a Shotgun next to the skeleton. Pick it up and climb
down. If you run through the passageway you reach a small room with an
opening on top. (later on when you find three gears and activate the lever,
these corridors will be filled with water and you would be able to dive up
the opening) Head back, Fall into the central pond and swim up.

Kill the wolves and run straight forward. Climb the big cliff and enter the
passageway. Turn right and kill three wolves there. Come back and face the
high cliff. Climb up, there is a Large Medi Pack next to the skeleton.

Jump down and kill the raptor. You will need to kill another one as soon as
you start running in valley. Be prepared to deal with a giant T-Rex! You
can climb up on of the openings and keep shooting until it is dead. Head
straight and kill two more raptors. Enter the ruined structure and dive
into the waterfall. Swim right and pick up the first gear. Swim up and exit
the structure. If you look on your right shoulder you see an opening hidden
in the bushes above. Climb up the cliff. This lead to the broken bridge.
Jump across and pick up the second gear. Climb down and look around. There
are couple of waterfalls, but only one has a small entrance that you must
dive in.

Swim your way through and climb out of water. Kill the raptor. Climb up the
tall cliff and turn left. Pick up the third gear. Dive in and swim back to
the valley. Run all the way back to the central waterfall with the large
pond and turn left. Climb up the cliffs and go to the wall with the gears.
Place the gears one by one and activate the lever. It opens the door at the
bottom and redirects the water.

SECREAT AREA 1:From top of the bridge dive into the water and climb out.
There is a Large Medi Pack.

SECREAT AREA 2: Dive back in. Swim your way through the newly water filled
corridors that you visited earlier and climb out of the small opening. Pick
up the Shotgun Shells and the Small Medi Pack. Head back to the central
pond and swim through the opened gate that was covered by the main
waterfall at the beginning.


Tomb of Qualopec

Go to the main chamber and activate the lever on your right. Kill the
raptors. The lever opens a door on the right wall. Enter the door. You will
see that this leads to three corridors branching like a fork. Head straight
and enter the center corridor. There is a lever in the room that can not be
activated from this side. Notice the collapsible plate at the base of the
lever. Step on it. Jump down and kill the wolves.

Walk up the ramp and pull the stone block back. Turn around and pull it to
the left. Enter the passageway and jump across the ledges. Underneath there
is a Small Medi Pack. Enter the room and activate the lever. This opens one
of the three gates in central chamber with the corresponding symbol. You
need to open two more of these gates to reach the Scion room.

Run to the fork section and this time enter the right corridor. There is a
block in the room. Push it all the way forward. There is another block that
needs to be Pushed. Watch out the collapsible plates. Jump across and
activate the lever.

Turn back to the fork section again and enter the left corridor. This is a
room that has an open window facing a chamber with some tall blocks erected
from the ground. Activate the lever. This causes one of the tall blocks
move forward. Jump down from the window and enter the passageway. Climb the
stairs and turn right.

Jump and hang onto the ledge. Activate the lever. This causes the other
tall block move closer to the spikes on the floor. Head back and jump from
one tall block to the other until you reach the room with the lever.(be
careful not to fall on the spikes) Activate it and go back to the central
chamber. Enter this newly opened corridor and climb up the stairs. SECRET
AREA 1: Just before you climb the stairs, turn left and climb up the first
statue alcove. A door opens revealing a room with collapsible platforms.
Jump across and pick up the Shotgun Shells.

SECRET AREA 2:Climb down the platform and while hanging the ledge, shimmy
left and fall down. Pick up the Magnum Clips.

Watch out the shooting darts. Enter the Scion room and pick it up.

Go to the gate. It automatically opens up. Run forward and exit the main
chamber and dive into the pond. One of Natla’s hired goons is shooting you.
Climb out of the water and shoot back. Watch the ending sequence.


St. Frances' Folly

Shoot the lions and push the stone block onto the OMEGA symbol on the
track. This will opens the lower door in the main hall. Enter the room kill
the gorillas and activate both levers. Head back to the hall and be
prepared the shoot one of Natla’s hired goons. He will shoot you for a
while and runs behind one of the tall pillars and disappears. Pull back the
stone block on the other OMEGA symbol. It opens the upper door in the main

To reach this door, you need to align the stone block with one of pillars
and jump across from on pillar to another and finally to the platforms.
Enter the room. SECRET AREA 1:If you look at your left shoulder (facing
west) you will notice a platform above. Climb up the middle pillar and jump
across onto it. Enter the room.

Turn left. There is a steep cliff. Face it and press jump and forward key.
You will flip back, now immediately press enter and grab the ledge. Lean
against the wall, jump and press forward to do another back flip and press
enter to grab the higher ledge. Climb up. Large Medi Pack and Shot gun
Shells are on the ground. Be careful not to step on the collapsible plate

SECRET AREA 2: Slide down the slope and just before falling into the water
jump and grab onto a ledge in the front. There are Small Medi Pack and
shotgun shells.

SECRET AREA 3:Climb down the hole in the room and before activating the
lever dive into the water and swim up to an opening. Climb out of water and
from above kill the alligator. Pick up the shot gun shells.

Dive back in and swim up. Activate the lever. The main gate at the end of
the previously water filled section will open. Enter the gate and climb the
stairs. You will find yourself standing in a very high platform with
numerous sections underneath. There are four doors in this section that you
need to open.

The main idea is to find four keys in four rooms and use them to open a
large door at the base of this level. Turn right and drop down and kill the
bat. Climb up the stairs and jump onto the central platform. You will
notice the first door ‘NEPTUNE’ but it is closed. Drop down below, activate
the lever which opens the ‘THOR’ door. Drop down even further below and
activate the second lever which opens the ‘DAMOCLES’ door.

Face the ‘ATLAS’ door direction (which is closed) and turn right. Drop
down, jump across the platform and kill the bats. Now to reach the ‘THOR’
door you have to jump diagonally across the platform and enter the room.
Avoid the lightning bolt and enter the main hall. Step on the OMEGA sign
and quickly run forward.

This will make the giant hammer and two moveable stone blocks fall down.
Push and pull the lower block and use it to climb up the high platform.
Push the second one as well. Climb up. Notice the Small Medi Pack. Lean
against the wall and run forward. Quickly jump and grab onto the ledge and
follow the path to the ‘THOR KEY’. Exit the room and while in the same
platform, look down and drop below. Activate the lever that opens the
‘NEPTUNE’ door.

To reach the ‘DAMOCLES’ door you must jump across the platform. Enter the
room (notice the hanging giant swords on the ceiling) step on the OMEGA
symbol and enter the main chamber. Pick up the ‘DAMOCLES KEY’. Before
leaving you might want to climb up and take the Small Medi Pack and Shotgun
Shells. On your way back be extra careful with those falling swords. Step
down all the way to the ground level and activate the lever.

Watch out Natla’s hired goon who is again shooting you. Shoot back until he
disappears. (while stepping down you will notice some Magnum Clips on one
of the platforms, go ahead and pick them up). Activate the lever. It causes
the ‘ATLAS’ door to open. Climb up again and enter this newly opened door.
Kill the gorilla, step on the OMEGA symbol and watch out the huge rolling
stone.(there is a Small Medi Pack in the hole where the stone rolled in)
Jump up the platform and grab the ‘ATLAS KEY’.

Now for the last door… Climb all the way up, kill the bats and enter the
‘NEPTUNE’ room. Dive into the water and swim down and immediately turn
left. Swim up the opening and activate the lever. Head back and pick up the
‘NEPTUNE KEY’. Swim up and climb out of the pool. With the four keys in
your possession, step down all the way one more time and kill the lions
roaming around. Use the keys in the locks and exit the level. SECRET AREA
4: Coming soon.


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Palace Midas

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