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Toonstruck (e)

		Toonstruck Walkthrough

	Please don't follow this verbatim, it has the answers to all problems,
but you'll miss alot if you don't talk to all the characters and give it
a go yourself. If you end up in prison on the 1st CD, you can get out by
walking around the cell until you build up a static charge, then touch
the keypad. Repeat 5 or 6 times to reduce your jail sentence to 0. Now
you'll need to look at the picture of a safe on the wall and complete
the sliding block puzzle on the safe to get back your items. You can
also get a hole in this safe. It isn't required, and the block puzzle is
a pain at times. The hole can be used in any town centre, on the
potholes. You can use it to instantly travel between town centres. To
avoid capture, you just need to hide quickly. There are 3 locations
where the henchmen try to get you, the bakery (hide in the back room),
the costume shop (hide in the changing room) and the bowling alley (hide
past the swing doors on the right).

		1st CD

	After the intro., move through the bottom right door to enter the lab.
Talk to the bird. He wants his glasses. Go out, into the hall and enter
the trophy room (top left doorway). Talk to the footman about the bird
(Bricacbrac). Go back to bricabrac and tell him to look in his pockets
for the glasses. You'll get the blueprints for the cutifier off him. The
objects required for the cutifier are:

		Sugar & Spice   ; CLOAK & Dagger    ; STARS & Stripes
		Heart & SOLE    ; BELLS & Whistles  ; SPIT  & Polish
		PINS  & Needles ; NUTS  & Bolts     ; Ball  & CHAIN
		Bow   & ARROW   ; Salt  & PEPPER    ; Rock  & ROLL

	If you want vague help for these items then:
Cloak: The scarecrow has this, you need to get the costume voucher 
	Stamped and select a costume he'll like.
Stars: These are cartoon stars, of the rotating-above-head-after-
being-whacked variety.
Sole:  This you get at the fish toilet in zanydu.
Bells: They are on the test your strength machine in the arcade.
Spit: A roasting spit.
Pins: Bowling pins.
Nuts: The squirrel has them. Make him a girlfriend.
Chain: The prize for beating the arcade cashier at his own game.
Arrow: Of the pointing variety, poison that vulture.
Pepper: Yes that one. The malevelator will change something that will
Roll: Get some dough and cook it.

	Right, back to the specifics. We want to rob the trophy room next.
Leave the lab, head south from the hall to go outside. Talk to the
guards, watch the dance. Talk to them again to make them dance again,
pick up the key during the dance. It opens the locked door in the hall.
In this new room, click on flux and use him on the ladder. He'll get you
a voucher from the bed. Click on the rug to reveal a trapdoor. Pick up
the music box on the drawers. Click on the note. This message refers to
the drawers. You need to have the top and bottom draws out to trigger a
mechanism. I think the draws always start with only the top drawer out.
If so you click left,bottom,right then top. This will open a secret
passage on the bed. Go through, click on flux, get him to stand on the
loose floorboard and catapult him up by clicking on it yourself. Voila,
open trapdoor. Go back up and replace the rug. Pull the cord, say
nighty-night footman.
	Go back outside and head south into town. Go through the green door
into the Irish pub. Click on the mouse (on the bar, not the computer
variety). He'll move to under the hammer. (If this gets botched up just
click on the mouse until it IS under the mousetrap). Now use the organ.
After you see the mouse dance, you get back a cursor. Click on Flux and
get him to use the mousetrap. Whack. You'll get a tankard as thanks.
Take the stunned mouse. Note the telephone on the bar is of the
colour-dialling variety.
	The other shops aren't completable at the moment. Head back to the
trophy room (where the footman was). Pick up the fish trophy, pick up
the watering can trophy. Get the door open again by balancing up again
with the tankard from the pub. Now go back to the town, and go south.
Talk to Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun. She wants Popcorn. Exit left. Talk to the
scarecrow. He wants new clothes in exchange for his ROBE. Take the
corncob. Click on the barns entrance to enter. Talk to the animals. The
churnatron needs a part. Fill the watering can with the fertiliser.
	Head left now from the scarecrow to the screen with the NUTS and
PEPPER. They are not acquirable for a while yet. Exit left, click on one
of the paths and B.B.Wolf will appear. Talk to him, he wants wine. Head
north from the pepper/nuts screen to get to the zanydu shuttle. Use the
mouse with the right hand. Use the fertiliser on the mouse in hand. You
can now enter the shuttle and go to zanydu.
	Zanydu has three paths. The left to Jim's Gym & Fish Toilet, The middle
to a vulture and right to the Wacme Store. Go right to the Wacme store.
Stand in front of a revolving door, wait for the light above it to come
on and click on the door to go in. Talk to the clerks. Ask for a
demonstration of the boxing glove. Once the animations end, click on the
STARS above the missing clerk. The Gift-o-matic can only be used if you
can prove that you've bought something here - more later. Now take the
left path from central zanydu. Talk to the guard and look at the advert.
You cant use the gym yet. Go back to the clock (outside Wacme). You need
to set the time to 6 o'clock. It may take you a while, but persist. The
guard will leave the fish toilet. (The toilet is blocked, so we need a
	Return to the Irish pub in the town centre. Use the phone on the bar.
You need to dial the colours from the advert outside the gym. They are:
Blue, Purple (Red&Blue together), Red, Orange (Red&yellow), yellow,
Green (Blue&Yellow), Orange. You get through to the quiz line. Answers
to quiz:

	Jim's fur:Blue
	Fish tails on outhouse: Yellow
	Warps fur besides white: Orange
	Guards shoulders fish colours: Left-Yellow Right-Red
	Woofs Collar: Green
	Sign for Jim's in Zanydu: Blue
	Sign for Wacme: Red
	Plant Pots: Purple
	Woofs fur: Purple
	Mountains: Orange
	Gym Floor: Red

	When you get it right, go outside and pick up the hopping parcel.
Aha-proof of purchase in Wacme's. return to Wacme's and show the jumping
beans to Woof. Now you can use the gift-o-matic. Use the start-stop
button on it to get the magnet, mallet and glove. Now return to the barn
and use the magnet on the haystack on the left. You get the missing
churnatron piece, so use it on the gap in the machine. Take the butter.
Fill the watering can with fertiliser again. Go to Jim's Gym. Use the
butter on the vaulting horse. Talk to Jim and ask him to demonstrate the
fiery hoops. Oh dear. Use the pumpatron to build up those muscles. 
	Ok, we have big muscles and big hammer, so lets go to the arcade and
use the strenghtometer. (Use the big mallet from your inventory on the
strengthometer, rather than talking to the cashier).
Good, you've wrecked it and got the "wine". Take the BELLS from the
remains of the strengthometer. Now talk to the cashier and challenge him
to play the middle arcade game. You've got to win it. I find that
crouching as low as possible and firing quickly usually does the trick.
When you win you'll get the CHAIN. 
	The guards may come now, enter the bakers shop (hide in the back if
guards arrive). Give them the butter and take the dough. Play the piano
to get the keys. Go to the barn (now Malavolated). Fill the watering can
with the dangerous looking gunk. Go to the NUTS/PEPPER screen and feed
the briar patch with the watering can. Take the PEPPER. Return to the
barn for a refill of gunk. 
	Go to B.B.Wolf (left of the pepper/nuts). Give him the wine (from the
arcade). After the animations, you end up in a stewpot. To get out click
on the left then right of the pot repeatedly. Time your clicks with the
pots extremes of swing. It will tip over eventually. Once out, use the
dough on the spit to make a ROLL. Take the SPIT. Use the corncob on the
fire to make popcorn. Take it. Take the book & read it. Leave the cave.
Go into the malevolands town centre (up/left from where BB was). 
	Go into the upper right door (the prison) take the inkpad. If you want,
have a go at the sliding block puzzle to get the hole,(although now you
can finally get it, its only of use a couple of times (see the beginning
paragraph for how to use it)). Go to the costume shop (off the original
town centre). Use the music box in your inventory with the ink pad. Use
the music box with the free costume voucher. Give the voucher to the
girl. You need a costume for the Carecrow. The correct costume is the
harlequin. So take it. Swap the book in the inventory (Squirrel mating
book) with the girl.
	Go to the Carecrow, and give him the costume. You get the ROBE. Go to
the Malevoland town centre. There is a hunk of meat in the bottom right
of the screen. Take it. Go in the lower right door to meet the
Darlekesque robot. Give him the book of enigmas to exterminate him. take
the plunger. 
	Back to Zanydu. Go to the fish toilet (the clock needs to have been set
to 6 o'clock to get in). Read the loo-roll for instructions. Use the
plunger on the toilet. Use the red herring from the trophy room with the
toilet. You need to flush when the thin green fish is in the glass bowl
above the toilet. (Not the yellow puffer fish). If you get the wrong
one, return it to the loo and try again. The fish is a SOLE.
	From central zanydu, take the middle path. Use the hunk of meat from
central malevolands with the weedkiller in your watering can. Feed the
vulture. Take the ARROW sign, and the vultures loose feather. Go to the
barn and use the feather on marge. Take the glue.
	Return to the malevolands. Use the cloak on drew to get into Seedy's
bowling parlour. (the three stooges will try to get you again, hide
behind the swing doors on the right). Use the glue on the bears bowling
ball when he leaves it alone. Now use flux on the lane. Strike. Take the
PINS trophy from the owner. Return to the castles hallway. Use the spit
on the hole on the cabinet. Take the stuffed cat.
	Go see Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun. Give her the popcorn. Take the candy
floss (cotton candy). Use the piano keys and the candy floss with the
glue. Use both with the stuffed cat. Use the jumping beans with the
cat-thing. Hey-presto, instant ripe female squirrel. Go to the squirrel
and use the cat-thing on its doorstep. Now send drew up to get the NUTS.
	Hoorah, we have all the gubbins for the machine so return to the
laboratory in the castle. Go to the room to the right of bricabrac and
put the objects into the right places (see list at start). Press the
system analysis button when they are all in. Sit back and watch the

			2nd CD

	You should be in a cell with no items. Talk to snout. He'll turn
around, letting you look at the mat. Take the crystal. Take the mat. Use
the mat on drew to make a dust cloud and remove the guard. Take the key
from the wall behind you and use it on the keyhole. Move far right and
use the exit (the bird gives you clues to a bookshelf puzzle upstairs).
Click on the Clown. This puzzle is different every time so you'll do it
yourself. Copy the clowns features in order (a bit like simple simon).
Its easy if you write them down as you go along. Once in, have a chat
with the clown. Can't do more here yet.
	Go up the stairs. Go right - the chequered floor. Here is the book
puzzle the minah bird downstairs gave the clues for. Click on the book
case. The correct order is: B1,R1,R3,B2,B3,R4,R2,B4. Go through the
passage that opens. Use the music box on yourself to make the guard
sleep. Use the monitor. Look at all the channels by using the dial.
Before leaving put it onto the channel showing the room upstairs with
the knight and chequered floor. Now use the magnet on the bolted plate
on the ceiling. The screen you get lets you move the knight around. Move
him onto the raised tiles. The 4th tile you get to raises the gate.
	You're not ready to go up from the knight hallway yet so go back to the
main stairway. To the left of the 2nd stairway is a guards rec. room.
Upstairs are more guards. Whilst on the 2nd floor landing, click on the
left gargoyle to get another crystal. There is another on the right, but
you cant get it yet. Go back to the dungeon. Head north from the cell
you were locked in to get to the climatron room. Press the button on the
air circulator to open it. Go in. Use the fly costume on yourself to
climb up.
	In the bathroom, use the sink plug, then the sink taps to flood the
floor. look in the medicine cabinet to get the chloroform wipes. Fill
the watering can from the sink. Go back down the airvent (there are
guards outside). Return to the clown. Wait by the table until the clown
removes his nose (can take some time). Take the nose and use it with the
chloroform wipes. He'll put it back on and pass out. take the balloon
and pin. Fill the balloon from the tank. Fill the glove from the tank. 
	Return to the climatron room. Look at the controls. Use the pin with
the socket. Click on cold. Go up the air circulator to the bathroom. Aha
frozen water.. Click on the door on the right to get rid of those
guards. Exit right. Go down to the 2nd floor landing. Click on the horn
on the left hand gargoyle. It moves to the right hand one. If you then
try to click on the right hand one, the horn moves back. You need the
horn on the right hand one and go the long way round (upstairs, down the
airvent & back up) to access it. So head up the stairs (make sure the
horn is on the right gargoyle). Into the bathroom and down the airvent.
	When you reach the climatron, change the temperature to hot. The fish
on the 1st landing jumps out his tank. Change the temperature back to
medium, and take the lever back. The fish is working its way back to its
bowl, so hurry through the dungeon and up the stairs. Grab the treasure
chest in the fish bowl before the fish returns. (If you are late, go
back to the climatron, make it hot again, then medium temp again, and
try again). Look at the treasure chest, and a key should appear.
	Go up to the 2nd floor landing. Now you can click on the right gargoyle
to get the 3rd crystal. Go right into the knights hall, and upstairs to
the armoury. Use the pin/lever on the crate to meet the frog. He gives
you the 4th crystal and hops off. Use the crate. The icon you now get
when you move the cursor over the crate is a movement icon. Each time
you move closer to the TNT one of the guards looks round. Don't move any
closer till the guard becomes unsuspicious as otherwise you're back to
the beginning. You'll get the TNT when you are  close enough. 
	Go back to the main stairway and go to the first floor, then left into
the kitchen. Use the watering can with the water from the bathroom sink
in on the robochef. He'll rust. Take a turkey. Use the trinitrotoluene
(TNT) on the turkey. Open the stove door. Use the turkey suprise on the
hot embers. Quickly use the turkey suprise on the dumb waiter on the
left. Watch animation. Go upstairs into the rec. room. Take the pool
cue. Return to the knights hall, click on the knights gauntlet to take
	Go up to the 3rd floor. Use the key from the treasure chest with the
right hand door. Go in. Click on the sunglasses above the bookcase.
Click on the switch (it was behind the bookcase). Click on the desk
chair. click on the sunglasses (now on the moose head to the left). Put
on the fly costume to annoy the Venus fly trap. Smash the vase with the
mallet. Take the sunglasses.
	Nearly finished... Go up to the top floor. Use the gauntlet with the
pool cue. Use this contraption with the button. Go into the new room.
Use either the full balloon or glove with drew. The correct character to
imitate is lugnut. Go in the new room. She'll hypnotise you if you go
into her bit, so put on the sunglasses. (If you wind up in jail again,
talk to snout about his allergies, take the dusty mat and allergize him
again. The third time, he leaves the key under the mat and retires).
After the animation, talk to Ms Fortune. Click on her, then on the door
to move her outside. Then click on her, then the scanner to open the
other door.
	Move to the control centre. Click on the panel below the monitor (the
right sided one). Put the crystals in one at a time, if they are in the
correct slots, they light up. try   B
								   G R
	Pull the lever on the control centre and take the warp device. Click on
the monitor by the door. You need it to be ON,OPEN,OPEN,DEACTIVATED. The
four switches change the settings. If D=down and U=up then the switches
should be:

          			              '           '
			              '           ' 
				'           '
	Now move to the Left, click on the malevolator, and sit back. Its over.

	Feel free to upload, copy, generally distribute, alter, use on
compilation CD's, publish or whatever. I don't mind, total freeware.

	If there are any errors, mail me on 100414,2564 and I`ll change it.